Giantess Stories: Boarding School Bust By AsukaFan

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Boarding School Bust



My name is Jake Thomas. I have lived in Prairie Gulf for most of my life. I hate

it here so much. It is the most boring town I have ever had the remorse of

living in. The most excitement that happens here is the winter “fun” Carnival

and I use the term fun loosely. All anyone ever does there is just watch a

parade and hang out with your friends and then you go to a lame dance where they

play 60's music that no one but our parents has ever heard of and on top of that

how cool is it to go to a dance with your parents. I want some fun so that's

where this ring comes into play.

This ring has been in my family for years and years. It has been in my family

for so many generations no one really knows how we got it. My grandmother has

kept it under lock and key for as long as I have been alive but last week I

swiped it. I never understood why she kept it under lock and key until I got it

home and started playing around with it. This ring can make your dreams come

true. It controls what you are. As long as I have this ring I can be anything,

or anyone I want. I have developed the perfect plan to get myself some fun

around here. It all started the night I got home after swiping the ring from my

grandma. I had just got done listening to my girlfriend break up with me and I

said something along the lines of I always feel so small around her while at the

same time I had my finger over the gem in the ring and viola I was very small

and I was in the family room in my girlfriends house. That was quite the fiasco

because I also learned that once you make a wish the gem in the ring turns black

and you cant use it again until it returns to its blood red color. There is no

real set time that it takes for the gem to take back it just does after awhile.

It could take minutes or hours or days.

 I have had the greatest idea. Since I go to a public school I get the

next week off for parent teacher conferences. So I am going to Prairie Gulf

Boarding School for girls. There hasn't been a guy within those walls since 1887

when it was founded. A few years ago they remodeled and they had an all female

construction crew. No one accept the people who work there and the students who

go there know what it looks like beyond those metal gates and I am going to be

the first guy to find out. With this little ring I can slip in undetected and

have a little fun, a little adventure and see some really hot girls. It's like

some kind of rule if you go there you just have to be hot. I swear only future

models go there or something. Its insane and they all have these cute red plaid

skirts. These white dress shirts with a tie and then a red blazer to go with it.

Or sometimes they have sweaters its just something you have to see. Words can't

do this justice. Lets just say it's the kind of place your fantasies take place

in. I know you know what I am talking about. The ones where you are at the mercy

of a group of giant girls who can do whatever they want to you. Grasping you

with their hands, playing with you, teasing you, tormenting you. Becoming their

tool for pleasure.

I grabbed my backpack and started packing in various supplies that I would

need for my adventure. I then lastly grabbed the ring and took a deep breath. I

then opened up my window and climbed onto the roof of my house. I then leapt

over to the oak tree and climbed down to the ground. I then ran half a mile to

the interstate and then made a mad dash across that. After crossing the

interstate I breathed a sigh of relief as the running part of my adventure is

done for now. Just before I approach the metal gates I use the ring to make

myself only an inch tall. It all happens so fast. Before I know it I am only an

inch tall, clothes and all. I look down at the rings gem and see that's it black.

About an hour later I realize I should have walked a little closer to the gate

because when your only a inch tall it takes a lot longer to walk 200 hundred

yards then it does when your 6'1” About another hour passes by and I finally

reach the gate. As I easily slip through the gates I smile as I actually have

accomplished something no man has ever done. I made it through the gates of

Prairie Gulf Boarding School. I am where no male has ever been.

The next several hours I spend walking towards the school. I didn't realize

how big the property is. I do know that once I get inside one of these buildings

I wont have to go outside ever again because all the buildings are connected by

skyways and underground tunnels.

Walking through the grassy plain that rises before me more like a forest then

just a bunch of grass. I start to hear a roaring crunch, crunch, crunch coming

ahead of me. I stop immediately in my tracks. The cracking and crashing of what

sounds like buildings, trees, all around me. Just in front of me I see a massive

white object appear and then I turn around and see one behind me. Then it

disappears. In a panic I start freaking out and screaming. I start to pound at

the ground and try to rip up pieces of grass by its roots. I start to regain my

composure and look around at the ground in front of me. The grass is flattened

like pavement.

That was my first encounter with a giantess. Seeing the destructive power and

nature at first hand. The very grass I struggle to pull, to rip, to break, is

trampled to death. Laying in a flat, vast wasteland. One girl destroyed enough

land  that I could put a house on it in one step of her foot. That trampled,

flattened ground could have been me. At that moment I realize the destructive

power that these girls have. That this is not some fun and games. I want to go

home. I look down at my ring and see that it is still black. I look back in the

direction the gates lay and I see nothing. It's too far for me to see. I look

ahead and see the door. Knowing that I have no choice I continue walking towards

the door.

I crawled under the door and entered the main hallway. The ceilings are so

high I can't even see them. I look down at my ring and see that it's still

black. In the distance I spot one of the girls here. I start running towards her

hoping that she will have some place that I can hide on her. Just as I make it

to her she starts standing up. I leap onto the strap of her backpack as she

picks it up and puts the strap over her shoulder. I look down at the floor that

seems to be a long ways away now. As she starts walking it feels like I am

holding onto the rear spoiler of an Indy car going full speed. The strap swings

from side to side and once in awhile it hits her leg. I can't help but look at her

short red plaid skirt. I start to daydream of climbing up on it or maybe into

it. As soon as the thoughts enter my head I decided against it. I just want to

get big and get out of here. As she turns into the cafeteria I see hundreds upon

hundreds of girls sitting down and eating. As I look at all the girls I start to

lose my grip, as my attention is no longer on trying to hold on but look at all

the girls here.

I fly off the strap and flutter in mid air momentarily then start my downward

descent. A plate a pancakes looms in front of me. I try to move my body in one

direction or the other but I fall smack dab in the middle of largest pancake I

have ever seen.

“If I was any smaller she wouldn't be able to see me here”

The moment I said that i started to

feel funny. I knew what was going on as the pancake grew bigger and bigger. I

cursed myself at my stupidity. I start running towards the edge but as I start

running I see a large nipple overhead. A thick brown maple syrup spreads across

the entire pancake firmly sticking me into place. I stare up at the owner of the

pancake and I see a red headed beauty. She has her hair pulled back into a

ponytail and a plaid skirt with a sweater with the school crest embroidered onto

it. Her fork cuts into the soft pancake a wave of syrup runs over my body. I

continue to flail my body hoping she spots me but she continues eating getting

closer and closer to me.


“So Kim, are you in forthe party tonight? Its in Kacie's room.”

“Of course I am, I paid my money already for pizza”

Her fork then crashes down on top of me. I scream as her fork smashes me into her

plate. I then find myself stuck onto the fork. I try to push myself off of the

cold metal fork buts its no use. Kim spears the fork and me into her pancake. As

I am lifted up off her plate and towards her dark cavernous mouth. Saliva drips

from the top row of her teeth to the bottom. Her mouth watering in anticipation of

the warm gooey goodness. As I am shoved through her lips and into her mouth her

lips close locking me in darkness. I can smell her blueberry-scented breath

everywhere. As her fork starts to pull out of her mouth I now clench onto the

fork for with my life knowing I will be easily swallowed and killed if I remain

this girls mouth. As she pulls the fork out I feel myself being left behind.

I start shoving and fighting my way through her lips. With one final mighty

shove I make it through while at the same time she opens her mouth making my

final blast all for not and I tumble down landing onto her plaid skirt. As I rest

here staring up at her I contemplate what I have gotten myself into.

As Kim starts to stand up I start to slide down her plaid skirt. Just as I

feel nothing but air on my back I grab a loose string that is hanging from her

skirt. I feel just like James Bond as I dangle from her. I guess I got

the excitement I wanted I think to myself as she begins walking.

Everything is in a blur as Kim takes hallway after hallway twisting and

turning about and I remain hanging onto the string. As Kim turns a corner I lose

my grip and fly off of her skirt. I feel my body want to explode as I hit the

carpet and roll end over end. I begin to pick my battered body up off the floor

and see the most amazing woman I have seen in my life.

“Kacie are you almost done in here?”

“Yeah just five more minutes hold up.”

“Okay but I don't want to be late again for mythology. I hate being late and

having to sit in front.”

“Well Mrs. Johnson is a bitch simple as that. I will hurry. I will pretend

this punching bag is her.”

I now started sprinting towards Kacie's purse in the corner. I really didn't

want to be left behind in here for god only knows what person. Maybe some old

cleaning lady or some 80-year-old grandma to find. I was no longer paying

attention to my tired legs or swollen body. I was just trying to get the bag.

“If only I was even a couple inches bigger this wouldn't hurt my ears so


I felt my body expanding. I mentally screamed “noooo” in my head knowing that

I wasted a wish again. I swear this ring is evil. I think to myself. As my body

grows the pain starts to go away. I realize that after each transformation my

body must rejuvenate or something like that. I felt ten times better and now the

purse didn't seem so far away.

That's when I was knocked onto my back. In the background I heard the black

punching bag being knocked senseless the ringing of each pound after wailing

pound was deafening to my tiny ears. Before I could roll over there was a

tremendous pressure at my back and then at the same time my chest. I looked

around to realize I was being picked up off the ground. I tried to turn around

but I couldn't crane my neck far enough around for myself to be able to see. It

was then all done for me. A face the size of three IMAX screens was before me.

It was Kim. I started squirming in her hand. Her eyes were locked on me like


“What do we have here? You look so cute! You remind me of the little dolls I

use to play with when I was younger. But you are clearly no doll. You are a man,

well kind of. A doll man, a mini man, Micro man even. You are first boy I have

seen in quite sometime.”

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA princess put me down. I am not your toy; I am not your

plaything. I am just a guy trying to find a place to hide till I can get back to

my normal size. So why don't you put me down. I will go about my way. You can go

your and.”

“Did you just call me princess? You did not just call me princess!”

“Fine then, BITCH put me down.”

“What are you going to do if I don't? The way you are talking to me in fact I

am definitely not going to put you down. I just might do this.”

Her fingers start to stroke my body up and down. Her warm sensuous fingers

warm my body like a hot bath on a cold winters day. Her fingers hit every inch

of my body as they run up and down me. Starting out my legs then her pinky

finger runs up my legs and rubs my cock and then up my chest and then she

squeezes my biceps and ruffles my hair. She then opens up her palm and I lay

flat in it breathing intensely. She raises her palm up to her mouth. I watch her

lips curl and then with ease her warm blueberry breath blows me over on my back.

Her fingers run down the small of my back and then she squeezes my ass and then

runs down my legs. Her tongue extends towards me. I can feel her saliva dripping

onto me shirt.

“Kim who are you talking too? What are you doing!?”

“Oh um, well”

“What do you got there?”

The face of the girl she called Kacie comes overhead. Sweat dripping down her

face onto my back. Kim gently rolls me over with her pinky finger. Kacie's face

looms over me almost sending me into shock. My body freezes up as I stare at

her. Only my eyes can move. Darting back and forth between the duo. They are

both so pretty but Kacie is hands down perfect. She should be a model.

“Kim are you thinking what I am thinking?”

Without a word Kim starts to walk.

I am bounced around in the palm of her hand as she holds it flat. I roll from

side to side trying to grab onto something but there is nothing to grab. Her

every step enough to knock me off but she tilts her hand from left to right

keeping me balanced in the palm of her hand. Then her hand just tilts and I roll

end over even into Kacie's purse.


“I guess you were thinking what I was after all Kim.”

Without a word Kim starts to walk. I am bounced around in the palm of her hand

as she holds it flat. I roll from side to side trying to grab onto something but

there is nothing to grab. Her every step enough to knock me off but she tilts

her hand from left to right keeping me balanced in the palm of her hand. Then

her hand just tilts and I roll end over even into Kacie's purse.

“I guess you were thinking what I was after all Kim.”

I felt the purse lifted into the air and I was shimmed from side to side. I

could hear the girls giggling as they walked down the hall. I made my way to the

wall of the purse and tried to squeeze out of the holes but I was much to big

for that I was prisoner of these two girls for now. I could do nothing but wait

for a opportunity to escape.

Hours went by which seemed to take more like days. You have no idea how

incredibly boring being in a purse is. However finally we entered Kacie's room.

There were 2 other beds besides her in the room. The very second she closed the

door she sat down on her bed and pulled me out. She set me down on the bed and

then started to take off her red plaid skirt. Just as she was going to take her

top off her phone rang. She grabbed her headset and put it on.

I took the liberty of exploring my new surroundings. As she sat on her bed I

started to walk around her. I couldn't believe how incredibly small I was

compared to her. She was like the statue of liberty and I was a small ant

crawling at its feet. The moment I turned the corner I saw the most perfect ass

I had ever seen in my life. My heart skipped a beat. I had always been what some

would call an ass man.

“We got some cornbread up in this bitch!”

The second I opened my mouth I knew I had made a mistake. Kacie's head

whipped around faster then I could blink. Her hair made a swooshing sound that

sounded like the cold hard steel blade of a sword cutting through the air. A

clear, clean slice of every blade of her hair. She looked down at me and I

quickly moved my hand away from her ass. I then backed away from her ass knowing

that I couldn't go anywhere. I couldn't run anywhere. Her bed is much to high

for me to get down. I was her prisoner and I had no choice in the matter.

“So you like my ass don't you little man.”

“I know exactly how to care for little guys like you, but right now I have to

meet some friends so your going to wait here for me.”

I watched intently as she threw on some

clothes. She was so big and could move so agilely. She had no wasted movement.

As she walked out the door I walked over to the edge of her bed. I stared down

at the floor. I looked over for her phone cord but I saw that she had cordless

phone and a cell phone laying on the bed. I kept searching but I wasn't coming

up with anything. I was starting to get frustrated. I wasn't a patient person

and I was being forced to wait for this girl to comeback. Jake Thomas waits for

on one. Finally my frustrations erupted and I jumped off the edge of the bed. I

was in free fall for a time that was almost non existent. When I hit the hard

wood floor I felt every bone in my body implode upon itself and crush. Millions

upon millions of bone fragments spread across my body. I looked at my ring and

saw that I was able to make a wish. I didn't want to have to waste it on this

but I didn't want to die here either.


“I wish that I wasn't hurt.”

If being broken to almost death was painful then feeling your body put

yourself back together surely has to be death. However I was still alive and off

the bed so I couldn't really complain. The door started swing open and I saw

what I thought was going to be Kacie but was a brand new girl. I dashed under

Kacie's bed and then walked the length of her bed so I could spy on this other


She tosses her shirt and blazer on the floor and then grabs a black T-shirt.

She then kicks off her shoes which forces me to run as one of her shoes almost

land atop of me. I am now standing in the middle of the floor. So I dash towards

her bed. She has a flannel comforter on her bed that hangs down and touches the

floor on both sides of her bed. So I dive under the comforter and hide. As I am

entrenched in darkness I start to feel safer since she cant see me. I then look

around and see what looks more like a garbage can then the underside of a bed.

Bags of chips, pizza boxes, soda cans, cracker boxes, and even a jar of peanut

butter all lie under her bed.

Each movement she makes on her bed makes her springs creek. Wanting to get a

better look at her I go against my better since of judgement and start climbing

up the side of her bed. As I pull myself over and onto her mattress I breathe

heavily and I lay back onto her bed staring up at the ceiling. As I do so I had

totally forgotten that she was also on the bed. By the time I dart up I see her

staring intently at me from the other side of the bed. The opposite side of the

bed looks like a few hundred feet to me but her arm easily stretches across the

distance. She flicks me over with one finger and starts to examine me like I am

some kind of test subject.

“Well, well, well what has Tawnee found to entertain herself today?!”

I didn't really care for the way she said entertain herself but I looked back

at her knowing that I didn't have a choice either. Before I could even say

anything she had me in the palm of her hand looking at me further. She would

roll me around and press down on various parts of my body checking if I was


“You are a real boy aren't you. Just like Pinocchio.”

Her eyes smirked evilly at me. I didn't like the look or glint in her eye. As

she walked over to her mini fridge she set me down on a paper plate. I started

running across the plate but before I could make any progress I was pummeled by

frozen pizza rolls. They were huge I thought to myself. They looked like

gigantic hay bails. As I looked up at her I watched he with ease rip a frozen

pizza roll in half. Which I might add is no easy task.

“I am one step ahead of you what is your name again? Is it whore? No that's

not it you put out to much to be called that. Even whores turn some people down.

Is it bitch? No even a bitch has a good quality and you have none. If you look

at the pizza rolls and back at me you can easily see that I would have to be

smaller to fit into a pizza roll.”

I started to feel my body tingle and diminish in size once again. The pizza

rolls on the plate grew bigger and bigger. I looked up at Tawnee's face it grew

farther and farther away. The smaller I got the more I panicked as I realized

what she had in store for me. I ran faster then I had ever ran before to get off

of this plate and maybe find a crack or a mouse hole that I could hide in. Her

fingers quickly overwhelmed me and I was dangling so high up in the air I looked

for a stealth bomber to fly by me or maybe see a space shuttle fly by me. I

couldn't help but wonder how small I had gotten. With out hesitation she pushed

my body into the pizza roll and then put the top back on.

As I heard the door to microwave close I tried to push the top off but it was

too heavy. No matter how hard I pushed I would never be able to budge this


“Curse this damn ring I thought to myself. Curse it to mother fucking hell

and may it burn into nothing.”

The pizza sauce started getting hotter and hotter. I could feel my skin being

burnt. My cries of pain were drown out by the whizzing of the microwave. The

cheese started to melt to my skin. I tried vainly to push the top off of the

pizza roll but it had now cooked back together. For the first time in quite a

few years I started crying as I realized I was going to be eaten to death. Why

didn't I just stay on Kacie's bed. I thought to myself. I could feel the plate

start to shake as She walked over to her bed. I could faintly hear the door open

up and Tawnee talking to someone. I could tell it wasn't Kacie's voice. I don't

think I could forget the voice of my queen. If only I could get back to my

normal size I would ask her out somehow. I am not quite sure how but I would.

“Oh Pizza Rolls let me have one. I love

those little things.”

“Oh um Alicia (AL) I am really hungry I…”

“Oh come on its just one and I always give you some of my stuff.”

“Your right it is just one.” in a worried tone.

I felt the pizza roll I was in start to lift up. I knew this was it and I

didn't even know who was going to do me in. Would it be Tawnee or the girl she

called Al. I could feel a the air current whiz by me and I looked up to see a

gaping whole where there use to be pizza roll. It wasn't Tawnee who had me But

the other girl. I knew I had to escape before she got ready for her next bite. I

struggled, pushed and fought my way to try to free myself but it was no use. I

could feel myself being raised towards her mouth. I was going to be tossed in

and dismembered by this girl with a very nice smile and a cute face and a nice

white hat and shirt but her mouth was dark and black. The closer I got the more

I could tell she was staring at something. I soon realized it was me. She was

non-chalantly staring at me without trying to draw attention but why? Its almost

like she knew I was here. She then got up and headed out of the room. I

continued my struggle to escape I was not going to be some girls snack thing. We

then stopped and I heard her knock at someone's door. As she ran in I knew that

I wasn't in danger of being eaten just yet.

“CARMEN!!!! YOU HAVE TO SEE WHAT I GOT! You need to see this little thing!!!”

I felt relief and fear at the same time. Things weren't exactly going as I

had planned. I was hoping to remain inconspicuous and so far I have done just

the opposite. I have been in some sort of danger at every turn. As I looked up

expecting the worse I saw a very pretty face. Not pretty like Kacie but this

Carmen was pretty in her own way.

“He is so tiny. Where did you find him?

How did you get him? Is he real? He looks real but small? Why he is in a pizza

roll? He likes injured? I think he needs some love? The poor little animal is

hurt. That's so sad well you brought him to the right place. My daddy's a vet

little thing. I know just how to care for little wounded animals like you. It

will be okay I help him out every summer since forever. You don't need to be



“Did you call me animal? Listen here I am not some kind of sick wounded

creature that needs your love well maybe some loving yeah some loving all night

long. All up inside of you.”

Both girls just stared down at me. I soon figured out that even there

quietest of voices and noises could drown out mine. Thinking back at what I said

I was glad that they didn't hear anything that I said. Carmen then dangled some

dental floss in front of me and I grabbed ahold as she pulled me out. As soon as

I was out I fell back into her soft hands. Her hands felt like a bed of soft

warm feathers. She gently carried me over to her bed and set me down on her


“I don't have a roommate so don't worry about anyone coming in. Its going to

be just me and Al here so get some rest okay.”

She was talking to me like I was a baby or a new kitten but I didn't mind.

For the first time in my life I had to gorgeous women waiting on me hand and


I found myself to tired to even think and I drifted unknowingly to sleep.

As I awoke staring up at the plain white ceiling I turned over and saw the

pink pillow and then the events of earlier started to run back into my head. I

looked over and saw Carmen sleeping next to me. She only in wearing a bra and

panties from what I could see that I would be able to easily climb up on top of

Carmen. Using her hair as a rope I climbed up onto her face. Her skin was warm

and soft. As I started walking across her face my feet sunk into her cheeks. Her

spongy skin slide between my toes as I walked. I then proceeded to slide down to

her neck. I was now level with her breasts. My heart started to beat harder and

harder with every step I take. I nervously extended my hand out towards her bra.

“Need some help tiny?”

I embarrassingly look back at her but she calmly looks back at me and

skillfully removes her bra. Her tit flesh was bigger then I had anticipated. I

uncontrollably ran towards them. I wrapped my arms as far as they could reach

around her breasts. I could hear her soothing heart bead as I laid my head onto

her breast like a pillow. As she breathed in and out I could feel her chest rise

and fall at my feet which then made her breasts shake a little but it was more

of a calm rhythmic rocking that you would feel on a boat. One of her hands I

could then feel move onto me. I expected to be pulled away but she merely placed

her hand on top of me gently rubbing me and her breast at the same time. We both

slowly drifted back to sleep.

Some time later there was a knock at Carmen's door. She bolted up from bed

forgetting I was even there. I was now hanging from her nipple. As she stood up

I tried screaming to her but she was to dazed and tired to hear. As she opened

up the door I saw that it was Tawnee at the door. I had no where to hide. I

tried pulling myself up onto the top of one of Carmen's breasts but it was no

use. I wasn't strong enough to pull my body up like that. Tawnee then used

Carmen's dazed stupor to quickly and swiftly grab me. In a moment I was in her

grip. I could no longer hear what was going on but I then felt Tawnee and I

flying down the hallway almost. No, it was grinding but what? I could tell she

then fell onto something soft because we bounced up and down. Her hands slowly

started to uncurl and the dimly lit room came into view.



know, I have always dreamed of having my own tiny person to have my way with. I

have always been fascinated with being a goddess. I even surf onto GTS sites. I

have envisioned doing all sorts of things to my tiny man if I ever got one.

Stuffing him in my shoe, bra, etc. Torturing him, making me worship me for his

own survival. You see for 4 long years I have had to live my fantasy through

stories like the coeds through stories like Change for a 22. Through video's and

segments that are produced by professional and non professional people. But now

no more. Now I have my own tiny slave.”


I was no afraid for my life. I started running in no particular direction but

her hand caught and over powered me. She carried me over to a pile where where

clothes from earlier sat. I stared up at her and her face was cold. Her

expression was cruel. Without a care she dropped me into the same fishnet

stockings she had on earlier. As I hit bottom I struggle to stand up but my legs

slide through holes in the stockings. I try to fight my way out but she starts

swinging the stocking around and around in the air faster and faster. I felt

like I was on that ride at the fair called the zipper.

“You look so cute in there. Trapped like wounded animal and the only two About Us

people who can save you aren't here. Al is out working out she wont be back for

a long time and no one knows where Kacie is. This time your all mine to crush

and kill any way I please. “

Oh don't worry I will be back shortly. I just have to get a few things. You can

hang out here while I am away.”

She then opened the door to her closet and tied stocking on the bar in the

closet. With a happy smile as she looked down at me fighting my way to just

stand back up she closed and locked her closet door.

I could hear her footsteps returning. The heavy footfalls from Tawnee are

unmistakable. As the closet door opened up I shook in fear from inside her

fishnet stockings. As I was dumped out into the palm of her hand I saw a

decorative lantern on her desk. I already knew that's where we were heading

before she ever started walking. Tawnee started to tilt her hand and I slid down

her palm and then I grasped the edge of the glass cylinder around the lantern. I

looked down the long glass walls and saw the flickering flame below. The heat at

my feet was intense. Sweat started to bead at my forehead and soon my body was

covered in the itchy, salty sweat. My hands grew to slick to hold onto the rim

of the cylinder and I slid down to the bottom of the lantern. I pressed my back

against the glass wall but the flame had made the glass very hot and the skin on

my back ended up severely singed. I pulled away from the glass wall and almost

fell into the fire. I could hear Tawnee's laugh echo through the room. I looked

over to see her falling back on her bed. Her hand pulls her shirt up and I see

her reach her arm over to her nightstand and grab something. I however start

hoping up and down as the ground around the flame grows hotter and hotter with

each passing moment. Tawnee's sexual moans of pleasure rang in my ears. I

couldn't believe she was getting off on my torture.



A hour or so has gone by. I am starting to wonder if I will ever get out of

here. Tawnee is just laying in her bed sleeping. Its like I don't exist at all

to her. My back is now so numb I can lay my back against the hot glass and not

feel anything. I then see the door swing open. I breathe a sigh of relief as I

see Kacie walk in. She turns her head towards the lantern immediately.

“TAWNEE!!! How could you be so mean. OH MY GOD!”

Before Tawnee could even sit up the glass cylinder is lifted off the lantern

and Kacie easily blows the flame out. Since my back was against the glass wall

As it was lifted up I tumbled off of the lantern but luckily I fell back into

Kacie's waiting hands.

“Oh Alec are you okay? Have you gotten smaller?”

“Kacie thank you so much. Did you call me Alec? I'm not Alec I am Jake.”

“I'm not Kacie I am her sister Abby. You mean she has another little man.

Well then I am going to take you back to the gym with me then.”


(For background information on Kacie and Abby, to find out who Alec is. You

can read the antics of there previous adventures with a shrunken man in the

story "Put Me Down!" Just follow the following link.

Adventure's of Kacie and Abby)

I was already headed out of the room with

Kacie's sister Abby. I have never met Identical twins before. I was however

confused on why she called me Alec. Is there another tiny man around here? I had

no time to think because before I could finish my thought we walked into the gym

where I saw Kacie already working out. From the palm of her sister's hand I was

in no where free from this insanity. I was now at the mercy of two girls I

couldn't tell apart and two girls who I knew nothing about.


“So little guy what's your story? How come your so tiny?”

“Yeah Speak up or we might have to give you back to Tawnee!”

The thought of being in Tawnee's grubby paws really scares me. I look back

and forth between the girls. I am torn between to tell then and to not. I really

don't want them to know about the ring and yet I don't want to go back to Tawnee.

I got it. I am a genius sometimes.

“Well, you see back at my house I made a shrinking machine and I used it on

myself to see what it would be like.”

In unison. “OH PLEASE!! You expect us to believe something like that. You

invented a shrink ray!”

Kacie and Abby then stare at each other with a quizzical look across there


“What do you mean Oh please!! Is the truth not good enough for you two or


“It's just your story is a little far fetched. It sounds like something out

of Mystery Science theater 3000. I think you are here for our amusement and


Kacie quickly buts in interrupting her sister Abby!”

“Yep you shrunk just to please me and me alone. You will be my little subject

assisting me in my duties of curing horniness and after a sweaty volleyball

practice you can lick the sweat from my body. Then if you do a good job I will…”

“Excuse me!!! Serve you and you alone? I saved him from the lantern. “

Jake looks between the girls puzzled at what to believe and a little

embarrassed over two girls fighting over him and not just two girls. Two really

hot twin sisters. I have never really been much of a babe magnet. I am not ugly

by any means but there a lot of guys better looking then me. Now I have these

two luscious beauties fighting over me.

“Well you know ladies there is plenty enough of me to go around.”

They both stare down at me and burst out laughing uncontrollably.

“There is hardly enough to please us.”

“What's that suppose to mean!!! And put me down. I will not be treated like


“Put you down? [giggle] Your coming to my room for a little get together.”

“Oh really! I would like to get you together with me dick.”

“Oh is that what you call that scrappy looking thing down there? I have had

hang nails bigger than that thing!”

“Scrappy? This is 6 inches of love here ladies!”

“Six inches!! Your whole body is only 4 and if you ask me its more like 6

millimeters if your lucky.

Abby finally clenches the hand she has Jake which subdues his all of his

arguments. She smiles happily as she can feel him squirming in her hand. Trying

to push up on her fingers. Pushing with all his might to push against her

clenched fist.

“Well little man do you want out of my fist? Then I expected to hear the

magic words.”

“You better hurry Abby is very impatient she doesn't like waiting.”“I am

sorry Abby! There are you happy. Now let me go you stupid cunt.”

“HAHAHA He called you a cunt Abby!! He knows you just after 20 minutes!”

“What's that? You want to spend your life with Tawnee!! I think that's what

he said didn't you hear that Kacie?”

“Hey I didn't get my turn with him Abby.”

In a muffled voice. “Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, I am like Pamela Anderson

everyone gets a ride”

“Your more like nag with one foot in the glue factory if you ask me!”

“Well if I wanted your few cents I would put the change in your slot and hop

on because I would get a better ride but I wasn't talking to you.”

“Oh man this little guy is ripping you a new one Abby! Were keeping him!!”

“Sure you can peel him off the bottom of my shoe.”

“How would I get on the bottom of your shoe? I didn't know it ever left your


I then her absolutely nothing. I could just feel the gently swinging of her

arm. I tried calling you but I heard no answer. I tried making a wish to be

bigger but nothing happened. I still don't understand this ring. It seems to

work when it can make my life more miserable but when it comes to helping me it

always seems like its broken for those parts. The creaking of a door broke

through my thoughts.

“Where are we? Someone please answer me!”

I counted the minutes I was in her hand. I started out just counting seconds

to myself then once I hit a minute I just added up the minutes. It helped past

the time. After 8 minutes had passed Abby's titanium grip was released. With a

heavy thud I landed head first in a bird cage. I noticed Abby took great

pleasure in sealing me in here. I tried opening the door but it was no use. Only

one of them could open this door.

“Well how does the little man like it in there now? Where's your smart


“Awe, Do we have to keep him in there? It's not like he did anything wrong?”

“What do you mean wrong? That little shrimp was talking back to me? Who does

he think he is? He is just a little earth worm squirming around at my feet.”

“Come on Abby? I was just playing I didn't mean any harm.”

“Yeah he was just playing so lets let him out!”

“Abby I know you want too. I can see it spelled out on your face. Your not a

bad person. Your eyes have that innocent look. Your milky soft skin just glows

so radiantly with your personality. I didn't know you were getting upset with

our little exchange.”

“Well pencil dick you sure changed your tune fast. You are kind of cute

though. How could I stay mad at you.”

“Yeah I mean he meant you were a stupid cunt with love Abs. ”

“Yeah I meant you were a stupid loose cunt who lacks brain with the utmost


“Yeah, sure I will let you out. I mean whatever was I thinking. Let me just grab

the Key and unlock the door and Oh wait I remember why I cant do that. Because I

don't want too. Because I Don't have too. Because your ours now and right now

your staying in that cage because I say so. Because your mouth has wrote some

checks your ass cant cash. If you want out of that cage then do it yourself.

Otherwise you can just stay in there until the girls come.”

“Awe Abby!”

“AWE Kacie!!!!”

“OOOOHHHH you make me so mad sometimes.”

“I was wondering if I could get some food.”

“Oh the little guy was wondering if he could get some food.”

“Thanks Abby! I haven't eaten in quite sometime.”

“Who do I like to you? Tom Bodette? We don't run a motel 6 here and we sure

as hell aren't leaving the light on for you.”

“Awe I will get you something to eat little fella.”

“Thanks Kacie, Your so good to me.”

“No problem I love you little guys.”

“Oh brother! Your lucky Kacie is here or else!”

Kacie grabbed a piece of lunch meat for me and a cracker and slid it through

the bars. I hungrily ate away as the girls puttered around there room preparing

for something. By the time I had finished eating there was a knock at the door.

I looked around my cage for a place to hide but there was none. I was a little

nervous about subjecting myself to strange girls but I had no real choice.

As Kacie opened the door I saw a rather sporty looking girl walk in. Not as

athletically built as Kacie and Abby but still really athletic. Her dark brown

almost red hair called to me. The moment she stepped into the room her eyes

stopped on the cage. I started to back pedal to the far wall hoping that she

wouldn't recognize me.

“What kind of bird did you get?”

A perplexed look crosses Kacie's face as she looks at Courtney. “What do you

mean bird? Why would you think we have a bird? I don't even like birds.”

“Well you have a birdcage and I don't know

what else you would keep one.”


“Oh you don't have a shrunken man to put in yours?” Retorts Abby.

“Shrunken man? [laughs] There is no such thing but it would be nice to see


The closer and closer she gets the more my heart wants to leap out of my

chest and run away. I could only look at her from the confines of my cage

waiting for the moment of her seeing me. Then I happened, and I saw her running

towards the cage. It sounded more like a stampede of wild elephants. She pressed

her face against the bars of the cage looking at me. It was a little

disorienting to see a face so up close. She is a very pretty girl but seeing a

face bigger then your whole body a few inches from your body the thing tends to

look quite hideous. Without a thought she opened the door to the cage. I looked

over to see Abby and Kacie only watching.

“Oh yeah the cases are down in my room is what I was coming to tell you. You

don't mind if I stay here while you get them do you. This is the most incredible

thing I have ever seen.”

Kacie and Abby were talking about something as they walked out of the room

but I couldn't her what they said but my moment of broken concentration on

Courtney is all that she needed to grab me. Her fingers curled around me like

she had held a man before. I was pulled out of the cage and I was face to face

with her breasts. Her small breasts were only being contained by a small red

sports bra of sorts. I wanted so badly to just rip it off. As Courtney laid back

down on a bed she set me down on her stomach. I was trying to be a gentlemen but

my man side of me took over and I ran towards her breasts. I tried pulling off

the top she had on but I found my body much to weak.

“HAHA, Well you remind me of my boyfriend I had before I came here. He always

went for the breasts first. He thought of nothing but my body but it looks like

you don't have the power to”

“Oh I got the power to make your motor run all week long.”

“I would have guessed that you had the power to make a night light flicker.”


“You're my little doll with to whatever I want with for now.”

I had just climbed over her breasts and what nice breasts they were. They are

small yet firm. But even these once small breasts are no menacing. Good think

they aren't any bigger. I then felt my body start to dwindle a little and her

breasts grew larger and larger. I tried yelling to her for help but she soon sat

up and I tumbled back onto her breasts. As she stood up she unconsciously

adjusted her top. Normally I wouldn't care but while she adjusted me between her


“Hey Little thing where did you go? Did I scare you? I was just playing

around I haven't even ever had a boyfriend. Come on out. Here manny, manny,


I couldn't believe it she was calling me like I was some sort of kitty. I

remember my girlfriends younger sister calling there little cat like that before

he died saying Here kitty, kitty, kitty. As she started to walk about the room I

kept trying to push against the fabric of top trying to free myself but it was

no use. As she bent down to look under the bed I kept hoping I would fall out

but I merely hung almost upside down. There was then a knock at the door. As

Courtney walks to the door I couldn't believe I ever called her breasts small. I

was being bounced up and down with every step. I started yelling towards her but

she was still scanning the room for me I guess by the way her head is turning

from left to right. As she opens the door. As Courtney jumps up and down with

the other girl my stomach is sent into sea of sickness. As they hug I scream as

while they hug Courtney's shirt slides down enough where I spill out of her

breasts into this other girls breasts.

I can now hear nothing but dead silence

because I am head first into her breasts. I keep kicking legss but I don't even

know if she can see anything or how much they extend out If any. I felt so

embarrassed and helpless at the same time.


As they walk about the room I start thinking how embarrassing it would be to

have them find me here. it's a good thing I am a little smaller. However as luck

would have it my body started enlarging. My head was trying to push out of the

bottom of this new girls top. I then felt something at my legs. I was pulled out

this new girls breasts. I started to sweat in nervousness as I looked into the

face of both girls.

“Well Courtney its looks like this man is some place he shouldn't be.”

“Oh yes! I think that calls for punishment.”

“OOOOOOO yes punishment is good!”

“Girls, please let me explain. I got stuck in..”

Courtney then presses her face up close to mine. I can feel her hot breathe

spill over me with every breath she takes. I fight in this new girls hands but

her grip is surprisingly secure.

“Save it little man, No one cares about your thoughts.”

The way she said that was so cold and cool. So heartless, it made my insides

start to shake. I was soon lowered to the floor. It was quite a sight to watch

Courtney stand back up to her full height. I had never seen anything like it.

These girls look how a small mouse would view a dinosaur. With a giggle in there

voice I heard the new girl call out you have a two minute head start. I didn't

know what they head planned but I really didn't want to wait around to find out.

I started running and then I was knocked over from behind. I looked back to see

Courtney's foot pass over me and stomp down beside me. I pulled myself up and

started back pedaling. I then felt a strong wind at my back. I tumbled end over

end back into Courtney's foot.

“Good one Dana!”

“Thanks Court”

I started crawling towards the bed but I soon felt something heavy pressing

down on me. It was Dana's foot. I tried to pull myself out from under it using

the carpet as hand holds but it was no use her foot was to heavy. Thrusted into

my vision was a gigantic rubber stick. Courtney was dangling it in front of me.

“If you want to be free grab on.”

Seeing no other real choice I grab onto the stick and Dana lifts her foot up

and Courtney pulls me and stick all the way up to her face. She then smiles and

walks over to the mirror. I almost lose my grip as I look at my reflection. I am

clinging to the largest Dildo I had ever seen in my life.

“I don't know about you Dana but I am sure feeling frisky.”

“Do you see a dick big enough to please you anywhere.”


“Well ladies if your looking for love your looking at the right guy.”

[laughs] “Don't be silly your tiny thing couldn't please a Barbie doll.”

“Hey!!! I resemble that remark! Wait a minute I mean…”

Courtney started pulling her pants away from her waist as the door opens up.

Courtney and Dana turn around to see Colleen and Kim standing in the doorway

with a bunch of Pizza.


are you girls doing with my little man?”


“Your little man? He is Kacie and Abby's little man.”

“Oh no, no, no I found him with Kacie and I didn't have anywhere to put him

so we stuck him in her purse. He maybe part hers but he part mine.”

“Ladies, ladies”

[all of them in unison] “SHUT UP JAKE!!”

Kacie and Abby then walk in with the beer and vodka. They look at each other

and then at the group of girls arguing with each other. Kacie and Abby walk

towards the group and grab the little man. Kim then walks over to Kacie.

“Kacie tell them that he is half mine. You and I are the ones who found him


“Well that is true.”

Kim sticks her tongue out at the Courtney and Dana. She then grabs the little

man off of the dildo and sits down with him in her lap. The girls started to

calm down and laugh about the whole situation. As I walked around on Kim's lap I

started to get kind of bored. They were all ignoring me now. No one was chasing

me, or grabbing me. They were just having there own little fun. I watched from

Kim's lap for two hours at they ate pizza, and drank beer and vodka. Then

finally I saw Colleen wobble from side to side and then stumble towards Kim. I

take off running towards Kim's stomach hoping that she will protect me as I can

see Colleen's eyes focused on me. Her arms shakily reach out towards me. Even in

her drunken state her hand easily overpowers me and lifts me off of Kims lap.

“Kim for god sakes help me!!!”

As I looked into her eyes I could see they were glazed over and she was too

out of it to do anything. I was at the mercy of a drunk Colleen. A girl who I

don't know. I knew talking to her would be helpless.

“Is Colleen's little man hungry? I will feed you!!”

She then smushed me into a slice of pizza. The hot pizza sauce made me yelp

mildly in pain. I was then ran up and down length of pizza slice and then was

lifted back up into the air and she started licking the hot sauce and cheese of

my body. Her tongue sexually worked me over and soon I found myself covered in

her warm saliva. Her dark brown locks of hair draping around me as she lowered

her head to look down at me. Her warm saliva dripped off me. I could smell the

beer and vodka mixed in with her spit. I reached for one of her locks of hair

but she only pulled me away from her hair.

“Do you feel like dancing little man! I feel like dancing. Lets dance!”

Colleen started walking towards Abby's stereo when she lost her balance and

fell. Everything happened in slow motion. She threw her hands out in front of

her to try to catch herself. I was then smashed into the floor as her body came

crashing down onto of me. She rolled over onto her back laughing. I tried to

fight my way out of this drunken grip but it was no use. All the other girls

only erupted laughing almost forgetting completely about me. Colleen then picked

herself up and continued her walk to the stereo system. I then watched as she

turned the base all the way up. Hella Good by No Doubt started playing.

“Dance with me little man!!! Dance with ME!!!”

She then grabbed each of my arms and started to make me dance in mid air like

I was a puppet of some sorts. I was starting to get sick not just from her

making me dance but she was also dancing herself.

“Come on grind with me, Grind!!!”

“What the hell is mmpfffff”

Before I could even finish my sentence I was shoved up against her ass. She

started shaking her ass and continued to shove me up against it. I then found

myself pressing me little dick against her shorts and I was smacking her ass

with my little arms. As the song ended I watched as she walked over to Abbys bed

and fell onto it. She brought me up to her lips and gave me a kiss. Her warm,

plush lips hugged my entire body as she kissed me. Her tongue twirled around my

head. I then felt her go limp as she passed out. I slide my head out of her

mouth and looked at the sleeping giantess. I slid down her cheeks then softly

kissed her cheek and started walking towards the edge of the bed.


know little man! I knew where you were all along. I was only toying with you. I

trapped you in my breasts. I spilled you out into Dana's breast. You are my toy.

You entertain me. You bring thrill into my life. You are the first boy I have

seen in quite sometime and I am going take advantage of you. I may never let you



I looked down at the floor seeing how far down it was. I got caught up in the

moment and now I maybe stole away by this bitch. As she walked towards the door

I tried yelling out but I was drowned out by her voice.

“Hey girls I am going to head to my room and lay down. I will see you later.”

“Hey Court! Are you sure that's safe? I mean if the headmaster catches you

drunk your gonna be in trouble?”

“That's alright! I will be careful.”

As we staggered down the hallway I kept pleading with Courtney to let me go

but we kept on going without her even paying me one bit of attention. Girls

streamed by us on either side as we walked down the hall. I tried calling out to

a few but they just stared at me and smiled or didn't even bother to look. We

finally entered Courtney's room. As soon as we were in she locked her door. As

she walked towards her bed she dropped me into her waste paper basket.

“Hey let me out of here!!! You Can't steal me like this!!! Let me out of

here. Oooooo are you going to get it when I get big!!”

All the lights in her room went out and I fumbled around in the dark trying

to find away out. I tried climbing, pushing the waste basket over but it's no

use. I am forced to wait for her to take me out. As night turns to morning and I

hear Courtney walking about her room. I get up to yell at her when I see that

her roommate is standing right next to the wasketbasket. I wave my hands, and

yell but she doesn't seem to hear me. From the sounds of it she has runny nose.

I look around knowing what's about to come. She drops the dirty Kleenex down

into the wastebasket. I leap out of the way just as she drops another one. Just

as she is about to walk away I see her stop and look back down in the


“I must be dreaming. This can't be real.”


your name LittleToy? I am Sonja. Don't be afraid.”


“I, I, I am J…J….Ja…Jake”

“Well J, J, Ja, Jake why are you so small?”

I quickly turned my head towards the door as I could have swore I heard

something from against the door. I look at the gap at the bottom of the door way

and see that someone is obviously standing on the other side of that door.

“Someone is on the other side of your door you know. I can hear them standing


“So what, it's a big school they are probably talking.”

I hadn't really thought about that and I couldn't argue with her logic but I

had this strange feeling that is was something more then just a couple of girls

listening in.

“Well answer me LittleToy! Why are you so small?”

“Well you see I made this shrinking machine and”

“Bullshit, you cant lie to me. I am the queen of lying. Now tell me the truth

or I can see to it that you never get back to Kacie's room.”

“Okay, okay its this ring on my finger. It controls physical transformations.

I thought I could control it but I cant. It has a mind of its own.”

A slight rattle was at the door. Both of our heads turned towards the door.

“You know I am starting to think your right. Someone is at the other side of

that door.”

She set me down on the bed and started creeping to the door. As she got about

halfway there she stopped and looked back to see me sprinting across her bed.

She immediately turned around and walked back. She then grabbed a hold of me

with one hand and then grabbed a hair scrunchy with the other hand. I screamed

at the top of my lungs as she held me down pinning me to her bed with one hand

while she wrapped and tied scrunchy around me with the other. She then adjusted

it so the hair scrunchy covered my mouth. Which also had it made it cover my

eyes so I couldn't see anything.


“Oh hush you big baby!”

I could then hear her walk towards the door. She then whipped the door open

and stepped to one side halfway expecting someone to fall into her room.

“OH hi hun”

“Mom! Tawnee? What are you doing here?”

“Well I was passing through and thought I would see you. I had a little

trouble finding your room but this young girl pointed it out to me.”

“Oh thanks Tawnee”

“No problem Sonja”

“If she hadn't been here I probably would have never found you.”

“What do you mean been here? She was already at my…”

“You know here where she was to show me your room. Are you okay? Is something


“Oh well I have to go. Kacie is still a little out of it from last night. I

guess her and her sister had quite the party. From the looks of it Courtney must

of have been there too.”

Well come on dear I got a surprise for you in the car lets go. Sonja then

grabs the handle and start the door in motion to close as she walks away.

However the door doesn't close all the way. She looks back and sees that its

open a crack.

“Oh well! I will just be gone a minute anyway!”

It was eerie and quiet. I couldn't see and I couldn't move

The slightest of noises started to freak me out. I couldn't make them out.

All the noises are so unfamiliar and strange. I then could hear a slight

slapping like bare feet hitting the floor. I tried to call out but I was soon

reminded that I couldn't speak. I felt the scrunchy slightly adjusted. I still

couldn't speak, I still couldn't hear and now I had trouble even hearing. I

could feel someone feeling my tiny body. Stroking and prodding my member. Then

feeling up and down my legs. I slap my legs shut the finger quickly re spreads

my legs. I can then feel her tongue toy with dick. Slapping it around from side

to side. I try to kick her tongue away but she forces me into orgasm. I am so

easily over powered by this girls tongue. Who is it? Who is there? Stop! Please

stop screams through my mind. I am neared closer and closer to orgasm while at

the same time rape rings through my mind. I finally can't control myself anymore

I orgasm several times. I am totally at this girls mercy. My tears start to soak

into the hair scrunchy as I can feel

Giantess Stories: Boarding School Bust By AsukaFan

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