Giantess Stories: Another Life

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Another Life




            The second I walked into my class room

everything felt just wrong. I could hear the girls laughing all around me. I was

puzzled but at the same time I felt so very tired. It seemed like all I wanted

to do was sleep. It was the only thing that was on my mind. I kept thinking

sleep, sleep, sleep. I found myself drifting off sleep.

            I awoke sometime later. I didn't open my eyes

yet but I was fully awake. It felt like I was on something cold and hard. It

definitely wasn't forgiving and it was making me shiver profusely. A series of

familiar voices rang loudly above me.

“I think he is starting to wake up”

“Look how cute he looks.”

“I can't believe it worked”

“Yeah, it looks like he's ours now”

“I think we should kill him”

“I love how his little chest moves up and down.”

“I bet he gives great massages.”

“We should just leave him here”

"Wake up Mr. Lorne”

“Open your eyes”


            I opened my eyes not knowing what to expect but

the sight of 20 girls staring down at me definitely wasn't on the top of the

list that's for sure. 20 perfect faces with 20 devious smiles, and 40 eyes

stared directly at me. I wondered if we were still in the gym. I kept waiting

for one of them to make a move but they just continued to giggle. They would all

quite down and then one look at me and they would break out in a spell of

giggles again.

            All the girls head on the same black shorts,

and the same white T-shirts with Jefferson Senior High on them and they all had

on white tennis shoes that at the start of the year were bright and shiny but

now had seen much better days. Seeing there giant faces looking at me was

freaking me out. I took off running.

            In a single instant everything ended. The 20

girls all stood up at the same time forming a circle around me. They just looked

tall before but now they look scarily big. I would try to run between them but

one of them would merely take one of there shoes and just brush me back into the

middle of the circle and then they would all laugh at my plight. I finally had

it up to here with the whole lot of them. This was still my gym class.

“All you have Saturday detention.”

            This made them all laugh so hard tears started

to form in some of there eyes. I covered my ears from the deafening sound of

there laughter.

“Is that so? Here's the detention slips fill them out and

hand them to us.”

             The pad of detention slaps slammed down beside

me. It was huge, the slips of paper were almost bigger then me which scared me.

“A pen then slammed down beside me”

            I darted away from them but this time a sweaty

hand curled around me. I tried to fight the hand away but my kicks and punches

had no effect on it. After a few moments of my trivial blows it just wrapped

around me and I was lifted up into the air. I squirmed in the grip of one of my

students. As she held me up to her face I saw that it was Mallory Thomas. I

always had rode her pretty hard because she was a pretty big slacker. She got

straight A's in her studies but never participated in gym class.

“Mallory put me down”

“Did you hear him girls. Mallory put me down he says in a

tiny little squeaky voice. Let's take him to our locker room.”

“You can let me go! This is isn't right.”

            As the girls walked down the hall they tossed

me from one girl to next. They all got kicks out of watching me scream as I flew

towards them and they would all fake like they weren't going to catch me but at

the last moment they would. All there hands were so warm and comforting. The air

around me felt like it must have been about 20 degrees below zero or so it felt

good to be in there hands. I had no idea how they could stand to wear shorts

down the hallways in this school

“I think Mr. Lorne is cold. He is shivering.”

“So cold! So very cold”

“Here don't worry Sam will warm you up K”

            All at once I was shoved beneath her gym shirt

and tucked between her breasts. I wouldn't by any means call Sam a big breasted

girl and if you asked 100% of all men they would tell you the same thing but her

breasts were simply amazing now. As she stuck me between them I tried to pull

myself up and out of her breasts as it just wasn't right but I found myself

completely stuck.

“Awe, he looks so cute down there Sam'

“I think 5 inches is the perfect height for him.”

“Take me out of here! Please”

            As they walked down the stairs Sam's breast

stayed firm and immovable by her sports bra. Even though her sports bra was

soaked in sweat It was very warm. I felt myself begin to relax as I rested in

Sam's breast. She looked so warmly down at me like I was a wounded bird.

“I don't think we should change him back”

            This makes all the girls stop and turn towards

Sam. I can only look up at her from beneath her shirt. I hear the click clack,

click clack of one of my fellow teachers walking by. As the teacher says hi I

recognize the voice as Ms. Diaz the Spanish student teacher. I screamed and

pleaded for her help but the girls greeting her drowned out my plea's and then

she was gone.“Well I suppose we could keep him like that but is it

really right”

“Well I don't see why it wouldn't be. I mean there's now

laws against it.”

”You can't be serious! This is kidnapping”

“Hush down there and be good. The big girls are discussing


“Sam! I refuse to have my future discussed in committee.

You will change me back immediately or you girls will fail your freshmen year”

“What's he saying Sam”

“Oh don't worry about him. He is just happy to be all

snuggled between my breasts and is very happy that we are being so nice aren't

you Mr. Lorne”

“I still say we should step on him”

“Well we know what Rachel's vote is for.”

             I hear the girls open up the door to the

locker room and walk in. As they enter the main locker area I am set down on the

bench and all 20 of the 15 year old freshmen girl's tower around me.

“Well who wants to take him home? It will be big a lot of

work keeping him”

            As they discussed this I knew my favorite

student Amy Wesson would take me in. She was always staying after and helping me

out. The other girls called her Teacher's pet or suck up but she never seemed to

mine. I ran down the length of the bench to where Amy was standing. I jumped up

and down in front of her.

“Awe you want me to take you home baby? How cute, but no!”

“No? Amy please”

“Well the fact of the matter is now that your tiny I don't

think you will be one giving grades so your not really of importance to me and

on top of that I really only pay attention to hot guys and your not really a guy

any more. Your just tiny helpless animal”

            With that said Amy who had already changed

slammed her locker shut and left. The other girls started laughing and many of

them turned and got undressed and changed themselves.

"Girls! You can't leave me like this! I order you”

“Shut up Mr. Lorne”

            The girls slowly trickled out of the locker

room leaving me alone on a bench much too high for me to get down from. About

five or so minutes later I saw grungy looking girl walk into the locker room.

She had a skateboard tucked under her arm and a red and white striped stocking

cap on, cargo pants, a grey t-shirt with dark blue long sleeves on. Then on her

wrists she had socks with the toe end cut off and around her wrists. I wanted to

hide but there was no where to go. Her eyes locked onto me and she started

walking towards me. The closer she got I saw that on her shirt there was the

logo of a skate boarder doing a jump off the letter H. She had Bitch spelled

across her T-shirt.

“Whoa, fuck a tiny man”

“Just get away from me!”

“Wut eva you are hella tight”

“I'm what?”

            Without another word she grabbed me opened up

the bottom side pocket of her leg cargo pants and tossed me in and then she

immediately closed it and left. I tried to push up on the flap but it was much

too heavy and the constant swaying and her walking tossed me around inside the

pocket. I heard her leave the school and drop her board. The grinding of the

wheels on the pavement was deafening and then I heard and felt her doing little

tricks along the way.  It seemed like we were traveling forever until she

stopped. I thought that we were at her house but it turned out to be a skate


“Chica, waz crackin?”

“nada bitch”

“shut up skank! Your not suppose to tell anyone”

             Both of them start laughing and I hear a

couple of guys talking to them. The next few hours are incredibly boring as she

hangs out with her friends leaving me sitting in her pocket. I am not sure how

long we were gone but the second she got home her mom made her sit down at the

table for dinner. The food smelled really good and made me quite hungry. I was

just about ready to cry as this girl got up and headed up stairs. My life had

been lowered to sitting a pocket of this teen. I don't even get my own pocket. I

have to share it with a skate board wheel and some cash.  I heard her door close

and lock. Her hand easily flipped the flap up and I was pulled out of her pants

pocket as she laid down on her bed.


“So what the fuck are you”

“Watch your mouth young lady”

“What the hell? Who do you think you are? Your in my room

and were sitting around in my pocket all day. Your in my world little fuck”

             She then reaches over with the hand that has

me in it and drops me in her laundry hamper and shuts the lid. I try to climb up

the wall but it has no grip. I land on one of her t-shirts and she then turns on

some linkin park. The music was so loud I couldn't even think. This girl by the

sounds of it has a nice sound system with a lot of bass. The loud heavy beats

and loud voices go on for a couple of hours. I can only sit in her dark hamper

on her t-shirt huddled in a corner shivering and thinking about everything that

has happened.

            I was half asleep when light shone down into

the hamper. I blinked my eyes open and struggled to stare up at her because of

the bright lights. My eyes begin to focus as I see at first a fuzzy fleshy toned

thing coming towards me but as it gets closer it takes the shape of a hand. It

felt good to be lifted up and out of the hamper.

            Her light brown locks of hair had been put into

two braids with one falling over each shoulder. She still had on the same outfit

as before.  She fell back onto her bed laying facing the ceiling and holding me

over her face with my body dangling towards her.

“What the fuck are you”

“I am Mr.”


“You're too small to be a Mr. I like Fred. I always wanted

to name something Fred”

“I will not be”

“Can you do anything? Oh I know”

            She set me down on her stomach while continuing

to look at me. Her stomach was firm and warm. I could feel it rising and falling

like a boat in the sea. The fabric on her shirt was snuggly. I wanted to lie

down and relax. I hadn't felt this content since the ordeal began.


“I am not an”


“Listen here I”

            Her hand flashed in front of me and flicked me

in the chest. I never saw her move. Her reflex's looked to be something out of

the matrix but I knew it had to have been because of my size. My whole body

cried out in pain. I felt like every rib had been shattered. I stared up at her

hurt and angry.


            I moved towards the edge of her stomach and was

going to slid down when I was flicked back to the center of her chest and she

shoved me into her shirt nearly suffocating me.


                        She yelled again and finally I submitted seeing

no other alternative and I hurt to badly to refuse again. I knew she had won

this battle.

“now SIT”            This is how it went on for the next hour or so

with her treating me like some mindless animal teaching me trivial tricks which

seemed to bring her some sort of satisfaction.

“I think its time for you to meet AL”

“I don't want to meet your boyfriend. PUT ME DOWN, LET ME

GO! I don't want to see some giant guy! HELP!”            I was shoved back into the very same pocket

falling onto a wad of cash. I heard her open her window then her foot falls go

across the roof and then into a tree. I could tell she jumped down from some

height but couldn't tell from being inside the pocket. It was then just one long

tumble as I struggled to maintain being upright. She ran for a long time and I

was thrown about forever. She then climbed up a tree and back on to a roof. I

felt like such a third wheel.  She tapped on the window and a few moments later

I heard two people chatting then I was pulled out of the pocket and a the bright

smiling face of a beautiful girl was shown to me.

“A little man! I love you little guys. There a tiny guy at

my boarding school. He was such a cutie.”

Al set me down on her bed and

walked back over to the other girl. That is when I realized I didn't know her

name. The comforter was pink and so were the pillow cases. The bed was nice and

soft. I wanted to sleep but I knew that wasn't going to be one of my options.

“Grab him Andrea”

The skater girl named Andrea I guess picked me up off the

bed. I was quite intrigued how earlier she had been the dominant person the

alpha female so to speak but now she is being ordered around.

 â€œI'm keeping him”

“What! He's mine”

“I don't think so bitch he's gonna be mine”

“You're such a man whore”

            Before I knew it Al had Andrea tackled and

sprawled out on the bed. Al was licking slowly and seductively up Andrea's leg

but her eyes were on me. Watching my every move enjoying me reactions to her. I

began to move away and that is when she grabbed me by the leg and dangled me

above Andrea's mouth. I Andrea extended her tongue upwards licking my face and

batting me with her tongue. I swung side to side with each bat of the tongue.

“Stop this”

            I knew it was futile ask but I had to try. The

two girls mashed there bodies together and began to cuddle up against each other

under the covers continuing to kiss. This told me that they must have been going

out together for awhile. I slid my way out of her grip and began to crawl down

Andrea's neck.  Her skin was soft and warm. I crawled further in above me was

the body of Al Below me was Andrea. I could hear them kissing and giggling.

Andrea's breasts hung down towards Al like the fangs from a snake while Al's

jutted upwards nearly blocking the off the entire path. I placed my hand on AL's

warm smallish breasts while Andrea's bigger breasts hung directly over head. I

dove between both breasts fighting and squirming my way through. I felt them

mash there breasts together sandwiching me between there breast. I punched and

kicked at them hoping they would free me but they head strong. Both of the nude

girls drifted off to sleep leaving me trapped between the two of them. There

scents covered everything as they pulled the blankets over me. There breathing

would push me towards Andrea's breasts deeper in and then when they exhaled I

would find myself dropping down into Al's awaiting breasts.  My entire night was

long being traded between breasts of these sleeping giants.

            It was early morning when I heard Andrea began

to wake up.

“You look cute little man.”

“You up already Andy”

“Yeah, go back to sleep I know your tired”

“Nah, I want to spend sometime with you.”

“oh watch this.”

“Okay Freddie sit, sit boy”

            I immediately sat like she showed me not

wanting to face the wraith of her strength again. I did my tricks from the chest

of Al. This made her erupt in laughter as I obediently obeyed.

“Your such a mean sexy bitch you know that Andrea”

“your right, I am a bitch aren't I”

“A dirty little bitch fuck me now”

“I'm gonna make you wait for tonight”


            I was dropped onto Al's unmade bed as the two

girls threw on some clothes and headed down stairs. I wish my adventure had some

form of ending but it has no end because there just isn't one. I am toyed with

and played with by the two nearly every waking minute. Forced to do tricks for

cheerio's.  I live a life completely at there whim and mercy without choice and

without freedom.

“Oh Freddie! Do you want to take a bath with us?”

”Every time it's always the same. They ask me like I have a choice but I have


            Al's hands comes down grabbing me off the

keyboard. I frantically flail my arms reaching for the send button.  My fingers

tips brushing the enter button as Al pulls me away for bath time. She dangles me

upside down above the enter key. Lowering me towards it then rising me up just

before I can get it pushed.

“Let's see what my little man typed up here”

“Let me go, you cant read that”

“Its on my computer I can read whatever I want'“Hey bitch get over here.”

“Alright skank whats up'

“Check this out what Freddie typed'

“You misspelled a few words here”

“I'm five inches tall”

“Don't you squeak at me like that. I don't like the tone of

your squeak”

“I don't squeak you have no right to read”

“Oh hush up”

“Here let me finish this up for you”

And he lived happily ever after

“Nice job Andrea”

“Why thank you”











Giantess Stories: Another Life

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