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April Fools




Well after yelling at Alvin about his lack of

contribution, I decided to write a story I've been thinking about for a while.I

was planning on adding a quick two line ending but I decided to leave it open

and maybe continue it later. Let me know what you think, constructive critisizm


Not really sure of a good name but I'm calling it 'april fools' for now

I used to love her laugh, now I can't think of a more vile sound. Her smile is

what really hurts me though. Franny was always a pretty girl; 19 years old,

about 5'7' with long black hair and brown eyes, she had very pretty feet which

ironically was important to me at the time. Some might say she was a tad

overweight but not even enough to make a difference and I really didn't see it.

When she smiled she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Now the sight

of it fills me with dread, maybe I should start at the beginning.

I met her through mutual friends and we hit it off right away, we were never

romantic but we seemed to be connected in some way, she understood me and I

understood her, or so I thought. It was odd at first for me to have a female

friend who wasn't a girlfriend but I got used to it quickly and really enjoyed

hanging out with her. I actually didn't want to ruin our friendship by pursuing

anything else. Thus I was surprised late one night when she called me up and

invited me to her apartment. We were both college students at the time; she was

a lot younger than me as I had spent a few years in the military before going to

school. I was actually a little bit nervous. I had been sensing that her

feelings for me were growing. When I got to her apartment and found out her

roommates were out of town my apprehension grew. It was quickly forgotten when I

saw how excited she was. As soon as I walked in the door she began talking a

mile a minute about some great break through she had made in her Physics class.

I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't much as I had never really thought of

her as a genius. She had told me a while ago about this theory she had about the

breakdown and rebuilding of atoms, I had never really understood it. She kept

saying she had done it. I asked her what she had done but she wasn't really

paying attention to me, I followed her into her room and the first thing I

noticed was there was no bed. “Notice anything different?” she asked. I asked

where her bed was and she said it was right there in front of me. I thought she

was crazy, but as I look at the mess that was normally covered by her bed I

noticed what looked like a dolls bed in between a couple of her shoes. I picked

it up and looked at it, it was a perfect recreation of her bed alright. Now I

figured she was trying to pull something over on me (it was April fools day

after all). She began talking about how she had discovered a way to take apart

atoms and reassemble them in a different kind of order, resulting in the

shrinking of the object.

Looking back I think this is where I made the biggest mistake of my life. I have

replayed this moment many times in my head since then and I think everything

would have turned out a lot different if I hadn't laughed at her. I said “You

must think I'm a complete moron to believe this, Kudos on the idea cause it's

really original but come on. You're not that smart.” I could see her get mad and

knew right away that I had really pissed her off. “I spend all this time working

my butt off and you call me dumb, I thought you would be the one to understand

and support me, this is going to change the world! But I think you need a little

change first” she said to me in a very quiet voice. I looked at her and tried to

apologize but she would have none of it. She took some weird looking pen out of

her pocket and pointed it at me. “This is what I use to shrink and restore

objects, I think it's time you saw first hand what stupid Franny's stupid

invention can do! “ I always had wondered what it would feel like to shrink,

would there be a blinding light. Would there be any pain or dizziness? Well

there was nothing. One second I was standing about four feet from Franny

watching her point her pen at me the next I was standing about 200 feet from her

and she was HUGE! I did a slow circle to take in my surrounding, there were

furniture hundreds of feet high, clothing and shoes scattered on the floor the

shoes as big as busses and the clothing parking lot size, as I completed my

circle I noticed for the first time Franny was barefoot. (Normally this is the

first thing I notice about girls but I told you she was different.) She spoke

and though it was quite loud it didn't hurt my ear or anything, I was grateful

for that. “Who's stupid now Kevin?” she said and I noticed that smile I loved so

much at normal size was a little intimidating from this perspective. “you are

now 1 and a half inched tall, I could have made you any size but I figured this

is good, not too small and not to big… Just right.” In two steps she was

standing right in front of me; it amazed me that something so immense could move

so fast! She bent down and gently picked me up holding me up in front of a face

that looked to me as if it belonged on a movie screen. As she dangled me there

she sneezed. I was covered in baseball sized specks of spit. The smile never

left her face as she apologized, but I knew a fake sneeze when I heard one.

“Lets get you cleaned up” she said looking around. She reached down and picked

something up I couldn't see and then began to rub me in it. It was white and

didn't smell very good. “Sorry about using a dirty sock Kevin but if I used a

clean one I would just have to wash it again.” She said with a little giggle. I

tried to fight it off but there is pretty much nothing you can do when a 250

foot girl is rubbing a giant sock all over you like a towel. “Well Kevin do you

believe me now?” Franny asked once again holding me in front of her pretty face.

“Yes” I said “now please grow me back” “What I can't hear you, I think it has to

do with your extremely small lung capacity, you just can't make sounds that I

can hear, I'll have to work on that” she said happily. “I think it's time to

show you the restoration setting where things return to there original size, you

know that's still one of the bugs in this thing, if I don't restore things

within 97 minutes of shrinking them they stay small forever, I'm not really sure

why.” I nodded vigorously causing her to laugh. “Wow you're really interested in

my project now aren't you?” With that she put me down on the ground and took a

step back. I automatically closed my eyes as she once again pointed her pen at

me. A few seconds later I opened my eyes and everything was the same, I was

still 1.5 inches tall. I looked at her questioningly and she just pointed behind

me. I turned around and saw she had restored her bed to normal size. When I

turned to look at her I just glimpsed her enormous hand as it closed around me.

She flopped down on the bed and said “There is still plenty of time for us to

play before I have to restore you Kevin; you don't think I would pass up this

opportunity do you?” I couldn't respond even if she could hear me. She was

holding me in her hand with only my head showing right in front of her face, but

she was holding me too tightly. I couldn't breathe. I tried to get her attention

but I think she just thought my struggles we're too funny. She began to laugh

and wave after wave of her breath washed over me. After a minute or so she

stopped and must have noticed me turning red because she relaxed he grip and I

could breathe again. She was lying on her side on the bed and released me none

too gently letting me fall to the bed, it was about a 50 foot fall to me but I

landed on the soft bed unhurt. “Are you crazy Franny? You almost killed me” I

yelled. “Still can't understand you but I guess I know what your saying, I can't

help it if your so fragile.” She said to me. “I guess if we are going to play

for the next hour or so I should be able to hear you and I got just the thing”

With that she got off the bed, shaking it enough that I tumbled, She went to her

dresser and before I could even think about hiding returned with a long piece of

thread. “Put your hands and feet together Kevin” I tried to fight her knowing

that with her big fingers she couldn't really force me to do it but she told me

it was going to happen whether she had to break my limbs or not. I decided to

cooperate. She then tied me tightly with the thread from shoulders to knees and

picked me up then set me in the middle of the floor.

She then began to methodically search her room for something. In her search she

stepped over me several times always mindful of where I was. It was an awe

inspiring sight. Finally after a while she found what she was looking for, It

was a silver necklace and earring. “This was my 9th grade science project, it's

really cool. If one person is wearing this necklace they can talk directly to

the person with the earring from like 5 miles away, not that we will be that far

apart but it will be interesting to see how my shrinking process affects

electronics.” She then took out her pen and restored me to my normal size, I

struggled and fought against my bonds but there was nothing I could do the

thread had also grown and was too strong for me to do anything, “Quit struggling

Kevin, you owe me for that stupid comment, and I promise I won't do anything to

hurt you.” I figured I couldn't win anyway and maybe things would go easier if I

cooperated with her. She slipped the necklace on me and the stood back while

once again shrinking me to 1 inch tall. “We'll try little smaller this time.”

She informed me I was once again amazed that throughout the entire

re-enlargement and shrinking process I had felt and seen nothing.

She put the earring in her left ear and clicked on it to activate it, “Go ahead

Kevin say something” “Please untie me” I shouted. She started jumping up and

down shaking the floor and causing me to bounce like 6 feet (my perspective)

into the air. “I heard you!!!” She cried in glee “do you know what this means,

it works on everything. I didn't want to tell you but I had never tried it on

anything living before you, I was going to shrink and restore some plants while

you were here but you got me so mad. Now that I know I can re-enlarge you its ok

now.” Just then her phone rang and she picked it up and sat heavily on her bed

ignoring me. She planted her feet on either side of me and began chatting away

on the phone. I asked her again and again to untie me but she must have turned

off her earring and couldn't hear me. As I sat tied between her feet all I could

see oh her were her legs to the knees where they disappeared on the bed. I could

hear the bed groan as she lay down. From what I could hear it was one of her

friends and they were really talking about nothing. From past experience I new

these conversations could go on forever. I rolled over having nothing else to do

and watched her right foot. Franny was always full of nervous energy and she

bounced her foot, spreading and scrunching her toes as she talked. It was a

little frightful to thing that those simple movements she didn't even think

about could have really hurt me in my present state. So Engrossed was I in the

movement of her right foot and the idle conversation taking place literally

above my head that I didn't notice her left foot as she idly moved it until it

was hanging in the air mere inches above me. I could see every wrinkle as she

flexed this foot, and for the first time I realized how small I was. Her foot

must have been at least 35 feet long, her big toe was almost as long as I was

tall! In my helpless state I could only watch as the foot descended to lightly

rest on me. I could tell she was putting no pressure on me at all but still felt

as if an elephant were sitting on my back. I tried telling her what she was

doing but if she could hear me she was ignoring me. She idly began to roll my

tiny form back and forth under her foot. This went on for what seemed like an

hour before she changed the “game” She began picking me up with her toes and

lifting me up then dropping me from a few inches, I don't know how long this

went on but finally I heard her say goodbye and hang up. “sorry Kevin I didn't

expect that to last so long” Franny said. She had finally removed her foot from

over me and was looking down at me. “OH Kevin I didn't know that was you this

whole time” she said to me, but I could tell from the smile on her face she had

know exactly what was under her foot this whole time. “Why didn't you say

something Kevin…? Did you like it?” she teased. I asked her to please just untie

me, which she promptly did. It made me really mad when she heard me because I

realized that she must have had her earring on this entire time and been

listening to me beg her to stop. She looked at her watch “Wow Kevin it's time to

enlarge you already” and I just thanked God that this would soon be over. She

stood up and pointed the pen at me, but just stood there for a minute. “Please

Franny, restore me” I begged. She stood there a minute later then her smile

returned even bigger. “You know Kevin I already restored you once, so the time

you have to be restored must have started over again. We got another 20 minutes

before I have to grow you back. I think we should use this time for scientific

experiments.” “No” I shouted, “please just restore me now, I'm begging you”

“Ooooh Kevin I love it when you beg me” Franny teased, “come on Kevin think

about how famous your going to be. You're the first man to ever be shrunk. Let's

not miss any of it” With that she picked me up and re-wrapped some of the thread

around me so that my arms were tied but my legs were free. “Lets see if the

effects of centrifugal force are different on a human body that has been

reduced” she said simply and as I tried to figure out what she meant she began

twirling me around in a circle with the thread. It began slowly and was kind of

fun at first till she started going faster and moving me up and down. I was

going so fast I couldn't even get enough breath to ask her to stop. Just as I

was on the verge of passing out she slowed down and eventually stopped. She was

smiling more than ever as she told me that the force I had just experience was

far and above what I could have stood at normal size and it gave her an idea.

“Lets test your limits now” I asked her what she meant and she told me I would

see. She untied me and lowered me to about 6 inches off the ground. Then she let

me go. I screamed as it was like 30 feet to me but I landed unhurt, just a

little shook up that my friend would do this to me. “Just as I thought because

Gravity affects your little body less than you are used to you are much more

durable at this height.” With that she picked me up and repeated her

“experiment” several times before bringing me up to 4 feet to drop me. I held on

to her fingers as she let me go, begging her not to drop me, I knew there was no

way I would come out of this fall unhurt after what the last one (3 feet) had

felt like. Just as I was slipping off she closed her hand around me and laughed

and laughed. “I really got you there Kevin, April fools” Franny said with tears

coming out of her eyes. “Well Kevin we only have time for one more experiment,

we're going to test how much weight you can handle. Don't worry I will be

listening through the earring and as soon as I hear your ribs creaking I will

get off you” I wanted to ask what she meant by get off me when she placed me on

the ground and put her foot on top of me. I was right under her heel where I

would get the most weight. Once again I begged her to stop but she just told me

to save my breath. And slowly began putting her weight on me. Just like the

dropping experiment I was surprised by how much more weight I could take at this

size, but also just like that the pressure soon built to be too much for me. I

couldn't breathe let alone talk. I actually did black out for a minute because

the next thing I knew I was in Franny's hand and she was gently shaking me. “It

was a great success Kevin, you took all my weight! I don't think you could have

taken a pound more but now we know that the human body is much more durable at

your height then normal. Just think of what this will mean, the world will

remember us forever now Kevin, Isn't that work it?” I could only nod, wanting to

appease her so she would restore me and get this nightmare over with. She

glanced at her watch and put me down, all I could think about was how great it

would be to be normal again and how shrinking and being played with by a girls

foot had not been what I had imagined it to be. She pointed the pen and me,

nothing happened. “Ummm I wonder what's wrong.” She said, “its only been 90

minutes since the last time I shrunk you” she tried again and still nothing

happened. “Ok Franny, April fools I get it” I said wearily, “Now please just

restore me” “Seriously Kevin I can't, I thought that by re-enlarging you before

it would have reset the time you could be shrunk but maybe not. I'm getting the

waited too long error” “Franny please you have to do something” I cried. “Oh

well I guess you learn something new everyday.” Franny mused, “ Well I guess I

better spend more time studying this before I announce it to the world, and you

can help me Kevin” I actually began crying as she picked me up, still smiling.

“you know I think I like you better at this height anyway Kevin, now lets find

you a place to stay” she said as she picked up one of her slippers in the other

hand. “Perfect”

Part 2

She placed me in the slipper which was one of those cute little bunny slippers,

at my height the sides were much too large to try and climb, so I just settled

in as she placed it on the floor, I wanted to plead with her to let me go, but I

knew I had no where to go at this height so I just sat down to think. The

slipper I was in was huge from my perspective and I could tell she must have had

them for a while by the odor. It wasn't a bad smell but it was very strong and

completely surrounded me. I couldn't see much out of the hole in the top of it,

but I heard her door close and figured she must have left the room. I knew from

the light way she was treating this that it had to be a joke. I was sure she

could restore me anytime and had made up the whole 97 minutes thing just to make

me squirm. I decided right there and then I wasn't going to beg and plead

anymore. I wasn't going to do anything stupid again (like the whole calling her

dumb thing) but I wasn't going to let her change me. I also reminded myself to

keep my mouth shut when she wasn't around as she could hear anything I said even

from another room. I had always been in the habit of talking to myself. As I was

thinking of the best way to get her to restore me I heard the door open again

and she appeared over me. “How do you like it in there Kevin?” she asked with

her same smile that I was beginning to think of as a smirk now. “Just fine it's

nice and roomy in here” I replied proud of myself for not taking her bait.

“Sorry to leave you but I figured I had to take care of your car before anyone

started looking for you, It took a while before I could be sure nobody was

around.” She said. I felt in my pockets and found I still had my keys and got a

really bad feeling but asked anyway what she meant. “Well I had to shrink it of

course” she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “We can't

have police asking stupid questions now can we” “Ok Franny, your not fooling

anyone” I said, “I know you can restore me anytime you want, it's a great April

fools joke but you got your laugh, how about just letting me grow, I promise I'm

not mad” For the first time the smile left her face and she actually looked

really sad. “Kevin I can't restore you, I'm sorry but your stuck this way

forever, Here maybe this will convince you” With that she took something out of

her pocket, I could see it was my car. It was no bigger than I was. She slowly

closed her fist around it, never taking her eyes from mine and I could just

barely hear the grinding of metal as she crushed my car in her hand. She opened

it up and showed me the metal ball that had been my car and I was speechless.

After a minute I said “But the whole 97 minutes thing, it makes no sense, why

can't you restore me?” Her reply was short and to the point. “It takes about 97

minutes for the atoms to adjust to there new size, I've only been able to figure

out how to affect them one way either reduction or enlargement, so if they get

fully adjusted during this time then I can only reduce them again, also I

theorize that during the adjustment they are much more durable, that's why I

could step on you and drop you without hurting you. If I tried that now then you

would probably pop. Don't worry you are still a lot more durable at this size,

just not as much as you were before.” I didn't know what to say. I just looked

at her and muttered “How can you do this to me?” “Quit being a baby, I could

always make you smaller you know” she replied “just think of the contribution

you made to science. Don't worry I'll take good care of you.” Her smirk had

returned. “my feet are cold from walking outside to get your car so you might

want to head to the toe section” I was so shocked that I couldn't believe she

actually meant it until I saw her foot hovering above me. I ran as fast as I

could but her toes still knocked me down before I got to the other end. I was

caught underneath where her toes connect to her foot and she scrunched her toes

(and me) several times to get comfortable. I imagine this is what a trash

compactor must feel like and I couldn't breathe while she was doing this. Her

feet were cold and her toes quickly absorbed my little heat, making me freeze

too. It was pitch black, I was freezing and the smell wasn't anything great

either, and to make matters worse I could feel the grit and grime on them dig

into me with every scrunch. I tried to scream but had no breath. I had always

had a foot fetish but that never came close to wanting to be in this position.

Her toes were like soft boulders pushing me into the underside of her foot.

After a while the scrunching continued but no where near as forceful as before.

I could talk and wheezed out “what are you doing to me Franny?” I could hear her

reply, it was a little muffled by the slipper but I knew what she was saying.

“You have no idea how good this feels Kevin. When I had you under my foot on the

phone I thought it was just the excitement of my successes, but I actually

believe there might be some kind of chemical reaction causing me pleasure! Don't

you feel it too?” The only things I felt was sick from beating I was taking from

her toes and scratched up from the little bits of dirt stuck to her foot being

grinded into me and I told her. She laughed and said “I guess you really regret

calling me stupid now don't you, now be quiet I'm watching TV” With that she

began moving my little body around with her toes until I was situated between

the big and second toe. “That's better” I heard Franny sigh contently. For me it

was much worse, throughout how ever long I was in there she kept scrunching her

toes and though there was less dirt being ground into me now the pressure was

much worse. I broke my rule and began begging, pleading with her to stop and

from the muffled giggles I could hear I knew she heard me. Soon enough her foot

began to heat up, luckily it wasn't hot enough to sweat a lot, but everything

around me got damp and sticky including me. After what seemed like an eternity

and just when I thought things couldn't get any worse they did. Franny decided

to get up and she began to walk. I had thought the playful squeezing of her toes

was bad, but this was a thousand times worse. On her first step I slipped out

from between her toes and slid under them and down to under the ball of her

foot. The pressure when she stepped down was incredible. It felt like I would

pop with every step. Then as if that wasn't bad enough with each step I would

travel almost 100 feet in about a second sending my stomach into my throat. It

took a lot out of me and she was only walking for a minute! Finally it was over

and I heard her bed creak as she sat down on it. I could feel her foot moving

out of the slipper and I had never been so relieved in my life. The relief

lasted about half a second until I realized I was being pulled out with the

foot. I was stuck to the bottom of her foot! Apparently her steps had driven me

into her foot with enough force so that her drying sweat had acted like glue

holding me fast. She must have felt me there because she looked at me for a

while smiling before she said “wow Kevin you must really like my feet I was

going to let you stay in the slipper tonight but if you really want to sleep

there be my guest!” I knew it was useless to explain what happened and a plan

began to form in my mind, I knew that if I wiggled around enough I could un

stick myself from her foot, if she left me like this I could wait till she fell

asleep and escape. It would be tough getting down from her bed but if I could do

that all I had to worry about was getting one of her roommates attention and not

being mistaken for a bug. I tried reverse psychology, “Please Franny I'm stuck,”

I said “I'm begging you don't go to sleep with me like this” “Kevin how cruel do

you think I am?” Franny said in a voice that showed she was pretty cruel, “You

would probably fall off in the middle of the night and we wouldn't want you

getting lost now would we, Fortunately things work out perfectly, my feet always

get cold at night so I sleep in socks, now you get what you want, to sleep with

my foot and I get what I want, to make sure you don't get lost, everybody's

happy!” I had been so intent on her face I hadn't even noticed her hands, her

other foot was already in its sock and her hands were holding the other one open

above the foot I was stuck to. I began to struggle for all I was worth but it

was too late, soon my light was cut off again as she put on her black sock. She

pulled it as tight as she could and then moved me into a position more

comfortable to her. Like her slippers I wouldn't say the sock smelled bad, just

strong, and I knew from experience the longer I stayed there the stronger the

smell got. “You know I wear the same socks every night, Kevin I usually wash

them once a week, but I guess I forgot today in all the excitement, enjoy!” She

said and I could do nothing but try and sleep. Luckily there was only a minimum

amount of playful movement of her foot. She pressed me into the bed a few times

and that was it, I was getting used to the pressure at least. I decided then

that I hated feet, Right before she drifted off to sleep she said “Tomorrow we

will have to get you some friends” I was afraid I knew what she meant and

figured I'd have company tomorrow. The last thought that struck me as I fell

asleep was she had given up all reference to her invention's use for science, It

was all for her amusement now.

Part 3

It wasn't too bad being stuck to her foot; I didn't get any sleep for most of

the night as every so often she would plant her foot flat on the bed. It was

very hard to breathe but fortunately it never lasted too long. Sometime in the

middle of the night she turned over on her stomach and it was actually quite

comfortable, I dozed. I was awakened by the violent rubbing of her foot onto the

bed, “Isn't that a fun way of waking up Kevin?” Franny said, as I slowly

remembered where I was. She didn't even bother taking me out before she got up

and began to walk. The pressure from her walking with me in her sock was like

nothing else; I realized how much her slippers had cushioned me last night. I

remembered what she said last night about getting more shrunken people and got

very afraid she had decided she didn't need me anymore. I began to beg and plead

with her, telling her I would do anything she wanted, just please don't crush

you. Franny who had been listening this whole time was shocked, she had no plans

of crushing little Kevin, he was way too much fun. But then a devious idea hit

her and she smiled. She quickly stopped smiling and put her meanest look on her

face. She reached down and took off both her socks, sending Kevin tumbling out.

“Kevin I have considered your pleas, I won't crush you if clean my feet…. With

your tongue” Kevin didn't know what to think but he didn't want to die. He

wanted to tell her it didn't make sense, just one of her feet was about a

million times bigger than his tongue but seeing the look on Franny's face made

him think better of it and he slowly approached a big toe that was almost as

tall as him and began to lick. Her feet were filthy, and the taste was horrible

but his fear allowed him to keep licking.

Franny noticed Kevin looking up at her every so often and kept the stern look on

her face. She couldn't believe that Kevin was actually licking her toes, a small

part of her felt bad for it seeing that he was so afraid of her but she quickly

quashed this part. It was too exciting. She really had not planned on shrinking

him but when he called her dumb it was too much. She had worked so hard and done

the impossible. She did have an idea that she couldn't grow him back like she

told him. In fact she was pretty sure that the whole re-growing and re-shrinking

thing didn't reset that internal clock, but she had been having way too much fun

with him at the time to really care. She noticed him finishing with the places

he could reach on her big toe and moving on to the next. “Don't forget in

between” she said spreading her toes so he could get in between. Kevin didn't

hesitate but went right in and started licking. Franny couldn't really feel

anything when he licked her toe before; she just enjoyed knowing he was doing

it. Now however she could feel a little tickle on the much more sensitive skin

in between her toes. She gave an involuntary scrunch when he hit an especially

sensitive spot, knocking the wind out of Kevin, causing him to stop as he tried

to catch his breath. Knowing full well what she had done but enjoying herself

way too much to care she put her mean face on again and said “Kevin I KNOW you

didn't just stop licking, do you want to be crushed?” Kevin painfully pulled

himself up and noticed he was bleeding from the mouth. He was scared and began

to lick again.

After a while Franny got bored with Kevin's slow licking, she had things to do

today. He was working on the underside of her foot now and had just started on

the ball. She simply lowered in on him and sat there for a while. Kevin thinking

he was about to be crushed begun begging her again but Franny simply shut off

her earring. She really did enjoy the feeling of him under her foot. She never

in a million years would have guessed it and couldn't figure out why, but for

some reason his discomfort brought her pleasure, and the more discomfort the

more pleasure. She put a little more pressure on Kevin to “test” this theory and

immediately felt even better. She knew she had to be careful she didn't want to

lose control and squash him; he had been her friend after all. She began

thinking of where to go today to find some more volunteers for her experiments.

She really didn't care who she got and wasn't worried about being caught, who

was going to look for missing people under her feet? As she thought she slowly

began to rub Kevin under her foot as if scratching an itch. Kevin as in

comfortable as he felt was greatly relived knowing that she wasn't sick of him

yet and had only been playing with him. Deep down Kevin was disgusted with

himself for giving in this easily, but he didn't want to die. After a while

Franny said “Well I'm going shopping, you stay here Kevin.” She removed her foot

from him and picked him up. She deposited him back in her slipper. Kevin could

do nothing but wait. He fell asleep.

He was awoken when the door to Franny's room opened and Franny's roommate Karen

walked in. Karen was a very cute girl about 5'9” 135 pounds with a nice slim

figure. She had blue eyes and light brown hair cut to about her chin. Kevin had

always liked Karen and he thought she liked him. He began jumping up and down

and shouting trying to get her attention. She looked directly at him and his

heart skipped a beat. Could it be over? “There they are” Karen muttered and she

came and stood right over him. Kevin then found himself running to the toe

section yet again as Karen raised her foot over the slipper he was in. He made

it this time but unfortunately the slippers were just a little bit too small for

Karen and her toes completely covered him. Karen felt him and wasn't really sure

what was in the slipper, but it felt oddly good and she didn't really care

anyway. Kevin was face up under her toes with her big toe resting on his head

(which was turned to the side.) He tried to move to hit her toes, somehow get

her attention, but the fit was so tight he couldn't move a muscle. The pressure

was horrible, but Kevin counted himself lucky. Karen must have just gotten out

of the shower because her feet were clean and actually smelled nice. She began

to walk and Kevin no longer considered himself lucky. Even though Karen was

lighter than Franny the pressure of her walking was much worse because her feet

were bigger than Franny's. Her every step knocked the wind out of him and Kevin

couldn't understand why Karen couldn't feel him. Karen did feel him. She began

moving him around with her toes to a place more comfortable for her. She was

doing this unconsciously and not even really thinking about him. It was a tight

fit but unknowingly to her Kevin was having the same affect on her he did on

Franny, Her moving him around had pushed him into a painfully cramped position,

but because it was so uncomfortable for him, it gave her more pleasure. She

wasn't even thinking about it. Kevin spent about an hour in this position. He

still couldn't move a muscle and didn't want to. He guessed wrongly Karen had to

know about him and was doing this on purpose, just like Franny did. He couldn't

understand it, Karen never said a mean thing to anyone and wouldn't even step on

a bug. Her foot began to lightly sweat and because he couldn't move a few drops

of sweat found there way to his face and mouth. It tasted horrible. Karen had

borrowed the slippers because she didn't have any and her feet were cold. She

had to go to school and returned Franny's slippers to her room. Kevin was stuck

to her foot but there was no way he was going to go out that easy, As she slowly

pulled her foot out, Kevin could move his arms and was franticly grabbing at

anything to pull himself off her foot. He found a loose thread and held on to it

for all he was worth. He was elated to be pulled free and slightly surprised

when Karen just left without trying to get him. She hadn't even noticed him. It

was better for Kevin to think that Karen had just given up. He couldn't face it

if he had been wrong and she didn't know about him, which would mean he had just

blown a possible chance for freedom. Yeah he thought as he slowly began working

the blood back into his aching muscles, she knew all about me. He was only left

with his thoughts for about half an hour when Franny returned. She was holding a

bag and grabbed Kevin out of the slipper with the other hand. “Did you miss me

Tiny?” she taunted, “I hope you enjoyed your break cause it's time to get back

to work”

Franny really couldn't explain why she enjoyed tormenting Kevin so much, but she

had figured today that if one little guy was good 2 would be better. And if 2

were better then 10 would be even better. She had taken 10 men in her trip to

the mall, strangers she could care nothing about. They were anywhere between ¼

and 2 inches tall. She dumped them onto her bed and dropped Kevin with them,

This was going to be fun!

Part 4

Kevin looked at the ten men around him; some of them were bigger than him but

most were his size or even smaller. One of the men that was my size had a broken

leg, apparently Franny hadn't been very careful with them after she had shrunk

them. “I want to welcome you all, Each of you is now part of a groundbreaking

experiment.” Franny said, Then she looked directly in my eyes and continued, “I

will restore all of you when this is done and you all will be remembered for

your contributions, now I want you all to introduce yourselves to Kevin, stand

up and tell your name age and anything else about yourself you want. Kevin after

each is done you tell me what they said” The first guy to stand up was named

Sam, he was one of the biggest at 2 inches tall and I could tell right away he

was a punk, “I didn't agree to any of this you bitch, you had better return me

to normal or you'll be very sorry!” Sam said, and when I relayed the message

word for word to Franny she looked mad and picked Sam up. “Go on” she ordered.

The next man to stand was named Todd. He was the smallest at 1/8 inch and looked

a little scared, He was 44 and a business man. “Faster” Franny said as she

continued to hold Sam tightly in her hand. The rest introduced themselves and I

summed it up for her. They were Roger the other 2 inch guy he was 16, Tomas was

1 inch and 37, Randy was 53, Dan 61 and Caleb 31, all of them half an inch tall.

Matt was 22, and Steve was 18 both of them were only ¼ of an inch tall. The last

guy, the one with the broken leg was Nathan, He was only 14 years old and I

could see the bone sticking out of his leg. I tried to tell Franny how badly he

was injured but she just waved me off, telling me to keep an eye on the little

ones for there own safety.

Franny addressed us all, “First I have to take care of Sam here, I will not

tolerate rudeness, then I will come back and we can start the tests, don't worry

everyone by tomorrow you will be back with your families with a well deserved

reward!” With that she walked into her bathroom. I wouldn't have given two cents

for Sam's chances but I didn't really believe at the time that Franny was

capable of murder. When she left the others asked me a bunch of questions,

questions I couldn't answer. I found out all of them had been approached by

Franny in a local mall asking for help. I also found out that the once who had

been shrunk first had been shrunken over 2 hours ago. I didn't know what Franny

was playing at but I was scared. I had seen her go from playful to just plain

mean with me, and I was supposed to be her best friend! I didn't dare ruin her

game by telling them she couldn't restore them now. They all looked anxious but

none of them looked scared, Franny just had that affect on people; they all

tended to trust her because she looked so sweet and innocent. Hell I had known

her for 6 months and still had thought her innocent until the second time I

found myself under her foot. I dreaded what was to come for these people.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Franny was mad. How dare this little bug talk to her

that way, didn't her realize that she was his god now? He was still being

insolent, swearing at her and calling her names. She just stared at him in the

palm of her hand and got a devious idea. Without saying a word to poor Sam she

dropped him in the toilet. She watched him swim around in the clean water down

there for a while then pulled down her pants, and gently sat down on the seat

and began to pee. She couldn't see what was going on but she hoped she got it

directly on his little head. She finished her business disappointed that she

didn't have to shit on him. Sam in the meantime was really mad. He was the type

of guy who always treating women like shit and couldn't believe this bitch would

dare piss on him. She had hit him directly and he had accidentally swallowed a

small amount of her piss. He swore when he returned to normal he would beat her

to within an inch of her life. Sam just wasn't that smart. Franny got up and

reached for the handle to send Sam away for ever but then an evil thought struck


“I think you need to cool down Sam why don't you just swim around in there for a

while” Franny taunted. She wasn't even going to let him drown in the semi-clean

water after she flushed. Franny wanted Sam to drown in her piss. She also hoped

the urge to shit would hit her before he expired. Franny put the cover down on

the toilet and walked back to the rest of her toys humming to herself, leaving

Sam in his dirty, dark prison.

The men watched her return. Franny was surprised none asked about Sam but they

had all spent some time with him in the bag and didn't really care what happened

to him. She plopped down heavily on the bed sending most of the men tumbling.

Franny stifled a giggle when she saw this. “OK time for the first test. Kevin

seems to give me joy when he is under my foot, I theorize all of you will also

but I want to see if it varies with your size.” Franny told them. Then she

reached for Roger and placed him on the floor next to her foot. He just had time

to turn around so he was facing her when she covered him with her foot. She sat

there for a minute not moving then began to slowly move her foot back and forth.

Roger was not enjoying his little massage and began to think this girl was

crazy. After a few second she picked him up and placed him in an empty shoebox

she had put on her bed. She the picked up Tomas and did the same thing to him.

Kevin watched Franny's face as she took every man and placed him under her foot.

Her face grew darker and darker with each man. And each man was subjected to a

little more pressure than the one before him. She deposited each one into the

shoebox when she was done. She had stuck Todd in between her toes after rubbing

him against the bottom oh her foot and scrunched him there for about a minute,

Kevin saw when she placed him in the shoe box he was unconscious. Finally only

Nathan with his broken leg was left. Kevin could tell Franny was really pissed

off right now but didn't know why. She picked Nathan up callously and dropped

him on the ground between her feet. He screamed as he landed on his bad leg.

“You better hope this works.” Franny muttered and placed her foot on top of

Nathan so her heel was on top of his little one inch body. She put a lot of

pressure on and kept it there not even allowing him to breath. She then slowly

began to roll him under her heel causing him to scream in pain so loudly Franny

imagined she could actually hear him. Mercifully he passed out after about 2

minutes of this. Franny not feeling his little struggles anymore deemed him

useless increased the pressure. Her heel went through little Nathan like he

wasn't even there. Franny lay down hard on her bed almost crushing Kevin in the

process with two thoughts going through her head. The first was “I just killed

him, what's wrong with me?” The second quickly overcame the first. “THAT WAS

FANTASTIC!!!!” As each man had spent his time under her foot Franny had gotten

more and more angry when none of them seemed to give the same feeling as Kevin

did. Little Todd had felt good but nothing like what she got from Kevin. Steve

had given her a small high but it was nothing compared to Kevin. She had been so

mad when Nathan had also failed to give her the pleasure that she had killed him

without even really meaning to. As he perished under her heel the feeling she

got was so intense she couldn't believe it. Nathan may not have done anything in

life for her but in death he had made every orgasm she had ever had seem like

nothing. He had also doomed the other 8 men in the shoebox. She idly glanced at

the bottom of her foot to see a large blood stain and a completely flat Nathan

still stuck there. She basked in the glow of what had happened for a little bit

longer then picked up Kevin and went into the bathroom to clean her foot off.

She sat on the closed toilet lid with a smile for little Sam below and wiped the

remains of Nathan off her foot. “If any of them ask you I restored Nathan and

took him to the hospital.” She told Kevin, “If you don't go along with this you

will share their fate” She was bluffing, Kevin was too valuable alive but she

could tell by the way he turned about 4 shades of white that he believed her.

Before she returned to her room she lifted up the lid and looked at Sam still

sputtering around in her piss. He tried to shout something but she ignored him

and put the lid back down. She returned to her room and informed the little men

(who didn't know what happened to Nathan) “The first experiment was a failure

but thanks to one of you who decided to go above and beyond in his participation

I think I know how to make it better.”

Franny decided to get something to eat first and gave Kevin a look that froze

his blood before putting him in the box with the other men. They immediately

began asking him questions. Kevin could tell they were scared now after their

rough treatment at Franny's feet but still believed she would let them go. He

was too terrified of her now to even think about telling them the truth. He

justified it by telling himself he didn't want to make their last hours worse

than they already would be. Let them have some hope. He told them Nathan was

fine. He had been taken to the hospital and was recovering nicely. The men asked

about her. They wanted to know about her, what type of person she was. He

pretended Franny was the girl he had known before this whole experience in

answering them. They were very curious about why she had stepped on them, Kevin

had no good answers for that and just pretended he was a volunteer too. He

didn't say much about his experiences no matter how much they asked. The others

were starting to get mad at him and he was actually relieved when Franny came

back. He couldn't believe how much she had changed, but was pretty ashamed at

how much he himself had changed.

Franny had hurried through her lunch, too excited to really eat but wanting to

get something in her system so she could give Sam what he really deserved. “Ok

who's first?” she asked. Nobody volunteered but that didn't bother her, she knew

who she wanted first anyway. She had decided that Kevin would witness everything

so she could use his necklace to hear the little men's pleas. She also liked the

feeling of bullying him into doing things he hated and thought a little more

intimidation would be fun. She picked him and Todd up with one hand and then

wrapped the shoebox the others were in with a heavy sweater plunging them into

darkness and making it so they couldn't hear her. Franny didn't know why she

enjoyed letting them think they would be ok, she knew that there was nothing any

of them could do if they knew they were all going to die. For some reason though

it excited her more to give the men false hope. She placed Kevin down between

her feet and he noticed a jar of silver nail polish there. Kevin had always

loved that color on Franny's toes, but now he wondered why she had it out? He

was really too small to paint her nails, the wand was bigger than he was. He

would still find out. Franny had Todd in the palm of her hand and was holding it

just a few inches from her mouth so only he could hear her. “I'm not really

going to let any of you go, each of you in your own way will amuse me and then

die, causing me even more pleasure. You're lucky though little man you're going

to be the last to die and have the honor of spending the most time serving me.

Don't worry it will be easy” Franny had eaten a burger for lunch with extra

onions. The smell of her warm breath on little Todd as she said this had nearly

knocked him out that wasn't the worst of it though. Todd had been holding his

ears, at his small size even her whispers were like standing in front of a

speaker at a death metal concert. He had heard everything she said and was

scared beyond belief, he tried to talk to her but Franny couldn't hear him. “Now

let's put you some place nice while I get ready for you” Franny said placing

poor Todd in between her smallest toes on her right foot. She then planted her

left heel on the edge of the bed and began painting her toe nails. Franny took

pride in her toe nails; she loved the way the silver color glistened on her

toes. So she carefully painted them. Next she switched feet and began painting

those toes.

Todd had been mistreated more than the other men during her tests but nothing he

felt then compared to the pain of being in between her small toes. They

naturally pushed against each other and as she wiggled and flexed her toes

during the painting the pressure only increased. Franny had also not washed her

feet in a few days and they were beginning to stink. The smell wasn't noticeable

to a normal person but if you were 1/8 of an inch tall and stuck between her

toes it was completely overwhelming. Todd thought this was his fate, to spend

the rest of his life between these toes, and was honestly trying to think of

what he had done to deserve this. He had been cutthroat in his business dealings

but no more so than anyone else. He was a very powerful man and it was a big

fall to go from a CEO to a girl's toy. Every time her she moved any of her toes

the ones he was between would move a little and things would get even worse. She

took her time relishing the feeling of the little helpless man between her toes.

Finally when she was finished she gently extracted Todd from his place and

dropped him against the still wet toe nail of her big toe. She wiggled her toes

admiring Todd in his new predicament and then dropped her foot quickly to the

floor right next to Kevin. “Kevin go look at my new toe accessory, it's really

cool isn't it?” she said, “tell me everything he says in a minute” Kevin slowly

walked up to her big toe and was horrified to see poor little Todd stuck fast to

her toe nail. He was unconscious, from the quick movement of her foot. Kevin

told Franny and she laughed, “If he can't even stand me moving my foot to the

ground he's in for a rough few months. I'll wake him up.” Franny began moving

her toes around very quickly, Kevin who was standing right next to them at the

time was knocked back a few inches and landed hard. This only caused Franny to

laugh harder. She continued for a couple of seconds and then told Kevin to check

on him. Kevin slowly approached the toes that had just sent him flying and saw

that Todd was now awake. He was screaming. When Kevin told Franny she said,

“Todd you make a very nice little toe accessory, so nice in fact this will be

your new job. Your going to spend the rest of your life stuck to that toe, I'm

not sure how long your survive since I'm not going to feed you or anything, but

I bet you can get water every time I shower, and maybe some of my sweat will

reach you. Something for you to look forward too. Isn't it great? You were born

for this Todd, now don't you want to thank me?” Todd had continued to scream the

entire time and when Kevin told Franny she began to wiggle her toes again, once

again knocking Kevin back. This time on purpose, Franny was happy to see she had

sent him even farther this time. When she stopped she didn't say a word, just

stared at Kevin as he got up slowly and approached her toes again. Kevin told

Todd he had better thank her or this could go on all day. Todd had stopped

screaming and was now crying, He couldn't believe this girl could do this to

him. He was so scared but managed to let a small thank you out. Franny heard

this through Kevin's necklace and just smiled. “Men are so weak,” she thought,

“actually thanking me for sticking him to my toenail. They really do deserve

this.” She placed her right foot on Kevin and began idly rolling him around

under it, “mmmmm” she muttered, one below and one above the foot, does it get

any better than this? She turned her attention back to the shoe box pushing Todd

from her mind, “ok who's next?”

Tomas one of the inch tall guys stepped forward to demand to know when they

would be released. Franny couldn't hear him so she assumed he was volunteering.

She reached in and picked him up. “Very good” she said, “I see one of you is

ready to go home” She carefully re-wrapped the box to prevent the other men from

seeing or hearing what was going to happen. They were getting more nervous but

still refused to believe that this pretty young woman could do anything bad.

Tomas on the other hand was beginning to believe he might be in trouble. She was

just staring at him with that smile on her face, He tried to say something but

she just began to squeeze him a little in her hand to shut him up. She continued

to look at him for a few minutes as he struggled against her iron grip. Finally

she said “You look good, Good enough to eat even” Tomas didn't know what to make

of this but he was sure this girl wasn't going to eat him. He was of course

wrong. Franny slowly lifted Tomas over her head and dangled him by his arm above

her open mouth. She was holding his arm much too tightly and crushed it, causing

him to thrash around. He tried yelling at her but her expression never changed

and Tomas didn't understand how she could appear to be smiling even with her

mouth wide open. She released him and he fell the couple of inches into her

mouth landing on her tongue. Her breath was overwhelming and Tomas was gagging.

Franny then began to push him around her mouth with her tongue. Pressing him

against the roof of her mouth then moving him under her tongue and pressing him

down into the saliva there. The imagined him drowning in her spit and continued

to play with him there. She would hold him down for a while until his struggles

weakened then let him up and repeat the process. She was enjoying her little

game but he wasn't. Tomas was soaked in her spit and this crazy bitch was trying

to down him! He had yelled and screamed when she had let him up but she had

quickly pushed him back down with her tongue causing him to swallow about a

gallon of her spit. Franny eventually got bored with her little game and

positioned Tomas between her molars with her tongue. She then closed them enough

that he couldn't move, but wasn't really being hurt. “Any last words” Franny

asked? Tomas screamed his head off, begging and pleading with Franny to let him

go, he offered her money and riches; Franny kind of heard him but wasn't really

paying attention. She didn't get the great feeling with Tomas as she did from

Kevin, still being toyed with under her foot or even Todd stuck to her toenail,

but knowing he was helpless and about to die from a small movement of her jaw

was satisfying in a different way. She Chomped down on Tomas and slowly began to

chew him. He didn't taste very good though. She swallowed what was left of him

and patted her stomach, while deciding what to do with her next little toy.

Hearing Karen move around out in the living room gave her a wicked idea. She got

Matt and Steve out of the box and picked Kevin up from under her foot. “Time for

you guys to meet my roommate” Franny said happily.

She wanted Kevin to see what was happening but didn't want Karen seeing him yet.

She tucked him into the bra (which was a thin white) and moved him around so

until he was in a position she found amusing, upside down to the left of her

nipple. She walked to a mirror and seeing that Kevin wasn't noticeable walked

out to see her roommate. She grabbed a role of black electrical tape on her way

out. This was Todd's first experience with Franny walking. He was traveling more

than 1000 feet with each of her steps forward and hundreds up and down. He had

never suffered from motion sickness but this was like nothing he had ever

experienced. He found he had to time his breathes with her planting her foot

otherwise the air was too fast to breath. Every step brought him to the verge of

passing out but he stayed conscious the entire time much to his disappointment.

Franny knew none of what he was going through but did notice an increase in that

good feeling she was getting from him when she walked. It made her happy that

little Todd was serving his purpose.

She entered the living room and noticed Karen's favorite flip flops in there

usual place next to one of the chairs. Karen was sitting on the couch eating a

bowl of soup. Franny quietly knelt down next to the black flip flops and using a

very small piece of the black tape taped little matt directly to the heel of it.

His entire body was covered by the tape with only his head sticking out. She

stood up and looked down at him. With his black hair and dark complexion, and

the tape covering his clothing she couldn't see him at all. Satisfied that Karen

wouldn't see him either she blew him a kiss and went to sit down next to Karen

after wrapping little Steve in another small piece of tape. So he looked like

the worlds smallest inch worm, or in his case ¼ inch worm. As she sat next to

Karen she dropped Steve to the floor between them, wanting to see Karen step on

him, but if she didn't Franny would do it anyway. The fall to the floor had

jarred Steve but he wasn't really hurt. He couldn't move at all inside the tape,

and could only turn himself over so he

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