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Attack of the 49 1/2 foot teenager Giantess story


I was sitting in my last period class on Friday day-dreaming of the weekend

freedom I would have. The teacher, Mr. Randell, was droning on about tangent

circles. I decided that last period is the worst time to have geometry. Out

side, it was a beautiful, spring day. I could hear the birds chirping from the

open window. I could see the trees sway to the soft, genital breeze. I looked at

my watch. There was less then five min. left of this class. Finally the bell

rung. The class got up and ran out of the room. I meet up with my friends. We

walked to the front of the school where our cars were parked. We just stood

there, talking about how boring the day was, what we were doing this weekend.

Finally I got into my 1989 Ford Mustang GT. I opened up the sunroof and rolled

the windows down. I turned the stereo up. I shifted the car into drive and speed

off. I arrived home and grabbed something to eat. I looked at my car. It was

covered in water spots. I decided to wash my car. I washed my car. While I

washed my car, I was thinking about Linda Black. She was good looking and I was

thinking of asking her out. She was about 5'6" tall. I was guessing she had

about a B-cup breasts. She had blondish hair cut to about ear length. She was

attractive, I knew I should probably ask her to the drive-in or something. I

dried off the car and started on the interior. I put the radio on to help pass

the time. The traffic report came on. The announcer said something about an

evacuation around Newton. That was about less than 10 min. from here. I switched

to the AM all news station to see what the hell was going on. The reporter was

rambling on about many injuries. And then she said this. "Just in case you are

joing us on 1040 WNEW, there is a giant woman in Newton. We are asking everyone

to evacuate the area for you safety." I turned the car off and ran inside to the

TV. I stole the remote from my mother and turned the local TV station on. The

TV's 'copter was on the scene. It showed a giant, naked, Linda Black. I ran out

to my car and jumped into my 'Stang. I pulled out of the driveway and drove

towards Newton. When I saw the first roadblock, I knew how to get to where I

wanted to go to. I backed up, turned around and took a small, side street. I

found my uncle's old farm field. I turned my car off the road and went off road.

The ride was bumpy, but I knew this would be worth it. I came out of the field

into a development in Newton. I couldn't go any further because of all of the

cars just shut off and left there. I got out of my car and walked towards where

I thought Linda was. I was walking for about a block and a 1/2 when I saw a

several police men checking the houses and cars for people trying to get close

to Linda. I ran into the back yard of a house. I saw an open shed. I ran in and

hid behind a snowmobile. I saw the offers walk by. I waited about 2 min. and

walked out. I stuck to back yards for a while until I felt it was safe to walk

along the street. I weaved between the cars, occasionally climbing over a hood.

I got to her neighborhood. There was police blockades up on all of the streets

that lead into the development. I crawled under some cars in the street and went

to the backyards. Then I saw her. She was standing there just looking at all of

the people milling around her. I snuck up and hid behind a bush. This was

something I was going to rember for the rest of my life. "Are you going to tell

me what you are going to do to me?" I heard Linda say to the people below her.

"A few more minutes and we'll be ready for you." I heard someone shout. "For the

last time, you don't have to shout. I can here you in normal tone just fine."

Linda said. I moved down the bush that separated the two houses. I knew that I

had to have her see me, but I just didn't know how to from the ground. I looked

up at the house next to me and I saw the answer to my question. A second floor

window that opened up to the roof of the garage. I crawled to the back door of

the house. Luckily for me it was wide open. I went inside and went up the

stairs. I found the room that opened over the garage. I took the screen out of

the window and put it on the bed. I climbed out on to the garage roof. Linda was

looking down and away from me at the moment. I just had to buy my time and hope

that no officer would notice me. Linda turned and looked right at me. I put my

finger to my lips. She gave me a quick nod to show that she understood what I

meant. I climbed back into the house and found some posterboard and some

markers. I wrote some messages down on the board. I wrote "Pick me up" in big

letters on the board. I still didn't want anyone to notice me yet. I went back

on top of the garage. I held the sign up and she nodded. She reached her massive

hand out. I heard someone shout something about "Hey, who is that kid!" Linda

wrapped her massive fingers around me body and lifted me up, off of the roof.

She brought me up to her billboard sized face. "Hello there Nick." Linda said.

"He.. Hello Linda." I said. "What happened to you?" "I just don't know. School

lunch, I think," she said, her face breaking into a huge grin. "Well, at least

you still got your sense of humor." I said. "This is a mute point but I was

planning on asking you out tomorrow." "You..You were?" She said, a little

surprised. "Yep. But I think I'll ask you now. Linda, do you want to go out with

me?" I said. "Hmm, let me check my sechedual. I'm free right now." She said.

"Linda, we have finished with you. We are taking you somewhere to keep you

safe." Some guy said in a white lab coat. "Depends on where?" She said. "A

barn." The guy said. "Do you have something in a Hilton, possibly." She said.

"No. Sorry." He said. "Oh. Then take me to the Hotel Barn then." She said. "The

barn is off of the interstate. We had it cleared for you to walk. Just be

careful getting there." The lab coat guy said. "I'll be as careful as a bull in

a china shop." She said with a grin on her face. "Uh, Linda," I spoke up, "What

about me?" "Oh, sorry Nick. Where should I put you so I don't have to worry

about you?" she said, "Why don't we try my shoulder." she said, putting me on

her shoulder. Her skin was soft and warm. "Is that ok?" "The view is excellent.

Uh, do you think you could get my car to the barn?" I said. "Sure, why not.

Officer Stark, I want you to get this young man's car to the barn. Is that

understood?" She said. "Yea. But where is it." He said. I shouted directions

down to him. He ran off to get my 'Stang. "Uh, Linda, the interstate is clear.

Let's go." The white lab coat guy said. "And awayy we go." Linda said as she

started off. She walked out of her neighborhood and onto the express way. There

was several police cars in front of her leading the way. I looked down at the

cars. They had to be doing at least 80mph. They were flying. I could see the

newschoppers flying overhead. The police cars turned off the interstate and went

onto a access road. Linda followed them. They stopped at the 'Hotel Barn'. Linda

put me on the ground and looked at the barn. It was at about hip- level for her.

It had wide enough doors for her to slip through. She got down and wormed her

way into the barn. It was a tight fit, but she made it. I walked in through the

room next to her leg and the wall of the barn. I walked up to her head. "How do

you like the Hotel Barn?" I said. She looked over at me. "It should do for now."

The guy with the lab coat came inside. "Uh,.. Linda, do you need anything?" He

asked. "Not right now. Maybe latter." She said. "Do you need anything?" He said

to me. I thought it over. "Hmm, probly a nice, new travel trailer. Make sure it

is a big one, not a little, wimpy thing. Make sure it is stocked with food." I

said. "Ok. I'll see what I can do." He said. He turned and walked out. I found a

seat and started to talk to Linda. We talked for a while, then the lab coat guy Todo Smartwatch, smartbands y pulseras de actividad

came back in. "Nick, I can't get you a camper until tomorrow." "Well, it looks

like I'm in my 'Stang tonight." I said. The lab coat gut turned and walked out.

"I won't have you sleeping in your car. You can sleep in her tonight." She said.

"Where?" I said, looking around. She took up most of the room in the barn. "Step

into my hand and I'll show you." She said. I walked onto her hand. She lifted me

up and put me on her. "Where am I sleeping?" I asked, not quiet sure of the

answer. "Why, on me, of course." She said. I looked at where I was standing. I

was on her stomach, looking up at her breasts and her face. I laid down where I

was standing to see what it would feel like to sleep on a woman's stomach. "How

is it down there?" She asked, with a giggle. "Pretty comfortable." I said. "Good

night, Nick." "Good night, Linda." I said as I got comfortable and fell asleep.

I woke up early the next morning. I got off of Linda and walked outside. There

were at least 50 reporters out there. The police were holding them back. There

was about 10 helicopters hovering above the site. I ran back inside and shut the

door. Linda was stirring. I walked over to the back door. I cracked it. There

was at least 50 reports on that side with the police holding them back. I walked

over and sat down against the wall, waiting for Linda to wake up. I couldn't

ever get to my car and drive off to think. The reporters would be all over me

before I shifted into drive. I was trying to think of a way to get these damn

reporters out of here so we could have some peace and quiet. Then it came to me.

I'd give them a statement of somesort. That should shut them up for a while. I

got my thought together and walked outside. The reporters were yelling at me to

try to get a question answered. "SHUT UP AND LISTEN FOR ONCE!'' I shouted. That

shut them up. "Now I would like to say something and answer 3 questions. I will

pick who says them right now. So you better come up with a good one." I pointed

out three reporters. "1. 2. 3. Ok time for my statement. I do not know how she

got to be so big, so don't ask. I assume that you know her name and age, so I

will skip that. Linda is a good friend of mine. I had to come and comfort her.

It was what I felt I should do. Now for the questions. First one?" "Mary

Robins-Detroit Free Press. Where did you sleep last night?" "I sleep in the

barn. Next?" "Marty Davis-Channel 5 News. When did you find out that she grew?"

"When I herd it on the radio while cleaning my car. Last one." "William Stuert-Time

Magazine. What is going to happen next?" "I honestly can't tell you. Thank you

for the time. Now please leave the area." I said. I walked over to a officer.

"Can you set up a no fly zone over this area so we could have some privacy?" I

asked him. "I'll put the request in." The officer said. "Thanks," I said as I

walked back to the barn. Linda was up. "Good morning." She said. "Good morning."

I said. I walked over and kissed her on the check. "What was that for?" She

asked. "For being so beautiful." I replied. "You are so sweet." She said. "What

were you doing outside?" "Handling the blood sucking reporters. There is at

least 100 of them out there. It looked like the O.J. trial." "That bad?" She

said. "Yep. I'm trying to get a off limits area set up from the air and ground

so we can have some privacy." "That's so sweet of you." I walked over to the

door. I noticed that the reporters were gone. "Would you like to get out and

stretch a little?" I said. "Are the leaches gone?" "Yep." "Sure." I opened the

door and she crawled out. I watched her as she crawled out. She was defiantly

good-looking. She got out and stood up to her full height. "When do I get some

breakfast?" She asked. "I don't know. When ever it is ready." I said. "You know

what. I've been thinking about how to get back to normal size. I think what

happened to me is beyond current scientific capability. I've been thinking that

if I try hard enough, I might return to normal. Dose that sound right to you?"

She said. "What do we have to loose if you try?" I said. "Ok." She closed her

eyes. I studied her very carefully. I couldn't notice a difference at first, but

she slowly came back down to normal size. "I did it!" She said. I ran over and

hugged her. She kisses me very long. "Can you try going back?" I said. She shut

her eyes and she went to her giant size. She went back to normal. "Try smaller."

I suggested. She shut her eyes and she shrunk. She looked around. "This was your

view of me, eh?" She said. "Yep. Try normal." She shut her eyes and went back to

normal. "I wonder if you can make someone else grow or shrink?" "Why don't we

try." She said as she grabbed my hand. She shut her eyes. I looked around. The

ground was coming up fast. She opened up her eyes. "How's that?" She said. "You

shrunk me and yourself!" I said. "Now let's get back to normal and get out of

here." She said. She grabbed my hand and made me grow back to normal sized. We

went over to my 'Stang. I got in and started it up. "Buckle up. Take this phone

and call the white lab coat guy. This is a direct line to him. Tell him to meet

us at the old abandon amusement park." She opened the phone and called the guy.

She told him the message. She hung up the phone. "He is on his way." She said.

"Good. We will be avoiding newsvans now. Get into the hatchback and duck so they

won't see you." I said. "Why don't I just go into the ashtray?" She said. "Of

course. go for it." She shrunk down. I picked her up and put her in the ashtray.

I got a tissue out of the back seat. "Here cover-up. So they can't see you in

there." She put the tissue over herself like a blanket. I shifted the 'Stang

into drive and speed off. I reached down to the center console and hit the

nitrous button. The car really took off. I saw the camp giant coming up. I could

see the cameras point at my car. I could see the reporters crowd around where I

was going to drive. I faked them out by turning left and going a long way to the

interstate. I drove onto the interstate and took off at 105 MPH towards the

amusement park. Linda grew and buckled up. I looked in my review mirror. I could

see newsvans following us. "Damn. The leeches are behind us. Hang on." I knew

the limits of this car like the back of my hand. I went into the right lane and

passed several cars. I saw what I wanted. A caravan of semi-trucks. I pulled my

car between two of them and matched there speed. The newsvans went right by us.

"Good job." She said. I pulled out and hurried on to the amusement park. I

pulled off the interstate and parked at the amusement park. I saw a white van

pull up. The lab coat guy got out. "Where is she?" He asked. "I'm right here."

She said, getting out of the Mustang. "How did you get to normal?" he asked. "I

just thought of normal, and I'm normal. I can go small, large, normal or change

some one else." She said. "That's incredible. I want to take you back to the lab

and run some tests." "No. I won't go and you can't make me." Linda said. "Yes I

can." He pulled out a needle. "This is a sedative. Please don't make me use it."

he said. I just stood there and watched. "Fuck you." Linda said as she grew to

50 ft. tall. She reached down and flicked the needle away from the man. The

needle went and stuck into the side of the van. She reached down and pick the

man up. "Now you leave me alone or else I will kill you by squeezing you until

you pop. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" She said. "Y.. Ye..Yes." he said. "Good." She put

him down. "To make sure that you are not going to bother me for a while." She

said as she picked up the van. She turned it on it's roof and put it back down.

She put her fist though the transmission. "Nick, let's get out of here." She

said as she shrunk down. We went over and got into my car. I put it into drive

and took off down the road, wondering what adventure would meet us next.

Giantess Stories: Attack of the 49 1

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