Giantess Stories: Be Careful with that Lamp

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Be Careful with

that Lamp!


“ So how's it

going Lisa?”


“ It's fine.”,

answered the school receptionist as she looked at her computer monitor.


Grabbing a piece

of paper from his shirt pocket, Tom said, “ I'm here today for Ms. Paterson...I

believe she's the ancient history teacher.”


“ Ah...yea, that's

right.”, replied the lady, adding, “ Got a job number?”


“ Right here.”,

responded Mr. Tom Wilson, handing the scrape sheet.


“ Ok..., great,

her room's's 225...she doesn't have a homeroom.”


“ All right...and

I presume her lesson plans are on her desk?”


“ Yea...should

be...she's usually pretty efficient...I'm sure she left you something.”



thanks...have a good one.”


“ You too, Tom.”


His briefcase in

hand, the thirty year old substitute teacher left the main office, turned the

corner, strolled down the almost deserted early morning corridor, and finally

approached the steps. Once upstairs, he headed toward the room and entered,

finding all the necessary information on the regular teacher's desk.


More relaxed now,

he got everything ready for the day and simply awaited the arrival of the

students, expected at the bell's ring, about twenty minutes into the future.


Just gazing around

the classroom, his eyes fell on all kinds of pictures and objects representing

an age long past. Here and there, he looked at pictures of the Parthonon in

Athens, a Roman helmet, and even a collection of ancient Greek vaces.


“ Nice.”, mumbled

Tom to himself as he strolled about the room, taking note of the items.


However, when the

guy approached a table in the back, he saw an ancient Arabian lamp.


“ So they've even

got one of these here.”, mentioned the man to his own ears, laughing a little.


He was about to

reach for it and study the inscription when the bell suddenly rang. Quickly, Tom

returned to the front and stood behind the desk. Once by one, the high school

seniors entered, carrying their books with ‘em. What made this school such a

pleasure to sub at was its student body, all girls, and what a body did each one



Moreover, there

seemed to be some kind of unwritten code in the place, making each female wear

black boots with their jeans or casual attire. Nothing pleased Tom more than the

sound of their footwear. Once all the sexy creatures entered the building, the

corridors came alive with the sound of heels, echoing and reverberating from the

walls, producing a symphony having a message all its own.


Taking their seats

now, the young ladies looked ahead and waited for the guy to say something.

Before him sat all kinds of girls, white girls, black girls, and also some Latin

chicks. The whole place just didn't seem to have any ugly cunts; each female had

a nice set of tits and the most beautiful ass any man could hope to see.


“ Good morning name's Mr. Wilson and I'm obviously your sub for today.” As he

returned his gaze toward the desk, grabbing the assignment, a female ask, “

Where's Ms. Paterson?”


“ I'm not

sure...they don't tell me that kind of stuff.”


“ Oh, ok.”,

answered the nice looking black girl.


After the papers

were passed out, he explained the stuff to the girls and finally let them go at



The period went by

fine, the students did their work and no one caused any bullshit.


At the end of the

fifth period, the bell rang, signaling lunch time. Since he carried a packaged

lunch with him all the time in his briefcase, Tom simply waited until the girls

left, opened his attaché case, removed the brown paper bag, reached into it, and

took out his two sandwiches.


With most of the

girls in the cafeteria, the halls were almost empty, only now and then did a

sexy student pass by the open room door, going to her locker or whatever.


His mouth full,

the guy simply chewed away when his roving eyes once again fell on the brass

colored lamp. Having an extra fifteen minutes left of free time, Mr. Wilson

returned to the back table and stood before the mysterious object.


After the last

piece of his lunch went down his throat, Tom gently took up the object and held

it to his face. Expecting the thing to weight a little less than it felt, he

tried to remove the top lid. Nevertheless, the thing was on tight, remaining so,

despite any effort on his part.


Shrugging his

shoulders, the guy returned the ancient masterpiece to the table, turned around,

and headed toward the room's front.


Beside the desk

now, Tom turned his gaze to the open door, seeing a Hispanic girl standing

before one of the lockers on the other side of the hall, having her back

pointing at him.


“ Nice ass.”,

mumbled Tom to himself, gazing away at the jean clad creature, wearing her boots

and a T-shirt as well.


Staring away at

the dark-haired girl, seeing her long wavy mane swing back and forth a little as

she struggled with her books, Tom felt a partial erection come on, keeping his

eyes glued to her bottom.


Despite his

fascination with the Latin beauty, the man did turn his gaze haphazardly back to

the room. Suddenly, he looked down for a moment, rubbed his eyes, then returned

his line of sight toward the room's far side.


“ What the fuck is

that?”, ask Tom to himself lightly, totally confused with what he was seeing.


Slowly, from the

lamp's extended opening, emerged a florescent vapor, glowing with a reddish and

bluish color.


His eyes blinking

in rapid succession now, the perplexed man simply stood there as the cloud

spread itself out somewhat and moved in his direction.


Not knowing what

to do, he simply looked to the hall, seeing only the student, still fiddling

away with her locker's stuff.


Returning his

attention to the apparition, awestruck Tom watched as the shapeless entity took

form, eventually presenting the outline and figure of a sensual looking Arabic



In total defiance

of gravity, the dark-haired beauty just hovered before him, wearing nothing save

two skimpy pieces of cloth, one about her tits, and the other around her waist.


“ So Tom...,

what's you pleasure?”, ask the sexy creature.


“ How'd you know

my name?”


“ Oh...,

c'mon...I'm a jinni, I know everything!”


“ I didn't know

jinnies are real...I thought...”



thought.”, replied the lady with sarcastic humor, “ The thing is, no one ever

does think...if they did, the world'd be a much better place.”


A little more

relaxed now, Tom ask, “ But doesn't the lamp gotta be rubbed to get you out?”


“ Don't believe

all the crap you hear...I come out whenever I want...time's meaningless to

me...I haven't left my little home for the last thousand years..., it's only

when I see a real joke like you that I decide to emerge.”


Slightly put back

by her insult, Tom became a little more assertive and inquired, “ What do you

want anyway...why did you come to me?”


“ You get a

wish...but only one.”


“ I thought I get



“ Here you go

again...what a jerk..., I told you most of the stuff you hear is bullshit...,

you get one wish, that's it, take it or leave it!”


At ease now, Tom

slowly nodded his head and looked to the side. The girl in the hall was now

squatting and stuffing some books into the locker's lower section.


Forgetting himself

for a moment, Tom remarked, “ Boy..., I wish I were in her pants right now!”


“ As you wish.”,

said the jinni, grinning while she raised her hand and snapped her fingers.


“ No, wait...,

what are you doing...I didn't mean what I said, that was just an off the wall



Her smile taking

on an evil hue, the jinni replied, “ Like I said..., people don't think before

they open their big mouths.”


“No, no,



“ Tough's a bitch, ain't it.”, said the sexy feline as she slowly dissipated

back into a cloud, drifted toward the lamp, and finally disappeared, never to

return for the next hundred years or so.


Getting up now,

the girl closed her locker, ventured directly across the hall, and entered the

room, having ancient history for her seventh period.


Her books in hand,

the Latin beauty took a seat in the center row. Lowing her nice rounded ass into

the chair, she suddenly looked up for a moment, froze still, and simply stared

ahead, portraying a very confused and uncomfortable look on her face.


Moments later, the

other girls entered, filling up some seats here and there. Eventually, the

entire smaller honor's class of nine students was present.


After the bell

rang, a black girl directly behind the brunette remarked, “ Well..., where the

hell's the teacher?”


“ I don't know

Cierra.”, replied Trudy, a blond, “ I heard something about Ms. Paterson not

being here today.”


“ Yea..., but

ain't we supposed to have a sub if that's the case?”


“ How the fuck

should I know.”, answered Trudy, shrugging her shoulders, “ This is South

Central...anything goes here.”


“ So what are we

gonna do?”, ask Grace, a dark-haired white girl.


“ Who cares?”,

replied Cierra rhetorically.


“ Yea..., but I

think we should tell the office.”, said Trudy, getting up and going to the

teacher's desk. Looking down to the side of the piece of furniture, she spoke

on, “ Ms. Paterson ain't here...look, that ain't her briefcase...we've got a



“ Then where the

fuck is he?”, inquired Cierra with a touch of negative humor.


Grace then said, “

I say Trudy's right...we should tell the office.”



such a goody goody, Grace...the sub's probably out by his or her car all drunk

or know how subs are, they ain't worth shit..., I say we tell no

one, let's have a free period!”, yelled the dark-skinned temptress. lince ibérico características


In response, the

rest of the class screamed, “ Yea, yea, all right...!”


As each girl

settled down and took up some other work or just sat there, bullshiting with the

student next to or behind her, Cierra leaned forward and whispered to the

Caribbean attraction, “ Hey Ann..., you're pretty quiet, what's's not

like you to just sit there.”


“ I'm all right.”,

relied the girl, moving her nice ass back and forth in the seat, trying to get



Teasing Ann,

Cierra said, “ What's the matter..., got a bug up your ass?”


“ Just shut up.”


“ I don't know...,

but you're acting like those women on that Preparation H commercial.”


Pressing her lips

together, Ann sighed and rotated her head, giving Cierra a long dirty look.


With her attention

back to some papers on her desk, Cierra only chuckled a little as Ann looked

forward again.



uncomfortable, the Latin girl continued to squirm around when she realized that

two other girls were now giggling, obviously taking note of her problem.


Embarrassed, Ann

got up and strolled toward the door. Right before she stepped outside, Cierra

yelled, “ Hey Ann..., close the door after you leave...we don't need security

sticking their heads in here and seeing that we ain't got no teacher.”


“ Yea, fine.”,

answered the Hispanic girl, closing the entrance afterward.


Since the halls

were empty, Ann reached back to her ass and poked around with her finger. Moving

along, she eventually made it to the lavatory and entered. Inside, she went up

to a stall and stepped forward, shutting the door behind her.


After she had her

trousers open, the young lady pulled her pants down, followed by her underwear.

Taking a seat on the toilet, she was obviously eager and curious to see what was

stuck against her asshole, giving her all the discomfort. As a result, Ann

reached for some toilet paper and pinched the stuff together between her right

hand's index finger and thumb. Slowly, the girl lowered the bathroom tissue

under her beautiful and gorgeous butt as she leaned to one side. With an elegant

and gentle motion, she began an inch or two above her shit hole and graciously

moved her hand downward, finally reaching her nether eye.


Feeling something,

the young lady made sure she took it up, trapping the thing between her

fingertips via the paper.


Taking her hand

out from under her ass, Ann peered down at the tissue.


“ What...?”,

exclaimed the brunette to herself.


“ Help me, please



“ I don't get

it..., you're no higher than an're a little man!”


“ I know...,

something strange happened to me...please get help.”


Still looking

confused, Ann stood up, dropped Tom on the paper dispenser, pulled up her

attire, threw the tissue into the bowl, flushed, and finally took him up again,

this time letting him fall into her left hand's palm.


Outside the stall,

Ann kept peering down at him, saying, “ This is really all my life,

I never...”


Moving her head up

quickly, Ann saw another girl enter. Her left hand closed now a little, she left

the lavatory and headed back to class, eventually standing before the door. With

a little courage, she pulled the entrance open and went inside.


Back in her seat,

Ann sat there, pretending she had her attention on a book, taking peeks at the

little guy in her hand nevertheless.


Suddenly, Cierra

screamed forth, “ Hey..., what the...!”


“ What Cierra...,

what?”, ask Trudy, having a little concern in her voice.


“ I must be going

crazy...but Ann's got something in her hand...I'm sure I saw it right.”


Asking Ann rather

flatly, Trudy inquired, “ What do you got?”


“ Nothing.”


Sounding more and

more demanding, Cierra said, “ Oh..., c'mon Ann..., don't hold out on us...I saw

what you've got!”


“ I said it's



“ Nothing, my

beautiful black let's see it!”


Since Ann didn't

comply, Trudy simply ask, “ Ok Cierra..., what does she got that's so



“ You won't

believe this..., but I'm positive that I saw a little live man in her hand.”


“ You ain't on

anything?”, inquired Trudy with a light touch of humor.


“ Man..., I ain't

on shit..., I tell you she's got a little guy in her hand!”


Taken in by

Cierra's serious and excited tone of voice, the entire class of nine girls got

up and stood around Ann, peering down at the seated female with their hands on

their sexy hips and their weights shifted.


“ So c'mon Ann...,

let's see.”, mentioned one of the students.


Looking up into

her classmates' eyes, Ann realized she was overpowered. Consequently, the young

lass raised her hand and uncurled her fingers, allowing the ladies to see Tom.


For a moment,

silence filled the room, a silence so deep and strong that it pressed down on

the girls. Just staring at the guy, all nine let the sight sink into their

brains until Cierra spoke up, “ Don't tell me he was the thing stuck up



“ Yea, yea.”,

replied Ann quickly, grinning back at the girl.


With wide open

eyes, Grace ask, “ Who is he?”


“ I'm Tom...I'm

your sub, but something happened to me...a weird thing came out of the lamp back

there and shrank me!”


“ You mean the

Arabian lamp on that table?”, inquired Trudy, looking toward the rear of the



“ Yea.”


Going over to the

thing, Trudy picked it up and shook it. “ There's nothing strange's

the same as always...Ms. Paterson had it for years...nothing's ever come out of



“ I tell you it's

true.”, whimpered Tom.


“ Whatever.”,

answered Trudy, placing the object back down.


Together again

with the other girls, Trudy ask, “ So what are we gonna do with him?”


“ I don't

know...but ain't he kind of cute?”, said Cierra, her initial shock over.


Agreeing with the

black girl, Grace replied, “ Yea, you're right.”


After another

minute of staring at the novelty, Cierra said, “ Hey..., let's keep him as our

little secret.”


Reflecting, the

others finally answered, “ Yea..., what are we gonna do with him?”


Licking her upper

lips, Cierra remarked, “ Like I said, he's kind of cute...let's see how much fun

he can really be.”


Eager to get her

hands on him, Cierra quickly grabbed Tom from Ann and held the guy between her



“ What are you

doing?”, yelled Grace, watching the sexy black chick tear the little white guy's

clothes off.


“ There..., now

he's even cuter.”, laughed Cierra, displaying the naked man to the others.


Slowly, Cierra

squatted and placed Tom on the floor. Looking up toward the clock, she said, “

We've got over twenty five minutes left, let's play around a little.”


“ I think I know

what you mean, Cierra.”, answered Trudy, rubbing her cunt now.


Nodding their

heads, the girls were all in on it together, totally anxious to the get the most

out of it.


In fear, Tom

stared at their black high heeled boots, completely overwhelmed by the sight of

power. As his gaze went into the ascent, he looked up at nine towering

goddesses, peering down at him as if he were a piece of property.


While he kept his

tiny head turned up and back, he saw Cierra turn to Trudy and say with a wicked

smile, “ Let's make this really sick...shall we?”


“ Yea..., I've got

just the thing.”, answered the blond chick, strolling up to the board.


Watching her,

little Tom could only stand there helplessly as her beautiful butt swayed back

and forth with her stride, presenting every detail of its curves and crevices

through her well fitting jeans.


“ What's she gonna

do?”, ask Tom upward as the females grinned away.


Bending down,

Trudy took up the bucket used to wash the board. Upon her return, she set the

empty thing on the floor, and grabbed Tom, setting him into the plastic

container afterward.


“ I think I get

your drift.”, giggled Cierra, watching Trudy turn around, pull down her pants

and panties, and finally squat over the pail.


“ No, no...,

please...!”, yelled Tom up to her nice ass, defenseless in stopping the

avalanche of piss which came down immediately afterward.


“ Ha..., look at

that...he's swimming around in her piss!”, bellowed Ann, totally in on it now as



Done, Trudy pulled

up her attire, seeing Cierra lower hers, taking a position over the pail, and

ofcourse, pissing down on the guy.


One by one, the

sexy students gave it to him, peeing away on top of the guy!


“ Now that was

fun.”, mentioned Trudy, giggling while the last girl pulled up her pants.


After she looked

at the clock, Trudy said, “ All right..., the class is almost over...bell's

gonna ring pretty soon...let's take him out and clean up.”


“ Ok.”, responded

Cierra. Going on, she ask, “ Where are we gonna keep him...I mean like after

school or whenever?”


“ Tell you what,

girls.”, said Ann, “ Since he was up my ass first, I'll take him home with me

tonight...however, I'll bring him back tomorrow and let one of you have him for

the next evening...we'll share him one day at a time.”


“ Sounds good to

me.”, replied Grace, “ Whose going tomorrow?”


“ Can I?”, ask



Dropping Tom into

her back pocket, the Latin girl answered, “ Sure..., no problem.”


“ Well, that's the

bell..., see you girls tomorrow.”


“ Ok Ann.”, said

Trudy, going out the door with the rest of her classmates.



The End




Giantess Stories: Be Careful with that Lamp

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