Giantess Stories: Andrea at school

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Andrea at school




school, such a dreaded period for many teenagers, but not Andrea.

        Andrea is

a beautiful brown haired, Spanish girl with great tanned skin

        and a

smile that could make hearts melt. She literally had the world at

        her feet,

as we will soon discover.



        “Hurry up,

were almost out of time”, Andrea angrily whispered, seemingly


herself. I'm doing the best I can came anguished the reply over her

        tiny ear

speaker. Advanced Trigonometry was not an easy subject for


Andrea could not even read the problems, much less decipher

        them. Her

teachers were constantly amazed. How do you do it? You never


notes, yet you maintain straight A's. Andrea always smiled, just

        natural I

guess. They didn't know her secret. The answer is the square

        root of

12.43! came the excited voice. Andrea quickly jotted it down.

        Just in

time too. The bell rang 25 seconds later and Mr. Wong collected

        the tests.

Andrea gathered her books and rushed out of the classroom to

        her car.

School was over for the day. Andrea unbuttoned the top button

        of her

shirt once inside her car. Behind the lapel she retrieved a small

        pouch. She

placed the pouch on the seat next to her. Come out, she


angrily. A tiny figure came out of the opening. Andrea


concentrated and the figure grew to 4”. It was a man. How dare you


humiliate me like that? The man spoke into his wireless head set,

        of which

there was a receiver in Andrea's ear. I am so sorry your


my calculator was malfunctioning and I could not work any


Take off that ridiculous head set! I can hear you just fine at

        your size.

The man did so. You will be punished when I get home. The man

        just sat

in silence. He remembered this girl coming into his office at


university. Are you the one who wrote these great math books? Why

        yes young

lady. Do you enjoy mathematics? Yeah, but I'll leave the math


mathematicians. With that, she closed her eyes and the math professor

        was no

more. He was still standing, but now he was about three inches


staring up at this towering young goddess. He passed out from


With little ado, she reached down, plucked him up, and put him in

        her purse.

Her car pulled into the driveway. He new they were home and

        he was

dreading her punishment. He had received many since that day at


office, but quite infrequently lately, as he knew the things that

        upset her

and tried to avoid them.

        She took

him upstairs to her room, saying hi to her mom on the way by.

        Hi Andrea,

how was your test. Fine mom, I'll be in my room, there's


I gotta do. Ok Andrea, dinner will be ready at six. Were


Italian tonight. Sounds great Mom, I'll be down later. She put

        her little

puppet on the floor in front of her bed, sat down on the edge

        of the bed

and crossed her legs so her one foot was directly in front

        and over

him. She looked at him and he started to grow. He was now about

        12 inches

tall. He went down to his knees and started crying. Please


highness, it was not my fault. My calculator was not working. I had


UP! I don't want to hear your excuses. Take off my shoes NOW.

        Andrea was

wearing her white Nikes, white socks, blue jeans, and the


down shirt. Yes your highness came the sobbering response. He


but he was able to untie the laces and pull off the shoe from


crossed leg. Now the sock she ordered. Andrea was pleased with


Here was a 50 year old, ex university professor, who was now

        taking her

dirty sock off of her warm foot. She enjoyed demeaning him,

        as she

enjoyed demeaning all her subjects. The more important they were

        in their

former lives, the more she enjoyed their humiliation. Manual

        labor was

not this man's forte, but under her control, his forte was


she wanted it to be. You may kiss the royal foot Andrea said as

        she looked

coolly down at him. Yes princess Andrea. He put his mouth and

        lips to

the warm flesh of her foot. It did not stink, but there was an


foot aroma emanating. He could taste it in his mouth as it

        filled all

of his senses. Andrea smiled. She never tired of this


Complete, utter, absolute control over a human being. She

        reveled in

this feeling of power. Andrea snapped her fingers, get under

        my foot

and lick the bottom of my foot. She liked the sound of that. She


snapping her little fingers, it was so demeaning. Where do you

        rank in my

world my little professor? I am lower than the bottom of your

        foot came

the muffled response. The sweat that I am licking from your

        soles is

more valuable than me because it came from your body. Andrea


That's right, you are just an object to me. I own you like I

        own my

shoes. The dust on my feet is equal to you, do you understand

        that? With

that she lowered her foot and knocked him down. He laid flat

        on the

floor. She lowered her foot so that the middle of her foot was

        right on

his face. She pressed down a little and he could not breath.

        She held

him there for a minute than lifted her foot. She heard him


for air and laughed. Are you going to behave from now on? Yes


highness, I will not fail you again. We'll see. Andrea uncrossed

        her leg

and crossed over her other leg. You know what to do. He did. Yes


highness. He proceeded to remove her other shoe. Now my moist sock.


princess Andrea. She was a princess, and one of her subjects was


away with her used sock. You may now kiss this royal foot. Thank


highness. Andrea smiled, he was thanking her for the privilege of


her dirty foot. Now the bottom. Make sure you lick all the lint

        off! Yes

your highness. After a few minutes she again pushed him down

        with her

foot. Again she smashed his face with her sole so he could not


Andrea pressed down for a minute at a time and released for two


and repeated. This went on for about ten minutes. It was shear


for the professor. He was deprived of oxygen and only allowed to


for what seemed a split second. To him, the torture seemed to

        last for

an hour. He finally blacked out. Andrea stopped when she no


heard him gasping for air. He came to after a minute. So, you see


happens when I get upset, I won't put up with your crap. If you


serve me properly, I will just replace you. Do you understand? He

        was crying

now. Yes your highness, yes, I do understand. He knelt at her


sobbing and kissing her toes repeatedly. I'm so sorry your


he said over and over. Andrea sat with a smug look on her

        face. This

little slave belongs to me mind, body, and soul she thought.

        She looked

down and just enjoyed the moment. The little professor just



Giantess Stories: Andrea at school

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