Giantess Stories: As she came on stage the whole stadium erupted with cheers

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As she came on stage the whole

stadium erupted with cheers. She began singing and the cheers increased in

volume. Everyone began singing at the top of their voices as the queen of pop

performed her songs.

Then as she was beginning her last song something seemed to happen to the

audience in the stadium. A flash of light and then silence.

Britney stood on stage and viewed the stadium. She could see nobody in the

seats. She began to laugh loudly.

Britney looked down at her watch and smiled again. It had worked, the receiver

she had put in the tickets had been activated by her watch and shrunk the


Britney took 3 large sweet jars from the back of the stage and began walking

round the stadium picking up all the audience who were now a little over 5 cm

tall. It took Britney nearly 4 hours to collect all the audience and put them in

the 3 sweet jars.

Finally she picked up the last one and put them in a jar.

Britney went back to the stage and put the 3 full sweet jars in a bag and

carried it to her waiting limo.

She made sure that the sweet jars were safe in the bag and then got into the


After a short ride in the limo it stopped and Britney got out and walked towards

the door of her hotel. She walked inside and instantly was bombardied by media

and people wanting autographs. She signed a few and had a few pictures taken and

then headed to her room. Once inside she put the bag with the 3 sweet jars on

the bed and stripped off her clothes and went into the bathroom to take a


In one of the jars a boy woke up. He stretched and yawned. He then looked


"Where am I?" he asked as he looked around. All around him were people but

shrunken people. He didn't understand. He remebered watching Britney performing

on stage and then blacking out. He realised that he must have been shrunk


Britney came out of the shower dripping wet and put a towel round her. She

walked into the bedroom and began to put some clothes on.

As she was putting her clothes on she heard movements from inside the bag. She

went over to it and picked out the jars. She brought them to her face and peered


In the jar the people felt themselves being lifted up, then a huge face was

visible infront of them. Some of the younger people saw it was Britney Spears.

She was huge and absolutely gorgeous. All the younger boys felt a sexual

attraction to the huge girl holding the jar.

Her long blond hair hung down at the sides of her face and gently brushed up

against her temples. Her skin was flawless and the make-up she wore highlighted

her smooth cheeks. Her eyes were bright and brown, and they were looking down at

them with a sense of wonder and excitement. Her cute nose was small compared to

the rest of her face and her nostrils moved ever so slightly as she breathed.

Below her nose were her lips which were big, moist, and glossy. She was wearing

a necklace with a few glittering jewels on. Below that her chest was visible all

the way to her breasts.

Britney put the 3 sweet jars on the table and then got into bed and soon fell


The people tried to escape from jars but the lids were securely on and they were


Next morning Britney woke up with a big yawn. Her stomach gurgled and rumbled as

she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looked over at her clock. It read 09:30.

Britney folded back the covers and got out of bed. She went over to the jars and

smiled. She took off the lids and tipped the shrunken people into a large white

bowl which she took out of the cupboard. Britney's stomach rumbled again and she

realised she needed some breakfast. She went round the hotel room searching for

some food but found none. Then she had an idea. Britney had never tried it

before but it sounded fun. She walked over to the bowl with the shrunken people

in and picked one up. She brought the little boy up to her face and studied him.

He had short black hair and looked very cute.

Britney could feel the boy shaking in terror as she held him in her huge hand.

The little boy fell to his knees and put his hands together and looked up at the

face of the huge girl holding him.

"Please don't hurt me Britney, put me down it's too high up here." he said in a

voice that was too low volume for Brtiney to hear.

The shrunken boy in Britney's hand saw an evil smile come over her huge glossy

lips and he felt a shudder go down his spine. He wondered what Britney was going

to do with him. Then to his horror he found out. Brtiney took him by his feet

and dangled him infront of her face. The little boy looked up into Britney

Spears beautiful young face. He was attracted to her instantly, Britney moved

him towards her lips and the little boy was about to scream, as he opened his

mouth his vision was filled by huge glossy lips and dark nostrils. He could feel

short rushes of air as Britney breathed out of her nose. The glossy lips parted

and the little boy could see the darkness of Britney's oral cavity. He squinted

and tried to look between those huge lips. It was hard to see but he definitely

saw something moving. Just then the tip of Britney's tongue came poking out. Her

pink tongue stretched out until it impacted against his face. He tried to scream

but saliva filled his mouth as Britney's pink tongue licked his face. With her

warm tongue pressed against him he couldn't breath so he put his hands against

it's soft surface and pushed with all his might. As he pushed his hands slipped

on the wet surface of her tongue and he began to panic. The tongue continued to

lick and taste him.

He looked at himself and found he was dripping with saliva from Britney. A

thought came to his mind that scared him more than anything else in the world.

This girl was going to eat him.

He was right. Britney had now opened her mouth as wide as she could. Two sets of

blazing white teeth that looked razor sharp were millimetres away from him. He

began to struggle to try and escape the immense grip that he was held in. But it

was useless. After a few seconds he was breathless.

The to his horror he found himself moving closer to the open mouth.

"Please don't eat me Britney" he screamed

The little boy found himself inside Britney's mouth. He was sat on a wet pink

tongue. He gazed around the inside of the huge oral cavity and shuddered again

at the sight of the huge molars to his left and right. Looking behind him he

could see deep in Brittany's mouth her uvula and behind it was the glistening

wall of her throat. The little boy shuddered again. In the couple of seconds he

had made these observations his terror increased again as the mouth began to

close. In the darkness that followed he felt himself being rolled around by the

huge tongue. He was screaming and shouting but there seemed to be no response

from anywhere. As he was being tossed about inside the mouth he felt sharp

objects below him and was glad that the tongue would soon scoop him up again.

The little boy was now covered in saliva and was finding it difficult to breath.

He gasped for air as it was stuffy in Britney's mouth.

Then his terror increased again, in a wave-like motion Britney's tongue pushed

him from behind and he was propelled forward. He put his ams out, which were now

down Britney's throat, and then a smell came to his nose. Not the minty smell in

the mouth but the vomit-like smell of digestive juices coming from Britney's


Britney swallowed and the little boy felt himself being squeezed down her throat

towards her stomach.

Britney felt the little boy enter her stomach and she smiled. She licked her

lips and then felt a belch coming up her throat. She let it out into the night

air, then turned to the bowl. Britney picked up the bowl and brought it to her

lips. The boys in the bowl saw Britney's huge brown eyes looking down at them.

They began to pray.

"I wonder how many of you I can fit in my mouth?" said Britney with a giggle

Britney's lips pressed agianst the rim of the bowl. Suddenly the bowl began to

tilt and at the same time Britney's mouth opened. The bowl tilted farther and

farther until the shrunken boys were staring directly into her awaiting mouth.

Like a kid drinking the last bit of milk from a cereal bowl Britney was tilting

the bowl so that the tiny boys would fall helplessly into her open mouth.

Then the angle became too great and the boys in the bowl began to slide towards

the open mouth. They trid to find a handhold but it was too late. They landed

with a wet thud on Britney's tongue. Britney tilted the bowl back up and closed

her mouth to stop her mouthful of tiny boys falling out. She looked into the

bowl. It was half full.

She opened her mouth wide again and tipped her head slowly back, she sat with

her mouth open so the tiny boys could see the last amount of daylight before

being swallowed by the queen of pop.

Britney then had a thought. She closed her mouth tight and began to chew. She

heard tiny screams of pain from inside her mouth as her huge molars ground the

tiny boys to pieces. Shortly Britney felt nothing in her mouth and knew she had

chewed up her mouthful of tiny boys. She swallowed their remains and smiled.

She took the remaining boys from the bowl and covered them with salad cream and

then swallowed each of them alive. When Britney had eaten all the boys from the

bowl she rubbed her full belly and laughed. "mmm delicious, that was lovely.

I'll have to try that at more concerts. I never realised how easy it would be."

said Britney as she lay down on the bed and soon fell asleep as her stomach

acids began to digest the tiny boys she had eaten for her breakfast.


Giantess Stories: As she came on stage the whole stadium erupted with cheers

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