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AVERAGE DAY WARNING: This story contains large amounts of unoriginal, stale plot

lines. Recycled ideas and settings occur in spades. Those who would rather not

read about the "average high school student" with the "unvoiced GTS fantasy" who

one day "wakes up to realize his deepest desire has come true," as well as those

who are easily offended by the "overuse of quotation marks," are advised to find

another story. Those who are willing to tough out the tired cliche of a plot may

be rewarded with unbridled hilarity and other wonderful benefits that generally

come with stories written...


It's an average day and nothing really stands out

I'm just skatin' on the same route

I'm feelin' fine, I've got nothin' to complain about

I'm on my way

It's just an average day

-- "Alarm Clock", The W's

Life isn't easy for the average American teenager, and that's just what I am.

Tyler Watson's the name, slackin' my way through senior year is my game. I'm

fairly tall, 6' 3", and pretty well muscled (I used to be on the basketball

team). Grade-wise, I'm a solid C student. I've got a pathetic job as a cashier

at the local grocery store, a steady girlfriend (Joanne. Love ya, baby!), and no

real plans for the future. Just like every other high school student in America.

Now, enter the difficult part.

My parents got divorced when I was 13, and my dad died shortly after remarrying,

so I ended up living with my stepmom and two extrememly hot stepsisters,

Amy and Karie. Karie and I are both 18 now; Amy's 21 and moved out a while ago.

Although we technically aren't related, it's still frowned upon to hook up with

your stepsister, so I've had to spend years keeping my pent-up lust for my

sisters from exploding.

Enter the really difficult part.

I'm a GTS freak. Don't know when or why it started, but I can't get enough of

the giantess boards. The sight of a female foot sends chills down my spine

(sandals are a gift from God, I must say). Of course, my height prevents me from

finding a chick who could even come close to satisfying my hidden desires, so my

whole sex life has been confined to internet collages and my overactive


Until today.

Today, I woke up three inches tall.

Don't ask me why. I didn't wish on any shooting stars, didn't slip in any pools

of unknown chemicals, wasn't the victim of some witch's curse. I just woke up in

an extremely large bed to an extremely loud alarm clock.

But here's the kicker:

Nobody else seems to notice.

They're all acting like my being tinified is as normal as could be. In fact, it

all started at around 6:30 this morning....



I slammed my fist down where the "snooze" alarm usually was, but my hand

rebounded off a surprisingly soft and cushiony substance. Groggily, I stirred

myself awake, yawned, and stretched. My alarm still blaring, I peered about the

room to figure out what the heck was going on. My knees turned to jelly as I

gaped at my gigantic surroundings. I stood on an enormous field of a mattress.

My alarm clock was a few hundred yards away. I was tiny. Very tiny. The mattress

suddenly shifted alarmingly, heaving downwards as if a great weight had settled

on the other side. I slid down the sloping surface and collided with a large,

warm object. Karie's forearm. She was kneeling on the floor, resting her head

atop her folded arms, which she placed on my mattress.

"Karie!" I screamed in amazement. "My god! Why the hell are you in my room?"

"Hmmf. Y'know, you're not the most chipper of people on a Monday morning."

Without the slightest warning, her long-fingered hand plucked forwards, wrapping

around me. I was pressed face first into her soft, sweet scented palm. I

wriggled about, forcing myself upwards. The warmth of her hand on my body

produced quite a bit of sweat, and the going got easier as I was lubricated with

its salty wetness. I popped my head out from her fist and began shouting.

"Karie! Let go of me! What do you think you're doing?"

Karie giggled as she rose to her feet, me protesting all the while. A sense of

vertigo seized me as she raised her fist towards her face. What seemed like

miles of her satiny nightshirt panned past me. Her shirt was very flimsy, and

she was obviously naked underneath. Upon seeing the bulging swell of breasts,

her nipples standing out darkly against her creamy white skin, I fell silent,

staring in awe. She continued raising me, forcing me to tear my eyes from her

cleavage to her gigantic face. Her thick, luscious lips curved upwards in a grin

and her warm breath washed over me as she spoke.

"What do I think I'm doing? Silly little Tyler, I'm doing what we do every


I shook my head a bit, clearing my head of the disorientation caused by her

booming voice.

"We're going to take a shower..."


I found myself standing nude beside the sink in our bathroom. The thundering of

water gushing from the showerhead drowned out all other sounds. Karie's slinky

nightshirt lay in a heap on the tiled floor, and she stood naked, her back

towards me, testing the temperature of the water. The muscles of her

heart-shaped ass flexed as she shifted her weight from foot to foot. I couldn't

tear my eyes away from her beautiful buttocks. She turned towards me, her lovely

face peering out from her somewhat tangled mane of chestnut-brown hair. Those

silky locks dangled downwards, partially obscuring her generous bosom. She

reached her hand towards me, palm up, forming a platform.

"Hop on," she grinned, "the water's fine."

Hesitantly, I once again found myself in the palm of her hand, though this time

under less constrictive circumstances. She stepped past the shower curtain and

into the tub. An overwhelmingly powerful waterfall beared down on me, forcing me

onto my back. Karie quickly curled her fingers up into a cage, shielding me from

the more forceful drops. With her other hand she picked up a bar of soap. She

swirled it about in her fist, creating a foamy lather. She turned, allowing the

water to strike her back so I would not be knocked out of her grasp. Looking

downwards, I watched the water swirl about her feet, several hundred feet below.

I backed towards the center of her palm, but was stopped by her soap-covered

hand. Her fingers worked quickly, spreading lather all over my body. I gasped

and squeezed my eyes shut. Karie felt my struggles.

"What's wrong? You're acting like this is the first time we've ever done this."

"Isn't it?" I shouted, trying to make my tiny voice heard.

She laughed as she ran me quickly under the water, washing away the soap. "Oh,

Tyler, you're a riot. Now c'mon." She placed the bar of soap before me. "It's my


I stared up at her face, water streaming down from her wet hair, searching for

some sign of sarcasm. There was none. I walked forwards, placed my hands on the

soap, and rubbed vigorously, building up a lather. She positioned her hand at

strategic locations around her body, allowing me to spread the foam over her

skin. Tremblingly at first, my mind swimming with the strange events of this

morning, but gaining confidence as I noticed how completely at ease with the

situation Karie was, I stretched out my arms and caressed my step-sister's skin.

I finally had the chance to live out my fantasy; I was a mere three inches tall,

touching and fondling one of the hottest girls I had ever seen.

My fingers danced along the long towers of her legs, moved upwards to rub the

ass I had eagerly watched for years, played along her tummy, poking in and out

of her bellybutton, stroking and caressing her breasts, lingering especially on

her nipples. Karie luxuriated in my ministrations, twisting and turning under

the shower. All too soon, she shut the water off and stepped out of the tub. She

vigorously rubbed a towel over her body, keeping a corner dry for me.

"That was great, Tyler. I don't know what came over you, but that was better

than ever. Now, mom's going to drive us to school."

'Better than ever?' I wondered. 'You mean we've done this before? What's going



"Karie, Tyler!" called my stepmom from downstairs, "Hurry up or you'll be late!"

Karie, after dressing and laying out a tiny set of clothes for me (leaving me to

wonder again at what exactly had happened to me and why everyone seemed prepared

for it), gripped me in her hand and hustled downstairs. She held me at chest

level, and I watched her bountiful breasts jiggle and bounce as she jogged down

the stairway.

My stepmom was dressed for work in as sexy a suit as her office would allow. Her

red lacquered nails peeped from her open-toed sandals. Her nylon-clad legs

stretched up under her almost scandalously short skirt. Her neckline plunged

dangerously low. I whistled inwardly, then gasped as I realized that my adoptive

mother's reaction to my condition would likely be less than favorable. To my

immense surprise, she gave a cheery "Good morning!" plucked me from my sister's

hand and tucked me into her cleavage. I was surrounded by firm titflesh from

every side, drinking in the heady scent of my mother's perfume.

"Let's get a move on," she chirped as she made her way out the door, her sandals

clicking and clacking with every step, her breasts heaving and bouncing around

me. Turned on as I was, I had to say something.

"Mom," I began, "don't you notice something out of the ordinary today?"

"Of course, honey." I sighed in relief. "The two of you are running later every

morning. What takes you so long in that shower anyway?"

So much for discovering what was wrong with me. Karie and my mother, with me in

tow, entered the car and sped off towards school.


Upon entering, Karie set me down and headed off down the hallway. "See ya after

school, Tyler," she called over her shoulder.

"Wait! Wait!" I cried. I started running, pumping my tiny legs furiously, but

try as I might I couldn't match my sister's colossal strides. She was quickly

lost to my sight and I was alone in a forest of towering teenagers.

It's amazing how different everything looks from three inches off the ground.

The first thing I noticed was how dirty the floor was. Dirt and grime, caked so

deeply into the tiling that it would never be cleaned off, once-insignificant,

now patently obvious bits of litter, candy bar wrappers, and discarded chewing

gum. This school was filthy. But I quickly realized a three inch tall student

wouldn't get very far with his eyes on the ground.

A thundering boom sent shockwaves through the ground, and a tremendous blast of

wind knocked me forwards. I scrambled to my feet and spun around. An absolutely

gigantic foot stood behind me, encased in a stylish pair of

cream-colored, high-heeled, strappy sandals. Unpainted toenails peeped from

beneath the patent leather. A faint odor emanated from the directino of this

enormous foot. Now, as feet go, this was not the most attractive specimen. But

to me, it was heavenly. My first up close and personal encounter with the female

foot! A glorious moment. But all too soon, it ended.

The short, somewhat rough toes splayed as their owner pressed her weight down.

The heel rose higher and higher, and the foot suddenly lifted off the ground. It

passed far overhead with a "whoosh" as its owner continued her trek down the

hallway. I stood stock still for a moment, then began to tremble with fear. Had Todos los regalos y muestras gratis, promociones, productos gratis, cupones descuento, sorteos, concursos, ofertas España del 2022 Muestras gratis y regalos

that foot fallen scant inches farther forwards... I shuddered. A misplaced step,

a stumble, a dropped bookbag or even pencil could end my life in a second. I

swallowed hard and turned my gaze upwards, keeping my eyes peeled for possible

danger. Hugging the wall, dodging and weaving, I made my way to my locker. But

once I arrived...

"How in the hell am I supposed to get up there?" I exclaimed, staring up at my

combination lock, several stories above me. I spun around when I heard a sweet

voice call, "Need some help, big fella?" Upon turning, the most beautiful feet

in the world graced my vision. They were soft and petite, with high, graceful

arches and well-turned ankles. The toes were short, sweetly shaped and perfectly

proportioned. Each nail was meticulously French pedicured, squared off and

coated in a clear shiny polish with the very tip painted a glistening white.

They were housed in a pair of tall, black platform flip-flops. I knew in a flash

whose feet these were.

My eyes traced the silky smooth skin that soared majestically upwards, was

hidden momentarily by a pair of denim shorts, then resumed, revealing a chubby

tummy. Perky, firm breasts hid behind a white belly shirt, brushed lightly by

long, silky brown hair. Framed by that soft hair was the sweetest face

imaginable, like the face of Heaven's cutest angel. Beth Lockman, my long-time

crush. I couldn't even begin to count the number of times I had ogled her

beautiful form, but I had never had the courage to talk to her directly. But

apparently the ladies love a three-inch man.

"Lemme give ya a hand." And that's just what she did. She bent down, giving me a

wonderful view straight down her shirt, and extended her hand, palm up, much

like Karie had done earlier. Speechless, I nodded and stepped onto her palm. Her

skin was so soft, so silky. She giggled as I stroked her skin, tracing her

lifeline. "Hang on." I was pressed into her yielding flesh as she rose. My

surrounding blurred and whizzed past as we ascended. When we reached my lock, we

stopped abruptly, jarring me further. I fumbled with the lock a bit, but my

insignificant strength combined with my shock at standing in the palm of my

dream girl made my efforts useless. She giggled again and I watched her long,

manicured fingers deftly spin the dial for me.

As I watched those stunningly gorgeous fingers twist and turn my lock, I finally

found my voice. "Beth, how come you know my combo?"

She chuckled. "Oh, Tyler. You act as if I've never helped you get to class


"So... you do this a lot?"

"Well, whenever Joanne isn't around." She pulled my books from the locker. "Now

c'mon. We've got some math to do."


I'm not sure when it happened, but I ended up spending my math class at Beth's

feet. I straddled her foot and gripped her toes, rubbing and caressing each. I

exerted quite a bit of effort massaging Beth's feet, and she didn't make it easy

on me. She would flex her toes, spreading them widely to keep them out of my

reach. Then, when I had finally gotten a handhold on her smooth, warm toes, she

would curl them, crushing my hands between their vice-like grip. I placed a kiss

on each of her shiny toenails, licking every inch of her delectable flesh. The

way her feet writhed under my ministrations and her delighted moaning and

sighing from above led me to believe that she very much enjoyed me as her


The ninety minutes of math flew by, and Beth and I had to part for second

period. She dropped me off at history and gave me a good-bye wave. I waved

giddily after her, wondering again why she didn't seem to find anything odd

about my loss of height. I entered history and perched atop my desk. Note-taking

was difficult, as I kept sneaking peeks at the girls around me. It was amazing

to be seeing them from my new angle. From the looks of things, many of them

enjoyed looking down on me. More than one girl flushed and averted her eyes when

I my gaze met hers. None were quite as bold as Beth, however.

Lunchtime was a very different story...


"C'mon, Becky! You've been playing with him for ten minutes straight! It's my


"And when Ashley's done, I get him next!"

"Nuh-uh! I was next!"

"Becky, you said I could get him after you!"

Becky was in no position to settle the debate of my next "playmate", as she was

busy holding back her shouts of pleasure. I was stuffed down her panties,

tickling her engorged pussy lips and hunting for her clit. Her juices flowed

copiously over my body as she grunted and sweated. This was the third girl I had

pleasured this lunch period alone, and my hands and arms were beginning to ache.

Don't ask me how this happened. These girls were crazy about me. They

couldn't keep their hands off me, and I, a horny high-schooler, was in no

position to fend off their advances. After I had gratified Becky, I clambered

out of her cotton panties and awaited her hand to pluck me up and place me back

on the tabletop. A dozen grinning girls huddled around me, waiting for me to

catch my breath. As soon as I was ready, Ashley, the apparent winner of the

argument, gripped me and lifted me towards her chest. She unbuttoned a few

buttons of her blouse and began pulling her bra cup away from her chest.

"Remember these babies?" she growled in a sultry voice. I had no idea what she

was talking about, nor did I care. It seemed everyone was perfectly happy with

me as Tyler Watson, the Incredible Shrunken High Schooler. I eagerly watched

Ashley's tits draw nearer, when my descent was suddenly interrupted.

"Tyler! What's going on?"

The girls froze, staring at the source of the piercing shriek. I tore my eyes

away from Ashley's breasts to see Joanne standing there with her hands on her

hips and a very dangerous glint in her eye. The girls mumbled several

incoherent sentences and quickly bolted away from the table. I stood, gaping at

my obviously pissed girlfriend. With all the excitement of being shrunk, I had

completely forgotten I was attatched.

"Hey, Joanne," I managed weakly.

"Don't you 'hey Joanne' me!" she began darkly. "I thought we had this little

talk before."

"What... what do you mean?"

Her scowl grew even darker, if possible. "You promised you'd stop fooling around

with other women! Especially Beth!"

I did remember promising that, but certainly that didn't apply under these

circumstances. On reflection, that was a thought I probably shouldn't have

shared with Joanne.

She swept me into her hands and began squeezing. "WHAT? You think you can go

prancing about with anyone you want?"

As the air was quickly crushed from my lungs, I did my best to choke out:

"Excuse me, Joanne! But don't you notice that I'm three freakin' inches tall,


Tears filled her eyes, as she relaxed her grip, dropping me to the tabletop. She

began to sniffle. "Why do you think I fell in love with you?" She spun around

and ran crying from the lunchroom.


I couldn't move for a while. I lay gasping for breath on the table. Thankfully,

a passing freshman girl carefully lifted me up and took me to the nurse. She

decided my injuries weren't as serious as they could have been, and her

recommendation was that I head home and rest up.

In bed, I lay napping for a few hours until Karie came home. She knocked lightly

on my door and entered. "Hey, Tyler. How you feeling?"

I grimaced. "I'll live, I think."

She grinned. "Hey, guess what! Amy's coming over tonight."


"Yeah. Mom's making a special dinner. You feel up to joining us?"

"Of course!" I grinned. Amy was even more attractive than Karie. I knew I should

be more careful with who I fooled around with after Joanne's display of

displeasure, but this was a once in a lifetime shot as far as I was concerned.

I was carried gently to the dinner table by Karie. Amy was there, in all her

college-wisened glory. She wore her blonde hair short, cut just below her ears,

which sported dangling hoop earrings. Her face was radiant as she greeted her

family for the first time in months. She wore a low cut v-neck T-shirt which

exposed a great deal of cleavage. I couldn't see much else because the rest of

her body was hidden below the table. Even if she had been standing, I would have

had a hard time pulling my eyes away from her prominent chest.

We ate and chatted a bit. When the conversation turned to my day at school and

my "accident" with Joanne, Amy looked concerned.

"Oh, poor Tyler. How are you feeling now?" Her voice was tender and soft.

"I'm still a little sore, to tell the truth," I responded.

"Well, I know just the thing to work the kinks out of you. Mom, Karie, would you

excuse us?" They nodded their assent and Amy scooped me up in her hands. She

strolled out of the kitchen and into my bedroom.

I was in heaven. Amy's hands were amazing. She had pampered them since her

childhood with lotions and oils, and baby-soft skin was her reward. She put me

down on the bed and told me to undress. I did so without hesitation. I lay on my

face as she commanded and was shocked as her fingers went to work, kneading and

massaging my back. Gently, she probed my aching ribs, working carefully to ease

my pain. My muscles turned to jelly under her skilled touch. My member, on the

other hand, grew rock hard. The soft pads of her fingertips carressed me; I

sighed in pleasure. A sudden coldness on my body caused me to tense up again.

"Shhh..." she reassured me, "It's just baby oil."

The flowery scent of the lotion reached my nostrils and I relaxed as she rubbed

it deep into my skin. Without warning, her fingernails slipped under me and she

flicked me upwards, tossing me onto my back. I lay face-up, my erection plainly

visible. I tried to cover it, but her fingers blocked my arms. She smiled down

on me and applied another dollop of baby oil to her fingertips.

"You know, we haven't done this for a while, little bro. It's one of the few

things I've missed at college." She pinched my penis between finger and thumb,

depositing a large amount of cool lotion on my raging hard on. She began to pump

up and down, her lubricated fingertips slipping easily along my body. I twisted

and writhed under her ministrations, holding back my impending release. The

pleasure mounted until I couldn't take it any longer. I came, pumping what

seemed like gallons of cum from my tiny cock. It was quickly lost among the

copious baby oil, but Amy knew I was spent.

Her lips came down on me, engulfing my face in a warm kiss. "Now, you go to bed

and sleep this one off. I guarantee in the morning you'll feel much better."

"Amy, I don't think I can feel better than I do right now!"

She giggled. "Here, I'll leave the TV on for you." She placed the remote control

by my pillow and switched on my room's set. She then rose to leave, switching

the lights off after her.

I tried to focus on the TV, but couldn't stop the events of the day from

replaying in my head. I wearily made my way to my pillow and collapsed in a

heap. Before I slipped away into slumber, a verse from a song floated through my


I turned off the TV and went to bed

After all, tomorrow is a big day

And not an average day.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The End

Giantess Stories: AVERAGE DAY   WARNING

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