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And She Didn't Even Know




The music blasted into Tim's head through his earphones. Ten more reps, then he

was done. Tim hated the gym. He hated working out. To be honest he really

couldn't be bothered with it, however, he was so sick of being so weak and

scrawny that he promised himself he'd at least give it a try. This was his fifth

time at the gym and he had a feeling it would be his last.

Whilst continuing his workout on his machine Tim surveyed the room. It was quiet

today, only four people in. Two of them worked at the place, a young woman and

man whom stood at the desk chatting and seemed to be amused at some object that

the woman was holding. To Tim's side there was a gorgeous young blond woman on

the treadmill. Tim had been watching her for as long as he'd been in, she was

stunning and looked to Tim to be in her mid thirties. Her hair was pulled back

in a pony tail; she was nicely tanned and was wearing a yellow tube top and some

black lycra pants. He looked down even further to see she was wearing what

appeared to be really old training shoes that looked pretty beat up and well


Tim then looked back at the reception desk to see the other two, they were

giggling and laughing. He noticed that the girl was holding what looked like

some kind of remote but he couldn't be sure. Then he saw the girl point it at a

pen on the desk and press a button. A light blue beam shot from the remote and

hit the pen and, to Tim's eternal surprise, the pen actually shrank until he

could barely see it. Tim couldn't believe it, that remote had actually shrunk

the pen. How the hell did that happen? Surely that wasn't possible.

Suddenly the phone rang at the reception desk; the man answered and began

talking. He talked for a couple of minutes before putting the receiver down. He

then exchanged words with the young woman and nodded towards the door. Then they

began to leave the room. Tim figured that they had been called away by someone.

As they were heading out, Tim stood up, having finished his workout. That's when

it happened. The woman began putting the remote into her pocket when she

accidentally and unknowingly triggered it off. Unfortunately for poor Tim, as

she did it was aimed directly at him. A beam hit him and he was engulfed in a

bright light. As this happened he began to feel weak, he had trouble breathing

and he began to feel dizzy. So…very…dizzy…

When Tim came to he knew immediately what had happened. As he looked around his

heart was practically in his mouth, he saw his giant clothes all around him, the

gym was now unbelievably huge and everything was now at a new perspective. Yep,

Tim knew what had happened, he had shrunk! Panic filled his body as another

realization hit him. There was a deafening yet constant thudding sound coming

from behind him. Slowly he turned to face the noise and saw something that made

him freeze with fear. The woman! She was huge, massive, she was a giant! It

scared the hell out of Tim and it was this sight that made him truly realize how

small he actually was. Looking down her massive body he saw the source of the

constant thudding. She was still running on the treadmill, oblivious to what had

happened to poor little Tim. Another thought suddenly shot through Tim's head;

this woman could be his only hope.

After a few more minutes of running the giant woman began slowing down. The

treadmill was stopping. This was his chance. The machine finally came to a stop

and the woman stepped off, she then reached down to grab her towel. Tim had

already set off running towards her as fast as he could, giving it everything in

his body. The giantess then wiped her glistening face with the towel and began

to walk away. As she did little Tim jumped towards her stationary foot and

grabbed onto her shoe lace that was dangling over the side, almost touching the

floor. Success! Tim got a firm grip and began climbing up the lace. However he

was forced to hold on tightly when her foot moved and she began to walk, leaving

the gym.

After a short walk they reached the changing rooms where the woman took her bag

from the locker and set it on the bench before sitting down beside it, exhaling

heavily. At this point Tim began climbing the lace until he reached the top and

found himself on top of the giant woman's training shoe. It was at this point

Tim noticed something. The smell. It was awful nearly made him gag. Her foot

stink was actually penetrating her shoes. Tim shook his head. He had to get her

attention, and soon.

Suddenly the woman moved her giant hand down towards Tim. Had she seen him? No.

She began untying the laces of her shoe. Tim jumped up and down, waving his arms

and screaming like a madman. However it did no good, she wasn't even looking at

him. Instead, Tim saw she was watching her other hand which was rummaging about

in her sports bag. Tim felt a little deflated. Then the giant hand near him

moved away as she finished untying the laces and the ground below Tim moved as

she gracefully slid her foot from her shoe. As she did so a wave of hot, smelly

air rushed towards Tim causing him to gag and actually fall to his back. Tim

looked up to see her foot encased in a dirty white gym sock. She wiggled and

flexed her giant toes from within. It was an awesome and fearful sight.

Tim struggled to his feet and began screaming and shouting again, but to no

avail. Then he watched as her hand came down towards her foot and her thumb

hooked into the heel of the sock. Oh no. She slowly pealed the dirty sock from

her giant sweaty foot which was positioned right above Tim. He watched in horror

as it fell from her foot towards him and as it did he ran, instinctively, not

knowing where. In reality he was actually running towards the mouth of the shoe

and as the sock came crashing down a huge gust of fouls smelling wind from the

sock caused his body to be blown into the opening. He fell for what seemed like

an eternity and landed with a squelch on the black, wet insole of the giant

woman's training shoe. His hands sunk into the surface as he pushed himself to

his feet. However the awful smell from within the training shoe caused him to

lose his balance and fall face first into the insole of the shoe. Again he

pushed himself to his feet and managed to keep his orientation. The constant,

overwhelming smell of sweaty feet was everywhere and Tim couldn't escape it. He

was way too small to even consider climbing out; all he could do was to look up.

High above him he saw the woman's giant, tanned foot. It was glistening with

sweat and he watched as she flexed her toes and rotated her foot. It was a small

consolation that the giant woman had very pretty feet. They were wide, well

formed and her toes were painted a cute shade of purple. Then suddenly the foot

moved out of view as her hand reached down and grabbed the sock from the roof of

the shoe and then stuffed it inside, right on top of poor little Tim. It pinned

him to the floor and emitted such a powerful smell that Tim came in and out of

consequences for a few minutes. Rank just wasn't the word. The sock was dirty

and wet, and as Tim struggled its cotton surface felt rough on his tiny naked

body. Then Tim began to try and climb the sock to try and get on top, figuring

the smell would be less intense there. However in doing this, he unknowingly

fought his way through the opening into the sock where the smell only became


Suddenly the giant woman's mobile phone began to ring. From his prison he could

just about make out the conversation.

“Hi Sandra, what's up?” she said.

“What now, I was just about to get a shower. Yeah. I'm at the gym. Well, can't

it wait a little while? Oh but I…yeah. Oh okay, I'm coming right over, but I

better be able to shower at your place. Okay I'll see you soon. Bye.”

Tim new this wasn't good. Suddenly he felt his world move upwards as he began to

tumble down, expecting to land back in the shoe. However he came to a stop on

the wet, foul smelling cotton surface and realized what was happening. He was

trapped at the toe of the gym sock! Filled with fear he looked up to see the

woman's giant foot enter the sock and her giant, monstrous, purple painted toes

descended towards him. Tim screamed. The toes reached Tim and pressed him

tightly into the knit of the sock. Feeling the object inside her sock and

figuring it to be a piece of lint the woman wiggled and flexed her toes until it

moved and became lodged between her big and second toe. She was quite happy to

leave it there as she found scrunching pieces of lint between her toes relaxing.

This was not good news for Tim how was now struggling to breath and was squashed

between two giant, sweaty, foul smelling toes. He began to gag constantly. The

foot then moved as the woman entered it into her hot and smelly training shoe.

Tim felt his oxygen levels slowly decreasing as the giant woman tightly fastened

her laces. Once the shoe was secure the woman gathered her things and left the

changing rooms.

As she walked Tim felt himself being squished and crushed between her giant

smelly toes. He felt the sweat from them rub onto his body and his face was

constantly pushed into the web between her toes. He could taste the sweat as his

mouth was into the web and he was forced to swallow it. No matter how much he

thrashed about it made no difference, the women would only scrunch her toes

causing Tim to be rubbed between them. Her walking lasted for a while until she

finally made it to her car and turned on the ignition. Tim was in hell.

The car pulled away and the woman put it into automatic so that she didn't have

to use her foot on the clutch and she rested it on the floor. Unfortunately for

Tim, this was the foot he was suffering at. Feeling the lint between her toes

once again the woman began to rub her toes over it which brought a smile to her

face. It was so relaxing for her, especially after a workout. However, for Tim,

relaxing didn't come into it. He was being violently rubbed in between her foul

toes and forced to suffer. Then, much to his surprise he found himself growing

an erection as his body was being rubbed between the slimy web between her toes.

The squishing then became more violent as the woman began squeezing Tim tightly,

he felt some of his ribs snap and let out a cry of pain. This happened a couple

of times then the woman began gently squeezing him again and again. All the

while Tim's erection remained until he was finally forced to spew by the

unrelenting, giant sweaty toes that were torturing him. The squeezing still

continued, getting more violent, Tim felt his arm break and again yelled out in

pain and began to cry. Why was this happening?

His torture lasted for another twenty minutes and after this time he had

practically no air and was too weak to move any part of his body. After another

squeeze of her toes he felt his body dislodge from her toes and slip under the

ball of her giant wrinkled sole. The smell was no less intense but the pressure

was a little better. Then, however, the car stopped and the woman began to get

out, Tim new what was coming and closed his eyes, bracing for the inevitable.

The shoe that contained Tim pressed down on the floor as it took the woman's

weight. Tim felt the sole press into his body, engulfing him in a sea of rough,

wet, stinking skin. The pressure increased even more and Tim's body gave way and

crushed beneath the giant woman's sweaty foot. No even feeling this she walked

to the door of her friend's house to see what the rush was about. A young boy

suffered for what seemed like an eternity under the smelly feet of this giant

beautiful woman before finally being crushed from existence under her, and she

didn't even know it.

Giantess Stories: And She Didn

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