Giantess Stories: AT THE CROSSRAODS  by diatonic  It was a cool autumn day in the Canadian city of Toronto

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It was a cool autumn day in the Canadian city of Toronto. The leaves were

falling creating a blanket of maple, oak, and several other types of leaves over

the city. The teenagers at St. Dorothy's Collegiate were getting prepared for

Hallowe'en. Their last night of fun for a long while. Until the Christmas break,

which would mean a rowdy teenage house-party every night except for Christmas

Eve and Christmas Day, itself.

David, John, Desmond, and Steven were just your typical nice guys. All in grade

11, except for Desmond, who was in 12, achieved average marks and were very

courteous and polite. They were not honour roll students, but they were

definitely intelligent. They just didn't use their full potential. They were

extremely well liked and got along with everyone. Even the gang members enjoyed

the company of them. There was something about them that one would just like.

They were a group that you would love to like. Suprisingly, although they were

well liked, they were not really popular. They were a quiet group, not really

craving attention. They were not insecure, but they were not pompous. They were

confident with who they were. They didn't need the popular ones to accept them.

They just stuck to themselves. They were a great group of guys. Friendly,

inelligent, the works.

The boys didn't have girlfriends, nor were they looking. As David had said it,

when he was asked by Lisa, a stunning girl with brown hair, brown eyes, and

quite athletic with a magnificent figure, 'I just don't think that I'm ready to

deal with such a big responsibility'. Most of the guys agreed with him, so he

spoke for all of them. Lisa was shocked by his answer, since she was one of the

prettier girls in the school, but also seemed understanding, although she really

was confused. She respected that.

The boys have pretty rough lives. It is amazing that they can actually stay so

calm and content with all that has happened to them. They are not well off at

all. If it was not for the school uniforms, they would have been embarassed to

come to school in their clothes. On optional dress day, they still wear their

uniform for two reasons' 1) Their own clothes, and 2) They cannot spare the

$2.00 charge. Their parents can barely afford to keep their two room apartments

in the inner city. If the boys didn't have such strong morals and ethics, they

would have surrenderd to drugs sooner or later.

Sometimes life takes a surprising turn. It throws a curveball at you. You might

say it's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. (I

don't mean to interrupt my own story, but you should have known I was going to

use that last line! *lol*) These boys lives were about to change drastically.

For the better, or for the good. It depends on which way you look at it. I know

which way I would.

'So David, got any plans for hallowe'en?' Asked John.

'Nah, I'll probably just stay home and watch some scary movies. What can you do


'Yeah, that's true.' Replied John.

'Are you doin' anything John?' Asked David.

'Nope. I don't think Des and Steve are doing anything either.'

'Call them up and ask them. Maybe we could do something.'

'That's a great idea. Mind if I use your phone?'

David just stared at John with a blank look on his face.

'What kind of question is that?! What do you wan't me to say? NO?!' Said David,


With a smile on his face, John responded. 'Sometimes I could be such a fool.'

'You got that right!'

They had both had a good laugh. John wen't into the other room to call up

Desmond and Steven.


David enjoyed a cola while John was speaking with them. He had them on


Half an hour later, John came back into the living room.

'What's the news?' Asked David.

'Well, they're free, except for Steve.'

'That's good, but what's the problem with steve?'

'He already made plans with Matthew.'

'His cousin Matthew?!' Said David, excited.

'Yeah, that's right.' John said, nodding his head.

'That's great!! I love Matthew. He's such a nice guy!'

'Yeah me too. I've only met him twice, but he seemed really nice.'

'Oh he's a great guy. He's fun. Do you wanna do something with them?'

'Sure. I have no problem. I think Des would be in it too.'

'Okay, just give them a call and see if Des is interested and if it's okay with

Steve if we join them.'

'I just got off the damn phone! Can't you do it?!' Said John, frustrated.

'Fine. I didn't realize that phoning two of your best friends was such a chore.'

Replied David, grinning.

John gave him a friendly shove, and went into the kitchen to get himself some



John was sitting on the couch with his glass of water while David was on the


A minute later David walked back in.

'Well?' Asked John.

'Yeah,everything is cool.'


'Except for one thing.'

'What's that?' Said John, curiously.

'Matt and Steve said that we should make the plans, and then they would join us,

instead of us joining them'

'Oh, that's cool. We should do something that Matt likes.'

'Yeah. Any ideas?'

'Trick or treating?' Said John laughing.

'Well so far it looks like that is the front runner!' He replied laughing.

'You know what? We'll decide tomorrow, on hallowe'en, when we're all together.'

'Yeah, that's a good idea.'

'Okay. It'll be a spur of the moment kind of thing.'


'Dave, when are your parent's coming back from the States?'

'I'm not sure. We could have really used that money, but my grandmother was

sick, so we had no choice. It should be a month or so.'

'I'm sorry to hear that.'

'No prob. My dad's going to get a promotion so we may be able to get out of this


'That's good. Things are picking up for us too. It's a shame that Desmond is

having all these problems.'

'Tell me about it. I'm sure everything will work out though.'

'Let's hope.'

'I hear his father just landed a pretty big deal with these contractors.'

'That's great. Steve is doing excellent now. They actually bought a new car.'

'WOW! I'm so glad.'

'Well, I shouldbe on my way.' Said John, looking at his watch.

'Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Be here at around 3:00p.m.'

'No problem. Take care'

'You too. Bye!' Replied David.

David closed the door and popped in a scary movie. He sat on the couch and drank

the rest of his cola.

He was really looking forward to tomorrow.

David fell asleep on the couch. The tape ended some time ago, and the screen was

all fuzzy. He was awoken to the sound of the telephone. He stumbled to the

telephone rubbing his eyes.

'Hello?' David asked groggily.

'Hi David! Did I wake you?'

'Uh,no Dad. I was getting up anyway. How are you?'

'I'm okay. Your mom says hello. How are you?'

'I'm pretty good, thanks. Tell mom I say hi. How's grandma?'

'That's good to hear. Your grandma is doing great! The doctor says that she'll

be healthy soon!'

'Thats great! Are guys coming home sooner than expected now?'

'Well, actually we're just going to stay the full month. Grandma would need a

bit of help getting back on track.'

'No problem Dad.'

'So are you doing anything for hallowe'en? Maybe go trick or treating?' He said


'Well Dad, as funny as it sounds, that is actually one of our options.' He said


'You really gotta get out more.'

'Well, what is a boy to do?' He said chuckling.

'Ah, touche! Take care David.'

'You too Dad. Say hi to mom.'

'I'll do that. Bye.'

'Bye Dad.'

David sat back down and waited for 3:00 to roll around when the gang would show



DING DONG!! Went the doorbell.

'Ah yes, right on time as usual.' David thought to himself as he made his way to

the door.

'HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!!!' Shouted Matthew, Steven, John, and Desmond.

'Hi guys!' Replied David smiling.

They spent most of the time getting better acquainted with Matthew, and they

were talking, laughing, and having a good time all around.

After a few hours, the guys decided that they shoud discuss what they are going

to do for hallowe'en. It was getting dark, and they were still just talking.

'Okay guys. We better decide about what we're going to do.' Said John

'Yeah, that's right. Matthew was gracious enough to cancel his plans with Steve,

so let's let him decide.'

'Thanks Des, but really, I'm fine with anything you guys wanna do. '

'Nonsense! You go ahead and choose something Matt!' Said David grinning.

'Well, if you insist...' There was a long pause.

'Well...?' Piped Steven.

'We could go trick or treating.'

The group burst out laughing, and shoving eachother playfully.

'I'm serious guys! I feel like taking a stroll, so why not earn some candy while

doing it?'

'God, you really are serious! Well, I don't have a problem with it. Do any of

you guys?' Asked Desmond, still laughing.

All of the boys had agreed to go. They all had to dress up though. They couldn't

be that elaborate with their costumes, so they just used what they had around

David's house.

David got dressed up as a teacher, Desmond went as a vampire, Steven went as Ron

Popeil, Matthew went as a ghost, and John went as a politician.

All of them knew that a group of 16-year olds going trick or treating was silly,

but they thought it would have been funny.

Despite some of the strange looks they were getting from the people since there

weren't that many groups of kids with Ron Popeil in them, the pickings were

actually very good. People were very generous this year.

As they were heading home Matthew pointed out a house to everyone.

'Hey guys! Look at that! I think there's a party going on inside there.'

Everyone but Matthew felt like slapping themselves on the face.

'God! That's Jessica's house! She was throwing a hallowe'en party! I can't

believe I forgot!' Said Desmond.

Everyone agreed, except Matthew, who was very curious.

'Who is Jessica?'

'She's just an acquaintance from school. We don't know her that well, but

everyone was invited.' Said John.

'Yeah, I hear her parents are out of town for a while, so she was able to throw

this.' Added John.

'Cool. Why don't we go?' Said Matthew.

The boys all looked at eachother and agreed that it seemed to be the reasonable

thing to do. They had left their candy bags outside, since they didn't wan't to

be embarassed.

The music could be heard from outside the house, so the chances of their

knocking being heard was very slim. They walked in to see a bunch of their

acquaintances from school.

They spent the first little while together and introducing everyone to Matthew.

The girls were very impressed with Matthew. So much, that he actually felt a

little uncomfortable, since everyone was just staring at him. After spending a

couple of hours together, they had decided to go off and mingle by themselves.


The party was still young. In fact, more people had come. It was getting late,

but since it was hallowe'en, nobody cared. After a while, the group decided that

it was time to show their wild side. They sent David to go get the stuff they

needed to perform their stunt. It was all at his house.

About 20 minutes later, David showed up with a big trolley carrying 2 large

cases, one medium case, and two smaller cases. Everyone was puzzled by this.

They were told to stay upstairs while they were 'getting things ready'.

As the boys went down the stairs to set up, Jessica was coming with them.

Desmond turned around to speak to her.

'What are you guys doin'?' Asked Jessica with a grin.

'Oh nothing. We're just going to give you and everyone else a big surprise. It's

our way of saying thank you.' Said Desmond smiling.

'Oh. Okay.' She said, almost as if she knew what they were going to do.

'Just one last question though.'

'Shoot Jess.' Said Desmond

'What the hell are you supposed to be Steve?' She said laughing.

'I'm not Jay Kordich the Juiceman, not John the Rocket Chef guy or even the

Ginsu Knife guy. Not the Oxi Clean guy or Orange Glo guy, but I am, and I know

you all know me, I am dressed up as Ron Popeil.' Responded Steven in his best

Popeil voice.

Everyone had a good laugh at this, and then they continued on their way.

Inside the 2 large cases there was a Korg i3 Keyboard and a Drum Set. In the

medium size one there was a Bass Trombone, and in the two smaller ones there was

an alto saxophone and trumpet. The guys thought that they would jazz up the

party a bit with a bit of swing music since it was getting popular again. They

weren't sure how it would go over with this crowd that was into rock and

alternative, but they decided to spice it up a bit.

Once they were ready, they told Jessica that she could open up the door.

The time flew by fast. They were quite surprised that a number of people showed

up. They finished with 'Jump, Jive, and Wail'


'Holy @#%$!! Look at the time!' Said David. It was 4:00 a.m.

'Wow! Time flies!!' Said John.

The guys got their instruments packed and were extremely tired.

'Boy, you guys look really tired!' Said Jessica

'We are' Chuckled Matthew.

'Why don't you guys spend the night here? I have a few other friends that are


'Thanks Jess, but we only live 20 minutes away. We'll just get our coats. Thanks

for the offer though'

'No prob. If you change your mind just tell me. The coats are in my room.'

'Thanks Jess. Say...would it be alright if we left our instruments here for the

night and then pick them up tomorrow?' said Steven.

'Sure. Just get home safely!' She said smiling.

'Thanks.' He returned the smile.


The guys walked up the stairs and still saw a lot of Jessica's friends around.

They were all staying for the night. They were either too tired or hammered

really badly. They walked in to her room and put on their coats.

'Hey John, CATCH!' David threw John's coat.

'Well, looks like we're all set.' Said Steven.

'Yup' Areed David.

When they were just about to leave, John spotted something in the sky.

'Hey guys! Get a load of this!!'

'What the hell is that?!! Screamed Desmond

'HOLY @#%$!!!' Shouted David.

There was a bright flash of light, and everything went dark. The boys were


'Oh god! My head!! It's killing me!!' Moaned Matthew as he awoke. It had

subsided as he had gotten up. He looked around. Things seemed different. He was

really stiff. He knew that he wasn't in David's house or Steve's house. He

thought he must have fallen asleep on the way and they just carried him to

Desmond's house or even John's. He wanted answers, so he decided to wake

everyone up. He had a difficult time since they were knocked out, but as far as

he knew it, they were sleeping.

Finally, when they got up, they were all moaning about their headache for a

short time, but then it got silent. Everyone was as confused as Matthew was.

'Does anyone know where we are?' Asked Matthew.

'We're not at my place.' Said David, and the others said that it wasn't their

place either.

'Where in the hell could we be then?! We weren't drunk...we were sober all

night!' Said Desmond.

'That's true!' Agreed David.

'Does anyone remember anything from last night?' Asked Steven.

'I remember we were getting our coats and getting ready to leave when I

saw--a--a flash.' Said John. His jaw dropped and he moved back and covered his

mouth as if he just encountered his worst nightmare.

'What's wrong John?' Asked Matthew.

'John? John? JOHN?!!' Shouted David.

'JOHN!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG?!!!' He said again, shaking him violently.

John pointed and said slowly 'Look behind you', and then he fainted.

The guys turned around and were then stunned. They saw a dresser. A dresser that

towered over them. It wasn't until that moment that they actually took in their

surroundings. They were waist deep in carpeting, a bed, towering majestically

over them, a gigant television and radio. Doors of unimaginable proportion. It

had sunk in to them. As much as they didn't want to believe it, it was true.

They were themselves, but they were half an inch tall.

Once John had awoken they had decided to discuss and try to piece together the

events of the previous day. All of them were in tears except for David who was

unable to cry. He had to close the car door on his foot at his uncle's funeral

just to make a decent showing. He was however very distressed. He was pulling

his hair back in frustration.

'So let's get this straight' Said Desmond.

'We were getting ready to leave when you saw something in the sky, right John?'

'Yeah' He said, sobbing.

'What was it that you saw exactly?'

'It-it-was like this neon blue blur. It was moving very fast, then a flash of

light, and then, well, here we are'

'Did everyone else see the white flash?'

Everyone had agreed.

At that moment, David had erupted.

'How the hell can you act so calm?!! We're the size of a bloody ant!!!!'

They all just stared blankly at him.

'I'm sorry guys. I just want to come out of this alive. I cant believe that this

is happening.' David said.

'Don't worry. We'll get out of this okay.'

They had gone back to discussing the events.

'So, I guess that means that we have been shrunk, and are in Jess' bedroom at

the moment.' Concluded Desmond.

Everyone nodded and then lowered their heads to think. It remained silent for

one hour before Matthew decided to break it.

'Does anyone have the time?'

They all looked at their watch and gave their respective answer.

David:'It's dead'

John:'Dead too.'

Steven:'Mine is also dead'

Desmond:'I have

4:02, but it's


They all had a good chuckle. The first they had amidst all of the crying.

'It seems that that the flash must have affected the watches!' Said Matthew.

'Brilliant deduction Einstein.' Said Steven.

Matthew continued on

'Now if Des' watch says 4:02, that must be the

time that the flash occured...check the time on the alarm clock'

John got up and moved back and back and back until the numbers came into view.

He looked perplexed.

'It says 5:32


'5:32 a.m.?'

Repeated David.

'That's right.'

'That means that we were only knocked out for half an hour!' Said David.

Everyone agreed that it seemed so much longer.

It was agreed that the boys had to start thinking of a way to get rescued.


'So let's go through this once more Steve. It has to be done perfectly if we're

gonna be rescued.' Said John.

'Okay. Listen. In 1 and a half hours, Jessica will come in here to get ready for

school. What we do is try to be as visible and audible as possible! Once she

notices us, we're on our way to the hospital to be returned to normal size!'

'I'm down' said David.

'Ditto' Said Desmond.

'Count me in' said Matthew

'I suppose I'll be in' said John, hesitantly.

'This better work Steve!' Said John.

'Don't worry! I'm getting a 94% in Physics!'

'You didn't tell me that!'

'Well now you know!' He said with a grin.


The boys spent their time practicing and relaxing. Then the floor began to

shake. It began to shake violently, and it wasn't only Jessica's voice that was


The boys could feel the ground shake. It was getting increasingly difficult to

even stand up. The boys had heard more than one voice. They knew that one was

Jessica's, but there was another that they were unsure of. They had decided to

hide out under the dresser until they knew that it would be okay to come out and

make themselves seen. They had agreed that it was dangerous enough with only

Jessica walking around, and they didn't need anymore people.

'Listen guys! This has to be done perfectly! You don't want to spend the rest of

your life the size of an insect!' Said Steven.

'We'll wait for her to come in alone, and then do it!'

The boys were very focused on the task at hand. They knew that this had do be

done flawlessly. It was risky, but they had to do it. Just then, the voices

became louder and the floor was shaking more and more violently.


'Jess, I'm going to use the bathroom, kay?' Said Lisa.

'Yeah, go ahead. I'll be in my room getting ready.'

Jessica had started to open the door. The boys were getting into position as

they saw the knob turn. They were moving up closer to the front of the dresser

to save time. Just then the door opened. They could feel the breeze from the

swift opening of the door. The dust that was on the carpet underneath the

dresser where the boys were even stirred up a bit. It had blinded them for a

moment, and when they were focused again, they saw Jessica. She was moving

towards the dresser.

Each step shook the ground more and more. With one last step before she reached

the dresser, the boys fell over with the impact.

'HOLY @#%$!!!' Yelled Matthew at the top of his lungs.

'WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!!' Shouted John.

The others were just screaming, except for Steven who's mouth was full of dust.


The shaking had stopped. The boys were taking time to get focused again. They

had their backs turned from the front of the dresser. They were all out of

breath. Jessica was standing at the dresser fixing her hair. The boys had agreed

that it was time to go on with the plan. When they turned around, they were

stunned. It wasn't until now that they had actually seen Jessica at this size.

They were stunned. Everybody just stood still and stared at her. They were

captivated by this girl, who less than four hours ago, had been talking to them

face to face, and now they weren't even able to look over her toes. They were

frightened, but amazed at the same time. They couldn't turn away.

It was dead silence amongst the boys. They only noise was their breathing and

Jessica humming a tune. They thought it was Jump, Jive, and Wail, but they were

unsure. David broke the silence.

'I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe that we're hiding under a

dresser in Jess' room.'

'Shhh David. We're going to come out of hiding in a minute'. Said Steven.

'How the hell do you expect this to work?! She took one step and we all fell

down!!' Shouted John.

'Don't worry!! We know what we're doing!! You just do what we planned, and

everything will work out okay!!'

Steven began to count down before they were about to leave.


The boys ran out and were already having difficulties. The carpeting was making

it very difficult to run and it slowed them down dramatically. Everyone was

screaming at the top of their lungs and waving their arms in the air. John had

decided to take a different approach. He ran as fast as he could up to her

little toe and began to punch it with all his might. She didn't even flinch. He

then tried biting as hard as he could. That didn't work either. The skin was too

tough. John continued punching and kicking and biting. All of a sudden Jessica

started to move. She moved her leg quite fast and John had lost his grip and

went flying into the leg of the dresser. He was injured, but he made it under

the dresser safely. He just needed time to relax.

The others lost concentration when they saw what happened to John. They all ran

as fast as they could to him. Jessica had no idea that they were even there. She

continued to walk. They had all fallen down. She continued stomping around. She

was headed straight for Desmond. He tried to get up as fast as he could, but his

leg was caught in the carpet fibre. Everyone watched in horror. Her foot came

crashing down. Everyone looked at eachother. John had even crawled out from

under the dresser. They heard Desmond's bone chilling screams, but then it went

silent. Jessica was on the other side of the room. The boys weren't worried

about being found, they were worried about themselves now, and Desmond. They

made their way to where he was, except for John who had to save his energy.

There he was, lying...but he was alive! He was out of breath and crying, but he

was alive.

'Holy s--- Des!! You're alive!!' Said Matthew.

'She missed me by only one centimeter.' He said with a smile while gasping for


The boys quickly loosened Desmond and brought him back under the dresser. They

put him beside John so they could both heal together.

The boys had to plan another strategy, and it would definitely not be happening

within the next few hours.

Jessica was sitting on her bed getting ready when all of a sudden the door had

opened again. It was Lisa. The boys quickly got down on the ground that way they

would not fall due to Lisa's walking.


'Hi Lisa!' Said Jessica perkily.

'Hey. Thanks for letting me use the bathroom'

'No problem.'

'What was the deal with David and his friends putting on that show?'

'They just wanted to do something nice. I kinda liked it.'

'Whatever. There is something about instruments that collect your spit that are

so unnapealing!' She said, chuckling.

'How about that guy, Steven's cousin. I think his name was Matthew. Boy. Was he


'Oh yeah! Definitely!'

Underneath the dresser all of the boys turned their head to look at Matthew who

was blushing and smiling.

'You're quite the cassanova aren't you?' Laughed John, while holding his back.

'Well, the ladies know what they want! Matt by the barrel full!' He cackled.

'Matthew may be hot but I really like David. I asked him out once.' Said Lisa.

'David's okay, I guess. You didn't tell me you asked him though!'

While admiring the girls, the boys were all having a good laugh. As Steven had

put it 'It's like a diary on tape.'.

'Yeah, I asked him out once.' Replied Lisa.


'He said that he wasn't ready for such a responsiblilty.'

'OUCH!' She laughed.

'I know. He thinks I'm a responsibility!'

'Well, you know, David's a nice guy. All of them are. They are probably just


'Even so! Don't you think that even if I was a responsibility he should be happy

to have me!'

'God Lisa! You're so like, full of yourself! Besides, everyone knows that they

all wan't me!' She said laughing.

'Very funny.' She said smiling.

Meanwhile the boys were laughing uncontrollably. Even John who could barely

laugh because it hurt so much was laughing.

After a little while the subject about the boys had changed. It was a good thing

too becuase everyone was gasping for air.


'It doesn't look like I'm going to school today. People are still lying on the

couch!' Said Jessica.

'I'll stay home today too. Wanna do something?'

'I would but I have to wait for the guys to come by and pick up their stuff.'

'Come on! Who cares?! Let them wait! How often do we skip school? Plus, they're

probably already at school!'

'Yeah, you're right. Let me just get out of my uniform and get dressed.'

'Now you're talkin'!'

Lisa had left the room and closed the door behind her. Jessica was going to get


'Oh yeah!! This is going to be quite the show!!' Shouted Matthew.

'Oh no it isn't!! We're going to turn around like gentlemen!' Scolded his

cousin, Steven.

'If you weren't my cousin...'

'Well I am!' He interrupted.

The other boys had watched as Jessica had undressed. Steven was telling them off

while his back was turned, and Matthew was telling Steven off.

Jessica walked to the dresser and started removing her skirt, shirt, stockings,

and vest. She dropped it right in front of the dresser. The boys started to

groan and mumble, while Steven had laughed. They decided to move to the other

side, but it was to dark to see anything. Then they moved to the other side,

where there was a bit of light, and the show had gone on.

Jessica was walking around practically naked. All she had on was her bra and

panties. The boys had felt a bit guilty, but then they just turned to see John

holding his back, and Desmond still poisoned with fear, and it went away. She

stayed like this for a couple minutes longer before she got dressed.

She put on a pair of jeans and a sweater with sneakers.


'Can I come in Jess?' Asked Lisa.


'Are you ready?'

'Yeah. Wanna go to the mall?'

'Kay. I was going to suggest that.' She laughed.

'Lets go then!'

They had walked out, and the boys were alone once again.


'Well, you've really done it to us this time Steve!!' Shouted David.

'I'm sorry guys. I really am.'

'I thought you were getting 94% in Physics!!'

'I am, but unfortunately grade 11 physics doensn't cover the laws that deal with

being 1/2 an inch tall!!' He shouted back!!

'Don't you raise your voice with me!! You nearly killed John and Des!!'

'I said I was sorry!!'

'Sorry doesn't cut the mustard!!!'

'Will you too calm down?! John and I are fine!' Said Desmond.

They had both apologized.

'Now we have to devise a new plan and wait a long while too!' Said David.

'I have a plan that can't fail!' Said Steven.

All the boys turned to him and dismissed his statement.

'This is what we're going to do...' Said Desmond.

'We're going to wait until she comes home, and do the same thing only

organized!! That means no biting toes!! I'm looking at you John!!'

John nodded, even though he was never a fan of this plan.

'Now let's start to get you up and running again John.' Desmond said.

The boys had spent the time getting back into the groove and getting ready to be

noticed. They had decided to go under her bed, and to avoid the dresser because

it didn't work that well the first time. They all walked out together. John was

a lot better, and was able to participate.



They heard footsteps again. They knew that this had to be the time they

succeded. If they didn't, they wouldn't know what to do at this size. The door

had opened. It was off to a good start because there was no gust of wind blowing

dust into their eyes. They were lying down that way her footsteps would not Miles Morales’ Uncle Becomes Marvel’s Mightiest Hero

knock them over. They were well prepared. She entered, and was alone. The boys

were glad. It made their job a lot easier. They knew that they could not be

captivated by her again. They had to time it just so. Before she approached the

bed, she untied her sneakers. She had walked towards the bed with her shoes

untied and sat down. The boys were ready to advance.

The boys came out from under the bed in a veritable frenzy. They were screaming

and waving their arms but Jessica wasn't looking. She was reading a magazine.

She kicked off one shoe and let it fall to the ground narrowly missing David.

The impact had knocked them down, but they continued their efforts while lying

down. As they got up, the other shoe came crashing down narrowly missing Matthew

this time. Their plan was not working. She couldn't see them because she was

reading, and she definitely couldn't hear them.

As the boys started collecting themselves, Jessica put the magazine down. She

was taking off her socks. She was reading the magazine as she took off her


Disaster struck.

Jessica had let the sock fall to the ground directly on top of all of the boys

but John. She did the same with the other sock too. The boys were alive and

well, but trapped under the moist, white sock. The stench was turning their

stomachs. John was shocked. He couldn't believe what just happened. He knew that

they were okay, so he continued to try and be rescued.

Under the sock, the boys were complaining and cursing. They could hear John

screaming for help, and they were very happy that he was doing that, but at the

moment all they could do was think about how to get out from under the sock. The

sweat from Jessica's feet was creating an awfull stench. It had moistend the

sock quite a bit and it was very difficult to lift. The boys tried to be

optimistic. If they didn't get noticed now, they would have to be when she

cleaned her room. They tried to be as hopefull that it would be now as possible.

They could hear John screaming from under the sock still, but then that changed.

John was still screaming, but they were screams of terror.

Jessica was going to bring her feet down from off her bed. They were positioned

directly in front of John. She was going to clean between her toes. John was

immobilized. He froze with fear. Her foot slowly descended upon him.

Beneath Jessica's sock the rest of the boys were freaking out. They didn't know

what was going on. Their eyes were burning from the stench and the sweat. They

could hear his screams growing more and more intense.

Jessica put her foot down. John had stopped screaming. It was a miracle. John

was alive. He looked around and found that he was between two of Jessica's toes.

He got up. Jessica wasn't looking directly at her feet. The smell was

overwhelmingly powerfull. John couldn't believe that he was alive. He couldn't

believe that he was between Jessica's toes either.

Meanwhile, under the sock, the boys remained quiet. They thought John was dead.

They couldn't hear him scream, the didn't hear anything. They tried with all

their might to push the sock off, but they couldn't. They would have to wait.

Jessica was going to clean between her toes. She bent down and looked at her

feet, and brought her face closer to her left foot. She was going to clean

between her toes. She looked confused. Moving in closer, she pulled her

chin-length blonde hair behind her ears the words 'Oh my god' escaped her mouth.

The boys, under the socks, just tried to look at eachother, even though it was


John was lying between her first and second toe. He couldn't believe that he was

alive. He was in shock, and didn't move nor speak. He saw Jessica's enormous

face looming above him.

'' Was all that Jessica could say at the moment. She was looking at

this living being between her toes. She was as shocked as John was. Jessica just

stared at the creature that was lying between her toes. She had no idea that it

was john. John was just looking up at her not saying anything.

Under the socks, the rest of the boys had heard this. They didn't know why she

said it. David and Matthew thought for sure that she didn't notice John and she

was just surprised by something in her magazine. Steven and Desmond thought that

she had discovered John as a bloody pulp on the bottom of her foot. Both thought

that John was dead.

After what seemed like an eternity, John finally came out of shock. He moved his

right arm and his head. Then he focused on Jessica's face and looked up at her,

frightened. Jessica had seen John's movements. She was studying him.

'HOLY @#%$!! What are you?!' She asked confused. Her voice was deafening.

'Jessica?!' Said John.

She was unable to hear him. She could see that he was trying to speak though.

The boys had heard John speak and erupted into a chorus of yippees and yahoos.

'What are you saying?! I can't hear you!' Shouted Jessica.

'Jessica!! Thank god you noticed me!!' John shouted as loud as he could.

'I don't know what or who you are, but I can't hear you!' Jessica whined. John

had continued to shout at her, but she didn't hear. Jessica had to pick up John

to hear him. John stood up, and tried to scream once more, but she didn't hear.

The boys under Jessica's socks knew that she was going to pick him. Despite

being trapped under her socks, the boys had a good laugh at this knowing how

John is when he's in awkward situations. They were very optimistic.

She lifted her foot and brought it away from John. John looked around and

wondered what was going on. Jessica bent down and with her thumb and index

finger, picked up John by his jacket.

'WHAT THE HELL?!!' Shouted John. He could hear the boys under the sock laughing.

They were still trying to get out from under it.

Jessica had John dangling from her fingers. She was holding him by his jacket.

She brought him up to her face. Eye level to be exact. John was terrified. He

looked down and thought about how awfull it would be to fall. He was terrified

of heights. He was kicking air. He looked up to see that he was paralell with

Jessica's eyes. He immediately stopped and looked at her. She looked confused.

'What the hell are you?!' Asked Jessica. John had tried to answer but she was

bringing him on her dresser. She put her arm down still holding John by the

jacket and casually walked to her dresser. She put John on top and then went to

lye down on her bed. She brought her face right up to where John was. He wasn't

paying attention. He was strolling around looking at all of the stuff she had on

it. He only saw it from down on the ground. He looked at the alarm clock radio,

the puppets, the magazines, the pens. He was amazed. Everything was so big. He

felt so insignificant.

'Hey! Come here!' Jessica said giggling.

John was startled, and jumped out of his skin. He turned to Jessica only to see

her with a smile on her face giggling. He didn't like that, but he knew that she

was still getting used to the fact that there was a 1/2 inch person in her room.

Jessica was always the giddy and hyper type, so he understood, although they

didn't know eachother that well. John had walked up to Jessica's face. He could

tell that she was as nervous as he was, even though she tried to be herself.

'You never answered my question! What the hell are you and why were you between

my toes?!'

'Jessica! I'm so glad that you found me! I've been trying all day!'

John's voice was barely audible. Jessica told him to speak up. John repeated his


'What?? What do you mean? What are you?!' Said Jessica confused.

'I'm John! You know me! I'm from St. Dorothy's! I was at your party last night!'

'JOHN?! John? JOHN, DAVID'S FRIEND?!' She said excitedly.

'Yeah that's right!'

'Holy @#%$! What happened to you?!!' She said giggling.

'We don't know! All that we remeber is getting ready to leave...'

Jessica interrupted.

'We? Who's we?' She said puzzled.

'Desmond, Steven, David, and Matthew. Who else?'

'They're all here? Even Matthew?!'

'That's right. We were trying to get you to notice us all day!'

'Well sorry! You know I don't expect to have little people trying to get my

attention!' She said.

'As long as I got your attention now.'

'Where in the world are the others?! How come I don't see them?'

'The others? Ummm...'

'Yes the others!'

John looked worried. He knew that they were okay when the socks fell on them,

but it had been a little while since it fell. He thought they might have

suffocated. John turned around, and pointed to the pile of socks.

'There' John said.

'Under my socks?!' Jessica said with a look of concern.

'That's right.'

'Holy @#%$!! I'll be back.'


The boys heard them talking. They were on their way to being rescued. They were

proud of John. He put his life on the line just so that the others could be

rescued. John's motto was all for one and one for all. They knew that once they

were restored to their original height, they would never hear the end of it, but

that was John for you.

They could hear Jessica aproaching. She stopped for a second and went back to

John. He wasn't looking and she just picked him up again. He was startled and he

could see that she was giggling. She put John down next to the socks. He moved

away from the smell. She saw that, and didn't say anything, but laughed.

The boys could see a bit through the sock fibres, although not that well. They

saw Jessica's feet but couldn't lift their heads to see the rest of her.

Jessica squatted down next to the sock. John was beside her. He was very

worried. He didn't hear anything from under the sock. Jessica had removed the

first sock. She looked at John was staring at the sock that was keeping his

friends captive. Jessica slowly removed the second sock to reveal David, Steven,

Desmond, and Matthew lying down, alive and well. John ran as fast as he could to

his friends. He helped them up and they had all hugged eachother. They were so

relieved that they were rescued.

'Well isn't this peachy' Jessica said with a smile.

All the boys looked up at her and waved. She waved back. The boys went back to

conversing when Jessica interrupted.

'Gee guys, I hate to interrupt this little love-in, but I have questions and I

wan't answers!' Everyone looked up and they all started talking at once.

'Hush down there! Save your breath! I can't even hear you! Let me bring you up

to my dresser. I have to find something that I can carry you in first though.

Hold on!'

Jessica stood up and walked away. The boys fell again as she was walking. She

saw this and laughed.

'Thank god you guys are okay!!' Cried John.

'Thank goy you're okay John!!' David said.

'We thought you were dead John! What happened?!' Said Matthew.

'Oh...that. I'd rather forget about that. As I was trying to get her attention,

her foot came down on top of me.'

'How the hell did you survive?!' All the boys were listening to John's story


'It was luck. I was between her toes. Her first and second I think.'

'Wow. We thought you were a gonner!' Said David.

'Well the good thing is I'm back. I thought you guys were dead! Trapped under

her sock like that!'

'Nope, we were okay. The smell was disgusting though.' Laughed Desmond.

'Don't let her hear that!' Cackled Steven.

'Well, at least we'll be back to our old selves again. By tomorrow, it should

all be over.' Said Steven.

'How about tests at the hospital?' Asked John.

'Okay, maybe by next week, but at least we won't stay like this forever!'

'Right-o good friend.' Replied David.

Jessica walked back into the room with a dust pan.

'Oh good. She's back' Said Desmond.

'Okay guys. Here you go. Hop in.' Jessica squatted down with the dust pan next

to the boys and watched them all file in. She decided not to put them on her

dresser this time. She thought it would be best to put them on her desk. She

took a minute to move books, stationary, mugs, glasses, clothing, and bowls out

of the way to make room. She placed the dust pan on her desk. As they were

walking out Jessica just dumped them on her desk. They all fell on eachother,

and she was laughing. After a minute of getting themselves back together,

Matthew spoke up.

'Couldn't you wait another five seconds for us to get out?!'

Jessica smiled and shrugged her shoulders. 'Oh well. It doesn't bother me.'

'Now I have some questions. Tell me the entire story of why I found John between

my toes and you guys beneath my socks and why I am looking at a bunch of 1/2

guys from school?'

All of the boys started speaking all at once again before Steven took a step

forward to explain. Jessica rested her head on her hands as she brought her face

closer to steven.

'I'm listening. You can start whenever you wan't' Said Jessica.

'Okay. It all started like this. We were getting our coats when John had saw a

blue blur in the sky. We all looked at it, and then there was a flash. It

knocked us out and when we woke up, we didn't know where we were, until John

pointed out the gigantic dresser of yours. After a while of crying and

complaining, we decided that something must be done. I had come up with a plan

to get your attention. Unfortunately, it didn't work. It all wen't wrong right

off the bat. As soon as you opened the door, dust kicked up around us and we

were temporarily blinded. When we regained our vision, we were stunned by your

size. We were under the dresser and couldn't believe it. After a while of just

being in awe, we decided to go through with the plan. We were supposed to make

ourselves as visible and audible as possible. It all wen't terribly wrong. We

couldn't run as fast as we planned because of the carpeting. John had seen that

we were getting nowhere so he decided to ambush your little toe.' Jessica

interrupted with a laugh.

'Sorry, that's just so cute. Carry on...'

'Um yeah, so John was punching and biting your toe. You turned around and then

he flew off injuring his back. He hit it against the leg of the dresser. Then,

as you were walking away, the impact of your footfalls made us loose our

balance. You were headed straight for Des. He couldn't get up becuase his leg

was caught in the carpet fibre. You missed him by one centimeter. Then for a

long while nothing happened. We just stayed under the dresser planning. When you

had come home we were under your bed. When you sat down, we all came rushing

out, but you were reading a magazine and didn't see us. You let your sneakers

drop to the floor almost crushing Matthew and David!'

Steven had tears forming in his eyes. He couldn't continue on. Desmond

volunteered to continue while the other comforted Steven.

'After you let your shoes fall, the impact had knocked us all down. Then you

took off your socks and they fell directly on top of Dave, Steve, Matt and I. We

were trapped there until you came and took your socks away. John can explain his

part.' John walked before Jessicas enormous smiling face.

'Hello again' She said. John just put up his hand, acknowledging the hello.

'Yeah, so the weight of my friends was on my shoulders. I had to carry on. I saw

your foot coming down on top of me, and I began to freak out. Thankfully I wound

up between your toes. I've never had such luck. And now here we are.'

'That's quite the story. So you guys were like, almost killed by me?' John,

Matthew, Desmond and David all shook their head, since they were the only ones

in real danger.

'Cool'. She said with a smile on her face. The boys didn't know how to react to

that answer, so they thought they would just smile back, not sure of what she



'Well Jess, now that you know the whole story, I guess you'll be taking us to

the hospital!' David said while rubbing his hands together, excitedly.

Jessica was grinning from ear to ear. 'Well, I wouldn't say that! It's not every

day that a girl finds five 1/2 inch tall guys from school in her room y'know!!'

She let out a laugh. The boys just turned to look at eachother. They didn't know

what the hell was going on.

'Um, Jess, what did you mean by those words?' Asked Steven, with tears still in

his eyes.

'What words? That I'm not taking you to the hospital?'

'Those were the ones.' Said Daivd.

'It means that I'm not taking you to the hospital. What else can they mean?'

Jessica said this, knowing that she was making them feel uncomfortable.

'You're joking right, Jess?'

'Nope.' Jessica said with a huge grin on her face. 'I think we'll have a great

time together!'

'Jessica, you can't be serious! Nobody keeps 1/2 inch tall people in their

bedroom!!' Said Matthew.

'Cool! I'll be the first! You guys are just so adorable at that size!'

'We have families Jess!! We need to be with them!! They'll think we've gone

missing!' Added John.

'Well you are missing!! You're in my room!! They'll have to get along with out

you and you without them!'

'What the hell do you think you're doing Jess?!! Why are you doing this?!!'

A smug grin appeared on Jessica's face. 'Because I can.'

'Jessica, you're not going to keep the five of us in your room. You can't! I may

not know you that well, but I know that you couldn't be that cruel!' Said

Desmond, trying to be reasonable.

'Oh yeah? The hell I can't! Watch me. And as far as being cruel, don't knock it

until you've tried it.' The boys were becoming very worried. Steven and Matthew

were both in tears. They were thinking about their family, since they were


'Jessica, what pleasure will you get out of having five angry boys with you? We

won't be that pleasant. What would we do for you?!'

Jessica shrugged her shoulders. 'I don't know. Stuff. I bet there are a million

things you can do for me!'

'But Jess...'

'But nothing Des. Get used to it. Suck it up! You can't do anything about it!'

Jessica spoke with a smile.

'Jess you have to understand...'

Jessica interupted.

'Hold that thought Des. I got stuff to do.'

'Listen you! We wan't to be taken to the hospital!!' Shouted John, angrily.

'You're not very bright are you John? Why would someone say something like that

to me, especially when you're in the position you're in, and I'm in the position

I'm in?!' All the boys were getting very frustrated. Jessica continued to laugh

at them. After a little while longer Jessica got fed up with all the arguing.

'Listen you guys! It's not going to change! That's it. You have no say

whatsoever! Your opinions don't matter. Now listen and listen well! I have stuff

to do and I have to go out. You better get used to staying without family

because you're not going to see anymore!! Now I have to go out! I have to find a

place to keep you little guys because I know you'll want to get out of here


Jessica looked around her room for something to keep them in. She couldn't find

anything. She had to leave her room to look, so while she was gone, she just put

them in a cereal bowl.

'Don't try any funny stuff while I'm gone, otherwise you'd wish you were dead.'

She said. She chuckled once she was out of the room.


The boys sat in the cereal bowl looking at eachother and occasionally the curved

walls of the bowl, looking for a way out.

'What the hell is going on?' Said Matthew, crying.

Steven moved closer to him and put his arm on his shoulder. 'Don't worry Matt. I

don't think she's serious. She always jokes around.'

'But why would she joke about something like this? Can't she see that we're


Steven just looked at the rest of the guys for an answer, but none of them


'I thought you all said that Jessica was a nice person?' Said Matthew, wiping

the tears from his eyes.

John stood up and looked at Matthew. 'Who the hell said that?!! Tell me!! TELL

ME!!' He was shouting.

'JOHN!! Stop that!!' Shouted Desmond. John payed no attention and continued.


John was about to attack Matthew, when David, Desmond and Steven intervened.

'What the hell has gotten into you John?! We're in a crisis here!!' Shouted

David. John just looked at him and covered his face. You could hear him crying.

'What are we going to do man?! WHAT?!!' John said while gasping for air.

'We'll wait to see how serious she is. If it's not a joke, then we're in deep

s--- and have to find a way out of this hell-hole.' Said Desmond.

'A way out?! Dammit Des, we're in a cereal bowl!! Think of what she could do if

she tried to keep us here!!' Said Steven.

'Our only hope would be human error.'

'What about our human error Des?! What if we make a mistake!?!!'

'Don't worry. I'm sure she's joking and everything will be okay.'

'Yeah, right.' Said John under his breath.

After a couple of minutes, Jessica came back with the contraption she could keep

them in.


'@#%$. Here she is.' Said David.

Jessica walked in with her hands behind her back hiding the contraption.

'I'm glad to see that none of you escaped.' She said grinning.

The boys just looked at her. She saw Steven, Matthew and John crying.

'Awwww. Did I make you cry?' She said taunting them.

'Geeze, all I did was speak! Imagine if when, er, if I ever do something mean!'

She said laughing.

John and David were becoming more and more enraged, but for the safety of the

group, they just kept silent and tried to stay calm. This was very difficult

because they had the worst tempers.

'Well, I don't mean to stop the crying fest, but I found a pretty good thing to

keep you in. It's not that good, but it should do for the next little while.'

She said laughing. Matthew misunderstood her.

'You're letting us go in a little while?!!' He said with a smile on his face and

a gleam of hope in his eyes.

Jessica looked at Matthew and just laughed. 'Yeah, you keep on dreaming. You may

be cute, but why would I let you go?' Matthew was silent and his eyes started to

water up again. Desmond spoke up.

'It's one thing to keep us against our will, but to taunt us and laugh at us is

another thing, and we won't stand for it!!!'

Jessica smiled. 'Oh Des, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!! Don't hurt me!!' She

said sarcastically. He tried to scale the walls of the bowl but kept sliding.

'What can you do to me? I almost killed you and John by walking and almost

killed David and Matt by taking off my shoes! You can't do anything!' She

laughed at them.

'You'll get yours you mother f---er!!' Shouted John.

'Sure I will John. Sure I will.' She giggled.

'When our parents start sending out the search parties and they will, you'll be

sorry! They know that we were here last night! You'll be questioned and your

house will be searched for us!!' Shouted David.

'Yeah, that'll be the day. Do you think that the police will be looking for a

group of 1/2 guys in my room?! C'mon people! I thought you guys were supposed to

be like, smart!!'

'Jess...' Started Steven.

'Y'know what? I don't want to hear it. I've got a long list of stuff to do, and

arguing with you guys isn't on the list!!' Jessica picked up the cereal bowl and

brought it from her desk to the ground. She took out a square made of legos. It

was about three inches up. She put it on the ground over a pice of cardboard and

put the cereal bowl in the center.

'Get out of the bowl' She said. She laughed at their feeble attempts to escape

one prison and enter another.

'Oh, sorry guys! I forgot how you can't get out of that bowl!' She giggled then

dumped them all out on top of eachother. They quickly got organized.

'Ooops. I gotta learn not to do that.' She took the bowl out and stood up to her

full height.

'If I see any of you gone, or any part of this structure tampered with when I

get back, there will be hell to pay!!' She blew them a kiss and walked out of

the room closing the door, laughing.

'This is going to be fun...suckers.' She thought to herself while she walked out

of the house.

John was leaning against the lego square while Desmond was standing and the

others were sitting down. Steven, John and Matthew had stopped crying. They were

glad that she left and that they were alone. They needed to think and think


'What are we gonna Des? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!' Shouted Steven.

'Don't worry Steve. We'll think of something. For all we know she's probably

kidding around still.'

'She's not kidding Des! I know Jess the best out of all of us, and I know when

she's kidding! She would never go this far!' Said David.

'Okay then, David. Let's say hypothetically that she isn't kidding. We're five

intelligent guys, we can get ourselves out of a jam, either with our wit and

charm or our intelligence. It's that simple.'

'I don't know what kind of dream world you're living in Des! You're in denial

and forcing it upon us!! Look at your surroundings!! Were in a god-damned square

and we can't get out!!'

'So you're telling me that there's no chance at all? I've never seen someone

give up so easily!'

'Give up easily?!! I'm being logical!! How do you expect to get out of here with

wit and charm when John is telling off someone that's 1000 times his size?! How

do you expect to get out of here when we couldn't even get out of a bowl?!!'

'We're not screwed you Dave. Not yet!' He just turned and sat down. David felt

bad. He wanted to get out of here as much as Desmond. He just couldn't believe

his theories. He tried to, but as much as he wanted to, he couldn't. John had

tried to make a joke.

'Well look on the bright side. At least there's ample room!'

'John, this isn't Vaudville. We're trying to think.' Said Matthew. The boys sat

around. They tried to start up a converstaion many times, but they were all to

worried to continue it, so it only lasted a couple of minutes. They were

becoming very frustrated. They couldn't see anything. They could only stare

straigt up since the walls were so high. They didn't know what to do.

'I don't know how she could do this.' Said Steven bluntly.

'I don't know Steve, that's a silly question.' Said John.

'Why would she do this to us? We did nothing!'

'There's no use crying about it Steve. It's done with. Maybe she's joking, maybe

she's not. Now be quiet!'

'How could this of happened?! What kind of monster is she?!!'

John was getting frustrated with Steven's questions. He wanted answers too, but

they bothered him so much.

'You know what Steve?! Think about this! It's your fault that we're here!! If

you didn't come up with your stupid plan, we'd still be hiding out under the

bloody dresser and not held prisioner in a lego square!!!'

'Oh yeah?!! Let me give you something to think about!! If you didn't tell us all

to look at that damned blue thing in the sky, we'd all be at home at our normal

size with our families!! You don't tell me that this things my fault!!!'

'You take that back you ruffian!!'

'Make me!'

'You wan't a piece of me?!! YOU GOT IT!!!' John ran to steven and jumped on him.

Matthew watched on in horror. John was pummelling Steven until David and Desmond

jumped into the mix. They were both pulling John off Steven who was lying on the

ground rolling in pain. After a minute John calmed down.

'What the hell do you think you're doing John?!! If we're gonna make it out of

here, we have to stick together!' Shouted Desmond. It had gotten quiet and John

and Steven just stared at eachother. They both nodded their head. It was their

way of making peace.


After a little while longer, conversation struck up again.

'Hey guys, look at this!' Said Matthew.

'What is it?' Said John, not getting up.

'Come here and look!' John had gotten up and walked to the other side of the

square with the others.

'What are we looking at Matt?' Said David.

'This!' Matthew pointed to a clear lego block.

'Big deal.' Said John.

'No...look on the ground beside Jessica's bed!'

'It's a coat. Yippee.' Said Steven, being sarcastic.

'No! Don't you understand?! There are still people in the house!! They're alseep

on the couch remember?! When they leave, they'll come and get their coat and see

us!!' He had a smile on his face, and so did the others except David.

'That's a nice little plan you got there Matt, but there's a problem.' Said



'It's my coat. I didn't put it on last night. Sorry to burst the bubble.'

The boys got silent again. They had little hope, except for Desmond's 'we'll see

what happens then use our wit and intelligence' plan. Matthew, Steven, and

Desmond himself were the only ones in favour of that plan. David and John didn't

know what to do. All they knew is that if she wasn't kidding, they better keep

their temper down and bite their tongue. They would not be cooperative with her

though. They wouldn't give her the satisfaction.


After a long while of even more silence, Jessica was heard coming down the

hallway to her bedroom. The sinking feeling in the boys stomach had returned and

they were becoming very worried again. John and David joined the others at the

other side of the square, to show Jessica a symbol of their unity, even though

it wasn't as strong as it could be.

They heard the door open and looked up. They saw Jessica smiling down on them.

She had squatted down next to the structure. The boys looked at her. They moved

as far back as they could.

'Hello boys. Nice to see that you've been well behaved. You're lucky too!' She

had said giggling. She had four bags in her hands. Two in each hand. She must

have gone to the mall again. The boys watched as she dropped her bags and as she

stood up.

'I'll be right back. I think you guys will be moving!' She smiled and walked out

of the room. The boys didn't like the sounds of this at all. They just slid down

against the wall into a sitting position. They had a feeling that the remainder

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