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Beware of Those Personal Ads!

By Spitfire


    Just a warning, Margaret isn't the only woman this has

happened to, so “Beware of Those Personal Ads!”  I regress, my little story all

started when I answered a personal ad in a local Sunday newspaper.  The ad read

as follows:


S/W/F 28 ISO S/W/M

25-35 height unimportant.  If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain,

yada, yada, yada! Would love walking on the beach, cuddling up by a fire, or

even going out to dinner and a movie.  And lastly, if you would love to do all

of this with a woman taller than you, look no further!  Answer Ad# OU812


    Being 6'4” tall, I figured that it would be a gas to be

with a woman that was taller than me!  Then I started thinking realistically and

said to myself, “How tall could this woman really be?”  She must be tall to put

out such a bold statement as “And lastly, if you would love to do all of this

with a woman taller than you, look no further!” 

Either that or she's probably gearing the ad to men below 6' tall or something. 

Surely she couldn't be taller than 6'4”!  There definitely aren't many women

that size around.  Then I figured I would answer the ad if for no other reason,

to possibly get a little.  I hadn't been with a woman since I broke up with my

fiancé 6 months ago.  Besides it couldn't hurt to give such a bold woman a try. 

I sent in my reply along with a brief summary of myself to the newspaper and

they contacted the woman.  She then told them to release her number to me so I

could call her to ask her out.

    The newspaper called me and gave me her number and told

me that the woman's name was Margaret.  I called the number and asked for

Margaret.  A woman with a nice pleasant voice answered the phone and said, “This

is Margaret.  We talked for about 20 minutes and then we set up a date to meet

that Friday.  She gave me her address and I told her that I would pick her up at

7:00.  Friday rolled around and I went to 324 South 4th Street.  The

house was huge!  I immediately noticed that it was the strangest home I'd ever

seen.  The first floor looked normal, but it the top floor had no windows and

had to go up at least 3 or 4 stories!  A very odd design to say the least.  I

rang the bell and a woman opened the door.  She was definitely not what I had

expected.  I expected to see a towering Amazon when the door opened; instead a

short, petite little blonde maybe about 5'2” or so, with big blue eyes greeted

me.  Though she had 4” heels on, the top of her head barely came up to my

shoulders.  I stood there for an awkward moment and said, “Umm, hi, my name is

Jake, I'm here to see Margaret.”  The woman smiled and said, “Well, Margaret

usually has me check out her dates before she actually dates them.  Margaret is

a very busy woman and she uses me to screen her dates to make sure they are

worthy of her.  I'm sorry if she didn't tell you that ahead of time.  By the

way, my name is Tina.  Are you ready to go?”  As you'd imagine I was quite

confused and a little put off by this situation.  But instead of making a big

deal about the whole thing I went along with her request.  It seemed strange,

but I figured, what the hell, Tina is an attractive girl.  I certainly wouldn't

be ashamed to be seen out in public with her, besides as I said before; it had

been about 6 months since I'd been with a woman!  Just before we walked out the

door Tina stopped me and told me that she wanted to change into a pair of flats

and that her heels were hurting her feet.  As we walked to the car, I noticed

something very odd. 

Tina looked to be the same size without her heels on as she

was a few moments ago with them on!  On top of that her skirt seemed to be a

little tighter and shorter on her.  I opened the car door for her.  I dismissed

the height thing and figured that the sidewalk must have been uneven or

something.  Once at the restaurant she looked a few inches shorter than when she

opened the door in her heels and top of her head was about up to my collarbone

now, so I thought nothing else about it.  As the meal went on we really seemed

to hit it off well.  After dinner, we went to see “The Hot Chick”.  Tina really

liked it and we both had a good laugh.  As we walked out of the movie, Tina took

my hand and once again I noticed that the top of Tina's head was once again up

to my shoulders.  She gave me an odd look and immediately pulled her hand away. 

I was puzzled by her reaction and then she asked me if I could take her home. 

Then she got into the car and we drove back to her house.  Once at her house,

Tina asked me if I'd want to come in a have a few drinks or coffee or


    As we got out of the car and walked to the door, I

noticed Tina looked shorter again.  There must be some really screwed up

sidewalks around here!  We went inside and Tina took my coat and put it in the

hall closet.  Then she walked up to me and looked up into my eyes.  I looked

down at her and we kissed.  We kissed and caressed each other for several

minutes and I started to have the weirdest sensation.  It felt like her head was

rising higher?  I was getting extremely turned on by this passionate little

woman, when all of a sudden she stopped.  She looked at me and smiled then she

said, “Why don't you let me go slip into something more comfortable?  Oh and why

don't you do the same, cutie?”  Wow, I couldn't believe my luck!  A huge grin

came onto my face and I told her that I'd be waiting on her.  As she walked

away, I noticed that her skirt looked very tight on her and the top of her head

came up to my chin!  Something very strange was going on her, but I wasn't

leaving until I found out what it was! 

    A few minutes later Tina came back wearing a very long,

oversized black robe that hung just inches from the floor.  She stood with her

hands on her hips the robe wide open and she had nothing on underneath!  I

immediately got turned on!  She also was wearing a pair of black 4” Stiletto's

that seemed a little too big for her feet.  The top of her head was now almost

eye level!  She walked up to me and then something clicked!  I said, “So Tina,

if that really is your name.  Where is you friend Margaret and am I worthy of

her?”  Tina smiled and said, “You're a very bright guy Jake.  I just use the

Tina thing to “test the waters so to speak.”  “As you may have figured out I'm

really Margaret and by all means yes you are very worthy of my greatness!”  With

that she kissed me and embraced me in her arms.  Within a few minutes, I noticed

that she was looking me right in the eye!  She could tell I noticed she was

taller and I opened my mouth to ask her what was going on and she put her finger

over my lips and said, “Shush, don't ask questions, little one…just enjoy!” 

Then we started kissing again and I noticed that I actually had to tilt my head

up to kiss her now!  She stopped for a moment as I stood there in amazement and

kicked off the heels that she had been wearing!  “Damned tight shoes!”  She

complained.  I looked down at her bare feet and then looked up in shock when I

noticed that she was looking me in the eye!  She grabbed the back of my neck,

pulled me into her and kissed me very passionately and forcefully!  As we

caressed each other, a few minutes later I noticed that I had to tilt my head

upwards again so my lips would meet hers!  A few moments later, I had to stand

on my tiptoes!  Margaret noticed that I was having difficulty reaching her lips

now and she backed me up until I got to the stairs.  She told me to stand on the

step to make it easier to reach her.  Once again I was looking down at her, but

felt a little uneasy, because I knew that she was now at least 4” taller than

me!  She was probably at least 6'8” tall!  Then she guided my hand between her

legs and I began to finger her pussy as we continued to kiss. 

Immediately I felt her body rising and notice that she was

looking me in the eye again.  Short, little Tina was now Amazon Margaret and at

least 7'tall!  Seconds later I once again found myself straining my neck to

reach her lips!  She gently pushed me back until I was standing on the second

step.  I looked down into her eyes and before I knew it we were looking eye to

eye again!  I quickly calculated that she was at least 14” taller than me now! 

What did you get yourself into Jake!  Her oversized robe now came halfway up her

leg!  And it was fitting her much tighter!  She was getting more and more

dominant as she kissed me passionately and kept moving my hand to her rising

crotch!  Within seconds, I once again found myself unable to reach her lips, so

she put me on the third step!  This time when I stepped up, I was already

looking her in the eye!  Holy Shit!  She's 21” taller than me now!  Margaret had

to be over 8' tall and now an amazon that is literally dominating me!  She

started to pinch her nipples and immediately again her head started to rise

above my level.  She put her foot on the step I was standing on.  I looked down

and saw that her foot was almost twice as long as mine!  Over half of it

couldn't even fit on the step!  She reached around my waist, picked me up and

sat me on her knee!  She pushed my throbbing, hard dick into her dripping wet

pussy and guided my mouth to her nipple and told me to suck.  At this point, I

figured it would be wise to do as she asked!  I started to feel her breasts

rising out of my reach.  She grabbed my leg and wrapped it around her waist and

carried me to the top of the stairs with one hand across my whole ass!  Then she

lowered me down her body.  I slid down her body and got the full effect of how

damned tall she had become!  When I felt my feet finally hit the floor, I

noticed that I was looking her right in the pussy!  Her robe was barely covering

her huge, gorgeous ass!  She grinded my face into her as I licked for all it was

worth.  Then she told me to go into her room and get the bed ready for us!  I

went into the room and almost fell down in surprise!  The ceilings had to be at

least 30' high!  Good God!  How big could this woman going to get!  Then I saw

her bed…she had 12 king-sized mattresses pushed together on the floor!  I pulled

the enormous blanket off the bed.  As I folded it and placed it onto the floor,

I felt something looming over my head.  I looked down and saw Margaret's feet. 

They were at least 2 or 3 times the size of mine now!  Then I followed them up

to her legs.  Up, up until I saw her pussy, right over my head!  Oh, shit!  She

was standing over me straddling me standing up and all I could see was her huge,

dripping, pink pussy!  She climbed down onto the bed and got on all fours.  Then

told me to get behind her and start fucking her!  I felt like a small pet or

something next to her enormous body!  I quickly complied with this Goddess sized

woman's wishes!  She told me to go up her ass because my dick was much too small

for her pussy!  I'm a pretty big guy, but compared to a woman over twice my

size; let's just say I wasn't going to argue with her!  I started to pump her

and could actually see her hips rising.  I started standing on my tiptoes and a

few seconds later; I couldn't even reach her again!  She looked back at me and

told me to stand on her calves.  I climbed onto them and started pumping her

again.  Once again her ass was too far up for me to reach!  She reached back and

grabbed me nearly putting her hand half way around my waist!  Suddenly I felt

myself being lifted off my feet and being rammed in and out of her ass!  She

leaned onto one shoulder and started to rub her clit with the other hand.  I

started to feel her tremble underneath me and then all of a sudden it happened! 

U-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-h!  Thundered through the room and she furiously rammed me

in and out of her until I started to cum.  I couldn't stand it!  I tried to stop

her from ramming me in and out of her, but she kept on until SHE was done!  As I

caught my breath, I hung onto her ass, limp and tried to distinguish reality

from fantasy!  Shit, after what just happened, I don't know anymore! 

I felt her hand release me and I slid down her ass, then

her leg until I landed on her calf.  Her ass was up to my chin!  Then I wearily

stepped down onto the bed and looked up at her ass!

  Margaret picked her leg up and moved over top of me.  It

was an unbelievable sight to say the least!  She shoved me down with an

amazingly small amount of effort and then she slid down the bed until her lips

were even with mine.  She was kissing my whole face!  Then she moved down to my

chest and started to give me a huge sucker bite!  I was screaming in pain and so

she stopped and said, “Quit being such a baby little man!  I'm just marking you

so you'll know your mine!”  Then she stood up and kept rising and rising.  I was

a little hesitant about standing up because I knew she had to be absolutely huge

now!  I finally got up the courage and I stood up.  I noticed that I was less

than knee high to this giantess!  As I looked up and up until I could see her

eyes, I noticed that her head was maybe a foot or so away from the ceiling!  She

now stood at least 27-29 feet tall!  She reached down and picked me up with one

hand around my waist and said.  “Now come, little one, your Goddess needs to be

cleaned up!”  She sat me down in a huge tile floored room with a floor drain and

a fire hose!  She handed me a huge beach towel and with her thumb and index

finger, handed a 5-gallon bucket of body wash!  My jaw dropped and she smiled at

me and said, “Relax little one, I'll lie down on my back so you can reach me!” 

After an hour of scrubbing this behemoth woman, it felt like she was getting

smaller.  As stood up so I could hose her off, I noticed that the top of my head

came up to about the middle of her thigh!  She was still huge, but not as big as

she was a short time ago.  I was still amazed and Margaret looked down at me and

said, “Well little one, I guess it's time I explain.  You see my family has had

a curse put on them centuries ago by a Gothic Wicken.  You see when my great,

great, great, great, great grandmother was a little girl; she made fun of this

Wicken who was an old maid.  She said that she'd never gotten a husband because

she was too tall and would scare away any man!  This angered the Wicken and she

put a curse on her.  And unfortunately, Grammy didn't find out until her wedding

night.  She and her husband were about to have sex and then it happened!  She

started getting taller and bigger and taller until she broke the bed and outgrew

the bedroom!  Grampy ran away in horror never to be seen again but not before he

got her pregnant.  That's pretty much the way it's been through out the

generations.  I am the last of our family left.  And to explain what happens: 

Whenever I become sexually aroused, I also grow taller.  And let me tell you

when I opened the door, it was very difficult not to become aroused!  You are a

very handsome man, Jake!  You probably noticed that I started to grow a couple

of times.  I immediately had to think of something else, so I wouldn't get

aroused.  It was so hard walking around with such a sexy man!  Then once back in

the house, I figured, what the hell, I may as well give it a try!  Then

something magical happened!  You actually had the courage to stay!  You're the

first man that has ever made it past the 2nd step!  That's why I had

to mark you as mine.  I never had a man satisfy me sexually before.  And I never

want to go without it again!”  I looked up into her eyes and said, “Yes

Margaret, I am yours”….She picked me up with both hands under my arms and kissed

me.  Then she put me down and washed me off with the beach towel and rinsed me

while holding me a few feet off the floor!  Afterwards she carried me into the

bedroom and lay me down beside her and fell asleep.  I woke up next to her and

she was again her normal size.  I wondered if it was all a dream until I noticed

the huge mark on my chest.  Could it have been real?  I had to find out.  I

started to caress her breasts and felt her legs sliding down mine and getting

longer and longer until I could feel the back of her calf against my toes!  Then

I saw her head rising above mine as we were spooned together.  She woke up with

a smile and said, “My little man wants more”….. So that's my story.  Yes it's

true!  And it's going to take some serious getting used to being 6'4” and having

a woman call me her “little man”!         


Giantess Stories: Beware of Those Personal Ads

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