Giantess Stories: Aztec Goddess of Micro Terra  by  Deuce Little O In the year 1501

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Aztec Goddess of Micro Terra


Deuce Little OIn the year 1501, off the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico...


   The Conquistador was happy with his prize captive: the beautiful daughter of

the Aztec emperor. She was truly more beautiful than all the women of the

Spanish aristocracy, and had she been a citizen of Spanish society, he would

have had little or no chance of winning her favor. He was past 30, with

half-rotted teeth and a weather-beaten face, while she was a brown-skinned

teenage siren, more beautiful than all the maidens of the Aztec empire.

   The conquistador knew enough of her language to be able to decipher her

native tongue, so he understood her warnings when she implored him to wait until

the rainy season was over before making the trip, but he refused her request.

The emperor of the Aztecs had given his daughter's hand in marriage as part of a

peace agreement, and the conquistador assumed she was trying to postpone her

destiny. He could only imagine how his friends back in Spain would react when

they saw he was married to a princess more beautiful than any they had ever

seen; to him it seemed that she was truly an Aztec goddess disguised in mortal


   When the Spanish galleon was out at sea, a storm struck. It was more vicious

than anything he had ever experienced, for although he was commanding officer,

this was his first trip to the Western hemisphere, so he had never experienced a

hurricane. The crew abandoned the ship for land in all but one of the lifeboats.

   The mast snapped in half under the unrelenting force of the winds, and

pierced the hull. Within less than a minute, the galleon was sinking. The

conquistador and the Aztec princess climbed into the remaining life boat, but it

began to sink. It was only strong enough to handle the weight of one of them,

because the boat was filling with water that weighed it down. He did what he

thought was right under the circumstances; with a final kiss on her beautiful

lips, he jumped into the furious waves, leaving her safely in the boat. She had

no time to ponder his sacrifice as she scooped water out of the boat with her


   None of the other boats could be seen, and her fiancee was most probably

drowned. She saw a light in the distance, and used her paddle to steer towards

the light. Her instincts told her there was safety there, and she assumed that

it was a sign of some divinity from her pagan religion leading her to safety, so

she sought the light. The pounding waves and the fierce winds did not thwart her

efforts, and soon she was upon the source of the glowing white light.

   It surrounded her and her boat, and for a moment there was calm as she

tumbled through a weightless void. Just as she began to succumb to vertigo, the

boat tumbled out of the strange vortex, and she was on another Ocean in another

storm, but unknown to her, this was not the same Ocean or the same storm.

   She spotted land ahead, and steered toward it. The outline of cliffs appeared

in the distance, and soon she saw a beach. Her boat was carried by a huge wave

to the shoreline, where she abandoned her transportation and headed for higher

ground. Once she was safely standing on a hill, she found a cave where she found

shelter from the hurricane. After several hours, she finally forgot her fears

and cried herself to sleep.

   The next morning, it was sunny and clear. The blue sky was welcome and

inviting, so the girl walked out to find berries or edible plants to sate her

hunger. As she walked along, she saw a narrow gravel-lined path, about half an

inch in diameter. A little further down the road, she came across a structure

less than six inches high, and about three feet long and three feet wide. It was

composed of the tiniest stone bricks she had ever seen, and it was covered with

a tarp. When she removed the tarp, the girl was astonished to see a tiny orchard

of fruit trees. The smallest of the trees were less than an inch high, and the

tallest was no more than two inches high. She saw the tiny fruits, which were

much smaller than berries, so she sampled some of them.

   As she ate, she noticed tiny spades, picks and shovels that would be suitable

for people no larger than ants. She picked up a shovel, and it was as tiny as a

splinter. The girl wondered what kind of a strange land she had ended up in as

she continued with her breakfast.

   A group of local villagers wandered along the trail leading to the orchard,

and the difference between the Aztec girl and the natives was immediately

apparent. Compared to the princess, they were no larger than the tiniest of

ants; twenty of them standing on each other's shoulders would not have stood

half as high as her ankles. When they caught sight of the Aztec girl, their

first instinctive reaction was fear, so they began to run. To them she towered

into the sky like a towering colossus, a mighty goddess dressed in white with

the strange symbols of her Aztec heritage sewn onto her garment.

   She stood up to see what the commotion was, and saw the tiny natives. She

stomped after them, and overtook their tiny steps in two massive strides. Their

was no escape for the tiny people, and they quickly found themselves in the

hands of the Aztec princess.

   She raised them eye level, and examined them. They were tiny, no larger than

ants. The girl smiled, happy to have found and captured such delicate


   "You have nothing to fear from me," the girl said in her native Aztec

language, but the tiny captives could not understand her. They spoke the

language of the Terran Empire, the government that had sentenced, miniaturized,

and abandoned them here by teleportation.

   The planet Terra was highly technologically advanced, and had zero tolerance

for crime. After developing miniaturization and interdimensional technology, the

Terrans passed a law that forced criminals to be reduced to the size of ants and

banished to the planet Micro-Terra. The planet Micro-Terra was in a parallel

reality with no intelligent life on it. The Terrans had sent scout ships to

annihilate the native animals, so they would not be a threat to the miniaturized

criminals banished there. Animals used for food and beasts of burden from Terra

were also miniaturized, and placed on Micro-Terra so the captives would have a

food supply. Plants native to Terra were also reduced and planted there, as


   The scout ships had also swept the atmosphere, removing all microbiological

dangers, as well. Thus, the planet was made safe for the condemned criminals,

who were sent there with no possibility of parole. They were forced to survive

on their own, to carve their own civilization as best they could. Since most of

the criminals had a minimal understanding of science, the civilization they

developed was equal to the neolithic societies of Earth, with no electricity or

industrialization, just adobe brick dwellings, concrete, and plaster.

   The Aztec princess, with her tiny captives in hand, followed the trail into

the tiny town of the Micro-Terrans. Her feet were far too massive for the thin

trail, and she accidentally crushed a bridge made from tiny bricks hewn from

small pebbles.

   When she arrived in the town, she saw a civilization at a technological level

equal to her own Aztec society. The small adobe brick dwellings didn't even

reach her ankles, and the perimeter of the tiny city was less than twenty feet

wide by twenty feet long.

   The citizens of Micro-Terra, when they saw the giant Aztec princess, were

terrified. They had no way of knowing whether she was evil or nice, and most of

them ran to their small homes and hid in terror. Others, caught out in the open,

sought to please the young giantess by bowing low, hoping that their act of

veneration would appease her.

   The giantess smiled, happy to have found such a tiny race of people she could

rule over. They were like toys to her, and she loved them. Seeing them bow to

her didn't impress her, because as the daughter of the Aztec emperor, she was

already accustomed to having people under her control.

   As a gesture of her good will, the Aztec princess set her hand on the ground,

and urged the two Micro-Terrans to step off. As they did, their fears subsided

slightly when they realized the giantess, though colossal and mighty, meant them

no harm.

   The princess looked around. About fifty yards from the edge of the tiny city,

there was a large slab of granite. She walked towards it. Steps surrounded it,

extending from the top, and circling it down to the bottom. It was the

transition platform the Micro-Terrans arrived on when they first came to the

planet Micro-Terra. The top of the platform was located at the exact height, and

at the same point of latitude and longitude as the sentencing chamber of the

Imperial courtroom back on the planet Terra.

   When the banishing law was first enacted back on Terra, the platform was used

consistently, night and day, to send thousands of miniaturized convicted

criminals to Micro-Terra, where they could never do harm to the law-abiding

citizens of the planet Terra again. Now, many decades after the law was first

passed, the platform rarely ushered new arrivals, because the citizens of Terra

were more than a little afraid of being miniaturized and sent to Micro-Terra.

Still, once every couple of weeks or every few months, a new miniaturized

arrival was teleported onto the platform, to take his place among his own kind,

the ant-sized people of this tiny land.

   By a stroke of fate, a miniaturized convict from Terra had been teleported at

the exact instant when conditions were right for the interdimensional vortex

that brought him to Micro-Terra to simultaneously appear at that same point of

latitude and longitude on Earth. The hurricane in the Bermuda Triangle the

princess's boat was passing through occurred at the exact time when the magnetic

field of Micro-Terra had changed polarity, causing anything from Earth to be

pulled through the vortex if it was within those exact coordinates at that

precise instant. The chances against this happening were incalculable, so that

an arrival of a normal-sized person from Earth being pulled through the vortex

might happen once or twice every five or ten centuries.

   The princess continued to explore the island, and noticed that all the flora

and fauna were of miniature proportions. There were no plants and animals

anywhere to be seen that shared her stature, and this pleased her. A smile crept

across the face of the princess as she contemplated the fact that there were

none who could ever challenge her authority. And among the tiny Micro-Terrans,

there were none who would dare defy her.

   She walked over to a creek to get a drink of water. After drinking her fill,

she scooped up some wet clay. She fashioned a pyramid temple similar to the

temples of her homeland in Mexico. She returned to the town square, and showed

the clay pyramid to the tiny Micro-Terrans. She wanted them to understand that

she expected them to construct similar dwellings, so she could be reminded of

her home.

   The Micro-Terrans quickly got the point, in spite of the fact that they spoke

a different language than that of the mighty maiden who towered over them. They

got to work, and by the end of the day, with all the townspeople pitching in,

they had a small pyramid constructed that was an exact duplicate of the one the

princess had molded out of clay. Like ants scurrying about at her feet, the tiny

citizens of Micro-Terra worked on the temple, simply accepting the princess as

their new ruler.

   The wise elders of Micro-Terra knew the young giantess would be hungry soon,

and not wanting to end up as her next meal, instructed some of the younger and

more able men to begin harvesting enough crops to feed the mighty colossus when

it came time for her to eat.

   As the majority of the townspeople were busy constructing the pyramid temple

to appease the mighty maiden, others were hard at work loading up carts and

hauling them to the town square. By the time the pyramid was finished, the

giantess was indeed hungry, and the supply of food carts lining the town square

looked more than inviting to her.

   Reaching down, the princess picked up the largest cart, which was only about

one quarter of an inch in length. The fruits and vegetables looked unfamiliar to

her, but she lifted the cart high above her mouth and tossed it back, sending

the entire contents of the cart crashing against her tongue. She chewed and

swallowed it in one gulp, and found it delicious, so she picked up another cart.

   She tossed back cart after cart, and carefully set the empty carts back where

she found them, knowing that they would serve again as containers when it was

again time for her to feast. After vanquishing the contents of fifty of the

carts, the mighty giantess was at last satisfied, and walked to the edge of town

and slumped down to rest. She fell asleep, happy to have found a race of people

who stood no larger than the tiniest of ants to serve as her tiny pets.

   The next day, the Micro-Terrans fell into line, and quickly accepted the

princess as their goddess without argument. They toiled at her feet, building

the pyramid temples as she commanded them, and harvested food so she had three

meals a day, to sate her awesome hunger. The princess accepted the role of

goddess enthusiastically, and enjoyed her position of power and dominion she

held over her tiny people. She was not cruel to them, she simply expected them

to obey her commands.

   The Micro-Terrans, obedient to a fault, offered no resistance, and zealously

surrendered to the commands of their new goddess without hesitation. Luckily for

the Micro-Terrans, their ruler was an Aztec princess who was disgusted with the

bloodthirsty practices of her people, and sought to forge a new society, as she

saw fit. A non-violent society made in her own image, where there would be no

bloody sacrifices to the sun-god, as was the custom of her people.

   Had a girl from Europe or elsewhere on Earth in 1501 arrived, it would've

been completely different. The Micro-Terrans of that generation never knew how

lucky they were to be ruled by the benevolent Aztec goddess who had conquered

them, because others would not have been as kind to them.

   As the years passed, the Micro-Terrans constructed a statue to appease the

beautiful young goddess, and a work-crew was assigned to supply her with a

regular supply of new garments, as was expected for a goddess. This was a chore

in itself, and required the constant work of hundreds of Micro-Terrans working

two twelve hour shifts a day, seven days a week. The Micro-Terrans didn't

complain, however; they considered it a privilege to serve their beautiful

goddess, and each tried to compete with the others to prove he had served her

more adequately than the others.

   Eventually, the decades passed, and the mighty maiden grew to adulthood, and

became a beautiful woman. A new generation of Micro-Terrans were born who never

knew life without the goddess of Micro-Terra, and there were some who accused

the goddess of being a demanding tyrant. These words were said when the goddess

wasn't listening, but the elders corrected the youths whenever they complained

of dwelling under the iron fist of the mighty Aztec goddess, because they knew


   The elders had to constantly remind the youngsters that it could've been far

worse, and that they were lucky to have been conquered by a kind and

compassionate goddess, rather than by one who was cruel. The elders reminded the

younger generation not one single Micro-Terran had ever fallen by her hand, and

that there had even been years when the goddess herself had pitched in during

storms to save the crops and build dikes and drainage ditches to protect the

tiny town from flooding.

   The kindness of the Aztec goddess served her well in her later years, for

when she was old and grey, she was far too weak to wield power over the Micro-Terrans

any longer. Old and crippled by age and arthritis, the goddess needed the help

of her tiny people. The tiny citizens made sure she had warm clothing to wear,

and enough food to eat. Many, many years after her arrival there, the Aztec

goddess passed away, and the citizens of Micro-Terra mourned for her, and buried

her in a massive burial mound that exists to this day.

   Though it has been many centuries since the time of the Aztec goddess, the

tiny citizens of Micro-Terra still tell their children the story of the Aztec

goddess, the kindest and most gentle giantess who ever ruled their tiny land.



Giantess Stories: Aztec Goddess of Micro Terra  by  Deuce Little O In the year 1501

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