Giantess Stories: Andy

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Andy's Story

Walking for the afternoon with my new boyfriend, I glance over at Andy's

athletic build. Six foot even and well toned. I again return to my secret desire

to see him a bit shorter. Well in fact a lot smaller.

After meeting the Scientist yesterday who promised me this new potion was safe

for humans, My excitement has been barely controled.

Finally I take the vial and place it into his hand. Andy looks to me with

confusion. I stumble over my words explaining that if he drinks what is in the

vial he will shrink, but only for a few hours.

His laughter bounces off the trees as we near the forest. Looking at me Andy

sees that I am serious.

I whisper to him to think about it, and assure him that I promise to take good

care of him..very gentle, should he decide to indulge me.

I walk away and keep my back to him for what seems like an eternity. Finally I

feel Andy tap my shoulder. I turn around and look up into his eyes and know the

answer. My heart leaps with joy.

As he drinks the liquid I feel my excitment growing. His body shrinks so fast it

scares me. His clothing a puddle at his feet. So small and naked....

Reaching down and scooping Andy into my hand, his body fits in one hand. I wrap

my fingers around his frame, forming a protective barrier. Bringing Andy too my

lips I gently blow a puff of air against Him.

Hitting his body, the air tumbles, but he is snuggly wrapped within my fingers.

I open them one at a time, and wactch he struggles to stand on the fleshy


Reaching my tongue towards him I rasp it one time ..covering his entire body. A

low purr crosses my lips as I see and feel his reaction against my tongue. Again

it reaches out..this time pushing him flat against my fingers..face up...I trace

Andy's body a few delisous times. Seperating his legs I drag my tongue along the

inner thighs...lightly touching his sac. I easily slip my tongue under his ass

and slide him back and forth, slightly lifting. Softly I bring my lips down and

cover the entire pubic area.

Andy's erect member bumps the front of my teeth as it is envolved into my

warmth. With the slightest sucking action I feel his body lift and press against

my tongue under ..holding him ..protecting.

His moans vibrate against my lips in the most tender way, reminding me of my

promise to be gentle ...but the need so urgent. I exhale my breath and let it

wash over him. With just one my suck, I feel and taste the gift to me.

My lips release and my tongue slides out from under I hold Andy softly

with my fingers...lightly stroking his perfect tiny body.

The need still strong in me, yet I see and feel his total exhastion. I lay back

on the ground and place Andy between my soft pillow like breasts. Freeing my

hand I begin to stroke myself, teasing. My moaning surrounding his body, He sits

up to see the cause of my pleasure. Watching my hands from where he sits.

I see him watching and lift him easily..placing him onto my soft bush, the curls

ride up and engulf his body as one finger slides into my hole. My hips rise up

slight lift him into the air. I begin to pump faster and I feel waves of

pleasure come crashing down around me. My thumb reaches out and begins to stroke

my swollen clit, barely missing Andy with each pass. I stop a bit startled as he

reaches out and grab ahold of my thumb..hanging there...above my sweet, moist

gift ..Startled I feel his body slide against my clit with each stroke from my

thumb. His hands and legs wrap tightly around, holding and kissing, as I

continue to please myself.

Every muscle in my body tenses, and my hips thrust higher. A low gutteral growl

escapes my lips as an intense orgasm surges through my body.

Slowly my hips lower back down, and I remove my finger. The sweet sticky juices

drip down my hand and across Andy's body, soaking into his skin.

Both satisfied for the time being, I place him back in his snug place between my

breasts, carressing his back with a fingertip. I begin to doze off, knowing that

when we awake the potion will have worn off...............

Giantess Stories: Andy

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