Giantess Stories: Arcathia

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Part 1: The Escape


Arcathia has always been a rather great place,large

cities,great civilizations, and the most

powerful military imaginable. Arcathia was not a city or a country,it

was an entire planet. Throughout history,there have been great tales

of heroics and great events that changed the world. There were two

types of people,demons and humans. The humans were humans and I pity

whoever doesn't know what a human is like. Demons were just like

humans,only they had wings,a tail,and horns on their foreheads. They

lived in huts and in wastelands,but they hand an honor code and no

crime ever took place there. Because of their appearance,the demons

were hunted down by the human army,commanded under the general and

Dictator of Arcathia, Darox Reaper. It was unknown how Darox took

over so many people,but his evil wasn't seen by the humans,much like

the Adolf Hitler of Earth. The demons were constantly hunted down by

humans and were enslaved and tortured to death. Slave camps were

located outside of the big cities and were all underground. Most

slaves had to do mining work,but some of the!

pathetic ones did servant work. Deep in the mines,a conversation was

taking place.

"Any ideas? I'm losing sanity here!" said one demon. They

were strong,but they were nothing compared to armed humans. "Not

sure. I hope the poor kid's ok" said an older demon. Soon,a few

humans came in and threw a demon to the ground. His wings,horns,and

tail were removed,so now he has a human appearance. Blood was all

over him.

"Zhan,buddy,talk to me!" said one of the demons. Zhan got

up and wiped some blood from his face. He was only 5'0" tall and

could barely lift 35lbs,but he was very smart and had the courage to

stand up to just about anyone. Perhaps he had too much guts.

"I raise my middle finger and this happens to me. I

wonder whats up their ass today" joked Zhan. The old demon walks

to him "You go through all that and you still make a cute

remark. Sometimes I worry". The still bleeding Zhan cleaned up

"On a serious note,I'm breaking out tonight. Whos in?".

Everyone laughed and one of them spoke up "Theres no escape from

here. We're in for life and death". Everyone agreed to the

remark,except Zhan "Better to die on the run and with freedom

than to die in captivity. Fight to survive!!!!!!" he yelled.

Those words alone sparked what would become a revolution. No one had

what it takes for something of that magnitude. He organized plans and

escape routes. He was too weak to fight,but other demons offered to

bodyguard him. The plan was simple. Disarm the nearest guard and use

the weapons to get more weapons and then escape by any means

possible. For the rest of the day they worked to make sure no human

was suspicious. As badass as it wo!

uld be to use the powertools as weapons,it was out of the question.

9:00 pm came and the guards did their inspection before the lights

went out. The guard heard a noise and walked to it,but he was grabbed

by the neck through the bars and his neck was torn out by demon

claws. The demon took the cell keys and unlocked the

chambers,releasing everyone. Phase 1 went well,but when the humans

didn't see their guard return,they got suspicious and sent down a few

armed soliders. As they walked into the shadows,the demons jumped

them like a scene in a slasher flick. All of them ripped apart. It

was against the demonic code of honor to take a life,but there was no

other alternative. Zhan picked up a laser pistol and the others

picked up the heavy rifles. They moved swiftly and in

stealth,shooting out any poor soul to even try to fight. It all

seemed too easy. At the end of the hallway were heavily

armed,armored,and skilled soliders. Zhan yelled and fired "Its

an ambush!!!". It was too !

late. Demon after demon went down until Zhan shot at a grenade in a

Chapter 2: A New Life

Morning soon came,and the situation of our hero

Zhan is looking pretty bad. Enslaved as a child, he had endured many

tortures,including the removal of his wings,tail,horns, and claws.

The plan to escape the slave camp had halfway succeeded,and halfway

failed. Everyone got out,but died in the escape except for Zhan,who

was about dead himself. He had become too tired to drive,and his ride

was out of gasoline ,so he fell off his motorcycle,falling to the

ground and hitting his face.The mysterious highway seemed endless as

he walked. He suffers from broken ribs,massive blood loss,cuts and

scrapes everywhere, and what seemed to be minor damage to the vital

organs. Fatigue also wore him down,adding more problems to the big

list. The biggest thing on his mind though,is where to go from here.

Hours passed as he walked,making comments along the way. "I am

going down in history,key word,going down" he joked. He always

tried to make a bad situation turn into a good o!

ne no matter what happens,but this was a great exception. He looked

down at the ground and kept walking "I'm going to die,I know

it" he finally said. He had his eyes closed for that time as he

continued on the endless path. When his eyes opened,he saw a white

light in front of him.

"Morning already?" he asked himself as

he followed the light. It was not the rays of the sun,but a

greater,more soothing warmth. This would be his first sunrise,for he

has always spent mornings underground. A smile came across him as his

eternal walk continued. For some reason,after 6 hours down the

road,he stayed alive. The light soon faded away,and Zhan found

himself in a massive room which seemed to stretch as long as the

highway itself. He started laughing as he called it the path to

heaven. A sound could be heard,a loud but very calm and relaxing. He

was now convinced this was heavens gate and he wondered how long

until his wounds would heal. As Zhan walked down the path,he began to

realize that this isn't what he thought. It was really a hallway for

a house! "This is crazy" he thought as he wandered over to

the end of the hallway,peeking into the next room stealthly. In that

room was the greatest thing he had ever layed eyes on,ever.

The sight was a beautiful-beyond-reason young

woman sitting down in a chair boredly humming to herself. Zhan put

two and two together and found out it was her. He wondered if it was

a dream,or a fantasy. The woman looked around,thinking she heard

something,but he hid before he could be spotted. Poor Zhan also

realized this as he got a closer look at her. The girl was

gigantic!!! She had to be around 200ft tall,which made him look like

an insect even when she was sitting down. Because it was the

morning,she was fully clothed in silk pajamas. To pass the time,she

painted her toenails a pinkish purple color. Boredom always got the

best with her,but when shes that big anyone could see why. Zhan

figured it was all a halluciantion caused by his injury,so he spoke

to himself "Damn shes beautiful!!!!!". The girl heard him

and stood up,looking around. He didn't have enough time to hide as

she walked closer,every step from her beautiful giant feet causing

the gro!

und to shake below him. He stepped back in absolute fear,knowing now

this isn't a dream. Sweat and blood came from his forehead rapidly.

Even Darox Reaper seemed less fearsome than this. She saw him and

smiled brightly,like a child would. As he backed into the wall,she

knelt down to get a closer look. Her voice boomed as it came into his

ears "Hi there!". He responded with a hello,wondering if

she heard it. It turns out she did. "Why are you so small?"

she asked him. Either the light he walked into made him shrink,or

this girl happened to be the big one. "I don't know. I've been

confused since I got here." he responded. She held out her hand

and grabbed him between her tumb and first finger,holding him a bit

less gentle than she should have. He winced as blood rushed from his

mouth. As she was looking at him to see what he was,she noticed all

the blood coming from him and she went into panic. "Oh my! Whats

wrong!?" she asked in concern. Unable to respond,Zhan moaned in

pain !

trying to tell her that hes injured. He was taken into a special roo

"Whats your name?" she kindly asked. Her voice was

a little more soft as not to hurt him. He said his name and she

nodded,interested in him. "My name is Miyo,Miyo Shin. Its very

nice to meet you Zhan. Will you be staying awhile?" she said to

him. He was honored that she wanted him to stay with her,but he shook

his head and climbed down from the table,walking to the front

entrenceway. Angered,she followed in only a few steps and grabbed

him,holding him in her fist. "Please stay awhile,I insist"

she told him. He quickly said the truth and explained

everything,finishing it with "A war is coming soon,and I have to

go out there and fight". Miyo was not evil,but she wanted a

friend to be with,so she gripped a bit tighter,almost crying

"No! Please don't leave me alone!". Before she could

squeeze tighter,he reached for his laser pistol and loaded his last

clip,firing off rounds at her. Even though ever shot hit her in the

head,all it did was slightly tickle her if anything.!

He was out of luck,so he gave in and agreed to stay. She locked all

exitways and set him on the couch "I need to take a shower and

change. Don't leave,or I will find you" she said with a cute

childish voice. She walked off to the bathroom and walked into the

shower. Zhan,now having the perfect oppertunity,held the pistol to

his temple "My demon brothers and sisters, I await you in

heaven". He started to feel a bit sad,knowing he was the only

friend she had,even if they just met. He dropped the gun and waited

for her to come back.

When Miyo finally came back,she was wearing a tight

white tank top and a black skirt,revealing her awesome body. Zhan

stared in wonder as she gently moves some light blue hair from her

eyes. Although beautiful and feminine in every way,she had a muscular

build,and the strength to lift human office buildings from the

ground. He felt pathetic compared to her. Many would call him beyond

weak because he is 5'0",a deformed demon,barely able to lift

30lbs, a skeleton build,and a pale color. She didn't seem to care,or

even notice. She was the biggest,strongest,most beautiful thing in

existance anyway,so she liked people with good personality. That,in

theory,makes her the perfect girl,every man's dream. She smiled and

sat down next to him,careful not to hurt him though. They spent the

next few hours talking about things,interests,the weather,anime,and

finally,their past. Zhan told her about his slavery days and it made

her cry. She didn't realize he had been through t!

hat much and lived. "Its ok Miyo. I'm here now" he

said,trying to cheer her up. He asked about her past and she started

speaking "I grew up in this inn with my grandmother. She raised

me quite well and I loved her. We were normal sized,but when

grandmother passed away,she had a magic scroll called 'True power'

and I read it out loud. It disappeared soon after and everything felt

different for awhile. I just lived life here like always". This

was all making sense. Magic has caused a tear in space and time,which

made Miyo more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. Her

beauty,charm, kindness, and childish attitude was always hers. There

was nothing different about her,or so it seems.

Day soon became evening,and Zhan and Miyo became

the best of friends. She even started to have a crush on him because

on his sense of humor and sincerity. He relaxed on her massive

couch,the war of humans and demons going through his head. He wanted

to fight so badly,but Miyo didn't want him hurt. He tried to sneak

out once,but he was caught half way down the hallway. She smiled and

held him in her hand "You don't leave until I tell you to".

She giggled,holding him. He could do nothing about it,but she was

very gentle with him. She set him down inside a jewelery box and made

some dinner. A couple crumbs of her meal was more than enough to fill

him. It was like a portable boyfriend. He didn't like the idea at

first,but the idea he will never get hurt was something he loved. In

the back of his mind,he felt like he betrayed his people by living

with a goddess and not fighting.

"It violates the code of honor. I have to go

out there" he started saying. She looked like she didn't know

what war was. She was upset,but soon she smiled and hugged him as

gently as she could. "I will protect your people little

Zhan,only if I get to see your world". He gave her a nod and

agreed to show her the human world. The sun began to set,Miyo and

Zhan watching it together. Despite their differences,they have really

grown to like each other (no pun intended). This was the start of a

great relationship. On the outside,the war between humans and demons

were about to begin,a war that would change existance forever. Zhan

however,had everything he could ever want. A house,food,compfort,and

the girl of his dreams. This was the start of a new life............

Chapter 3: The War

The war of two species of people was

drawing closer by the hour. Inspired by Zhan,a weak but smart person,

demons all around Arcathia were starting to become involved in the

revolution. They did not want to conquer humans or even to live with

them as equals,but to be left alone in their own place. In the old

days of Arcathia,when the legendary super-solider Lance Torrent (who

had a major city named after him),the humans and demons lived like

allied countrys,friendly toward each other but you don't want people

where they don't belong. Each side lived in harmony for quite

awhile,until an even greater solider took control of the military and

attacked the demons. This man was General Darox Reaper,an aged man

but still more powerful in brute strength than any living person in

existance,well,except one person,but I'll get back to you on that.

Darox put the demons into slavery,men doing mining and women doing

servant work. No one had the guts to stand!

up to the humans until Zhan came along. His actions gave his people

the courage to stand up and fight. For those you idiots who skipped

to Chapter 3 without reading the first two,heres what happened. Zhan

starts rebellion, escapes, and finds a new life. Remember when the

fact only one person alive was stronger than Darox? That person

happens to be Zhan's new girlfriend,Miyo Shin.

Miyo was without a doubt was the strongest,most

beautiful girl anyone had ever seen,and her heart belonged to

Zhan,even though when they first met he wanted nothing to do with

her. He had thought it was all a dream,meeting a girl thats 200ft

tall and has lived alone most of her life. How she got her food and

clothes was something no one knew,or wanted to find out for that

matter. The morning they met would go down in history. That

night,when they were too tired to stay awake,she took him to her room

and let him sleep in her dresser,which was good not only because her

soft clothes would keep him compfortable,but it would also prevent a

midnight escape. Morning soon arrived,making it one complete day they

have been together. After breakfast,Miyo agreed to let Zhan out of

the house under two conditions: Not to run away and to show her his

world. Easy enough. She went to take a shower,taking Zhan with him to

clean himself in her swimming pool sized sink. It was alm!

ost anime style when she found out that he never bathed in his

life.How could he when hes constantly working. Not to go into detail

(Take that,perverts!!),but a girl 40 times bigger than you without

clothes is a sight one won't soon forget.

When they were done bathing,Miyo put on a black

T-shirt and some jeans. Zhan just wore his torn clothes he always

wore,since she didn't have anything he could wear. They would just

have to pick up some new stuff in town. He walked over to the front

door when she reached out and picked him up,setting him in her shirt

pocket. "Don't you think it would be easier if you ride with

me?" she asked. Before he had time to answer,she walked out the

front door and took a deep breath,ready to explore the world for the

first time. She walked outside barefoot,thinking that shoes would

only be uncompfortable,which would have been a slight problem if she

couldn't crush sharp objects without getting a scratch. They looked

around at the now tiny world and decided to explore it. Zhan would

look from Miyo's shirt pocket,which was a little too protective,but

if you had only one special person in your life,wouldn't you be that

way too? They arrived in a closeby city,a very po!

pulated one. The citizens ran for their life as they saw her,but on

the other side was a fight between the human military and the demons.

The innocent were trapped,but all Miyo did was smile innocently.

"Look at them! They are so little like

you!" her voice boomed. Zhan would have been laughing had this

been an attack on the military,but seeing the humans who never did

anything wrong in this kind of panic made him a bit uneasy. Unlike

godzilla movies,the people spoke good english and the big person

wasn't intentionally wrecking stuff. She held an empty car in her

hand,moving it around with her index finger. She broke it easily.

After a few minutes of playing in the streets,she took Zhan out of

her pocket and set him on the ground. "My boyfriend here needs a

new set of clothes. Can anyone help him?" she asked politely.

Out of fear,some clothing store workers took him into the shop and

gave him a couple sets of casual clothes in his size. He changed into

a set and walked back out to Miyo,but by that time the human military

had begun to notice her. "Surrender or we'll open fire!"

shouted an officer. She picked up a tank,wondering if it was a

toy,but when i!

t shot at her,it stinged and made her wince in pain. She dropped the

tank and crushed it and other tanks with a good few stomps "That

hurt!!" she yelled. Machine gun bullets didn't do jack shit,and

laser rounds were doing no more than tickling her. Because all the

resistance the military thought would show up would be demons,there

was nothing more they could do but run and request backup. The demons

have already made a run for it,a smart move. After the last tank

exploded,a piece of scrap metal shot out and hit Zhan in the

head,knocking him unconscious. Miyo,concerned, picked him up.

"Wake up. Nows not the time to be asleep." she spoke softly

at him. He soon woke up,very dizzy. "Snootchy bootchies?"

he said,the blow to the head affecting his speech. It didn't take

long for him to finally regain sense of reality. She giggled at him

and put him in her pocket. They started to go home,but she heard the

sound of an air attack coming.

Out of nowhere, F-16 fighters unleashed an arsenal

of missles upon them. Miyo quickly put a hand over her pocket to

protect Zhan,who yelled out "Holy fuck!" as the first

missle hit them. Suprisingly,she was only knocked back after the

first round. She was not invincible after all. "Zhan,are you

hurt?" she asked. "No damage here" he responded. It

was because her boyfriend was in danger she even decided to fight at

all. Using her other hand,she grabbed a fighter jet like a toy and

threw it at another,hitting it dead on and causing them to go in

flames. There was no stopping her now. She made a cute roar and

stomped the ground,causing earthquakes and even a building to

collapse. Zhan,with a look of terror on his face,decided to speak up

"Don't you think we should go home?" he asked. Miyo was

having fun and didn't respond for a bit. "Awww,but isn't this

what you wanted? I'm fighting your little war for you. Doesn't that

make you happy?" she said. It was like te!

lling a 5 year old to go to bed when it was playing. Zhan spoke the

truth "You did better than anyone could imagine,but if the

Reaper Armada comes,you won't stand a chance. Laser cannons,millions

of missles,and even nukes will be used. I don't want to lose

you". She smiled brightly and took him out of her pocket,hugging

and kissing him. "Your so romantic!" she said. They smiled

and returned home. The war begins with a new ally........

Chapter 4:More power and more loss

The first battle of the war had gave the demons and

unexpected victory over the humans. The casualties of the innocents

were kept to a minimal,but the city layed in ruin because of the mix

of missles and Miyo's innocent and playful attitude. Billions of

dollars in military weaponry had gone up in smoke. As for the

cititzens of the city,they didn't know what to think. Something like

this happened 30 years ago with a different girl,but the memories of

the people were deleted using a special sattelite. Memory was

returning for the people that were still alive from that event. At

the main base,un unknown location,word about the attacks have finally

reached the man in charge.

"This cannot be possible! There are more of these

monstrosities out there!?" asked Darox in a furious tone. The

other commanding officers nodded,too afraid to give a vocal response.

"History is repeating itself men. I cannot,will not allow this

to go on any further. I'm taking charge of this war and will end it

myself." he spoke. One of the officers,a captain, finally spoke

up "You want us to kill the giantess sir?". Darox thought

for a minute and responded "Not yet. First things first,kill

every last demon out there!". The soliders were puzzled by this

decision. "Sir,why the demons and not the giantess?" asked

a high ranked officer. Darox decided to explain "You see boys,if

we attack the giantess without knowing where in hell it is,the demons

could strike from behind and give her the upper hand against us. If

every demon is eliminated,then all we have left is one target a nuke

could finish off. I want every demon carcass up in flames in 36

hours. Move out!". !

The soliders gathered up their second most powerful fleet and set off

on a hunt. Darox made a clever move. It was tactics like that which

gave him the chance to kill Lance Torrent,the greatest solider that

ever lived. It was tactics like that which killed the first giantess

and gave him control of the human military. It was tactics like that

which will give Zhan and his people the greatest battle of their


As for Miyo and Zhan,the cute couple,they went back

home after a day of sight seeing and tank crushing. He was very

concerned about the firepower she took in that battle,and she very

well knew what was on his mind,so she decided to make things easier

for him. "Zhan,I love you with all my heart. I.......I........I

want you to marry me!". At first he thought it was a joke,but he

saw the seriousness in her eyes and responded "I'll marry you

Miyo. It'll be the greatest honor". They had their ceremony,but

because there was no priest for miles,she had to do a ritual from an

old book from her room.It was just as good. Zhan wore the best

clothing he got from earlier that day and Miyo wore a white silk

dress. At the end of the ritual,she knelt down and kissed her new

husband,the kiss covering his entire body. As for the honeymoon,they

couldn't have sex,because it would be physically impossible and I

don't want to even try writing that. Instead,they had a relaxing


g on the couch watching TV. The news repot showed the first attack on

the demons,which almost put them both to tears. Miyo knew she

couldn't handle a force like that,so she had an idea. "Love of

my life,I want you to do something for me thats very important"

she spoke to him. He quickly said "Anything you tell me

to". She stood up and said "I know a way I can defeat a

military of that power. It'll take me 24 hours to do it,and I cannot

be interrupted,so I need you to stay safe. I'll keep plenty of food

out and you can use your pistol if anything bad were to

happen.". Zhan picked up his laser pistol and put it in his

waistband. He agreed,but wondered what she was up to. Miyo hugged and

kissed him and walked into the kitchen,preparing enough to keep Zhan

satsified for an entire day,which wasn't much. She put it down where

he can reach it and walked into the one room he didn't know about. It

would be the longest mission of his life,stay alive for 24 hours.

Even though the demon resistance put up quite a

fight for the fleet,they proved no match for the advanced weaponry.

Tanks,fighter jets,laser cannons,all that the demons didn't have,so

they pulled a Vercetti and stole whatever weapon they could get,most

often killing the driver of the tank or jet. Style of combat was hit

and run,kinda like the American Revolution. It did wonders for buying

time,but there seemed to be no end to the human army. Still,its

better to die with honor than to hide in shame,part of the demonic

code of honor. Hours of combat passed,but like the French against the

British or Gungans against the Droids,this was an impossible war.

Bombs were dropped,lasers were fired,and body after body fell. It

made quite a mess,and I pity anyone who has to clean it up.It took 18

hours for the last demon to fall,or so they thought. When the

officers reported back to Darox,the man was pleased.

"Excellent!" he yelled. It had been awhile since he was th!

is happy. "I got a bonus mission,since you had so much time

left. I discovered the location of the puke who started all this,and

I want him brought here to me,alive. You can beat him all you want

however". The fleet was assembled and sent to Miyo's house.

Darox didn't want to take any chances,so extra soliders were sent.

Zhan didn't know what was coming. He had been

watching movies all day on Miyo's TV,which outsized even the biggest

movie theater screens. It was a compfortable day aside from the fact

that everyone he ever knew other than his wife was blown apart. It

was 4 hours left until she woke up when the first few soliders came

in. They were amazed at the place and thought it was a dream. When

they came into the living room,Zhan quickly pulled out his pistol and

shot three of them,killing all of them instantly. He picked up the

assault rifle from a dead body and shot at any solider that came in.

The sound didn't do anything to Miyo. This reminded him of the escape

a few days ago. Zhan held up a good fight for an entire hour,until a

tranquilizer dart got him in the neck. The soliders angrily started

kicking his sleepy body around,hitting him with their rifles,and even

prodding him with tazers.He finally gave in and fell unconscious. He

was loaded onto a cargo ship Ha!

nnibal style and was taken to Main Base. When the 24 hours finally

ended,Miyo walked out of the room. She was different,bigger,a little

more muscular,and seemingly more agressive. She saw Zhan was missing

and saw human corpses,so she put two and two together and exploded

into rage. Miyo ran outside and saw some of the Grand Armada waiting

for her. Wasting no time "!!!" she

boomed,the intensity of her voice actually knocking some people back.

They open fired on her, tank shells and even missles were doing

nothing against her. She laughed and held out her hand,a ray of light

forming in her palm. Suddenly the light came down on the

soliders,vaporizing every last one of them. It was no laser,it was

pure energy! Could this new power change her or would she still be

the gentle Miyo that Zhan knew and loved? For now she was on her

quest to rescue him..............

Chapter 5: The Finale

The fight for the fate of the

world has reached its climax. Our hero Zhan has been captured and our

heroine Miyo is out to rescue him. She has reached a new power,but

will it be enough to destroy Darox's armada? And even if she does

defeat him,will Zhan stay alive? Begin Final


The cargo ships soon landed,guarded by only a

few soliders. The rest were out fighting Miyo. A special restraint

was put on Zhan so it affects his demon DNA,rendering him powerless

until he is released. Darox was waiting inside a room with the letter

X on the front,meaning it must be the most important room of all.

Zhan soon regained vision and looked around. The room was filled with

a bunch of electronics and other forms of modern weaponry. He was

soon released from the restraints,but since he was out cold for so

long he fell strait to the ground. Darox picked him up by the neck

and set him down in a chair. "Do you realize everything you've

done to me?" asked Darox in a rather calm voice. Before Zhan

could answer, a loud yell came at him "You are the one

responsible for everything!!!!!". "Wait a minute. I don't

get what your saying. I caused all this mayhem?" Zhan asked.

Darox soon replied "Think about it kid. You suggested the first

escape,you met th!

e giantess and showed her my world,you inspired every demon to

fight,you kept the giantess alive long enough to overpower most of my

forces. In a way kid,your more of a threat than she is. Thats why

your my primary target!!!"

As for Miyo,she was enjoying the hell out of her new

power. As soon as she was alone,she walked inside and changed into

some new clothes. It was simple,black shirt and blue jeans,but it

made her look more dangerous than she really is. "Enough

stalling. I'm coming for you Zhan!" she yelled and started

running off into the night. Along the way,she came across a city of

people. Out of rage,she kicked down a few buildings and started to

stomp the roads and vehicles. The innocents fled in terror as usual.

She slapped herself lightly on the forehead "Gotta focus.

Now,where could he be?". As soon as the city evacuated,the

Armada showed up,and quickly begin firing upon her with bullets and

explosives,but it did nothing,not even ruin her clothes. She laughed

"To think you'd have learned by now,you pathetic insects.

Because I'm in a hurry,I'll let you all live if you tell me where my

husband is". No reply came and she kicked over a few tanks,but

before she could do any!

real damage she was hit head on by a powerful laser cannon,and old

one which dates back a few decades. Despite the age of the weapon,it

actually caused pain to her. More cannons arrived and shot everything

they had at her,knocking her down. Miyo,pissed off,charges up a light

blast,but it was interrupted by a shot to the forehead. She layed on

the ground,not knowing what to do. The memories of Zhan,though not

very many,caused a swelling anger and panic in her. Adrenaline and

emotion caused her to scream "I won't let them

win!!!!!!!!". The sound wave from the scream shattered glass and

even caused some of the cannons to malfunction. This was her chance

and she took it,standing up and firing a light blast at the

cannons,vaporizing them. The rest were no match to her,and died

trying. She followed tank tracks,looking for where all these soliders

came from.

Darox,amazed by Zhan's cunning and dumb

luck,offered him the chance of a lifetime. "Since using a

firearm in this room will cause the entire base to go up in flames,we

will settle this in old fashion hand to hand combat" he spoke.

The sensitivity of the equipment in the room could cause a

meltdown,which sends everything in it to hell. Zhan got out of his

chair and threw a punch,but it didn't even cause a reaction from

Darox. "Holy Sh....." before he could finish that remark,he

got a hard right punch to the face,flooring him in one blow.

"Give it up kid. Not even Lance Torrent himself was able to beat

me!!" yelled Darox as he kicked poor Zhan in the stomach,causing

him to gasp for air. Miyo was on her way,now knowing where the main

base is. It was in the outskirts of the capital of

Arcathia,Torrent,named after the man himself. A strange missle came

toward him and exploded into endless light. Could it be? Oh hell

yeah,a nuclear warhead. Miyo screamed as she !

fell back,but her increasing anger gave her power,enough power to get

up. The city evacuated long before the nuke was dropped. When Miyo

got up,she wasn't affected at all,not even by the radiation. This was

odd. Even at her size and power she should have been liquidated.

Truth is,she used up almost every bit of her energy to defend herself

against it. Slowly,she walked on. The final resistance awaited. What

stood near the base was an actual mech fighter (much like a gundam).

Normally Miyo would have been able to crush it with one hand,but she

was so drained she could barely defend herself.

Zhan wasn't any better off. Beating after beating

was sent,which should have ended the life of any other man. Darox

stood there,6'7" and covered in Otoro Toguro style muscles.

There was no doubt that he was the most powerful human alive. It was

mind boggling that the 5'0" weakling with no muscle at all

withstood such a thrashing. "I don't know how you do it kid.

Even the greatest solider 30 years back couldn't keep going after all

this. I'll have to make your wifes kill extra special". Zhan

jumped up at him and threw a powerful left punch,knocking him back.

Before Darox could attack,Zhan jumped behind him and kicked him in

the back of the knee. His love for Miyo has given him the power to

kill a monster? Afraid so. The two battled on with equal power. As

for Miyo,she was exhausted from everything and was about to pass out.

The mechs laser fire did heavy damage and was a rapid attack,meaning

she can't charge a light blast. Sound waves from screams didn't do!

anything either. She had a plan though. Using all her power that she

had left,she ran at the mech and grabbed its arms,ripping both of

them out of the socket,making it so it cannot attack. She then threw

a punch to the chest,ramming her entire fist into one end and out the

other. The mech fell to the ground and Miyo walked to the base.

Darox,seeing her on security camera,pressed a few buttons at the main

control panel. "This took out the first giantess in

one....." he took a punch to the jaw by Zhan,but it didn't do as

much damage as before. He was weakened by the countless attacks. The

buttons pressed activated a special satellite beam,the same that

killed the giantess 30 years ago. The beam hit Miyo before she could

scream,but the blast only rendered her unconscious. Darox had 10

minutes before the beam could fire again,so he used his fun by

throwing Zhan around. Near the end of the 9th minute,Darox held his

hand and prepared a fatal blow. "See you in hell kid!!!!"

he yel!

led and sent his fist down. "See you there too" Zhan

shouted as he s

Miyo felt a cold feeling,as if she heard him. She tore

the place apart and saw her dead husband. Although she wanted to

cry,she couldn't. He died a true hero,and took a warlord down with

him,and that deserves a lot of respect. "I'll miss you Zhan,now

and always." she said as she picked up his body. A funeral for

him was held that day,and almost every human attended. Though she did

not want it,the people saw her as a new leader for them,and she

accepted. The world was now at peace. Miyo lived happily,because her

husband's spirit was always with her. Gone,but not


The End,or is it?

Giantess Stories: Arcathia

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