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Into the darkness, so it begins...

Brittany was typing away as always on a giantess chat room. She truly enjoyed

reading the stories about giantesses, and even more so enjoyed role playing as a

giantess. She always played the part of the gentle giantess, and usually tried

to conform to whatever she was asked to pretend. The reason Brittany loved to

act like a giantess was because of what she was like in real life. Brittany was

5' tall, was very slim and became tired quite easily.

Brittany's favorite person to role play with was a chat room friend named Ryan,

but for some strange reason she lost complete contact with him. He used to be at

the chat room everyday for hours, but now he was nowhere to be seen. He didn't

even return her e-mails, or anyone else's. It was as if he found something

better than the internet.

Without Ryan around Brittany just didn't enjoy anyone else's fantasies. So

instead, she devoted herself to the most demanding task of her life.

For many years now Brittany had been researching everywhere and anything that

was growth related, scientific and mystic. She surfed every related aspect of

the net, subscribed to thousands of tabloids from all over the world, and wrote

letters to every scientist, mystic or gypsy she could get hold of from New York

City to Hong Kong. Brittany had been doing this for well over 7 years now. She

had obtained several obscure responses and many mystic trinkets, but not one of

them worked for her.

Brittany was at the point of giving up on her whole giantess fetish, what with

no replies from Ryan and no success with her search, when a strange crimson

colored box arrived in the mail for her. Her roommate, Vanessa, actually had the

decency to bring in the mail for once, and so the strange box was on top of her

keyboard. Vanessa had placed it in the one place she would be sure that Brittany

would find it.

Vanessa was everything Brittany hated, simply because she was everything

Brittany always wanted to be. Vanessa was tall and beautiful, with thick

gorgeous hair. She had large breasts on a slim frame, and great long legs. She

was around 5'10", and had a great rump. Vanessa measured 36D-24-36. The only

person with a better posterior was Vanessa's friend Cara, who was no where near

as tall as Vanessa. In fact, she was 5' tall, Brittany's height. The difference

was that Cara's great behind helped her score with all the guys on campus, as

well as the fact that she was such good friends with Vanessa. Brittany hated

both of them for being so popular and always flaunting their great bodies.

Vanessa was very flirtatious and could score with anyone anyday. Vanessa was

never mean to Brittany, but often times she was inconsiderate.

Brittany sat staring at the red box, knowing full well what it could be. She

removed the small letter on the box, which had only the name of origin written

on it, "The Amazon". Brittany couldn't help but tremble in anticipation while

reading the letter.

"The stars have told me of your journey, and I have deemed you worthy of this

gift. This magic serum has no negative side effects, and will bring you the joy

you have long desired. There is even enough for you to share with one friend.

The gift will be better than your fantasies, you will be able to control the



With a great smile on her face Brittany began opening the box. To her horror,

she noticed the seals on the box had already been broken...

Inside the box was a small glass container, its lid lying next to it. Brittany

pulled out the container and held it to her face. It was completely empty. "How

can this be?!?!?!"

"Easy roomy...what's with all the shouting??" This whole time Brittany hadn't

noticed that Vanessa was talking on the phone in the closet. "Hold on a sec

Cara, I think my roommate is going freaky or something."

Brittany held up the empty red box to Vanessa. "Do you have anything to do with

the empty bottle???"

Vanessa smiled, and Brittany looked down at the shiny object in Vanessa's hand.

It was a syringe. "Roomy, I never knew you were into drugs..."

"WHAT!!!!Give me that, it's not a drug!!!!" Brittany reached for the syringe,

seeing that it had a strange yellow liquid in it.

Vanessa pulled back not allowing Brittany to take it from her. "What do you mean

it's not a drug? When I read that note it all pointed to a great drug, you know,

greatest fantasy blah blah blah... I figured you wouldn't mind sharing it with

your roommate... and besides, I just injected some into myself a minute ago, and

boy was it a great rush!!!"

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" screamed Brittany as she tightened her fists, and tears ran

down her face.

"Geez Brittany, you'd think I'd just crushed your lifetime dream or som..." A

strange look appeared on Vanessa's face. She looked down at the black leather

dress she was wearing. It had suddenly become much more constricting. "Have I

gained weight?" Again Brittany let out a scream realizing what was about to


Slowly Vanessa's black leather dress started filling out, the sound of leather

stretching could be heard loud and clear. "Oh wow Brittany, looks like that drug

is having a side effect - It's making me feel high again!"

The zipper on Vanessa's chest slowly began to open under the increasing

pressure. Her already large breasts were growing bigger and firmer as she stood

there. More and more cleavage was being revealed as the zipper slid down thanks

to Vanessa's widening torso and bulging breasts.

"Oh Brittany, I think this drug is some sort of hallucinogen...not only that but

it's really getting me turned on!"

Brittany just stood staring with hate as Vanessa, who already towered over her,

began to gain even more height on Brittany. Brittany was now at Vanessa's breast

level. The short sleeves on Vanessa's dress filled to their extent before any

other part of her body, due to her now muscular upper arms.

"Ewwww!!! What's with all this muscle???" Before her eyes Vanessa's muscles

reduced a bit, but still left her looking very firm. "That's more like it...whoa

these drugs really are playing with my mind..."

Her large curvy butt now escaped the bottom of her dress as it swelled

beautifully full. Her thighs became thicker, but still proportional to her body,

and not like that of a body builder. They were well toned, but incredibly long.

Vanessa's breasts had grown so much now that her nipples could be seen in her

cleavage. Vanessa never wore a bra thanks to her breasts being blessed with

firmness. The zipper was now down to her flat and slightly muscular stomach. She

was well into the seven foot range, when the entire process stopped. Vanessa was

very beautiful before, but now she was jaw dropping, eye popping, drop dead


Brittany dropped to the floor and began to cry. Her lifelong dream just slipped

past in front of her.

"Brittany, I think your over reacting a bit...I saved some for you, silly twit."

Vanessa held out the needle with a yellow liquid inside it. Brittany's eyes

almost popped from her head and her smile was renewed. She reached up to take

the needle...

Just then the door flew open, scaring Vanessa and causing her to drop the

needle. Cara rushed into the room. "Hello, does someone not know how to continue

a phone call??" Cara was suddenly shocked at the amazon sized Vanessa, and took

a step toward her. Without looking down she accidentally stepped on the needle,

which then shot it's remaining contents into Cara's foot. "OWWW!!!...woah..I

feel real good all of the sudden..." Again Brittany let out a wail and jumped on

her bed sobbing. "Vanessa, what's wrong with your roommate, and have you been

taking some sort of hormones???"

"Well Cara, your about to find out what's happened to me first hand..."

"What are you talking about Vanessa???"

"Have you seen how huge your top has become? I couldn't even be that big in my

wildest fant..." Cara always liked wearing T-shirts which she had custom

modified, by cutting off their waste area making them more of a tank top. The

tank top was now looking a lot tighter on her.

"Oh....I can see my nipples through my shirt!" The word "Hotty" was on the

remaining portion of her shirt, and the letters were slowly being pulled apart.

Her short tight shorts were also modified, they had been cut so that a small

lower portion of her bottom could hang out. Now a lot more of her beautiful

bottom was being revealed.

"Mmmm...I feel so stimulated suddenly..." More and more of Cara's tight waist

could be seen as she grew taller and taller.

Brittany couldn't help but want to check on how the serum had affected Cara. She

got up out of bed and walked over to Cara. "I can't believe I'm looking down at

you Brittany-we used to be the same height!" And Cara was looking down at her,

she was now as tall as Vanessa originally was.

"WAAAAAAH!!!!" Again Brittany returned to her bed.

"Your roommate sure whines a lot."

"Tell me about it!"

Cara continued to get taller, and her breasts could then began to hang out from

her tank top. She grabbed her swelling top and began to caress her huge bosoms.

The letters on her short could barely be read, they were stretched almost flat.

Her small shorts were now tearing, unable to hold her growing waist and cheeks.

The short's button popped open and her red panties underneath could then be seen

in the zipper opening. Just then her legs grew a bit longer, and suddenly

stopped. She was now as tall as Vanessa.

"Vanessa, I don't think we're gonna have to try hard at all to be the most

popular girls at school now...tee hee."

After trying to comfort Brittany for a couple minutes the girls gave up. Vanessa

rummaged through her closet, and Cara headed for her room. There was going to be

a party later that night, and there was no way they would miss it with their new Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

and improved bodies.

Vanessa kept going through her clothes, trying them all on, but she only ended

up tearing some of her tighter dresses and stretching some of her other clothes.

"Ugh!!! This may be a great body but I can't find anything to wear!!!" Just then

Vanessa felt her body become lighter, and within a few seconds she was back at

her original height of 5'10". "Oh no...don't tell me I've lost the power..."

Brittany then peaked out her head from underneath her blanket to look at

Vanessa. Vanessa cupped her large breasts in her hands.

"They may be big normally, but I sure loved how big and sensitive they felt..."

Before finishing her sentence her hands were spreading out as her big breasts

once again began to swell in size. She again re-expanded to her 7' size.

Brittany sighed and ducked back underneath her sheets.

"YES!!!! I can control this body thing!!!" She rushed to the phone and found it

incredibly tiny in her hand. Shrinking to her original size once again she

called up Cara and filled her in on the control over their new power.

9:00PM came and both girls were ready for the party. Vanessa had decided to go

as her original size except for slightly larger breasts, and Cara had completely

gone in complete opposite of her normal look. She was 6' tall with great

breasts, and her butt was better looking than ever. She had to borrow Vanessa's

black leather dress, and it was still tight on her new body.

The girls finally arrived at the fraternity party, fashionably late as always.

The drinking had already begun and some people were already drunk. Upon entering

Vanessa spotted the one guy that had always resisted her temptation. Sam Jenkins

was the quarterback of the football team and was incredibly loyal to his

girlfriend of three years. His girlfriend was not at the party however, and

Vanessa was definitely going to take advantage. Cara on the other hand didn't

care who she mingled with, and soon enough three guys were flirting with her.

Vanessa slowly strutted towards Sam, and greeted him with an overly friendly

hug. "Hello here by yourself?"

Sam pulled away from Vanessa and was kind of surprised to find her even better

looking than normal. "Umm...Hi Vanessa...that you look very nice tonight." He

couldn't help but look down at her larger than usual breasts.

"Oh Sam that's so sweet of you to say..." She rubbed up against him, but again

he pulled away. Vanessa became a bit upset, "I'll get him either the easy way,

or the hard way!" Vanessa told Sam she was becoming annoyed with the loud music.

She whispered into his ear that she had something very interesting to show him,

but that she wanted to show it to him in private.. They proceeded upstairs to

one of the bedrooms in the frat house.

Sam couldn't help but check out how great Vanessa's body looked in the tight

fitting two piece green dress. It had buttons which ran down the side of her

skirt and down her back. Vanessa noticed him looking at her body and she filled

in her dress just a tiny bit to see his reaction. It was as if all the buttons

were pushed out further on it.

"Man I must be hallucinating...I didn't even have a drink!!" Finally they

reached the room and Vanessa sat on the bed.

"Sam lock the door will you? I don't want anyone coming in and surprising us."

Sam complied. "Vanessa...I don't know what you have to show me, but please don't

forget I have a girlfriend."

Vanessa stood up and walked over to Sam. "Yes, but can your girlfriend do this?"

Vanessa suddenly popped a few of the buttons of her skirt as her hips widened

and legs grew longer. Sam was 6' tall, and Vanessa was now his height.

" did you do that??"

Vanessa smiled and pressed him against the door with her body. "Does it matter?"

Sam pushed her away again, "I'm sorry Vanessa, but my girlfriend.."

Vanessa began to enlarge her breasts now, and her much larger nipples could be

seen pushing out of the tight green dress. She turned around and began to fill

out her butt. A couple more of the buttons on her skirt blew off. Her breasts

conned to develop, pulling the shirt forward and freeing some of the buttons on

her back. Her legs now grew longer and curvier, and her shoes burst open.

"Oops..." She turned back to face Sam, and noticed she was a foot taller than

him. " you like tall girls Sam?"

Sam couldn't help it...his eyes were stuck on her breasts which were now several

inches larger than moments before. "Y...yes Vanessa..but no matter what I can't

betray my girlfriend..."

Vanessa's seductive smile turned to a show of clenched teeth. She was not happy.

"Sam, I want you bad, and I tried to get you the nice way but I guess we'll have

to do this the hard way..." Vanessa walked over to Sam and tried to push him to

the bed. Sure Vanessa was taller than him, but Sam was a quarterback, and was

far stronger than her. He shrugged her away with ease.

"Vanessa you are amazingly hot, but I am sorry."

Vanessa cussed and walked over to him again. "You know, I really didn't want to

do this but I guess there's no other way now..." Vanessa's shirt sleeves began

to fill out as she flexed. Suddenly a tear appeared on her shirt arm and

underneath large bulging biceps could be seen. The rest of her body was now

inching up with muscle, and as her back grew thicker and more powerful the

remaining buttons came off. Her legs thickened up with muscles as well, and she

allowed herself to grow taller as well. The skirt buttons popped off as her

thighs exploded out in strength. Her flat stomach filled out with large ab

muscles. Her breasts rose up higher over her chest muscles, and she began to

swell her breasts bigger as well. Soon enough all her clothing was destroyed,

and Vanessa was standing over Sam as an 8' super amazon.

"Let's try this again.." Sam just stood in awe as he looked up at Vanessa, and

couldn't help but get a hard on. Vanessa looked down at him, "I didn't know you

liked tall muscular yet busty girls Sam..."

"OK Vanessa you win. I'll do anything you want!!!" Vanessa smiled and tossed him

on the bed with incredible ease. "Just enjoy the ride, and don't mention your

puny girlfriend anymore."

Sam nodded as he stared at Vanessa's breasts which were now each bigger than the

size of his head. She ripped open his pants and began to stroke his member. She

pressed down her large breasts on his face, and Sam began to lick them. He ran

his tongue from the bottom to the top of each breast, sending waves of pleasure

into Vanessa. Vanessa grabbed Sam and flipped him and herself so that he was on

top of her. She lowered his body until he inserted his member into her. He

didn't have to do any work. Vanessa grabbed him by the hips and began gyrating

him up and down. After several minutes Sam released into her, but Vanessa still

wanted more. She stroked every portion of his body starting from his neck and

ending with his member, but he was too exhausted to do anything anytime soon.

Vanessa was feeling incredibly aroused, and didn't want to rely on her won

fingers to satisfy herself. "Where can I find someone big enough to satisfy me


In the room next door, the three drunk guys Cara had been flirting with were now

fondling her body. She was enjoying every minute of it, but she didn't feel like

she could satisfy all three at once... at least not at her current size. Soon

enough the zipper began to ride down the leather dress like it had for Vanessa.

Cara was making herself taller and her breasts much much larger. She was

becoming more and more stimulated as the three guys felt up her body, and she

lost track of how big she was making herself. She expanded from 6' to 8' tall

and beyond in no time. The zipper rode all the way down her dress until the

entire front of her body was naked. Her shoulders swelled into the sleeveless

arm holes, and finished tearing the dress away with a loud sound of leather

popping. Cara couldn't believe what she had just done, but she was having too

much of a good time with the three men to care. Her breasts were so big now all

three men could rub both their hands on one. She ripped the pants off one of the

men and inserted him into herself. The guy was completely hard, but at her

current size Cara felt as though she were using her pinkie on herself.

A sudden crashing sound was heard and all four looked at the door. In walked

Vanessa, 8' tall covered with beautiful muscle. "I thought I heard my leather

dress stretching..."

Cara stood up and was shocked to see she had to duck down to fit in the room.

She had to be close to 10' tall now. She felt incredibly stimulated to find

herself so much taller than Vanessa, specially at their current proportions.

"Vanessa!!! Your muscles are huge!!!"

Vanessa looked up at Cara and reached for her face. "And your so incredibly

tall..." Vanessa pushed Cara into the bed, and threw herself on top of her.

Their combined weight was too much and the bed sank to the ground. No one heard

anything below because of the high music volume. The three guys were in complete

shock and passed out. Vanessa grabbed Cara's hand and inserted Cara's now

longer, thicker fingers in herself.

"Mmm!!!" Cried Vanessa, as she pushed Cara's hand in and out. Cara couldn't

believe what was going on, but she was seriously enjoying it. She grabbed

Vanessa's hand and made like Vanessa in herself. Vanessa's finger was smaller

than Cara's, but it was definitely thicker and longer than any of the three

guy's member. They began to rub each other's incredible bodies together faster

and faster. They kissed each other and felt up each other with their free hand.

After about half an hour of the intense ecstasy, they finally came into each

others hand. Both girls relaxed and shrank to their normal size.



Giantess Stories: AT LAST

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