Giantess Stories: Believe It Or Not Part I by willie      The ocean breeze was doing its best to cool off the hot boardwalk

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Believe It Or Not

Part I

by willie

The ocean breeze was doing its best to cool off the hot boardwalk. It was only

the middle of June and the temperature in Ocean City, Maryland had hit a

sweltering 102 degrees earlier in the day. That's 39 degrees for you Europeans.

It was almost 10:30 in the evening now and the temperature had only dropped

about ten degrees. It was still hot, but not unbearable like it had been on the

beach earlier.

My friend Tom I were down for the week. We had been staying at his parents

summer home. We deserved it. Last week we finished our last final exam. It had

been a killer, differential equations. Tom and I were electrical engineering

majors. Our sophomore year was now behind us. We were here to celebrate for a

week before beginning our summer jobs.

All week we spent on the hot beach, baking under the unseasonably warm sun for

one reason. It wasn't for our love of hot sand. Neither one of us liked the

beach and, I don't know about Tom, but I hated the freezing cold ocean just as

much. We were there to meet chicks. We had been on that horrible greenhead

infected beach all week long trying to meet a couple of girls. Up until this

afternoon we had no luck whatsoever. We talked to girls, they just never talked

back. They laughed at us. That is until precisely 1:45 yesterday afternoon.

Tom and I were running down the beach yesterday afternoon when we stumbled

across two sisters. They weren't just sisters, they were identical twins, and we

didn't just stumble across them, we actually tripped over them. The two young

ladies were lying just over a dune. Tom, in all his wisdom had said, "Race you

over that dune." I was dumb enough to follow.

After we wiped the sand off our faces and Tina and Lisa stopped laughing, the

four of us got to talking. It went fairly well. I kind of clicked with Lisa. Tom

seemed to be getting along extremely well with Tina. They had a frisbee, so we

played in the cold ocean for over an hour. Tom and I both wanted desperately to

ask the twins out but we were waiting for the other one to make the first move.

Tom stayed all summer every year in Ocean City and worked each year at

Ponzetti's Pizza on the boardwalk. It was almost five o:clock and he had to work

from six to twelve. "We have to get a move on", I whispered to Tom, "or you'll

get fired on your first day back." Tom nodded his head to me and took a deep

breath like he was trying to psyche himself up.

"I have to work until twelve", he boldly told the girls. "Will the two of you

join us after I get off?" I felt a wave of relief overtake me as they both

nodded their heads. I heard Tom let out a sigh of relief.

"We'd love to", Tina said looking at Tom.

Lisa looked into my eyes. "Me too", she said with a smile.

"Do you know the Talbot street Cafe?" Tom asked.

"Sure", answered Tina.

"How about we meet you there at twelve?" This was one time I was glad to be

friends with Tom. He wasn't exactly aggressive, but compared to me, he was a

regular Don Juan.

"It's a date", both girls giggled. They turned simultaneously and ran toward the

ocean. Tom and I stood watching them for a few moments. After diving through a

wave and coming up laughing, the twins waved to us and we waved back. Up close I

could tell them apart. Lisa was a bit more wholesome and down to earth than her

sister. From this distance, I couldn't tell one from the other. I didn't have a

clue which one I was hoping to round the bases with later on. I gave Tom a high

five and we headed across the long beach to his parents house. We never felt the

burning sand or molten blacktop on our feet. We were running a foot above the


By the time we got to the little ranch house Tom had been enjoying since he

could remember, it was five thirty-five. Tom quickly showered and made himself

presentable. I didn't know what good it would do him. After six hours of

twirling pizza dough, Tom would be as sweaty and smelly as he was after we left

the sweltering beach. We ate some left over pizza. You guessed it, Ponzetti's.

"See you in six hours", Tom said and ran out the door.

I looked at my watch. Six hours and five minutes to kill. I cleaned up the pizza

crumbs and showered, trying to make myself presentable also. I turned on the TV.

Nothing but news and reruns. The news was too boring for a college kid one week

into summer vacation. The reruns were lame. The Brady Bunch and Threes Company.

Chrissy was hot but I turned the TV off anyway. I paced around the room for a

few minutes before looking at my watch. It said tick tick. Actually it was

digital so it made no sound at all. I lowered my wrist from my ear and realized

how board I was. Five hours and forty minutes to go. I paced another two minutes

before walking through the front door and heading toward the boardwalk. Five and

a half hours was a long time to kill on Ocean City's boardwalk, but it was a

much longer time to kill sitting in the house by myself.

Ponzetti's was close to the lower end of the boardwalk. I had walked from there

to the northern tip of the boardwalk, a walk of almost four miles, and back

again. Ocean city's boardwalk was an interesting place. It had everything from

derelicts and drug addicts to your average American family; Dad, Mom and their

blue eyed blonde haired kids. What I noticed most prevalently was the amount of

babes. Ocean City was full of tanned, hard bodied gorgeous women.

When I passed Ponzetti's on the return trip, Tom didn't notice me. He was too

busy spinning pizza dough, so I continued my way south. When I reached the lower

end of the boardwalk, I stopped to take a rest.

I was looking at the giant faucet suspended in mid air with a non stop stream of

water flowing from it. Anybody with half a brain knew there was a plastic pipe

in the center of the stream supplying the water. "Come in and be amazed", came a

squirrelly voice from behind me.

I turned and saw a man, a midget barely three and a half feet tall with a black

bowler hat, standing under a sign. The neon said "Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Museum." I rolled my eyes.

"For a mere five dollars, you too can see the unexplained marvels of the

universe", the midget who looked more like a leprechaun said. He was obviously

wearing the hat to hide his pointy ears. "How about you sir", he said directly

in my direction. "You look like a man with an hour to kill. The last tour of the

day is about to begin"

I looked at my watch. I had an hour and a half to kill still. I opened my wallet

and sure enough a five dollar bill popped out saying "take me, take me." I took

it and handed it to the man. He snickered as I walked through the fake concrete

archway. I looked over my shoulder at him but he quickly disappeared around the

side of the building. He was done for the night.

When I saw the other people waiting for the tour to begin, I began to turn

around and walk back out. There were eight or nine Orientals, full of

enthusiasm, with cameras around their necks, yammering away in some language I

knew I'd never begin to learn. Three older couples who undoubtedly had already

seen all that the universe could show them were waiting to see what eighty or so

years had missed. There were also three other men who had seen better times. Two

obviously were drunks, probably looking for a place to spend the night. The

third looked like a hippie from the sixties or seventies. He even had peace sign

on his tattered denim jacket. He too was probably a drunk, still thinking Nixon

was president, but he seemed cool in his own way.

I was tired and decided I didn't need this nonsense. I was about to head back

out into the hot humid night to find a bench to sit on when I heard the sexiest

voice that ever penetrated my eardrums. I wanted to leave but I had to see the

source of the siren-like melody. What I saw made my jaw drop. She had flowing

blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and sensuous lips. I was instantly in love, and

that was only her face. A white halter top stretched to its limit by full firm

breasts, barely concealing the large pink nipples behind it.

Her firm stomach was bare. Only the slightest ripple of fat was evident. She

wore cutoff bluejeans. They were cutoff mere centimeters below her crotch

exposing long muscular but soft thighs. "Hi, my name is Valerie", she said

confidently to the crowd as she scanned us. She glanced right over me at first,

but after she saw everyone, her gaze focused momentarily back on me. My legs

grew instantly week. "I'll be your guide tonight. If anyone has any questions,

feel free to ask".

I had to wonder what this goddess was doing here. She was gorgeous and giving

tours on some two bit boardwalk amusement. It didn't make sense. She had to be a

model doing someone a favor or repaying one. No, she had too much luscious meat

on her bones to be a model. Maybe she was the wife of the owner. Maybe she was

Mrs. Ripley, rich beyond her years. If she was, she wore no rings or expensive

jewelry. Or better yet, the daughter of the rich and powerful Ripleys. Valerie

was probably ten years older than I was and way out of my league. Besides, I had

a date in an hour and a half with a person I had a chance to make it with. But,

what harm could following the tour do me. At the very least, watching Valerie

for the next hour could only warm me up for my date with Lisa and what prospects

came out of it.

"So if you'll all follow me", Valerie said with a practiced smile. "Right this


I followed toward the back of the crowd with my new buddy the hippie. Of course

the Orientals were right up front snapping pictures of every fake phenomenon

that existed. The old people were tolerating the tour surprisingly well. The

other two drunks were looking for a place to crash. From my position at the back

of the crowd, I had a hard time keeping my eyes off Valerie's ass cheeks bulging

out from under her ripped shorts. My mind had me hugging the back of her thighs

with my head wedged under her jeans in between her ass cheeks smelling the

essence of woman.

"Who would like to volunteer", Valerie asked the crowd. I realized that I had

been so preoccupied with our tour guide, that I up to this point had seen

nothing of the tour. I looked at my watch. Fifteen minutes had elapsed. Fifteen

minutes less before my date. "You in the back. How about it."

I looked up and realized everyone was looking at me. "No", I said quickly.

"Oh come on, be brave", she said. The Orientals began clapping for me.

"Yo dude", came from my new friend. "Whats u got to lose."

I realized he was right. I had no idea what I was volunteering for, but if it

got me closer to our tour guide, I was up for it. I stepped forward. The

Orientals cheered me on.

As I approached Valerie, she reached out and grabbed my hand. That's when I

realized that the splendor of her hands equaled that of the rest of her body.

They were eloquent. Her fingers, not too long and not too short, were slim. They

were highlighted by perfectly shaped long fingernails painted with shiny clear

nail polish. Her nails tickled my palm as she grabbed my hand. "Why thank you

for volunteering", she said to me. Her voice sounded even more pleasant when it

was directed toward me.

"What exactly am I volunteering for?", I asked quietly trying to sound


"Weren't you listening to me?", she asked loud enough for the crowd to here.

"Of course I was. Well kind of. OK not exactly."

She only shook her head. Her blonde waves of hair danced from side to side

showing her hidden ears. I wondered what her earlobes tasted like. "Just step

into the booth", she said.

Valerie guided me into a glass enclosure much like a shower stall. I stepped

into the enclosure and turned toward Valerie. She still had my hand in her's,

gently holding it. "Don't worry. It's perfectly safe", she whispered. With one

final squeeze of my hand, Valerie pulled her hand away and closed the glass

door. I tried to hold onto her hand but she looked deeply into my eyes and I

loosened my grip.

With the clunk of the stall door came a moment of panic. I felt my

claustrophobia begin to show its ugly head. I tried to push the door open but of

coarse it was locked. "I changed my mind. Please let me out of hear", I yelled.

Valerie ignored me.

"When I press this red button, our brave volunteer will be reduced in size to

one twentieth of the size you see him now." Valerie was pointing toward a

glowing red button on a nearby panel.

"What", I yelled. I had been thinking I'd be doused by an invisible shower or

some other stunt along those lines. Being shrunk was not what I had in mind.

Then I realized it was just a trick done with mirrors. The glass around me would

bend slightly making me look tiny from outside the enclosure.

"I assure all of you", stated Valerie, "there are no tricks involved. We here at

the Ripleys Museum have the only shrinking device on the planet." Valerie put

her forefinger on the button. I didn't believe any of this shrinking nonsense

but I was quite nervous nonetheless. What if it was true. I was at the mercy of

the forefinger of a beautiful woman I'd never seen before twenty minutes ago. I

was experiencing a strange tingling in my balls. "Well here goes", she said as

her finger pressed into the button.

"NO", I screamed, but it was too late. The button began to pulse. A strange deep

hum began. It emanated from all around. The hum was accompanied by an eery red

glow. I felt dizzy so I closed my eyes. I put my head in my hands but my temples

still throbbed. My head felt like it was going to pop. My stomach felt like I

was going too quickly down an elevator. I thought I was about to throw up or

pass out or both and drown in my own vomit. Then it all stopped.

The pounding in my head was gone. So was the nausea. I felt fine. The weird

feeling in my balls remained. I lifted my head from my hands and slowly opened

my eyes. I gasped. I gasped so hard I couldn't breathe. The glass in front of me

that had been mere inches from my face was now two feet away. I saw, on the

other side of it, women's sneakers and ankles. Giant ones. They belonged to

Valerie. I followed the legs up past the thighs waist and breasts of a body that

looked, even through glass, a million times more perfect than it had moments

ago. Then I saw the giant glowing face of our tour guide beaming down on me.

My first thought was that the bent glass worked both ways. I looked tiny to the

gawking crowd and they looked giant to me. Then Valerie pulled the glass door

open and the truth hit me like a whole vat of jello pudding. Valerie and the

crowd behind her remained giant. It seemed I really had shrunk.

I stood fully clothed thanking my lucky stars that my clothes shrunk along with

me and wondering what to do next. I had nowhere to run, like it would do me any

good. I simply stood there and waited for someone to make a move. Finally

Valerie broke the silence.

"Voila", she proclaimed. "Behold a shrunken human being." On cue the Orientals

began cheering. The old women clapped. None of the old men or the drunks moved,

not even my new buddy. They all had disconcerting looks on their faces. "Who

wants to get a closer look?", Valerie asked. The cheering intensified.

I watched Valerie press a yellow button that was now way above me outside the

glass box I was in. The other button that was once glowing red was now bright

green. Instantly, I felt the floor I was standing on begin to rise. I watched

Valerie's dirty white sneakers move downward. Her ankles went by. I looked up

past smooth knees and focused on thick succulent thighs. From my current

perspective, Valerie's thighs were something Rembrant would have given an ear to

paint, firm muscles covered with a soft layer of fatty flesh. I thought of what

it would be like to be buried alive between them. At my new size, it could

happen. I was sure it wouldn't. I didn't think it would anyway. I hoped it

wouldn't, but then again I wished it would. No, I had a date tonight. I wanted

this dream (or nightmare) to end.

I looked away from Valerie's thighs and focussed on her crotch. It was directly

before me. I could only imagine what was behind that small patch of worn denim.

I was sure I saw the ends of blonde pubic hairs protruding out from the

stretched material. No way were there any panties covering the scantily covered

promised land in front of me.

I watched a perfect female stomach pass by, toned with just a scant trace of a

belly. Then Valerie's breasts came into view. Her nipples were the first things

that drew my attention. They were the size of my head. I felt sorrow, then joy

for the stretched cotton trying to contain them. As I passed above her breasts,

I was treated to a view of the most intense cleavage I had ever seen at any

size. I knew that if I dove into it, and believe me I had the urge, I'd be

spelunking for days. I came to see Ripley's Believe It or Not. Instead I saw

Valerie's Believe It or Not.

Finally I was able to look away from the canyon below me. I looked straight

ahead and saw lips. I fell backward and landed on my rear end. I had been so

busy looking at every other aspect of Valerie that I never noticed how thick and

full her lips were.

Valerie's lips were unpainted. They didn't need lipstick to draw them out. They

were full and sexy. I can think of no other adjective to describe them. From my

three and a half inch vantage point, they were spectacular. I forgot about

Valerie's tits, at least temporarily, and imagined being inside that mouth

before me. Little did I know this particular fantasy might come true.

I snapped out of my trance when Valerie spoke. "Don't crowd him now folks", she

said quietly but sternly. "We don't want to frighten him."

I watched every word that came out of those goddesslike lips. I felt each word

pass right through my skin and enter my soul. I saw her tongue dart to and fro

behind her sharp white teeth. I felt her warm breath. I smelled the toothpaste

she used after her last meal. Although I was already frightened, I knew that if

she wanted me, I was hers.

I saw the crowd of people standing behind Valerie. I was able to read the

expressions on their faces. The Orientals were still full of enthusiasm. The old

women looked at me like I was a steak dinner. The old men and my new friend

still had looks of apprehension in their eyes, like they were wondering if they

would be next.

Finally after a few minutes of being gawked at, Valerie put an end to it.

"Unfortunately folks, we have to grow our little friend back now." She winked at

me and once again pressed the yellow button. It began to flash and my floor

began its downward movement. Valerie turned her back to me and began talking to

the tour group. I wasn't listening to what she was saying. I was too busy

enjoying the view of her back, her rear end, and the back of her legs.

When my floor came to rest, I was staring at Valerie's muscular calves. They

were each as big as the Goodyear blimp to me. I looked back up as the glass door

slammed shut almost knocking me backward. I saw Valerie's beautiful finger press

the green button. A part of me was disappointed that I had no contact with

Valerie, but most of me was anticipating my regrowth.

I remembered the dizziness of my shrinking, so I closed my eyes and prepared

myself for the same. It never happened. I heard the hum I'd heard earlier, and I

felt the vibration, but when it all stopped and I opened my eyes, I realized I

was still tiny.

Believe It Or not

part II

The emotion I felt after I first shrunk was nothing compared to what was going

through my mind now. I was terrified. The crowd was quiet, even the Orientals.

The door swung open and thirty assorted eyes were on me. Fifteen mouths hung

open below them. Nobody said anything for a whole minute. Finally my burned out

friend said, "dude." That seemed to wake up the crowd.

"Don't panic", Valerie said. "The machine simply overloaded. It just needs a few

minutes to cool off. This doesn't happen often. You are the eighth tour of the

day and the temperature outside did reach a hundred degrees. We'll finish the

tour. Then I'll grow back our friend." With that, Valerie's knees bent. She

lowed her body down and reached for me. Before I knew what was happening,

Valerie's fingers were wrapped around me and I was moving upward rapidly.

Never in my young life had I experienced the feeling of being in the closed hand

of a gorgeous woman. I was convinced that never in my long life ahead would I

experience anything else like it. I had never believed people gave off an aura.

I never gave much thought to the chemistry two people shared. I was now a

believer. In fact, my receptors were almost in overload. The amount of energy

that Valerie's hand was pumping into me left my hair standing on end.

Valerie held me up to her face briefly, long enough to watch the tip of her

tongue poke out the side of her mouth. It made a slow sensuous loop across her

upper lip and back over her full lower lip before disappearing inside the moist

dark cave in which it lived. My manhood tried to break through the shorts I had

on but the shrunken cotton held firm.

Before I knew what was happening, Valerie's hand, the one I was in, was behind

her back and she was walking to the next exhibit. In her hand was where I spent

the remainder of the shortened tour. If Valerie didn't have me wrapped inside

her fingers squeezing me relentlessly to the point of crushing me, She had her

thumb on my chest and her first two fingers on my back. The tip of her thumbnail

pressed against my mouth. I continually tasted the tip of her thick shiny nail.

To this day I love the taste and feel of clear fingernail polish.

For a while, Valerie had my neck between her first two fingers with my head in

her closed fist and my body dangling. I found in this position I couldn't

breathe much, but at this size I didn't need to. No matter what position I was

in, painful or not, I was in ecstasy. While my body was being twisted and

squeezed; bent in half, both forward and backward, my manhood was constantly on

the brink of erupting. Had I been naked, I would have shot my load numerous


When Valerie first continued the tour with me behind her back, she played with

me up above the waste. As the tour went on, my position moved lower and lower.

After a while, the back of her hand rested on her rear end as she twiddled me

around unmercifully with her fingers, giving my face an occasional brush against

her soft denim clad ass. Towards the end, Valerie's hand and I were all the way

down at the bottom of her right ass check that was protruding beneath her

cut-offs. Here, I was treated to numerous brushes with the very top of Valerie's

thigh and the bottom curve of her ass. A couple of times, when Valerie had my

head between her thumb and forefinger, she scratched the back of her ass with

her other three fingers forcing my face deeply into her meaty cheek. They turned

out to be extended scratches - another sound I'll never forget. I don't think I

even need to try to explain what that was like. St. Peter himself couldn't

explain how heavenly it was.

No matter what Valerie's hand did to me back there, one thing was extremely

evident. It was the strong womanly scent coming from Valerie's promised land

hiding so close by. Every breath I took was a deep one so I could get the whole

aroma into my lungs. The smell was so intoxicating that I nearly hyperventilated

while trying to overdose on it.

Finally, but not until my body was stiff as a board, Valerie brought me around

to her face. She was holding me by my chest with her thumb and forefinger. "The

tour group has all left", she whispered in a seductive voice, her powerful

tongue once again showing itself in brief but convincing flashes. "The machine

is still overloaded and probably will be until morning. I'm going to have to

take you home with me."

"Oh God", I mumbled. I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I

didn't know what to think. I did know I had two conflicting emotions, fear and

lust. I wanted Valerie's giant form so badly I could taste it. Actually I

already tasted part of it, even if it was only her hands. I was also mortified.

What she could do to me had me scared to my wits end. I had no choice but try to

relax and enjoy myself. What happened next I wasn't prepared for.

Valerie held me in front her face. Her thumb and forefinger squeezed the sides

of my head like a soft vise. I saw the insides of her long nails through my

peripheral vision. She said something to me but I couldn't hear her. Sliding her

shiny nail of her other hand up my shirt and against my stomach and chest, she

pulled my shirt from my body. My legs kicked uncontrollably. She then slid that

same fingernail down my shorts, forcing my erect manhood downward with its blunt

tip, and flipped off my shorts. She giggled as my erection shot back up. Her

finger then flicked off my shoes, one at a time. The tips of her thumbnail and

fingernail finally pinched the end of my socks and pulled them off, somehow not

taking my toes with them. Now I was completely naked.

Again, she licked her lips. Her tongue looked extremely dangerous, but

seductive. She said something else to me but again her thumb and finger kept me

from hearing. I tried to read her mammoth lips but they were just too close and

too large. I was however able to make out the last word. She finished with the

word "taste".

Valerie then grabbed me by the ankles with the hand she just stripped me with

and held me up-side-down over her opened mouth. I saw a wet mouth full of shiny

giant teeth that could crush me to bits with one chomp. I saw all the way back

to Valerie's uvula. It pulsed in anticipation of feeling me. I saw clear spit

accumulate all over the deep wide pit under me streaming out of the many

salivary glands in Valerie's mouth. I knew I was totally at Valerie's mercy, but

I wasn't afraid. I knew she wasn't going to swallow me whole; at least not yet.

All at once, Valerie's tongue seemed to fatten. Her uvula quaked and she

swallowed. She stuck her long serpent-like tongue out and then dropped me onto

it. She then pulled it back in her mouth and closed her lips. I was face down on

her warm wet muscle with my head toward her throat. Her fat lips were closed

over my thighs. My back was pressed against the roof of her mouth. I felt her

bumpy taste buds on my face. I wondered what I tasted like. I must have tasted

good because a groan emanating from somewhere below washed over me.

Valerie slowly pulled me by my ankles out of her mouth until her lips were

around my head. I instantly felt a chill from the air on my wet body. She sucked

on my head and face momentarily before slowly pushing me back inside. She did

this repeatedly for long minutes, moaning with each inward and outward motion.

Valerie was obviously enjoying this, but I was simply in ecstasy. I felt

exhilarated. Her warm tongue, her soft giant lips, her hot breath, and those

droning deep moans were sending me into oblivion. The feel of her bottom lip on

my manhood over and over again, first in one direction then the other, was

sending me to no doubt the greatest orgasm of my past present or future life.

Finally I could take no more. My whole groin seemed to explode. Valerie, tasting

my warm fluid couldn't take anymore either. She sucked me completely into her

mouth and began rolling me and twisting me and bending me in all directions with

her uncontrollable tongue. Her moans had turned to screams. I thought that if I

was going to be swallowed, now was the time. Valerie had obviously lost control

of her mouth. As I shot load after load all over Valerie's mouth, I didn't care

if I was swallowed. If that was to be my fate, so be it. Not only had I fallen

in love with my giant captress on the outside, I fell in love with her on the

inside too. I relaxed my body and let myself go to the giant tongue of Valerie.

Five minutes later when I had calmed down, I realized I had had a change of

heart. I was still in Valerie's mouth. My nose and mouth were being pressed

constantly into her lower lip as she sucked on my head and face. She continued

to move her tongue back and forth over my spent penis. I wanted her to put me

back in that shrinking machine and grow me back to normal size. I still had an

outside shot of making my date with Lisa.

I was able to get a glance ahead every now and then out from Valerie's ever

working lips. Valerie was closing up the exhibits preparing to leave. She was

humming away contentedly. Her soft melodies were trying to put me to sleep. Her

aggressive tongue was keeping me awake. It was in fact preparing me for another


Moments before my second orgasm came, Valerie slid me out of her mouth so only

my manhood was between her lips. Somehow I was hanging by only my erect penis

from her mouth. She sucked on me this way for a few more minutes, giving me a

blow job to end all blow jobs, until I spewed almost as violently as I did

minutes before.

My body twitched and spasmed until I felt like I had nothing left to give. My

penis was loosing its rigidity and I felt like I was going to fall, which might

not have been such a bad thing, when Valerie sucked me back in. She put me in

the same position with my face smothered into her lower lip and her tongue

started working again.

"Let's see if we can get another one out of you", she mumbled. My body vibrated

with the sound of her voice.

"Oh no", I cried. That didn't stop her though. Her tongue was relentless. I

prayed she'd tire of me soon, but she didn't. She quickly brought me to my third

orgasm. It seemed that in my tiny form, I had an endless supply of orgasms to

give. My vitals seemed to be able to go on and on but my brain was beginning to

reel from the emotional ups and downs.

It was shortly after my forth and most draining orgasm that things finally

turned in my favor. I was almost out of it when Valerie's boss, another woman

entered the museum. When she did, Valerie quickly sucked me all the way into her

mouth and curled me up under her tongue. It was amazing just how much her

powerful tongue could manipulate me. I obviously wasn't hidden well enough. I

was able to hear the conversation.

"What's in your mouth, Val? You didn't do it again, did you?"

"Do what?"

"You know. You have another tiny man in your mouth. When are you going to

learn?" Valerie didn't answer. "You have five minutes to clean him up and grow

him back."

I felt Valerie's head move up and down.

"So what does he look like this time?", the boss whose name I found out later

was Veronica asked.

"Really cute", Valerie answered.

"I won't fire you this time if you show me him", Veronica said.

Valerie slid her tongue under me and stuck me and it out into the room. I

cleared my eyes and saw a much older version of Valerie. She was equally as

pretty, but much more distinguished. I knew instantly how Valerie fit in.

"Cute as a button", Veronica said. "Now clean him up and get him out of here."

Valerie closed her lips over her tongue then pulled it inside her mouth. I was

left to freefall thirty feet into Valerie's waiting palm. I recognized it

immediately. It turned out to be no less gentle than her tongue was.

Valerie washed me with warm soapy water with her beautiful hands for way over

the five minute limit. She treated me to two more orgasms before she had me

washed, dried and dressed. Finally at twelve ten, she put me into the machine

and pressed the green button again. This time, after all the humming and

dizziness. I opened my eyes to a normal sized Valerie. Although, I was still in

God awful love with her, I ran from the building.

"See you soon", Valerie laughed as I sprinted out the door.

"Yeah right", I panted back. I ran to Ponzetti's but Tom was gone. From there I

ran to the Talbot Street Cafe. I stepped inside and immediately heard the voice

of Caption Jack, the resident local, giving advise. I waited until my eyes

focussed. On the other side of the room were Tom and the twins. I took a deep

breath, walked over, and joined them.

This is where my story began. It's Saturday night. Tom is doing his six hours at

Ponzetti's for the second straight night. I'm slightly disappointed. My vacation

ends tomorrow and my own summer job starts in two days. My date last night

sucked. I wonder why? By the time I joined Tom and the girls I was exhausted

both physically and mentally. I didn't get laid. I didn't even want to. After

cumming inside Valerie's mouth several times and on her palm twice, my date

simply didn't thrill me. I wondered if I'd ever find a woman now who would

thrill me - besides Valerie.

Today was the hottest day of the week. The weathermen said it would hit 102. I

think it did. I'm leaning over the railing on the side of the boardwalk looking

out over the churning sea. Finally, a cooler ocean breeze is trying to blow away

some of the unseasonable summer heat. The smell of low tide is coming in with

the gentle breeze. Seagulls swoop and dive, feasting on the tasty remnants

offered them by the receding sea. My mind isn't on the ocean or the seagulls.

It's on the building behind me. It's on that stupid faucet that never stops

pouring water out of nowhere. It's on that dastardly shrinking machine.

It's twenty after ten. No, I'm not counting down until Tom gets off work.

Tonight I don't give a damn about Tom or any potential dates. I'm thinking more

in terms of when the last tour of the Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum starts.

When Valerie said, "See you soon", I think she was telling me something. She was

telling me she was working tonight. The tour starts in eight minutes. I wonder

if Veronica will interfere again and ruin things.

"Come in sir, you're expected", comes a squirrelly voice I recognize. Of course

its the voice of the midget. This time I give him a five and a twenty dollar

tip. What the hell. Despite the heat, I'm in a pretty good mood. With any luck I

won't be feeling any of the outside heat anyway. Tom will probably wonder what

happened to me later on while he drinks a cold brew and listens to Caption Jack

lecture about honesty and sincerity. He'll figure I finally scored on my last

night of vacation. Tomorrow, he'll figure I slept in late with some young babe.

I'm sure I'll see him before I start my three hour drive home tomorrow night.

I have one more night and day of vacation to spend in Ocean City, Maryland and I

plan on making the best of it, and the best of it lies within the walls of the

Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum.

Giantess Stories: Believe It Or Not Part I by willie      The ocean breeze was doing its best to cool off the hot boardwalk

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