Giantess Stories: ARNOLD INSIDE By Chelgi     After five years of pro football Arnold now owned a small chain of furniture stores and was doing rather

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By Chelgi

After five years of pro football Arnold now owned a small chain of furniture

stores and was doing rather well. He was sitting in the office that overlooked

the sales floor when he noticed a tall beautiful blonde with the most gorgeous

body he had ever seen looking at the furniture. He observed that there wasn't

anyone waiting on her and wondered where in hell that damn little clerk had

gone, and what he was thinking about letting a woman like her browse alone.

Suddenly he looked again, the woman had been looking at a big overstuffed easy

chair and then it wasn't there. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. She was

bending over and Arnold almost had a heart attack as he watched the short skirt

she was wearing ride up on the back of her long luscious thighs. He watched in

fascination as she turned and began looking at the couch that matched the chair

she had been looking at moments before. He wondered about his mind, had he taken

one hit too many? Chairs, especially chairs as big as that one, don't simply

disappear like he had seen that one do. Then the couch she was looking at did

the same thing. Simply disappeared while she was looking at it. He watched her

bend over again and thrilled as her skirt rode up those long lovely legs once

more. He could see her lusciously rounded ass straining against the tight skirt

as she bent over. He grabbed his coat and headed for the floor to see what was

going on.

Arnold saw that the salesman on duty was working with customers on the far side

of the store from the lady he had been watching. He straightened his tie and

approached the tall blond. Tall was right, with her spiked black pumps she was

even a bit taller than his six foot four inch height, and a hell of a lot better

looking, he thought as he approached.

"Yes Mam, may I help you?" He asked boldly as she turned toward him.

"Oh, thank you, I'm just looking and planning." She answered in a low throaty

voice that sent chills up his spine.

"Well, I've been watching you."

She thought, #I'll bet you have!#

"And I noticed a chair and couch that you were looking at are no longer here.

What's going on?" He asked boldly.

She smiled a glorious smile and held out her large purse toward him and said,

"Oh, I'm stealing your furniture. Want to see it?" and she opened the purse. He

almost gagged, there in the bottom of her purse were miniature replicas of the

chair and couch he had seen disappear. He was still staring at the tiny replicas

when she asked.

"Want to see them closer?"

He noticed some kind of camera device in the purse as she pointed it at him.

Then there was a short spell of whirling dizziness and she seemed to grow

larger, exploding up massively over him. Suddenly she was tremendously huge; a

towering giantess soaring up into the sky above him. Then he was staring at a

pair of ladies' feet in black high heeled pumps just in front of him. only each

foot was as big as a car, with waist high heels, and he was standing nearly

between them. He felt rather than saw the titanic giantess bending over him and

suddenly a tremendous impact swept him off his feet. It was like he was back

playing football again and half a dozen guys had smashed into him at once. Only

he was swept upward, dizzily spinning as he was lifted high into the air. Then

he was falling. He screamed as the tremendous pressure engulfed him and he was

whirled aloft. He continued to scream in terror as he fell. He landed in a huge

net of rough fabric. Dark walls of the fabric were all around him as he looked

up and saw the vast beautiful face of that gorgeous woman smiling down at him

like he was in a bag. Suddenly he realized that it was a bag, her hand-bag, and

he was inside it. Then he saw her giant hands closing the top of the purse. The

lights went out as her giant hands closed the purse, and before he could move he

heard the heavy slam of the giant clasp closing over his head.


Arnold found himself lying beside the couch inside the gigantic woman's purse.

He couldn't believe that this was really happening. It had to be a dream, but

held never had a dream this real. He lost track of time as he lay in the

darkness inside that giant purse, but it gave him time to think about the woman

that had shrunk him down and snatched him up like he was a little doll. She was

absolutely gorgeous, even in his weird predicament he got excited thinking about

the magnificent legs and huge tits he had been watching from the office. He

rubbed his hardening prick and thought of having her big strong thighs squeezing

his head while he licked her off. He even wondered what it would be like if he

really was doll sized and she'd let him lick her giant pussy. God, what a trip

that would be. He imagined the massive field of warm blond hair and her

cavernous pussy, hot and soft, surrounding him as he squirmed about in the giant

masses of hot soft flesh and licked a clit as big as his head.

The purse suddenly opening startled Arnold. A giant hand came in and phone pole

sized fingers clamped powerfully around him, wilting his ardor as reality

replaced fantasy. He screamed and squirmed as her giant fingers squeezed

painfully tight, crushing his body in their powerful grip as she lifted him up

to her huge smiling face.

"Now, quit that, I'm going to enjoy myself.... and play with my new little toy."

and she started laughing almost uncontrollably at his pathetic terror. "Poor

little man!" she laughed as he screamed and begged her to let him go. "Sorry,

but you're mine now."

Arnold grabbed the immense thumb that was crushing his chest and tried futilely

to push it away from him. He kicked at her fingers, squirming and wriggling

helplessly, trying to free himself from her colossal hand.

All the while he was screaming, "No ... no ... no!"

Paying no heed to his cries she began stripping his clothing from him like she

was undressing a doll in spite of his struggles. She seemed to think it funny as

he screamed and struggled helplessly while she tore the clothing from his doll

size body.

Her monstrous fingers grasped his coat and his arms were wrenched behind him as

she pulled it irresistibly back and off. The tip of her forefinger, as big as a

small tree, slid into the front of his pants ripping them open and tearing them

off like wet tissue paper. Although the clothing tore easily under her titanic

fingers it twisted and yanked him about viciously; the shirt caught but her

fingers moved irresistibly on wrenching his shoulder as she ripped the shirt

off. In moments she had stripped him completely and he lay naked and humiliated

beneath her piercing blue eyes as she examined his nude body.

Arnold was terrified, she had shrunk him down to a pathetic helpless little doll

man, completely at her mercy, and by now he realized that her awesomely powerful

fingers could easily squash him in a second. She pinched one of his legs between

her thumb and finger and pulled it straight. She laughed while he screamed and

writhed, twisting and jerking as hard as he could, trying vainly to free his leg

from between her thumb and finger. He was helpless, there was nothing he could

do. She could have ripped the whole leg off with little or no effort. Holding

him in the palm of her hand she caressed and fondled his body with fingers as

large as his legs. Playing with his naked body her fingers probed his crotch,

very gently lifting and examining his limp shrunken prick. Arnold realized that

she was being very careful and gentle with him, even though she was playing with

him as easily as though he was nothing more than a child's little doll. Slowly

he lost some of his terror and began to notice other things about his gigantic


Her enormous hands were warm and soft and from where she was holding him he

could see down into the cleavage between the most awesome tits he had ever seen.

He had been entranced by the humongous size of those mountainous tits as he had

watched her from his office, even before she had shrunk him down. Now, each one

seemed as big as the bow of a blimp, he could play on her titanic tits like a

little mouse. As he stared at the vast smooth walls of that magnificent valley

he realized that he had lost his fear and was once more being aroused by her

magnificent body.

Lying naked in the palm of her hand he also realized that there was no way to

hide his carnal response to her as he saw her staring intently at his stiff

swollen cock. Her intense gaze scared him until he saw her mouth broaden into a

glorious smile. The smile became a vast grin as she extended one giant finger

into his crotch and began very gently and tenderly stroking the turgid hardness

of his prick.

The warm firm roughness of her giant finger rubbing along the throbbing shaft of

his prick was ecstatically erotic to him. When she lifted him to her lush heavy

lips and the soft, wet, velvety rasp of her majestic tongue flicked out and

replaced the fondling finger he nearly exploded. The hot cushiony rough mass of

her giant tongue, sensuously erotic, licked his throbbing prick several times

and then his hips were drawn against the soft plushness of her giant red lips

and his cock sucked into the great cave of her mouth, along with his balls and

half his lower torso. He was once again writhing and squirming, but this time it

was in ecstasy rather than fear.

Jeannie in turn was entranced by his unexpected reaction, she was getting a

terrific kick out of licking and sucking his stiff, engorged, little toothpick

of a prick. When he shivered and heaved his hips against her lips she could

barely taste the miniature drops of cum from his diminutive loins, but his warm,

naked, little body squirming sensuously in her hand brought moisture seeping

into her crotch.

The more she played with this tiny little man the hungrier she got. God, but she

was horny, her hand was rubbing her hungry pussy, her fingers stroking and

probing. Finally she could stand it no longer, she walked to the bed lay him on

the pillow and began undressing,. In moments she was naked with the tiny little

man lying on her pillow watching her every move as he stroked his stiff little


Arnold had never had a dream as erotically bizarre as this fantastic

hallucination, he knew it had to be a hallucination, but it seemed so real. He

stared, totally mesmerized, as the fantastic brobdingnagian amazon undressed

before his amazed eyes, She swiftly removed her tight little miniskirt and

bikini panties, unbuttoned the over-stressed blouse and removed her enormous

bra. Each cup of that humongous bra could have been used for a tent, and the

gargantuan tits released from it were like immense hot air balloons hanging from

her broad chest,

She draped the enormous bra over a chair and massaged those prodigious tits with

her hands. Squeezing, lifting and rubbing them roughly she looked down at him

and smiled, "MMmmmm..... how would you like to play with these great big ol' Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

titties, you cute little bitty man?" and raising the mammoth breasts she bent

her head forward and kissed the tits running her giant tongue around the

nipples, licking and kissing.

"Oh, God! Please please... they're magnificent! I'd do anything to get to play

with them." Arnold found himself begging,

"MMmmm.... you would? ....That's good. Maybe I'll let you play with my nice big

soft titties a little later, but first you have to do something nice for me."

"Oh yes, anything, please let me play with those magnificent tits, I'll do

anything.... anything.. ... please! please..... please!"

"You're neat. Do you know you're the first little doll man I've had that wasn't

too terrified of me to even think about how much fun he could have playing with

my giant titties.

Now, you know what you have to do to get to play with these great big, lovely

monsters? You have to be real nice and wiggle and squirm real good when I put

you up in my big hungry cunt. You just wiggle and squirm, and roll around and

kick in there like a good little living dildo."

"DILDO? Oh shit, no! You can't do that, you'll kill me, you'd squash me in a

second trying to use me for a dildo. Please, don't.... don't! ....Please....


"Aw.... come on now, you want to play with my nice big titties don't you? You've

got to earn the privilege of playing with tits as big as these." With a sultry

mock pout she lowered her eyes and looked down at him, lifting one gigantic tit

to her mouth she slowly licked the nipple of her gigantic tit with her long

sensuous tongue.

"MMmmm.... that feels sooo.... goood..... Mmmm...." she murmured,

Arnold was torn between lust and terror. He had never wanted anything more than

those gigantic tits, and that enormous luscious body, yet he was terrified of

her, he felt so small and helpless as he stared up at her towering body. As her

giant hand slowly reached out toward him, he suddenly realized she had only been

teasing him, pretending that he had a choice in the matter. She was going to do

whatever she wanted with him regardless of what he said or did. He was a toy, a

helpless little toy, no bigger than a doll to her. She was so huge, so powerful,

she could squash him like a bug in the fingers of one hand. She was going to do

whatever she wanted to with him regardless of his wants.

"Come here, little man, you're gonna' get rammed head first up my cunt like a

nice warm wiggly little dildo." Picking him up off the pillow she climbed into

the bed. He screamed as she clamped one hand around his legs squeezing them in

the titanic grip of her giant fingers. Clenched in the grip of her Olympian hand

he had only a second to gape at the broad field of curly blond hair and

cavernous cleft between those brobdingnagian thighs before she simply inserted

him headfirst into her hungry cunt.

Struggling and squirming in the grasp of her giant hand he thrust his hands out

to keep her from putting him in that monstrous pussy. His hands squished into

the deep wet softness of her hot velvety flesh and sliding on the wet slippery

flesh slid precisely into the amazonian tunnel of her body, her giant cunt

swallowing him easily. With his hands over his head it looked almost like he was

diving directly into her giant cunt as he plunged headfirst into her.

"Oooohh.....MMmmmm...." Her voice was a soft moaning thunder as he entered. With

one easy push she swallowed him to his waist. His little body felt so good going

into her she screamed, "Oh, God!" And she could feel him sliding all the way up

inside herself, his squirming writhing struggles feeling terrific.

"OOHHooooo.... What a wonderful feeling, so warm, and hard, and wiggly.....

00hhoooo it feels so good! Mmmmm..... SSoooo gooood, God!" She had never felt

anything so wonderful, he filled her up all the way, bigger than any prick bad

ever been, and they didn't wiggle like that.

The outer world disappeared for Arnold as he slid swiftly through her gigantic

labia and into her cavernous cunt. He tried to fight, but the soft slippery

walls, so hot and wet, gave him no grip, his hands slipped and skidded on the

hot gelatinous masses of soft spongy flesh enfolding him. He felt the hot

velvety sheath of her inner flesh, soft and warmly erotic, slip over his

shoulders, chest, hips, and thighs. Terrific heat enveloped him, and he realized

that he was actually inside her gigantic body. Swallowed like a toy! Completely

engulfed in the hot wet softness of her giant cunt. He couldn't believe how

easily she had taken him into herself, he was no more than a small prick, hugged

from head to knees in the soft elastic grip of her prodigious vagina. The deep

softness of her inner flesh enfolded him completely in the hot liquidy depths of

her gargantuan body. He could feel the great pressure of her giant fingers

holding his legs as he squirmed and wriggled inside her.

She could feel his little hands beating on the sides of her cunt and his legs

thrashing and kicking as he squirmed and writhed. She had never felt anything as

wonderful as his squirming way up inside her. For long minutes she just lay

there feeling him wriggling about deep inside herself and enjoying the fantastic

feeling of his wriggling little struggles, When he started to quiet down she

squeezed her cunt on him, and shivered in ecstasy as she felt him renew his

wonderful squirming struggles again.

In the cavernous passage of her colossal vagina he was writhing and fighting

against the hot spongy flesh lining the velvety soft cavern. She squeezed with

great crushing muscles, and what had been soft spongy masses of warm softly

yielding flesh was suddenly a huge mass of hot wet crushing pressure. His arms

were pinned, his chest squeezed tightly, he could barely breathe or move, and

yet he felt an erotic thrill race through his trapped body at the enormous

pressure she exerted over his entire body. As she squeezed his body in her

enormous love muscles the walls of wet slippery flesh were a rippling mass of

erotic hugs over his entire body.

He found the warm, wet, satiny soft flesh inside her gigantic body and the thick

sweet nectar of her passion wildly erotic. The erotic hugs and squeezes of her

inner muscles over his entire body had produced an enormous erection and the

squirming and wiggling that was driving her into ecstasy were no longer from

fear and fighting her, but the heaving, writhing squirmings of one tremendous

orgasm after another. He twisted and heaved, thrusting against her hot soft

inner flesh with his hips as he rolled about in orgasmic delight.

Ooohh..... God.... she was in heaven, he was thrashing about inside her harder

than ever. In the depths of her cunt he was writhing and kicking and squirming

about like mad, and it felt so terrific she knew she was going to come in


She grasped his legs drew him out, then thrust him deeply back into herself, in

and out, again and again, faster and faster. In minutes she was writhing and

moaning in absolute ecstasy as she rammed him into her cunt again and again. She

was pumping him in and out like mad as she thrilled to his tiny trapped body.

Swallowed by her gigantic pussy like a mans prick in a normal woman, he was in

complete ecstasy as he was plunged in and out of that lusciously erotic cavern

of soft hot sumptuous flesh. Never had he experienced such rapture, such aroused

fervent passion, her use of him was erotic beyond belief. He loved being an

erotic plaything for this titanic giantess. She wasn't using just a part of him

in her wonderful vagina she was using all of him, the hot wet inner walls

pulsing about him wondrously hugged and squeezed his entire body, her deep inner

muscles were fondling him, the softness of her massive vaginal walls hugging

every inch of him. Her whole body seemed to ripple and undulate erotically

around him, great fleshy walls holding him helpless, squeezing, pressing,

kneading him about like dough, subjecting him to her every whim, driving him

wild with desire, crazing him with lust, even as she used him like he was a toy.

The heat grew. Hotter and hotter, terrifically hot, the massive muscles of her

giant cunt crushed him erotically in their titanic grip as the giant cavern of

her cunt filled with the hot thick ambrosia of her cum, sweetly filling his

mouth with every breath. He was sloshing about in luscious rivers of her hot

thick cum, swimming in the hot wetness inside her gigantic vagina as she

shivered in titanic climax over and over again. She was writhing as hard as he

was, twisting and turning, screaming and moaning as she came in the most

tremendous climax she had ever experienced.

After a few moments it was all over, the great muscles relaxed and he lay

gasping for several minutes after her titanic climax. God.... what a fantastic

finish, what tremendous contractions in her climax. In stygian darkness, he lay

ecstatic in complete exhaustion, lost in the wonder of touching, tasting,

feeling the thick satiny soft masses of her giant flesh. While she lay feeling

the terrific afterglow of that magnificent climax, slowly moving his still

squirming body in and out, holding him deep inside herself for long minutes at a

time and still thrilling to his writhing struggles deep within her body.

"MMMmmmmm......" She purred. Deep inside the hot wetness of her vagina his

struggles and wriggling were less now, but he was still moving about inside her

and it felt so good she didn't know if she would ever let him out. "Oohhh....

God," he felt good in there, she lay quietly, feeling him move inside herself as

he struggled. She squeezed him with her cunt and he kicked, it felt so terrific

she squeezed again, and moaned, "000hooo..."

He gasp for breath in the hot moist air deep inside her giant body. The walls of

her pussy squeezed again, this time a long slow pulsing squeeze, the enormous

pressures of her giant's muscles in her vagina caressing and fondling his body

erotically as she squashed him in her awesome muscles. He loved the tremendous

hugs he received from her powerful inner muscles. He twisted about and began

rubbing his hands on the slippery yielding softness of her vaginal walls.

"Mmmm....." She writhed about and squeezed once more on his tiny trapped body,

In moments she was again grasping his legs in her fingers, squeezing with her

cunt and pumping him in and out. Before she knew what was happening she was

writhing and moaning, rolling around while she rammed him in and out like mad,

Each time she rammed his tiny body in she threw her hips up to meet him as he

slid into her. If anything the second coming was better than the first. She

screamed and cried and writhed all over that big bed. When she finally calmed

down to enjoy the afterglow of the second titanic climax there was no question

in her mind where he was going to spend this night, and a lot of nights after

this. "MMMmmmm..... Oh, you poor helpless little man, you've got a new home."

Giantess Stories: ARNOLD INSIDE By Chelgi     After five years of pro football Arnold now owned a small chain of furniture stores and was doing rather

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