Giantess Stories: Angels of Justice

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This story begins in the not too

distant future aboard “Earth orbiter one”.  You see America has been worried for

some time about its top secret experiments falling into the wrong hands so they

decided to move there most secret to Earth orbiter one a small space station

orbiting the earth. The highly regarded Dr. Nicola Kensington is leading one of

the most exciting and unusual experiments. Dr. Louise Goodwin is assisting her

and both of these young ladies are regarded to be two of the brightest minds on

the planet.


“Right then

Louise prepare subject 112 for re-enlargement.”

Dr. Louise

Goodwin picked up the small-frightened monkey that was no larger than a child's


“There, there

everything will be ok.” She said while placing it in a large glass booth. The

monkey looked up as the huge to him Dr turned and closed the large glass door

behind her and walked away. Louise walked over to the instrument panel to join

the waiting Dr. Nicola Kensington.

“Ok then

Louise are you ready.”

“Yes all read

outs are positive.”

“Right then

here goes.”

Nicola began

imputing information into the computer; already there was a humming sound

emanating from the glass booth.

“Ok Nicola all

readouts are stable, heart beat good, blood pressure normal, brain waves a

little twitchy but that's probably down to fear.”


re-enlargement now.”

They both

watched as the monkey slowly began to grow.

“Still looking

good, all readouts fine.” Said Louise Excitedly.

Nicola turned

the dial some more and the monkey continued to grow. The readout in front of her

now said 75% body mass (the monkey would be at normal size once the readout read


“Still looking

good Nicola, all vital signs are normal.”

“Good we're up

to 85% now and still climbing.”

Both Doctors

were feeling quite apprehensive right about now, as they'd never achieved

anything over 89% body mass return before.

“87, 88, 89,

90, 91 its working we're nearly there Louise, 93, 94, 95, 95 something's wrong.”

“No life signs

are still steady.”

“Shit no we're

in count down.”

The monkey

began shrinking at an alarming rate.

“That can't be

everything remains normal.” Retorted Louise.

“60, 50, 30,

quick switch everything off before we loose him.”

Both women

hurriedly shut the system down.

“Look it

hasn't worked he's still shrinking.” Cried out Louise.

They rushed

over to the booth and watched in horror as the poor monkey diminished before

they're very eyes.

“O' that poor

thing, do you think he felt any pain.” Asked an upset Louise.

“I don't now,

but I hope not.” Replied Nicola.

“Come on I

know its upsetting but we need to study the data and find out why this


“Sure I know

you're right and I shouldn't get attached to the subjects but it's hard.”

“Yes that it

is.” Nicola said while hugging Louise tightly.


That night

both women had dinner in the lab and work hour after hour studying the data of

the last failure.

Early the next

morning just as the two Doctors were about to leave for their quarters to get

some well-earned rest did Sargent Jon Gibson enter the lab (He is head of the

military security that protect the space station).

“Good morning

Ladies, been working all night so I'm told.”


Sargent.” Both Doctors replied.

“I trust as

you've worked all night you've killed another.”

“You bastard,

I'll…” Replied Louise before being interrupted by Nicola.

“It's ok

Louise, you go to your quarters, I'll handle this.”


muttered something under her breath and exited through the automatic doors.

“Now then

Sargent as you so nicely put it, yes we did kill another subject last night.”

“I don't know

why they insist on keeping you two here I really don't, how long has it been

now. I'll tell you 18 fucking months of wasting taxpayers money on what? A

couple of skirts with brains supposedly, it makes me sick.”

“Are you quite

finished.” Replied Nicola remaining very calm which really got up the Sargents


“No I'm not

finished but you will be if I get my way.”

“Well until

that day would you mind leaving my lab and I'd appreciate it if you'd show more

respect in the future, now if you'll excuse me I'm rather tied. O' and by the

way I need some more test subjects please, so if you can arrange for them to be

here tomorrow. Good morning.”

As Nicola

walked toward the door the Sargent grabbed the top of her arm.

“Just who do

you think you are, giving me orders you bitch.”

“Sargent I

suggest you let go now or I'll have to report you, now let go and if I remember



The Sargent

let go and stepped back slightly shocked at the outburst from Dr. Nicola

Kensington. She was right, while in her lab she was in charge. He watched as the

sexy doctor departed through the automatic doors.

“I'll fix that

smart bitch if it's the last thing I do.” He said to himself.


Nicola entered

her small but adequate chambers.

“Lights on

60%.” She called as she walked in.

Removing her

white lab coat and tossing it to the chair she went over to the food replicater.

“Tea hot,

strong no sugar.”

Picking up her

drink she slumped down in the chair and kicked of her shoes.

“Arr, my poor

old feet.” She said to herself while looking down at the strap marks her sandals

had made on her sexy delicate feet.

Slowly sipping

her tea she thought of the words she'd just had with the Sargent.

“That rotten

bastard, some day he'll get his comeuppance and I just hope I'm there to see



Meanwhile back

in the lab the Sargent was nosing around.

“I wonder what

those dumb arse bitches are up to any way. Why do they seem to have a never

ending budget and just where on earth do all the animals go?”

It really

pissed him off that although he was in charge of security he wasn't privy as to

what was going on in the lab. All he knew was that it was top secret and that

the Doctors were to have his full co-operation. But what really pissed him off

the most was that the two Doctors were female. You see the Sargent was a real

chauvinistic pig, who believed that a woman's place was in the home. But in

these days of equal opportunity he just didn't fit, hence the fact that he'd

never progress from the position he was in, although a good respectable

position, he wanted more. But he'd been told long ago that he just wasn't

officer material. Unbeknown to anyone the dear old Sargent had been offered 4

million Dollars to steel secret information regarding this project. Although at

first he'd refused the offer he was really tempted as he was getting on in life

and his pension although generous because of his long service was not what you'd

call great. So after a bit of negotiating he'd managed to up the figure to 6

million Dollars, and for that amount of money he'd sell his soul to the devil.

The problem was he'd need to deliver the information before he would see any of

the money, trouble was the good Doctors never left anything lying around. This

was really getting to him as he only had another 6 months left on this station

before he'd be reassigned somewhere else. The Sargent made one last sweep of the

draws and desk but found nothing. As usual the Doctors had locked everything

away in the Electro magnetic safe, for which only they knew the combination.


4 months



“Ok then

Louise, lets put subject 201 in the chamber.”

Both women

walked over to the large cage at the far end of the lab and upon opening the

cage they each took a hand of the chimp and slowly walked him across the cold

metal floor to the glass cubical.

“Go on in you

go, it'll be ok I promise.”

“You really

shouldn't get so attached to the subjects Louise you know what might happen.”

“I know but

he's just so cute.”

The chimp

entered the cubicle and watched as the two women closed the door on him. He

reached up and pressed his palms on the glass looking as they walked over to the

control panels.

“Right then

here goes, lets hope we got it right this time.” Said Nicola.

“God, yes

please.” Replied Louise throwing the master switch.

Humming sounds

began emitting from the glass chamber and the chimp started to become agitated.

“What should

we set it at Nicola.”

“O' doesn't

really matter but I suppose 10% is a good figure wouldn't you say.”

“Ok 10% it


With the

machine set at 10% body mass the humming grew louder.

“How's he

doing.” Inquired Nicola.

“Great all

vital signs are normal.”

Suddenly the

glass chamber began glowing with varying different colour lights and the chimp

began to shrink.

“80, 60, 40,

20, 10, ok lets check on him and see if he's ok.”

As the women

approached the cubicle they could no longer see the chimp in there, Louise's

heart sank at the thought of killing another chimp. As they opened the glass

door to their great relief they saw huddled in the corner looking very

frightened a tiny but perfectly formed chimp. Nicola bent down and reached in to

pick up the little chimp. The chimp was really frightened as he watched this

huge hand approach him. Nicola wrapped her hand around the poor little fella and

slowly bought her closed fist up to her face. Very slowly both herself and

Louise watched as she opened her hand.

“Good he looks

ok, except for being a little frightened.” Said Nicola.

“Yea but then

wouldn't you be, I mean frightened.” Replied Louise.

“Sure would.

Right lets put him back and start the re-enlarging process.”

“Do you think

that's a good idea to re-enlarge straight away.”

“Look I know

it's risky but we need to know if our calculations are correct and I don't know

about you but I need to know now.”

“Yea I guess

you're right.”

Nicola reached

down and slowly placed the tiny chimp back on to the floor of the booth. Upon

closing the door both sexy felines returned to the control panels.

“Ready then.”

“As I'll ever


“Good then

let's begin.”

Once again

Louise was checking on the chimps life signs and Nicola started up the machine.

“Life signs

all within parameters, begin re-enlargement.”

The glass

booth began to hum and various different coloured lights began flashing in it.

“Ok he's on

his way up.”

Both women

watched the glass booth with great anticipation, as the chimp was now visible

and approaching the critical stage. With one eye on the counter and one eye on

the booth Nicola was feeling very nervous right about now.

“Life signs,

what are his life signs.”

“Still stable

and well within the parameters, its ok Nicola it'll be ok.”

“85% and still

increasing steadily, 90, 92, 95, 96.”

“Life signs

still ok.”

“98, 100 we've

done it.”

The computer

then flashed the words they'd long to see on the screen in front of them


“Come on lets

go see if he's ok.” Cried out Louise.

As they neared

the booth they could see that the chimp looked alive and well, upon opening it

the chimp jumped out.

“Wow, her

certainly seems ok.” Said Nicola stepping back.

“Poor thing he

must have been really frightened.”

It didn't take

to long for the 2 women to capture the chimp and return him safely to his cage.

“Well let's

run a few tests and then I think we should go and celebrate.”

“Sound's good

to me Nicola.”

After a couple

of hours testing on the poor old chimp everything seemed to be in order.

The 2 Doctors

then hung up their lab coats and retreated to Nicolas for a well-earned


As usual the

Sargent was waiting for the 2 Doctors to leave, as they rounded the corner he

crept into the empty lab. Looking around as he normally did he couldn't believe

his luck as they're sitting on the computer was all the files from the project

on one CD? He quickly placed the CD in the computer to verify its contents; a

broad smile appeared on his face as he realised he'd hit the jackpot. In there

excitement to leave the Doctors had neglected to lock away the CD containing the

project files and data.

“At last, now

I've got them and there bloody work, ha, ha.”

Quickly the

Sargent copied the disc and placed the other one back where he'd found it.

Glancing around one last time as he left the lab he smiled evilly.


2 weeks later.

“Right now

that everything seems 100% safe we need to find a way of using the matter

transference ray without the need for a large glass booth.”

“Well Nicola

I've been giving that some thought already. What if we could design some sort of

contact lens for a person to ware with some kind of trigger implanted into their

bodies.” Said Louise.

“Go on, I like

the sound of this, I really think you're onto something.”

So Louise

continued to run her ideas by Nicola and although it would be hard to do they

both agreed that it was certainly worth looking at.   

That same

evening as the 2 Scientists left the lab for the day, who should be waiting

around the corner but their old friend the Sargent?

“Good evening

Ladies, I'm sure you're well aware that soon you'll be rid of me as my time on

this shit hole is nearly up.”

“Yes we had

heard, and if I may say so not a moment to soon, now if you'll excuse us we're

both very tired.” Replied Nicola.

The Sargent

just gave them a wry smile and continued on his way.

“God do I hate

him, he really gives me the willies.” Whispered Louise.

“Yea I know,

but it won't be much longer.” Nicola replied with a sinister smile on her face.

As soon as the

coast was clear the Sargent made his way into the lab. Once he was sure the

coast was clear he began placing small explosives around the lab setting the

timers for 10 minutes. As he completed his task he quickly made his way to one

of the stations escape pods and waiting until the last possible moment ejected

it. Now the Sargent wasn't as dumb as you'd think, he'd recalibrated the hull of

the escape pod to be undetectable by earth's radar system. Just as he was a safe

distance away he watched as Earth Orbiter one exploded into thousands of tiny



2 months


“Hello it's me

Jon Gibson, have you got the money.”

“Hello Mr.

Gibson, have you got the merchandise.” Replied a rather husky voice on the other

end of the phone.

“Yes of course

as promised, now I want the fucking money as agreed.”

“All in good

time. Now do you know the Chinese restaurant on 9th street?”

“Yes, I know

the one.”

“Good now meet

me in the ally next to it at 11o'clock tonight and we'll make the exchange.”

“Ok then, but

no funny business or you'll never see the disc.”

“Well of

course, just make sure you bring it with you and everything will be ok.”

The line then

went dead and Jon hung up. Gathering up his things and ensuring he had the disc

with him Jon left the dirty room looking back as her left and thinking to


“This time

tomorrow I'll be on a plane for Europe and never again will I have to stay in

such a rotten hole as this.”

Jon exited the

run down apartment building, stepping over the drunks and wasters lying in the

corridors. Outside it was a lovely sunny day and all Jon could think off was how

rich he was going to be. Never once did he look back and think about all the

innocent lives he'd taken only 2 months before, after all why should he. He

thought of no one but him self and if someone wanted to pay him a vast amount of

money for steeling government secrets then that was there look out. He made his

way to a small diner to have lunch and to just pass the time until his important

meeting. He sat there all alone in the world just thinking of all the fun that

he would have with so much money.

“If only all

these degenerates could see me tomorrow I'd show them just how miserable there

lives really are.” He thought to him self.


After what

seemed forever the time had come and Jon started his journey to the meeting

place all the while making sure he had the disc on his person. He arrived at the

agreed place of meeting a little early so that he could give the place the once

over just to make sure there were no uninvited guests. He was a stickler for

time keeping must have been all those long years in the Army that doe's that to

you. After checking the place out he waited at the far end of the ally for his

contact to arrive. Jon was starting to feel a little uneasy as the time was now

a little after eleven and still he waited alone. He nervously took out a

cigarette and lit it up, just as he'd taken that long soothing first drag; he

heard footsteps coming down the ally which increased in volume until he saw two

silhouettes walking toward him.

“Hey, wait

there just a second.” Jon nervously called out.

“Have you got

the disc.” Came the reply.

“Firstly let

me see the money, and step out into the light so I can see you.”

“All in good

time Mr. Gibson, but firstly show us the disc.”

“Look I said

step into the light.”

“The disc Mr.

Gibson, the disc.”

Jon nervously

reached into his inside jacket pocket and bought out the disc.

“Here see I

have the disc now step out into the light.”

“Firstly place

the disc on the floor and step back, theirs no need to worry you can trust us.”

Jon did not

like the last phase as why say that, but he did as was instructed and placed the

disc on the ground before stepping back. The two figures then stepped forward

into the light as promised. Jon's bottom jaw dropped and his cigarette released

from his mouth and fell to the ground, as he couldn't believe who was standing

there in front of him.

“What the

fuck, but how, how'd you get of off there.”

Jon had almost

lost it as the two shadowy figures stepped into the light he could suddenly make

out their faces it was Dr. Nicola Kensington and Dr. Louise Goodwin.

“Hi ya Sarg,

bet you'd never see us again.”

“What is this

some kind of trick, you dumb bitches.”

“No, no trick

Jon, it was us that asked you to steel the disc as we didn't want anyone to get

their hands on our secrets. Also we knew we'd never be able to get of off that

bloody station with the disc but you on the other hand, well lets just say you

done us proud and almost earned the right to live.” Explained Nicola.

Jon had heard

enough quickly from within his pocket he pulled out a gun.

“You stupid

bitches, do you really think I'd come here unarmed. Now if you'll just give me

the money I may just decide to let you live.”

“Ooo, please

don't hurt us with that tiny gun Jon.” Louise said sarcastically.

Suddenly a

sharp light shot out from Louise's eyes and incredibly shrank the gun in Jon's

hand until it was smaller than a dime.

“What the

fuck, what just happened, that's impossible.” Jon cried out.

“Really Jon

then maybe you'll find this even harder to believe.”

Nicola then

stared hard at Jon and this bright light shot out from her eyes and surrounded

him. Jon suddenly became aware of everything around him growing and he tried to

run but it was to late for that as he was already the height of a Barbie doll

and still diminishing in size. As quickly as it began it stopped and Jon turned

back frozen in terror at what he saw before him. The women casually walked

forward and stopped just in front of the little man. Jon looked up and found

that he was barley able to look over there toes, as he craned his neck back he

saw the two giant women smiling down at him. At a speed Jon found hard to

comprehend, Louise bent down and picked up the disc, Jon quickly crouched down

and covered his head as he thought she was going to pick him up.

“God please

help! What have you done to me.”

“I think the

word you're looking for is goddesses as we're the only ones that can help you

now.” Said Nicola as both women crouched down to enable them to hear Jon.

“Please return

me to normal, I'll disappear and you'll never hear from me again.”

“O' Jon you're

going to disappear alright.” Louise said while turning her head to Nicola and

smiling wickedly.

“Please have

mercy I'll do anything, anything at all.”

“Hmm, that

might be interesting.”

Nicola then

looked at the tiny gun and suddenly a light shot from her eyes and the gun was

reduced some more until it was the correct size for Jon to handle.

“Right then

Jon, see the you're gun over there I want you to go pick it up.” Nicola

instructed him.

Jon hurriedly

went over to the gun and picked it up.

“Ok now what.”

Jon enquired.

Louise then

whispered to Nicola.

“Hurry up

we've been here to long already.”

Nicola nodded

her head.

“Sorry Jon now

where were we, are yes. It's quite simple really I want you to put that gun in

you're mouth and pull the trigger.” Nicola said while rising back to the more

intimidating height of standing.

“Are you

fucking nuts, there's no way I'm doing that.” Screamed Jon.

“Well I'm

sorry to hear that.”

Nicola then

raised her sexy foot and said.

“Last chance


Jon knew it

was no good trying to run so her turned the gun on the two women and emptied it

into their legs. Both Nicola and Louise laughed aloud at the tickling sensation

on their legs. Jon just stared up in disbelief and watched as the huge sole of

Nicola's shoe began it's decent upon him. Before Jon could react he found

himself pinned to the ground under Nicola's hard unforgiving sole.

“Good bye

Jon.” Both women called as Nicola began to increase the pressure.

Jon felt his

body being forced flat until his innards began depositing from every orifice on

his body. Nicola bit her bottom lip as she felt his tiny form begin to give way

under her foot.



existence was over and Nicola found that she had never felt a rush like it

before as she twisted her foot around as if extinguishing a cigarette. She then

dragged her foot back and all that remained of Jon was a red smear on the hard


“Wow, how did

that feel.” Enquired Louise as both women turned to leave the ally.

“It's hard to

explain but I've never felt so sexually aroused so quickly before. The feel of

his tiny body squishing flat under my shoe was so exhilarating; my only regret

is that I hadn't done it barefoot. To be honest I'm really frightened by the

rush of power it gave me as I have these hidden desires to do it again, to just

feel a human body collapse under you in that way!”

“You make it

sound so good but however much you enjoyed it the next ones mine ok.” Louise

said with a look of envy on her pretty face.


Chapter 2


As the two

sexy females turned out of the ally there was rustling in the garbage bins and

out stepped a trampy looking fellow. Upon climbing out of the large skip he

looked to make sure the coast was clear and went over to the red stain that had

once been Sargent Jon Gibson. Kneeling down he dabbed his grubby finger in it

and then tasted the contents.

“Shit Ken,

you've been drinking to much, I must have been hallucinating.” He said to


But not to be

deterred, he decided he'd better report just what he'd seen.


As the tramp

entered the Police precinct a look of disgust appeared on all the faces of the

people in the main reception. Upon reaching the counter Ken stuttered out.

“I want to

report a murder.”

“Yea ok,

name.” Replied the desk Sargent.

“I want to

report a murder.”

“Look buddy,

what's you're name.”

“I only want

to report a murder.”

“That's it,

clear off and stop wasting my time.”

“A murder, I

want to report a murder.”

The desk

Sargent had lost his patience and had lifted up the flap on the counter to

enable himself to through the tramp out. The Sargent grabbed hold of the Tramp

and began to walk him to the exit.


MURDER, I WANT TO REPORT A MURDER.” Ken yelled as he was led to the door.

Just as they

reached the door in stepped Detective Stan Stunner.

“What seems to

be the problem here Sargent.” Stan enquired.

“O' nothing

just some old drunk wasting my time.”

With a look of

horror in his eyes the Tramp looked at Stan and again yelled.



“Sargent, wait

a minute have you got this mans statement.”

“Well err, no

I haven't.”

“Why not.”

“I kept asking

him and he just kept repeating the same thing over and over.”

“Ok, well you

can let go of him, I'll take it from here.”

The Sargent

reluctantly let go and strutted back to the front desk mumbling under his



Leech, always has to be right.”

Detective Stan

Stunner was known to his colleagues as “The Leech” because once he'd gotten his

teeth into something he just never let up.


Stan had led

the Tramp into his office and had gotten him a cup of coffee and something to

eat. Stan watched as the poor beggar made short work of the food.

“Right then,

err sorry I didn't catch you're name sir.”

“Ken, Ken


“Well then Ken

shall we start from the beginning.”

Ken then

explained to Stan as best he could just what he'd seen in that ally tonight.

“Hmm, pretty

unbelievable story, but thanks for coming in and reporting it, you can rest

assured I'll get right on it.”

Stan showed

the tramp out and returned to his office, he filed away the statement he'd just

taken, as obviously it wasn't true, how could it be!


At a quite

neighbourhood in the house that sat back from the rest the two Doctors relaxed

around their large pool.

“Hey Nicola,

do you find the implants itch at all.”

“No why?”

“O' nothing

really, it's just that my palms always seem to itch.”

“Here let me

take a look.”

Louise held

open her hands while Nicola examined them.

“Well they

look fine, you can't even see the tiny scar on either of them.”

Each of them

had inserted into the others palm a small trigger, which sat just beneath the

skin. In the left palm was the trigger for matter re-enlargement and of course

in the right was the matter reducer. These would send out a remote signal to the

specially designed contact lenses they both wore. It was quite ingenious the way

that it worked, by just clenching either fist they could control the size of

anything no matter how large or small. The one thing they hadn't yet worked out

was how to enlarge something beyond its normal size, but that's something they'd

work on later.


The women had

no set plan as to what to do with there new found power and until last night had Tarta de manzana con crumble en Olla GM - Recetas para ollas eléctricas

never reduced another human being, but having done it once both of them were

excited by the idea of doing it again.

“Shall we get

ready to go out then.” Asked Louise.

“Yea, lets get

all dressed up.”

“Great idea.”

With both

women now dressed and ready for action they got into their car and headed for


“Are you

really hungry.” Enquired Louise.

“No not

really, you.”

“No, so how

about a bit of late night shopping.”

“Sounds good

to me.”

As they turned

into the parking lot they found the ideal space right near the entrance to the

mall, but as Nicola began to reverse into the space a car quickly sped into it

causing Nicola to hit the brakes hard.

“Shit, bloody

moron!” Nicola called out.

As four nasty

looking young men got out of the car.

Louise opened

her window and screamed out to them.

“Oi, you

stupid idiots.”

Turning and

showing the finger the driver of the car replied.

“Up yours


He then

laughed with his three buddies as they nonchalantly walked into the mall.

“That makes me

so mad.” Said Nicola through clenched teeth.


bastards, I'd like to teach them a thing or two.”

Nicola found

another parking bay and parked the car. Both Nicola and Louise exited the car

and made their way into the mall. To there great surprise the mall was quite

empty. As they slowly browsed in one shop and then another it wasn't until they

were looking at some DVD's at the back of Borders did the evening start to get




Detective Stan “The Leech” Stunner had been called to a burglary at the Chinese

restaurant next to the ally that the tramp had reported seeing a murder only the

night before. Upon exiting the restaurant he thought “what the hell, he was here

anyway so it wouldn't hurt to take a look.”

As he walked

down the dimly lit ally he had this nagging feeling in his head.

“What if the

Tramp was telling the truth! No he couldn't have been.”

It was quite

hard to see anything as the only light there was had been vandalised, so he

retrieved his flashlight from his pocket and began examining the ground. After a

couple of sweeps he came across a dried red patch on the ground. He knelt down

for a closer inspection and to his total disbelief he discovered what looked

like a tiny gun. It couldn't have been any larger than a match head but he was

sure it was a gun although it did look a little flat. He quickly retrieved a

small evidence bag from his pocket and placed the tiny gun in it along with a

few scrapings of the dried red powder. Stan stood back up and slowly left the

ally and as he did so he continued to look back with a puzzled look on his face.

“Could it be



Meanwhile back

at Borders the two Ladies had been disturbed by a loud commotion coming from the

front of the shop. They're inquisitive nature had got the better of them and

they just had to see what was going on. Suddenly as they made there way to the

front of the shop, Nicola felt a sharp prod in her back and a voice said.

“Don't turn or

I'll shoot now move it both of you.”

As Nicola and

Louise neared the front of the shop it soon became apparent that they were

caught up in a hold up.

“Well, well

what we got ear then.” Said the guy that seemed to be the leader.

He then walked

up and began stroking Nicola's cheek.

“Get you're

hand of off me you shit.” Said Nicola calmly.

“Tut, tut,

that's not nice now is it, maybe you need to be taught a lesson, wadda ya say

boys, doe's the bitch need a lesson.”

“Yea, and her

friend too.”

Suddenly the

shop assistant behind the counter yelled out.



“For gods sake

would someone please shut him up.”

Sharply, the

hoodlum standing with the shop assistant cracked him over the head with the butt

of his gun and he fell to the ground unconscious.

“Arr that's

better now where was I.”

Louise then

looked at Nicola and said.


remember the parking lot, well I'm pretty sure these are the same degenerates.”

“Bitch who you

calling degenerate.”

One of the

gang then slapped Louise across the face.

“Ouch! You'll

pay for that you bastard.”

Just as the

guy was about to hit her again the leader called to him.

“Jerry no, we

wouldn't want to damage such a pretty little face, now would we.”

The young man

standing by the door called out.

“Come on guys

grab the money and let's get out of here.”

“What a minute

Brad what's the rush.”

“Look we don't

need this shit if you want the bitches, then bring them with us.”

Nicola then

turned to the leader and asked his name.

“What's it to

you bitch.” He replied.

“Well l like

to know whom I'm conversing with.”

“Pretty fancy

talking bitch, well whom you're conversing with is Pete.” He sarcastically said

while all four broke out into laughter at his witty reply.

“It's like

this Pete, either you leave now with you're friends and promise to be good boys

from now on or you'll be sorry you were ever born.”

“Ooo, look

guys I'm quaking in my shoes.” Pete said faking fear.

“Sorry Pete

you've had you're chance. Ok Louise you take the two on the right and I'll deal

with the two on the left, 1% matter alright.”

Before they

knew what had hit them all four of them stood on the vast plane of the shop

floor at just over half-inch in height.

“Ok Louise

watch these two while I round up the others.”

Carl looked up

as he saw this towering woman step over him; he was still in a state of shock

and couldn't quite comprehend what had happened to him.

“Carl, Carl

man, what the fuck, are you ok.” Cried Pete while running over to his buddy.

Jerry found

himself standing next to the giant unconscious shop assistant when suddenly a

shadow fell upon him and he looked up to see an enormous hand capture him and

violently lift him of off the ground. Meanwhile Brad's world began to shake as

he saw this huge women walk toward him. Quickly he turned and began to run, when

suddenly he crashed into something hard sending him to his butt. He regained his

senses and slowly used the hard black surface to lean against as her righted

himself. He couldn't quite place what stood before him, as he began to walk

around it he came to a large sloping arch. So he walked under and to his right

his eyes fell upon a huge dirty and partly worn out label that read $35.99, he

stepped out and looked up. Upon realising just what he was looking up at he

passed out. With a large smile on her face Nicola bent down and picked up the

little man and placed him in her enclosed fist along with Jerry.

“Brad wake up

man, wake up.”

“Err what, O'

god I just had the most incredible dream.”

“Dream! Are

you fucking nuts, its for real man.”

Before Brad

could say any more he found himself being dumped rudely on to the floor along

with Jerry?

Upon standing

back up Nicola turned to Louise and said.

“Let the fun



Giantesses stood with their feet slightly apart and with hands on hips looking

down at the tiny men at their feet.

“Hey you guys

ok.” Enquired Pete.

“If you call

this ok, then yea.”

They all stood

and craned their heads skyward to see the two titanic women looking down upon




“Did you hear

something Louise.”

“No can't say

as I did Nicola.”

“Ok then my

tiny men, I want Pete and one other to stand in front of my feet NOW!”


BITCH.” Pete again called out while showing the finger.

“Cocky little

chap isn't he.” Nicola said to Louise while smiling.

Nicola then

raised her foot and bought it down at super sonic speed crashing to the floor.

All four of the little men cowered on the floor at the sight of her titanic foot

crashing to the floor sending shock waves right through them.

“Fuck it Pete,

come on I'll go with you just don't anger her anymore.” Said Carl.

Both men

slowly edged their way over until they stood at the toes of her immense shoes.

“Now that's

better, now start kissing my shoes you little pricks.”

Both Pete and

Carl complied and began kissing the shoes of Goddess Nicola.

“Arr that's

nice. You two do the same to my shoes now move it.” Instructed Louise.

Brad and Jerry

quickly began kissing Louise's shoes.

Nicola soon

grew bored of this and told the little men to step back, she then removed her

right shoe and told them to kiss her stocking foot.

Slowly Pete

and Carl edged closer and the closer they got the stronger the smell became. As

they reached Nicolas toes the smell was really strong and the heat emanating

from her foot was overpowering. As bad as it was they knew they had to comply or

they'd be squashed for sure.

Louise turned

to Nicola and said.

“Don't know

about you, but I'm rather hungry and we don't want to be here when the shop

assistant comes around do we.”

“No you're

right, enough fun, lets dispose of the delinquents and make our way to a


Louise then

looked down at the tiny men kissing her foot and nudged her foot forward knock

them both to the ground she then lifted her foot and said.

“Night, night


Bringing her

foot down sharply on Brad and just missing Jerry. Jerry couldn't believe what

he'd just seen and heard, in an instant his once friend Brad had been reduced to

nothing more than a tiny red smudge on the sole of a shoe. As Louise's foot hit

the ground Brads innards splattered out from under her shoe. Jerry watched in

horror as her foot rose up to begin its descent upon him, he suddenly became

aware of something in his lap as he looked down, their looking up at him was one

of Brads eye balls. It must have popped out of his head as he was crushed. Jerry

didn't have time to freak as the shadow above him descended slowly until he was

pressed tightly against the ground. He could feel the still warm goo of Brad

pressing against his face.

Louise wanted

to take her time with this one and actually feel the crunching of the bones

under her foot. For Jerry the pain was so intense as the pressure became greater

and greater that he mercifully passed out. Louise was relishing the power as she

could hear the snapping sounds of the man underneath her foot breaking up until

she saw a small drop of blood trickle out from under her shoe. She then twisted

her foot around and waited for Nicola.


Nicola had

already done the shoe squashing and wanted to try something new so she raised

her stocking covered foot above Carl and slowly lowered it on to him. Carl tried

to run but it was useless and soon found himself pinned to the ground under

Nicolas giant foot. She positioned her foot so that the ball of it covered the

little man completely. Pete was watching with terror and couldn't run anywhere

as Louise had him pinned to the ground under her foot. Carl screamed as he felt

the pressure grow. Louise could still feel the tiny creature struggle beneath

her mighty foot; she closed her eyes and enjoyed every last moment until her

foot was flat on the ground. As she moved her foot and looked down she could

only see a pool of blood but no tiny Carl. Upon lifting her foot and inspecting

the sole she burst out laughing.

“Louise quick

take a look at this.”

Louise looking

at Nicolas foot started to laugh also and said.

“Yuk that's


What they saw

was a tiny flat man still formed perfectly stuck to Nicolas foot. Nicola

carefully peeled the mess from her foot and dropped it to the floor. She then

placed her foot back in her shoe and ground the remains into paste.

“Right then

Pete you're time is up, release him Louise.” Said Nicola while kneeling on the


Pete now free

stood up and began begging for his life but Nicola couldn't hear him and it

wouldn't have made any difference if she had.

“Well Pete,

you like to give people the finger up, well how about I give you the thumb


Nicola then

knocked Pete to the floor and placed her thumb on his chest. He began punching

and kicking about but all to no avail as Nicola began to increase the pressure.

What upset her most was just as it was getting good her long thumbnail went

through poor little Pete's throat and severed his head from his body. Knowing

she couldn't hurt him anymore she rose to her feet and casually ground him into

the ground.

“Right then

lets go get dinner, I'm starving.” Nicola said as they left the store.


Chapter 3 


Five minutes

after the two sexy females left the store the shop assistant began to regain

consciousness. The first thing he did was to call the cops. After making the

call he began to see if anything had been stolen and to his surprise it seemed

that all was, as it should be. All the money was still in the cash register and

apart from the red stains on the floor you'd never have known anything had



Nicola and

Louise arrived at a rather trendy restaurant known as the Dark Half. It served a

good meal and after you'd eaten you could dance the night away in the adjoining

nightclub. The two women were shown to a table and placed there order.

“What you

thinking about Nicola.”

“O' nothing.”

“Come on I

know you better than that something's bothering you isn't it.”

“Well yea I

guess so.”

“What is?”

“You know,

we've just taken four human lives, and here we sit about to eat as if nothings


“I know how

you feel but remember they were bad people, and we did offer them the chance to

just walk away.”

“You're right

why should I feel guilty, after all we did give them a choice didn't we.”


better, now let's enjoy dinner.”

“You know what

maybe that's what we should use our power for. Riding the world of scum, you

know like super hero's or something.”

Louise let out

a small giggle.

“Yea, we could

be known as tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.”

Both women

began falling about with laughter and everyone in the restaurant seemed to look

over at them.

“O' god I feel

better know, it's funny how laughter makes you feel good.” Said Nicola.

“Sure doe's,

but joking aside, I definitely think you're onto something with the elimination

of scum.”

“Good I'm glad

you agree, then let us make a pact right here and now, that well never use the

matter reducer on someone that doesn't deserve it and who ever we reduce will

get the choice to just walk away before we reduce them, agreed.”

“Agreed. Now

lets have a toast to us, THE ANGELS OF JUSTICE.”


Detective Sam

“The Leech” Stunner arrived at Borders upon receiving the call from the shop

assistant. After taking his statement, Stan began examining the small red stains

upon the floor. He found what appeared to be a small trainer, so small was it

that he found it hard to focus upon it. He decided that he needed the services

of the forensic lab, so he made the call and after 20 minutes they arrived.

“Hello Stan.”

“O' hi Stacy.”

Stacy Howard

was the top forensic scientist at the Police station and she had helped Stan out

on numerous occasions.

“Ok then Stan

what can I help you with.”

“Well, you see

these small red stains could you please take samples and do a complete analysis

for me.”

“For you Stan,


Stan blushed

slightly as Stacy smiled at him and began her work.


Nicola and

Louise had finished their dinner and were now sitting at the bar in the Dark

half's nightclub.

“One more for

the road Nicola.”

“Sure why


“Barman, two more of the same please.”

Asked Louise.

The barmen

politely served the ladies with their drinks and got on with his work. Louise

then whispered to Nicola.

“Have you ever

wondered what it would be like to have sex with a miniature man.”

“Depends on

what you mean by miniature.” Replied Nicola.

“Well I

thought about 12 inches would do nicely.”

Nicola almost

choked on her drink following Louise's remark.

“You're evil

Louise, but I must admit it doe's sound good.”

“Good I'm glad

you agree. What do you think of the barman.”

“No, no, don't

even go there, remember only bad people, criminals, pimps, etc.”

“I know, just

kidding, but then again maybe he's served one or two bad drinks in his time.”

Louise smiled wickedly as she watched the barman at work.

Once they had

finished their drinks and said goodnight to the barman the two ladies left the

club. As they walked out toward the parking lot two men ran into the back of

them knocking them to the ground while making off with their hand bags.

Momentarily stunned and shocked by the quickness of the attack, Nicola slowly

got to her knees and asked if Louise were ok.


great, just get those bastards.”

Nicola quickly

got to her feet and watched the two men climb into a car. She knew she'd have to

be quick. Suddenly a bright light that seemed to glow over the entire car

blinded the men.

“Shit man

aliens, aliens are abducting us.” Called one of the men in the car.

“Get us the

fuck out of here Geoff.”

But the car

remained still as the driver Geoff was in a state of shock.

“Move Geoff,

come on man snap out of it.”

The light

dissipated, and the four men couldn't recognise where they were. Geoff had

snapped out of his trance but just as he put the metal to the floor did the car

seem to go down as if something heavy was pushing down upon it. The engine

roared into action, but no matter how much throttle Geoff gave it, it just

wouldn't go anywhere.

“Geoff, what's

going on, get us the fuck out a here.” Screamed one of the men in the back of

the car.

“Fucking hell

Rich, what do ya think I'm trying to do, bake a cake.”

Suddenly there

was a loud snap and the engine began to whine as blue smoke began escaping from

under the hood.

“Shit, that's

the engine gone.” Cried Geoff.

Nicola had

caught up with the tiny car just as it was about to speed off. She placed her

huge foot upon it and contemplated crushing it there and then with the tiny

occupants inside. But then she realised that their handbags were still inside of

the vehicle, so she kicked off one of her shoes and rolled down her nylon. After

rolling the nylon up so that the toe section was within hands grasp she bent

down and retrieved the tiny car from under her foot.

Inside the car

the four men saw something extremely large grab hold of the car and then it felt

as though they were being lifted of off the ground.

“Quick lets

get out of here.”

It was no

good; Nicola's fingers had blocked all the doors making escape impossible.

“It's no good

the doors won't open.”

Nicola placed

the tiny car in her nylon and carefully wrapped the stocking around it so as to

let in very little light and make sure the doors to the car were held firmly

shut. She then held onto it tightly as she walked back to Louise.

“You ok then.”

Enquired Nicola.

“Yea, little

sod's, look I've grazed my knee.” Replied Louise.

“Well when we

get home you can show them.”

“Can't wait.”

Said Louise getting back to her feet.


Back at the

Police station Detective Stan “The Leech” Stunner was just about to get the low

down on the forensic evidence that Dr. Stacy Howard had gathered from Borders.

Upon entering the lab Stan asked Stacy what news did she have.

“Well I can't

explain it but it seems to be human blood and some tiny squashed body parts.”

Explained Stacy.

“Are you sure,

that's not possible is it?”

“Up until

tonight I'd have agreed with you, but here take a look for yourself.”

Stacy then

motioned for Stan to look into the microscope. Stan looked into the eyepieces of

the microscope and after a short while withdrew himself and looked at Stacy with

a look of shear disbelief in his eyes. What he saw was what appeared to be the

lower half of a human jaw albeit pretty smashed up, and the lower half of a leg

with a foot still attached but it was completely crushed and as flat as a piece

of writing paper.


impossible, it must be some kind of elaborate hoax.” Insisted Stan.

“I only wish

that were true, but its human alright.” Replied Stacy.

“Can you tell

from what you've found whether or not it's male of female.”

“Well I'd say

male, judging from the amount of hair on the leg.”

“Was there

anything else you could identify from the remains.”

“No not really

it was as though someone had stepped on them and ground them into the ground,

leaving very little identifiable parts.”

“So all I've

got to go on is the description that the Shop assistant gave me of the four guys

and two women. But judging by what you've said and there being for stains, then

I think maybe I should narrow my search down to the two ladies.”

“Sorry Stan

nearly forgot, that gun from the other day, well it was real and had been fired

recently and get this, it was owned by a Sargent Jon Gibson. You know the guy

that had supposedly died when that space station exploded. And just to confirm

this the dried blood samples from the scene albeit small, matched his


“Hmm, thanks

Stacy, you've been a great help.” Called Stan as he left the lab.


Meanwhile back

in the nylon.

“Did you guys

hear that, it sounded like voices.” Said Rich.

“Yea, I heard

it too.” Replied John.

“Never mind

voices lets just get the fuck out a here.” Shouted Geoff.

“Ok smart

arse, and how do you intend doing that.” Enquired Dave.

“Sssshhhh, be

quite I'm sure I can hear voices.”

Nicola and

Louise had entered their house and had placed the small car on the kitchen table

while they made themselves a cup of coffee.

“What should

we do with them Louise.”

“Don't know,

but one things for sure I want a bit of fun now that we have some in the

confines of our own house and haven't got to worry about rushing this time.”

“Yea, two

each, we can certainly have some fun.”

“TWO, wow, I

thought there was only one each.”

“No, there

were the two that stole our bags and two in the get away car.”

“Cool, its

going to be more fun than I'd expected.”

With their

coffee made both women sat at the table and looked at the small package wrapped

up on the middle of it.

“Do you think

we should enlarge it a little only the little guys in there won't be much bigger

than about 10mm in size.” Suggested Louise.

“Good idea,

I'll unwrap them if you'll get a plastic bowl to put them in.”

Nicola then

began to unwind the nylon from around the car while Louise returned with a large

white plastic bowl with a blue lid.

Inside the car

the little men could feel their world moving around violently.

“Shit what


“Look its

getting lighter.”

Suddenly as

Nicola removed the tiny car from the nylon she clasped the roof between her

finger and thumb and ripped it off. Before the tiny occupants had a chance to

look up they found themselves dumped rudely out of the car and on to a cold hard

white surface. Before they could stand a bright light glowed all around them


“Is everyone

ok.” Enquired Dave.

Rich, John and

Geoff all replied “Ok.”

“Just where

the fuck are we.” Said Rich while getting to his feet.

“Don't know,

but whatever place it is, it doesn't appear to have any doors.”


Shouted Dave before passing out.”

Above the two

women were watching with great amusement and trying to just keep out of sight.

“DAVE, wake up

Dave.” Cried Rich while slapping him across the face.

“Err, what,

where am I, o' god, did you see that.” Stuttered Dave as he came too.

“See what?”

“Th, That face

it was huge, the aliens man there massive.” Screamed Dave hysterically.

“N, no, I

didn't see anything how about you guys.” Asked Rich.

By now Nicola

and Louise were finding it really hard to contain themselves, while watching

these pathetic little men scour around in the large bowl.

“Come on guys,

stop pissing around and let's see if we can't get out of here.” Instructed Rich.

“O' yea and

just how are we supposed to do that.”

“Well as the

walls are slopping I thought that we could make a human ladder and one of us

climb up the others until they reach the top. At least then we might have some

idea of where we are.”

“Ok, let's go

for it.”

Rich removed

his shoes and socks to enable himself to get a better grip on the smooth surface

and then leaned with his back against the slopping wall.

“Come on then

whose next.”

“I'll go

next.” Said Dave.

So Dave

climbed up Rich and stood on his shoulders, again with his back to the slopping

surface. Geoff then climbed them both and stood on Dave's shoulders.

“Come on hurry

up, I can't hold this forever.” Called Rich.

John began his

climb, until eventually he reached the top and could look out into the open


“Well what can

you see.” Cried Geoff.

“I, I, I,

don't believe it.”

“What don't

you believe.”

John was

looking out into the enormous kitchen and could see every day items that you

find in a kitchen except for one thing, they were all gigantic!

“You're not

going to believe this guy's but it looks as though we're in a giant kitchen.”

Nicola was

watching from behind and Louise had ducked under the table as John had reached

the top.

“Can you climb

out.” Called Dave.

“Yea, I could

but where would I go, its far to bigger fall.” Replied John


Louise jumped up quickly and asked John.

“Maybe I can

give you a hand.”

Louise then

thrust her hand out to John.

Seeing Louise

appear like that, frightened the living daylights out of John and as her hand

quickly approached him, he instinctively stepped back. John landed with a heavy

thud on the bottom of the bowl. Quickly the human ladder was disassembled.

“John, you ok


“Yea, think

so, but boy are we in deep shit.”

“Why, what did

you see?”

“H, h, h,

her.” Said John pointing skywards.

All four of

the little men looked up to see Louise smiling down upon them. They all had this

dumb look on their face; you know eyebrows raised and mouth open.

“Well aren't

you going to say something.” Asked Louise.


Rich replied.

“Where are we,

and how come you're so big.”



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