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Bad day for Shopping

By Branford

Steve walked through the discount store, his eyes eagerly

searching for a bench to sit down on. From behind him,

someone tugged his shoulder. Steve turned.

"Just wait, all right? I'll only be a few minutes" It was

Sandra, his girl of seven months.

"Stay with me, c'mon I need help picking out shoes"

Steve turned to the bench, then back to Sandra.

"Listen, I'm beat. I'll be right over there. Hold them up

when you find them and I'll be able to see it from over

there, okay?"

Sandra's look of anticipation turned sour.

"Fine, I'll shop by myself. Don't bother waiting at all.

I'll be fine"

Sandra turned and started in the opposite direction, leaving

a slightly puzzled Steve standing at the store entrance.

After a moment she disappeared into the crowd. Steve sighed

and began towards a distant bench, which at the moment was

empty. He quickened his pace.

A girl dressed in black sat down in the bench before Steve

could make it. He sighed again, hoping to have had the bench

to himself.

Steve sat down beside the girl. She was no more than 22

years old. Steve found it strange that she would be wearing

black (and so much of it) on a summer day like this one.

After a moment the girl stood and looked at Steve. Steve

looked at her expectantly. Did he know her? He didn't think


"Sorry, she said. I thought I knew you"

Steve leaned forward, his elbows sliding onto his knees.

"Don't think so"

The girl looked around the mall for a moment.

"A lot of big people around, huh?"

Steve stared at the girl. What was she talking about?


"A lot of big people. Look at them, so many of them are

overweight, don't you think?"

"I suppose", Steve said.

"Too much fast food"

Steve nodded, trying to be polite. The girl was attractive,

yes, but Sandra could barrel through the racks of clothing

at any moment. That wouldn't be good.

"Well...bye", she said.

The girl strolled away. Steve watched her, completely

confused at what had just happened.

He leaned back and mulled her over in his head, all the

while aware that he had at least twenty minutes until Sandra

would be finished.

"My ass is going to be mush from sittin' here", he muttered

to no one in particular.

Steve looked around at the various shops; shoppers of one

kind of another populated almost all of them.

His eyes stopped outside the entrance of a bookstore when he

saw that the girl in black hadn't truly left, but watching

him from a distance. Steve turned behind himself, convinced

that she was looking beyond him to someone else entirely.

The girl continued to watch him, her expression remaining

neutral - no smile, no frown, just - staring straight ahead

like she was watching paint dry.


Steve turned. It was Sandra's voice. From beyond the racks

of clothing, he saw her head protrude then her arms raise

into the air, holding a pair of leather sandals. She looked

at him expectantly.

Steve nodded, barely noticing the shoes, mouthing the words

"they're great!"

Sandra's head quickly disappeared once again. Steve

immediately turned back towards the young girl, but she had


So had all the people as a matter of fact.

* * *

Why was he on the floor? Steve picked himself up, hoping

that no one had seen him fall. He didn't remember falling,

that was the thing. Did I just faint, he wondered. Once on

his feet, Steve immediately began to wobble. His knees

buckled and he fell down a second time.

Shortly after, he vomited.

He remained on all fours for a moment or two, breathing

deeply all the while trying to consider what was happening

to him. There was an undeniable wind that seemed to have

picked up and seemed to originate from different directions.

Steve looked upwards and immediately felt nauseous again.

His spell of sickness could only mask his confusion at what

he had seen. The bench from where he had fallen had risen

into the air and now towered above him.

Loud thumping sounds clapped on the floor, reverberating the

ground beneath him - actually shaking it. This finally, was

enough to get Steve onto his feet. With his shirt stained

with vomit, he slid in one direction then the other, trying

desperately to get his bearings.

Then - Sandra's voice.


The sound grew closer. Steve shrank backwards, assaulted by

the new dimension of sound, air and space. Another breeze of

air blew towards him as he staggered to take in all before


The realization hadn't donned on him of course. He had

looked up at the sound of the noise...he just hadn't looked

high enough.

Huge, sandal-wearing feet were approaching where he stood.

Sandra's voice called out a second time, this time with a

noticeable lack of patience.


Steve fell on his ass and slid backwards to avoid her right

foot that landed solidly on the ground and then proceeded to

slide forwards toward him, positioning him within several

meters (or centimeters, depending on perspective) of her

gargantuan toes. He saw things from his new perspective and

noticed them to be completely different than how he

remembered. This couldn't be Sandra. Her feet and legs had

been smooth and free of blemish, whereas the giant

abomination that presently eclipsed his sight from all else,

had dried, coarse skin, nothing like how he remembered


Steve froze and craned his neck upwards. Sandra stood before

him, more than seventy or eighty feet high by the looks of

it. Her huge shopping bag dangled from her fingers, swaying

one direction then the other. Her feet spread apart in

distance as she assumed a moderately less patient pose,

folding her long arms across her chest, the shopping bag

disappearing high into the air.It was then that Steve saw

her. It was the girl from earlier. She was motioning towards

Steve from nearby. She was reaching towards him with an open

hand; a shopping bag rested in her other.

Her expression wasn't like the first time he had seen her.

That blank expression was now full of life. Her eyes were

wide open and betrayed an element of excitement as she drew

closer to him.

"Steve, I'm not waiting for ever", Sandra's voice boomed

from above.

Steve found himself drawing closer to the one thing he knew,

even if it was presently out of reach. He grasped the edge

of Sandra's sandal and tried his best to maintain a grip.

As the young girl's enormous shadow loomed closer, Steve

hugged Sandra's foot even tighter.

It was then that she began to move, to shift her weight. At

first the giant foot dragged him along with it, sliding his

body belly down across the floor. He couldn't hold on for

long though and it wasn't more than a second or two that he

lost his grip and lay prone on the tiled, cold floor.

Sandra's left foot soon followed. It lifted above the

diminutive Steve, but he lay still, confident that the foot

would land beside him.

Steve misjudged.

Sandra's foot came down over him, and as it did, in the

microseconds that he had left to live, he wondered what it

was that had happened and whether he was the first. Sandra's

foot sank on top of Steve, pulverizing his body, as she

moved away from the bench in a huff, checking her watch as

she walked away, stride after giant stride.

The giant girl stared downwards at the small bloody pulp,

her once alive eyes now vacant and lifeless in appearance.

* * *

Across from the bench and down at the rim of a mall garbage

container stood nine equally small people. They had watched

what had happened to the small, unfortunate man and inside

each of them, felt an enormous amount of pity and fear.

As each of them pondered their next move in this world of

giants, no one seemed to muster the courage to ask the

inevitable: would they be next?

We see shoppers, dozens of them at every moment, crossing

through the mall, stopping to talk, pausing to tie their

shoes, laughing, eating while they saunter here and there,

examining the goods they have purchased.


We see the floor of the mall. From afar it looks clean,

shiny and well managed. From this perspective however, we

see the remnants of an overly hurried public; the occasional

French fry, the extinguished cigarette and the discarded

empty pack of matches that didn't quite make it to the

garbage can.

Closer still...

A group of people huddle close to one another. Some of them

are shaking. Others remain still, staring downward at the

oversized checker board pattern of the floor. This group is

much smaller than the shoppers who lurk overhead, much

smaller than much of the garbage casually tossed aside. The

entire group of them as a matter of fact, could be stored in

a shoebox if it really came down to it...

One of them, a red-haired man, yells to the group, flailing

his arms about dramatically.

"He sure as hell was. He was standing pretty well right

beside mefive minutes ago"

Another man, still staring downward, raises his voice to be


"I saw him shuffle off"

The red head man looks exasperated.

"Shuffle off? How did he do that? Where was he going?"

"I'm not sure, but h-he started to wander, I assumed that he

knew what he was doing"

The red-haired man moves towards him and grabs his


"Listen to me what ever your name is. No one leaves this

spot. As soon as you do, you're opening yourself up to get

caught or hurt. Just stay here and together - we'll figure

things out"

A woman spoke out, like the previous man, not daring to look

up from the floor.

"So does that mean he's gone, just like that? What happened

to him?"

No one answers her.

* * *

Russell (the man in question) knew he shouldn't have


It seemed like only a few feet at the time. What he quickly

realized, was that other than the sound (that seemed to come

from every direction), that you couldn't tell when one of

the giants was upon you. It all happened too fast.

Now it was too late.

He had sensed a presence standing over him and in what

seemed a microsecond later, he was pinched between two

impossibly huge fingers and was being hoisted high into the

air. Things got dizzy for him as he was pulled into the

empty space above him, so much so that his eyes felt like

they were going to roll completely back into his skull.

After the movement slowed, he focused his eyes on something

that sent shudders down his spine.

* * *

"Where did you get loose from?" the young lady asked,

smiling in astonishment. "From the pet store?"

The man lay face up in her open palm, trying (she imagined)

to focus on who she was. After a long moment of stillness,

with him just lying there, staring at the giant girl, he

began to panic, frantically squirming, almost as if it had

just dawned on him what was happening.

The girl's fingers instinctively closed around the man and

she found herself laughing at how easily she could imprison

him, preventing any hope of escape.

"Oh c'mon, you don't really want to go, do you?"

He continued to struggle, banging and slamming his arms into

her fingers. This time she laughed harder before quickly

looking around, hoping that no one had seen or noticed. That

was just it, no one had. Everyone was too absorbed in their

own little world to care about what she was doing or what

she was laughing about.

Traci, a nineteen-year-old employee of the mall, dangled the

man from her hand, staring at him incredulously. She had

seen a lot in her brief lifetime, but nothing like this. It

never for a moment occurred to her that this was in fact,

one of the first times anything like this had ever happened.

She set the man onto the lap of her jeans, where he landed

flat on his stomach, trying to hold on to her gargantuan


Traci leaned forward, speaking to the man in a voice

typically reserved for a two-year old baby. She grinned


"Are you going to come and keep me company at work today?"

Traci stood, causing the man to slide forward into her huge

soft, fleshy hand. After a moment, she made her way back

into the store.

What would she do with him? She didn't really like anyone

else in the store

enough to share him. Would he stay put or try to escape. He

seemed so helpless.

* * *

As Traci walked into the store, she was watched carefully by

the girl in black.

* * *

Traci walked into the store and greeted Tina, another

employee, who looked at her curiously.

"Whatcha' got there?"

Traci walked back behind the till and put her belongings on

a shelf underneath.

"Nothing. Don't touch my stuff, okay?"

Russell stood on a shelf underneath the cash register that

faced away from the customers in the store. After he had

first been set there and had been allowed to catch his

breath, he marveled at the open space and at the thought of

an escape. What he soon realized, was that although he could

see many openings, that few of them, if any, were feasible

to employ without getting hurt from the deep drop to the


The giant girl's purse was beside him, along with numerous

other items from the staff at the store; nail polish, staple

gun, paper clips etc. After investigating as thoroughly as

he could (given his small state), he stood at the ledge and

once again peered downwards.

Traci's huge pelvis would move to stand behind the register

now and again, eclipsing his view as she rang in a sale. Her

size was beyond his comprehension. Even if he did make the

drop downward, he could be crushed by her monstrous shoes

without her even noticing.

All he could do was wait for what his captor had next in


* * *

Julie ripped at her business suit and continued to try

freeing herself from her current predicament.

It had been over two hours now since she had been discovered

by the young couple, both of who were merciless In their

torment, destroying several others before leaving her where

she now found herself - stuck on the floor within a huge

sticky glob of pink gum. The teenage boy was interested at

first, but soon found the girls' torture boring. The girl

however, was clearly excited by their torment and vowed to

return, delighted that she could so easily imprison someone

with a piece of bubble gum. Julie doubted very much whether

either of them knew what they were doing.

* * *

Lindsey pulled Chuck up the isle of the movie theatre.

"Let's go, it's over"

Chuck followed behind her, prying from her grasp.

"I gotta go, you know? I told you"

Lindsey turned.

"No you don't. You have to help me look for more of them!"

Chuck smiled.

"You're a mean girl, you know that? What did those stupid

little things ever do to you?"

Lindsey grinned back at him.

"I'm not mean, they're probably not even real. I'm just

having a bit of fun, c'mon!"

Chuck stopped all together.

"Seriously, I gotta go. You have fun. I'll call you later,

all right?"

Chuck walked back down the isle and exited via the door next

to the screen.

Lindsey didn't even wait until he had gone before turning

and hurriedly walking out the opposite direction, a devilish

grin on her face.

* * *

Julie had given up. Both of her arms felt like rubber from

her exertion. No longer could she pull at freeing herself.

She sat, defeated, leaning towards the blob, not noticing

that as her hair made contact that it too became snarled in

the gums sticky hold. Julie struggled not to panic, knowing

that doing so would encase her even deeper than before.

After a brief moment, her peripheral noticed something

moving closer-something large. Julie turned her shoulder

into the soft gum, struggling to see what it was that might

have discovered her. Perhaps someone that would take

sympathy with her plight.

A shudder of horror ran up and down her spine when she saw

the giant Lindsey walking towards her. For a moment, she

forgot her current situation and once again began to

struggle to no avail. Lindsey grew closer and then squatted

down next to her, positioning Julie between her huge leather

shoes. Julie struggled to look up at the giant girl and it

was at this moment when it occurred to her that she had

never seen someone look so happy.

* * *

It had been more than an hour since Traci had checked up on

her tiny friend. Knowing that he was there waiting her

return had made her boring shift all the more pleasant.

"I'm going on my break", she shouted to another employee,

see you in twenty".

Traci bent down behind the register and grabbed her purse,

careful that none of the other employees were watching.

After not seeing the man where she had left him, she began

to panic; pulling things out from the shelf and letting them

fall onto the floor.

"Hey, some of that's my stuff"

Barb, another employee walked up beside Traci, then bent

down next to her.

"Whadda you looking for?"

Traci stood up and headed back out into the store.

"Nothing, never mind"

She stopped for a moment and thought. How far could he have


A hand fell on her shoulder.

"Miss? I'm going to need your help finding this in blue"

Traci turned around, miffed that she was being interrupted

while on her break.

"Yeah, I can help you, what did you say that -"

Traci saw the man on the floor. He was out in the open and

wasn't too far from the feet of the customer.

"I mean-how do those fit?"

The woman looked down at the pants she was wearing; not

noticing the pint sized man who scurried behind the heel of

her panty-hosed foot.

"Oh, they fit fine, I'd just like to see them in blue - or

maybe green?"

Traci knelt at the feet of the woman and tugged gently at

the fabric.

"You know, I think these are too loose"

The woman stared down at her.

"You think so?"

Traci spied the diminutive Russell behind the woman's

massive foot, then looked up into her eyes, lowering her


"Yeah, I do. You've got a great body, you should wear

something tighter"

The woman smiled down at her.

"Okay, I'll trust you. Do you have any other colors though?"

Traci nodded, still on the floor.

The woman turned her head towards the change room and began

to spin her shoulders away from Traci.

Traci grabbed at the small man, but missed.

"Can you bring a smaller pair over to the change room? I'll

undress and wait for you"

The woman's left foot knocked Russell forward, breaking most

of his ribs, sending him rolling ahead on the rough carpet.

Russell came to a stop, but only long enough to inhale as

the woman's panty-hosed foot descended towards him. In a

moment it was over. The woman crushed his body flat and

proceeded onwards towards the change room. Once she reached

it, she turned and looked back to Traci who was still on her

knees a distance away.

"Can you get me the pants now, I'm kind of in a hurry"

The woman opened the change room and stepped inside, unaware

of the pulp still partially stuck to the bottom of her foot.

Eleanor couldn't make up her mind either way. Square on, the

pants looked fine, but if she turned around; her ass didn't

look as good as she thought it should. She sighed loudly and

put her hands to her hips.

From outside of the change room, a voice called to her.

"How do they fit?"

Eleanor craned her neck over the rim of the change room. It

wasn't the girl from before, but help from anywhere was what

she needed right now.

"They're all right, I suppose," she said opening the door

and turning around, "do you think they should come in at the


The attendant nodded.

"We could do that here and still have them ready for you


Eleanor nodded. "That'll be fine"

The attendant approached her and whispered.

"Ma'am, while you were in there, did you hear anything from

the stall next to yours?"

Eleanor wrinkled up her face.

"No, should I have? Why, what's the matter?"

"Nothing really, it's just that she's been in there over

twenty minutes now and she's got the door locked from the


Eleanor turned. This wasn't her problem.

"That's your department, I'm afraid. What time tomorrow for

the pants?"

The sales attendant looked at the wealthy lady solemnly.

"Anytime after eleven"

Eleanor shut the door to the change room and sighed a second

time, exasperated. Once her ex-husband's divorce settlement

came in, she could afford tailors to come to her house and

avoid the malls all together. For now, she'd have to settle

for her $400,000 a year.

Eleanor stepped out of the pants and promptly noticed

something small wiggling around in the stall next to hers.

Never one to be afraid of mice or bugs, she lowered her head

to get a better view.

What she saw took breath away.

An impossibly small, sobbing woman was crouched against the

back wall of the changing room. After she stared for a

moment, Eleanor's first reaction was to stand and

immediately look around, as if this was a joke being played

on her and her alone. Seeing nothing, she stooped a second

time and stared, wide mouthed at the diminutive woman.

"Wh-what happened to you?"

The woman was so petrified that she didn't see Eleanor at

first, but instead looked upwards for the sound of her

voice. Eventually she looked over to see Eleanor's huge face

peering beneath the stall at her, hungry with curiosity.

"How did you - how did this happen?"

The woman started inching herself away from Eleanor's

enormous face. Eleanor continued to watch her, her face now

looking concerned.

"Can I help you in anyway?"

A voice was heard from overhead. It was one of the sales


"Ma'am, you're going to have to come out, I'm afraid. There

are other customers waiting to use this room"

Eleanor looked up at the shrunken woman's stall and saw that

the door was being jostled lightly.

Eleanor turned back to the shrunken woman, watching for her

reaction. There wasn't one really. She was completely

confused at what was happening.

Just then a calm came over Eleanor's face as if she just

thought of an idea. She didn't move or blink for about ten


Then-she slowly opened her free hand and reached under the

stall. The small woman screamed a tiny scream but was

quickly overtaken by Eleanor's size and quickly enclosed

within her giant hand.

"I'm going to take you somewhere else"

* * *

A small group had gathered next to an overhead water

fountain. Because of their size, many of them were beginning

to lose their fear of being spotted. After all, they were so

small that you'd have to be looking for them to actually

notice anything.

An angry man was shouting to his three counterparts and

gesturing towards the movie theatre.

"I'm positive it was her. She was the last thing I remember

seeing when this happened to me "She was tall. She was

wearing a black skirt"

Others nodded in agreement. The group stood still for a

moment until the man decided to raise his voice again.

"We should find her", another chimed in.

The angry man who had been shouting, pointed into the


"See where that one is," he hyped, pointing to one of the

giant figures who stood relatively nearby, "she was sitting

at one of the tables over there!"

Another man stepped forward, still looking at the giant

closest to them. He was about to add his two-cents but then

stopped in his tracks, pointing his finger into the


"Wait a second. That girl, that girl --- I think she found

one of us -"

The girl in question looked to be in her late teens. She was

bending down and tugging at something on the floor.

The entire group was frozen in fear. None of them wanted to

watch, but they couldn't take their eyes from it either.

Eventually the giant girl in question raised her hands to

her face and grinned.

"It's not one of us, it's a piece of gum! She stopped to

pick up a piece of gum she dropped"

A sigh of relief moved through the group, none of them

stopping to ask themselves why a girl would stop to pick up

a piece of gum.

* * *

Julie was in the agonizing position of having elastic pieces

of sticky chewing gum roughly pulled off her body while

lying in the open hands of a ninety-foot teenager.

Lindsey stared down at the tiny one in her hands and grinned

wickedly at her. So many thoughts were running through her

head. It was three o'clock now, which meant somewhere

between nine and ten hours to play with this pathetic bug

before killing and going to bed.


Lindsey dropped her hands and donned a guilty expression on

her face.

It was Marcus, a friend from school.

"What's goin' on?"

Lindsey sat on the bench but continued to hold Julie in her


"Nothin', you?"

Marcus flopped himself down beside her. Lindsey sighed

heavily, wanting him to go away.


He looked over at her.

"Whaddya go there?"


He leaned forward and touched her knee.

"Lemme see, please?"

Lindsey unconsciously lowered her hand by her side and

allowed the tiny Julie to fall to the floor.

"Please?" he said again.

Lindsey thrust her open, empty hand in Marcus' face.

"See! Nothing! Satisfied?"

Lindsey folded her arms, angry that Marcus, who still had

his hand on her leg, wouldn't take the hint.

"So, wanna do somethin' tonight?"

"No actually, please leave so that I can -"

Lindsey casually looked to the floor where the tiny woman

should have landed, but found nothing.

* * *

Eleanor stepped inside the house and deactivated the

security system. It was almost three o'clock. She should be

home by now.


No answer.

Eleanor walked through the room and gently took off her

jacket before laying it carefully on the table.

After taking off her shoes, she picked up the jacket again

and slowly inserted her hand inside one of the pockets.

"I'm home, come down, okay?"

Eleanor twisted her face as she slowly withdrew her hand

from her pocket, her fingers carefully supporting the small

woman. Eleanor looked at her closely, inspecting her, almost

as if she still didn't believe what she had found.

"Are you home?"

Her loud voice startled the figure in her hands. Eleanor

turned and walked through a section of the enormous house.

Her daughter evidently wasn't yet home.

While she proceeded further through the ever-continuing

house, an idea came to her.

Eleanor smiled to herself and for a moment forgot about the

prisoner in her hand.

Her idea involved a box...

wrapping paper...

scotch tape...

...and a ribbon of some sort.

* * *

Bill was wondering about a few things. Sure he was scared.

Sure he hadn't eaten anything even remotely nutritious in

over ten hours, sure he was weak as a termite, but still,

were his eyes deceiving him?

When it first happened, it was an hour before he saw anyone

else like him. After that, another hour went by before

spotting someone else. Together with the husband and wife

that he was currently traveling with, it had been a rare

moment that they spotted anyone else their own size.

Yet, as the mall traffic began to die down, signaling the

end of another day, he couldn't help noticing that he was

seeing more and more of his own kind every few minutes.

Judging by the fear in their eyes (he didn't always stop to

chat - it was, after all, every man for himself), he'd guess

that some of them had just been shrunk and were still in the

"I can't believe this has happened" stage.

Could it be happening more often?

"What do you two think?"

The couple turned to Bill, who stared at a young man in the

middle of the mall, frantically running one way and the

other, trying to avoid getting squashed by the constantly

moving public.

"I agree", the woman said. Since 3:15, I've seen more than

the last two hours alone.

Her husband nodded agreeably. "She's right. Not too many

smart ones either".

Across from the threesome, and some three hundred yards

away, the young man they had been watching was run over by a

shopping cart. His body twitched for a while and then was


The woman turned away, noticeably disturbed.

Bill turned away as well. Having seen it happen over and

over again, didn't make it any easier to watch.

"So what should we do?"

The married couple lowered their heads, the woman speaking


"Hell if I know. The mall has gotta be closing soon, right?"

Bill nodded at the woman, then looked up into the air, where

a looming giant stood, unaware of their presence.

"I can't always even tell if they're man or woman, they're

so - big, you know?"

The couple nodded their heads and backed away to the safety

and shelter of the overhead bench.

* * *

Eleanor sat in the living room; her feet propped up on the

coffee table. In front of her feet and resting on a laced

doily, was a small gift box that was both impeccably wrapped

as well as being color coordinated with the rest of the


Eleanor sighed and glanced at her watch.

"Stupid girl, she said, nudging the present with her foot,

doesn't deserve a present at all"

Eleanor rose to her feet and proceeded to another area of

the house, pouring herself a drink, then turning to head

back from where she came.

In the background, she heard the alarm system being turned

off and the closing of the front door.


There was no answer. Eleanor sipped her scotch and cleared

her throat.

"Are you home or not?"

From behind her, came the voice of her daughter.

"Looking for me?"

Eleanor jumped at her voice and spun on her feet. Alex, a

tall girl, even for a nineteen-year-old, stood at the

archway to the living room. A girlfriend stood beside her.

"Don't sneak up on me like that?"

The girls moved into the room. Eleanor stood in front of the

present for a moment, not wanting her daughter to see it at Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games


"No friends today, okay honey? Let's just the two of us for

dinner, kay?"

Neither of the girls spoke, but looked to one another,

before starting to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing Mother. Sandra wasn't here for dinner, just to pick

up a tank top, don't be so anal, kay?"

The two girls left the room. Eleanor turned around to see

her daughter.

"When you're done with your friend, come in here, I want to

show you something! Alex? Did you hear what I said?"


* * *

This wasn't happening. This is some drug, some joke. This

definitely wasn't happening.

Seventeen year old Lindsey Welsh stood by the corner of the

wall sobbing to herself. She was afraid to lift her head

from what she had seen earlier.

It had to be a joke. It was almost poetic.

Cruel Lindsey who, only ten minutes ago, had squashed two

shrunken people she had found, and an hour earlier

imprisoned a woman in a piece of her own chewing gum, now

found herself roughly the same size as those who had met

their death under her enormous leather shoe.

What was worse-someone was calling her.

Someone was calling her name from what seemed a great

distance away. Given the events of the last day, the things

she had seen - THE THINGS SHE HAD DONE, she wasn't sure that

she even wanted to look!

Slowly, gradually she did, raising her face just an inch and

peering in the direction of the voice from between her


It was a group of what looked about five people. They were

beckoning her. Lindsey continued to sob, but surprised

herself by getting up to her feet.

It was hard to make out the words they were yelling. She

could only pick out the odd phrases "be careful!, watch

yourself" etc.

Lindsey judged their distance to be about a quarter the

distance of a football field away from her. She could make

it over there if she wanted, but what if they recognized

her? What then?

She would have to chance it. Lindsey, unlike others, who had

found themselves at a greatly reduced size and mass, knew

immediately what had happened to her. There was no

confusion. After all, she had become what she had tormented

only minutes earlier.

Lindsey looked to her left and right, much like crossing a

busy street way, then headed towards the group.

* * *

"Okay, what's the big deal, huh?"

Alex had walked into the room and plopped herself onto one

of the leather couches, stretching her long legs over the

edge and searching for the remote control.

"Come here please"

Alex didn't move.

"Susan, please tell my daughter to come to the table"

A shorter woman (obviously hired help), looked up from her

dusting and quietly said, "Honey, you're Mom wants you over

at the dinner table"

Alexandra looked up at Susan.

"Okay, but only cause you asked me, not cause she asked me"

Alex got up and approached the kitchen table, which had been

laid out quite nicely with an assortment of cheeses and


Alex regarded the present, a grin appearing on her face.

"Well, I know after last night that there's no way that's

for me, is there?"

Eleanor turned to Susan, the cleaning lady.

"Susan, please excuse us for a moment"

Susan left the room.

Eleanor was unable to suppress her grin. She would (and

always had) done anything for her only daughter.

"I don't know, maybe it is for you. Do you think you deserve

a present?"

Alex looked at her. "Mom, I deserve the world on a plate and

then some"

Eleanor took a small slab of cheese and put it in her mouth.

"Go ahead, sweety. I can't stay mad at you, you know that"

Alex grabbed the box roughly, grinning, "I know you can't,

how could you? Look at this face, right?"

Eleanor took a sip of wine.

"Exactly, you're my weakness"

Alex tore into the paper, not knowing of the fragile cargo

contained within.

Eleanor watched expectantly. She loved giving people

presents, especially her daughter. When she had gotten past

the paper, she looked at her Mom and shook the box.

"Careful, honey. I think it might be fragile"

Alex wrinkled up her face.

"Why, what do you mean? Is it alive?"

Her Mother continued to grin, but said nothing.

She tore open the lid of the box, being no more careful than

moments earlier.

The exchange of looks between the giant girl and the

miniscule woman was like a moment frozen in time. Alexandra

continued to stare, as if she were trying to convince

herself that she was real.

"I-I don't understand", she said, without looking up to her


"What's to understand? She's yours"

Alex continued to stare into the box, "Mine?"

She set the box down then gently tipped it over, trying to

jostle the woman free from the tissue paper and ribbons.

Eventually the woman tumbled out. Alex was visibly upset

that she may have hurt the tiny woman.

"Mine?" she said again.

"All yours. Do whatever you want with her. I couldn't care


Eleanor got up and kissed her daughter on the head.

Alex prodded the woman gently with her finger. The woman

grabbed hold, as if to stop it from prodding her.

Alex laughed and looked to her Mom for the first time.

"Thanks Mom, it's-it's - I don't know what to say"

"You don't have to say anything. You deserve it"

Eleanor leaned in over the woman, who was cowering next to

Alex's huge finger.

"Be good to my daughter you little squirt," she said

laughing, "otherwise she might squash you"

The two girls laughed at the thought.

* * *

"Wait a second, what are you people doing?" Lindsey asked

the group she had recently joined. All in all, there were

seven of them, including herself. Lindsey was still

adjusting to being somewhat smaller than usual, but hadn't

forgot how to be a sassy teenager.

Another woman turned to her as three of the men rushed into

the center of the tiled floor between their hiding place and

the now closed entranceway to the store.

"What does it look like we're doing? We're surviving"

The woman turned to join the men, running to catch up to


Lindsey stared in disgust at what she saw - they were

pulling the discarded remnants of an ice cream cone

underneath the bench before the cleaning staff swept it up.

"You people make me sick. Tell me you're not going to eat

that - Tell me!"

Another man turned to her.

"You may find yourself eating things you'd never thought you

would in a few days, trust me"

Lindsey rolled her eyes "As if!"

She plunked herself down onto the floor and pulled her knees

up to her chest. Things were quieter now, not as much foot

traffic. She could relax a bit. From her vantage point

Lindsey watched the group pull the partially crushed cone

towards her. She wrinkled up her face at the sight.

Then it happened.

It happened quickly.

A black clogged foot, seemingly out of nowhere, stepped

towards the group. Large hands appeared, descending towards

the six, most of who didn't yet know what was happening.

Lindsey craned her neck upward, higher then higher still. It

was one of the mall employees - she recognized her - the pet

store - that's right, she worked at the pet store!

Many of the group began to scream as the girl in black

scooped them into her hands, grabbing, poking and sliding

her captures into her awaiting grasp.

One woman (the one closest to Lindsay) held onto her for

dear life. Lindsay, seeing that this woman would hinder her

own chances at escape, pried her arms off of her own, then

shoved the woman - as hard as she could. Lindsay surprised

herself actually, by pushing her quite hard. The woman hit

the floor and slid a few feet before coming to a stop and

sensing the presence above her. After a moment, she quickly

began to claw her way back towards Lindsey and to the hiding

place, but the giant hands from above caught a hold of her

feet and lifted her high into the air with the others.

Lindsey watched the woman's face as she was dragged away.

Her face seemed to plead with Lindsay's, as if to ask for


Lindsey laughed at the woman then stepped back further

beneath the garbage container where she was sure not to be

spotted and could still watch what else was happening.

The one man who DID manage to avoid the girl's first attempt

(the one who had led the line to the ice cream cone) made

the mistake of running towards the girl's feet. The girl,

unaware at this point, shifted her weight as she rose to

stare at the faces and limbs that now protruded from her

enclosed fists.

The giant girl in black looked down for others (Lindsey, at

this point, had moved to the opposite side of the litterbin

and had been careful not to be spotted) and saw the

partially alive man wiggling from underneath her huge black

clog. Suspecting that he was already dead, she lifted her

shoe slightly and dragged it across his body, smearing him

into the grooves of the floor.

It happened quickly - maybe fifteen seconds. It was over

quickly as well. Before Lindsey could take stock of what

happened, she saw the towering girl walk away and around a


She took a minute to compose herself. "Now what?" she

thought to herself.


"So, what does it do?"

Eleanor looked her daughter in the eyes.

"What do you mean what does it do? It does - everything I

guess. Everything you want it to"

The tiny woman clung to Alex's finger with all her might,

waiting until she lowered her hand enough that she could

finally let go and drop to the table top.

Alex's grin hadn't faltered for almost five minutes. She

raised her hand above the woman and pointed her index finger

to that it was straight. After a second, she lowered her

finger so that it was above the woman's head. The woman

raised her arms and grabbed the finger, attempting to stop

its descent.

Alex laughed.

"It's sooo weak, Mom. I can't believe it!"

Alex continued to gently push downward until the woman

collapsed under its weight.

Her Mom got up from her chair and went to the fridge. "I

think it's a girl"

Alex nodded and lowered her face closer to the tiny woman.

The difference in size was amazing.

"Mom, look at this"

Her Mom turned and smiled. The woman was so incredibly small

compared to her daughter.

Alex laughed at the woman and lowered her face even closer

than before.

"Look, she's looking up my nose. Isn't that hilarious?"

Her Mom smiled again, lighting a cigarette.

"You could fit inside my nose, couldn't you?"

Alex laughed at her own joke.

"Honey, that's disgusting. I want you to be proper around

that thing, however long it lasts. I don't want it looking

up your dress"

Alex rolled her eyes. After a moment she cupped her hands

and pointed to them. The woman complied (what choice did she

have) and moved towards Alex's fleshy hand.

"Mom, it listens to me, look at this!"

Eleanor glances over and smiled. She was already losing

interest. She knew her daughter well. It was only a matter

of time until she lost interest as well.

"I'm taking her to my room"

Alexandra walked up the spiral staircase to the second

floor. From beneath her, her Mother's voice could be heard.

"Don't you want to play with it down here?"

Alex continued up the stairs, taking them two at a time. The

tiny woman bounced in her open, cupped hands, jostling

considerably at her every step.

"No, I'm going to my room. You said it's mine, so no one

else touches it, okay?"

Downstairs Eleanor shrugged and looked to her hired help.

"Bring the kid a present and this is the thanks I get".

* * *

"Look, I'm telling you, she was this huge girl dressed all

in black and she just popped out of nowhere and grabbed the

people - all of them. She was fast, she knew what she was

doing and she didn't bat an eye when she stepped on one of

them accidentally"

Lindsay stood in front of a new group of shrunken people,

explaining "her version" of what happened just hours


A girl who looked her own age stepped forward.

"Was it someone you knew - the guy that got squished?

Someone you knew?"

Lindsay stopped short; feigning for a moment that she

actually cared about something or someone.

"Yes - yes, it was someone that I knew..."

Several in the crowd whispered their condolences to Lindsay

and continued to look at her sympathetically. She had to

bite her lip from laughing out loud at the thoughts running

through her head. If these tiny people only knew that not

more than twelve hours ago, she had been one of the giants

that they now all feared running in to. She hadn't just been

a giant, she had been a cruel, merciless giant, who in the

course of three short hours, had killed more than eleven of

the tiny people without batting an eye.

Then again that was then, this was now...

Lindsay was the same as those who stood before her and she

certainly didn't need to be reminded of that.

"Well, what do you suggest?"

A man spoke to Lindsay from within the crowd.

"Sounds like you've seen more than the rest of us, I mean,

what extra precautions should we be taking?"

Lindsey looked to the group of twelve or so people, "I think

the key is staying together, but knowing when to split up.

The choice of knowing when to be a group and when to scatter

and run from your lives is - well, that's all that


The crowd nodded in agreement, seemingly impressed by

Lindsay's guidance.

* * *

The group bought into most everything Lindsay suggested.

They would take shifts keeping a look out. If they were

spotted and had to flee, no one would scream, lest he or she

reveal themselves to an as of yet, unknown public. They

would share the food that they found a dozen ways, no matter

how small the portion was. Luckily, this hadn't been too

much of a problem, quantity that is...

Quality was another story all together.

* * *

It was four in the morning when someone gently nudged

Lindsay's shoulder.


Lindsay turned and woke, clearly annoyed.

"What the hell?"

It quickly donned on her that it was one of the group,

waking her for her patrol shift. Lindsay immediately became


"Oh - good morning"

"It's your turn to patrol. Every one else is still asleep"

"Yeah, yeah, of course"

Lindsay stood and stretched her legs for a moment, then

turned to the man who had woken her.

"It's okay, I'm awake. Go back to sleep"

The man tried to smile, then laid back down on the floor.

Lindsay waited for him to close his eyes, then turned and

faced the slumbering group who lay around her at her feet.

Slowly she tiptoed through the group and, once at the edge,

turned to look back at them again.

Directly at her feet was the largest man of the group.

Lindsay stared down at him, then smiled to herself.

"If I was still a giant, you'd be under my shoe right now,

begging for me not to step on you"

* * *

Alexandra awoke by herself without need of an alarm. After a

moment, she grinned as her mind recollected the events of

the previous day. She yawned and stretched her arms into the

air, her bare feet protruding from under the warmth of the


"Did you sleep?" she asked, sitting halfway up and turning

over to her stomach. "I slept like a log"

Balancing on the rim of her brass bedpost was a Kleenex

container. Alexandra took it carefully into her hand and

lowered it down onto the bed. She grinned instinctively when

seeing that the woman hadn't tried to escape.

"How was your sleep? Good? Sleeping on a blanket of tissue,

that's gotta be the life"

Alex's thick fingers reached into the small Kleenex

container and withdrew the woman, who was only partially

awake herself. The previous evening had been exhausting for

her. Alex knew no limits to the games she had played with

the woman, keeping her running, jumping lifting until well

after midnight.

Alex placed the woman onto the mattress, then folder her

arms and leaned her chin forwards onto them.

"I said Good Morning, sleep well?"

The woman nodded to her and eventually said "Good Morning".

Alex didn't know it of course, but she had been the first to

discover that the shrunken could indeed speak. They just

weren't very loud.

Alexandra scuttled her body closer to the woman, moving her

face mere inches away from the reluctant doll.

"Are you tired?"

The woman flinched slightly at the smell of the giant's

breath. Her proximity to Alex was fearfully close and the

gust of her breath quite unpleasant.

Alex picked up on this, but decided not to mention it. She

didn't feel like getting up to brush her teeth just yet, and

besides, if the woman didn't like how she smelled, what was

she going to do about it? Her Mom had said that this tiny

woman was hers to keep, that she owned her, so that was


Alex gestured again to the Kleenex box.

"That's where you'll sleep from now on", Alex breathed,

taking care to exhale onto the woman more forcibly than


"From now on?" her tiny voice barely heard by Alex, "I-I

can't, I can't stay here. What do you mean from now on?"

Alex smiled at all of this foolishness.

"Forever," she said, her grin growing even larger, "that's

where you'll sleep for the rest of your life"

The woman began to cry softly to herself.

Alex withdrew her giant face, sat up and began to pull on a

pair of socks.

After a moment she turned on her stereo wall unit, which

quickly drowned out the woman's sobbing.

* * *

Lindsay had strolled quite a distance from the group. They

had agreed to stay close, but no matter. They were too tired

and would never miss her. Though it took more than fifteen

minutes, she made her way near the pet store where she had

earlier seen the girl in black.

Since the mall was not yet open, Lindsay walked wherever she

pleased. A younger version of herself had always dreamed of

having a shopping mall completely to herself, and now, as

she strode forwards, less than two inches tall, the irony

was not lost on her.

She continued forward, moving closer now to the gates of the

pet store. She had been aware of the directions she had

maintained, careful that she could find her way back to the

group, where she would be when they woke.

Eventually she reached the tall gates of the pet store.

Lindsay leaned against them and stared inside.

Slowly, an idea came to her mind.

It was risky, but anything that's really, truly fun and

worthwhile, usually is...

* * *

Eleanor, dressed in a newly tailored dress suit, stood at a

full-length mirror and examined her outfit. Susan, the hired

help, stood close, waiting for Eleanor's request.

Alexandra clunked down the stairs holding her tote bag over

her shoulder.

Perched high on the top of her head, partially covered by

barrettes and hidden from view, was the shrunken woman, whom

Alex had officially named 'Betty'. It had taken more than

twenty minutes to secure her in her hair, but walking around

the huge house, while a miniature woman rode on the top of

your head made it all worth it.

Alex turned and faced her Mother.

"I need to go to school"

"Yes, I know you do honey. Unfortunately, I'm busy right


"Can Susan take me?"

Eleanor turned to the hired help.

"No, I need her here"

"What for?"

"In case I need something"

Alex challenged her Mother.

"What could you possibly need that you can't do for


Her Mother turned to her, angry. She reached into her purse

and handed Alex a twenty-dollar bill.

"Take a taxi"

Alex took the money.

"What about lunch?"

Her Mother reached into her pocket again and pulled out

fifty dollars.

"Here, give me the twenty and you can take this"

Alex grinned at the money.

"No, I want both"

Her Mother sighed and knew this was a battle she would not


"Fine, take it"

Alexandra took the fifty-dollar bill and high tailed it in

the other direction.

"Are you taking that thing to school?"

"I'm not going to school and it's not a 'thing', it's Betty"

"What do you mean you're not going to school"

Alex grinned back to her Mother from the end of the hallway.

"I just said that to get the money"

She disappeared from sight. Eleanor looked to Susan, the

hired help.

"Susan, get my jacket please"

* * *

Alex strolled into the kitchen, while high above the floor,

perched on the top of her head and entangled in her thick

hair, the tiny woman feared what would happen next.

* * *

One by one the group had awoke from their sleep. Keith, the

man who had previously woken Lindsay was the first to notice

that she was no where to be seen.

"Anyone seen Lindsay?"

People looked around, shook their heads. Most were nervous.

The mall would open in less than an hour and the group's

struggle would begin again.

Keith walked away from the group and began to search for the

young girl.

He appeared nervous at what could have happened.

* * *

The girl in black fidgeted for her keys. It was already

eight thirty. The mall didn't open until nine, but she was

always supposed to be on shift an hour early, to feed the

animals and to straighten up the store.

Something was flashing in her eyes. Was it her keys? No,

they were in the lock already. She looked again to the floor

and stood still, highly suspicious that she knew what it


She was motionless for a moment and then the shining flared

the corner of her eye. She looked down again.

There, at the corner of the sliding gate was one of the

shrunken people. The giant girl let go of her keys, dropped

her bag and immediately squatted and reached towards the

person, figuring that she, like all others, would

immediately flee for its life.

This one didn't. In the two or three seconds that it took

the giant to bend down, relocate the tiny person and to

reach towards them - it just stood there.

Lindsay's heart was beating faster than she thought it ever

could have. The giant's hand was upon her and a microsecond

later, she was being hoisted into the air. Everything was

blurry for a moment as she struggled to keep from throwing

up what she had eaten.

The giant didn't say anything, only stared at Lindsay for a

moment, before returning to open the latch to the sliding


It took Lindsay's stomach a moment to return to normal.

Something she had to wait to happen before she could speak


The giant slid the doors to the pet store open and stepped


"Listen to me!"

Lindsay shouted as loud as she could, but the giant girl

mistook it for a scream, which, of course was typical from

those she had caught.

Lindsay continued to yell, until she surprised herself by

actually getting the giant girls' attention.

Suddenly, as if in fast motion, she was pulled towards the

giant's face. Her huge brown eyes stared at the tiny

Lindsay, as if to say, "You've got three seconds, make it


Instead, the giant merely said.


Lindsay froze for a moment, having never seen anyone this

large this close before. It was a truly frightening

experience. One that she would always remember.

Lindsay cupped her hands and yelled.

"I can help you"

The giant girl smirked and opened her huge mouth to say...


Lindsay walked through the mall by herself. It was still

before eight in the morning, and none of the stores had yet

opened. She had seen a janitor in the distance at one point,

but that had been it.

She walked at a leisurely pace for what must have been

fifteen minutes or so, before nearing the area where she had

deserted her post. Upon getting closer, she slowed her pace

slightly and began to hug the wall, taking extra care not to

be spotted by anyone.

It wasn't too long before she realized that the entire group

was up and on there feet.

"****" she said to herself.

Lindsay continued towards the group, making up excuses as

she approached.

Several in the group noticed her. One in particular, Will,

moved to meet her.

"What happened?"

"Nothing, I just decided to take a walk, that's all. I met a


Will was perplexed.

"A walk? You were supposed to be standing guard. That's what

we agreed"

Lindsay looked at her feet, not savoring the tongue-lashing

she was about to receive.

"You said you'd stay and watch while we slept!"

"Yeah, but nothing happened, did it?"

Will looked sternly at her.

"No, nothing happened, THIS TIME!"

"I won't do it again, okay?"

Will looked behind him to the group, then back at Lindsay,

lowering his voice.

"Lindsay, we're leaving without you. You can't come with us"

Lindsay was flabbergasted. This wasn't part of her plan at



"You heard what I said. We were going to leave without you,

but I thought you deserved an explanation. You're still

acting like a teenager. Acting like a teenager will get us

killed. None of us want that"

Lindsay stared at the ground. Will turned and walked back to

the group.

"Goodbye and good luck"

Lindsay watched as the group shuffled off into the distance.

A few of them looked over their shoulders at her as they


None of them was sure why it was that Lindsay was smiling.

* * *

Alexandra walked through the kitchen and sat on the couch in

the living room. In her hands was "Betty", whom she was

playing with casually.


After a moment, Susan entered the room.

"Yes dear?"

"Come here please"

Susan walked into the sunken living room to face Alexandra.

Alex was someone she didn't necessarily like very much.

Truth be told, she didn't like her one bit. Susan had

watched for the two years that she had worked in the

household, as Alex got whatever she wanted whenever she

wanted it. She was a brat and she knew Alex was aware of how

she felt. Only problem was, Alex simply didn't care. In

fact, she liked to rub Susan's face in the fact that she was

being paid to cook and clean for her and her Mom.

"What can I do for you, dear?"

Alex raised her foot in the air slightly, pointing a white

sock at Susan.

"My foot hurts again"

Susan pretended to be concerned, dreading what was coming


"Oh, really, that's too bad"

"Can you rub it please?"

"Honey, your Mom left me a lot of work to do. I don't think

I have time"

Alex continued to hold her foot in the air, gesturing with


"You have time. Come sit down"

Susan, knowing that Alex could easily convince her Mother to

hire someone else (she had threatened to do so on many

occasions), moved towards the couch and sat down. Alex

lowered her leg onto Susan's lap.

"Where does it hurt, dear?"

"Mostly around the toes. You can do it all over though. Both

feet, not just that one"

Susan stared at Alex, pondering the young girl's audacity at

demanding such a request, but Alex was too absorbed with her

shrunken woman to notice. The woman was lying on Alex's

collarbone. Alex's chin lowered, slightly, then her chest

vibrated with the sound of her voice.

"Where did you go?"

Her giant tree trunk fingers found the woman and lifted her

upwards, not caring that the woman was upside down.

"There you are. Are you hungry yet?"

The woman shook her head. She was too nervous about what

would happen to her to be aware of the fact that she hadn't

eaten in seventeen hours. This giant girl was being nice

now, but what about tomorrow, or a week from now when she

got bored with her? The woman had seen what a disobedient

brat Alex was, and was fearful about her future with her.

Alex looked up at Susan who was rubbing her feet.

"Can you believe it? Betty hasn't eaten anything yet?"

Susan didn't acknowledge her right away, so Alex prodded her

with her free foot.

"I said she hasn't eaten!"

Susan looked up.

"That's too bad, dear"

Alex got annoyed with Susan very quickly. Anyone who could

so easily be coerced into being bossed was very hard to


Alex raised her foot in front of Susan's face and held it


"Now this one please"

The shrunken woman looked on to Alex's lack of respect for

this adult and her fear grew. If she was like this to a

full-grown woman old enough to be her Mother, what would she

do to a woman the size of her baby finger?

* * *

The mall was open and beginning to fill with people. Eleanor

speed walked through various sections of the mall,

determined not to take the time to buy anything. It wasn't

long however before something caught her eye.

Far below the shoppers in the mall, on the ground beneath

their feet, group upon group of shrunken people awaited

their respective fates.

Will and his group trudged forwards carefully. It had been

three hours since their departure from Lindsay. They had

talked about it to one another, but mostly focused on how to

stay alive during the busy lunch hour.

Miriam, one of the older women in the group had a


"I think that if we travel over this way, that we'll come to

that long hallway that leads to the exits. It's usually

pretty quiet there, I mean, as far as shoppers go"

Will nodded.

"We could stay there until the mall closes"

The others in the group seemed to agree and together, they

began cautiously in that direction.

To get across a walkway in the mall, the group ran, one at a

time. Obviously because of age and degree of physical

fitness, not everyone could run at the same speed. Some

could cross the walkway in a little over eight seconds,

while others took a full thirty, some even forty!

One unfortunate man, for one reason or another, had a limp.

He was very reluctant to make the journey across the

walkway, opting to wait until the mall had closed. The

others called to him, yelling that they had to stay together

as a group.

Eventually, when he felt the moment to be right, he began

towards the group. A running giant proceeded

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