Giantess Stories: Anything for an Autograph  By  Fubu Guy AF

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Anything for an Autograph


Fubu Guy AF aka Asukafan2001

“Yeah this is going to be slammin Dave. What do you mean you think it's a dumb

idea? Fine chicken out but I am going. Well forget you too!”

I ran out the door of my room and slid down the banister. I grab my jacket and

shoes. Just as I sm about to bust out the door I crashed into my sister Elaine.

“Shrimp, Watch it”

“Who you calling shrimp, Epain”

“Whatever move out of my way, you're such a fag.”

Even Elaine couldn't ruin this day as I grabbed my bike and made my way across

town. As I approached the arena I could hardly contain myself. I just wanted to

leap out of my skin. I pedaled my bike through the rows of cars and then tossed

my bike to the side in the lawn next to the arena. I ran towards the back door.

I grabbed the vile from my pocket. I put the vile up to my nose and inhaled the

powder substance. I knocked on the door and then sat down leaning up against the

door. My eyes started to flicker a little then shut. I fell backwards as the

door open falling end over end. I expected to fall into the security guard but

instead I landed on the floor.

“It worked! I can't believe it worked”

I sprinted down the hallway looking at the now massive walls. Well I sprinted as

fast as a man who is less then an inch tall can. As I came up to a door that was

open a crack I peered in wonder if this would be the door. As I ran in I

immediately knew I was right. I saw her, I saw my goddess, my queen, my

mistress, my ruler, my empress. Christina Aguilera was just sitting there on the

leather couch in a pair of tight blue jeans and blue halter top. I knew she was

going to be big but I never thought she was going to be this big. I looked down

at my watch and saw I had fifteen more minutes left before this was going to

wear off. I figured that I had plenty of time so I ran over to a overturned

sketcher a few feet from me. I ran over to the shoe and stepped onto the floor.

I walked towards the sole and noted that I still had 13 minutes. I buried my

face into the shoe soaking the smell. I can hardly believe Christina's feet rest

up on this sole. They smell of rancid sweat fills into my lungs. The smell isn't

exactly pleasant but this from Christina's foot so I didn't mind.

I had been so busy soaking in every bit of this shoe I had forgotten about my

time limit. The alarm on my watch is going off telling me that enlargement is

imminent. I start running out of the shoe but I see a massive foot just staring

back at me. I panic wondering what is going to happen when I enlarge with her so

close to me. She flips the she upright with her foot and I fall face first into

the sole that I was just worshipping. I roll over onto my back staring up at

Christina's legs. I can't even see past her waist. I look down at my watch and

see that it's several minutes past my enlargement time. What is going on I think

to myself. Before I can come up with any answers Christina's foot is running

towards me. I sprint deeper and deeper into deep, dark caverns of Christina's

sketcher. I slam into the toe of the shoe and stagger back and fall onto my

back. Just as my back hits the insole her foot passes over me. My face is

pressed into her stocking clad foot. Her feet reek of sweat. I never expected my

queen to sweat this much. I guess it must be hard work on stage. The sock which

is shoved into my face has a very musty smell that I can feel soaking into my

skin. My body is starting to feel more and more like pudding. I can feel the

shoe rise up into the air and I am firmly pressed into the sole. As her foot

rises up I can feel my body taking on more and more changes. Her foot is now

pressed into the roof of the shoe and off my body. I try to adjust my body but I

can't seem to move. What is happening I think to myself. As her foot starts too

descend back towards the ground I am near tears not knowing what to expect. Will

I live, will I die, I don't know but the one think I am sure of I am helpless to

control what is about to happen. As her foot impacts with the floor I feel and

hear my body squish. However as it squishes I can feel myself become painfully

flattened like paper. As her foot rises back up I try to move but nothing

happens I just lay there. This time as she steps down on me I can feel the sweat

soak into her sock, then into me, and thin into the insole.

I can't even begin to fathom what is going on. My body is like a bounty paper

towel. I can still feel my legs, my arms, my head, I can hear my heart beat, and

yet I can't move, and I am absorbent. I want to yell for help but I realize I

have no mouth while at the same time my taste buds have spread out and now

encompass all over me. My sense of smell has now grown much more acute along

with my vision which has grown much sharper so I can see even the darkest of

situations like now. The underside of Christina's sock is dark and grimy. I can

feel the grime, and fuzz from her socks rub and stick to me. With my much

improved sense of smell the once rancid sweat infested environment has grown to

a much worse environment. I can feel the musty air in the same way you can when

you walk into the rain forest. It almost feels like it sticks to you. I can

remember one time smelling rotten milk and this doesn't smell like rotten milk

in fact it smells nothing like rotten milk but it does smell just as bad if not

worse in the same respect.

Time seems to pass by so very slowly as I feel her walking around getting ready

to leave. I still can't believe or figure out what is going on. The more and

more her feet sweat and the hotter they become I can feel my body heat rise more

and more. As I surpass one hundred degrees in her shoe I start to feel sick.

This is the worse way to torture someone I think to myself. I cavity in which I

am stuck in smells worse and worse I grow hotter and hotter unable to do

anything about all the while I am crushed and smashed into the very fibers which

make up her insole and sock.

“Great show tonight guys, I am going to head back to the hotel.”

“I figured you were going back there.”


“Your shoes, you always wear them after a show and/ or when you want to lounge


“You know me to well.”

“Yeah and I know you well enough to know that you need some air freshener in

those shoes.”

“Whatever, they smell just fine, I am out here.”

I can feel the sketcher tumbling end over end in the air. As it crashes into the

wall darkness once again covers everything as the sketcher lands upside down. In

just a few minutes I can feel everything becoming cooler and cooler without

Christina's foot warming everything up. After about an hour I find myself

feeling like I have been stripped naked and thrown in a snow bank in the middle

of the arctic only I don't have the luxury of death to happen I can only become

colder and colder. I now beg for Christina's feet to enter back into the shoe,

just so I can warm up.

I wake up the next day seeing Christina's foot re enter the shoe however she is

barefoot. As she takes a step my paper thin body is sucked up into the underside

of her toes. I internally scream as I stick to the under side of her toes. I

look down to see her foot mashing down into insole of the shoe and finally I am

mashed farther and farther into her bare foot. As Christina walks down the hall

I feel my body becoming her foot. Her sweat starts to pump through my body and

into the insole of her sketcher. I try to move but I nothing happens. As she

continues to walk I can only feel myself melding with her inner working muscles

and skin of her foot. I faintly hear the door to her room close again and she

kicks off her shoes again this time however I stay with her foot. Her boxer

shorts puddle around her feet. How cute I think to myself. She sleeps in boxers.

Before another thought can enter my mind she steps out of the boxers and walks

into the bathroom. I cant tell what she is doing but I hear some water turn on

and then a lid close. I then feel myself lifted up and see white everywhere

below me with water pelting into the ground. As Christina steps into the shower

I can feel water slide between me. I start to panic more and more as I realize I

have become her left foot. The soapy water from the rest of her body slides

between her toes. The soap tastes horrible as it passes over me, it tastes just

as bad as her sweat and dirt but in a different way. I start to think this is

never going to end but she steps out of the shower. Her soft white towel passes

over me drying me off. As she fixes her hair in the nude a welcome experience

happens. I can stare up the length of her perfect body un obstructed.

As she enters the next room she pulls a sock over me and steps into a pair of

boots. I hear her mumble its going to be a long day. With her every passing step

I can feel sweat run over my body and her sock become stuck to me. I now realize

this is what my life has become. I am the foot of Christina Aguilera.

The End.


Giantess Stories: Anything for an Autograph  By  Fubu Guy AF

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