Giantess Stories: BIRTHDAY SURPRISE by Mark Bryan Copywrite May 16

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by Mark Bryan

Copywrite May 16, 1999

It was the end of the work day on Friday and Mark had a bad week. This week was

unusually stressful and he needed a vacation.

"Thank God it is Friday," he muttered.

"I couldn't agree more," Dale responded.

"Sorry, I didn't realize I said that out load."

"That's O.K., I've done my share of muttering working here."

"It's just that the stress in this place gets so overwhelming at times.

Especially with this Y2K panic."

"See you Monday."

"Sure thing. You know," Mark continued, "I may not show up till Tuesday. Would

you cover for me?"

"I guess, but you owe me."

"Thanks Dale."

Mark headed for home. When he finally reached his house he changed into more

comfortable clothes. He grabbed a beer and sat down in front of his computer and

connected to 'Big Gulp.' There he found a message from Adeline to him. It said

for him to check his e-mail for a special message. He immediately checked his

e-mail. There it was another message from Adeline. He and Adeline had been

corresponding over the internet for a number of months. They had been exchanging

ideas on her consuming him alive. For them it was more than a fantasy. The only

thing that actually stood in the way of them acting out their fantasy was that

there exhisted no way to reduce Mark to 2 inches tall. This fact frustrated them

both. Had she actually found a way to reduce him, Mark thought. Was this the

special message? He hoped. He clicked on the message. He immediately read the

message. It read: Mark,

I am going to be camping the weekend of June 4th and I have a special Birthday

present for you. I know that I live quite a distance from you and that this is

rather short notice but it will be worth. I promise.

Let me know if you can make it. Please try!

Adeline Mark was so excited that he had to re-write the replying e-mail at least

four times before what he wrote was recognizable as being written in english. He

told her that he would be there no matter what but he needed directions as to

where to meet.

The next day he received a reply. Mark,

Do your have a place where I can snail mail you the information? I want this

only between us.

I'll send you a picture of me so you can recognize me when you get here. I look

forward to meeting you and giving you your surprise.

Adeline Mark responded: Dear Adeline,

My snail mail address is:

Mark Bryan

P.O. Box 9724

Canoga Park, CA. 91309

I will be waiting for the directions. You can also use the P.O. Box for sending

me anything that you wouldn't feel comfortable in e-mailing or posting on the

message board.


Mark Bryan

On Monday he want to work.

"Mark, thought you weren't coming back till Tuesday," Dale said.

"Yea, I had a change of heart but I'll need your help on the weekend of June


"Why June 4th," he thought a moment in response to the expression on Mark's

face, "Thank's right it's your birthday."

"Thanks for remembering. So, could you cover for me? I'll be leaving on

Wednesday June 2 and I'll be back Tuesday of the following week."

"You got it."

When the workday ended Mark rushed to his P.O. Box. Hed made it there before

5P.M. There was a note it the box stating that he had an express letter that he

needed to sign for. He went up to the desk and presented the notice. He was

handed a letter and he signed the slip.

He got into his car and opened the letter. It had a picture of Adeline, an

airline ticket and directions. She was more beautiful then he had ever imagined.

It didn't occur to him to ask why the airline ticket didn't include a return

trip but he thought that she did enough. He would pay for the return trip.

The rest of the week flew by. On Wednesday Mark was at the airport an hour


During his flight he constantly looked at the picture of Adeline and pictured

himself sliding between those sexy lips on his way to her belly. He had to go to

the bathroom to relieve himself at least twice. The plane landed.

Mark exited the plane and proceeded to the terminal. There was a beautiful blond

holding a sign which read --- Mark, here I am! He couldn't believe his

eyes, she was more beautiful than her picture. He approached the woman. She wore

a pair of dark blue shorts, a light colored top which exposed her flat firm

belly, tennis shoes and socks. He couldn't help looking at her shapely legs and

arms. She saw him looking and smiled.

"Hi, Adeline. It nice to finally see you face to face."


"Yup, it's me."

"Glad you could make it! I have a great weekend planed! One that you'll remember

for the rest of your life!"

"Great," Mark continued, "what now?"

"Well let's go directly to the camp site before it gets dark. My car is out side

and it's stuffed with camping gear."

"Wow, you don't waist anytime. I'm game, let's go."

Adeline smiled at the irony of what Mark said. She couldn't help licking her

lips in anticipation. They climbed into her car and sped off. Mark noticed a

stethoscope laying on the seat. He picked it up and sat in the seat next to her.

He held up the stethoscope.

"What's this for?"

"It's all part of the surprise."

"O.K. if you say so."

It took them about an hour to reach the secluded area that was to be their camp


"O.K., let get unpacked and get the tents up," Adeline stated.

"Let's do it."

They unpacked the gear and in less than an hour the car was unpacked, the tents

were pitched and they were sitting in front of a roaring camp fire. Mark made

their dinner. Adeline hardly ate anything.

"Sorry," Mark broke the silence.

"For what?"

"I guess I am not as good a cook as I thought I was."

"The dinner was great. What do you mean, you are a great cook!"

"Well, you hardly ate anything."

"Oh that. Don't worry on your birthday you'll be responsable for dinner again

and believe me I'll eat more than my share then!"

The next day Adeline woke Mark up early to see the dawn. It had been many years

since he actually paused to enjoy it. It was one of the most beautiful things he

had ever seen but it paled to her beauty. He had decided what his birthday wish

was to be.

"Time for our hike. It's O.K., I'll walk slowly."

They hiked for about two hours.

It felt great to be out doors and with this captivating woman, thought Mark.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her. As he walked he watched her shapely leg

muscle flutter at every step and fantasized what it would be like being part of

them. Maybe someday when the scientists developed a size altering device.

Mark sighed, "Oh well."

"Oh well what?"

"Nothing, just thinking out loud."

Thursday night, Adeline opened a bottle of wine. She gave him a glass and poured

one for herself.

"Happy Birthday."

"But my birthday isn't till tomorrow."

"Close enough. It's almost midnight. Besides I have something special planed for

your birthday."

They made a toast to the future and drank. He watched as she gulped down the

contents of her glass Then Adeline did something that surprized him. She took

his hand and rubbed it against her legs then her arms. Mark was so turned on

that he could hardly contain himself. Her arm hairs were soft.

“I know you like them. I remember your e-mails.”

“Yes, they feel great!”

“I'm glad you like them but there's much more to come.”

With that she took off her socks that she wore for the days hike and held them

over his nose and mouth.

“What, what are you doing!” he said muffled by her socks.

“Don't worry. Relax and enjoy it!”

Mark couldn't help but to breath in the odor. After a few minutes when she saw

that Mark was dazed she wrapped her legs around him and squeezed him in a

scissor lock bear hug combination.

“I can't breath. This is not funny!” he said weakly.

“Do you see me laughing?!”

He tried to get free. She was too strong or he was too weak either way he

accepted the fact that he was not going anywhere. He took the opportunity to

feel her legs till darkness over came him.

She didn't have long to wait till he surrendered to unconsciousness. She looked

at him limply laying between her legs, smiled and licked her lips. She began her

task at hand.

Throughout the rest of the night Mark had strange dreams. He dreamt that the

world around him was growing larger and more threatening than he knew it to be.

As he slowly came to he thought the world smelt of sweat, he didn't mind that

but his eyesight seamed to be blurred and that he did not like. Mark did not

regain total composure until nine o'clock in the morning.

Mark found his surroundings to be strange to say the least. He was smelling an

odor that smelt like feet, but that was only a dream. The ground or surface that

he was laying on gave to his weight almost spongy like. The large form that lay

beneath his world was huge and he couldn't make out what it was. Then as his

wits returned the reality of the situation struck him.

I'm trapped in Adeline's nylons. She must have found a way to shrink me. Wow,

that's fantastic! Finally after all this time it finally happened. But where is

she? Wait, that means that ... she is going to swallow me alive! The form below

him began to stir. In a few seconds he was looking upon her gigantic face. She

was licking her lips not playfully as before but this time with intent! And Mark

knew what she intended to do!

“I see you finally woke up! Well Happy Birthday! Or show I say Happy

Transformation Day because your world is about to change forever!”

“You did it. You finally figured a way to do it.”

“Yup! Actually you set me on the right path with your Star Trek transporter

theory. All I needed to do is generate a transporter flux field, transform you

into energy, factor out the majority of your mass then reassemble you. The

hardest part was creating a portable power supply. So what do you think of your


“I like it. So I aassume the process is reversible.”

“Of course, but not in your case.”

“Oh, why not?'

“You need to ask? You see there must be a body to resize.”

“You don't mean ...”

“Oh yes I do! You don't think that I spent so much time in developing the device

just so I could perform a parlor trick for you?”

“What if I told you that I've changed my mind.”

“I'd say, too bad and too late! I haven't eaten much on this camping trip

because I was saving room for a very special meal! Besides I have this,” she

told him as she showed him a piece of paper on which was an agreement that Mark

made with Adeline a few months ago.

“But that was when it was impossible.”

“Oh well. There's at least one thing that you can depend on concerning

technology and that is it's unpredictable.”

“But there will be people looking for me.”

“Think so? I don't! You couldn't tell anyone where you were going because you

didn't know till we got here.”

“What about the airline ticket, that's traceable.”

“That's true but traceable to where, the airport?”

“Traceable to you!”

“O.K. let's assume that the police do trace you to me, what then? Do you really

think that it will make a difference? It's Friday, you are two inches tall and

about to be swallowed alive by me. The police, as I'm sure you recall, have this

pesky little rule. Persons who are reported as missing aren't searched for until

forty-eight hours have passed. Do you know where you'll be in less than

forty-eight hour from now? Here, she pinched her thighs. Here, she rubbed her

arm. Here, she pointed to her feet. Here, she flipped her long blond hair. And

here”, she gently squeezed her calve muscle.

“But what if they did start the search early?”

“Wouldn't make any difference. The only way the police could charge me with

anything is if they found you. In a few hour from now the only way they could

find you is for them to pump my stomach.

If I don't agree to it, and I won't, they will need a court order to force to

have it done. I don't think that there are many judges out there that would

believe a woman could swallow a full grow man and even fewer that would issue a

court order to have my stomach pumped. Besides by time they got the court order,

found me and pumped my stomach, you would be long gone. I doubt that there would

even be traces of your DNA. So, to put it another way, Mark you're screwed!”

“You really don't want to do this!”

“Quite the contrary, yes I do!”

“I won't give up easily, I'll fight you!”

“Please do! Fight me all of the way! I wouldn't have it any other way. You will

just make my climaxes all the better. I can't wait to feel you in my mouth. Your

pathetic struggling trying to get out. You won't you know. Then the thrill of

feeling you squirm your way down my gullet to my belly. The panic run I will

feel as you realize your plight. Oh, I'm getting hot just thinking about it!”

“But if you really do swallow me it will be a one time experience. We could

never correspond again.”

“Well that's true. Although with everything that you ever were, are now or ever

would be being part of me we wouldn't need to correspond. Besides there are

plenty of guys out there that will correspond with me and maybe some I can

manipulate to share your fate. Well enough talk. Now it's time for play.”

With that Adeline removed Mark kicking and screaming from her nylon and brought

him up to her mouth. She looked at him for awhile then she slowly licked her

lips as seductively as anyone could and brought him closer to her mouth. Then

the cavern of her mouth slowly opened. Mark was bathed in her hot, moist, sweet

breath. Shortly after she had her mouth wide opened, tilted her head back and

dangled him from his feet over her mouth. He looked into his future and saw near

perfect white teeth that could cut him into small pieces or crush him into an

paste. Her tongue covered with saliva in anticipation of his arrival. It was

whale size in comparison to him and could crush him easily. Then to the back of

her throat hung her uvula which reminded him of the stalagtites he saw on his

last trip to Carlsbad Caverns. Beyond which was the enterance to her esophagus

which was little different than the bottomless pit he saw in the caves. The big

difference was that this bottomless pit did in fact have a bottom and that was

Adeline's stomach!

Adeline leveled her head. When he least expected it she tossed him into her

mouth. He landed with a thud on her tongue. Soon after he hit her tongue the

flow of her saliva increased. He got up and tried to get to the front of her

mouth. He didn't know why he wanted to get there. After all if he succeeded in

his attempt he would certainly fall to his death. What a choice. To be digested

alive feeling your body dissolve or falling out of her mouth which would be like

falling off the Empire State Building.

Adeline was not going to allow him to make such a choice. She knocked him to the

back of her throat with her tongue and kept doing so. She played with and teased

him for hours by then his fighting was almost non existent. She gently spit him

onto her arm. He was soaked with her saliva. She looked at him and licked her


“I don't believe how good you tasted”, she continued but I'm not going to

swallow you just yet. I'm going to let you rest on my arm till you get up your

strength so you can fight some more.”

Mark wiped Adeline's saliva from his face and looked at his surroundings. Land

make of tan flesh as far as the eye could see. Her fine arm hair to him was like

a field of blond colored wheat. After a few minutes had passed he stood up and

started to run through her arm hairs. She saw that he was attempting to escape.

“No, no, we'll have none of that,” Adeline said playfully as she slowly moved

her arm up to her mouth. “I guess you recuperated faster than I thought you

would,” she continued, “Let the games begin.”

“I can't let you do this to me , Adeline!”

“You can't stop me!”

Mark almost reached her wrist when she started to tilt her arm. He fell down and

began to roll toward the edge of her arm. Luck was with him as he grabbed one of

her arm hairs and held on for dear life. The ground he had been on had been

tilted to such an angle that if he was not now hanging from her arm hair he

would have been back in her mouth.

He felt hot breath wash over him again. He didn't have to look. He knew what was

beneath him but he looked just the same. He was dangling over Adeline's hungry

mouth. He felt like a worm being held by a mother about to be fed to her hungry


“So, how do you like hanging around with me?” She said laughing.

“Stop this insanity.”

“So you think I'm crazy now? You didn't think so when we were e-mailing each

other. Maybe I am so crazy that I'll eat you bit by bit! It's been said that a

severed limb can continue moving for an hour after separation. Let's test that

theory, shall we?”

Adeline lowered her arm closer to her mouth. Mark's dangling legs where in her

mouth. She began to close her teeth. Just in time he bent his legs up as her

teeth came clashing together. She giggled as she repeated this process over and

over again each time bringing him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Finally he

was too deep inside of her mouth to avoid her teeth but this time she closed her Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

teeth gently on his waist and sucked on the lower half of his body as he kicked

wildly. This activity made both Adeline and Mark hot in spite of his

predicament. They orgazmed together. She swallowed as she held him fast. He

could feel the intense power of her swallowing mechanism below him and knew that

sooner or later he would succumb to it. If he has his way it would be later,

much later. She closed her lips tight around him and released the grip her teeth

had on him. There he was dangling from her arm hair with the lower half of his

body in her mouth. She started to suck on his body. Little by little he began to

slide into her mouth as if he was hoplessly trapped in quick sand. The more he

fought the fast and deeper he sank. Within a few minutes her lips were around

his head. He lost his grip on her strand of hair and was once again trapped in

her mouth. She positioned her tongue so that she would not unintentionally

swallow him and tilted her head forward. No, when she would finally decide to

swallow him it would be done quite intentionally.

Mark tried to stand on her soft wet tongue. It was like standing on the slick

deck of a ship in a severe storm. He reached her front teeth now tightly closed

and began to pound on them hoping that she would feel it and open her mouth. She

didn't. Instead she began kocking him around her mouth reveling in his flavor

and movements.

Minutes past which seemed like hours. Adeline opened her teeth slightly which

gave Mark the opportunity to grab onto them and try to pull himself out of her

mouth. Mark could see through her parted teeth that she was holding a mirror in

front of her face. From his vantage point he could see her beautiful face and

between the parting of her teeth him hanging on to them. She saw him too and

smiled. She thought how wonderful it was to have complete control over a man.

She swallowed. The force of her saliva and her powerful tongue almost sent Mark

down that wet slide to hell but he hung on. She swallowed again and he still

hung on. Then he felt the force of her tongue push him the other way out and

into her hand. She wiped the drool of her lips with her other arm. Adeline

looked at him covered in her saliva and smiled.

“Wow! You sure have a lot of fight in you. But don't worry in the end I'll win

and you will be in my tummy!”

Mark couldn't answer. He was attempting to catch his breath.

“I have another surprise for you. I know you like leg hair well when I go

camping I believe in staying with the natural theme. That's right, I leave the

shaver at home. How lucky for you. Are you ready for a real close look at my


She crossed her leg ankle over knee and placed him on her leg. He was in a field

of two day old stubble. He felt it under him and all around him. He reached out

his hand and felt it and almost immediately his member became erect. Adeline saw


“My! You really do like leg hair,” she said smiling.

She took out a string from her top and dangled in front of him.

“O.K., grab hold of the string.”

The string was like a rope to Mark. It swayed before him but he did not reach

for it.

“What if I don't! Why don't you restore me to my normal size and let me go. I

promise I will never tell anyone what you did. Haven't you put me through enough


“Well, you see my tasty morsel I can't restore you to normal. You see, I have no

way of retrieving the mass you lost when I shrunk you. So, I'm afraid that you

will remain your new hight for as long as you live.”

“You mean I will always be only two inches tall?”

“Now you get the idea! So if you were freed, you would have to survive alone in

the woods.”

“But I would be eaten alive by almost anything living here!”


“You could keep me like a pet.”

“Sorry, I already have enough pets. So you have one of two choices. Either I

free you and you end up in some animal's belly or you end up in mine! Your

choice. But make it fast while I am feeling generous!”

Mark looked at Adeline. She was a beautiful woman from head to toe. She was

intelligent as well. He thought of a rat catching him and tearing him into tiny

pieces and devouring each bloody piece. His mind then though of a snake

squeezing his tiny body till he longer could put up a fight then swallowing him

head first. He again looked at her and slowly grabbed hold of the string. She


“So, it would seem that you have chosen my tummy. I'm honored,” she said


Adeline took the string and Mark off of her leg. She lay down on her back and

once again crossed her legs.

“I thought that you would appreciate the view of my legs as I lower you into my

mouth for the last time. That's right, this time you are heading for my belly.”

She began to slowly lower him into her gaping mouth. She was salivating now more

than ever from the anticipation of feeling the tiny man struggling as he slid

down to her waiting stomach. Then his decent stopped suddenly.

“Oh! I almost forgot!”

She removed from her pocket a tiny scuba tank and a flashlight. She put the tank

into her mouth and keeping her mouth opened she swallowed it. Mark watched as

her throat moved pushing the tank down to her stomach. She traced its progress

to her stomach with her finger. He knew soon he would follow that same path. She

gave him the flashlight.

“I wouldn't want you to suffocate. I expect you to last at least a few hours

running around in here.” She said as she seductively rubbed her bare belly. “I

know you asked me about the stethoscope earlier. Well, now I'll tell you why I

brought it along. You see, I don't want to miss a single scream or plea for

mercy as I digest you into a thick ooze. With it I will be able to hear

everything from your screams to the gurgling of my digestive acids as they

dissolving you.”

Mark again began his decent into Adeline's waiting mouth. Soon he passed by her

wet lips and her teeth. She then closed her lips.

He was thrust up against the inside of her lips as she pulled the string from

her mouth. Finally the last of the string left her mouth as he dropped with a

splash onto her tongue. She leveled her head and began sucking on his body. He

pounded on her tongue but it didn't stop her from savoring his taste. He got up

and struggled to remain standing. Unfortunately for Mark, Adeline was done with

this portion of the game. She opened her mouth and again raised her mirror. He

saw himself standing in her mouth. His body was totally coated with her saliva.

She began to tilt her head back slowly and he fell with a splash onto her wet

tongue. He reached out and again grabbed one of her lower teeth. She had other

plans and gently closed her teeth on his hands. He was in extreme pain from the

pressure her teeth were placing on his hands. The pain was so intense that he

released his hold and slowly slid to the back of her throat. His surroundings

were once again flooded with light as she opened her mouth. He watched himself

in her mirror as he continued to slide closer to the back of her throat. He slid

closer and closer to her slide to oblivion. Mark looked up and saw her uvula

which hung like a giant pink stalactite from her soft pallet. As he was about to

slide down her gullet he mustered all of his remaining strength and lunged for

her Uvula. He was successful. He wrapped his arms and legs around it as tightly

as he could.

Adeline felt him hugging her uvula. She felt Mark hanging there. The sensation

was uncontrollably erotic for her and she climaxed. The moan she let out was so

intense that it almost dislodged him from his perch. After her orgasm ebbed she

continued to attempt to send him to her belly. She swallowed hard. She cleared

her throat. She coughed. Then she swallowed again. On this last swallow her

tongue ripped him from her uvula.

Mark dropped with a thud onto her tongue. With her next swallow the tongue

benieth him raised up and back against her pallet. He was pushed into her

oropharynx. Almost immediately her superior constrictor muscles closed throwing

him down her wet hot esophagus. The ring of her muscles below him relaxed and

the ring of mucles above him tightened. This procedure repeated again and again

forcing him to slide further down her throat. The constricting on his body, her

hot moist saliva covering his body and knowing where he was heading contributed

to him exploding into orgasmic ecstasy. His orgasm continued all of the way down

to her stomach. He noticed that he could see. There was an eerie glow that

illuminated the creases of the rugae of her stomach wall. Then he remembered the

flashlight that he dropped as she swallowed him. He traced the light to its

source and picked up the flashlight. He looked around his new enviornment. Above

him he saw the opening to her esophagus which was now tightly closed. He thought

that if he could climb up to it he may be able to force it opened and slip

through it. He began his assent. When he reached the now close opening he wasted

no time in trying to force it opened. He made a noble attempt but it did not

budge. Then his entire world vibrated with Adeline's voice.

“What are you doing down there? I haven't heard you scream once!”

Mark didn't repond. He was too busy hanging on.

“Wait! I can feel you! You're trying to climb out! You know that I can't let

that happen!”

Mark felt her muscles contract. Then he heard a sound that almost froze his

blood. There was a loud gurgling sound that kept getting louder. Then without

warning the opening to her esophagus relaxed and a glob of her saliva dropped

from the opening. It engulfed him like some blob from a Science Fiction movie.

It was like a title wave and he could not resist its force. With a splash he

struck the bottom of her stomach. The force stunned him for a few minutes.

“Ah! That felt so good,” Adeline cooed.

Mark Stood up and began to pound on her stomach wall.

“Oh Oh! Don't stop! I think I'm climaxing again!”

Adeline was feeling a slight fluttering coming from just under her left breast

which was driving her crazy. It didn't take her long to climax. She ached her

back and wave upon wave of ecstasy washed over her.

Inside her stomach, Mark was thrown onto his back and was engulfed in her climax

so much so that he climaxed almost in sync. After he recovered his senses he

took a moment to muse at what just happened. It was almost as if she caused me

to come. Like I'm already part of her. Attached in some way.

“Wow! That was great but keep trying to escape, I have many more climaxes to


“Can you hear me Adeline?”

“Of course I can. That's what the stethoscope is for silly. What can I do for


“Look, I need to get out of here before your stomach starts to digest me! So

please purge yourself on the ground before it's too late.”

“Sorry but I'm not into that binging and purging thing.”

“But if you don't your body will dissolve absorb me!”

“That's the whole idea! A girl's gotta eat! Besides after I absorb you your

knowledge of computers will help me with my latest project at work!”

“No, please let me go!” Mark pleaded.

“O.K. now, less talk more running!”

“Adeline, I'm not going to move! I'm going to just sit here until you let me


“Well, I hoped that I could just lay around and enjoy your running around my

belly,” she sighed, “But it looks like with your attitude I will have to take a

more active role in motivating you to run and plead!”

“What do you mean?”

“I remember from our correspondence that you wanted to become part of my arms,

legs and feet after I digested you so I am going for a 5 mile hike. That should

help to get my stomach acids flowing!”


“Oh yes!”

Adeline put on her socks and hiking boots. Mark was knocked around her stomach

as she leaned over but he kept to his word and stayed where he landed. She stood

up and again he was thrown to another location in her belly. She stood up and

began her hike.

Mark felt Adeline's stomach sway slightly with each step she took. The air

around him was getting hotter and more humid. He began to gasp for air. Then he

remembered the scuba tank. He desperately scanned the area with his flashlight

hopping to find it before he blacked out. If I black out I know I'll never wake

up, at least not as me, he thought. Then when blackness was about to engulf him

he saw a metallic object a few yards from him. He moved to the object as fast as

his condition allowed.

It was the tank. He turned the valve and shoved the mouth piece into his mouth.

He took a deep breath. The air was cool and sweet. After gulping the air for a

few minutes he put the straps on.

Adeline felt Mark walking in her belly and she smiled. She knew that he couldn't

stay put for long. Besides when my stomach starts to fill with acid I know he

will move, she thought.

It was getting late and Adeline was tired. She hiked back to camp. She didn't

get any quality sleep for days, with all of the preparing and putting Mark's

surprise into action. She rolled out her sleeping bag and layed down on her

back. She turned from one side to the other then onto her back. She felt Mark

being tossed and rolled around her stomach and she smiled. She woundered if Mark

would still exist when she woke up or would she have digested him into a thick

ooze. She drifted off to sleep with a contented smile on her face.

Mark was tossed and rolled like being caught be a giant title wave. Then almost

as sudden as the turbulence began it stopped. He lay there for a half hour

recovering from the experience. He started to dose off but fought the urge. Then

he felt the floor move. It wasn't as violent as before. It felt like a gentle

rippling under him. It felt soothing and peaceful. His eyes began to close as if

he was falling into some kind of trace. In the distance he heard dripping like

the sound he heard in the ice caves he had visited some years ago. The ground

movement increased in intensity but was strangely relaxing. He heard a hissing

sound coming from the area of his feet but in his groggy state he dismissed it.

He was rudely startled back to awareness when he felt an intense burning from

his feet. He grabbed the flashlight and shone it on his feet. They were being

touched by a thick translucent pale amber colored liquid. If his feet didn't

burn so badly he might have compared it to the “Blob”.

He pulled his feet away from the oozing liquid which eased the burning slightly.

He made a sweep with the light and noticed that it was coming from the creases

of the stomach wall. This was it he thought, she's begining to digest me! He

desperately searched for an escape route. He suddenly was overcome by a surge of

adrenaline as he jumped up and ran in panic. He regained his senses just in time

to prevent himself from plunging into a deep pool of Adeline's stomach acid. He

made it to one of the vertical surfaces and began to climb. When he was halfway

up the wall he shone the flashlight downward. What he saw froze his blood in

terror. The acid was covering the floor where he had been and it was rising!

Mark climbed higher and again looked down. Adeline's stomach was filling faster

with her digestive fluid and he didn't have much more room to climb. Her stomach

walls began moving slashing the acid around stimulated by his movements. He held

on as tight as he could but due to him exhaustion his grip was slipping. He knew

that if he fell he would immediately be digested and become part of Adeline. He

also knew that there was no way for him to escape. She had won and sooner or

latter he would be digested. He remembered all of her e-mails. How she teased

and played with him. How she made his fantasy as real as possible and now she

was allowing him to live it. He pictured her beautiful face, her straight blond

hair that cascaded six inches below her shoulders and her shapely body. His

member became erect. He pushed against her stomach wall.

Adeline was awaken by his thrusting on the wall of her stomach. The fluttering

inside her sent her into an orgasmic frenzy. She quickly sat up as she climaxed.

When Adeline sat up Mark lost his grip. He began to fall towards the pool of her

digestive fluids as he was in mid orgasm. He was amazed how he knew that she was

climaxing and he was one with it as it added to his own. His fall was slow like

a dream. He was experiencing the most intense orgasm he had ever hoped to

experience. His fantasy would soon be completely realized. He soon would be

digested alive and absorbed by this beautiful blond that he was inhabiting. Soon

he would cease to exist as Mark the individual and become leg, arm, feet muscle,

skin, bone as well as Adeline's body hair. His knowledge and experiences would

add to hers and he will be part of her forever. Finally Mark dropped into her

acid and sunk beneath its surface. His skin felt as if it where on fire. He swam

for the surface and finally reached it. He felt his skin melting from his body

exposing his muscle and other tissues to her searing stomach acid. Soon his

muscles rolled off of his bone. The pain was intense and he soon surrendered to

Adeline and soon sunk into the acid. Moments later he felt his mind slipping

away and knew that he was part of her now and forever.


Giantess Stories: BIRTHDAY SURPRISE by Mark Bryan Copywrite May 16

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