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Bob Smith's New Job

By willie

Part I

Most recent college graduates would be nervous the morning of their first job.

Some would be down right scared. Not Bob Smith. Bob was much too confident in

himself to have butterflies in his iron-clad stomach. In fact, he couldn't wait

to get started. He planned on climbing the corporate ladder quickly, stepping on

whomever got in his way. He knew he'd make it all the way to the top.

Although it was his first full time job, Bob was starting in an advanced level

position and beginning with an extremely generous salary. "Johnson Engineering"

specialized in undercover military operations. Many people both young and old

had applied for the position, but of course Bob was selected. He was by far the

best candidate. His background was checked and a top level security clearance

was given. Nothing would stop him now.

Bob Smith wanted to be thrown into the thick of things right away. He was a

"grab the bull by the horns" type of guy. Much to his dismay, though, he had to

stop at human relations before he could join his group. Bob had been told to

report at nine thirty. Normal work hours started at nine, but the person who was

handling his paperwork needed time to get herself together first thing Monday


Bob, who thought that was a bunch of nonsense, anxiously arrived at nine sharp

and had to wait thirty minutes in the waiting area. This didn't bode too well

for Bob. A personnel peon making him wait was unacceptable. By the time an

attractive young woman in her mid twenties called Bob into her office, Bob was

down right irritated.

"Hi, I'm Barbie," she said smiling, holding out her hand.

"Can we get a move on," Bob said boldly as he squeezed the dark haired, brown

eyed woman's pretty hand firmly. He knew a good strong handshake tended to

intimidate the weak and impress the powerful. "I have a career to start."

"Excuse me?" Barbie asked puzzled. She wasn't used to such rudeness.

"I don't mean to be pushy," Bob went on. "I just want to get the show on the

road. I've been sitting in the waiting area for over half an hour. It seems to

me like an awfully unprofessional way to treat new employees."

Barbie's jaw dropped. "I'm very sorry Mr. Smith," she explained humbly. "I have

to organize my paperwork in the morning".

"Whatever," Bob interrupted. What do I have to fill out?"

Barbie handed Tom his paperwork and quickly filled out what was required of her.

She wanted this ignorant asshole out of her office ASAP before he degraded her

further. Twenty minutes and a boat load of nasty comments later, Barbie was

through with Bob. "From here, you'll have to see Sue. She's head of security."

Bob rolled his eyes. "Another bimbo to deal with," he said under his breath,

although Barbie heard him loud and clear.

"Sue's office is down the hall on the left," Barbie said cheerfully, swallowing

what pride she had left. "Good luck here at..."

The door closed loudly cutting her off as Bob Smith left the lowly confines of

personnel. Barbie quickly picked up the phone and called her friend Sue. "Look

out," she said when Sue picked up her phone. "This Bob Smith is heading your way

and he's one of a kind."

"What do you mean?" Sue asked as the door to her office flew open.

"Is this the security office?" the tall handsome man asked with no care at all

that Sue was on the phone. "And are you Sue?"

"I'll be right with you sir," Sue answered politely. "Please have a seat in the

chair outside the door."

"Don't tell me I'm going to have to wait for another half hour so you can get

your things together."

"No sir," Sue answered sternly. "I'll be with you shortly." Bob Smith shook his

head, exhaled, and closed the door muttering profanities under his breath.

"I see what you mean," Sue said into the receiver. "He's the most arrogant

asshole we've had since that Harry Cooper jerk showed up. This Mr. Bob Smith

will probably do well in this chauvinistic company."

"That's if he gets past Linda," Barbie answered. "If you remember, she handled

that Mr. Cooper quite nicely. Just do your thing with this guy, quickly. I'll

warn Linda."

"OK. Thanks for the warning." Sue hung up the phone and called the arrogant

asshole into her office. Although she was more assertive than her friend in

human resources, Sue didn't fare well either. In the time it took to brief the

new employee, Sue was berated almost a dozen times. Sue couldn't wait until her

task was completed so she could send Bob Smith down the hallway toward to the

exam room.

Bob Smith was furious when Sue told him he had to have a physical examination

next. "I wasn't told anything about an exam. Why wasn't I told this. I refuse to

go. Hand me the phone. I'm calling my boss."

"I'll save you the trouble," Sue said. She calmly picked up the telephone

receiver and dialed 326. "Hi, Mr. Applegate? This is Sue from security. I'm

sorry to bother you, but I have a new employee in my office. Yes sir. That's

him. Well you see sir, he's refusing to take his physical. Yes sir. OK sir. Here

he is." Sue handed the phone to Bob.

"Hello," Bob said reluctantly as he gave Sue from security a look that would

melt chocolate. He knew who Mr. Applegate was. He wasn't Bob's new boss. Stanley

Applegate was his boss's boss. He was head of the deployment department Bob was

to be working in. Bob listened quietly for a few seconds and said simply, "Yes


Bob handed the phone back to Sue and said, "You'll pay for that one sweetheart."

Bob Smith turned and left the room slamming the door behind him. Sue grabbed the

handset and dialed her friend Barbie. They had a little gossip to exchange.

Bob found the door the cute but incompetent blonde from Security had directed

him toward. He didn't want to go through another ordeal. He just wanted to get

to work. Bob opened the door expecting to see a well lit doctor's office with

some old head not fit any more to deal in real medicine. What he saw was another


Bob stood gaping with the door he pulled open leaning against his shoulder. The

hallway looked like it got smaller on all sides as it moved away from him. At

the far end of the hallway, maybe thirty feet away, was a door that looked no

higher than eight or ten inches. "This place just keeps getting weirder," Bob

Smith said to himself. He figured the low level of light must be causing an

illusion. Besides, he had no choice. Thanks to that security cunt, Mr. Applegate

himself had told Bob to get his physical over with. Bob stepped into the hallway

then jumped as the door slammed shut behind him.

As Bob walked down the long corridor, things seemed to grow steadily more

normal. The distance between himself and the walls and ceiling remained

constant. The space around him didn't grow tight like he expected. The

approaching white door, though, did seam to grow as it drew near. When he

reached the door, Bob saw it was a normal six foot eight by thirty two inch

steel door. Bob grabbed the knob and twisted it. The door easily swung open.

Before Bob walked into the brightly lit doctor's office, he looked behind him.

He did a double take. The hallway he just walked through was distorted in the

opposite direction. It seemed to grow wider and taller as it approached the

mammoth door he seconds ago passed through. "What an odd place this is," Bob

said, this time out loud. "Although they sure they have nice looking women

here." Bob Smith was thinking more in terms of using this job as a stepping

stone to a better place when he turned forward and walked through the door whose

knob he held in his right hand.

Thoughts of a better place, in fact all thoughts, left Bob Smith's mind as the

metal door slammed shut behind him. Bob squinted. The light was blinding. He

couldn't see much of anything. Bob brought his left hand up to his forehead to

mask some of the light when he saw movement pass somewhere ahead of him. He

couldn't tell what it was, but it seemed huge.

Bob didn't know if the light level dropped or if his eyes were adjusting from

the darkness of the hallway, but the light level seemed to lower and Bob was

slowly able to make out his surroundings. He was standing on a hard surface in

some kind of large room, like an auditorium or theater. The material he was

standing on looked and felt like wood, but it was no type of wood he had ever

seen. The grains weren't millimeters apart. They were inches apart.

To Bob's left was a giant platform with a wrinkled white covering that left the

brown sides of the platform exposed. Chrome legs the size of tree trunks, but

square, descended downward holding the platform up. Bob knew what it was. It was

a bed that people lied on at a doctor's office, but it was longer than a house.

Bob looked toward his right. He saw a filing cabinet that rose thirty feet in

the air above him. Bob didn't know how far below him the rest of the cabinet

went. He felt his adrenaline level rise. His fight or flee response was fighting

for its chance to kick in, but Bob held it back. A young man of his stature

could control his emotions. Then he heard a voice.

The voice Bob Smith heard wasn't a normal voice. It was much deeper than any

voice he had ever heard. The voice was so deep, Bob barely made out what it was

saying. He scanned the giant room but didn't see the owner of the deep voice.

Bob focused his vision a little closer to himself and saw a small pair of

earplugs lying on the floor in front of him. Somehow he knew (surely due to his

high intelligence) that he was supposed to put the tiny devices in his ears.

Bob Smith picked up the tiny earphones before him and installed them into his

ears. Once inside his ears, the tiny speakers were so comfortable that Bob

couldn't even feel them. They weren't in his ears more than three seconds before

Bob heard another voice. This one he could understand.

The sexy female voice said, "At your feet is a small microphone. Please pick it

up and put it into you mouth. Bob Smith didn't like doing what he was told to

do, especially by a woman who he didn't even see, but he picked up the device

that was half the size of a tooth and put it into his mouth. It instantly

dissolved. "Very good said the female voice. Can you hear me OK."

"Yes," said Bob Smith numbly.

"Good," said the voice. "I can hear you also. I'm Dr. Linda Koffman. I'll be

giving you your physical. The devices in your ears and in your mouth allow us to


"What is going on here," Bob Smith said boldly. He no longer felt the devices he

had put into his ears and mouth and subconsciously believed he never actually

put anything into his mouth or his ears at all. "I demand to know." His lack of

patience was resurfacing.

"So you weren't told about the physical?" Linda asked.

"No I wasn't," Bob answered belligerently wondering how the doctor, who looked

nothing like a doctor, knew that. Security Cunt Sue must have told her. Bob

figured they might be friends but he didn't care. "And I expect you to fill me

in quickly as to why." Bob was very uncomfortable in his current surroundings.

It appeared to him that he was in a giant doctors office but he was sure it was

a trick. He was not going to let his guard down, despite the fact that the

doctor was another woman; and probably another incompetent one.

"Then let me be the one to inform you," Dr. Linda went on, "that you are now a

mere four and a half inches tall." Although Bob still didn't believe the unseen

voice, he felt his heart rate double. "I find it much easier to examine people,

and the company finds it much cheaper, if my patients are hand sized."

That was all Bob Smith needed to hear. He ran for the door he had moments ago

entered this "Alice's Wonderland" through, but when he pulled, nothing moved.

The door was locked.

"Turn around and face me like a man," the voice of Dr. Linda said. "You can

fight me if you want, but you won't win. My job is to give you your company

physical and I will do my job."

Bob Smith's arrogance was starting to wane as he slowly turned around. He still

didn't believe any of this, or didn't want to believe any of it, until he had

his back squarely against the door. What he saw made his giving a urine sample

impossible. His current supply was soaking the pant legs of his best six hundred

dollar suit.

Bob Smith, who one hour ago had planned on owning the company in ten years, fell

backward on his wet ass when he saw Dr. Linda. She was standing at the edge of

the table. Bob saw her from the waist up and she was huge. Or he was indeed tiny

like she had said.

Dr. Linda was wearing a white blouse that concealed what looked from Bob's angle

to be huge breasts. Looking further upward, Bob saw a beautiful giant face. Dr.

Linda was even more attractive than the two young woman Bob had already seen.

Bob wondered if the size difference contributed to her beauty.

Bob Smith's mouth hung open as he watched the giant doctor step forward until

her legs met the end of the table. Bob easily made out the shape of her massive

thighs behind her black slacks as she leaned over the table. Bob closed his

mouth and gulped. He couldn't seem to pull his eyes away from the doctor's

crotch. Bob imagined her huge pussy surrounded by furry blonde pubic hair

throbbing behind the soft cotton. He stared uncontrollably until his gaze was

interrupted by something of equal magnitude.

As Susan leaned further forward, she put both hands on the table palm down to

support her weight. Bob's gaze instantly moved to the huge pair of hands just in

front of him. He gasped. Never in all Bob's fairly young life had he seen such

perfect hands, not even on a woman his own size. The hands before him were

smooth and soft looking with long round fingernails painted a shiny red. Bob

felt a weird stirring in his balls along with a sinking feeling in his stomach

as he thought about those beautiful hands touching him. Then the doctor spoke to

him and Bob Smith snapped out the trance he was in.

"You need to get out of those wet clothes," Linda said softly.

Bob's glance shot upward and he saw a set of thick round lips, painted the same

color as the doctor's fingernails, smiling down at him. He instantly felt

embarrassed. He willed for his molecules to soften so he could fade back through

the locked door he was still sitting against, but of course it didn't happen.

Bob watched Linda's amazing giant lips move again as she repeated herself, but

Bob only sat motionless.

After a few seconds, Linda tilted her head further forward, forcing Bob to look

into one of her light blue eyes. He saw the reflection of his own face shining

off the wet cornea. Bob thought back to a Christmas morning when he was just

three or four. He remembered seeing the same reflection off the shiny round

balls hanging from the tree, although the face in this reflection was an older

version of the child's face in his memory. Bob tried to move his mind back in

time to that very morning to escape from the present moment, but once again

Linda spoke to him and woke him up.

"Wake up little fellow and take off your wet clothes, NOW!" Linda bellowed. Bob

instantly pulled off his tie. "That's better," Linda said. Bob watched her

blonde hair fall forward as Linda pulled her head back and stood up straight.

She then dropped a smock in front of Bob along with a small wet napkin. "Take

off all your clothes, wipe yourself off, and put on this gown. Then we can get

on with your exam." She turned and walked around the corner. Bob watched her

mammoth but delicious looking ass cheeks move from side to side inside her pants

as she disappeared. Her long blonde hair swayed to and fro.

Bob didn't know what to make of his current situation, but he did know he had no

choice but to do what the doctor said. He did not want her to see him naked, he

was embarrassed enough already, so he quickly pulled off his wet clothes, wiped

himself off, and put on the robe. It was open in the back and had a flimsy

string that Bob tied as tightly as he could. By the time Linda came back into

view, Bob had himself covered.

Linda grabbed Bob's chart and scanned the few pages he had filled out months

ago. "I see you have no existing medical conditions," she said to Bob not

looking at him. "That should make this go quickly." Linda then reached on top of

the filing cabinet Bob first noticed and grabbed a metal box. She put the metal

box on the table next to Bob. Again, Bob admired her lovely giant hand.

The box was the size and shape of a coffin for a four and a half inch tall man.

It had a computer cable with a serial port connector sticking out of the end.

Bob was beginning to get nervous. Linda pulled the connector around the corner

and plugged it into the back of a PC she had out of Bob's view. Bob could hear

her fiddling with the cable. He then heard the doctor type something onto the


"OK, here's how it works," Linda said to Bob after pulling up a stool and

sitting on it in front of Bob and his table. "Company policy says I'm not

actually supposed to touch my patients while they are small." Bob let out a

small sigh, but also felt a even smaller sense of disappointment. "It has to do

with insurance reasons. Instead, we use a sort of MRI machine." Linda's eyes

left Bob and he followed them to the coffin shaped box connected to the

computer. "It takes only about twenty minutes."

"I'm not getting in that thing," Bob protested while backing toward the

non-opening metal door. It was like the door was his own personal base in a game

of tag between the doctor and himself.

"Oh, so you do remember how to talk,", Linda laughed. She reached toward the box

and with the nail of her forefinger, she flipped open the lid. It popped open

with a faint screech that turned Bob's blood to ice water. "Cut the crap and

climb in."

"I can't. Please don't make me," Bob cried as he grabbed the knob to the door

again and pulled.

"Stop being such a baby," Linda bellowed to him, "and get in the fricking


Bob turned toward Linda's gleaming stare. Real tears flowed down his face. He

got on his knees and begged. "Please, I can't get into that coffin. It's too


Linda let out a long hard sigh of her own. Bob felt her warm breath. "Very well

then, you pathetic little wimp. Where's Mr. 'Take over the company' now?" Bob

only shuddered. Never had he been so humiliated. He had a feeling it would get

worse before it got better.

"So you want to wave your right to the MRI exam?" Linda asked.

"Oh yes, please," Bob begged.

"Very well," said Linda exhaling once again on Bob. "Say out loud for the record

that you wave your right to the MRI."

"I wave my right to the MRI," Bob quickly yelled.

"OK, no MRI," Linda said sternly. This time Bob exhaled, but Linda didn't feel

his hot air. "Now I have to do it the hard way."

"What," Bob squeaked. He was choking on his own words.

"By waving your right to the MRI machine, you gave me the right to examine you


"What does that mean?" Bob asked in a weakened voice.

"It means, my arrogant little friend, that now I'm allowed to handle you."

Bob screamed but it didn't help. Linda quickly wrapped the long slender fingers

of her right hand around Bob and lifted his struggling body off the table. She

brought him up to her face and sternly said. "Don't piss me off and you'll

survive this exam." She then grabbed the robe by the sleeves and pulled it

upward and off of Bob leaving him naked and vulnerable in her warm palm.

Bob continued to struggle in Linda's grip. "Put me down," he yelled at the

doctor. "You have no right to treat me like this. I demand to talk to my boss."

Linda responded by squeezing Bob so hard that he couldn't talk any more.

Linda's four fingers were wrapped firmly around Bob from the stomach down. Her

thumb pressed his chest inward, pushing every molecule of oxygen and nitrogen

and carbon dioxide that had previously filled his lungs. The tip of her

thumbnail dug into his throat just above the Adams Apple not allowing him to

even struggle. For the first time since his ordeal began, Bob felt pain. Not

only was he instantly winded, he felt like he was being decapitated. Bob's chest

burned like the time he was tackled onto his back by the school bully while

playing football at recess when he was eleven, and the pain in his throat

prevented him from breathing in any relief.

Linda then lifted Bob up even with her face. Her eyes and Bob's were transfixed;

his with an expression of fear for his life, hers with one of anger and power.

Linda lifted her fisted left hand and extended its forefinger up to Bob's face.

The tip of the red nail touched the end of Bob's nose. the last digit of her

finger was bigger than Bob's whole head. Bob looked from Linda's eyes, down the

long fat finger, over the big knuckle then the small knuckle to the nail,

thicker than his own finger, that threatened permanent damage to his nose. He

saw the reflection of the two sparkling orbs, he moments ago had his own eyes

locked with, off Linda's shiny nail polish.

"As the company doctor," the angry Linda snapped back, "I have every right in

the world to treat you however I feel is necessary. You waved your rights,

remember? Now can we get along with your exam or do I have to squeeze the living

daylights out of you?" Linda then loosened her death grip on Bob, giving him a

chance to answer. After about twenty seconds of Bob catching his breath, Linda

asked, "well?"

"You are going to be in so much trouble," Bob coughed out. "You'll wish you'd

never messed with..."

Linda exhaled hard and resumed her death grip on Bob. "You just don't get it.

Your arrogant little personality just won't let you give in. I have all day. I

can squeeze you until I break you. Hell, I might even get some overtime

tonight." Linda increased the pressure on Bob one more notch. She knew she was

challenging the boundaries of what his tiny body could take, but she was doing

it for his own good. Bob's eyes responded by opening so wide, Linda saw white

completely surrounding his eyeballs.

Linda held Bob before her scowling blue eyes, not allowing him to move or

breathe, for minutes. Bob tried to look away from them, but couldn't. He was

mesmerized by their domineering beauty as he looked into the power they

represented. His face was beet red and his burning lungs were about to ignite

before Linda loosened her grip and allowed Bob to breathe again. This time it

took awhile for Bob to replenish his blood stream. He took so long to catch his

breath that it took a squeeze by Linda's strong right hand to coax him into


"Alright," Bob gasped. "I'll cooperate."

"Don't you think an apology is in order?" Linda asked.

"An apology? I don't know what I did."

"Wrong answer again," Linda said resuming her torture on Bob. She bought her

left forefinger back up to Bob's face and forced the tip of its nail into Bob's

mouth. "Let me examine your mouth while I have you quiet."

Bob's mouth exam was quite painful. The edge of Linda's fingernail felt like it

was going to split his mouth wide open as it felt it's way around Bob's front

few teeth. The pain in Bob's lungs was temporarily overshadowed by the pain in

his mouth. The relief to his lungs was short lived. Linda pulled her fingernail

out of Bob's mouth, but she didn't let up on her hold of his body. Instead she

moved to his nose.

Linda spent the next minute forcing the tip of her large fingernail inside Bob's

tiny nostrils. She found it amazing just how much a nose can stretch and still

bounce back to its original position. She could only imagine how much it hurt

poor Bob. Bob would have felt the pain more if he wasn't on the verge of passing

out. He had decided minutes ago that he was going to cooperate. He had no

choice. He would get his revenge at a later date. As soon as Linda stopped

squeezing him, he'd silently let her do what she had to do. How long could it


Finally after about five minutes of mind altering pain, with Bob's eyelids

closing, Linda relaxed her hand. She watched Bob regain his breath, and his

wits, before she asked him if he was ready to cooperate. "Yes I am," Bob

answered calmly. "And I apologize for arguing with you."

"Very good," said Linda with an 'I won' smile. "I'm glad you see things my way."

She then switched Bob to her left hand and began probing him with the thumb and

forefinger of her right hand. She squeezed his stomach, worked down one leg and

back up the other narrowly avoided his privates. She checked out both arms then

flipped Bob over so his chest was against her palm. Bob had no idea what she was

looking for, but Linda's fingers felt quite good to him while she examined him,

and he had fought her. What was he thinking about?

Doctor Linda did the same type of check on the back of Bob before she flipped

him over again. "Now to check for testicular cancer," she said as she put the

inside of her fingernail under his balls and lifted them upward. His manhood had

been winning its fight to keep Bob's dignity from deteriorating further. With

the help of Linda's fingernail, the battle ended quickly. "Nothing wrong with

that," Linda continued, "Except for being on the small size." She then lowered

the tip of her thumb nail over the base of Bob's manhood and pinched his penis

until he squealed. Linda read the pain on Bob's face as she continued to tease

him. Bob knew he'd be painfully dismembered if Linda miscalculated, but he kept

his whimpering to a minimum anyway. If she hurt him permanently, he'd have

concrete evidence against her. His love life would be over before it ever really

got underway, but the pretty doctor would go down hard.

Linda applied the nail pressure to Bob's penis and balls until his hard-on

shriveled up to a pathetic wrinkle. "Well that's the correct response," she said

removing her left hand. "So far so good." Bob felt an inkling of hope. "Now to

check your prostate." So much for that inkling of hope.

Once again, Bob was flipped onto his stomach. The feel of Linda's palm on his

manhood caused it to attempt a temporary comeback, despite the pain. Linda's

thumb and middle finger then bent Bob around her forefinger. He screamed and

resumed the struggling he had previously overcome. Linda jabbed the forefinger

of her right hand into his butt crack. She had no intent of actually inserting

her nail into Bob's rectum. She knew that would cause severe and permanent

damage. She was only trying to get a response from what had become her own

little toy.

"Please don't," Bob screamed, but Linda only pressed her nail into Bob's asshole

farther. She was having too much fun and felt like she was compromising her

ethics so she dropped her right hand and flipped Bob back over in her left.

"Chill out", she laughed. "I'm kidding." Bob didn't think her joke was very

funny. Linda then pulled out a stethoscope with a tiny end and carefully applied

it to Bob's chest. Seconds later she flipped him over for what seemed the

upteenth time and listened to his lungs. "Very Good," Linda finished, flipping

Bob over again. Bob was getting seasick from being tossed around like a bag of

beans. "You passed this part of your exam." Bob felt a little short lived

relief. "The problem I'm having is with that bout of claustrophobia you had


"What?" Bob asked.

"I'll have to call your boss and see what he thinks."

"Really, it's nothing," Bob protested.

"You would not have given up your rights if it was nothing," Linda said to Bob

as she held him up to her face again. "And you would not have wasted my valuable

time if it was nothing." Bob began to protest again, but Linda reminded him of

her authority by squeezing the air out of him; this time briefly. Bob shut up.

"I'll need you to wait in the waiting area while I confer with your boss." Bob

didn't answer. His nightmare wasn't over yet. Linda, not only carried Bob away

from the doorway to the freedom he seeked, she carried him completely out of the


"Sit in this chair," Linda ordered as she gently placed Bob on the seat of a

chair in her waiting room. From the size of the furniture, Bob knew it was a

waiting room for normal size people. "If you try to run," Linda continued.

"You'll never see your old size again." She then turned and disappeared into her

examining room.

Bob Smith was four and a half inches tall and alone. Never in his life had he

felt so lonly. Despite what the beautiful doctor had done to him, he longed for

her presence. He was beginning to feel a weird sort of dependence on her. He

definitely did not like being in the waiting room alone. What would happen if

someone came in and found him? What would they do to him? Bob Smith sat in the

chair, nude like Linda had left him, trying to figure what went wrong on his

first day of work. He waited uncomfortably for the doctor to come back. He had a

bad feeling someone else would beat her to the punch.

Part II

Bob smith heard a door knob turn. He looked up toward the door to Doctor Linda's

examination room but it was not the direction from which the sound came. The

ominous sound of the turning knob came from the door behind him; the door to the

normal sized person's hallway. Bob froze. Panic almost got the better of him,

but he quickly got control of his fear. Running would only compound his

predicament. When the doctor came through her inner door, Bob wanted her to find

him waiting obediently on the chair she left him on. He had had enough

punishment already. Bob just wanted to make it through the day. Tomorrow would

be his day to seek revenge.

The door behind Bob opened and closed. Bob heard footsteps enter the room but

the owner of the footsteps remained behind him for about twenty seconds. Bob was

afraid to move but the suspense was killing him. Despite his fear, Bob

desperately needed to see who was behind him, but in order to see over the back

of the chair, he'd have to venture out into the center of the seat. He felt much

safer at the back of the cushion where he could cower if he needed to, but he

had to know if his life was in further jeopardy. Bob was about to make a move

when the mystery guest walked further into the room. She walked around the row

of chairs and stood in front of the chair next to him. Bob looked up at her and

instantly knew who it was.

Standing in front of Bob and to his left was the bimbo from personnel. Barbie

was her name, he thought. "Would she help him?" She had seemed nice enough.

Maybe she would help him. Then again, she might not. Bob thought back to his

time in her office and realized he wasn't very nice to her, even though she

deserved it. Bob decided to stay perfectly still. There was a chance she

wouldn't see him until the mean doctor came back for him.

Bob watched Barbie's knees bend as she began to sit. He saw her black skirt

balloon outward as her bottom descended toward the seat. He saw the backs of her

silky white thighs behind her skirt. He watched her hands tuck her skirt under

her bottom as it landed and spread out and into the seat. Bob never experienced

anything so elegant on such a grand scale as the act of a womam sitting from

such a tiny perspective.

Barbie's right hand remained on the side of her skirt after she sat. Bob

couldn't help but stare at it. It was the same hand Bob shook earlier. Bob had

hardly even looked at it then. He was examining it now. The fingers weren't as

long as Linda's were. The nails, though long and painted with clear polish,

weren't as long as Linda's were either. Barbie's hand was pretty and didn't look

like it would be capable of the torture that Linda's hand dealt. Bob prayed he

wouldn't find out, but when he looked up toward Barbie's face, he saw her brown

eyes staring back at him. He saw the smile on her mouth and knew he was in more


"Well what have we here?" Barbie asked.

Bob stood up to run but Barbie reached toward him with her hand and pulled his

feet out from under him. Bob fell on his face and Barbie, still holding Bob's

feet, twisted him over onto his back. "Where do you think you're going?" she

asked him. "I didn't get to thank you for calling me a bimbo this morning."

"I didn't mean it," Bob yelled as he was pulled by his feet over the cloth seat.

"Please, the doctor will be right out."

"Oh hush," Barbie barked. "Will you act like a man?" She slid Bob across his

chair, onto hers, and up over her firm thigh. Once Bob was on Barbie's thigh,

she flipped him over onto his stomach again so his bare bottom was exposed. Bob

tried to fight but Barbie held him down with her thumb on his lower legs and her

ring finger on his head. She then loaded the nail of the middle finger of her

other hand against her thumb and held it over Bob's bottom.

"Maybe this will teach you some manners," she said as she let her middle finger

fly. Bob screamed. "This is for being rude." She wacked him again. Bob continued

to scream and try to wiggle his way loose but it did no good. "This is for

calling me names." Another wack. "This is for being an arrogant asshole." Wack.

"This is for..." The doorknob to the inner office turned and the door slid open.

"I talked to your boss", Linda said as she entered the room, but she ended the

sentence short when she saw Barbie sitting on the chair next to the empty one

she'd left Bob on. "Oh Hi, Barbie. Did you see Mr. Smith? I left him on the

chair next to you."

"No," answered Barbie innocently. She looked from the empty chair to her open

right hand that lied palm down on her leg. "He must have taken off when I came


"Well that's very bad news for him. I'll just have to punish him."

Bob heard Linda from his spot under Barbie's hand. He wanted to scream for the

doctor but his face was so far buried in the cotton of Barbie's skirt that he

couldn't breathe let alone talk. The heat from Barbie's palm made his red ass

feel like it was on fire.

"Keep an eye out for him, will you?" Linda asked with a wink.

"You bet," Barbie answered with a smile.

"Give me a few minutes," Linda said. "I have to make a couple calls. By then Sue

will be here." Linda went back into her examining room leaving Bob alone with

Barbie and once again at her mercy, or lack there of. Barbie immediately wrapped

her fingers around Bob and lifted him up to her face.

"Did you here that, little asshole?" Barbie said to Bob. "Your friend from

security is on her way down also." Bob didn't answer. He was too busy staring

into Barbie's lips. Despite the dilemma he was in, his manhood began to react

under Barbie's fingers. She felt it and opened her lower fingers to see what she


"You've got to be kidding me you little pervert," Barbie said sternly. "You

don't learn, do you." She raised her left hand up with her middle finger in the

flicking position again, and held it in front of Bob's manhood.

"No," Bob screamed, but his erection didn't back off. Barbie let him have it and

he curled up into a ball.

"Let's have some more fun." Barbie said to the tiny suffering man in her

enclosed hand. She got up and searched one of the supply cabinets in the room

for some small Band-Aids. She carried Bob back over to the chair Linda had put

him in. She laid him on the cushion, chest up, and taped his arms and legs to

the cushion. "I wonder where Sue will sit with her nice round bottom."

Bob had noticed Sue's bottom earlier, wrapped tightly with her tan slacks. It

was slightly on the large round size, but it was extremely sexy. "Please don't

do this to me," Bob pleaded. "Help me and I can make you big in this company."

"Save it for someone who cares," Barbie said. She then rolled up a tiny piece of

a tissue into a ball and shoved it in Bob's mouth. She ripped a piece of white

tape she found with the Band-Aids into a sliver and sealed his mouth shut. "This

should keep you quiet." Barbie then gave Bob another fingernail shot to his

shriveled penis and balls. He screamed, but she didn't here him. She did see the

pain in his eyes. "It looks like that did the trick," Barbie finished with a

wicked grin. "I can't hear you at all."

Seconds later Sue entered the room. Barbie quickly stood up and greeted her

friend. "Quickly Sue," Barbie said "close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."

"What is it?" Sue asked as she closed her eyes.

"You'll see," Barbie answered. She grabbed Sue's arm and led her to the chair

Bob was taped to. Barbie positioned Sue in front of the chair, facing away from

it. "Stand here for a second. Don't sit down until I tell you to."

Barbie sat in the chair she was previously in. She looked from Sue's ample

backside to Bob. He was fighting to no avail against his restraints with his

wide opened eyes plastered on his potential demise. Barbie looked back at her

friend's ass. She saw the lines of Sue's panties disappear between her cheeks,

not even covering a third of Sue's ass. Barbie could only imagine what Sue's ass

looked like from Bob's vantage point. She wished she could measure the fear

going through his arrogant little mind as he stared hopelessly at the female

rear end that was about to encase him. Maybe taping his mouth shut wasn't such a

good idea, she thought. She would have enjoyed his screams. Then again if she

didn't, Sue would have heard him.

"Well what's the surprise?" Sue asked, slowly loosing her patience.

"Sit down, slowly, and I'll tell you," Barbie answered.

Sue sat down slowly, giving Barbie a chance to see the tiny man in the chair

disappear completely under Sue's left ass cheek. Her panty line landed before

she made contact with Bob. That meant there was only one thin layer of fabric

between Bob and ass meat.

Sue felt something on the chair as she settled her weight on it and started to

stand back up, but Barbie grabbed her arm and told Sue to trust her. Sue

shrugged and made herself comfortable with a little wiggle. "So what's the

surprise?" she asked.

"Ok, this is great," Barbie explained. "Do you remember that asshole who started

this morning?"

"How could I forget Mr. Bob Smith, future owner of the company. He called me

'sweetheart' and threatened me." Sue crossed her right leg over her left and

made herself even more comfortable. "Are the chairs new?" she asked Barbie.

"No they're not new," Barbie answered.

"Well this one sure does feel comfortable."

"That's what I'm trying to explain, if you'll let me." Sue looked at Barbie with

a get on with it look. "Mr. Bob Smith," Barbie continued. "He's the reason that

chair feels so comfortable."

Sue looked at Barbie with raised eyebrows. "You're not saying what I think

you're saying. Are you?" She uncrossed her legs and spread them enough to see a

foot and ankle covered with a strip of Scotch tape emerge. Sue quickly closed

her thighs.

"You bet I am," Barbie answered. "You're sitting on him now."

"No way," Sue said. She put her hands on the arms of the chair like she was

going to stand up, but Barbie grabbed her arm again.

"Don't worry," Barbie said. "He can go a good five minutes without air. And the

best part is he can hear every word we say. Linda gave him one of those

earphones someone in engineering invented."

"Hi Bob, my little sweetheart," Sue chuckled and crossed her legs. "Have fun

under there. It's been a while since I had one of Linda's shrunken prisoners

under my ass. I forgot how awesome it felt. What happened with this one?"

Barbie filled her friend in on what happened. "After I talked to you, I called

Sue and warned her about him. She called me back half an hour later and told me

Mr. obnoxious wouldn't get into the coffin machine so she subdued him and gave

him his physical herself." "Did she have to punish him?" Sue asked.

"She didn't say, but from the way he was cowering, I think she did. Linda told

me to call you and tell you to come to her office. She also told me to come

down. When I got here I found Mr. personality trying to hide on your chair. I

taped him down and you are sitting on him now."

"How long has it been?" Sue asked.

Barbie looked at her watch. "It's going on four minutes. We better let him up

soon". Sue put her feet on the floor to stand up but the inner door to Linda's

office opened and Sue relaxed again.

"Hi Sue. Thanks for coming down. Did you find Bob Smith yet?" she asked Barbie.

"Not yet," Barbie said before Sue could talk. Although Barbie and Sue were

friends with Linda, Barbie didn't want her to know Sue was sitting on him. Not

yet anyway. Barbie thought she knew why Linda wanted Sue and her to come to her

office. She was sure it had something to do with Bob Smith, but to take matters

in her own hands and have Sue sit on him might have overstepped her bounds.

Two minutes later, after thanking the women for coming and asking them to look

for her missing patient, Linda went back into her office. Sue jumped out of her

chair and turned around. There, where her ass had been parked for over six

minutes was a lifeless little Bob Smith. "We killed him," Sue said.

"He'll be alright," answered Barbie. Little men are pretty tough." She flicked

him across the face lightly with the nail of her forefinger, but Bob didn't


"I think he's dead," Sue said with fear. Barbie answered. "He's not dead." She

pulled the tape off his mouth and loaded her middle finger again. She gave Bob

yet another swat on his manhood and testicles. It seemed to do the trick. Bob's

mouth and lungs came to life in a big way as he began the task of recharging

himself with air. "See, I told you he wasn't dead. Just look at all the life in

those eyes." Bob's eyeballs were once again about to pop out of their sockets.

Barbie then pulled the tape off Bob and wrapped her pert little fingers around

him again. She laid the back of her hand on her skirt clad thigh. Both women

watched him silently on Barbie's palm for two minutes. When he regained his

senses enough to know who and where he was, he looked up into Barbie's eyes.

"Dr. Linda is really pissed at you for running off," Barbie said. "I think you

are in big trouble."

Bob knew that Barbie was seriously fucking with him. He knew he was still under

her control. He knew he was about to make a mistake, but he said it anyway. He

was getting tired of the torture. "It might not be today. It might not even be

for a week, but you two will pay dearly. So will that two bit doctor you're

consorting with."

Barbie only laughed and tightly closed her fist. Bob smith didn't enter another

peep until Dr. Linda opened the door to her examination room and called the two

women in. That was another six minutes later.

"Did either of you find Mr. Smith?" Linda asked.

"Here he is," Barbie said, handing the once again out of air new employee to the

company doctor. "Sue found him hiding behind the filing cabinet."

Linda looked at Bob who was shaking his head profusely and said only, "I warned

you." She then put Bob in a death grip equal to what she had put him in earlier.

Bob had just regained his senses and was having them sucked out of him again.

Linda watched Bob suffer for three more minutes within her grip. She enjoyed his

suffering immensely but, as a doctor, knew he was seriously reaching his limit.

She also knew by his current condition, that Barbie and Sue had been having some

fun with him in her waiting room. Linda, with a minor relaxation of her hand,

allowed Bob a chance to live longer. "I told you not to run," she said to Bob.

Bob opened his mouth to protest but quickly closed it. He knew it would do no


"Ok ladies," Linda said looking at the heads of personnel and security before

her. "Mr. Smith here almost passed his company physical. He failed to enter the

MRI machine. I called his boss and asked him if this would be a problem." Bob

was able to move his head and he did, from side to side.

"Bob's boss, with my recommendation, said that Bob could not perform his job if

he was claustrophobic. He gave me the authority to cure Bob of his problem

myself. That's where you two come in." Linda then handed Bob back to Barbie.

"Hold him for a second please."

"Sure," Barbie answered. She felt Bob struggling in her grasp. She was loving

it. She couldn't wait for her chance to have her prisoner under her own ass. She

looked over at Sue. She knew Sue was waiting for her chance to get Bob into her

hands. "Here, you hold him for awhile," Barbie said to Sue.

Sue quickly grabbed Bob from her friend. "Thanks Barbie," Sue said happily. She

had Bob's head between her thumb and forefinger with his body wrapped up in her

other three fingers. She held him out before her, staring at his tiny little

frightened eyes. Bob stared back quietly. The insides of Sue's nail tips blocked

his peripheral vision. So far, he had met three women in the company. All three

were extremely good looking and well built. As it turned out, all three had the

chance to handle him. Bob wondered if all the women in the company were so

pretty and ruthless. HE decided right there and then that as soon as he was his

old size again, he was going to quit.

"As you know," Linda said as she grabbed a plastic glove and put it on her right

hand. "In order to save money, the company allows me to cure any employee

problems that I find myself capable of doing. This one falls into that category.

He is suffering from a mild case of claustrophobia as well as a severe case of

social rudeness. Since you two ladies have already met the employee in question

and have seen his needs for social reform, I decided to call in your help."

Sue heard a peep and felt a stirring in her hand but she controlled it with a

minor squeeze. At least she thought it was minor. Linda continued. "You two will

take turns with the patients treatments. I want you to put him in tight

situations and at the same time teach him some manners. If it requires breaking

his will, then so be it. But please don't break his back. You'll find tiny

people are quite resilient, but they can be crushed." Linda held out her left

palm to Sue.

"Oh," Sue said disappointingly and dropped Bob into Linda's awaiting palm. Bob

tried to jump before he was wrapped up but of course he didn't make it.

"Don't worry," Linda said to Sue. "You'll get your chance." Linda then pushed

Bob inside the glove that was on her hand. She positioned his body face down on

her palm. She slid him all the way inside the glove and let the elastic snap

shut behind him. Bob's head made its way into the middle finger of the glove.

His face was pressed firmly into the first digit of Linda's middle finger. Tight

rubber surrounded the rest of his head. Bob was beginning to panic.

Linda held up her palm to show her friends and continued to talk. She moved each

of the fingernails of her left hand up and down the back of Bob's body. She

loved to feel the shape of her palm prisoners under the tight thin rubber of her

examination gloves. "Don't forget that your patient does need to breath,

although he can go a good while without air. Also don't try to cure him too

quickly. Start concentrating first with his face exposed. We want to help him,

not make him go mad." Linda then grabbed a pair of scissors and carefully cut a

round hole behind Bob's head.

"You see," Linda continued, extending her hand wide open. "Now he can breathe."

She then curled her fingers into a fist and held it up for the girls to see.

Bob's tiny face peeked out from between the base of her first two fingers.

"I'll keep Bob today," Linda said. "Barbie, I want you to come back at four and

you can take him home."

"When do I get him?" Sue asked.

"Tomorrow at lunchtime, Barbie will give him to you. The following day, you'll

give him back to Barbie. Barbie gets him first because she has open toed shoes

on today and that's where his first session will take place. Remember, we want

to let him breathe, at least in the beginning."

Bob was hearing every word. He didn't believe this was actually happening. It

sounded like Linda was talking about a couple of days. He didn't think he could

last one day in Linda's glove, let alone three days under the other women's

feet. He wasn't far from going into shock.

"Make sure you wear open toes tomorrow," Linda said to Sue.

Sue nodded. "When do we get to use some closer to home methods?"

"Next week," Linda answered. She could tell Bob was listening by his response to

her last answer. She opened her hand and resumed the fingernail massage on Bob.

It wasn't calming him down. "I have tons of paperwork to do so I'll see you

Barbie at four. I'll see you Sue tomorrow."

The women left and Linda sat at her desk. Before she picked up her pen, she

rubbed the palm of her right hand all over her face. The feel of her tiny

prisoners bottom on her cheeks and lips made her feel powerful yet excited. She

thought about rubbing her palm elsewhere, but she was a doctor and she had

paperwork to do. Besides, she'd have time when her friends were done with Bob

Smith. She'll get him back in a few days. Then she'll be able to intensify his

treatment herself.

Bob Smith's New Job

Part III

by willie

Barbie showed up at the doctors office at precisely four. She'd been staring at

her watch all day, and hadn't gotten much work done. "Hi Linda, how was your

day," she said after she knocked lightly and entered Linda's examination room

and office.

"My day has been spectacular," Linda answered giddily. I got done a whole stack

of paperwork. My writing hand was unstoppable."

"I'm not surprised," Barbie laughed with anticipation. She hadn't had one of

Linda's patients under her toes in well over two years. The company didn't hire

too many jerks, so she and Sue didn't get too many chances to help Linda. "I

can't wait for my turn."

Linda pulled off the sweaty glove and dumped Bob into her sink. He jumped up,

unharmed and peed for sixty seconds. "Don't forget he has to go to the

bathroom," Linda told her friend. "He also needs to eat. Keep him warm and he

won't need too much to eat."

"I don't think keeping him warm will be a problem."

"No it shouldn't be," Linda answered. She grabbed Bob roughly and put him on the

table. Bob saw his doorway to freedom at the far end. He wanted to make a run

for it but he sadly knew it would do him no good. Even if he made it, the door

would be locked. If he didn't make it, the punishment would be severe.

Linda pulled a cracker from her desk and dropped it in front of the still nude

and now cold Bob. He was wet from Linda's palm sweat. He didn't know yet how

much sweat toes produced, or how strong it tasted when it was forced into ones

mouth. "Eat," Linda commanded. Bob took a couple of bites, but he wasn't hungry.

He was too sad to eat.

Linda gave Bob a few minutes while she talked to Barbie. "Don't kill him,

please," she said as she plucked him off the table and handed him to Barbie. His

Ritz looked untouched. "Lift up your heel and slide him in head first, face up.

Stop when you feel his face between your first two toes."

Barbie did as she was told. she stood up and took a couple of steps. She already

knew how to walk with a small person under her foot, but she was tentative at

first none the less. "This is awesome," she said. "I think I can get used to

this." Barbie thought briefly what it must be like for Bob Smith. The thought

gave her a warm feeling deep inside. Whatever he felt, he deserved, for his own

sake. Barbie was doing him a favor, sort of.

"Don't remove these shoes until you go to bed," Linda instructed.

"No problem."

"And wear open toe slippers or knee high hose to bed. He needs to breathe


"No problem," Barbie answered. She thanked her friend and gingerly left the

doctor's office. She stopped by Sue's office and refreshed Sue's memory on what

it felt like to have a shrunken asshole under her foot. Barbie then walked with

Sue to the parking lot, stepped into her car, and headed home. By the time

Barbie finished her thirty minute drive and parked in front of her apartment

building, the little therapy patient in her shoe was sound asleep.

"Awake down there?" Barbie asked as she stepped out of the car. A passer by

would have thought she was talking to her foot. She felt or heard no response,

so she stomped her foot on the ground. Bob woke up abruptly to his situation and

began screaming and struggling violently. Barbie simply stepped on Bob and

applied more weight until he calmed down. She then walked calmly into her


Once inside, Barbie sat on her sofa and put her feet up. She saw no signs of

Bob's head through her opening at the end of her shoe. Instead she admired her

pretty toes and gave them a wiggle. "So can you hear me in there? If you can,

move your fingers." Barbie felt Bob's tiny appendages tickle the bottom of her


"Good," Barbie laughed. "Now let me here you say something." Barbie listened and

heard a muffled peep from inside her right shoe. She lowered it to the floor and

stomped again hard. Upon returning her foot to the coffee table, Barbie ordered,

"louder stupid."

Bob yelled into Barbie's under-toes as loud he could. "Please let me out of

here," he begged.

"I heard you that time," Barbie said back. "And no, I won't let you out." Bob

began to struggle again, but Barbie stood up and walked into her bedroom ending

his tirade. She pulled off her work clothes and put on a pair of sweats. From

her bedroom, Barbie walked into the kitchen and made herself something to eat.

The rest of Barbie's evening was uneventful. She lied on her sofa and watched TV

until she went to bed. Bob had many fits during the time Barbie relaxed. She

treated each the same way; a stomp to the floor and some extended pressure.

He'll learn, Barbie thought to herself.

When it was bedtime, Barbie slipped off her left shoe then her right. When she

did, Bob followed her foot out of the shoe and he made a run for it. He had been

planning his breakout for hours. He figured he'd go mad soon if he didn't make a

run for it. Unfortunately for him, Barbie expected it and quickly snatched him

up after only a few steps.

"You'll pay for that," Barbie said as she dropped Bob in the sink. She turned on

the cold water and walked out. Bob tried to scale the sides of the basin, but

couldn't. He slid down into the cold water and did his business. He drank some,

then resumed his futile attempt at escape.

Barbie walked into the bathroom with a pair of crumple up socks in her hand.

"You just don't get it do you?" she asked the defeated and crying little man in

her sink. "I don't know if you are capable of reform." Barbie shook her hand and

unraveled the wrinkled socks. "These are from Saturday. I wore them all day. I

figured they'd make a good place for you to sleep."

"What can I offer you to help me," Bob pleaded desperately. "I'm sorry I was a

jerk. What more do you want from me?"

Barbie picked Bob up by his head and held him dangling before her face. Once

again Bob was enthralled by her looks. "First of all," she said softly, her warm

breath blowing through Bob. "You are more than a jerk, you are an asshole; which

is where you belong and might just end up." Bob shuddered.

"Second, what I want from you is for you to suffer, with me as your tormentor.

Third, even if by some divine power you do find it in yourself to change, I

wouldn't lift the toe you've been plastered to all night to help you."

Bob felt the pressure on the sides of his head disappear and at the same time he

felt downward motion. He looked down and saw he was free falling into the end of

one of the white socks. The aroma was the next thing Bob noticed as he landed at

the end of the sock. He looked up toward the opening and saw Barbie's two

thumbs. Past the opening he saw one of her eyes peering in.

"How can you treat another human being like this?" Bob asked.

"That's exactly what I wanted to ask you this morning," Barbie answered. She

then lowered her sock and inserted her foot into it. Through the filtered light,

Bob watched Barbie's toes descend upon him. He felt like he was returning to a

nightmare in which a monster was chasing him and he just ran out of room. Bob

fell backwards as Barbie's foot settled over him and she pulled the sock tight.

"Good night, Mr. Bob Smith," she said as she climbed into bed. "I hope our

future boss and owner has a good night sleep. He just might need it."

"Fuck you," Bob said barely audible. He closed his eyes and thought about a cool

stream on a sunny spring day in an attempt to fool his brain. His nose prevented

his brain from believing. The smell of Barbie's three day old socks was too

strong. Bob was on the verge of panic as his id fought with his ego. In one

thought, he couldn't survive his coffin-like bed for another second. In another,

his strong self presence calmed his nerves and guided him toward tomorrow and a

chance to return to his normal life. In the end, not only did he stay awake

fighting conflicting emotions for over an hour, his constant movements against

the undersides of Barbie's feet kept her awake also.

Finally after ninety sleepless minutes of stomping her socked foot onto the

mattress, Barbie sat up and pulled off her sock. Holding the elastic end, she

whipped the sock against her mattress jarring the daylights out of its

inhabitant. When she lifted it up she saw no movement from within the cotton but

she repeated her action anyway. The jerk in her sock deserved whatever she

dished out. Barbie needed to go to sleep by ten. It was now eleven thirty. He

was depriving her of her beauty sleep.

Barbie then wrapped the smelly sock so tightly into a ball that there was no way

an ant could have moved inside it. She dropped it on the bed beneath her stomach

and lied down. She was asleep in seconds. Bob went to sleep also, about thirty

minutes later. As his consciousness went to never never land, so did a small

portion of his sanity.

Barbie awoke in a great mood. She couldn't remember a night in which she had

dreamt so vividly. In her waking dream, she was sitting in a chair. Movement

under her crotch was turning her on, making her squirm and wiggle. She looked

down and saw tiny feet sticking out from under her upper thighs. She put her

hand in her pants and felt a tiny human form against her middle finger. Her

thumb and other three fingers massaged her warm vagina, pushing the tiny form

further and further into her pussy lips. She felt him move inside her as she

squeezed her inner muscles turning her victim into warmth as she came


Barbie remembered about Bob Smith three seconds after she realized she was late

waking up. It had taken her longer than usual to understand what the little

green numbers on her clock radio signified. With the help of the voice from her

local news announcer, Barbie jumped out of bed. Once up she looked at the white

sock rolled into a ball on her bed and remembered. Suddenly the fear of going

into work ten minutes late left her. She gave the sock ball a firm pat to wake

its inhabitant, but otherwise left the sock alone until after she showered and

dressed. Once her make up was on, the little bit she used, Barbie grabbed the

sock, undid it, and poured its contents onto her palm. Bob Smith, who had been

awake for hours contemplating his sorry fate, landed and was immediately wrapped

up in fingers he remembered all too well. He breathed deeply and was

reintroduced to what fresh air smelled like.

"Good morning, Bob smith of Newark Delaware, newly hired electrical engineer.

How was your night." Bob only stared at her face with readjusting eyes. "Thanks

to you, I didn't get enough sleep. But don't worry, you'll pay." Barbie walked

into her kitchen and with her free hand poured herself a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

After pouring milk on them, she pulled one out and put it on the table in front

of where she deposited Bob. He had his breakfast gone before Barbie did.

"Somebody was hungry," she chided Bob. What's the matter? Not getting enough toe

jam. Bob responded by running. He almost made it to the far end of the table

before Barbie's open palm landed on him driving his forward mome

Giantess Stories: Bob Smith

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