Giantess Stories: Ant Farm

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Ant Farm



The young woman stared and

stared, as if she could watch them all day. Their activities engrossed her. Her

eyes and expression reflected her excitement. She could hardly wait until

Michelle got home, and then the real fun would begin…

Leonora was a shapely college student of medium height. Her attractive face was

not that of a classic beauty, but one that caught your attention and didn't let

go. Her dark brown eyes and long black hair were her best features. Her skin was

flawless except for a small birthmark on her cheek.

“Oh yes, my little ones,” she murmured quietly. “The ad told the truth. My ant

farm really does provide hours of entertainment.” She giggled at this, ending

with a little snort.

Leonora turned her head slightly; she heard footsteps in the hallway leading to

her student apartment and she smiled. Must be Michelle.

A tall, substantial woman with a pleasant face and dirty-blonde, short hair

walked in. She carried an armload of books and a Styrofoam cup of coffee. She

glanced over at Leonora as she put her things down. “Hey, you got the ant farm

out again.” Michelle looked at the plastic structure then back to Leonora “Did

you get some new ants?”

Leonora smiled mysteriously. “Um, sort of. Maybe you'd like to look?”

Michelle was blasé. “Nah, I've seen ants before. Thanks anyway.”

“Not like these you haven't. Come and see, it'll be worth it.” The smile became

a wide grin.

Michelle stood and thought for a moment. A nervous look crossed her face. She

slowly came over and sat in a chair next to Leonora. The tiny creatures were

difficult to make out among the sand, but Michelle could tell something was

different about them.

“They're not ants, Leonora. So what are they? Sea Monkeys?”

“You tell me. Here, use this magnifying glass - that should help.”

Michelle picked up the large, round glass by its handle and trained it on a

group of “ants.” A second later she dropped it on the table with a clatter and

inhaled quickly. Her face went pale. Her voice trembled as she spoke. “Oh God,

those are people! Tiny human beings. But who…? I mean, what…WHAT DID YOU DO?”

“Ah, I knew you'd ask. Remember that fraternity party last Saturday?”


“Well, a couple of those frat boys insulted me. Really pissed me off. Plus I got

the feeling I wasn't welcome there. I was still brooding about it this morning

while I was cleaning my closet. I pulled out the old ant farm, and

then…something just clicked.”

Michelle looked at her roommate with a mixture of fear and excitement. “So right

there in your ant farm you have…”

“…the whole fraternity!” Leonora burst out. “Plus a few of their girlfriends who

happened to be in the house. I think there are twelve guys and three girls. A

nice mix, wouldn't you say?”

Michelle didn't know what to say. Leonora filled in the gaps as Michelle

adjusted to the situation.

“We've had an interesting afternoon. The first job I gave them was to gather the

old, dead ants together. It's fun to watch them dragging the carcasses around,

especially up and down those tunnels. Good for ‘em though. Now they're resting a

bit - but not for long.” The devious grin returned.

“How long will you…keep them?” Michelle asked.

“Hmm. I was thinking a day or two. Then back to their house, safe and sound.

Everyone wins.”

Michelle was startled. “Uh, what exactly did we win, Lee?

“The pleasure of playing with tiny frat boys, Michelle. And I have a special

surprise for you. You know the one you liked, said was cute? He's in there.”

Leonora pointed a long finger at the plastic wall, her fingernail almost

touching it. The group of micro-people jumped back in alarm.

Leonora laughed at the sight. “Whee, this is great. But we really shouldn't

terrify them.” She paused and admired her new possessions. “Too much,” she added



As a little girl, Leonora had been captivated by the full-page ad in the back of

her comic books. Its colored artwork featured a boy and girl, their enormous,

happy faces looming over their tiny pets. Leonora wanted to be the girl in the

picture. She begged and cajoled, but ultimately her parents said no.

But now, as an adult, she could have all the ant farms she wanted. By chance, a

few months back, Leonora found the exact ad she had seen so long ago. A wave of

nostalgia, and something else, washed over her.

She sent away for one and immediately felt let down. The ad had pictured

three-dimensional farm buildings, weathervanes, even grazing cows. But her new

ant farm just had a cheap plastic silhouette of those things. The whole thing

was smaller than she expected, too, about nine by twelve inches, and half-full

of sand. The ants came in a different container.

Once the ants were installed, though, she became much happier, and spent hours

with them. She guessed it was the feeling of power and control they gave her.

These tiny things depended on her, a giant female human being. She could be kind

and loving to them. Or, she could crush them, sit on them or even eat them. She

didn't do those things, but she could have, and that was important.

She fed them when she felt like it. She liked to take one out and watch it walk

over her skin. It might take one five minutes to cross her stomach. Then she

might drop it between her breasts and trap the insect with her soft flesh. Or

put one on her nipple. Or her face. It was heaven.

Eventually they began to die. Leonora didn't know why, but she was saddened by

the unfairness of it. Maybe ants just have a short life span, she reasoned. When

the last one was gone, she put the farm in her closet and forgot about it. Until

this morning.

Now she was happy again. A full ant farm! And full of people, not ants. Even



The girls had just finished dinner and were now enjoying a few glasses of wine.

Both wore bathrobes with nothing underneath. It had been Leonora's idea. They

had also discussed the itinerary for the evening - what they would do to the

tiny captives and how they would do it. Michelle had been wary at first, but

Leonora made it sound fun.

Leonora looked at Michelle with a wistful expression. “Hey, you know what else I

thought? How about if I make you small too? But not too small. You'd be about

ten times their size. Then you could go in there and lord it over them, and I

could watch you all together.”

Michelle was aghast. “Me? Go inside that thing? Oh, no, no, no. I would get

really claustrophobic. Plus they might gang up on me. Strength in numbers, you


Leonora made a disappointed face and was about to speak when Michelle chimed in

again. “But you know, I think we'll have even more fun if I stay this size. I

can keep track of them for you when aren't able to see them, and even describe

what happens. I'll do a good job, really.”

Leonora considered. “Yes, all right. You can stay big. OK, lets get started.”

Leonora was just getting up to approach the ant farm when a knock on the door

interrupted her. “Who is it?” she called out.

“Gretchen,” came the answer.

“Omigod, Gretchen's here,” Leonora hissed to Michelle. Leonora raised her voice

a notch. “Come in.”

Gretchen entered the room and shot a knowing look at Leonora. “I had to come see

your new guests.”

Michelle was surprised. “You told her? Who else did you tell?”

“Just you and Gretchen. Don't worry, Michelle. She just wants to borrow one for

the night.”

Gretchen was another tall girl, big boned with an ample stomach and breasts. She

was not considered attractive in the way of Leonora and Michelle; in fact she

made no effort to attract men. She wore dark-framed, unflattering glasses on her

puffy face. Her brown wavy hair spilled untidily down to her shoulders. Her

outfit was comprised of a flannel shirt, untucked, and jeans with holes in them.

The big girl made her way over to the plastic tank, her stomping, size 13 boots

causing the floor to shake. She planted her huge denim-clad rear end on a

squeaky chair, and began to study the tiny captives.

“Oh, cool, you got some girls too. Maybe I'll grab one of those next time. I

wanna guy tonight though. Man, I haven't had sex in sooo long.”

Michelle spoke as Gretchen pushed her fat face close to the ant-people. “You

really gotta be careful with them. They have to go back in a day or two.”

Gretchen waved her away. “I know, I know. Ooh, that one looks right for the job.

Hey you, wanna spend the night with a REAL woman?” As she talked the giantess

breathed on the plastic surface and steamily obliterated the view. This made her

laugh and the steam circle got bigger.

“OK. I know the one I want. Now how do I get him?”

“Ah,” said Leonora. “I've been very clever. Here's my sewing kit with about 12

spools of thread. Just take off the farm roof, let some thread down and tell him

to tie himself on.”

“Great!” exclaimed Gretchen. “I won't squish him that way. You're brilliant,

Leonora. ”

Gretchen did as Leonora advised and soon had a ant-sized young man dangling

before her massive eyes.

“Oh, you little shit. You have NO idea what you're in for.” She lowered the man

onto her moist, dirty palm and walked to the door. She then turned and spoke to

Leonora “I'll give you a full report in the morning.” A final chuckle, then she

was out the door.

Michelle sighed. “Leonora, Gretchen is not a feminine girl. She'll be the death

of that poor guy, I'm sure of it.”

Leonora shook her head. “No, Gretchen's a little tough, but she's all right. She

needs some fun too. And now,” Leonora paused dramatically, her eyes twinkling,

“it's time for OUR fun.”


Gretchen lived just two doors down the hall, in a similar apartment as Leonora

and Michelle's. But Gretchen had no roommate. She had been through several and

none had lasted more than a few weeks.

A quick look around her rooms made the reason obvious: Gretchen was a slob.

After entering with the tiny man balanced on her palm, she strode across the

room in her heavy boots past piles of paper, magazines and other litter. The

dining area table was covered in greasy fast-food wrappers and half-filled paper

cups. The kitchen sink was full of dishes. The whole place could have used a

good cleaning.

But Gretchen wasn't inclined to clean house, shower, wash her hair or shave her

legs. Her attitude was that if people didn't like it, fuck ‘em.

Gretchen found her unmade bed and collapsed on it, making the bedsprings

complain. Then she gazed down at the miniscule figure cowering in her hand.

“So little man. Do you love me? Am I your wet dream? Hmmm?” And then she burst

out laughing, almost blowing the tiny man into the crumpled sheets.

She took the thread end in the fingers of her other hand and began to pull the

man up, like a puppet. She held him to her eyes and before, not saying a word.

When she had looked her fill, she began to let him lightly touch her skin. She

draped him over her cheeks, lips, and even her wide, prominent nose. There was

all the time in the world.

“See? I can be gentle. Do you think I was just gonna shove you inside me, right

off the bat?” The man, wisely, did not move or speak. Gretchen glanced at him

and continued. “Nah. I like foreplay, and lots of it. Here, take a break while I

get naked.”

She set the man down on a musty pillowcase and peeled off her shirt, jeans and

panties. Gretchen never wore a bra. Her bare legs revealed many months, maybe

years, of hair growth. Same with her arm pits. Her wide hips and ass soon made

the bed shake again, and she let her shaggy head down on the pillow. Only two

inches separated her massive head from the man.

She looked at him, sideways, for a moment. “Do you like my bedroom eyes? Hee hee.

Maybe you'd like to go inside my ear and whisper words of love.”

She thought better of that and took hold of the thread again. “Here's a better

idea. More foreplay.”

In the next half-hour the tiny man would discover a strange and frightening

world. Huge, drooping tits; knobby areolas, skin with a disturbing variety of

blemishes. Tit hair, moles and visible dirt everywhere. Her bellybutton stank

horribly. Her stomach felt and looked like cottage cheese.

She kept him above her waist, for now. “We'll do the good stuff a little later,”

she promised. The young man dangled above her open mouth and eyes. Then she

carefully lay him down on her lower lip.

“You can kiss me if you want,” Gretchen teased.

Part 2

While Gretchen was busy in her apartment, a much luckier young man was taking a

guided tour of a beautiful, dark-haired woman, two doors down. Michelle was the

tour guide, and a pretty good one. She kept up a running commentary as the tiny

one was lowered, slung and dragged across the womanly landscape that was


The bathrobes had long since come off. Leonora lay on her back as Michelle

hovered low between the first woman's open legs.

"Oh, this is great, Lee...He's going down, down the side of your thigh...God

he's so little! I hope he's a leg man...Down near the ass cheeks now...Yikes,

don't move if you can help it. He's right between your cheeks. Cool. Now up a

bit - dragging him up, up to...oh, this is too funny! He's tangled up in the

hairs around your butthole."

"I can feel him," squealed Leonora. "Get him outta there, will ya? Oh, but make

him kiss my ass first."

Michelle grinned. "You heard the lady. Kiss her ass, ant-boy." She swung the man

out from the wall of flesh, and brought him back to light on the gigantic anus.

Folds of dark skin, surrounded by a nest of coarse, black hairs. The tiny man

was now directly in the center, and seemingly not willing to comply.

"Didn't you hear me, dust mite? Kiss that asshole, now!" The young man

immediately set to work, making a big show of his newfound devotion to this part

of Leonora's body.

Leonora smiled. "Ah, I can feel that too! Much better. I could take this all


"So what next, girlfriend? Do we go for the big one? Is he ready? Are you


Leonora propped herself up. "Not just yet. There are lots of places to send our

friend first. And lots more ant-people to try out. Tell me..."


"What about a girl for the next one? Or maybe all three. We could form a

sisterhood - a sisterhood of lust."

A touch of anxiety crossed Michelle's face. "It's really up to you, but if it

was my choice...I'd rather stick with the guys."

"Interesting." Leonora lay back again, her head sinking into her pillow. "OK, he

can stop now. Put him back on my breast, so I can see him."

Michelle did as her friend asked, setting him right on the top of her right

nipple. Leonora grabbed the large magnifying glass again and held it in front of

the breast. The tiny man turned around to see her face through the glass and

jumped with fright.

"Oh, come on now. Am I that scary?"

"Actually you are," said Michelle. "I can see what he sees, and your mouth, nose

and eyes look about three miles wide."


Gretchen was about to climax. She had thrust the dildo into her pussy for about

the hundredth time and she could go off any time now. It would be a whopper.

Because this time there was an ant-sized man glued to the tip, the nose of the

rocket. In and out, in and out, through a gelatinous sea of slurping sexual

slop. Gretchen couldn't feel him, but she knew he was there, and it made all the

difference. She gave a great shout and seemed to collapse into herself,

trembling with pleasure.

She pulled out the dildo and wiped it on the sheets. She let out her breath when

she realized he was still there. Exhausted, panting, and drenched with juices,

but there. Gretchen put the tip into her mouth and gave the tiny human a rough

tongue bath, then held him near her enormous laughing eyes. She still wore her

glasses, in order to see him better.

"Wow. So tell me. Wasn't that great, little man?"

Gretchen was so pleased with her unusual sexual partner that she decided to

reward him by taking a shower. The giantess got to her feet, thighs and boobs

jiggling as she moved. She grabbed a nearby coffee cup and lowered the tiny man

inside. The cup was dirty, of course.

"You'll be safe in there," Gretchen informed him, looking straight down. "I'd

take you with me, but I'm afraid you'd slide down the drain. Don't worry, I'll

give you a special shower when I come back."

Gretchen padded toward the bathroom, giggling.

Leonora had tried out nearly all the men. She'd had Michelle try all sorts of

things. Three men balanced on her clitoris at once. One of them pushed inside

with a finger, pulled out, then pushed in again. Some were made to 'dance' on

Leonora's ass cheeks. Other spent time on her face, including the two sent deep

inside her nose. Michelle helpfully shone a flashlight into the depths so they

could see every detail.

Finally only one man from the farm remained, and the giant captress was saving

him for Michelle. Leonora decided to take out all three women and the last man

and put all the rest back.

Michelle, who had gone to use the bathroom, came back while Leonora was in the

middle of her exchange. The women she set aside carefully, and the man she

handed to Michelle. "Look, Michelle, it's your boyfriend."

Michelle sighed as she appraised the tiny man. "He is NOT my boyfriend. He's

just a guy I saw at a party. He probably thinks I'm a monster, anyway."

"Oh, I don't know. Why don't you take him to your room and get to know each

other? I'll be happy here with my sisters. Right, sisters?"

The three tiny females stood stock still, frozen with fear. Each had a thread

tied around her middle with Leonora holding the other ends. None had any idea

what was in store.

Michelle smiled thoughtfully. "Maybe I will. Come on, little man." She took his

thread and hoisted him aloft, then rested him against her upper chest. "Do you

like that? Mmm, me too." Michelle left the room and went into her own.

Leonora grew serious. She hovered over the tiny trio and watched them for a

moment. Then she took their threads and held them up before her. "After you,

ladies." She went into her own bedroom, tiny women swinging freely from her

hand, and locked the door.

Michelle wanted her man to feel at ease. She held him on her palm and talked to

him, although she could not possibly hear anything he had to say. So it was

really a monologue.

"...I hope you're not afraid of me. This is all kind experiment, I

guess. Maybe when this is all over, and you're back to normal, we can, um, get

together. I'm nice, really. I may have gotten carried away with the other guys,

but I'm pretty calm right now. I'd like to go slow. There's no rush. Just you,

me, our bodies, closer together, closer, closer...." Michelle's voice had become

a whisper and her lips grew close to the tiny speck in her hand. Ever so slowly

the huge lips descended, down, down...

Michelle pulled her head back. The little man was gone. "Oh my God! Where is he?

Where are you!" Then she had a sudden thought. Check the mirror! Holding her

hand under her mouth, she quickly walked to the small bathroom between the

bedrooms. And sure enough, there, stuck on her lower lip was the tiny man. He

seemed to be holding on for dear life.

"OK, sweetie, you can let go now. Just jump into my hand. Wait! That'll be too

hard. Let me get some cotton." She searched the cabinets feverishly for cotton

balls, finally finding an open bag near the back of a drawer. She carefully

pressed a ball against the man, and spoke to him again.

"OK, let go now. You're safe."

Michelle looked down at the man, now resting in her palm again. Michelle cried

tears of relief. "And I was trying to be so careful! God, if you had ever

fallen..." She smiled down on the man, then set him on the cotton ball again so

she could blow her nose.

Back in her bedroom, Michelle had settled down. The little man now walked freely

around her firm breasts, stomach and abdomen. She watched him rise and fall with

her respirations, and was in awe. What character! Nothing fazed him. She steered

him clear of her lower regions - too dangerous. Maybe Leonora could help them

out later. But for now, Michelle just liked having him around, in plain sight.


"So ladies, what should we do? Fuck? I don't think so. Drink? Nah, I've had

enough. So what do you suggest?"

Leonora smiled down at the tiny figures on her ribs. Her breath washed over

them. Her heartbeat was audible. The three dared not move.

Then Leonora impulsively lifted their threads and held all three over her

uplifted face. She licked her lips and clicked her teeth at them.

Seeing their fear, the giantess chortled. "Stupid girls, hanging out with those

frat boys. What do you see in them? They have no manners. They have no looks.

They have no money. And you're obviously well bred and pretty. Why waste time on

them." Leonora eyed the dangling girls sadly. "Promise me, will you, that you'll

leave those guys when you get back. Oh yes, you ARE going back. Can't keep you

in that ant farm forever. Unless..."

Leonora's eyes opened wide. "Unless you stay with those guys. Then I'll bring

you back. And you'll live with me, in the farm, for life. Life, ladies, do you


The giantess could hear their voices but imagined she could see the little heads

nodding. It was enough; she was mollified.

"Good. Now explore my face, every inch of it. I want you to remember it later."

With that she set the ladies down; one on each cheek and one on her nose.


Gretchen was refreshed. Her weekly shower had picked up her spirits and she was

ready to resume man-play. But she had one thing to do first.

Her still-wet hair hanging down, she bent over the tiny man in the cup, watching

him. He seemed to be eating the sugar that had crystallized on the bottom.

Gretchen smiled.

"Snack time is over, buddy. I've shit and showered, and now I want some fun. Oh,

but I forgot - you need a shower too. Here you go."

The lumbering she-giant set the cup on the floor, squatted over it, and pissed


"Yee hah! Quite a shower, eh?" After the last few pungent drops came out of her,

she seized the cup and peered into it. He was just visible, swimming in the

frothy liquid.

She took him into the bathroom, dumped the entire contents into a scummy toilet,

and pulled him out by his thread. Then she cleaned him in the sink.

"Ooh, you look good now," she cooed. "Yum yum. Can I taste you?"

The naked amazon walked ponderously back to her bedroom. From a drawer she

pulled out a new dildo. It was shaped like a penis. There were many others where

that came from.

Let's see - a little glue," she said, "and you."


After toying with the female ants for a while, Leonora grew sleepy. She put them

back in the farm and watched the men and women reunite. Resisting the urge to

stay up and watch them, she blew them all a kiss and went off to bed.

"More tomorrow, guys. Get some sleep. I want maximum pleasure from my ants."

Meanwhile, Michelle had gone to sleep with her tiny "boyfriend" on her chest.

She was a back sleeper, so there was little danger of losing him. She had

languorously played with herself until drifting off, chest rising and falling.

"'night, little friend. Sweet tiny man dreams," she murmured.

Gretchen, however, was just getting started. It was only 1 a.m. and her tiny man

hung limp in his thread, but the giantess insisted they go again and again.

Gretchen could easily tire a man her own size, so the effect on this small

specimen was almost inconceivable.

At last, Gretchen felt a pang of fellow feeling for the little guy. At 3:33

a.m., she set the ant man on her bare wood night table, went in the bathroom to

urinate one last time, came back in to fart loudly and lavishly in the man's

direction, then crashed into bed.

The giants were now asleep. The ant people were asleep. The whole world was


Except for the tiny man on Michelle's chest. By the light of a candle, he sat up

and stared at the woman's face, her hair, her loveliness. She had been so kind,

so concerned.

It was hard to believe, but he couldn't wait till morning.

Part Three

Leonora was up and on the computer early the next day. Sunlight streamed into

the kitchen window but she was careful to keep the ant-people in shade. They

slept peacefully in their farm about ten feet away from Leonora.

She could hear Michelle in the bathroom. Michelle finished her business,

flushed, and came out into the common area. The first thing she saw was a

smiling Leonora.

"Hey Michelle, come here. You have to see this."

Michelle rubbed the corners of her eyes and positioned herself near the monitor.

She saw what looked like a web page with lots of green and yellow.

"What's that, Lee?" asked Michelle as she tried to focus.

"It's the Cousin Dilton site. The ant farm guy. I didn't know they had so many

kinds of farms. Just look at them."

Michelle looked. There on the screen was an entire menu of ant farms, in several

sizes and shapes. Besides the basic model that Leonora owned, the site featured

Jumbo, Mini, and Connector farms. One that caught Michelle's eye was the Ant

Towne Deluxe, a 12-inch-high cylinder with a green base and yellow dome. Inside

were a few "buildings" of varied colors. "Ooh, click on that one," she said.

Leonora giggled as she did so. "You like that one? So do I!"

A bigger picture of the 'farm' appeared. The caption read: "Ants really 'go to

town' in this ant-sized village square! Shops, gazebos, cars and trees make this

a true paradise for these hardy engineers. Watch them go in and out of the

miniature Hill School, Ma's Diner, Candy Shoppe, and Towne Hall as they dig

their underground tunnels. The 360 degree surface gives you a fascinating view

of your tiny friends' busy social lives!"

Below that, a list of features:

* Magnifier dome

* Connector Tubes (to other farms!)

* Clean tunneling sand

* Water feeder

* Illustrated Watcher's Guide

* Break-resistant

* Escape-proof

"I like that last part," Leonora purred. "We can't have our 'tiny friends'

running loose, now can we?"

Michelle looked at her seriously. "You don't're not keeping them, are


Leonora shook her head. "Oh, no, no. I'm going to keep my promise. They go back

today, believe me. But I was thinking of something to replace them. More ants,

maybe. Something..."

"Phew. That reminds me - I left my little guy on the bed. I better go see how

he's doing."

"Aha." breathed Leonora. "So you did make a connection. I told you! I can always

tell about these things."

"You know, I think you're right. I can barely see his face, but I think he likes

me. He trusts me. Even though I could squash him flat, he trusts me. Amazing."

Leonora was ecstatic. "Well you better go. And take my advice: Get his name and

phone number."

Michelle's face went blank. "

"You'll figure it out."


Gretchen lay across her tangled sheets, snoring to wake the dead. Next to her

bed was the small table where her captive lay. The tiny man had slept little on

the hard wooden surface and the sounds coming from the she-creature didn't help

at all.

Grunting, she began to stir. She opened her gummy eyes to squint at the clock -

it was almost noon.

"Hell, I'd better wake up. Time's wasting. Where's that ant-boy? Ant Boy! Oh,

there you are. Come to Gretchen. There...there...suck that tittie. A quick bit

of sex, nothin' like it. Suck it now. Foreplay - lots of it. God, ain't you

cute. Ah, the hell with it, let me fish out a dildo...yeah, that one. Glue,

glue, yup just a dab. You ain't going anywhere, tha's for sure. No sir. OK, you

ready? Man, I'm insatiable, that's what I am. Insatiable. Yee-hah!"

For the first time that day, but not the last, the tiny man went deep inside



Michelle walked into the room and smiled. Her tiny man lay in the center of the

bed where she had left him. His trust was like an aphrodisiac to her. She stood

over him, looking down affectionately. She loosened her bathrobe and parted it,

then carefully straddled the man. He could now look directly up to her crotch

and ass. That was fine with Michelle.

The man did wake up and she could only imagine his reaction. Oh, how she wished

she could communicate with him. But wait, maybe idea formed in her mind.

She got down and propped herself up on elbows, gazing down at him.

"Hi there," she started. "I just thought of a way we can talk to each other.

Would you like to?" Michelle thought he nodded. "Good. What I'm going to do it

put my ear right over you. I'll be careful. Just look up and talk all you want.


The little body made an affirmative movement.

"Super. I can't wait to hear your voice." Michelle pushed her hair behind her

right ear, turned her head so that it was level to the bed, and lowered it

slowly. After a time, she stopped

"Okay, say something."

A tiny, rusty male voice answered. "What should I say?"

"Cool! I love this. Um, why don't you tell me your name?"

"It's Jay."

Michelle thought for a moment. "Jay," she said to herself.

"I'm Michelle." It was the start of an interesting conversation.


By early afternoon the whole ant farm community was awake, and Leonora was

watching, just as she had yesterday. She didn't bother Michelle and she assumed

Gretchen was still having her fun. At five o'clock, she had decided, she'd deal

with returning the frat boys.

To pass the time she took them out, one at a time. Looking at them close up

fascinated her. She let them down on her upper lip, chin, and even her closed

eyeballs. One she let walk through her forearm hair. Another was lowered into

the soft, warm world inside her panties. Without getting undressed, she exposed

them as much as possible to her giant body.

She also had fun putting them back. Leonora would lower the man or woman back

inside the farm, where he/she would untie themselves from the thread. Then

Leonora would playfully suspend the thread over the tiny people's heads.

"Which one of you this time, eh? Don't be shy. Leonora won't hurt you. Oh, let's

see - how about you!" The tiny human selected would avoid the thread/rope as if

it were on fire, but Leonora always got her way. "That's a good ant. Tie on

tight, now."

Later that afternoon Michelle emerged from her room holding tiny Jay in her

palm. She was shocked to find Leonora apparently sliding her little man down her

throat, like a sword swallower.

"Leonora! Don't eat them!"

Lenora pulled the man out. "Don't be silly. He wanted to go down and check out

my tonsils. Isn't that right, little man?"

Michelle gave a short laugh. "Yeah, sure he did. Hey, did you know it's

four-thirty? Where the hell is Gretchen?"

"Oh, she'll be here. I told her to come before five o'clock." Leonora paused to

put her ant man back into his prison. "Oh, that reminds me. I need to talk to

you before she gets here. And I want to show you something."

Michelle sat down, still holding Jay. She seemed reluctant to put him back in

the farm. "Oh? What is it?"

"Well, something arrived by FedEx today. It's over there."

Resting on the couch was a colorful carton. Michelle walked over to retrieve it.

Michelle scanned the box and gasped. "It's the Ant Towne Deluxe. We saw it on

that web site this morning!"

"Yes," replied Leonora. I ordered it yesterday before you got home. I thought

you'd like it."

Michelle pulled it from the box and set it next to ant farm number one. "Oh, I

do like it. It's so much better than the flat one."

Leonora laughed. "Great! I hoped you'd say that. Because you'll be living


Michelle's smile vanished. "I'll be living...what are you talking about?"

"Yes. I decided that I needed a new roommate. You're a little too conservative

for me. I need someone a little wild and a lot crazier - like Gretchen."

Michelle pondered this. "Oh no, oh no. Don't tell me that Gretchen is moving


Leonora did not answer, but looked steadily at Michelle.

"But why!" exploded Michelle. "Wasn't I fun last night? I had my head between

your legs, for God's sake!"

"Yeah, I guess so," said Leonora. "But Gretchen just has a...spark...that you

lack. I think she'll be great company. And..." Leonora paused for the right

words. "We'll take very good care of you and your little friend."

Michelle couldn't believe it. Her life was about to be tossed into a plastic

chamber and there was nothing she could do about it. All she could think to ask

was one question.


"No time like the present." In the blink of an eye, Michelle found herself

whisked into her new home. She had changed size dramatically. She still held the

tiny man in her palm, only now he was much larger. Michelle quickly calculated

that while Jay had remained ant-size, Leonora had made Michelle ant sized times

ten. Just as she had suggested the previous night.

Leonora's now huge face pressed in close to the Ant Towne Deluxe. To Michelle it

had a sinister intensity that made her shiver. She and Jay were now Leonora's

pets. They would be watched every day, for hours, like animals in a zoo or an


There was one consolation. Michelle could now see Jay's face clearly. She held

him closer and smiled a little.

"Well, Jay. What do you think about all this?"

Jay walked over to her not-so-huge cheek and gave it an affectionate peck. Then

he gave a little shrug. "It's okay with me."


It was okay with Gretchen too. After Leonora had sent the fraternity crowd

(minus one) back to their normal sizes and home, Gretchen jumped at the chance

to move in. She was annoying but not too unpleasant when Leonora was around.

Leonora proved to be a benevolent keeper. She mostly left her pets alone and

watched their growing relationship from outside the farm. Her face was a

constant sight, as regular as the sun.

But one night, Leonora had to attend a night lecture and Gretchen was in charge.

Michelle grew alarmed as the giant Gretchen approached, ratty hair, raggedy

clothes and all. She held a spool of thread. She opened the Ant Towne Deluxe,

dropped the thread down, and spoke bluntly to Michelle.

"Hey! I wanna borrow your boy friend. Tie him on, willya?"

Michelle reluctantly did so, then watched Jay float toward Gretchen's grubby

hand. It was awful.

Michelle waited miserably for two long hours; she heard not a sound or movement

from Gretchen's room. Finally the naked woman blundered out of her room and

tacked across the floor, as if she was drunk. Tiny Jay swung from her hand.

"That wuz great, l'il man. Back you go!" She unsteadily lowered him to

Michelle's waiting arms. His eyes were terrified; he was coated with slime and

didn't smell so good.

"He's all yur'n!" barked Gretchen.

The tiny couple watched Gretchen lumber away and Michelle began to clean Jay up.

"Help me," croaked Jay. "That woman is a menace. Please, keep her away from me."

"You poor thing. I'll do my very best, I swear, I'll do..." Michelle stopped

because Gretchen had halted halfway across the room. She seemed to be thinking.

"Oh nooo," said Michelle under her breath. "Go to bed, you bitch, don't come

back here, no, don't come back, don't..."

The giantess turned around. "Insatiable" she slurred. Then she approached the

farm once more and fumbled the lid open.

Michelle was incensed. "Get away! You've done enough, Gretchen. This man needs

rest, he needs me! You can't have him."

Gretchen belched loudly and grabbed a new spool of thread. She shakily lowered

one end; it snagged the roof of Hill School. She pulled it upward sharply to

free it, then spoke in a menacing whisper.

"It ain't him I want. It's you."

And the thread came tumbling down.


Asuka's note: the end i guess?

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