Giantess Stories: Anne  a vignette based on MONTAJ24

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(text by Leo Fosse)

Anna Nicole felt exceedingly hot. The aliens had returned her to

Earth, but something was very strange. She immersed herself in the cool

water of the pond, and steam rose from her body as though she was on fire.

The cool water helped, but still she felt herself sweating profusely. It

was several minutes before the water stopped steaming, and it felt a little

warmer, but nice. She didn't realize that her body heat had raised the

temperature of the lake.

She walked out of the pond to inspect the strange rock formations

more closely. Some were to be sprinkled with snow, but she felt much too hot

for the weather to be cold enough for snow. Steam wisps rose from her body

as she walked into the cool air, and a cloud of mist came from her mouth

with every breath she took. She walked up to the closest rock to see if it

really could be snow, but instead she was fascinated by what was behind it.

It was a perfect little town, an Alpine village built to an

incredibly small scale. She could make out very little from up above, but

she could see what looked like tiny cars moving through the streets, and even

smaller specks that might be miniature people. Whoever built this went to

one heck of a lot of trouble, she thought, and smirked at the painstaking

puny perfection.

The single laugh, more like a "HMMMF", thundered through town.

Everyone looked up, and the behemoth blonde was seen standing naked behind

the cliff face of the hill that towered over the village. Her sweaty body

moved very slowly, the pinnacle of the mountain not even at the level of her

monstrous tits, but she was moving, and moving toward the town. Panic

ensued; all the women and most of the men were fleeing in terror, either

hiding indoors or retreating out of town as fast as they could. The few

men too overwhelmed with lust and awe for this spectacular force of

nature were nearly trampled by wave after wave of their more 'sensible'

fellow citizens.

Anna Nicole could not hear the puny screams of terror from the

miniature village below her. She would not have understood that the reason

she was so hot, though the air temperature was below freezing, was that as a

giantess, her heat dissipation was now less efficient. For the moment, she

was transfixed by a small strange object just below her. It look like a

bright purple butterfly, but its wings didn't flap and it was much too small.

It seemed to be moving so slowly, she thought she would catch it. She was a

little surprised to discover how slowly she was moving herself, but her body

leaned down and her huge right hand descended on the strange little insect.

Her ponderous left tit was much softer than the rock of the cliff face, but

it crumbled under her enormous weight and unstoppable strength.

A shadow came across the hang glider, and before the pilot knew what

the cause was, he felt a jerking sensation and he was climbing almost

straight up. He looked up to see what was happening to his chute, to see

that it had nearly disappeared, replaced by a giant thumb and forefinger

pulling him upward.

Anna Nicole fretted that she had crushed the little butterfly, but

figured that insects were fairly resilient usually. When she brought it to Explicación de las curvas de los campos de batalla: estándar, Jeeves, guerrero y más: cuándo debes subir de nivel tu taberna

her face, she was astonished by what she saw. A tiny insect was held up by

strings thinner that a spider's web, only visible to her when they caught the

light of the sun. The insect was smaller by far than the width of her

fingernail, but she could barely make out that it was shaped like a man. It

struggled like it was trying to get free, its incredibly tiny arms and legs

flailing. She laughed at it futile effort.

"HAH! HAH! HAH!" she laughed, and the tiny man appeared to cover his

ears with his hands. She lifted him high above her head and dropped him.

At first he began to fall. The chute didn't open properly after she

let go becuase some wires were tangled. He looked down and saw he was

on a collision course with her mountainous tits. Worse ways to die, he

thought, but with a twist of his body the chute opened, and he caught a

powerful thermal from the rising heat off her body. He came back up to her

face level, and looking down saw her hand rising toward him. If she grabbed

him instead of the chute, he was a dead man, but she wasn't grabbing either.

She put her hand over her lips, made a loud kissing noise that echoed through

the hills, then blew a gale from her massive lips. The sweet hot wind pushed

the hang glider like a shell out of a cannon, spinning and twisting him like

a leaf falling on the surface of a raging stream. He was lucky not to be

twisted into a fatal knot, and perhaps even luckier that the giantess now

turned her attention to the tiny town.

Anna Nicole now knew it was real, and this knowledge made her even

hotter. Steam now rose from her moist pussy as the realization that she was

a goddess made her long for worshippers to reward and torment. Each step

toward town rumbled like a earthquake, and she could she almost all the tiny

cars rushing away from her in panic.

"STOP!" she commanded, her hands on her hips. The town seemed to

glisten for a second to her, which was all the glass in town shattering from

the force of her first fully spoken word. "STOP OR I'LL CRUSH YOU ALL!"

All the cars stopped. She smiled when she saw her power. "COME TO

THE SQUARE IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN!" Again she could see what looked like

trails of ants doing what she commanded. When the trails seemed like

trickles, she then walked into town. She crushed entire neighborhoods under

her huge feet, and even the rumble was enough to demolish some older

buildings, made of flimsy brick and mortar.

She knelt, crushing a church and it surrounding grounds under her

knee, and the town square fell into the cold shadow of her massive tits.

Her huge hands reached toward the square and nearly everyone ducked for

cover or tried foolishly to flee. Her long blood red nails dug through the

road surrounding the square like it was a wafer thin confection. A new type

of quake shook the tiny townsfolk as their huge protector and tormentor

pulled up the entire square as easily as one of them might pick up a log to

put it on a fire. Again some panicked, and tried to run, but only a few fell

off the edge of the earth before all of them knew that whatever their fate

was, it was literally in the hands of the steaming, towering colossus, with

her blood red lips and nails and breasts larger than city blocks...

Giantess Stories: Anne  a vignette based on MONTAJ24

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