Giantess Stories: Anne

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Anne's Wonderful Ass

Eddie had just got to his bed after finishing up his 30th birthday party. All

his friends were around for the big three-oh party and they made the most of it

although it was a rather quiet party. Now that Eddie was lying in bed, with

hardly any alcohol in his blood, he started to think about that girl again - his

young neice Anne.

Anne had come to the party, only because her dad, Alan, made her come. Alan has

tried all his life to get Anne to like her uncle Eddie. However, the young Anne

was always a bit weary of Eddie as he got extremely drunk one night and started

exposing his insane sexual fantasies to Anne's mother. Anne's mother, who died

years ago, warned her to stay away from Eddie as he was "a bad man".

Now that Anne was getting older - she was 16yrs old now - and she looked

identical to her beautiful mother, Eddie was finding it hard to get her out of

his mind. Tonight was the first time in months that Eddie had seen Anne and he

couldn't drink anything as he couldn't stop thinking about Anne. Her petit

little body was perfectly shaped with nice curves and a most incredible ass.

Eddie lay in his bed and started masturbating to his old fantasies again. He

wanted so much to be shrunk just a little smaller and have Anne tower above him,

control him and make him pleasure her. How he yearned to be just about 1 foot

tall and have Anne hold him in between her thighs as he made the most of her

large pussys. Eddie took it even further though, he wanted to caress her whole

body, he wanted to be almost suffocated by Anne's stunning breasts. He wanted to

be trapped as Anne rests her heavy breasts across his entire body, forcing her

pink errect nipples in his face. Whoaahh! Eddie had to stop, this was getting

too much for him. He would have to try and make an effort with Anne if he ever

wanted to even talk to her. How could he do this as she would barely look at him

at family parties.

The next night Eddie started looking on the internet for any tips at all on how

he could repair his relationship with his young neice. Then it hit him - Anne

uses the internet all the time for chat rooms. Without going through all the

details of it, Eddie managed to get on his brother's computer and found out

Anne's internet chat login. Over the following months, Eddie built up an

incredible relationship with Anne across the internet and she eventually invited

him over to her house. All she knew was that it was a 30-something guy who an an

incredible charm she couldn't resist. Eddie was thrilled, he thought he was the

greatest genius alive.

This was it. Eddie appeared at his brother's huge house across the other side of

town from his own small appartment block. When Anne opened the door, she looked

stunning. She had really made an effort to do herself up for the occasion.

However, the look of anger on her face was unbelievable. Anne tried slamming the

door but Eddie lost control and forced his way in. Anne was screaming but Eddie

grabbed his helpless neice and told her not to make a sound or he would hurt

her. Eddie had wanted this so long that he was not thinking rationally now.

Eddie stripped Anne completely and she was crying her eyes dry by this point.

Eddie bent Anne over his brother's large double bed and he tore all his own

clothes off. Eddie held Anne down and started to take her from behind. Suddenly,

Anne gathered her thoughts and remembered something her mother told her when she

was little. Anne started to chant some strange language but Eddie was too busy

enjoying the young 16yr old's virginity. Soon, Eddie felt it get looser and

looser and he couldn't understand what was happening. In no time at all, Eddie

was only 1 inch tall and standing underneath the tallest 16yr old he had ever


Anne explained that her mother was a witch and Anne had inherited certain powers

when her mother passed away. Eddie was shit-scared. However, Anne would not kill

him - that was too easy. This was supposed to be Eddie's fantasy except he never

wanted to be an inch tall, he only wanted to be 1 foot tall.

For hours, Anne sexually pleased herself using Eddie's tired little body. She

rammed him up inside her pussy until she came all over him, stinging his eyes

and blocking his ears, nose and mouth with her sweet pussy juice. Anne even lay

Eddie in her bra as she put it on, almost crushing him to death with her huge

breasts completely resting their weight on him. Eddie could barely take anymore

or he would be dead. Anne stopped.

What happened next was unimaginable to Eddie. He had deceived Anne into inviting

him over to the house and he was going to pay. Anne may not have talked to Eddie

for years but she knew that he liked her ass. Anne lay face down on her bed and

spread her legs open as far as she could. By this time Eddie was limp and could

not resist anything that the huge giantess 16yr old did. Soon enough Eddie was

being wedged between Annes enourmous ass cheeks and they looked like gigantic

wobbly mountains to him. Anne actually had quite a few straggly horrible hairs

coming out of her ass and Eddie was getting tangled in these. Anne started

chanting again. Eddie got smaller. Anne forced her ass muscles to open up and

Eddie fell inside before Anne's ass closed again, trapping Eddie inside amongst

all the shit and stench of this gorgeous 16yr old witch.

Anne got dressed, dried her eyes and never mentioned the incident. Eddie was

reported missing by Police a few weeks later.


Giantess Stories: Anne

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