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Small World By 'gm'

Ever since women learned how to shrink the male body, the world just hasn't

been the same for Timm . Every male person all over the world now belonged to a

female, much like a pet. Some women owned more than one, perhaps even several.

Timm, became the property of anchorwoman Vivian Johnson. Vivian is about 5'8"

with blonde hair, about shoulder length, and green eyes. She had a fantastic

body, with medium sized tits. She tended to keep her finger and toenails pretty

well manicured. Her fingernails were long and usually done with a glossy

clear-coat. Viv usually kept Timm in a small cage when she wasn't around, more

for his protection than anything else. When Timm woke up that morning in his

cage, Viv was already up and ready to go. "Time to get up, my little man," she

said. She was in her panties, with no bra. She walked over to Timm's cage on the

dresser and looked in at him. Timm, being about 1/2" tall, was about half as big

as her thumbnail. "Well, get up so I can dress you." Her voice was like the

sound of a jet, but Timm was used to it by now. Timm, being a little nonchalant,

just rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. "One last chance, my pet" she

said. Again, he just lay there. Viv reached over and undid the latch on his cage

(it was a simple hook latch on a bird-cage type of device). He saw the shadow

approaching, but she was too fast for him to get up. The first thing he saw was

her huge fingernail on her index finger, then he saw the rest of her finger.

There was a large jolt as he felt his doll bed being lifted. He was being lifted

up off the dresser. He rolled over and looked up grogilly, and saw the palm of

Viv's hand above him, the bed being held up by the underneath of her

fingernails. She was holding him about waist high out in front of her, looking

down at him from above her tits. Her hair was in a ponytail, and it looked like

she had already put on her makeup (although she really looked beautiful without

it). "You look beautiful this morning," said Timm. He hoped this would him in

her favor. She could be pretty strict when she wanted to. He never new she liked

to be in so much control when he was working with her. "It's too late for that,

I'm going to have to do everything for you again this morning. I hope you

remember this." He could tell that this stuff usually excited her, because she

usually got a little wet from it. She carried him over to the bathroom and put

him down on the sink, and then pulled up a chair. She had her bosom above the

counter, where her tits jutted out at him. She reached down and gently picked

him up off of the bed underneath the back. She held him on her hand with her

thumb, firmly, but not where it hurt him. One of the things that kept men in

line now was all the stories of men being hurt and killed because the women used

a little too much of their strength on them. He knew she could crush him with

the littlest effort, but she loved him too much for that. She had truly fallen

hopelessly in love with him, and he with her too. The relationship had to stay

like a domineering pet owner merely for his own safety. Her thumb resting on his

midsection, she held him for a few moments while she looked at him. Her

thumbnail was pushed up under his chin, causing a glare from the bathroom

lights. Her nails were done in their customary way, with clear polish. This made

them very slick to Timm's touch, reminding him of wet ice. She then reached over

with her other hand and pulled off his blanket. It often looked like the women

were moving in slow motion, since they were so big. Her breath was like a hot

summer day, but it smelled nice. "How about a kiss," she boomed. She lifted her

hand with him in it up to her face. Slowly her face got bigger and bigger and he

wanted. "Here you go," she said, getting some already chewed toast out of her

mouth, offering it to him in her fingernail. "No thanks, I'm full" he said.

"Now, you need all you can get today" she said, picking him up and putting his

face down to the fingernail. "Eat it!" He ate the glistening mass, as he tried

to figure out why he would need all this energy. "Let's use the bathroom before

we go" she said. This definitely excited her, as she carried him to the bathroom

in her hand. She got her pants down and sat on the stool. She set him on her leg

and settled in. He first heard a drop, and then a stream going into the pool.

She held out her fingernail to him again, and he pulled down his pants and

underwear down, pulled out his dick, and laid it in her fingernail. It looked

like a splinter up against the curvy underside of her huge fingernail. He pissed

into the fingernail. barely even wetting the surface. He pulled up his pants as

she put the finger under some water. She got up and took him over to a smaller

cage she used to transport him in. She set him down as she undid the latch. The

latch might have weighed a ton to him. She picked him up using his collar,

dangling between her thumbnail and fingernail. She let him down and closed the

latch. She then picked up the cage by the handle on top, and lifted him up. "I

don't really want to carry this bulky cage today. I think you ride in the

necklace." The necklace was a small cage that he could barely fit into, which

was on a long gold-rope necklace. She got the necklace out of her purse and

opened it up. It was about 3.5" tall and about 2" wide. She picked him up out of

the cage again and put him in the necklace cage. She closed the door,

accidentally stabbing him with her thumbnail. "Sorry," she said. She lifted up

the necklace and fastened the chain around her neck, leaving him hanging between

her breasts. He looked up and she looked down at him. "Ready to go?" she asked,

not really waiting for an answer. She walked out to the car and got in, bumping

him off her chest all the way. Her high heels made a loud clicking noise as she

walked on the sidewalk. He looked up at her as she drove periodically. She

wasn't paying any attention to him usually, and all he could see was the

underside of her chin, up her nose, and her lips. He could definitely smell her

perfume, and the heat from her body was a little uncomfortable. She got to work

and got out of her car. As she walked into the building, she said hi to all the

other women. Not all the women had their shrunken men with them, but some did.

He thumped back and forth against her chest as she walked. She signed in with

the secretary, and he noticed that the secretary, an older woman of abut 45, had

her little man taped naked to her finger. "He tried to get away when I was

cleaning him up this morning. I figured I'd teach him a lesson," the lady said.

At this she stuck her finger completely in her mouth for about thirty seconds.

When she pulled it out, the guy was drenched from head to toe in hot spit. He

had a terrified look on his face as she blew on him to dry him off. She took one

of her fingernails and scratched at the bottom of his feet, causing him to

squirm. "Yeah, you've got to keep them in line," Viv said, reaching up and

patting the cage with her fingers. The secretary, who still had a smile on her

face, said "It can be pretty fun, though!" She then clicked her thumbnail and

fingernail (they were red), causing a loud popping noise. The little man looked

scared again. Some of the women kept a pretty firm stance with their playthings,

keeping them in line with fear. The men were reduced to having the rights of

insects in this giant-female dominated world. "Oh, could you watch him while I

go check on some tapes?" asked Viv. This caused Timm to jerk in his breath. The

old lady began smiling wickedly. "Sure, I don't think he'll be any trouble" she

said, as Viv took off the necklace and handed it to her. The old lady took the

cage and closed her hand around it. She had really long fingernails, and they

clicked against the bars of the cage. When Viv got out of sight, she picked the

cage up in front of her face and looked at Timm. "I'm sure you won't do anything

to make me mad, will you? I'd hate to have to give you a lesson in obedience."

At this she brought the cage even closer to stare him down. She opened the cage

and pulled him out rather roughly, setting him down in front of her. Her bosom

was rather large, and she was well kept, like she spent all day on her

appearance. She picked him up in her fingers now, her thumb in front and finger

in back. She gave him a little squeeze and smiled. She brought him up to her

face and gave him a lick with her tongue, her saliva coating his face. It tasted

like coffee. He was helpless to resist her, her grip like an iron vise. He

couldn't even move his arms. She put him down again and started working.

Periodically, she would stick the finger with her guy taped to it into her

dress, down between her legs. When she brought it back up, the guy would be a

little wet with a terrified look on his face. Then she would stick her finger in

her mouth and suck for awhile. Finally, Viv came back and picked him back up and

took him to her desk. "She could probably teach me a few tricks to use on you

when you act up" said Viv, looking at Timm. She set him down on her desk and got

situated. "Don't try to get away, or I'll take you back to the secretary. I've

got some news for you. All the reporters and anchors are getting together and

sharing their little men. We each get some of you for awhile, mainly just to

play with. Some of the more dominating women wanted to do this. I guess they

remember when the guys ran things, and want to get even, although some of them

are probably just horny." She had a small cage to keep him in at work, but

sometimes she let him run around loose. Usually he just sit somewhere out of the

way, trying not to get crushed if she wasn't paying attention. Suddenly, her

phone rang, scaring Timm almost half to death. "Hello" Viv said into the

receiver. After she talked for a while, she hung up the phone. "Well, it looks

like we've got a little problem. That was Lissa Simon over at channel 8. She was

supposed to get you tonight, but got called out of town on business. I guess the

rules say I have to give you to the next person on the list." At this she

reached into her desk and got out a list of names. " looks like Teia

Baird is next. It looks like you'll be spending the night with Teia." She

reached slowly over and picked him up in her hand, closing her fingers around

him until only his head was sticking up out of her closed hand. She walked up to

Teia's desk where she was sitting going over some papers and set him down in

front of Teia. Teia was about 5'6" tall with short auburn hair and killer eyes.

Her fingernails were of medium length and darkish red. "What's this?" Teia

asked. "Lissa can't take her turn tonight, so you're up. Can you take my little

guy here?" she asked. "I'd sure like to, but I've got to go out of town" Teia

said, leaning down to put her face in front of Timm. "How are you doing, little

fella. Looking for someplace to stay?" she asked in baby talk. She then reached

out and patted him on the head with her index finger, almost knocking him down.

"Darn, I have to go out of town tonight too. I was counting on someone watching

him for me!" Viv blurted out. "Wait a minute, I've just gotten an idea!!" She

grabbed Timm up hurridly in her hand, rubbing his head with her thumb. He saw

who she was walking toward, but he couldn't quite believe it. She walked right

up to the secretary. "Helen, could you take my little guy tonight...I've got no

one else to turn to" she said pleadingly. Timm noticed that her little man was

now taped down to her desk naked. "Sure, I'm always receptive to having more

playthings" she said, grinning at Timm. "Let me have him now, and I'll take good

care of him." Viv lifted him up to her mouth and pressed him to her lips,

coating him in lipstick. "Now don't you give Helen any trouble, or she will

teach you a lesson" she said as she put some spit on her other finger and wiped

the lipstick off of his face. She then brought him close up to her right eye and

looked him over. Her upper eyelid was darkish brown, and her eyes were a

beautiful green. She set him on the desk in front of Helen, and walked away.

"I'll come get him tomorrow at work." Helen was very dignified and proper

looking, with maticulous detail to her makeup, hair, and nails. She grabbed him

by the collar in a pair of long red fingernails, bringing him up to her face.

"Well, it looks like we'll be getting to know each other a little better. You'll

soon find out what it's like to be 'the weaker sex'" she said throatilly, not

even smiling. "Behave, and I'll wait until we get home to torment you." Timm was

genuinely afraid by her talk, and wanted her to put him down, but she just held

him there staring at him four about 30 seconds. Finally, she put him down and

got up, walking towards the bathroom. "I've got to get out of here" Timm thought

to himself. He looked over at her slave and he hadn't even moved a muscle. "I

don't want to end up like that." He looked around, and there was only a few

people left in the newsroom. He spied the phonecord, and noticed it hung down to

the floor. It was one of those thin ones, so he felt he could get down on it, if

only she would give him time. If he could hide until tomorrow, he could come out

when Viv got to work. He would rather face Viv than the older lady. Just as he

was reaching the floor, he heard the bathroom door open. He then heard the slow

clicking of her heels across the linoleum floor. Desperately, he dropped the

last inch to the floor and hid behind her deskleg. The clicking got louder and

louder, until finally her feet came into view in a pair of red high heels. She

sat down and crossed her legs. He looked up to see the bottom of her legs

protruding from the chair, her feet setting about a foot from him. "I guess she

forgot about me" he thought to himself. "I had better get out of here while the

getting's good." Just as he was about to bolt, he heard her tapping her

fingernails on the desk. "I'll give you 'til the count of one to get out here

where I can see you. After that, you WILL be sorry!" she said very softly and

calmly. Just then, he made his move. He ran out from under the desk for the

closet door behind her. He ran for awhile, until finally he figured she started

looking the wrong way. He knew she was looking, because he heard the chair move.

About halfway to the door, and safety, a shadow suddenly went over him. Before

he could react, a huge red high-heel came down inches in front of him. He

stopped and started to run to the right. Then, all of a sudden, he was being

grabbed behind the collar again and hauled up into the air. Helen closed her

fist around him, squezing him tightly. He could feel the underneath of her

fingernails against his back, as he lay in the stifling heat of her hand,

engulfed in total darkness. She lay him down on the desk in front of her, not

saying a word. The first thing she did was pull his shoes off. She held his

upper body with the thumb and index finger of her left hand, and pulled his

pants off with the right. She couldn't get the buttons undone, so she merely

pulled them off with her fingernails. It was like tearing tissue paper to her.

Then she held his legs and pulled the shirt off of his head. She was a lot

rougher than Viv always was. He began to think she was going to pop his head off

with her fingernail; she looked very stern and commanding. She picked him up and

laid him down on his back on the upper digit of her left index finger, his head

resting on her fingernail. Then she took a thin piece of tape and put it around

his chest, strapping him down to her finger. She then did the same thing to his

legs. He was now at her mercy, completely. He could barely breathe, but he was

in no danger of suffocating. Slowly her finger went up to her face, entering her

mouth. First he saw the ceiling, then he saw the underside of her nose, then her

upper lip. She hesitated, then put it the rest of the way in. He saw her upper

teeth go by, just before her mouth closed entirely, leaving him in complete

darkness. It seemed like an eternity in her mouth. At first, it wasn't that bad,

just extremely hot and wet. Then, her spit increased around him, until finally

he was covered with it. He fought back trying to breath, lest he drown in her

spit. She clamped down with her tongue, pushing him up against the roof of her

mouth. The sucking action of her mouth threatened to take him off her finger and

down her throat. Finally, when he thought he would pass out, daylight erupted

and he was brought out of her mouth. "I trust this first lesson will be

remembered. There are many ways I can convince you to toe the line; pray you

don't learn many of them. You will learn some of them though" she said to him.

He still couldn't see, since his face was covered with her spittle. Suddenly he

was engulfed in a strong wind, and he held his breath. She was drying him off,

he guessed. She held up her finger in front of her, so he was facing her. He

felt the finger bend, then saw the tip of her thumbnail above him.

"CLICK"...there was a violent shock as she flicked her fingernail off of her

thumbnail. He lost his vision as his head stopped spinning, and eventulally he

could hear again. He tried to remember back to what she had done to her slave

while he was watching, but he couldn't think straight. When his vision cleared,

she was smiling wickedly at him. Her finger was brought under the desk and up

under her skirt. Suddenly, he could remember the treatment. The inside of her

dress ran along his top as he was brought to her waist. He heard her rustling

her panties, and then realized that they were crotchless. He heard a squishing

noise behind him, and smelled her pussy releasing it's juices. Slowly her finger

entered her twat, engulfing him in her juice. It was hot and musty inside her

puss as she pushed her finger in and out for about 20 seconds, getting wetter

all the time. Then, she pulled him out and brought him back up to the top. He

was coated from head to toe in her womanly juices. A thick sticky coat covered

his head, and he couldn't breathe. Darkness engulfed him as he realized he was

back in her mouth, being sucked on again. This time, she went "HHMMMM" as he was

in her mouth, causing him to vibrate. Daylight again, and she once again was

blowing on him. "Don't make me angry again," she said coolly to him, as she

continued about her work. She did a variety of things while he was taped to her

finger. She appeared to have forgotten about him. Once she got out her compact

and applied some lipstick to her lips, which he obtained a close-up of her nose

when doing so. She periodically clicked her fingernails, causing his head to

spin. He surmised from this that she hadn't forgotten about him after all.

Eventually, she said bye to some of her co-workers and got ready to leave. She

untaped her other little man and put him in her purse. He couldn't see where.

Then she untaped his little body and placed him inside the purse also. He was

put into a little pouch filled with cottonballs. The last thing he saw was her

giant hand pulling her car keys out of the purse, and then total darkness. He

felt the purse lifted and carried, finally coming to rest. He heard the muffled

car engine, and waited for the ride to end, dreading what was in store for him

when they got to her house. When the purse was opened again, he was in her house

in her kitchen. She reached in and he saw her little man plucked from his pouch,

then she slowly lowered her fingers to him. She grasped him around the torso and

lifted him up and laid him on the table. In front of her was a rather large cage

containing several little men. She opened the cage door and placed her little

man inside. Then, he was lifted over also, and set down. He noticed the other

little men shrink away from her hand as she reached in. "HELLO MY LITTLE MEN"

she said as she brought her face up to the cage. She then went to the bedroom,

where the shower was heard from within. About ten minutes went by when one of

the little men climbed out of the open cage door and got onto the table. He

looked terrified when he heard the bedroom door open again. "Not so fast" she

said as she came up to the table and grabbed the little man. She now held him in

her fist, with only his head sticking above the top of her hand. "Let me tell

you a story, Timm. When my husband was normal sized, he liked to torment me. He

was much stronger than me, and often hit me. When he was shrunk like all the

rest of the little men, the first thing I did was squash his little body

underneath my thumb. I didn't mean to, I guess I just got a little carried away

with a power trip. Now, I buy little men off of the black market, since I seem

to use them up quite fast. I won't damage you, though, since you're Viv's

property." He noticed that the little man's face was beginning to turn purple,

her powerful grip squeezing the breath from his body. She walked into her

bedroom with the little man still in her hand and came back with a little spool

of thread. She was holding the little man upside down from the legs between her

long fingernails. The negligee she had on showed her still flat stomach and

lovely legs. She was in her bare feet, and her appearance was still immaculate.

She walked over to the table and set down, holding the little man out in front

of her between her thumb and fingers. The other little men could see everything

that was happening, being about a foot away. Timm surmised this was her way of

frightening them. She began to tie the thread around the helpless slave,

wrapping him about 10 times with the thread so he was totally immobilised. She

held him very close to her face while doing this so she could see what she was

doing. Her immense fingernails continually poked the little man, although he

dared not show any sign of discomfort. She tied off the thread, bul left a long

strand attached to the little man. "Some lessons are learned through

humiliation" she said, looking directly at the little men in the cage. "You

shouldn't try to run away from me!" At this, she slowly lifted the little man up

by the string until he was above her head. She tilted her head back and opened

her mouth. Slowly, ever so slowly, she lowered the little man down into her

gaping mouth, until he finally disappeared from view. She closed her mouth and

began moving her tongue around. This went around for about 30 seconds. She

closed her eyes and moaned softly. She then grasped the string and brought him

back out. The little man was drenched from head to toe in her hot spittle. She

took the little man underneath the table, still wet. They couldn't tell what she

was doing, but she appeared to be manipulating her underwear under the table.

Suddenly, she sighed, and brought her hands back up above the table. The little

man was not in her hands, though. She closed her eyes and appeared to moan

softly. She reached out to the cage and put her hand in. She was blindly

searching for another little man. Timm saw her fingers coming towards him, but

he couldn't get out of the way. She grabbed him up roughly between her thumb and

index finger and brought him out of the cage. With her other hand she lifted her

nightie over her head, throwing it on the floor. She shoved him against one of

her nipples and gyrated him around, almost crushing him against the rock hard

nipple. She was moaning, and he could feel the vibrations of her voice through

her breast. She rubbed him against her lips next, licking him with her tongue,

then rubbed him all over her face. Her makeup soon covered him, and she pressed

him against her eyelids. She opened her eyes and looked at him, finally catching

her breath. "You've done well...almost no struggling" she said throatilly. She

dropped him to the table in front of her, one of her tits inches from his face.

She reached down under the table and pulled the little man up with the string.

"That's what happens to bad little men" she said sternly. The little man was

completely soaked in her womanly juices. He had been in her puss for almost a

minute. She put him in her mouth again and licked him off. She then stuck him up

sideways to her teeth and bit the string. One slight error and she would have

bit the little man in half. She picked up the little man and put him back in the

cage. She then leaned her face down to Timm and blew a puff of air at him. It

hit Timm like a punch in the face. He fell backwards and slid to a stop on the

slick tabletop. She immediately put her index finger on her right hand down on

his stomach, immobilising him. Her giant red fingernail went from his crotch to

the side of his head. He couldn't see what she was doing, but he heard the

screech of tape being torn. Next thing, she taped him down to the table with two

very thin pieces of tape. She leaned over him again, her face taking up his

whole view. He couldn't see where her hands were. All of a sudden, he felt her

huge fingernail on the bottom of his feet, scratching him. She wasn't doing it

very hard, but it felt like she was ripping his skin off. She then rubbed the

tip of her fingernail up and down his body, stopping to grasp his little dick

with her thumbnail and index-fingernail. She could have sliced it off with the

barest of movements, but instead she gently pulled it up and down. He got very

hard and started to come. "Finally. Give me your juices!" she whispered softly.

When he started to squirt, she again stuck her face down close to him. He saw

her open her mouth, and begin to slowly lower it down to him. She could have fit

10 of him in it, if she wanted. Suddenly, she engulfed him. First, it got

completely dark as her mouth closed over him. Then, after a few seconds, her

tongue began wrapping around him, carressing him up and down. She licked him in

the midsection, which just increased his output. Finally, she lifted off of him.

"Well, I've had enough for today. I think it's time for bed" she said, much to

his relief. "But don't think you're finished!" This made Timm cringe. He didn't

know if he could take anymore from her. She got up and got a towel and put it

over the cage of little men, leaving him taped down. She then put the cage up on

the shelf. Timm was dreading her next move, waiting for whatever little trick

she had dreamed up. She came over and took the tape off of him, lifted him up by

the legs, carrying him to her bedroom hanging upside down. She carried him out

in front of her, where he was about 6 inches in front of her glistening cunt.

She set him down on the table next to her bed. "I don't think you'll move, will

you?" she asked him, as if she needed to. She opened the drawer to the table and

pulled out a little leather harness, which had a very long string attached to

it. She picked him up and put the harness on him, which had straps in the back.

She got out a little remote control and pushed a little lever down, at which

Timm heard a whirring close to the ceiling. He looked up and saw a little hook

descending on a piece of wire. When she could reach it, she put the end of the

string on the harness and laid him on the bed. She then pushed a button and he

was slowly lifted up off the bed into the air, getting a view of her huge body

as he went up. When he was up to about her chest, she stopped him. She then laid

down in bed with the covers off. Timm was suspended about 2' above her throat,

and she was looking up at him. She pressed a button and he slowly lowered down

to her. She pulled him close to her face and said "Now I can have you at the

touch of a button." She pressed him to her lips and let some spit dribble out of

her mouth, wetting his body. She blew on him for a moment and then began rubbing

him over her face. Her skin was very smooth, and smelled like some sort of night

cream. She set him between her bosom and laid back, lifting him up and pressing

him to her nipples periodically. Eventually, she got tired and raised him up to

about 6" above her face. She stared at him for awhile, until she eventually fell

asleep. Her breath would hit him when she would exhale, and he would gently sway

back and forth. Periodically, she would lick her lips, making her tongue come

very near to his feet. Finally, Timm fell asleep, being gently rocked back and

forth by her breath. When he woke up, he noticed that it was completely dark,

and he couldn't breath. It was also incredibely hot and wet. He was being

squeezed on all sides periodically, almost spasmodically. Abruptly he was

drenched in light, and when he gained his senses he was between her legs. "When

I tell you to wake up, I mean it!" she said. She then disappeared into the

bathroom, taking a shower. She got dressed, unhooked him, and taped him to her

finger again. She then went to the kitchen and made herself something to eat.

When she would raise her toast to her mouth, her sound of biting it was

deafaning to Timm, and he trembled in fear. He couldn't see her face unless she

turned her finger around to her face. Once or twice she would pull a little

chewed up food out of her mouth in her fingernails and make him eat it. She

clicked her fingernails a couple of times, just to remind him of her complete

dominance. When she put her makeup on, he would get a very close view of this.

Especially when she put her eye makeup on. He would get close enough to reach

out and touch her eye, if he could have moved his arms. When she was finished,

she pressed his head to the tips of her lips, coating him in the slick lipstick,

matting his hair down. Of course, this gave her an excuse to stick him back in

her mouth. She then drove to work, continually clicking her fingernails, giving

him jolts. When they got to work, Viv was waiting on them, looking anxious. "Did

he give you any trouble?" she asked, taking him in her hand and giving him a

very long kiss. "No, they NEVER give me trouble, at least more than once.

Anyway, if he didn't like the treatment I gave him, wait until Lissa gets her

hands on him" she chuckled. Timm didn't like the sound of that at all. Viv

carried him back to her desk in her hand, stroking him gently her index finger.

She set him down on her desk and started to work. Later, the phone rang..."Hello

Lissa, I've been waiting for you to call! I guess it's your turn tonight." Lissa

arrived later that day to get Timm. She was about 5'6" tall, with medium length

black hair, large red lips, dark eyes, and medium length red fingernails. She

stared at Timm coldly as she walked up to the desk. "He's been acting up lately

so do whatever you can to calm him down," Viv said, as she picked him up between

her fingernails and held him up to Lissa. "Oh, I can cure him of being a

troublemaker, alright!" she said, as she took him from Viv. She grabbed him

roughly in her fist, squeezing her hand shut on him. Timm began to gasp for air,

being crushed in her iron grip. She then walked out to her car, keeping Timm in

her hand. When she got in her car, she opened her hand up and began opening a

small cage in the passengers seat. In the cage was another little man. He were

all three wrapped up with tape, laying on their backs. She took out a small

piece of tape from her purse and wrapped Timm in it. She then put him in the

cage and began driving. When she got home, she carried the cage into the house,

hanging it on a hook from a string. They were about chest high to her. "You are

lucky tonight, my little playthings, I'm going to do my nails tonight." At this,

the other little man looked terrified. Timm could only imagine what this would

entail. She came back out carrying a tub of nail tools. She sat down at the

table and opened up the cage. She reached her huge hand in and grabbed the other

little man. She then lifted him up to her mouth and appeared to bite him, but

she was only biting the tape off of him. She set him down and then began

reaching for Timm. Slowly her huge hand approached, her nails leading the way.

She caught him in her hand and lifted him up out of the cage. She put him to her

mouth and shoved him up against her teeth. They were very smooth and slick. He

felt an enormous pressure at his middle and the tape broke away. She then set

him down on the table also. "Don't move or you'll be sorry!" she said sternly.

Timm had learned his lesson about running with the secretary. She reached in the

tub and pulled out a clear liquid and some cotton balls. She began applying the

liquid to her nails, about 6" away from the frightened little men. From the

smell, Timm could tell it was fingernail polish remover. When she wasn't

looking, the other little man made a break for it. He ran over to the edge of

the table and started crawling down a shirt that was draped on the edge. Lissa,

having cleaned all of the old polish off her nails, was putting the remover up

and getting something else. When she turned back around, she noticed the little

man was gone. "Alright, who wants to ... Where are you?" she screamed. She

looked furious. She shoved the chair back and got down on the floor. She spotted

the little man trying to run away across the floor. She pounced on him,

furiously grabbing him up in her hand. "RUN AWAY FROM ME, WILL YOU?" she said

between clenched teeth, holding the little man in front of her face. "I have

something special planned for you, and as for your friend, I'll make sure he

doesn't get away either!" First she put the other little man on some sort of

handle, where he was laying on his stomach. The device had a handle where she

could hold it. She set him aside for a moment. She then picked up Timm, roughly,

and laid him down on an emery board. She then put a piece of tape around it to

hold him down. She picked up the emery board and began filing her nails. The

sound was deafening to Timm, the constant scratching back and forth. Her hand

was holding the board at his feet and her nails were coming close to his head

when she would scratch them. The constant motion back and forth was making him

dizzy. After about 15 minutes of this, she finally took him off the board. She

placed him on the table in front of her and then reached into the bucket,

pulling out a battle of fingernail polish. She placed her hand down in front of

Timm, where he was looking at her hand. "Stand up and watch me polish my nails.

You can tell me if I get any streaks. You might as well blow on them while

you're at it." He stood up and got in front of her nails, where he was about

chest high to them. She ran the polish on her index finger in front of Timm,

using the little brush from the bottle. The dark red liquid spread out evenly,

coating her nails in it's color. Her face was very close to him, as she examined

her work. "Well, blow on them. Don't just stand there!" she boomed. Timm took a

deep breath and blew. He knew it wouldn't make a difference. His lungs were just

too small. After finishing all her nails, she let them dry. Finally, she picked

up the other little man and held him up to her. She licked the little man's

back, wetting him. Timm couldn't tell what she was going to do. Suddenly, she

rubbed the little man across her fingernails, holding him with the other hand.

Then, Timm realized what she was going to do. She was going to use the little

man as a buffing pad for her nails. Horrified, Timm watched as she rubbed him

across again. Then she started doing it faster and faster. He could hear the

little man screaming as his burning back rubbed her nails. She stopped and

licked the little man's back once again. Timm could see that it was red. She

started out again with the little man, and once again the screaming started.

Finally, she set him down and took him off the board. "Well, I think this one

has had enough," she said. Timm was glad she wouldn't hurt him anymore. She set

the little man down next to him roughly. Horrified, he watched as her fingers

slowly came towards him. Surely she wouldn't do anything to him, he hadn't tried

to run away. Her fingers roughly picked him up, bringing him over to the device.

She strapped him in the thing, holding him body completely immobilised. Slowly

he was raised up. Suddenly, he felt her hot breath on his back, then felt her

tongue slide down his back. Her hot saliva slid down his sides. Now, he waited

for the inevitible. Then, it started. First, he felt his back slide across her

nails. It felt real slick, not hurting at all. He could feel each individual

nail as he slid across them. Then, she did it again. Slowly, she sped up,

whisking him across the nails faster and faster. The violent motion jarred his

brain, making him dizzy. Then, he felt the burn start. Each subsequent pass made

his back hotter and hotter. He stifled a scream as his back began to turn red.

Then, he screamed. This only seemed to make her push down harder. She seemed to

enjoy the screams the most. Then she abruptly stopped. Relief was all Timm could

think about, grateful that it was over. Then, he felt her tongue on his burnt

back all over again. The hot spit hurt intensely. It then started all over

again, she was actually buffing her nails with his body. Eventually, he passed

out. Lissa reached down and grabbed the tape, pulling it and Timm off the floor

of the bathtub. She then stuck the tape on her index finger, with Timm on the

nail. She walked into the kitchen and went to the refrigerator. When she opened

it, he saw a horrible site. On a white cake, tied with thread, were several

little men, stuck feet first into the cake. Many of them were blue and

shivering. She grabbed the cake out of the refrigerator and set it on the table.

Detaching him from the tape, she tied him up with the thread, making his body

immoble. She picked him up and put him down into an empty space in the cake,

making him another ornament. The cake was freezing, and he began to get cold.

"You all look good enough to eat!" was all she said as she picked up the cake

again. Her huge tits were right above Timm's head, and he wished for once he

could be pressed up against the warmth of them. That was his last thought as she

put the cake back in the fridge and shut the door, locking them in freezing

darkness. The little men waited for what seemed an eternity for her to come

back. Finally, the door opened to a searing white light and sounds of womens

voices and music. Lissa was dressed up and had on her makeup.Still a little

groggy, the little men heard oohs and aahs as they were carried on the cake into

the living room, where some dressed up women were. The women all crowded around

the table with the cake, some putting their fingers down into the frosting next

to the little men, tasting it's sweetness. Lissa then cut the cake into squares

around the little men. "Bring your plates, ladies, and come get your dessert!"

she shouted, to the gleeful sounds of the excited ladies. Lissa began scooping

up the pieces of cake and putting them on the women's plates. When it came

Timm's turn, he was lifted up and put on a plate. He couldn't see whose he was,

but he felt her hot breath on his bare back as she looked him over. He spotted a

huge silver fingernail coming his way as it dove into the frosting next to his

legs. It came back up with a load of frosting in its curved underside, and he

heard it enter the woman's mouth as she sucked the finger dry. Then the whole

hand came into view in front of him, reaching for the cake. It latched onto the

cake and lifted it up to head level. Timm felt the cake sink in at his back as

the giant mouth he couldn't see bit into it. He felt the hot breath of the

woman, and then she clamped her mouth down on it, centimeters from his back. Her

nose came down over his head, and he found himself inside her nostril. The cake

went down to the plate again. This time, as the hand lifted the cake up, it

turned around so he could see her face. It was Robin North, and she was lifting

him to her mouth. She had on a lot of makeup, and her lips were very red. She

had on creamy brown eye shadow. She looked down at him as she raised up the cake

to her mouth. Timm could see her lips part and her teeth prepare to take in the

cake. Her teeth were very white. Slowly her mouth got closer, bringing him into

the gaping hole. She stuck the cake in her mouth and bit down. Her teeth came

together right in front of Timm, and her upper lip went down the front of him,

smearing him with lipstick. When she had eaten all around him, she held him

between her thumb and forefinger and sucked the cake off of his lower body. He

felt her tongue probing his legs and groin area, giving him a rush to his prick.

He was barely sticking out of her lips. He looked up and saw her upper lip, all

glistening with lipstick. On his sides he saw her clearly polished fingernails,

which were medium length. She pulled him out of her mouth, sucking all the way,

and held him up to her face. Her eyes were done in eyeliner. She stuck him up

against her lips and gave him a long kiss. "Okay, girls...put your 'candles'

back on the cake dish," Lissa said, and the women put them back down in a heap.

Timm laid there immoble with lipstick coating him. Lissa came over and put them

back in the refrigerator. After what seemed an eternity, Lissa got them back

out. She began sticking each one in her mouth and drinking some water, rinsing

them off. Timm was picked up, put in her mouth. He felt her tongue slowly

probing him, then he was deluged with water. He was jostled violently against

her teeth, the extracted. She then began tearing the thread off each one of

them. One of the little men was new, and didn't know about how strict she was.

When she went to bite off his thread, he spit in her face. Timm watched in

horror. The spit wasn't even enough for her to feel, but the intent was evident.

Slowly, calmly, she bit off the thread. She put the little man down on the table

in front of her and grasped each tiny hand between her thumb and forefinger.

Slowly, she pulled. Timm heard some tearing sounds, and the little man let out a

blood-curdling scream. With even the sligtest of efforts, she ripped one of his

arms off. It dangled in her fingers. She dropped it on a plate and grasped him

by the middle, still holding his other hand. Once again she pulled, and the

other arm came away effortlessly. The little mans screams continued. Still

holding him by the middle, she took one of his feet and laid it in her

fingernail. She pressed her thumbnail down on the joint, until finally it

penetrated the bone and skin. She repeated the the process on the other foot.

The little man, now in shock, had stopped screaming. Lissa picked up the bloody

heap and laid him on the floor. She lifted her high heel and came down on his

body with her weight. "SCRUNCH". It was over. "Let this be a lesson to all of

you. I am boss here!" she said coolly. All the little men quivered. After taking

the other little men back to her neighbors, she came back to Timm. "Well, since

I had to give my little man to my neighbor, I may have to ask Viv if I can have

you," she said. Timm began imagining the nightly torture he would have to endure

as her slave. Surely Viv wouldn't give him away. "I am going to have to be sure

that nothing happens to you." She carried him into her bedroom hanging upside

down in her fingers. She laid him down on the pillow on the bed and taped him

down. He was laying on his back, naked, taped to her pillow. She left the room,

turning out the light. Later, he was awakened by a jostling. Not knowing where

he was, he glanced over to his left. There was Lissa's giant face with eyes

closed. He assumed she just went to sleep. He was about 6" from her mouth, and

her breath hit him at regular intervals, making him hot. Eventually, he fell

asleep again. He awakened again some time later with a crushing feeling on his

chest. He opened his eyes and saw her giant lips above him. She was kissing him.

Her hot saliva coated him as she pressed him inside her mouth, probing him with

her tongue. Did she know what she was doing? Timm guessed that she did. He

assumed she got lonely, too. She began breathing heavily as she him and pulled

him off the pillow. She rubbed him all over her face. She took him under the

covers and put him up against her nipple. She then jammed him inside her cunt,

barely keeping hold of him as she probed herself in and out with her tiny body.

When he woke up that morning, she was already up and ready to go. He was coated

in her juice, dry now. She taped him to her finger and left, taking him back to

channel 6. She never even acknowledged him. When she got there, she found out

that Viv wouldn't be in today, so she left him with Helen. Even Helen was a

welcome change from Lissa. He would never complain about his mistress again. It

just so happened that Helen was doing her nails also. Lissa set Timm down in

front of her and left, leaving Helen to look after him. "Well, here you are

again. Viv won't be back until tomorrow, so I guess you're all mine to play with

for awhile. Don't think I've forgotten about you running away last time. I have

a way of correcting that!" she said smugly. She appeared to have her left hand

done, with her nails still wet with the purplish red polish. She did all but her

index finger on her right hand, all the time having Timm taped down to the desk

naked. She put a triple coat of polish on her nail and put the polish down. She

untaped Timm and laid him down on top of the polish. He felt the polish, cold

and slick on his back. "Don't even breathe," she said softly. She blew on the

nail and Timm. After about 30 seconds, she quit blowing. Timm tried to move, but

anywhere his body touched the polish, he was pasted down. She tried to pick him

off the nail with her other hand, but he was stuck hard. "That ought to keep you

out of trouble!" she said happily. She then went about her work, with Timm stuck

to the top of her nail. Most of the time she didn't pay any attention to him,

not caring if he was uncomfortable or not. Every once in a while she would hold

him up to her face and look at him. After about an hour, she started to fondle

his tiny little dick with her third finger of the same hand. She would rub the

huge tip of her nail on it, eventually causing it to get rock hard. She would

then put him between her legs and finger herself. Timm was afraid he would come

off in her cunt, where he would probably have to stay until she douched again.

Eventually, at the end of the day, she got out her nail tools and took him off

her nail. She picked him up and put him in her purse, in the same pouch he had

been in earlier. Eventually, the purse opened back up and she picked him back

out. "Here you are, Ula," she said. A large hand with long silver fingernails

picked him up and hoisted him up to a pair of huge glistening red lips. Ula

Svenson worked at Channel 8, was about 6' 2" and was very blond. As most of the

women do with little men, she pressed him up against her lips. Timm was buried

in their wet softness. Immediately after smothering him in her lipstick and

spittle, Ula stuck him down her shirt and stretched the elastic on her bra open.

Her enormous breast loomed in front of Timm. Her fingernail and thumbnail spread

apart, dropping him down into the bra. He landed in the bottom of the bra, about

even with the huge nipple. She then released the fabric, trapping Timm within

the bra. His face was lodged up against the underside of her nipple. She then

began to walk, rubbing his face against the nipple. She moaned softly as his

touch on her nipple aroused her. Her breast bobbed up and down with her

breathing, and when she talked, Timm vibrated at the noise coming through her

chest. It grew incredibly hot as her skin smothered him. Eventually, he fell

asleep. When he awoke, he was laying on her desk nude. She didn't appear to be

around, so he stood up and looked around. Thinking he could finally escape, he

ran to the edge of her desk and looked down. Seeing no way to get off the desk,

he walked over to the center of the desk. It appeared she was getting ready to

put on her makeup. Then, he heard her voice. "I need to get my copy, Tina." Timm

panicked. It wasn't wise to try to run away from someone 1000 times bigger than

you. He ran into the nearest hole he could find. When he got inside, he

discovered what it was... a tube of lipstick. He pressed himself against the

sticky object inside the tube. He saw her hand through the hole grab a stack of

papers. Then, another voice came to him. "Ula, can I borrow some lipstick?" the

voice said. "Sure, in fact, you can have this tube. I get them free from my

cosmetics dealer." He saw her huge fingernails coming over to the tube, and

suddenly it lurched into the air. The light disappeared as the top went on the

lipstick. Once again it began to grow uncomfortabely hot in the tube, and he

found himself stuck to the end of the lipstick. After a couple of hours, light

flashed in on him. He was spun around as someone was getting ready to put on

some of the lipstick. When he stopped spinning, he was out in the air on the end

of about 1" of lipstick. He looked up and saw a pair of huge eyes staring at

him, amazed. "Oh, who are you? Aren't you my "candle"? I've been thinking about

you for so long," she said. Slowly, her huge silver fingernails reached down for

him. She grabbed him by the mid-section and lifted him off of the stick. She

then proceeded to bring him right up to her huge right eye. Her huge brown eyes

looked at him lustily, and she squeezed just a little harder. He knew he was in

for another workout. She carried him to her desk and laid him down on the table.

"Maybe I ought to go tell Ula that I have you. On the other hand, I could keep

you for myself...I haven't had a little man for so long," she said. She held him

down with her finger as she opened up her desk drawer. She didn't push down very

hard, but it was still enough to keep him from breathing. She brought out a tiny

little cage, about an inch square. Picking him up, she put him in the cage and

let it snap shut. "That ought to keep you safe until I can get back. Don't go

away now," she laughed cruelly, as if he could go anywhere. Slowly she receded

in his view. Occasionally, women would walk by the desk, not even noticing the

insignificant little man on the desk. She came back after about 15 minutes,

picking up the little cage in her huge fingernails. She grasped the cage door

and swung it open, her huge silvery nails roughly jamming him up against the

back of the cage. Picking him out of the cage, she again put him down on the

desk. Looking confused for a moment, she got up abruptly and walked toward the

bathroom. Timm, seeing his chance for another escape, ran over the the desk

edge. Slowly he slid down the phonecord, until he was on the floor. Now, where

could he run to. He had to act fast, because he couldn't get very far too

quickly. He began to run for the next desk, being unoccupied. About a foot from

the desk, he heard the bathroom door open. Stuck out in the open, he laid down

and curled up in a little ball, trying to make himself as small as

possible...not too hard in his position. "Uh oh, trying to run away, huh? You

should have known you couldn't have gotten very far!" she exclaimed as she

towered over him. "Now you're forcing me to be a little more strict with you!"

she sighed. Looking up, she stretched as far up as he could see, her huge feet

about an inch from him. Her toes were about as twice as tall as him, protruding

from her open-ended shoes. She bent over and grasped him by the feet, lifting

him off of the ground. Again, she laid him out on the desk, holding him down

with her finger. He struggled to move, but she held him down like he was

nothing. She opened up the cage door again and pushed him back in, shutting the

door. "I won't have you running off on me again," she said, as she held the cage

up to her eye, long silver fingernails grasping the little eyehole on top of the

cage. Her eyelid was brown with eyeshadow, her lashes long and black. She then

brought him down to her huge lips, glistening with freshly applied red lipstick.

She brought the little cage closer to her mouth, and the lips parted. She darted

her tongue out, pushing it between the bars of the cage. It shoved him up

against the back of the cage, coating him in her saliva. She drew him back and

smiled at him, her huge white teeth glistening. "I can't wait to get you home

where I can play with you properly." She fastened a clip to the top of the cage,

and then snapped it onto the chain around her neck, letting him dangle on top of

her breasts. She leaned back in her chain, and he was raised and lowered with

the rhythm of her breathing. Occasionally, she would grab the cage

absent-mindedly, twirling him carelessly. After about 3 hours, she took off the

chain and took him back out of the cage. "It's time for us to go home to play,"

she grinned at him, holding him in the edge of her fingernail. Taking out some

tape, she fastened him to the end of her right index finger, his head resting

against her nail. She looked at him constantly on the trip home, licking her

lips and sometimes even him. When she went into the house, the first thing she

did was take him off of her finger and put him down on the kitchen table, taped

of course. After about 15 minutes, she finally came back out from her bedroom.

She picked him off of the table and carefully took the tape off of him, plopping

down in a big chair. She held him in her hand and stroked him with the

fingernail of her index finger, scratching his side very hard with the edge. She

took off of her shirt and held him up to her huge breast, grasping him between

her fingers. She began rubbing him on her huge nipple, moaning softly. She

lifted him up to her face and rubbed him all over her face, getting her

sweet-smelling makeup all over him. She pressed him against her eyelid, coating

him in brown eyeshadow. She then put him up to her glistening lips, coating him

in red lipstick. His mouth was full of the stuff by the time she pulled him

away. She then slapped him with her tongue, licking him from head to toe,

cleaning off all of the makeup. When she was done, she held him upside down from

the feet in front of her mouth and blew on him until he was dry. "Well, I've got

an early day tomorrow, so I had better get to bed," she yawned. "I've got a

surprise to fix also!" Fearing what this meant, she carried him into the bedroom

and laid him down on the nightstand next to her bed. Putting him back in the

cage, she laid it on the edge of the nightstand, facing her. She laid down and

turned on her side, where she was facing the nightstand. Timm estimated he was

about 6 inches from her face. She stared at him intently for awhile until Timm

fell asleep, her hot breath hitting him every few seconds. In the morning, he

woke up to discover she had already gotten ready for work. She came in and

picked up the cage. "It's time for you to get ready for the surprise!" she

exclaimed. The first thing she did was tie him up with thread so he couldn't

move...this wasn't easy with her long fingernails. They continually hit him and

knocked him around. "You're gonna make a certain woman very happy." She took him

up and stuck him feet-first into a piece of chocolate cake, his little white

body looking like a bizarre candle. She then picked up the piece of cake and

placed it in a little box and shut the lid. He felt the box being lifted up,

although he couldn't see anything in the total darkness of the closed box.

Eventually, he fell asleep. When he awakened, he was freezing cold. He assumed

he had been placed in a refrigerator again. He was totally at whoever's mercy

had placed him in the icebox. He waited and waited, and eventually he felt the

box lifted up and being carried. After it was set down, the lid came up

abruptly. Blinking his eyes to get adjusted to the light, he saw Robin reaching

down for the cake. Picking it up, she placed it on a plate and set it down on a

desk. She then put a piece of paper down in front of the plate that said "Happy

Birthday". After this, a napkin was draped over the cake, resting on the top of

his head. He heard someone approach the desk and pick up the piece of paper.

Then, the napkin was lifted...he couldn't see who it was because he was facing

the wrong way, tied helplessly naked on this little piece of cake. "Well, well,

well...what have we here," he heard as he was lifted and turned at the same

time. When he finally was turned all the way around, he found himself staring

into the huge eye of Tammy Morris. He gasped in terror as much as in fright.

"Should I eat you with the cake, or save you for later?" She set him down on the

desk and put him facing towards her. She reached into her desk and came out with

a fork. She stabbed the fork down in front of him and proceeded to eat the cake

from around him, forcing him to look up at her huge mouth and the monstrous

mouthfulls she was eating, being more than enough to eat a hundred of him at

once. Slowly, she brought the fork closer to the small sliver of cake that he

was perched on. The fork stabbed the sliver below him and he was slowly lifted

up towards her mouth. Her glistening red lips became bigger and bigger, and her

mouth opened wide. Slowly, he entered her mouth, head first. He slid past her

incredibly huge white teeth and landed face down on her tongue. He was coated in

a mixture of her saliva and chocolate cake. He was shoved around by the wet

tongue until a breath of fresh air hit his face. He struggled to regain his

senses, and awakened to Tammy's huge tongue licking him clean. She was holding

him by the feet upside down with long red fingernails. She held him upside down

close to her eye. She laid him down on the desk and took off her earring. It was

a small hoop, and she took him and tied the thread to both sides of the hoop,

where he dangled in the middle of the ring. She then put the earring back on,

saying "This way you'll be close to me all day. We're going to get to know each

other a lot better in the next couple of days." He shook violently every time

she moved her head. He could do nothing but take whatever she dished out...he

knew she wouldn't mess around with him. He had heard some of the other giant

women talking about her, about how she was probably even more strict than Lissa

was, if that was possible. So, for the next couple of hours, he was left

dangling from her earlobe, breathing in the scent from her perfume and

hairspray. He could look down the curve of her face past her cheek, and see her

incredibly huge eyelashes. Eventually, she reached up and plucked the earring

off of her ear. Her huge red nails untied the string holding him to the earring,

and she picked him up between her thumbnail and fingernail and laid him down on

the desk in front of her. She brought her face very close to his, her huge eye

about an inch from him, making her thick black lashes come very close to him.

Her upper eyelid was a creamy dark brown. Lifting her head back up, she loomed

over him like a mountain. She decided to go get some coffee, leaving him lying

of the desk naked. For a moment, he thought about getting up and trying to get

off the desk, but he thought better of it after he thought of the stories of her

cruelness to little men that had made her angry. From what he had heard,

physical pain was more for her excitement than for their punishment. Often, she

"dared" her little men to do something wrong. So, he laid there waiting for her

to get back. In a little while, he saw a dark shadow come over the desk.

Figuring she was back, he closed his eyes and tried to act like he was asleep.

He heard someone sit down and begin to write. When he opened his eyes, he

noticed it was Laura Cavanaugh. She was writing Tammy a note when she spotted

Giantess Stories: Asuka

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