Giantess Stories: Beyond the daydream By Krael    He let his eyes wander skywards for a moment before regaining control of himself

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Beyond the daydream

By Krael

He let his eyes wander skywards for a moment before regaining control of

himself. He couldn't put a finger on exactly how he felt about this experience.

It had seemed appealing enough in description, and the storm of emotions

clouding his thoughts couldn't quite be described as negative, yet it wasn't

what he had expected either.

He tried to focus on her ankles. She had nice ankles -soft, round and smooth.

Her skin retained a slight tan from the sunny climate, but had not darkened so

much as to appear unnatural. She had painted her toenails. They were a certain

shade of red that put him in the mind of fast, nighttime convertible drives. He

recalled her asking him if he found women's feet to be sexy. At the time, the

question had struck him as slightly funny. Tracing the soft skin of her toes to

that polished red, he began to understand the appeal.

"Are you ready honey?" the warm voice surrounded him, seeming almost an alien

intrusion into his careful observation.

"I don't think so…" he heard himself respond. "It's all so…I'm not sure how


"Take your time sweety. No one's keeping time." She sounded amused. He wondered

how this felt for her. She had indicated that this would not be her first

experience, but even so how did all this play out from her eyes? His eyes began

to wander up her legs before he forced them back.

"Does this…" he paused nervously.

"What's on your mind honey?" She was definitely amused.

"Does this…turn you on?" He hoped his face wasn't turning as red as it felt.

"Absolutely." she laughed in that soft, absolutely feminine way she had. "My

breath just gets faster looking at you and imagining all the fun we're going to

have together."

Her voice filled his ears. The uncertainty of his emotions was beginning to

evolve into something different, and not entirely unpleasant.

"I feel so silly though."

"You look just fine from where I'm standing cutie." Her laughter came again. "We

don't have to do this if you don't want to…although I'd really enjoy getting my

hands on that body of yours for a night."

He forced himself to keep staring at her ankles, her feet, her red dressed-up

toes. He considered what she said. Now that he was faced with the reality of his

deepest fantasies, it had revealed itself to be an intimidating experience. He

found himself recalling the first time he had ever leaped into the local public

swimming pool from the diving board. He remembered the shallow breath, the

racing of his pulse, the anxiety wrapping around him like some exotic snake;

smothering all things from his thoughts and eyes except for him, the diving

board, and the smooth azure water that seemed so far away.

He was back on that diving board now. He could almost hear the taunts of his

braver childhood friends, who having breached the gate themself, now cast their

stones with pride and merciless glee. It would be much simpler to back out now.

There was no pride at stake, no reputation, and hadn't she said she would

understand? The hard thing was, he wasn't so sure he himself would understand.

The familiar devil and angel were seated in their respective perches on his

shoulders. One side was reassuring; he could back out now and there would be no

hurt feelings and nothing risked. These fantasies were not meant to be played

out. They were the creatures of dreams and imagination. There was no shame in

accepting this. Humankind had once dreamed to fly. How many lives would have

been spared had this dream never escaped into the material world?

The other side was less kind. Here was a gift he had been offered. The realm of

dreams could be his, he had only to close his eyes and jump in. Indeed, he was

back on that diving board. The horrors he had imagined back then had turned out

to be empty. In a life so short as his own, did the risks of fulfilling one of

his greatest fantasies outweigh the pleasure he might find? His mind returning

from its debate, he let his gaze settle on that smooth red of her toes. He took

a deep breath to calm himself and cleared his throat. He could feel the weight

of her amusement.

"No, I want to do this." He took another deep breath. "So let's not waste any

more time then. I'm yours tonight."

There was a silence that seemed to last forever before her fingers curled around

his waist. He noticed they were painted that same exciting shade of red as her

toes. Her hands were as pretty as her feet. As she lifted him to her face, he

nervously kept his eyes on them.

"You're still nervous aren't you darlin'?" She asked, her warm mint-tinged

breath washing over him.

"No, I'm just not….I…" he cleared his throat and blushed.

Something soft and warm pressed against his face. Reflexively turning his head,

he was engulfed in her red lips. It was quite a sensation. Her breath surrounded

him. The moist press of her lips enveloped him. For a long moment, he didn't

breathe or open his eyes. He let himself focus completely on the sensation; a

warm, wet hug promising everything to come. Erotic. Gentle. Dangerous. Sex.

"How did that feel?" she breathed, as she pulled him from her lips.

"Un…unlike anything I ever imagined." he stuttered; his breath coming to him in

short bursts.

"Would you like to continue?" she asked playfully, her red lips curving into an

impish smile.

He could only nod hid head dumbly.

That embrace returned. Bathing him in softness. Taking him to a state of arousal

he had never dreamed possible.

A new element introduced itself and her wet tongue crept out from between her

lips and washed across his face. He found himself meeting her with his own lips,

sharing the most intense and wet kiss he had ever had.

Her hand shifted, and he felt himself being pushed forward, between the soft red

curtains into the dark mysterious beyond. Her tongue slid down his body, across

his naked skin, settling between his legs - drawing him completely into her Categorias y pesos corporales

mouth. In that darkness, his body pressed into the roof of her mouth; her tongue

stroking his mind into enraptured confusion. He breathed her. He drank her. He

felt at one with her.

Too soon it ended. He found himself awake from the dream, staring into her

beautiful eyes.

He didn't speak. She didn't speak. Somehow it seemed wrong, as if something

deeper and larger was at stake in the sweet silence. She looked hungry. He found

himself wanting to feed her want. He wanted more of her. He needed her. As if

reading his thoughts in his eyes, he felt her hand lower. Her face was replaced

by her beautiful breasts. Her pale rose-colored nipples stood stiff in arousal.

They called for his touch. He was more than happy to deliver.

A quiet sound of pleasure drifted down to him as his gently ran his hands across

her breast. The bumpy flesh hardened even more under his caress. He pressed his

face to her nipple, feeling the texture of her skin against his cheek. He

pressed his lips to her, feeling her other hand gently press against his head,

urging him on. He took one of the bumps in her pink skin into his mouth and bit

down lightly. He was rewarded with a slightly more audible gasp this time.

Looking up into her clouded eyes, he smiled.

Careful not to drop him, she sat down on the waterbed behind her, the surface

rippling in welcome. Lying back, she carefully placed him in that valley between

her breasts. Smiling at him in that hungry way, she placed her hands to her

breasts and swallowed him into a hot and soft place. Again he stilled his

breathing and closed his eyes, letting the softness become everything. Her

silky, smooth skin. The fragrant scent of her….

The sensation ended as she freed him from his pillowy containment.

"How're you doing darlin'?" Her voice came, unsteady with excitement.

"I'm so glad I decided to do this." he replied in kind, feeling a laugh shake

through him.

She smiled warmly and reached over to the small wooden nightstand beside her


"It only gets better my little lover." She produced a small plastic container

from the nightstand drawer. "It gets so much better." With a mischievous grin,

she removed the top from the container and tilted it towards her belly. As the

thick substance flowed onto her skin, the familiar smell wafted across his


"Honey?" he asked, amused.

Without answering, she lifted him from her chest and pressed him into the sticky

sweetness on her belly. Sputtering from surprise, he managed to clear the honey

out of his eyes right as he disappeared into her mouth. She left him there for a

long moment, softly sucking the sweetness from his skin before removing him for

another trip.

"It tastes so much better this way." she chuckled softly, sucking him back into

her mouth and cleaning him with her tongue. "Don't you think?" He hardly heard

her as he tried to wipe the mixture of honey and saliva from his face. It was a

vain cause. As soon as he had cleared enough to see again, his head was dipped

into her navel, where some of the honey had pooled. Lifting him to her lips, she

took him back into her mouth; her tongue giving him a familiar tickle between

his legs.

"You see darlin'…" she said as she lowered him further down her body. "…this

kind of play gets me ready for out next game." She slid him back between her

lips a moment. "I think I'm almost ready for you now."

He still failed to focus on what she was saying. When she finally had licked her

fill of honey from his body, and he had cleared the wetness from his face, he

found himself between her legs.

"Are you still interested?" she asked in a husky voice, coming to a reclined

sitting position on the bed - her fingers still wrapped tightly around his


His mind overwhelmed with the entire scene, he nodded dumbly. Shortly

afterwards, he found himself being pressed into her moistened sex.

"It's the danger in this moment that turns me on so much." She breathed between

rapturous gasps. "When I see my lover come into me completely…giving himself to


She pressed him into her, against the gate…only a thrust away from


"Sometimes I worry too much." Her hips bucked slightly. "Wonder if maybe my

little lover will drown, or suffocate. Or perhaps be crushed in the throes of


His body was covered with her own honey. Again he fought the vain battle to

clear his eyes. He felt his legs slip into her; the muscles inside wrapping

around him in welcome.

"But sometime I just focus on him inside me. How it must be for him…hot and

dark…so unknown. Strange and terrifying…"

Semi-blinded, he reached out trying to find anchor to stop his rapid decent into

her. It was impossible. The slickness allowed no hold.

"It's then I realize how much I own him. He's a part of me. He is me. We are

one." She gasped and looked down at her lover; his face - a mixture of confusion

and lust - disappearing into her sex.

"That's where the fantasy is for me."

With a final pump of her hips, they were one.

He removed the vis-goggles from his head and stepped out of the sensebooth. His

head was still spinning. It had felt so real! He had thought he was going to

drown inside her, and then came a peaceful white.

"Great fucking program." he muttered as he sat down at his computer terminal. A

message was waiting from her.

"Enjoy it?" it read.

"Best I've ever had." he typed in reply.

"How long do you have the virtual equipment for?" she asked

"I only rented it out for the night." he typed back. "It's incredibly expensive.

I don't see how you can afford it!"

"Well, the night's not over." she responded.

"My sentiments exactly."

In a matter of minutes he had squeezed back into the booth and began hooking up

the sensors. He shivered in anticipation. It was going to be a night to


Giantess Stories: Beyond the daydream By Krael    He let his eyes wander skywards for a moment before regaining control of himself

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