Giantess Stories: Beneath Sisters Foot

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Beneath Sisters Foot


Fubu Guy AF aka asukafan2001



            I guess the best way to set this up is too just

tell you. There is no easy way to tell my story. Many people say that they have

these true stories and perhaps they are perhaps they aren't. Some of you may

think wow this is real and some maybe thinking yeah right. But one thing is for

sure. Sometimes things don't happen for any reason. There isn't always a magical

potion, and evil witch, some kind of shock or mishap. Sometimes you can shrink

just like I did and your asking how did I shrink? I just did there was no

explanation or reason. Maybe it was a virus, I will never know for sure but I do

know there is no way for me to go back.

            I came home after school with a spring in my

step. Stacie Watson had agreed to go out with me. It was one of the happiest

days of my life. I ran up stairs and lay down in my bed. I felt really tired so

I took a nap. When I woke up I found myself still sprawled out on my bed but it

was now huge. I looked around trying to figure out what happened but there is no

real good way to react to something like this. I spent some time freaking out,

yelling, screaming, crying, etc. It was a mixture of emotions. By the time I

calmed down and was thinking clearly it was well after dinner. I decided that I

had better get some help. So I left my room which was at the end of the hallway.

I ran down the hall towards the family room. As I was going past my younger

sister's room I saw that her door was open slightly.

            My younger sister Katie or KT as she always

spelled it was a lot younger then I. I was 18 years old, high school senior

going to be going off to college in 4 months and she was just my bratty 12 year

old sister. We were 6 years apart and didn't have much of anything in common

accept for our natural talent in most sports but that's where our common ground


            KT was about five foot even a little tall I

thought for age but I didn't really pay attention to how tall other twelve year

olds were. She had shoulder length light brown hair but her roots were blonde

which you could just barely see at the top of her head.  She had big green eyes

like a cat and probably around and A –cup I would guess. I never really looked

at my sisters breasts but I knew she wore a bra. Her skin was almost always tan

she would get fake baked just about every other day after she got done with

softball practice.


My sister's room was fairly clean. She had some clothes and shoes strewn about

the room but who doesn't. In general I would say it was clean. I was pretty

nervous about just walking into her room like this but I needed help and she was

the closest person. Her door was just open a crack and I slid my one inch tall

body through the door. KT had the smallest room in the house but now it looked

huge. As I took a few steps I saw her softball

cleats. She played out field and it had rained in the morning so chunks of mud

were pressed in between the cleats. Rain is a rather ordinary thing when you

live in Seattle so I didn't really pay this to much attention as I continued

towards KT who sitting at her desk.

            As I approached her foot I could smell her

sweat in the air. I always knew she played hard and all but I just wanted to

throw up the smell was so intense. Anyone who has ever had to run the mile in

gym class or played a sport and then after practice your feet are just drenched

in sweat you know the smell and it needs no words. For those of you who don't

know picture the worst smell you have ever smelled and picture that smell but

only with sweat and you got how bad this smelled. My stomach turned again and

again. My nose ached from the pain but I knew I needed help. I went to KT's heel

and banged on her Achilles tendon. My hand came back covered in my younger

sister's sweat. Yuck, I smelled like KT I thought but she didn't even notice my

efforts. I rammed myself into her heel and still nothing so this time I went

back quite far and sprinted as fast as I could towards her foot this time I was

going to get her attention for sure. I was just a matter of inches (my scale) to

her foot when she lifted the back of her foot up so just her toes were on the

ground. I tried to stop but my momentum carried me underneath her foot and I hit

the underside of her foot and fell to the floor. I quickly picked myself up and

started running back the way I came but she lowered her foot back down to the

ground pressing me into her carpet. I thought I was going to die because the

pressure was intense but I just felt a lot of pain running through my body.

                        I wanted to scream as my face was pressed

against KT's sock. Her damp sock pressed down on me and her sweat ran down my

body as she continued to sit at her desk. I thought she would lift her foot up

again pretty soon but an entire hour went by before she even moved her foot an

inch. Finally I felt her foot rise up only I was going up with her foot. I tried

to push myself off of her sock but her sock was having no part of letting me go.

KT shifted her weight slightly and tucked her foot underneath her. I had seen

her sit like this a thousand times. I was completely trapped beneath my little

sister with her weight pressing down upon me and her foot. I remember just the

other day I could lift her up if I had wanted too and now she had me pinned

under her completely helpless and at her mercy.

            As she once again shifted her foot I saw her

hand move towards me. She began scratching her foot. Her nails dug into her foot

and saw flakes of dirt fly off her sock. I knew this was my only chance. As her

nail past by I managed to free my hand just enough where I could grab onto her

nail. I was easily pulled from her sock via Kt's might. She brought her hand

back onto her keyboard and fell across her keys. She didn't notice me at first

but then her eyes locked onto me.

“Brian? Is that you?”

“Katie, something happened to me and you have to help me.

Get me to mom”

“Oh my god this is so cool. Look at you! Your so tiny and

your voice so squeaky how completely adorable.”

“It is not adorable help me!”

            Katie began to laugh as she saw me running

across her keyboard towards her hand. She picked me up with complete ease and

brought me up to her face. Her smirk was now huge to me and I didn't like how

she was doing it.  Her eyes had a devious glint in them. She lowered me back

down to the floor and instructed me not to move. I felt bad for judging her like

that she was going to get me help after all. A moment or two later she came back

but alone. I saw her pawing through a bag of some sort and then pulled a glass

object out. I couldn't see what it was because of the fact she was doing

hundreds of feet up in the air. She began to lower it towards me and I saw it

was nail polish.

”KT, we don't have time for you to paint your nails! Get me some help please.”

            I was a little slow on the up take. She poured

some polish into the cap of the bottle and set it down in front of me. I

nervously looked up at her as she pulled off her sock. I looked onward as even

she had to take a couple of good tugs to get her sock off because of how sweaty

her feet had gotten.

            The smell was bad before when it was encased in

her sock but, now that the smell was free to roam about the room it was


“I don't think you understand. You're going to be painting

my nails while I do my homework LITTLE BROTHER”

“I am doing no such thing. I am out of here.”


             Katie then lifted her foot up and stomped down

in front of me. The quake from her foot sent me onto my ass. She then grabbed

one of her socks and slowly lowered it on top of me all the while giggling

uncontrollably. I tried to push or kick it off but the sock was much too heavy.

It smelled of old stale vinegar. The salty sweat ran over my body and was

burning my eyes. The salt from the sweat made me itchy all over. It was the

worst feeling in the world to want to scratch your entire body and not be able

to move a muscle. It seemed like I was trapped for years but it was only about

15 or 20 minutes in reality. I felt KT's sock start to pull off me. She did it

very slowly with the weight gradually moving off of me. I then finally could see

daylight but the sock was still hovering over me but I could see her face.

“Now about my nails”

“I will paint them, please just keep the sock away!”

            When I replied I was willing to do anything so

that sock would stay away from me and KT knew it. She had me in her pocket so to

speak and I was completely at her mercy. Her every whim I would be forced to

carry out for the time being. I walked over towards the nail polish she had

earlier poured into the cap and watched as she returned to her homework hardly

paying me attention. I thought about running but I realized she had closed her

door while I was under sock so I had no where to run too and even if I did how

do you escape a being who can travel in one second farther then I can travel in

5 minutes.

            Another thought came into my mind. She left no

brush for me to apply it with. I yelled up to her but she didn't hear me. A few

moments later I heard her bellow down to start painting as she turned on some

Mandy Moore. The music was incredibly painful to my ears not just because of the

volume but who was singing it. I wished I had no ears then a few seconds later

my sister who has no business singing anything let alone a hit song started

singing along.

            I dipped my hands into the light blue nail

polish and began too spread it across her toes. It was completely mortifying to

be treated like this. I was being forced to paint my little sisters nails. She

had completely over whelmed me and I am doing it against my will. My little

bratty sister had won.


I had to crawl in between her sweaty toes

to fully get her nails painted. I really didn't want to face KT's wraith anymore

then I had too so I tried my best too get it done properly. Every time I would

crawl between her toes I would get covered in her sweat and toe jam. By the time

I had finished one toe I was covered in sweat, toe jam and I was beat.

            A couple of minutes later Katie looked down at

me and started wiggling her other toes. She poured out some more polish and Sagittarius Sun Leo Rising

ordered me to get back to work. By the time I was done I was breathless. My

bones ached and I stunk. She shoved some books into her backpack and looked down

at me happily.

“Not a bad little job you did there. My toes look good. 

You must be tired”

“I shook my head in agreement”

“Well you better rest up you have a busy day ahead of you”

            She effortlessly scooped me in one hand and

grabbed the very sock I was trapped under earlier. She opened the mouth of

the sock and dropped me in. I slid down the damp sock like a slid and crashed

face first into the toe section of the sock. As I landed in the toe section

sweat spurted up like I just had stepped on a wet sponge. Sweat surged up and

around my entire body.

“Katie what are you doing? Get me out of here”

            The only response I got was her wrapping the

sock around my body to the point that I couldn't move. I tried to get her to

understand that this isn't a game or a joke but the damp sock muffled my voice

so much I could hardly hear my voice let alone her and on top of that every time

I opened my mouth the salty vinegar like sweat would run into my mouth. My

entire air supply was the sweaty by product of Katie's foot. I felt her tuck me

into her muddy softball shoes.

“There you go little man. I remember reading that when you

leave you should leave your pets an article of clothing or something that has

your smell on it so they don't feel lonely. You should have plenty of my scent

in my socks and shoes. Sweet dreams tiny”

            That night I hardly slept a wink. How could you

when that horrid smell was everywhere. It was always on my mind. I kept hoping

that I would get use too the smell but it was just so powerful and overwhelming

it would be like leaving your hand on a burner while it's on high. You just

can't use too how hot it's going to be no matter how long your hand is there

it's just going too hurt.

            Morning came and I must have dozed off a little

bit but it felt like I just had fallen asleep but Katie's alarm clock kept on

ringing and she finally turned it off. I waited anxiously for her too take me

out but I just heard her pound right on by.  A while later Katie came back into

the room and I heard her mulling over what she wanted to wear today.  I knew she

got up at 7am everyday and it had felt like she had been up forever.  I finally

felt the shoe I was in move and her fingers pressed me into the sock more so as

she grabbed the sock out of the shoe. She then let the sock unroll and I bounced

slightly up into the air about half way up the length of the sock and hit the

toe section again. This made Katie burst out laughing as she tilted the sock and

let me slid out into the palm of her hand. The light in the room made my eyes

hurt. Being the dark confines of Katie's socks and shoes I had gotten use to the

darkness. I saw that I was 8:30 and she was al ready for school. I was upset

that she left me in there while she completely got ready for school.

            Without saying a word to me I saw her grab off

of her bed a pair of bright yellow wool socks. These were Katie's favorite

socks. She has had them forever and wears them at least once a week if not twice

most weeks. I remember when it's my turn to do laundry I always hate even

touching the things. Since Katie's foot sweats so much and its wool her sweat

sticks into the wool of the sock and it leaves a nasty filmy layer of sweat on

the inside of the sock not to mention it just looks filthy on the inside. The

outside looks bright yellow but the inside is grungy faded yellow. I slid down

the wool sock and crashed into the toe section. This sock was about 30 times

worse then previous sock. If you buried yourself in a heaping pile of shit and

then had all the garbage New York City uses in a year dumped on top of you might

be close too the stench of these socks but close as in the distance of Earth to

Jupiter. A few seconds later I saw her foot enter the sock. I tried to push her

foot back or do something but it just ran right over me. I was then shifted so I

fit into the space underneath her toes. The second she had me in position she

squeezed me with her toes.

“I can't believe how great you feel down there. I remember

all those times you pushed and ordered me around. You always said I am bigger, I

am stronger, so that makes me in charge. When your bigger and stronger then me

then you can call the shots and you knew that I could never be bigger then you

and stronger then you but fate no I think god wanted me to be bigger so he made

you a little man who fits so perfectly between my toes.”

“Katie no!”

            I wanted to do something anything but there was

nothing I could do. She started walking around the room which was excruciating.

Her full weight would bear down me pressing the wind out of my lungs and just

when the point would come that I think my body would crush she would shift her

weight to her other foot. I would breathe a sigh of relief at first and take a

breath but a few moments later with her pressure on her other foot she would

curl her toes around me almost like her toes wanted to hug me or something. Then

as the weight shifted back over to the foot I was on her toes would uncurl but

her full weight would bear back down on my body. This happened over and over

again as she went down stairs. I felt relieved as she sat down at the table.

“Thanks for getting my cheerios ready Mom”

“You're welcome hun, by the way have you seen your


            At this moment she curled her toes back around

me and squeezed me tightly into her toe flesh.

“No mom, he must have left class already. I haven't seen

him since dinner last night.”

“Well eat your breakfast and don't miss the bus.”

“K mom”

            I was yelling for all my life was worth hoping

mom would hear me but she merely gave Katie a kiss goodbye and left. I felt

miserable as I had no idea how to get myself out of this situation.

“How's it going down there? Don't worry I took a bath this

morning instead of  the usual showers. I let my feet hang out of the tub so that

nasty soap and water wouldn't get on them. I know how much you probably

appreciate me doing that for you.” [giggles]

            I was speechless as she continued eating I

could only cough and hack as  she sat on the foot that I was on. This made sweat

start to bead on her foot and since it was wool I knew the heat wouldn't

dissipate. As she ate breakfast and left her toes wrapped around me I felt that

same nasty film that the inside of this sock has from all the use it gets from

Katie start form around me. I was revolted as I tried to squirm out from under

her toes but her toes are much too strong for me and all I could do was let the

sweaty film slowly cover my body.

“What do you think little brother my sketchers or my new

adidas clima cool shoes?'

            I prayed to god that she would pick the clima

cool shoes since they head little air holes encompassing the entire shoe so at

least a little bit of air would reach her feet but it wasn't meant to be as she

yelled down that I would enjoy the sketchers more.

            I remember these sketchers well. The insides

are a dark black velvety material. She has had these shoes for a couple a years

now. You could say that they had seen better days. As she slid her foot into the

shoe the temperature  felt a hundred degrees hotter. Her foot

immediately started to sweat more and beads of sweat were everywhere. Her first

step shoved me deeply into the wool of her socks and I began to cry as I was

completely at the mercy of my 12 year old sister. She spent the entire school

day and all of softball practice toying with me in her shoe. Squeezing me with

her toes and sometimes squeezing me between her toes so I would be on top of her

foot and then shove me back down under foot so I would be raked through her toes

and collect all the dirt and grime they accumulated.

            After practice I heard her invite her friend

Meghan over. Meghan comes from a poorer family. They didn't have a lot of money.

I always had felt bad for them but what I remember most are Meghan's shoes. She

only has two pairs of shoes. Her softball shoes and her shoes for everything

else and she got these shoes about 3 or 4 years ago.

            As the two headed up to Katie's room I was

relieved that this whole thing would be over. As the two girls entered Katie's

room they both kicked off there shoes and began talking about girl stuff. As

they did this Katie took off her socks and let me fall to the floor. I started

running but as I would just about clear her foot she would slam her stinky

sweaty foot back atop of me and then roll me end over end underneath her foot. 

This went on for an hour or two as Meghan and Katie talked. She finally picked

her foot off of me and grabbed me in her hand. I saw her Katie's face grinning

down on me as she squirted some bluish colored lotion on me and began to rub it

into my skin. I felt my skin become airy and I felt a lot lighter.

            What came next was a total shock she smiled and

whispered goodbye and tossed me into Meghan's shoe. I landed on her soft damp

insole. I saw size 71/2 tattooed into the shoe. A few moments later Meghan said

that she had to leave. I saw her foot right above me and I knew there was no way

I was going to get out the way as Meghan's foot took up the whole shoe. Her foot

pushed me deep into the insole. I felt myself being pressed flat and Meghan's

sweat run through my body on its way to her insole. As her sweat passes through

me I can taste it the entire time it is inside of me. I feel like a human


“Cya later Katie”

“Bye Megs”

            That is where I lie even today. Pounded and

ground into these battered old shoes. I pray for the day she see's me but that

was months ago I think. I really have no idea how long I have been in there.

There are only two times of the day. When Meghan's foot is in the shoe and when

its out of the shoe. That is how my life ticks by a slave to the foot of a 12

year old girl. A victim of my sister's hatred and brutality.  I pray for the day

to come when I freed from the foot.




            The End







Giantess Stories: Beneath Sisters Foot

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