Giantess Stories: At The Office   Part 1   It was a pretty usual friday morning to start off with I suppose

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At The Office

Part 1

It was a pretty usual friday morning to start off with I suppose. I had gone to

work at the usual time and was in my cubicle when I realized I needed some

photocopying done. I gathered up my papers and went off to the copier room. Just

outside the door I caought up with Eileen, a totally stacked redhead I had been

keeping my eye on for a couple of weeks now. By the way, my name's Tim and I'm a


"Hiya Eileen, what's up?" I asked casually, trying to keep my eyes from


"Nothing much," she shrugged. "Got a lot of stuff here to copy. Do you have a


"Na. Just a spreadsheet layout I need to reduce. Mind if I cut in line, it'll

only take a minute?" She smiled at me and stepped aside. I quickly stepped up to

the copier and gulped a little as I viewed the tons of buttons covering the top.

"You DO know what you're doing, right?" she smirked. Unfortunately, my male ego

kicked in and forced me to reply, "Of course I do". I lifted the cover and set

my paper on the glass without closing the lid. Scanning the myriad controls, I

(hopefully) selected maximum reduction and pressed the start button.

"Hey!" she yelped as the machine started its warmup. "You shouldn't do that with

the cover still up. I hear people get blinded and stuff from that!" she stepped

back a little nervously.

"Oh, get real!" I laughed, feeling a bit smug at my "bravery" in facing the

machine. "That's just stuff the company comes up with to keep the employees from

abusing the copier overmuch. It's perfectly safe!"

Me and my big mouth. The copier started and the light washed over me, I felt a

strange sensation and fell sideways a little. I rubbed my eyes and looked around

in shock. You guessed it, I was now about five inches tall with a VERY large and

openmouthed Eileen staring down at me. She squatted down to get a better look at

me... and all I could think about was that I could now see up her skirt. Nice

legs. She started to reach toward me with one huge hand and then spun to the

copier as we both saw a plume of smoke erupt from its guts as it sputtered and

died. We looked at each other and without a word she picked me up and headed

back to her own cubicle. I distinctly heard her mutter, "told ya".

Back in her cubicle she called in a copier "malfunction" and tried not to stare

at me, which was just as well, since everytime she looked at me I got the

impression she was ... ummm... thinking of stuff.

"Bad news Tim, the guy has another stop to do first. He won't be here until

almost quitting time. I'll call the super and tell him you had to go home early.

Then we'll just have to wait." I nodded dumbly and turned so she couldn't see my

face. I felt like a total jerk. Something slid down my back to my ass and goosed

me. I jumped and spun to see her withdrawing her hand, a sheepish but slightly

haunted look on her face.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself." she murmurred. I backed up and tripped over a

pencil taller than myself and landed with a tiny "whumph" on my butt. She took a

few deep breathes and stood up.

"It's break time and I've gotta have a smoke." she announced.

"Don't leave me here!!" I yelled nervously. "What if the cleaning crew comes by

and sees me?" I jumped up and down frantically. She paused and looked at me

uncertainly. Then she picked me up.

"I haven't got any pockets, so you're going to have to ride in here." she said

softly. She slipped me into her cigarette case and nestled me between her smokes

and her lighter... then the lid shut and it all went black and bouncy as I felt

her walking off. Half an eternity later, we stopped and light flooded my

impromptu prison. Her long polished nails slid in a fished me out. She balanced

me in one hand as she lit up. Looking around, I saw we were outside. Of course,

I thought. We work in a smoke-free building. Anyone who smokes has to go outside

to do it. I sat cupped in her hand as she leaned back against a tree and closed

her eyes. she exhaled a line of smoke from her nostrils which drifted down over

me like fog. Smelly fog. I coughed. Her eyes snapped open and she looked down

curiously at me as I batted at the cloud of smoke around me. With a mischievious

look on her face she look a long drag on her cigarette and lifted me to her

face. I yelped and tried to hide in her hand as she slowly exhaled all over me,

and then watched me in fascination as I coughed and tried to wave it away. She

quickly finished her smoke and went back in to work, obviously feeling better

herself... and me feeling a tad more nervous than before. She seemed more

confident than I liked. Something told me my troubles had only begun... and I

think I liked it.

Part 2

We went back in to her cubicle and she set me on her desk again. Unable to do my

own work, and not willing to mess up hers, I wandered about her desk. At one

point I was forced to dive behind the printer as the supervisor stopped by to

discuss my sudden departure. Eileen was very convincing at being perplexed but

told him it must have been some kink of personal emergency. After that I tried

to stay behind things as much as possible. Sneaking glances at Eileen whenever I

could, I noticed her doing the same to me. Only SHE had a sort of speculative

look in her eyes... and she shifted in her seat a lot as if she couldn't quite

get comfortable.


Lunch time came and she willingly shared her meal with me. A tiny piece of

bologna and a sip of coffee were more than I could handle. Then she stood up

with me in her hand and looked at me. "I've got to go to the ladies room" she

announced sheepishly, and looked at me challengingly. "Do you want to go with me

? Or will you be okay here alone?" My thoughts scattered at the thought of being

in a stall with her and I was going to refuse, when the cleaning lady showed up

suddenly. Eileen closed her hand around me and picked up her pocket book with

the other. She smiled at, uh, Lucy I think her name is, and strode off down the

hallway. I squirmed a bit at the casual strength she displayed, then relaxed

into her hand (did I really have a choice?). She set her open pocket book on the

floor in front of the seat... and me into it. Then she stood up and slowly

raised her skirt. I just plain froze. I couldn't move! She smiled down at me

from a mile above, she knew I couldn't help myself, and lowered her panties to

her ankles. She sat down and gazed at me with a little of the old uncertainty in

her eyes again. Then she spoke the words I was more of less expecting.


I didn't move. She could see me trembling. Her face flushed as she realized just

how scared she was making me. She scooped me up and shhhed me softly.

"I won't hurt you, Tim. I'm sorry I'm scaring you, but..." she groped for

adequate words, "I've just gotta!" she blurted softly. Her fingers started to

move, turning me around. She pulled off my shoes and socks with ease. I was

incredibly aroused by all this. She pulled off my shirt and tie, then my pants.

She immediately grinned at the sight of my cock throbbing inside my underwear.

Then those disappeared too. She ran her fingers over me and rubbed my erection

with her thumb. She lifted me to her face and inhaled my scent of sweat and Old

Spice. She swallowed weakly and started to breathe shallowly as her tongue slid

out and over me wetly. Her eyes had developed a distinctly glazed look as she

fondled me. Then the door opened and two other ladies walked in. Eileen froze

for a moment, and then her lust got the better of her. Her lips murmurred

against my body as the two women chatted and washed their hands for their own

lunch. Suddenly They talked about... ME!

"Have you seen Tim lately? God he's cute! I could just eat him up!"

"Yeah! I hope he's back on monday. I wouldn't mind tasting him myself!"

Eileen stifled her laughter and smacked her lips quietly, illustrating that she

could do exactly what they could only dream of. The two women laughed together

as they left.

"You know, Tim." she asked huskily. "That's not such a bad idea!' She grabbed my

arms and tipped her head back, with me dangling over me open mouth.

"Eileen!! No!!"

I yelled while trying to kick at her nose. She strted to rub her swollen clit

and moan softly. She snapped her teeth at me playfully and suddenly dropped me

into her mouth. She climaxed abruptly... and swallowed me! I choked on a scream,

having not really believed she woould do it up until that point. I slid down

into the darkness as I felt her whole body vibrate from the orgasms. Then I

landed with a "splortch" into her stomach. The stench of acid was overwhelming

and I could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Despair overwhelmed me. All of

a sudden the world surged upward and a roaring filled my ears as I shot upwards

and... into the sink! She'd barfed me up! GROSS!!!!

Lukewarm water (the default setting on the faucets) covered me and washed the

stinging acid away from my body before it had a chance to do more than sting.

She snapped me up and crushed me to her breast, sobbing.

"Oh god!" she repeated over and over brokenly. A far better place to be than

inside her, but I still couldn't breathe. Finally she got under enough control

to stumble back into the stall and sit down.

I was absolutely terrified, of course, and could only lay in her hands all

curled up and trembling. When I finally got the courage to look up at her, the

look on her face more than comforted me. It was a horrible, haunted look. The

kind a person gets who has just realized something soul freezing. She hadn't

wanted to do that, she hadn't wanted to hurt me... but she had... and she knew

it. I found myself holding onto one of her fingers and trying to comfort HER.

"It's all right," I said shakily. "I know you didn't mean it. You just got

caught up in the fantasy, that's all" and other babblings I don't remember. They

must have done the trick though. The haunted look dwindled and she got under

control, somewhat. She wrapped me in a handkerchief and gently placed me in her

pocket book. Then she closed it firmly. I suppose I fell asleep, for the next

thing I knew, light flooded over me and I was picked up. When I was able to see,

I looked right into the face of a giant man wearing a repairman's uniform.

"So," Eileen asked softly, "What can we do about this?" pointing to me with her

free hand.

Part 3

The repairman gazed down at me in silence for a minute, then cleared his throat.

"Yes, ah... well. I think I know what happened. We were training a new guy on

the job over here yesterday and I guess he forgot to reset the range on it." We

both looked at him in confusion. "You see," he began, "Few people realize that

reduction in a photocopier is VERY complicated. We've tried to remove the

tendency to shrink... or expand... everything around the copier, but the best

we've managed to come up with over the years is a switch that lowers the field

strength somewhat. Tom didn't reset it when he did his work on the copier

yesterday. Sorry."

"Sorry!!" I yelled, "SORRY!! That's it?! What about me? Wait a minute.. you said

they can expand things too, right? What about expanding me?"

"Naturally," he replied. "Once the machine is up and running I'll be able to

return you to normal." Then he looked down at the floor. "Unfortunately, it's

really busted. And to top it off, only that one copier will do the trick. It's

going to take me at least until monday to get the needed parts to fix it." He

looked back up at us, both our mouths open in shock. "Are you his wife?" he

asked Eileen. "Can you take care of him until then?"

Eileen looked uncertainly down at me. My near death experience had taken away Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

some of her fun at having her own doll man to play with. Realizing I didn't have

much of a choice, I smiled up at her and asked "pleeeaasssee?" I stroked her

palm a little, (not the brightest move on my part, come to think of it) and

watched her swallow a deep breath, as her eyes regained their mildly lustful


The copier guy had been rumaging around in his case and removed a canister of

black powder. He gestured for her to set me on the desk, which she did. Then he

sprinkled the powder onto me. I watched as my body absorbed it up like a sponge,

and looked back up at him. "It's a very special type of copier toner, it'll make

you more... ahhh... durable. If you know what I mean." He winked at Eileen and

she grinned in sudden understanding. Her quick mood changes were starting to

worry me. First she's upset, then lusty, then upset again, now lusty again. As

his words sank into me, I felt my cock start to grow. More durable, huh? Wanna

guess what that means?

She thanked him and he walked off. Then she sat down and looked at me. "I've

kinda been running on the idea that I was dreaming all of this." she said

slowly. "Are you sure you don't want me to drop you off somewhere?"

I was silent for a minute as she waited anxiously for my answer. I thought about

what had happened so far, and what was likely to happen over the weekend. Then I

took a deep breath and replied. "Yes, Eileen. I want YOU to take care of me this

weekend. If you want to, that is." She scooped me up quickly (again), and hugged

me to her chest.

"I'll be a lot more careful, I promise." she whispered fiercely. "I wonder just

how much more durable you're supposed to be?" she thought out loud. The copier

guy poked his head around the corner.

"In case you're wondering HOW durable he is now... You could tape him to the

bottom of one of the tires on your car and drive home on him safely. He also

doesn't NEED to breathe anymore."

Then he was gone again. She looked at me, and I looked at her. Then we both

sighed. This would be an interesting weekend, that's for sure.

At the office part 4

I waited in the darkness of Eileen's pocket book as we rode back to her

apartment. I tried to imagine what we were doing as we went. Now it sounded like

we were pulling into a parking place, yes that was it. Eileen got out and

started walking. I heard a door open and then more walking. Someone spoke to

her, but it was too muffled to make out. We stopped and waited. Was that a

humming? We must be on an elevator. More walking, and then the purse opened up

and Eileen's fingers reached in and grabbed a set of keys. Her face smiled down

at me fleetingly before she shut the purse again.

"Here we are, Tim." she said to me as she slid me gently onto a huge flat

surface. A gigantic vase with flowers in it was off in the distance. Kitchen

table, of course. "Wait right there while I fix us something to eat." her voice

floated over to me from a distance. I walked around the table to get the kinks

out of my legs from the long ride and watched as she pulled out a microwave

dinner from the freezer and popped it into the microwave stove. She then came

over with silverware and set the table quickly.

"Sorry about the ride, I didn't want anyone to see you. Otherwise I would have

carried you in my hand." she smiled again. She gently picked me up and removed

the handkerchief toga I was wearing. She sat in the chair running her fingers

over me, slowly stroking my length.

"Are you sure you want to bother with dinner?" I called up to her. "We could

just skip to dessert, you know." She grinned down at me, showing her boulder

sized, perfect teeth and shook her head.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to need all the energy I can get for this

weekend." she laughed. The microwave beeped and she reluctantly set me down. The

sensation of her fondling me had made my legs wobbly and I sank to the table

surface. She set the dinner down on a hot plate and dished out some onto her

plate. I walked over curiously to see what it was. Chicken, great. Everything

tastes like chicken, I wondered if I did too.

"Be careful," she warned. "It's hot." Mindful of what the copier guy had said

about my nigh invulnerability, I slowly reached out to the food. Heat, but not

too much. I moved my hand closer, I was almost touching it. "HEY!" she yelped,

"I told you to be careful!"

"I don't think it can burn me now. Remember the 'toner' the guy sprinkled on

me?" She hesitated and pulled her hand back from me (she had been going to push

me away from the plate). I slowly reached out to the food again, and grabbed a

piece and picked it up. It felt hot, but not too hot to hold. Eileen reached out

with two fingers and tried to mimic me. She dropped the chicken with an oath and

stuck her fingers into her mouth to cool.

I sat on the edge of the plate and started to eat my piece of chicken. It was as

big as a real chicken to me! She blew gently on the plate, with the backwash

feeling like a hard wind. We both ate as quickly as we could to get to the

'good' part after dinner. I had lost almost all of my fear, Eileen was such a

nice person, I just wanted to trust her completely. Then I lost my balance. Just

call me 'mister dexterity', I guess. I rolled down onto the plate and into the

goopy sauce on the bottom. I tried to stand but went down again. Eileen started

to laugh softly. She watched as I helplessly slid back into the puddle of sauce

and stared up at her sheepishly.

"Ummm, a little help here please?" I asked. She carefully lifted my dripping

body out and then hesitated. I figure she was remembering the last time she put

me in her mouth. "Just don't swallow this time, okay?" I called, flicking my

drippy toes at her lips. She caught my foot in her mouth and sucked gently. I

lifted my other foot to her lips and she obligingly took that one too. My cock

rose instantly as she slowly sucked me into mouth like a strand of spaghetti.

The flicker of her eyes told me she had noted its salute to her. Then it

disappeared into her. I slid in all the way up to my armpits, at which point she

drew me out. I was now clean... sort of... except for the top half of me.

Grabbing my feet, she flipped me upside down and I was treated to seeing her

cavernous mouth open up below me. Her lips closed over my waist and her tongue

washed over me. I tried to wrap my arms around it, but only managed to make her

giggle a little. She drew me out and dangled me upside down in front of her

curious face.

"Not scared?" she wondered.

"No, I've decided that I trust you. No matter what."

Her face colored red and she lowered her eyes. Score one for the little guy. She

pulled open her blouse and slid me face first down between her breasts. She

massaged her tits together for a moment to position me, then stood up. Very

muffled sounds told me she was quickly dumping dishes into the dishwasher for

later. Then she jogged (GOD, what a ride!) into the bedroom. I squirmed a bit,

trying to get a better position. I could hear her heart beating faster as I

wiggled between her tits and could tell she was undressing. Cool air washed over

me as her bra came off and her breasts parted for a moment.

Already slick from her saliva and sweat, I slid out and onto the bed.

Unfortunately, she didn't notice, as she was intent on getting her shoes off.

She turned... and sat on me. Her gigantic ass pressed down on me and I was

forced into the cleft between her cheeks. Her hot, sweaty cheeks squeezed me

firmly, then she jumped up as if I had bit her. I didn't though. She gasped as

she loomed over me.

"AreyouokayOhgodI'msorryIdidn'tmeantodothat?!?" she blurted. I sat up and gave

the thumbs up sign with a smile.

"At least we know the 'toner' worked." I yelled up. "If it hadn't I'd be

squished for sure."

She grimaced at my words. I walked over to her hand and held her index finger.

She opened her eyes and looked into my small, smiling face. "Don't forget, this

is my fantasy too." I reminded her. "I've always wanted to meet a gianteess...

and not get killed, that is. This is my 'big' opportunity, and I intend to make

the most it." She smiled gratefully down at me, and lowering her face, treated

me to a BIG kiss. One which pressed me back down into the bed as her tongue slid

out and across me.

"Time for some fun," she murmurred huskily, her lips tickling me as she spoke. I

shivered in anticipation. This was what I had always dreamed of.

At the Office part 5

Eileen leaned over me, her breathing heavy and ragged as she gazed down at me.

Pure lust was creeping into her eyes, just as in the bathroom at work earlier

that same day. She lifted her vastness up and onto the bed, her long legs

traveling off behind me. Ahead of me, the valley formed by her legs narrowed to

her immense pussy. Already glistening in preparation, it fairly quivered in

anticipation. I walked forward in a daze as her scent overpowered me. Finally I

stood in awe at her trembling cleft. I reached out and ran a hand down it,

causing a soft moan to escape her from above.

"Don't waste too much time down there," she warned. "We have all weekend long

for 'slow and steady', right now I want 'fast and hard'." she murmurred. I

stepped back a few paces teasingly, and placed my hands on my hips.

"And just who do you think is in charge here, anyway?" I asked. Without a word,

she dropped her open palm down behind me and firmly slammed me up against her

cunt. My flailing arms and legs made her groan out loud as she massaged me

against herself. I gasped in pleasure as she increased the pressure on my back

and her vagina spasmed open to recieve me. I found my upper half being pressed

into her and tried to wriggle in the rest of the way. Something clamped down on

my ankles and thrust me deep inside. The slick walls tightened about me with

such force I gasped both in shock and delight. Had I not been treated with the

'toner', i would no doubt have been paste at that point. Her grip on my ankles

increased and she began ramming me in and out harder. The whole world shook and

jumped as she thrust her hips into the air in abandon. I could feel the

vibrations from her moaning all around me.

Suddenly she froze and tensed, she pussy muscles pulling back from me like a

boxer drawing back his fist. The walls around me came rushing back at me and

slammed me flat as I felt her scream her orgasm into a pillow. My own eruption,

less dramatic perhaps, but equally as satisfying overwhelmed me and I blacked

out from ecstasy. Cool air woke me and I found myself lying on the flat expanse

of her stomach. I looked up at her and she smiled down at me.

"Good, you're awake. I thought you were never going to wake up." I rolled over

and tried to stand. Her muscles rippled beneath me and made for unsteady

footing. She sat up, causing me to tumble down to between her legs. She plucked

me up and cupped me in her hands, showering my body with kisses.

"That was wonderful," she whispered huskily. "Let's do it again!" And we did. I

admit, I had a hoot of a time. At one point, as she relaxed some time in the

early morning, I wandered down to her feet and began climbing around on them,

like a kid on a jungle gym at school.

"What ARE you doing?" I heard her ask sleepily. I grinned to myself and

continued to rub myself across the sole of her foot. "I'm actually trying to

sleep up here, you know." I reached out and pinched her smallest toe... hard.

She gasped and sat up. She looked down at me and my erection in exasperation.

"If you were a girl, you'd be a 'nympho'," she said. She bent her kne

Giantess Stories: At The Office   Part 1   It was a pretty usual friday morning to start off with I suppose

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