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When she entered the party, it was impossible to miss her. She was

incredibly tall, aroung eight feet tall, no one at the party reached her

chest in height comparison. She was also very beautiful, she sort of

looked like Tyra Banks, only she was ten times as lovely. She was also

amazingly well-proportioned and had a muscular physique. Her long, wavy

black hair framed her head and shoulders perfectly. She was absolutley


"Wow," said Ben "Who is that?"

"That's Ananda Brown," said his friend, Bill, "She's some sort of


"She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, I must talk to her," Ben


"Whoa, hold on!" exclaimed Bill, "Don't do that. I've heard she's

dangerous. She once crippled a NBA basketball player, dude."

"If that were the case, why is she here instead of in jail?"

"He wouldn't admit that she did it, it was a matter of pride," said



Igoring his friend's protests, Ben approached the couch Ananda was

standing next to. She had this two-piece velvet dress on, the top almost

barely could contain her breasts, and revealed her sexy brown abs and

her long skirt had slits all the way up to her waist.

This woman was the stuff of every fantasy he had ever had. She was tall,

beautiful and muscular. He could not resist his attraction to her.

As Ben got closer, Ananda made eye contact with him and smiled at him.

She then leaned against the wall and placed her right sandal against the

wall, revealing one of her long, muscled legs. She teasingly flexed her

thigh for him and indicated for him to come to her.

Before he could say anything, she had effortlessly picked him up began

to kiss him. His feet dangled in midair for what seemed like forever. He

put one of his arms around her back and braced his other arm on her

propped up leg. He rubbed her brown, incredibly toned thigh vigorously.

He could tell she was totally ripped underneath her dress

She then put him down and said, "Come with me." He made no attmpted to

refuse. They left the party the party and got into her convertable.

After a few minutes of driving she said, "My name is Ananda Brown. I am

every woman you have dreamed of and drooled over. I know your every

fantasy and I'm going to fufill them tonight."

"Wow, Ananda. My name is Ben. Where are we going?"

"Were going to the poolhouse at my estate," she said, "Where i will make

you a very happy man.

Ten minutes later they arrived at her place. Ananda led him to what was

the largest pool house he had ever seen. Inside, it had many pool chairs

and a pool that was an amazing 100 feet deep.

As soon as she had locked to doors with her password, she ripped off

Ben's clothes. She then flexed her muscles to the point her clothes tore

and fell to the floor. Revealing to him the most muscled physique. He

quivered at the sight of this goddess. He was looking straight at her

stomach, his head was just below her massive breasts

She looked down at the scrwany white male that stood shivering in front

of her and licked her lips, "You are everything I want in a man: small

and weak. But then all men seem that way to me." She picked him up again

and kissed him again. She could feel his excitement as it poked her in

the stomach. She then put him down an told him to close his eyes.

As he obeyed, she slipped into the pool and concentrated until she felt

her feet touch the bottom. The pool was now like a bathtub to her.

Ananda leaned out to his shivering body and whispered, "Open your eyes,

my little love."

He gasped in surprise at her new, titanic size and ran for the door. She

quickly scooped him into herhand. "You wouldn't have escaped anyway, I

locked the door," Ananda said with a wicked smile, "If I let you escape,

I wouldn't know how you tasted."

She quickly shoved him into her mouth. She rolled him around in her

mouth. She loved the way he thrashed around and screamed. To intensify

his terror, Ananda made "Mmm" noises and nibbled at him with her teeth."

While she rolled him around in her mouth, savoring his flavor, she sat

back in the pool and continued to nibble at him while he thrashed about

and screamed.

A half hour later, she spit out his unconscious body into her hand and

placed him on her damp stomach. After a few minutes he began to move

again, when he realized where he was he tried to run for the door, only

to be scooped into her hand.

"Where did you think you were going?" she asked.

"What do you want with me?" he demanded.

"I want to fufill your greatest fantasy. I could tell what you wanted by

looking into your eyes. Don't deny it. You know its true."

"Yes, it is true," he sighed, "what are going to do with me now?"

"Whatever I want to do with you, which is exactly what you want," she

said as she licked her lips, "I own you now."

She then placed him on the floor and got out of the pool. He was

drenched in the waterfalls that dripped from her body. She then began to

shrink to her original size, when returned to her original 8 feet he

noticed that her muscle mass was much greater than before. He marveled

at this ebony goddess as she pushed him to the floor. As he inserted

himself in to her, she parted his legs and wrapped her legs behind

his.She then rolled rolled on to her back and locked his arms in the

same fashion.

"I can't move," he said.

"That was my plan, to immobilze you. Remember you're mine to do with as

I please, " she said with a meanacing grin. Ananda then bent her knees

to stand up, the pressure she put on his knees caused them to snap

instantly. He screamed out in unbearable pain, she then bent her arms to

embrace him, snapping his elbows. She then wrapped her arms around him

and began to squeeze until she heard his spine snap. At this point he

had stopped screaming and was sobbing instead.

Still in intercourse, she sat down on his croth and laid him down. She

then grabbed his right hand and began to crush his bones to powder

slowly. When she finshed his arms, she turned and did the same to his

legs. When she finished his legs, she turned around to find him still

conscious. She was surprised, in addition to crippling him beyond help

she had prevented him from climaxing because of her great stength.

Ananda placed her massive thighs on both sides of his rib cage and

slowly began to squeeze. As soon as she heared all his ribs crack she

stopped. She didn't want to puncture his heart or lungs justyet. She

wanted him alive for the time being. Finally she reach her climax and

allowed him release as well. Dispite all the pain, internal bleeding and

a near comatose state, he cracked a smrirk of relief.

She leaned down and gave him a final intoxicating kiss. "You were

great," she said. She stood up and began to grow again to 120 feet. She

picked up his bruised and broken body and placed it in the palm of her

hand. "Goodbye." she said. She licked him up and rolled his limp body

around in her mouth. She then started chewing him up filling her mouth

with the taste she had desired all along.

With that, she decided to grow to her full height. She was actually a

twentieth of her full size. She burst from the roof of her poolhouse.

When she reached her full height of 2,400 feet, she looked to the nearby

city. It was now early morning, and it was a new dawn in human

existance. She would soon share her secret with the women of the world,

but first a display of supreme power must be made. Ananda started her

approach toward the city. Soon man would know who ruled the earth:


To be continued...

Giantess Stories: ANANDA BROWN by SubMikro

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