Giantess Stories: Biker Bitch By Unknown A scientist

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Biker Bitch

By Unknown

A scientist's experiment turns a biker girl into a vengeful giantess

Hot wind blew sand across the deserted two-lane blacktop. Above her, the sun

beat down mercilessly.

"Shit, SHIT!" hissed the huge blonde as she coasted to a stop and eyed her

Harley's empty gas gauge, then scanned the horizon for the dozenth time. No

gas stations for a half hour.

Big Wanda towered six feet six in her black leathers. Her imposing body

rippled with muscular power. Her sleeveless vest ended above her navel,

revealing a tanned washboard abdomen. Bronze biceps bulged as she placed her

gloved fists on her hips.

"Goddam bunch of peckerhead old bastards. Won't sell gas to bikers in their

pissant little town," Wanda railed in frustration. "I'm gonna go back and

tear up their town if it's the last thing I ever do. Damn!" Her gorgeous face

contorted angrily as she pondered her dilemma.

In the distance Wanda spied a lonely farmhouse silhouetted against the

shimmering horizon. Would they have gas in a vehicle? She could transfer it

to her own dry tank and be out of here. Hopefully, she retracted her

kickstand and pushed the massive Harley down the road.

After half a mile she reached the dirt driveway.The big tires sank to the

spokes in fine powder as Big Wanda steered her bike off the blacktop and down

the dirt road. A hundred feet along she parked it and trudged on toward the


No cars were visible, but a large gas tank on a stand stood at the far end of

the driveway, its spout padlocked. She stepped onto the rickety porch and

banged on the screen door with an impatient fist. After long seconds,

footsteps approached inside.

The door creaked open a crack. "May I help you?" asked the cadaverous old

man. He stared up at Wanda and gulped, making his bowtie bobble.

"Yeah, I want the key to your gas tank outside. Now, I'm in a a hurry." Wanda

pushed the door and man aside easily and strode inside. A second man,

somewhat younger but not much healthier than old bowtie, stood at the bottom

of the staircase leading upstairs. He wore a white labcoat.

"Fetch our pretty guest a cold beer, Isaacs," the younger man directed his

companion with a wave, "Quickly now, she looks thirsty."

He turned back to Wanda."Now, my dear,what may we do for you?"

"My hog ran outta gas near here. I'm going to gas up at your tank outside.

You give me the key to the pump and I won't have to get all pissed at you and

bust it off," Wanda smiled sweetly at the little scientist. "An' damn right

I'm thirsty. What's keepin' that goddamn beer, dude? Bring all your beer!"

"Isaacs will be out shortly, my dear. Goodness, you do look distressed.

Please, seat yourself until Isaacs returns."

"I guess that's okay," the huge girl said as she sank into an overstuffed

club chair. "First time yet anyone around here's treated me like a lady."

"We're delighted to have you, my dear. I'm Dr.Pangloss, and I can assure you

we're not at all like those uncouth fellows who inhabit Higdale Junction. Are

we, Isaacs?"

The older man set on the coffee table a foaming schooner of cold beer on a

silver platter.

"Why, no indeed, sir," the courtly old butler agreed. "We do enjoy having

visitors very much."

"Drink your beer, my dear, there's plenty more," Pangloss insisted. "Put

your feet up, my goodness, make yourself comfortable."

Wanda downed the glass in a gulp. "Take you up on that refill, boys," she

said brightly, handing the emptied schooner back to Isaacs. She kicked off

her boots and plunked her bare feet onto the coffee table, wiggling her long

toes in luxurious cool freedom.

Pangloss and Isaacs stared at Wanda's plump feet. The men appeared taken

aback, but fascinated by her voluptuous beauty. Their nostrils widened

slightly as they inhaled her pungent odor wafting toward them.

Wanda noticed their reaction and smiled slightly. "Hurry up with that beer,

boys, while I'm still in a good mood." She sank farther into the soft chair

and laughed loudly. "I've got to kick some ass back in town today..."

Resting her head on the chair, Wanda closed her eyes and trailed off in

sing-song, " ...then be on my wa-ay..." She was asleep before she finished

the words.

x x x

Even before she opened her eyes, Wanda heard the drone of machinery in her

ears. Through her squinted lids she saw a glass dome arching over her body.

She was on her back, on a cold metal table. Several dish antennas pointed

down at her.

"Well, are we awake from our little knockout drops? Just in time to witness

my experiment on you." Wanda recognized Pangloss's oily tones. "We're going

to make you little...very little. Won't that be nice? Isaacs, you may pull

the contact bar down . . . now!"

Blue lightning crackled from the antennas and focused on the dome Wanda was

under. Instinctively she struggled against her restraints. One powerful leg

broke free immediately and she sent a crashing kick through the dome. It

shattered easily.

Dr. Pangloss had completely underestimated his large captive. Wanda's bicep

bulged, and an arm was free. She sent it crashing through the dome at Isaac's

throat. He clutched her wrist with two hands but couldn't break her hold on

his windpipe.

Wanda kicked at the contact bar with her free leg. Her bare foot connected,

sending the heavy breaker handle up in the opposite direction. The lightning

bolts ceased, but immediately began shooting out at her again. Only now they

were blood red.

"God damn you, bitch! You're ruining my experiment!" Pangloss shouted. He

ran to the handle to push it down again. But it was too late.

Wanda was growing. Very rapidly. She wrenched her other leg free, and the

table toppled. She easily dealt with the last arm restraint, and she stood up


Free, and standing in the center of a lightning storm. Pangloss cowered to

one side, blocked from reaching the controls by her rapidly growing form.

She knocked him across the room with one sweeping kick that also took out an

array of electronic panels. Her head bumped the high victorian ceiling and

she bent her head.

The floor groaned under her increasing weight. But still the lightning

flashes played about her now huge body. What was happening to her?

Wanda couldn't stand up. She knelt down in a crouch. Isaacs held his throat

and rolled at her knees. Pangloss's shoutings could no longer be heard over

the squeal of stressed timbers. The very structure of the house was

collapsing beneath Wanda's burgeoning bulk.

She arched her back and the ceiling rose up, just as one leg broke through

the floorboards. She straightened it out and encountered the ground floor

below. At last she could stand again. But she had to get out of this

confining prison of a house. She pressed her palm against the floor and

crushed the wood aside until she could straighten her other leg down to the

ground floor also. Amid the confusion she saw Dr. Pangloss's tiny form, arms

still waving, slide down the disintegrating lab floor and fall out of sight

below her, followed by Isaacs.

Wanda was still growing. Standing on the ground floor, her head was still

bent down beneath the confining roof. She snarled and pushed up with both

arms. With a roar of broken timbers the roof lifted off the house. Chimneys

crumbled and fell. She pushed higher. The gable roof lifted easily, like a

flimsy matchstick lid. She tossed it over and heard it land with a crash

outside. Somewhere in the depths about her ankles, the lightning-spewing

machinery of Dr. Pangloss still sparked red. And still she grew.

Wanda was so amazed at what was happening that she forgot her anger. The

little creeps had tried to kidnap her for some experiment, and it had

obviously gone wrong. She was fascinated by her new size and power. She

reached out to the nearest wall and pushed. It squealed with the sound of

splintering timbers and a thousand nails pulling out of wood, then fell out

and crashed in a cloud of dust into the yard outside.

The house's second floor encircled her thighs like a flimsy skirt. She

dragged it with her as she stepped out into the front yard, her feet crushing

through the wooden front porch as though it were flimsy balsa wood. Behind

her the wrecked house, its roof, second floor and a wall gone, slowly began

to sag inward on itself.

"Why, it's just a fuckin' little doll house," Wanda exclaimed, bemused. The

wreckage that remained now rose only midthigh.

A small movement within the debris caught her eye. Peering closer, she saw

Isaacs, now no larger than a tailless rat, crawling painfully out of the

stricken house. His glasses were gone and his eyes squinted almost shut. He

moaned in apparent pain, too self-engrossed to notice Wanda's huge bare toes

not five yards in front of him. Wanda gazed with amused astonishment as he

crawled unsteadily right up to her toes. He looked up, peered at the blurry

pink shapes in front of him, then followed them up . . . and up.

His mouth fell open. "Aaaaa..." he croaked in dismay. His face paled as he

gazed up at his erstwhile victim, now almost eighty feet tall.

"You little shit," Wanda said, anger flooding her, "look at what you


have done to me." She reached down and jerked him up to her face. He groaned.

His face instantly flushed from her pressure. He flailed and fought vainly

against her palm, a little man six inches tall and, compared with her

still-growing hugeness, getting smaller by the second.

"P-please, my dear, let me down. The Doctor wouldn't have harmed you in any

way. I-I can't breathe."

"That's okay, pissant" Wanda said in a grating voice. "In a second you


need to breathe," and she slowly squeezed him tighter in her fist.

His reddening face instantly turned purple. His mouth opened and gulped

speechlessly, like a beached fish. As she squeezed, his eyes darkened and

bulged noticeably. His wriggling tickled her palm deliciously. Suddenly she

was too fascinated by her effortless power over him to remember her anger.

His tiny body was gripped from chin to ankles within her fist.

Isaac's head bent back in torment. His body shivered from head to foot. His

tongue jutted from his mouth. His eyeballs were definitely protruding now.

Wanda gave an extra squeeze, watching them bulge further. Blood spurted from

around their sockets. A hideous scream shot from his crushed lungs, and pink

froth shot from his mouth and nose. A swollen eyeball popped from his face as

she watched, followed by the other. His neck bulged alarmingly, his jaws

forced wider and pink guts oozed slowly until they hung dripping from his

chin and down her fingers.

Wanda felt a hot erotic tremor flood her big body as she stared at the man

flattened in her fist. She'd stomped men before, big men, and always felt

involuntary orgasms immediately afterward. The feeling she now experienced

was many times stronger than that. Her great blonde-haired cunt convulsed

violently and she felt copious pussy juices oozing down her thighs.

She examined her handiwork. "Poor little man can't take it from a great big

girl, can he?" she mocked. "Men are such pukes." She waggled the dripping

corpse in mock chastisement. "Aren't you going to fight back? C'mon, sport,

show what you're made of!" Wanda laughed hugely and opened her fingers. The

flattened, juiceless corpse had taken the shape of her fingers and palm like

squeezed clay. He stuck for a moment, then peeled off and crashed with a puff

of dust onto the ground seventy feet below.

Wanda placed the ball of her bare foot on her conquered victim. She rubbed

her engorged clitoris vigorously and, moaning in delight, ground Isaacs to

shreds in the dust beneath her long beautiful toes until only muddy shreds


Wanda suddenly remembered her other would-be tormenter, Dr. Pangloss.


was merely the helper. Pangloss was who she wanted.

She stepped forward and reached into the flimsy house. Kneeling down, she

ripped away a section of wall with a crunch, forcing space for her arm and

shoulder to reach into the wreckage. Her hand batted aside tiny furniture. It

crashed through walls into rooms beyond. Her fingers felt, crushed and tossed

aside everything she encountered: a bureau, a staircase, a tiny cold

refrigerator which crumpled like tinfoil.

From the corner of her eye Wanda saw movement in a far room. Growling, she

smashed away the hall partition and opened up the back room with a swipe,

just in time to see Dr. Pangloss's tiny white-coated form dive through a

window. She rose up and kicked out the back wall with a crash of splintered

wood. She waded through the remains of the house into the back yard.

Pangloss didn't get twenty feet. Wanda took three steps and spun to face


would-be captor.

"Goin' somewhere, Doc?" she asked.

Pangloss stared at her. From his viewpoint she rose up to impossible


She was now a hundred twenty feet tall. Still she grew.

Her beautiful bare feet, which he had admired in the front parlor, now

blocked his way like tanned walls. He had hidden in the wreckage and saw the

fate of Isaacs. Despairing, he sank to his knees in terror and cast himself

upon her long toes.

"Oh god please, Wanda, we meant you no harm," he wailed

tearfully, looking straight up at her wicked smile framed between breasts the

size of haystacks. Small cupsize droplets of her pearly cum splashed around

him as she orgasmed spontaneously in anticipation of the fun to come.

Wanda looked down at the four inch man curled upon her toes. He stroked


appeasingly, kissed them and cried out to her, craning his neck awkwardly.

"Oh Wanda, you're beautiful. I'll do anything, just let me live, please!"

"You sure do like my big feet, don't you? Kiss 'em, little man," she


"Lick out between them."

She lifted her free foot and gently curled her plump toes around him.


forget this one, little man. D'you like the way they smell?"

Pangloss nodded rapidly, absorbed in the task she had given him. If she

wanted her toes licked clean, his life depended on doing it well. He sucked

at the undersides of the warm sweaty toes, grown thick as treetrunks.

"That tickles!" he heard her giggle above.

She suddenly thrust her big toe under him and flicked him into the air. He

landed sprawling a dozen feet away. Shaking his head dizzily, he looked up

just as Wanda's huge toes descended upon him.

"Suck my big feet good, little man," she commanded, grasping his head


the curl of her toes and pressing his face into the fat ball of her foot.

"And maybe I'll let you live after all."

He clumsily licked and sucked her dirty foot. He sensed her great weight

poised over him. Every slight roll of her foot moved him back and forth

effortlessly. His trained mind told him, amidst his fear, that at her present

height she weighed more than six hundred tons.

Wanda pressed him a little harder. "Whatsa matter, hard to breathe, little

worm?" she mocked. She leaned a tiny bit more weight down. "Now how does it

feel? I got lots more of me, honey."

She fingered her clitoris again. Erotic quivers coursed through her. This

was the sadistic essence of every sex fantasy she had ever had. Men were bugs to

her. She could squash them like

rotten strawberries and they were helpless to defend themselves.

She moaned in passion and looked down at Pangloss.

"Die, worm," she cried,

orgasming, and slowly leaned her weight onto the ball of her foot.

Pangloss felt the pressure on his body increase. His face and body were now

embedded in her smelly footsole. He couldn't breathe. His eyes saw stars in

the darkness.

Still the pressure increased. Her foot was now an unyielding torment


him flat. He felt his nose bend into his cheek. His ribs compressed,

rearranging his guts amid distinct gurgles. Something warm spurted

agonizingly from his rectum.

Suddenly, her crushing foot lifted up. She looked down from above at her

helpless victim with flushed curiosity. "Ooh, you're a mess already. I

haven't even begun to put my weight on you." She fingered her clit rapidly.

Pint-sized droplets of cum spattered insultingly about her doomed victim.

Pangloss twitched and rolled on the ground, his cracked ribs not allowing

him to cry out for mercy. Each panting gasp for air was agony. He looked up

at Wanda. She towered into the afternoon sky, a hundred and twenty-foot

mountain, a pitiless blonde goddess.

Wanda laughed. She began a slow sexy dance. Her gigantic feet lifted high up

above Pangloss, then set down with earth-shuddering thuds around him. Dust

kicked up in a whirl, rising to her ankles in a choking cloud. He caught

intermittent glimpses of her face and swaying breasts high above.

She looked down at her victim, put her hands on her hips and again raised her

foot over him. "Say your prayers, little man, 'cause you're history." She

placed the ball of her foot on him and applied weight.

Pangloss screamed. His injured chest flattened again. Ribs cracked, and


fluids spurted everywhere. Exploding pain enveloped him. His head crunched

loudly and collapsed. Guts shot from his belly and rectum and squeezed up

between her long toes.

Fascinated, Wanda watched the guts ooze between her toes. It was like

stepping on a fat little frog. She dug her toes into the earth and twisted

back and forth. Guts and blood oozed up until she was sure the little man had

no more. Sighing, she shivered with pleasure.

Wanda raised her foot and examined the pit she had pressed. Deep within her

perfect print Dr. Pangloss lay, a shapeless husk of separated bones and rags

of flesh mashed dry. Her heart still beating, Wanda cleaned her foot off in

the dirt. A thousand men would have no chance against me! she mused.

Raising her head, she looked about her. From her height the two-lane

blacktop stretched like a fragile ribbon across the desert nearby. Sagebrush

clumps and tumbleweeds dotted the sand like set decorations on a toy desert.

From her altitude, Wanda could clearly see Higdale Junction in the distance.

A sneer curled her lip.

A semi truck crested a low hill nearby and entered the slow curve that


Pangloss's house. As she gazed, blue smoke spewed from its tires. A distant

screechingof brakes reached her ears.

x x x

"Jeez, Larry, look over there!"

Larry glanced at his shouting partner, then out the semi's windshield.

"Damn!" he exclaimed. "What is that?"

Instinctively his foot hit the brakes. The truck slewed to a stop across


roadway. Clouds of burning rubber wafted past the cab. The two men stared up

at the now two hundred foot tall nude giantess standing against the sky.

"She looks real, Jim. She's movin' around."

Larry peered closer. "Oh shit,"he yelped. "I think she's seen us!"

"Get us the hell outta here, ya fool. Goddam, she's comin' this way," Jim

bleated in panic.

Wanda's mighty leg swung forward, a leisurely movement that covered twenty

yards. Her giant foot crushed a split-rail fence and sank three feet into the

desert sand. Her gaze held steady on the two terrified truckers, her face

serene, purposeful. Another pace crushed a sand dune covered with sagebrush.

Larry ground gears, jamming the truck into reverse. The trailer slammed

across the opposite shoulder and into a sand bank. He shoved it into first

gear and spun the steering wheel into a turn. The tractor promptly crashed

into the barbed-wire fence in front of them. Before Larry could change

another gear, Wanda's huge feet stepped onto the asphalt to either side of

the truck.

Her lovely tanned feet, each nine yards long and three wide, sank four feet

into the roadway. "Asphalt buckled like thin chips beneath her great weight.

The highway instantly became impassable. They were trapped.

The giantess's huge fingers curled down in front of their windshield and

grabbed the tractor cab. Her fingertips pushed through the windshield and

side windows, spraying the terrified men with broken glass. The cab lurched

into the air. Behind them the trailer also rose, wrenched itself off the

fifth-wheel plate and crashed back onto the roadway. The men continued to

rise inside the cab. Her muscular thighs flowed past them, then her

golden-fleeced pudendum. They stopped in front of her huge tanned breasts.

She tilted the cab and looked down at them.

"Hi fellows, remember me?" Wanda asked pleasantly. They stared at her


the now glassless windows.

"Damn, Larry, she's that biker broad at Red's truck stop," Jim shouted.


lady, please, put us down!"

Wanda's beautiful brown eyes peered down into the cab. "You little guys

weren't so polite a couple of hours ago. You thought Red was a real funny

guy, chasin' me off without any gas for my bike." She lifted them to eye

level. Y'know, I got a sense of humor too."

She grabbed the tractor from

below with her other hand, and with a squeal of torn metal she ripped off the

roof. The desert wind suddenly blew hot around them. "I thought you two were

real good-looking boys. Any other time, I'd have given you both a nice ride

in the hay. But now I just don't know if the two of you together are enough

man for me. Let's find out."

She turned the tractor over and dumped the two men unceremoniously into her

other hand. Larry rolled off the edge of her palm, screamed, and fell two

hundred feet to the pavement below. He hit with a terrific splat, rolled

several yards and stopped, an inert broken doll.

"You goddamn little bastard, I wanted some fun with you first," Wanda

screamed furiously. The nearby hills resounded with her anger. She clenched

Jim in her hand and, raising her bare left foot, brought her heel down on

Larry's broken body. Her heel sank deeply into the asphalt, instantly

squashing him into a spray of juices that shot for ten yards across the


Wanda stared down at her heelprint, full a of gooey mess that seconds


had been a man. "Damn," she breathed, in aroused awe at her own power.

"Damn," she whispered again.

She looked at Jim held helpless in her hand. He stared back at her, his


pinned to his sides, screaming with fright. "Guess you'll have to do," she

grunted under her breath, and with a pinch tore his clothing off, baring him

naked. Jim then found himself swooping for her crotch. His face scraped

painfully across golden pubic hair on its way to her vulva. Her engorged,

pendulous inner lips stuck out three feet beyond her fat vulva. She slammed

his face into them and rubbed his head up and down between the slick pussy

flesh until he was fouled, choking and sputtering, in thick labial oozes.

Then she jammed his face against her plump hooded clitoris and rubbed it back

and forth against the beachball-sized monster.

"Ooh, I think I'll let you do the rest, lover." She up-ended the hapless


and stuffed his two-inch body legs-first, like a squirmy pink cocktail

shrimp, into her vaginal barrel. Two fingertips pushed his shoulders until he

was buried to the neck in her hot pussy.

Jim grabbed a double golden handful of her ample golden hair and hung on

tightly. His face pointed down through her thatch, and he could see, perhaps

a hundred fifty feet past her muscular thighs and shapely calves, to the

ground below. Her spasming vagina crushed his torso painfully. As he fought

to breathe, his every movement sent excited shudders through Wanda's mighty

cunt which only clamped him harder.

x x x

Wanda decided to walk back the ten miles or so to Higdale Junction. She

laughed to herself as she anticipated the effect her new size would have on

the crochety denizens of the little desert town. If they had been afraid of

her before, what would they think of her now? A great laugh escaped her, and

echoed from the nearby sand hills, flushing a panicked flock of prairie birds

into the air. Terrified jackrabbits like tiny hopping bugs fled in all

directions from her booming chuckle. She followed the two-lane highway, one

footstep in each lane. Each immense pace crushed a four foot hole into the

asphalt, effectively making the highway impassable. For good measure, Wanda

occasionally dragged her pretty feet a bit, creating a plowed ditch along the


Within minutes she began to see tiny houses along her path. At a roadside

cafe she stepped into the parking lot and stared down at the building.

Instantly the little windows were filled with minute gawking faces peering at

her feet and legs. Beneath her lovely feet their vehicles lay flattened and

pushed into the asphalt like so much tinfoil. Wanda looked down at her tanned

toes as they rested upon flattened cars, trucks and RVs, and whoever had

chanced to be in or around them. There must've been a lot of people in that

parking lot, she thought. They have to be under my feet now! She paused, then

stirred the ruined parking lot with her toes. Fiattened vehicles piled up in

front of her foot amidst the loud squeals of torn metal and the quaking

ground. Screams of the still living shreiked through the air, but her pretty

ears were too remote to hear them. One tiny man opened the door of his car,

which was perched atop the pile, and jumped desperately onto Wanda's giant

moving foot. She saw him and without hesitation flattened him against her

instep with the ball of her other foot, then flicked him spinning with a big

toe the size of a city bus into the dust cloud her antics kicked up. She

continued her play, momentarily wondered idly whether he were dead yet, and

what terror had filled his last thoughts. Then she dismissed him as her gaze

fell on the roof of the little restaurant. ''Let's see what's under there,"

she proposed mischievously.

x x x

Pete awakened groggily inside his new RV to the sound of vehicles crashing

and crunching outside his window. "Wazzat, a goddam pileup out there?" he

mumbled in irritation. Then something slammed with a crash against his RV.

Pete was cast violently off his bed and up against the wall.

"You goddam sonsabitches!" he shouted in rage, rubbing his forehead.

"Whattaya bastids doin' out there!" He picked himself up from the floor


ran out the door of his RV, then stopped dead in his tracks. A thrill of fear

punched him in the stomach as he struggled to interpret what his eyes saw.

An overturned pickup lay jammed against the side of his vehicle at a crazy

angle. As he watched, more cars and trucks pushed toward him with an

earsplitting chaos of grinding metal and piled-up hills of asphalt and earth.

But what could be pushing them?

A twilight pall hung over the parking lot. Pete looked up, above the

four-story dust clouds billowing overhead, and had his answer. It was a foot,

connected to a leg that soared into the blue sky and blotted out the sun. A

couple hundred feet away, another gigantic foot planted on a dozen parked

cars completed the pair.

"Jeezus Christ!" Pete shouted in panic and dove back inside his RV. He was

just in time. The vehicular juggernaut outside crashed into the pickup,

tipping it up onto its nose against his door. As Pete stared, speechless, his

living-room wall bulged in and the floor began to tilt. He slipped behind the

bolted-down table and hung on, staring out his window as the RV slowly tipped

onto its side. A great tanned calf filled the frame, followed by a huge

muscular bare thigh as his field of view rose toward the vertical. The RV

landed on its side with a loud crash, sending a cascade of dishes flying out.


Giantess Stories: Biker Bitch By Unknown A scientist

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