Giantess Stories: Bill

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Bill's Slumber

Party 1


      Jessica ,

Rachel and Ashley were all sitting on Ashley's bed all just


panties and T-shirts all


chatting the normal high school girl stuff while it was pouring out

      little did

they know Ashley's 15 year

      old brother

was hiding under the bed they kept talking and joking and


listened from under the bed.

      Hours pasted

till it got to about midnight the girl kept talking when a

      bolt of

lightning hit the house all the

      lots went

out the girls gave a collected scream. A minute later the lights

      came back on

and Billy found him

      self lying

naked covered in gray dust. He didn't realize it but he like a

      reflects he

stood about the it hit him.

      How the hell

could he be standing under a bed He looked over and saw trash

      and his and

sister's cloths

      lying every

where the shock hit him he just understood he had shrunk down

      to 3 inches

tall he just started

      running with

out thinking he ran and he ran till he hit the sheet hanging

      down he hit

the ground he didn't

      wait he just

crawled under and started running again he ran a crossed the

      wood floor

of his sister's room he


realize he was in plane site till he heard Rachel scream





      All the

girls jumped up together in the bed and were looking down at the

      little thing

running Billy

      didn't stop

he was running even faster now he didn't want the mouse to get

      him he

didn't realize the mouse

      was him a

giant shadow was cased over him he looked up to see a giant

      pillow crash

down on him he was

      knocked cold

a minute later great rush of air woke him the pillow was

      being picked

up he rolled over on his

      back to see

Jessica's huge face starring at him her warm breath washing

      over him.


      “Ashley it's

no mouse it's your brother????


      The ground

shook as the other to girls jumped down and crawled over to see

      what Jessica



about. The 3 girls on there hand's and knee's starring at Billy

      lying naked

on the floor only 3 inches



      “you little

shit you were spying on us I don't care how you got like this

      but your

going to pay for

      spying on




reached down and picked up her brother the 3 returned to the bed Todo Smartwatch, smartbands y pulseras de actividad

      all sitting

around putting

      Billy in the

middle the 3 giants all surrounding him looking at him


what they can do. Rachel was

      first to



      “OK I think

he should be are slave for ever do what we want what ever we

      want will

tell your mom

      and dad he

ran away.”


      “that's what

will do I'll write a note and sign it from him they will

      never know

and he'll be ours

      forever are

little slave.”




      They all

looked down and gave him a evil smile making him turn cold 3


teenage girl masters

      that could

kill him if he didn't do what they say. They where thinking

      what they

could do to him they all kept

      looking at

each other and back at him trying to figure a way to punish

      him. Jessica

picked him up and

      brought him

to her face he bright blue eyes where all he could see.


      “Billy and

me have secret I never told you ash one day when he was hanging

      out with my

brother I

      went to my

room to see your pervert of a bother jerking off smelling me

      dirty socks”


      “eeewww your

nasty bill....lets give him what he wants.”



      Jessica took

of her sock and dropped him in he hit the fabric with a thud

      the smell of

feet was


the white fabric was hot a wet Jessica's smell was all he

      looked up to

see Ashley smiling down.


couldn't help it but he got a hard on.


      “that's sick

bill you like it”



grabbed the sock and every thing shook he fell over on his back he

      looked back

up to see

      her putting

her sock back on her toes slid in and pinned him to the sock

      se wiggled

her toes moving him

      around the

hot toe flesh rubbing him up and down the kept moving and

      moving him

till she jerked him off

      with her

toes the smell of foot and the wet heat was getting to him he was

      about to

pass out when she

      pulled her

sock off fresh air came back in.



brother jizzed on my foot now what.”


      “Rachel your

turn what do you want to do”



picked him up and brought him to her face and got a sick look on

      her face.


      “damn he

smells what can I do to this piece of shit.”


Giantess Stories: Bill

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