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Big High school


By: Dandamainman


Chapter 1: first day of



            “ Hey Jimmy,

I'll see you in 4th hour.” “Alright man, take it easy.” It was the

beginning of a beautiful summer day, it wasn't officially summer, but you could

smell it in the air. You could feel it. Summer almost brings an aura of

excitement with it.


            I had woken

early, earlier than usual. It was the first day of my freshman year of high

school. Needless to say I was excited. I had everything perfectly set out, my

clothes neatly ironed, my hair done perfectly, all my school supplies were in

order, yes, it would be a great first day of high school… so I thought.


            I caught the

bus to school. Although I usually hated riding the bus, today was different. I

didn't care about riding the bus. I was way too excited to see all my friends I

haven't seen for so long.


            The bus

finally arrived at school, it was so much bigger than my junior high. I must

admit. I was a little intimidated at the sight. All the upper classman were like

adults compared to me. I came from being the hot shot 8th grader

ruling the middle school, to being a pond scum freshman.


            As I walked

inside, I saw many familiar faces, and had many conversations. I was good to

talk with my old friends. But, now it was time for class.


            My first

science, and I was surprised. The teacher was a very cool, nice teacher. The

class, however, was interrupted by strong abdominal pains that kept recurring.

When they happened, I wanted nothing more than to vomet. But, they would go away

rather quickly, which led me to believe nothing to be wrong. I made it threw the

class fine, and was on to geography.


            The Walk from

Science to geography was a painful one, I hurt too much to walk at a very fast

pace, and the pain was not subsiding. “Hey Jimmy!” a familiar voice rang out

among a classroom of almost complete strangers. It was Becky Smith, probably one

of the hottest girls that I went to school with. I took a seat beside her, as I

found out, she didn't know anyone either. The sight of Becky, and those

incredibly tight jeans, was enough to numb the pain. For a bit, but not long.


            The terrible

pain continued, and after only about 10 minutes of class I asked to go to the

bathroom. A break would be alright, but as I got to the bathroom the pain became

more intense, I ran into one of the stalls, and passed out.


Chapter 2: High school

seems a lot bigger


            I awoke blurry

eyed, and dazed. I couldn't remember quite what happened, but it didn't feel

like I had been out for long. As I stood up, my vision became clearer, and

clearer. As my vision got clearer, however, the more I wished it wasn't.


            I saw a

gigantic toilet in front of me. “I must be 4 inches tall” I remember saying

aloud as I gasped for air at the sight. I needed time, I needed time to think of

what I should do. I was scared.


            I ran across

the bathroom floor, which took what seemed like hours, I was so exhausted. I

ran, out of the men's bathroom, being the very straight boy that I am, I didn't

want to stay in there any longer than I had to. Just then I heard the

conversation that sounded like a god send.It sounded like 2 lovely sounding

ladies were chatting it up right outside the girls bathroom, I had to get a

closer look.


Yep, I was correct. The 2 girls looked like seniors, and they were very hot. I

heard one mention she had to get back to Mr. Gregor's room. Well, his room was

right next to my geography class! I'm sure Becky would love to help me out! We

were such friends, and I think she even liked me a bit.


I knew I had to hitch a ride on this girl, but, the idea was a little easier

than the method. I ended up just biting my lip and gently crawling onto her

shoe, I was set. Of course I held onto the shoelaces, but I must admit, the tiramisú saludable

walking did make me a bit dizzy. I jumped off her shoe as we reached my class.

The landing did jostle me a bit.


The door was massive, but to my incredible luck, there was a crack at the bottom

of the door. I slid under, with minimal difficulty, and I saw her, Becky Smith.

She looked so much hotter than usual from this point of view, but there was a

problem. She was in the back of the class, That was like, a mile to me!


Well, I wasted no time, I had to stay close to the walls, and hide whenever

possible. It took a long time for me to make it to her, needless to say. But oh

was it worth it. There she sat, I had to find a way to get her attention. I

decided to climb up her chair and made it to the seat.


Her hips were lean, but still took up a considerable amount of space. Well,

compared to me they were massive. I made it near he butt, and I couldn't go on

any longer. I had to get a feel. I climbed into what little of her back pocket

she wasn't sitting on, and rubbed her gently. She couldn't feel me, of course.


Just then, I heard the bell ring. “Oh no!! Did it take me that long to get

here?” She stood up and I slid far down into her pocket. I must admit, I enjoyed

it. Being pressed up against that firm butt did me well. As she made it to her

next class, I knew I had to get out  of her pocket, or be squashed.


I got out with considerable ease. I made my way to her backpack, I knew I had to

confront her alone, at her home. I jumped into one of the unused pockets, and

prepared to wait, and wait I did.


Chapter 3: Becky's house


            I waited and

waited, and then I waited some more. School was long, but when you're in a dark

backpack it seems like an eternity. She finally got home. And I felt the back

pack fall heavily down. I was in her room.


            I slowly

picked out of the backpack, and there I saw Becky, she had taken her jeans off.

I had no complaints. She had on a pink thong, and a tight white shirt. She was

in very good shape, her butt was very toned.


            I got out of

the back pack and climbed the bed to her, I had to tell her what had happened,

and see if she would help me out. After I made the exhausting trip to the bed I

crossed her giant feet, and continued. She was laying chest down on the bed, and

I had to get her attention.


            I began

pushing her thigh, at first, she didn't even realize I was touching her. I

started to push harder, and harder. And finally she looked back, and jumped off

the bed. Ofcourse there was a fair amount of screaming, but it was to be



            She finally

calmed herself, and had the nerve to come closer. She came face to face with me,

those giant eyes examined me. “Jimmy??!?!” “Is that you??” I yelled out a yes,

and continued to tell her what had happened. After the story, she picked me up

gently, with those massive soft hands, and examined me further. I realized I was

naked, but I'm sure she didn't care too much.


            Just then, a

voice came from outside her door. She quickly slipped me into her bra and went

to see what her mother wanted. Her breasts were very nice. After she was down

helping her mother she got me out and apologized, but there was no need.


            Then the most

horrible moment of my existence happened, she sat me down on the bed, and went

rummaging threw her closet. She pulled out a hamster cage. I was not about to

become her pet. A little boy toy she could play with when she was bored. I

started running, I didn't know where to, I just had to run.


            Of course she

noticed me, my sprint didn't even equal a leisure walk to her. She quickly

swooped me up with her giant hand, and explained how she had to keep me in a

cage, for my safety. I couldn't believe her. I was to spend the rest of my life

as her pet.


            Well, I guess

being an incredibly hot girls boy toy wouldn't be such a bad life.

Giantess Stories: Big High school

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