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Backstage at the U.S. Pop Festival

by Lamarun

Part 1

Brittany twisted the handle and opened the door to her dressing room. As she

opened the door she saw a young blond girl standing in front of a huge lighted

mirror. 'Oh, I'm sorry,' Brittany said, 'I was told this was my dressing room

but I must have been told the wrong information.' Slightly embarassed at barging

in on the girl, Brittany turned to leave.

'Wait don't go!' The girl turned from the lighted mirror and walked over to

where Brittany stood. 'Hi, I'm Christina, Christina Aguilara. You're Brittany

Spears right?'

Brittany held out her hand and the two girls shook. 'Yea hi! We've never

actually met have we? I'm sorry about busting in here like that but I was


'Don't worry about it. To tell you the truth I was told that this was my

dressing room too. Come on in, I need to show you something, actually I've been

expecting you for about half an hour now.'

'You've been expecting me? That's strange.' Britney walked into the bright

dressing room and closed the door. The steel door slammed shut but the muffled

sounds of Sheryl Crow could still be heard from on stage.

'I need to talk to you Britney,' Christina said. 'I was told to come to this

dressing room, and when I got here I found this.' Christina walked over to the

make-up table and pointed to a small brown box.

Britney walked over to the box, which was open at the top, and looked inside.

Inside the box was a letter, a small black object that looked like a pager, and

another small brown box. 'What is this stuff?' Britney asked.

Christina grabbed the letter from the box and waved it in front of Brittany's

face. 'Let me read this and I think everything will be clear.' Unfolding the

paper Christina read the letter out loud.

Dear Britney and Christina, Hope you don't mind the mix-up with the dressing

rooms, I have switched the accomidations so that you should both meet each other

at some point this afternoon. Enclosed in the box with this letter you will

notice another small box. Open it and you will find my gift to you...the members

of NSYNC shrunken down to miniscule size. I give them to you for one reason, I

want you to dispose of them. With NSYNC gone there will be nothing to stop you

ladies from taking over the pop charts. Do you think the enormous crowd here

today is here to see you? No! They are here to see them! Remember, with NSYNC

gone you will be able to steal the show! Dispose of NSYNC and I'll make it worth

your while. Oh, and there can be no evidence of what was done so here's what I

want you to do; take the members of NSYNC and eat them. Don't worry you don't

need to chew, just swallow them whole, they should be small enough. Let's just

say this is my preferred way to get rid of people I don't like.


A friend

'Can you believe this Britney? I wonder who wrote this letter.'

'It's signed 'a friend', do you think it could be the Backstreet Boys looking to

take out their competition?' Brittany asked.

'I doubt it,' Christina replied, 'they aren't at the concert today, I think it

has to be someone performing this afternoon. Maybe it's Alanis, I don't know why

she'd want NSYNC out of the way but she is a little freaky.'

Britney put a hand up to her eyes and she felt a flush of embarrasement. 'What

am I doing? Why am I even thinking about this, this has to be some kind of joke.

Okay you got me good Christina but now I have to find my dressing room so I can

get ready for the show.'

'Wait don't leave,' Christina shouted as she saw Britney turn to leave. 'It's

not a joke and I'll prove it to you.' Christina grabbed the smaller box that sat

inside the larger package. She then carried it over to Britney and opened the



Suddenly the lid to their prison was opened and bright light exploded in from

above. The five members of NSYNC shielded their eyes as best they could until

their senses adjusted to the new brightness.

'Where are we?' Lance said as he tried to explore around his strange new


Joey tried to stand but couldn't maintian his balance. It felt like he was

riding in a wobbly elevator. 'What the hell is this? The floor feels like


Chris' eyes were adjusting slowly to the light and he could see large blury

forms above him. 'Any of you guys remember what happened?'

'I remember being in the dressing room,' Justin said as he tried to sit upright

in the corner of the box.

'Yea, and then someone came was a woman wasn't it?' J.C. said with an

effort as he felt like he was going to vomit.

'I remember a woman too,' Chris said, 'but I can't remember who it was.'

'She pulled something out of her pocket,' J.C. said, 'It was small and black...dammit

why can't I remember who it was?'

'Uhhhh guys...' Lance tried to get the attention of his bandmates but they were

still busy talking.

'I can't remember who it was either?' Joey said. 'I do remember her pointing

that thing at us and then everything suddenly seemed.... well, bigger.'

'Guys!' Lance shouted. 'Look up and I think our questions will be answered.'

The five members of NSYNC, their eyes finally adjusted to the light, looked up

and saw the faces of two teenage girls staring down at them.

'Hey, that's Britney Spears isn't it,' Justin shouted as he pointed at the large

wide-eyed face towering above him.

'Yea, and that's Christina Aguilera,' shouted J.C. with the same shocked


'Oh my god!' Lance said as he took in his surroundings. 'I can't believe this

but we've been shrunk.'

Chis, Joey, J.C., and Justin didn't want to believe what their bandmate had

said, but there was no denying the facts of the situation. Looking around they

could see that they were somewhere between one and two inches tall and they were

trapped in a small cardboard box. Above them was the shocked face of Britney

Spears and the smiling face of Christina Aguilera.

Lance decided to take charge of the situation. Slowly and carefully he got to

his feet and stood in the middle of the box . Then in a voice that sounded as

tiny as his body he spoke to the two giant girls. 'Christina, Brittany, why did

you do this to us? Change us back to normal size, this isn't funny. We have a

show to do here in a few minutes!'

The booming voice of Christina came from above, 'We didn't do it. When we came

here we found you in that box. It seems that someone wants to get rid of you and

she wants us to do it.'

Justin crawled over to Lance and stood up next to him. 'I don't like the look in

her eyes Lance, something's very wrong here.'

'Look at Britney, she looks more shocked than we are, maybe I can talk to her.'

Lance then turned from his bandmate and looked up at Brittany's attractive face.

'Hey Britney, I know we've never met but we need your help! Let us out of here

and return us to normal size, please!'


Britney listened to the tiny voice in a state of shock. 'What should we do

Christina? I think we should let them go!'

Christina yanked the box away as if Britney had tried to steal it from her. 'No

way! Just think of what an incredible oppurtunity this is. We have the chance to

get rid of our biggest rivals Britney! With these boys gone there will be no one

to challenge us on the music charts.'

'But you can't seriously do what was suggested in the letter,' Britney said, not

liking the strange smile that had creeped up on Christina's lips.

'You mean the part about eating them? Why not? I admit the thought of chewing

them up would be disgusting but swallowing them whole...that would be another

matter entirely. Just think of it Britney, there will be no evidence as to what

happened to them, it will be as if they simply disappeared.'

'I don't think I want to be a part of this,' Britney said as she looked at the

tiny men Christina held in the box.

'Then you don't have to do anything, but I'm doing what the letter says. It's

obvious that someone cares a lot about our careers and I'm going to take it upon

myself to narrow the competition right eating NSYNC!!'


'Uhhhhh guys, did she just say what I think she said?' asked Justin as he

struggled back to his feet (all five boys had been shaken up pretty bad when

Christina yanked away the box from Britney).

'It sounds crazy but I think she said something about eating us. Do you think

she's serious?' asked J.C. from where he sat in the corner of the box.

'I don't know, but I think we're going to find out,' Chris said as he saw

Christina's huge hand coming towards the open ceiling of the box. 'Look out!' he

shouted to his bandmates as two of Christina's long and slender fingers invaded

through the opening of the box. Chris could only watch in horror as Christina's

huge fingers snatched Justin from the box and lifted him high into the air.

Justin kicked and pushed against Christina's fingers as he was lifted high up

into the air. He felt his stomach lurch and looking down made him dizzy. Finally

the fast roller-coaster ride stopped and Justin found himself looking into the

giant face of Christina. Her hair was blond, almost white, and it hung down to

her shoulders. Her eyes were big, blue, and beautiful, and she was staring

intently at him. She had on a large amount of make-up and her lips were so heavy

with lipstick and gloss that they seemed to shine with a light of their own.

Justin was so struck by her beauty that he stopped struggling for a moment. Just

then Christina started talking to him. 'I've never done this before so I don't

exactly know how to do this,' her huge mouth said. Then, as Justin watched,

Christina opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Justin's eyes opened wide

at what he saw. The intense light in the room illuminated Christana's mouth and

Justin saw that her oral cavity was very smooth, wet, and pink. Justin couldn't

recall ever seeing a mouth like hers before, her tongue was so young and smooth

and had no age lines at all. Her teeth were perfectly straight and white and

were anchored in shiny pink gums. At the very back of her mouth hung her pink

and glistening uvula. Getting up the nerve to talk to the giant teenage girl

Justin said, 'Christina, you really aren't going to eat us are you?'

'Yes I'm afraid I am. I'm sorry but it's the best way. I don't really know the

proper way to do this so I'm just going to give it a shot. Say good-bye to your

number one spot on the charts and hello to my belly.'

'Nooooo!' Justin screamed as he realized that Christina wasn't kidding. Then

Christina's huge mouth opened once more and Justiand Justin found himself

staring at the bright pink flesh again. This time her tongue did not come out,

it simply sat and rolled on the floor of her mouth as if waiting for him. Then,

as hot breath beat against his body, Justin felt himself propelled toward


Justin landed on Christina's warm tongue and her saliva immediately began to

soak into his clothes. He squirmed and kicked as if he were trying to swim, but

this only resulted in spreading more saliva over his body. Suddenly Christina's

mouth closed and Justin was immersed in darkness. The roof of her mouth pressed

down against his back and he could feel her taste buds tickling his skin. Then

Christina's tongue rippled like a wave beneath him and he felt his body pushed

forward. His upper body slid along Christina's tongue and then took a sudden

downward turn. Powerful muscles gripped Justin and as Christina swallowed he

felt himself enter a slick tight tube. Justin tried to scream, but the wall of

Christina's esophagus was pressed too tightly against his face for him to make

any sound. He knew that he had been swallowed and that his next stop would be

the belly of this teenage girl.


Britney watched the bulge move down Christina's neck as she swallowed. 'I can't

believe you just did that,' she said. 'I just can't believe it...he's in your

stomach right now as we speak!'

'Don't worry about it,' Christina said as she felt the tiny movements of the boy

in her stomach, 'I'll digest them all and there will be no trace. Hmmmm, now

who's next? How about you with the stupid haircut.'


J.C. looked up in horror. 'Oh god guys she's looking at me! Help me! Don't let

her eat me too!'

When they saw that Christina was looking down at J.C., the rest of the boys

promptly ran to the opposite end of the box. 'Sorry man, Chris said in a

somewhat meaner voice than he intended, 'what the hell are we supposed to do

about it.' Then, in the same way Justin had been taken, J.C. was grabbed and

carried away between Christina's huge fingers.

'Christina listen to me,' J.C. said as he was lifted up towards Christina's

face, 'I'll give you anything. Money...I got money...or how about a new car,

I'll give you my Ferrari...anything just don't eat me!' Christina didn't say a

word in response to his pleas, instead she lifted her tiny victim to her mouth,

gave him a small kiss and then tossed him between her lips. J.C. tumbled head

over heels onto Christina's tongue and rolled until he landed up against her

soft palate. Saliva dripped all over him and J.C. took one last look at the

outside world before Christina closed her lips. Before he could gain his balance

J.C. felt Christina's tongue drop and her uvula brushed up against his body. He

tried to grab the slick uvula, but instead he lost his balance and fell into

Christina's warm throat. His feet landed against Christina's epiglottis which

triggered her swallowing reflex, and J.C. found himself violently pushed down

Christina's esophagus towards her stomach where Justin was already being coated

in digestive acids.


After she felt her second victim enter her stomach Christina turned to her new

friend. 'Okay Britney, it's your turn.'

Britney shurked back from Christina. 'What do you mean?'

'Come on Britney, I can't have all the fun.' With a huge grin on her face

Christina plucked another of the teenage boys out of the small box and held him

out to Britney. 'Here's one for you. Come on don't be a coward about this.'

'I don't know about this Christina,' Britney said apprehensively as she watched

the tiny squirming boy between Christina's fingers.

'Come on, I've already eaten two of them so there's no turning back now. Here,

take him and don't worry about it, no one will ever know. Just put him in your

mouth, gather up some saliva and swallow.'

'I guess you're right,' Britney said. 'There's no turning back now. Give him to

me and I'll give it a try.' Britney then took the small boy that was being held

out to her. He felt strange between her fingers. He was kicking and squirming

and he felt more like a bug than a human. Actually Britney felt that the boy was

kind of cute, it was going to be a shame to get rid of him.

Christina snagged another of the tiny boys from the box and held him up to her

shiny lips. 'Okay Britney, are we ready?'


Chris was hanging in the air directly in front of Britney's face. He couldn't

believe what was happening. Two of his fellow bandmates had just been devoured

alive and he was next on the menu. Chris looked up into Britney Spears beautiful

young face. He was attracted to her instantly. Her long blond hair hung down at

the sides of her face and gently brushed up against her temples. Her skin was

flawless and the make-up she wore highlighted her smooth cheeks. Her eyes were

bright and brown, and they were looking down at him with a sense of wonder and

excitement. Her cute nose was small compared to the rest of her face and her

nostrils moved ever so slightly as she breathed. Below her nose were her lips

which were big, moist, and red. She was definitely beautiful and Chris would

have felt a sexual excitement he had never felt before except for the fact that

he knew he was about to be consumed by the beautiful girl.

Chris was about to speak, he would yell or beg, anything that would stop Britney

from eating him but before he could open his mouth he felt himself moving

towards Britney's lips. Chris let out a small scream as his vision was totally

filled with Brittany Spears red lips and dark nostrils. Then those very lips

parted just enough that Chris could see the darkness of Britney's oral cavity.

Chris squinted and tried to look between those huge lips. It was hard to see but

he definitely saw something moving. Just then the tip of Britney's tongue came

poking out. Her pink tongue stretched out until it impacted against his face.

Chris tried to scream but saliva filled his mouth as Britney's pink tongue

licked his face. With her warm tongue pressed against him he couldn't breath so

he put his hands against it's soft surface and pushed with all his might. As he

pushed his hands slipped on the wet surface of her tongue and she simply

continued to lick and taste him.

Then, when Chris felt that he couldn't take anymore the licking stopped. Like a

swimmer who had been under water for too long he immediately took several deep

breaths to replenished his body with oxygen. He was now drenched with Britney's

saliva. It coated his hair, soaked into his clothes, and stung at his eyes so

that he couldn't see. Using a relatively dry spot on his arm Chris wiped away

the thick stinging liquid from his eyes and looked up at his oppressor once

more. To his surprise he saw that Brittany's mouth was no longer slightly open

but open very wide.

It was too late for Chris. Before he could begin any attempt at escape he was

already passing between Britney's red lips and blazing white teeth. He was in

her mouth now and her hot breath beat against his body...Chris could even smell

the remnants of a breath mint Britney had sucked on earlier in the day. To his

left and right he saw rows of white teeth but he knew from what happened to J.C.

and Justin that he had nothing to fear from those massive molars. If front of

him, deep in Brittany's mouth hung her uvula and behind it was the glistening

wall of her throat. Chris noticed with some amusement that Britney had never had

her tonsils removed. Looking down Chris saw Brittany's pink tongue rolling and

twisting with a shiny new coating of saliva. All these observations he had made

in only a matter of seconds and then the giant fingers holding him let go and

Chris fell onto the very tongue he was watching a second before.

Britney's mouth immediately went to work. Her tongue rolled Chris around,

coating him with saliva. Several times Chris felt his body fall between

Brittany's huge teeth and he almost wished they would come down on

least it would be quick and he wouldn't have to go through the ordeal of being

digested alive...but it wasn't meant to be, if he fell between her teeth her

tongue would soon scoop him up again.

Chris, as hard as it was on the bouncing tongue, turned his head and took his

last glimpse of the outside world. Out between Britney's lips he saw Chrisina's

smiling face and he noticed that she was holding Lance between her fingers.

Britney's lips began to close. Her teeth and lips came together and Chris was

immersed in darkness. He was more than adaquedely coated with saliva now and he

knew that with just a thought from the giant girl he would be gulped down like a

piece of food. Chris didn't have to wait long. In a wave-like motion Britney's

tongue pushed him from behind and he was propelled forward. He held his arms out

to try and stop his motion and his right hand grabbed something big and round.

He knew that he had just grabbed Britney's tonsil, and that he must be right at

the edge of her throat. Her tongue pushed agian and Chris felt his body slide

over the edge. He put his ams out, which were now down her throat, and grabbed

some kind of strange flap of cartiledge. A stange smell wafted up from deep in

Britney's gullet, it wasn't the minty smell of a breath mint, it was the

vomit-like smell digestive juices.

As Britney swallowed Chris felt her epiglottis slip from his hands. Before he

knew it, he was sliding down her esophagus towards her awaiting stomach.

From his perch between Christina's fingers Lance watched the lump move down

Britney's neck as she swallowed. Three of his bandmates were now gone...eaten

alive by two beautiful teenage girls and Lance had had enough.

Turning his gaze back to Christina's giant face he yelled, 'You bitch! Just what

the hell do you think you're doing? People will come looking for us! Don't you

know how important we are? Let me and Joey go while there still may be time to

save the others!'

'I won't let you go,' Christina responded, 'I've been given the oppurtunity to

get rid of the competition and I'm not passing up this chance. With you boys

gone people will spend their money on my records and I'll be at the top again.'

By this time Lance was enraged, 'You want to know why you have a record contract

in the first place? It's because you sleep with the producers you whore!' Lance

watched as Christina's giant smile turned into a giant sneer. He knew that his

words would ensure his doom but he wanted to let her know that he wasn't going

to go quietly. Chrisina bared her teeth and then opened her mouth. Lance braced

himself to fight.

Lance felt himself thrown violently into Christina's awaiting mouth. As soon as

he landed her wet tongue pushed him far back in her mouth between her molars.

Lance looked up just in time to see her teeth coming down at him. Clenching his

eyes shut he turned his head and waited to be chewed to bits, but Christina's

molars only squeezed with enough pressure to pin him in place. Her jaw held him

in a tight grip, the deadly white teeth pressed painfully against his skin. On

his right Lance could feel the smooth lining of Christina's cheek, and on his

left he could feel her slippery tongue.

'You didn't like that did you!' Lance shouted as he lay between Christina's

teeth. 'You're just jealous that we've hit it big and your fifteen minutes of

fame are over. You're a one hit wonder you slut!' Lance knew that if she heard

him she probably wouldn't hesitate to grind him between her teeth. To his

surprise her teeth did not destory him, instead her jaw opened and he found

himself lifted back onto her tongue. Lance now lay with his feet pointing

towards her dark throat. Her uvula swung in front of him and Lance found that

his eyes were drawn to it.

Looking at her uvula as if it were able to understand him Lance said, 'Go ahead

swallow me you bitch! I hope I give you diahrea. ' As if in response to his

words Christina's uvula darted high up in her throat and her tongue dropped low.

Lance, now coated with an abundance of saliva, slid down Christina's tongue

toward her dark open throat. Within a matter of seconds his feet slipped into

her throat and she swallowed. As with J.C. and Justin before him, Lance was

pulled into Christina's esophagus and was pushed down to her stomach.


Christina, her smile now gone, handed the box with the last remaining member of

NSYNC to Britney. 'Here, you take him, I'm not in the mood anymore. I guess I

shouldn't be upset at what he said but it still pisses me off.'

Britney took the box from Christina. 'Don't let it get to you, after all you did

decide to end his career by eating him alive.' She then looked down into the

small box where Joey, the only remaining survivor was looking up at her. 'Are

you sure I have to eat him too?'

'Yes, there can be no evidence...not even one survivor.'

'Well okay, since we've already gone so far with this I guess we should finish

it.' Britney lifted the box to her lips...


The box rose through the air like an elevator. Joey tried desperetely to

maintain his balance as the cardboard prison flew through the air. Suddenly the

upward motion stopped and Joey felt a lurch in his stomach. Looking up Joey saw

the huge brown eyes of Britney Spears. 'Hey come on you can't do this...please

let me go,' he yelled up at her.

Joey recieved no response. Instead, the box moved down until Britney's lips

pressed agianst the opening of the box. Suddenly the box began to tilt and at

the same time Britney's mouth opened. The box tilted farther and farther until

Joey was staring directly into her awaiting mouth. Like a kid drinking the last

bit of milk from a cereal bowl Britney was tilting the box so that Joey would

fall helplessly into her mouth.

A moment later the angle became too great. Joey lost his balance and fell

towards Britney's mouth. He bounced off her lower lip and his body flipped over

her lower teeth. He landed on the tip of her tongue. Her tongue then flipped him

like a catapult and Joey was thrown deep into her mouth. When his body finally

came to rest he found himself in a sitting position right in front of Britney's

uvula. To his right Joey could see the length of Britney's tongue and the light

of the dressing room between her red lips. Below him, between his legs, he could

feel giant taste buds which were sending information about how he tasted to

Britney's brain. To his left, below the hanging uvula were Brittany's tonsils

and the dark chasm of her throat. Joey had watched four of his bandmates

disappear into the mouths of Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears and he knew

that there would be no escape for him either. So instead of delaying the

inevitable, Joey closed his eyes, shifted his weight and let himself fall into

Britney's throat.


Britney felt the boy's body enter her throat. She wasn't quite ready for him yet

and gagged before swallowing him. She felt his tiny body slip down her esophagus

and a moment later she felt the sensation of her stomach making room for him as

he entered. 'There, it's done. Now we need to get rid of that note so that there

will be no evidence as to what was done...come to think of it it would be nice

to know who wrote that letter in the first place.'

'I still think it was Alanis....oh my God!'

'What is it Christina?' Britney said as she saw Christina looking at something

in the mirror.

Christina turned around with a look of horror on her face. 'Look at me!'

Britney knew immediately what Christina was upset about. The change was very

obvious. Christina always wore shirts that exposed her belly and looking down

Britney could see that Christina's belly looked considerably larger. It wasn't

an enormous bulge by any means, but it was easy to see that Christina's normally

flat belly was sticking out the slightest bit.

'I have to take the stage soon!' Christina shouted, obviously very upset. 'I

can't go out there looking like I have a gut! What am I going to to? I don't

have any full length shirts!'

'I wouldn't worry about it,' Britney said.

'What do you mean don't worry? My image is everything!'

Britney's voice dropped low, 'I mean don't worry about it because you are not

going to take the stage today.'

'What do you mean I'm not...' Christina turned from the mirror and stopped in

mid-sentence. There, standing in front of her was Britney holding the small

shrinking device. 'What are you doing with that?' Christina asked with a little

note of fear in her voice.

'I grabbed it when you weren't looking. I've been thinking about that note and

about what you said. Maybe getting rid of the competition isn't such a bad idea

after all.' Britney lifted the small shrinking device and pointed it at


Christina's eyes went wide as realized what Britney had in mind. 'What are you

doing? Come on Britney we're in this together, you can't possibly think of

getting rid of me too?'

Britney took a slow step toward Christina. 'Why not? Think about it Christina, I

was at the top of the charts until you showed up. You are just a carbon copy of

me, just another blond who can sing, and with you gone I'll regain my position

on the pop charts.'

Christina backed away from Britney until she bumped into the makeup desk. She

couldn't believe how quickly things had turned against her. 'This was all your

plan wasn't it Britney ? You lured me in here with the intention of getting rid

of that boy band and then to get rid of me.'

'I wish,' Britney said as she fingered the button on the shrinking device, 'but

none of this was my idea, but I might as well take advantage of it. I don't

think anyone will miss you Christina, I'm sure there are plenty of blond teenage

girls waiting to take your place as my competition.' Britney then pressed the

button on the shrinking machine and Christina was hit full in the chest by a

green laser beam.

Christina let out a short scream as the green laser hit her body and she started

to shrink. She got smaller and smaller and the room seemed to grow to immense

proportions around her. Violent movements came from within her belly as if the

three boys she swallowed could sense something was happening. Soon the shrinking

stopped and Christina was no more than two inches tall. To her right stood a

giant makeup chair and to her left stood the gigantic form of Britney Spears who

now towered over her. Christina squinted up at Brittany. She couldn't believe

that she had been betrayed and she was angry with herself for not thinking of

using the shrinking device on Britney first.

Britney knelt down and picked Christina up off the floor. Then she took a seat

in the makeup chair which stood in front of the well lit mirror.

Part 2

Christina was being held about even with Britney's huge collarbones and in front

of her was Britney's neck. Occasionally the giant girl would swallow a mouthful

of saliva and Christina would watch the resulting lump move down her huge neck.

Looking up at Britney's chin Christina asked, 'What are you going to do with

me?' Christina didn't know why she asked the quesion because she already knew

the answer.

Britney lifted Christina up to her face so she could look at the tiny girl.

'Well I've been thinking and I suppose I'll just do to you what we did to NSYNC.

I have to admit it's a pretty efficient way to dispose of people without leaving

any evidence.'

Christina was now staring directly at Britney's huge face. 'Please don't eat me!

Can't we come to some kind of agreement or something? Come on don't do this to


'How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot Christina?' said Britney's

huge mouth. 'Don't think I didn't know what was going to happen Christina. I

could see it in your eyes. When you were done with NSYNC you were going to get

rid of me too weren't you! Well I beat you to it Christina and now your going

down my gullet instead of the other way around.'

Britney's mouth began to open and Christina pleaded for her life, 'No you've got

it all wrong I never wanted to get rid of you too!' It was no use, Britney had

ceased to listen to her cries and now Christina could only watch as the giant

mouth opened wide in front of her.

Now, as she dangled in front of Britney's parted lips, Christina knew what her

victims must have felt like. Britney's tongue came out part of the way and

rested on her lower lip. Christina looked along the length of Britney's tongue

which sloped downward toward her throat. Her tongue was very smooth and very wet

and Christina could even see the taste buds which dotted it's surface. At the

back of Britney's mouth on each side of her tongue Christina noticed huge round

tonsils that were as big as her head. Above and between Brittany's tonsils swung

her pink and glistening uvula which had a string of saliva connecting it to the

back of her tongue. Seeing the wet uvula made everything seem so real to

Christina and she started to scream.

Christina's tiny screams were cut short as her upper body was pushed between

Britney's lips and they closed around her. Christina was now trapped. Soft lips

pressed down on her waist and her legs hung out of Britney's mouth. Inside her

hot mouth Christina was getting assaulted by Britney's tongue which playfully

licked at her head, shoulders, and arms. Saliva ran between her fingers, coated

her hair and filled her mouth until Christina felt like she was drowning in the

sticky liquid.

Suddenly Britney's tongue backed off and Christina felt the lips wrapped around

her waist squeeze tighter. Then came an enormous suction and Christina was

sucked fully into Britney's mouth like a noodle of spaghetti. Christina landed

in the middle of Britney's tongue and again saliva pelted her from all sides.

Christina sheilded her eyes as sudden light burst into Britney's mouth.

Britney's mouth was opening and Christina felt a moment of hope that she would

let her go after all. However, this hope was soon dashed as she realized that

Britney was just checking her out in the mirror.

In the distance Christina could see her own reflection in the mirror. She saw an

image of herself sitting on Britney's tongue, further back than she had first

thought, and her entire body was drenched with saliva. It was a funny sight,

looking out from within Britney's mouth and seeing her own reflection. Angry at

the joy Britney must be feeling at this very moment Christina lost interest in

looking at her relflection so she turned her gaze back to her immediate

surroundings. She saw Britney's hard palate, gums, molars, and then she noticed

the uvula once more. The uvula gave Christina an idea, it sounded stupid and

silly but she was willing to try anything. Getting on all fours Christina

crawled along the slippery tongue until she reached the swinging uvula. Then she

waited for it to swing close to her and she wrapped her arms around it and

squeezed as hard as she could. The uvula felt like a huge bag of jello and it

was so slippery that she felt like she would lose her grip at any moment.

Britney couldn't believe what she was seeing. Looking in the mirror she could

see Christina sitting at the back of her tongue with what looked like a bear hug

on her uvula. Britney thought the scene was hilarious and began to laugh.

Britney's uvula rocked and bounced and Christina had a hard time maintaining her

hold of it. Everything seemed to suddenly be in motion. Deep rumbling laughter

came from deep down in Britney's dark throat blowing hot air past Christina's

body while the tongue beneath her shook like the sea during a storm. Christina

didn't think she would be able to hold on but then the laughing stopped and the

mouth closed once more.

Britney had a good laugh but grew tired of the games, she wanted to get rid of

Christina and go on with her concert as planned. Gathering a good deal of saliva

in her mouth she swallowed. To her surprise she felt that Christina was still in

her mouth.

Christina gripped the uvula as hard as she could as Britney swallowed. Waves of

saliva rushed past her but luckily she was not swallowed along with the liquid.

Christina felt her grip on the uvula slipping and she didn't know how much

longer she could hang on.

Britney felt annoyed that Christina had momentarily escaped her belly and she

opened her mouth to look in the mirror again. Sure enough, Christina was still

in her mouth with her arms wrapped around her uvula. Britney then took the index

finger of her right hand and stuck it in her mouth with the purpose of

dislodging the tiny pest from her soft palate.

'!!' Chistina screamed as she saw the giant finger coming for her.

She knew that there would be no fighting something that big and powerful. The

soft tip of Britney's finger pressed up against her body and started to push.

Christina felt her legs slide over the edge of the tongue and her grip slipped

from Britney's uvula. With one last scream she fell into the chasm of the throat

that she had tried so hard to escape.

Britney extracted her finger from her mouth and swallowed.

Christina slid into a tight slick tunnel. Britney's esophagus was just as

slippery as her tongue except without all the bumps. As she was pushed down,

Christina clawed at the walls of the esophagus but the layer of mucus that

coated its surface wouldn't allow her any grip. Down and down she went, deeper

into Britney Spears gullet until her esophagus opened and Christina was pushed

into her stomach.

Christina landed on the wet floor of Britney's stomach. The air was hot and

thick and the smell was overpowering. Christina tried to stand but found that it

was almost impossible since the wrinkled stomach walls were moving and rippling

around her. Having tried standing, Christina next tried to crawl and explore her

surroundings. The floor was incredibly wrinkled and her hands sunk into the warm

mucus that lined the floor of the stomach. It was dark and she couldn't see

where she was going, but then suddenly she felt her hand slip between two folds

of the stomach floor. Between those folds she felt something...some kind of

liquid that was hot and tingling. Christina knew what it was...digestive acids.

Realizing that the digestive process had started she let out a scream. It was

strange that she was about to be digested alive while inside her very own body

three other people would be going through the same ordeal. She wondered morbidly

who would be digested was then that she remembered the others that

Britney had swallowed already.

Suddenly a wet hand grabbed her arm. Christina let out a scream and tried to

pull away but the grip on her arm was too strong. Then someone grabbed her

ankle. Christina could feel the skin around her arm and ankle tingle were she

was being held.

'So how does it feel Miss Aguilera?' came the weak mocking voice of Chis. 'We

heard everything that Britney said and it serves you right that you'll be

digested along with us.'

'You started this whole thing Christina, and now you have to pay,' came the

voice of Joey.

'We're being digested Christina, I can't even feel my legs anymore and I think

my clothes have dissolved.' said Chris in his once powerful voice.

'There may be no escape for us,' began Joey, 'but at least we can watch you get

what you deserve.'

Christina was horrified. It was too dark to see Chris or Joey and she felt that

that may be for the best since they may be partially digested. 'What are you

going to do with me?' The two men didn't reply, instead they started to pull her

down the sloping floor of Britney's stomach. 'Hey stop! What are you doing!'

Christina struggled but she couldn't break the grip of the two boys who held


Suddenly the two boys let go of her and then with a push from behind Christina

fell into a pool of digestive juices. Thick stinging liquid covered her body and

Christina flopped around like a fish out of water. Digestive acids soaked into

her clothes and started to dissolve them and she felt a burning sensation where

the liquid touched her skin.

Chris and Joey enjoyed every minute of Christina's painful flailing, in some

small way it was a bit of revenge for what she had done to them.

Christina couldn't escape the shallow pool of digestive juices and after a few

minutes she stopped her struggles. Above she could hear a heartbeat and the

sound of air filling giant lungs, and below she could hear the gurgling sounds

of what remained of Britney's breakfast being passed through her intestines. The

pain of the digestive acids hadn't gone away, but it seemed more bearable

because her body was going numb. There in that pool of acids is where Christina

remained as Britney's stomach continued it's work.


The struggling coming from within her stomach was so intense that Britney had to

sit down. She took a seat in the tall make-up chair and put a hand over her

belly. Beneath her smooth skin and the layers of flesh she could almost feel her

stomach churning as it digested the three people inside. After a few moments the

harsh movement coming from inside her stomach died down to a tolerable level.

It was done, and Britney felt extremely proud of herself for turning the tables

on Christina. Smiling, Britney knew there was only one last piece of evidence to

dispose of...the mysterious note that had started everything. Setting the

shrinking device back in the box, Britney took out the note and read it once

more. It was doubtful that anyone who found the note would take it seriously,

but just to be sure she knew it had to be destroyed.

'I bet your wondering who wrote that,' said a female voice from opposite end of

the room.

Britney was so startled by the intruder that she jumped up from her chair and

let out a small scream. She felt like she had just been caught committing a

crime and tried to hide the note behind her back.

'Don't worry about hiding that letter...because I'm the one who wrote it,' said

the woman as she stepped into the dressing room and closed the door.

Only when the woman had stepped into the full light of the dressing room did

Britney realize who it was. 'Hey I know you don't I? You're Jewel, some kind of

folk singer right?'

Jewel let her glossy lips form a half smile as she walked over to face Britney.

Seeing the shrinking device lying in the box on the makeup table she quickly

snatched it up in her hand and looked at it lovingly. 'I see that my plan

worked. I knew one of you girls would take out the other. I bet she was


Britney was getting a little scared at the way the woman next to her was acting

so she decided to play dumb. 'I don't know what you're talking about, now if

you'll excuse me I have a concert to perform.'

'Not so fast young lady,' said Jewel. She grabbed Britney by the shoulder and

spun her around. Then she pointed the shrinking device at the teenage girl's

midsection. 'You're not going anywhere, I'm not done with you yet.'

Britney's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped as she saw the shrinking device

pointed at her. 'No you can't be serious! Not me too!'

'Yes you Britney,' said Jewel evilly. 'It was my plan all along to get rid of

all of you and I thought it would be fun if one of you did most of the work for

me. Actually I'm rather surprised that it worked. You see Britney, I used to be

on top. I was the one granted all the interviews and I was the one at all the

award shows. Then you showed up.' Jewel shook an angry finger in Britney's young

face. 'You came in with your meaningless crap and stole my spotlight. But did it

end there? No! This Christina woman shows up and she even outperforms you! When

the boy bands came on the scene I decided I'd had enough.' At this point Jewel

brought the shrinking device within inches of Britney's face and pointed it

right between her eyes. Britney looked at it as if it was a huge gun instead of

a beeper size plastic box.

'Do you know how my career started Britney?' asked Jewel, the insane smile still

intact on her face.

'N...No,' Britney said, still not taking her eyes off the shrink-gun Jewel was


'Back in my home town I wanted to become a star. So I tried out for record

contracts here and there and do you know what happened when I had any

competition?' When Britney didn't answer Jewel shook the shrinking device and

said, 'I used this! Now every adversary I've ever had has ended up here!' With

her free hand Jewel lifted up her shirt exposing her bare belly.

Britney looked down at Jewel's belly and instantly knew how Jewel had gotten rid

of her competition for so many years. Jewel's belly looked soft and fleshy and

Britney found that she was fixated on Jewel's bellybutton which moved in and out

as she breathed. Britney wondered how many people had become part of that round

belly over the years.

Once she was sure that the girl had gotten a good eyefull of her belly, Jewel

let her shirt drop back around her waist. 'I've gotten to where I am by

devouring my competition and I want to thank you for taking care of NSYNC and

Christina for me...but now I'm afraid it's your turn. Once you're gone I'll be

on top again, that is until someone else dares to challenge me.'

'You're insane!' Britney shouted.

Jewel raised an eyebrow in amusement. 'Oh really? You're the one who followed

the instructions of an anonymous letter and ate three people wait,

Christina ate three and you ate her along with two others so I guess technically

you ate six people in total.'

Listening to Jewel's words made Britney feel extremely guilty. She suddenly

wanted to make herself throw up but she knew that it was too late for Christina

and the others trapped in her stomach...and it was far too late for those that

Christina had eaten.

'I don't have much time Ms. Spears,' said Jewel, 'so let's get this over with.

You know what is going to happen to you. It's only fair after what you did to


'NO!' Britney lost her composure and pushed herself past Jewel and rushed

towards the dressing room door. Halfway across the room she felt her body get

hit by a strange electric charge...and then she began to shrink. Jewel had shot

her with the shrinking device and Britney noticed that her size was diminishing

so fast that it made her dizzy. By the time she reached the dressing room door

she was only one foot tall and had no way of reaching the handle. In fear and

frustration she beat on the steel door with her fists and turned around to see

Jewel slowly coming toward her. By the time the giant form of Jewel reached her

she was only a tiny two inch tall speck on the floor.

Britney knew all was lost as the giant young woman knelt down in front of her.

She could run but it would be pointless, she knew that she would be too slow and

the room was just too big to hide in. Looking up, she saw Jewel's smiling face

just before a giant hand reached out and wrapped around her body.

Britney was enclosed in Jewel's hand and she could feel the soft silky skin all

around her. Up off the floor she was taken, up high into the air faster than any

roller coaster she had ever been on. When Jewel's fingers uncurled Britney found

herself looking into the face of a giant.

Jewel's eyes were wide, bright, and green. Her face was wide and her round

cheeks were highlighted with just the right amount of color. But it wasn't

Jewel's cheeks or eyes or nose or even the long golden hair that Britney's tiny

eyes were looking at. It was her lips. Her lips were large and beautiful and

they were coated with a layer of pink lipstick and gloss that made them shine

like colored glass in the light.

Britney knew what was coming next so she dropped to her knees in Jewel's giant

palm. 'Please Jewel, don't eat me! I promise I won't tell anyone about what I

did or about you. I'll even quit the music business just let me go please!'

Instead of recieving an answer Jewel's moist lips parted just far enough to let

air pass between them. Hot air came from Jewel's lungs and gusted around

Britney's tiny body tossing her blond hair was in the breeze.

Jewels mouth opened a little more and Britney saw teeth and the tip of a wet

tongue. Jewel's teeth were huge and white, but Britney noticed that they were

not perfectly straight. A nasty thought flashed through her mind as she wondered

what it would be like to be bitten in half by those ragged teeth. Beyond those

dangerous teeth she could see the very tip of Jewel's tongue. It was almost a

light purple color and was very wet, tastebuds spotted it's smooth surface and

were easy to see. Britney was scared to death of what she knew was going to

happen and she knew that the giant woman was playing with her in order to

prolong her torment. As if to prove this point, Jewel's mouth opened a little

wider. Now her giant lips formed a perfectly round pink circle in front of

Britney. Jewel's lips stood like a doorway to her digestive system and her

tongue waited patiently for someone to come inside.

Britney looked through the 'doorway' of Jewel's lips and gazed deep into her

mouth. The entire length of her giant tongue was now visible and Britney had

never seen anything like it before. It was so smooth and wet and it had shimmer

as if it had been cleaned and polished. Her tongue was perfect and nowhere on

it's surface could Brittany find any crack or blemish. At the sides of Jewel's

mouth Britney noticed huge molars with no signs of any cavities, but she knew

she had nothing to fear from those deadly teeth... she was to be swallowed

whole. Above Jewel's tongue was the roof of her mouth, which was equally as wet

and shiny as the rest of her oral cavity. Britney's eyes followed the roof of

Jewel's mouth until it merged with the soft palate. From this soft tissue, at

the very back of her throat hung Jewel's uvula. As Britney was presented with

this wonderous view of Jewel's giant oral cavity, she knew firsthand what

Christina and all the others had felt.

Without a second thought Jewel tilted her hand and shoved Britney Spears into

her mouth.

Britney landed on the wriggling tongue and wasn't surprised to find that it felt

just as wet as it looked. Saliva washed over Jewel's tongue and coated Britney's

arms and legs and soaked the ends of her hair that happened to brush up against

it's surface. She tried to crawl towards Jewel's lips in order to escape but her

hands and legs just slipped on the wet surface making movement impossible.

Jewel's mouth closed and Britney found herself trapped in warm darkness. Saliva

now pelted her from not only the giant tongue, but now it also dripped down from

the hard palate and oozed out from between the giant teeth. In only a few

moments she was covered in the smelly liquid. Then, as if being covered in a sea

of saliva wasn't bad enough, Jewel's tongue started to roll her around. Britney

was tossed around Jewel's giant cave of a mouth, her body scraped across huge

teeth and the prominant tastebuds could be felt rubbing up against her tight wet

clothes. For a split second Britney wondered what she must taste like.

Suddenly Britney felt everything become soft all around her. It turns out that

Jewel's massive tongue had pushed her deep into her mouth and now Britney was

sliding past her soft palate. As Britney felt her body take a sudden turn

downwards she knew that her fate was sealed. Jewel swallowed and Britney felt

her body slide off the tongue and into a tight tunnel.

Jewel's esophagus was lined with slick mucus and Britney's tiny body was pushed

easily and rapidly downward. In a matter of moments, quicker than Britney could

fully realize what had happened, the ride was over and she fell softly into

Jewel's stomach.

Jewel, satisfied with what she had done, grabbed the letter and her shrinking

machine and left the dressing room.


Ten minutes later the head producer of the festival busted into Jewel's own

dressing room. She turned to face him with a smile. She had been expecting him

and knew what he would say. The producer looked like he was in a state of panic.

'Jewel I'm sorry I busted in here like that but...oh thank god you're here.' The

producer put a hand to his forehead and wiped away a stream of sweat before

continuing, 'The crowd is getting restless and I have no performers! I can't

find the boys of NSYNC anywhere. So then I went to find Britney Spears and she's

gone too! Now I'm getting worried so I go to get that Aguilera girl... and she's

missing! Jewel, I know it's not your time yet but can you take the stage until I

figure out what the hell is going on here?'

Jewel smiled at the desperation in the man's eyes. 'Sure, I'll do it,' she said.


Her band set up and Jewel took the stage to the delight of the annoyed crowd who

hadn't seen an act in hours. Looking at all the faces in the huge crowd made

Jewel feel like she was on top of the charts once again. Meanwhile something

very different was happening inside Jewel's body. Britney Spears was alive and

at the mercy of her digestive process.

Britney sat semi-upright on the wrinkled floor of Jewel's stomach. Except for

herself the muscular organ was empty...she would be it's only meal for several

hours. It was hot and the air was difficult to breath and to make things worse

the protective layer of saliva and mucus that coated Britney's body was wearing

off. Soon the digestive acids which were constantly being produced would attack

her body and digest it. Already the stomach muscles were rippling which sent

deady waves of gastric juices towards her.

Through the muffled layers of Jewels body Britney could here a large crowd of

people. Then the band started up and Jewel began to play her guitar. The noise

was immense and Britney put her wet hands over her ears in an attempt to block

out the hideously loud music.

Another muscular contraction rippled through the stomach and huge drops of

digestive acid fell on Britney from above. The liquid burned and stung and

Britney tried to move out of its path...but there was no escape, the deadly acid

was everywhere. When she felt the fabric of her shirt melting away she knew that

it was only a matter of time before her body was digested and sent on to Jewel's

enormous network of intestines. In one final act of defiance Britney clenched

her fists and slammed them into the wall of her prison as hard as she could.

Then she sat back and let the digestive juices do their work.

Above, Jewel's powerfull vocal cords continued to sing as her victims became

part of her.

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