Giantess Stories: Big man in her eyes

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Big man in her eyes



Steven had been working on his miniaturization machine for a few

years now. Today was the day that he would show it off.The owner of the company was

coming to see his invention. Her name was Cindy Hwang. She had been running the

company since her husband had died a few years back. Everything was set in place.

He had the hand held shrinking device and a seperate larger one set up in the

observation room. The larger machine would be useful for shrinking large area's,

like a warehouse full of boxes. This would be great for shipping large

quantities of materials. The hand held machine would be used for shrinking one item.

There was a knock at the door and Cindy Hwang came in.

Hello Steven, I can hardly wait to see your invention.

Hi Mrs.Hwang, I am all ready to show you.

Steven showed Mrs.Hwang into the control room that looked into the

observation room. He gave her the handheld device and said first let me show you

how I reduce something. The larger machine in that room and the smaller one

in your hand both work the same way. Steven said, See that chair in the

middle of that room? Yes,She answered. Well watch this. He turned the dial down to

12 inches and pushed the button. There was a quick flash and the chair was

instantly only 12 inches tall.That was amazing Mrs. Hwang said, and you say the

handheld one works the same way. Yes Mam. Can you shrink animals also? I would

suppose that it could shrink anything but I have never tried it on an animal. Mrs

Hwang was quite interested and she asked, What about a human being? Would it hurt him?

No Mam,I don't believe that it would except for the size change. But I would never

allow a person to be reduced. Mrs.Hwang said Steven go get me that chair so

that I can look at it. Yes Mam he said with pride. He left the control room

and started walking across the metal floor of the observation room. He thought to

himself, Mrs.Hwang has got to be impressed.Soon I will be a big man in her

eyes. As he continued to walk Mrs. Hwang turned the dial on the machine

down to 2 inches and rested her finger on the button. When he got near the

chair Mrs.Hwang pushed the button. Instantly there was a flash. Mrs. Hwang put the

hand held device in her purse and walked down to the observation room. As

Mrs.Hwang walked across the room he could hear and feel her massive footsteps. Mrs.

Hwang stopped just in front of him. Please don't step on me he screamed. Mrs. Hwang

just smiled and said NEVER TELL ME WHAT YOU WILL ALLOW STEVEN. He covered his

ears, her voice was so loud. Not changing her voice Mrs. Hwang said, SO YOU WON'T


Mrs.Hwang bent down and carefully picked up the tiny man. Despite his little

screams she closed her hand a trapped him in her fist.Mrs. Hwang locked the doors

and went to office. She saw her young secretary Jennifer and said Good morning

Jennifer. Good morning Mrs.Hwang she answered. Mrs Hwang Smiled and said Please

hold my calls. I do not want to be disturbed. Yes Mam.

She released him on her desk and went over to her closet and got out a small hand

sized fish bowl. IN YOU GO LITTLE ONE.Mrs.Hwang pinched him between her thumb and

forefinger and lifted him into the small bowl. NOW I CAN WATCH YOU WHILE I DO SOME

WORK. After a while Mrs Hwang was done her work and she reached into her

desk and got out a pair of tweezers. She grabbed the little fish bowl, tilted it

and reached in with the tweezers. Please Mrs. Hwang he screamed, please,I've been

a loyal employee. The tweezers got closer and closer to him. He pinned

himself up against the glass but it was no good. Noooo he screamed as Mrs.Hwang squeezed

the tweezers and they pinched around his waist. Mrs Hwang slowly lifted him out of

the bowl and held him up to be examined. WHAT AN INTRESTING INVENTION. THE



Mrs. Hwang walked out from her desk and bent down and releaseed her

grip on the tweezers and he fell on the floor. As he lay there Mrs. Hwang pulled

the handheld device out of her purse and set the dial for 1/2 an inch. She aimed

and pushed the button and he was instantly only an 1/2 an inch in height. As he

layed there in pain Mrs. Hwang pushed on her intercom and said Jennifer would you

come in here. YesMam Mrs.Hwang came the answer. Jennifer was a young blonde

wearing a sundress and higheel sandals. Jennifer,Mrs. Hwang said can you type

these papers for me. Yes Mam right away. Oh and Jennifer what is that

little bug on the floor? He looked up and saw the lovely Jennifer staring down

at at him.

I don't know what it is Mrs.Hwang. Well I hate bugs they are gross

please squash it. Jennifer raised her tan highheel sandal slightly as he screamed

and put up his hands to try and save himself. Jennifer lowered her foot and

squashed the little bug. Anything else Mrs.Hwang. No Jennifer that will be all for

now. As Jennifer was typing she thought to herself,I could have sworn that

I heard a little scream when I squashed that bug.

Giantess Stories: Big man in her eyes

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