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Boss Donna

By Jowlover

Dan picked up the phone on the first ring, he was that bored. A young female's

voice was on the other end, “Hello I'm calling for Dan Anderson?”


“You had sent me your resume, this is Donna Strouse from Ball Advertising. I was

wondering if you would like to come in for an interview; I'm an Account Exec

here and I need a new assistant – is that something that might interest you?”

“Yea, sure – I'm just graduating from San Diego State next week with a marketing

degree; that's exactly what I'm looking for...”

“Great let me give you our address we're in Downtown LA...”

Dan told her he would have to drive up and if he were to get the job he was

willing to relocate fast. Dan hung up the phone and felt some satisfaction; the

economy was bad yet he had already latched on to a job, and in downtown too,

cool – lots of office chicks in miniskirts – and that Donna chick sounded

good-looking. Could you really tell a girl was hot just by hearing her voice?

Sometimes, but then he dismissed the thought, she was probably a fat pig, who

needs all that sexual tension on the job anyway. He would do good there, after

all Dan was good-looking and he knew it. He was of Swedish stock which gave him

a strait face, blue eyes, a full head of dirty blond hair that he knew he would

never lose. His only short-coming was just that – he was a bit short and thin;

only 5'7” (170cm) with shoes on, and 130 pounds. It had always seemed strange to

him and his family because both his parents had been tall, his younger sister

had surpassed him in height when they were teens and he could still remember the

razing he got for it from everyone. He never really minded though because he

knew he was blessed with a nice face and butt that chicks dig. He always felt

that girls noticed him and he had no problem landing dates despite his

diminutive size and the fact that he was an arrogant bastard. All throughout his

young adult life he had used the same trick on every girl he met. He would be

cocky but nice until he got into her pants, then he would immediately treat the

girl like shit so she would storm out on him humiliated, knowing he only had

wanted her for sex and now he would move on to the next “victim”. He knew some

of these girls were innocent virgins and had really fallen in love with him but

he didn't care, he figured if she was that naïve better to teach her what the

world was like. Now he was 22, his parents had died when he was 18 in a car

accident, he took their death in stride because despite the loss; he and his

sister received a handsome life-insurance settlement which augmented their

inheritance. His younger sister had been devastated by the tragedy but Dan was

not there for her when she needed her last surviving immediate family member to

be strong; he went out every night and went on a spending spree leaving her

alone in the big empty house sobbing. When the relatives finally arrived they

were shocked at his self-centered neglect of his sister, “She's your sister and

they were your parents! Don't you care about anyone but yourself?”

“Fine, I guess I'm just an asshole so fuck everyone!”

He wound up not even attending the funeral and he never really spoke to his

alienated sister or relatives again, he was alone in this world now but happy

because he had his beer buddies, he could get girls anytime, and collage had

been a party because he didn't have to work his way through his studies due to

the big settlement he had received.

He got off at the 22nd floor of the downtown high-rise and admired

the modern décor of the offices and a cute blond that walked by. ‘This is the

job for me' he thought to himself. He already knew he would get the job because

the person he spoke to on the phone was a young woman and once she saw him he

would be in. He would just be a bit humble during the interview and add a little

charm. He was seated in the reception room when a gorgeous woman came in from

the hall. He glanced at her face as she whisked by and could tell she was very

pretty, she conferred with the receptionist for a moment and that gave him an

opportunity to admire her from the rear. A perfectly shaped ass and nice legs;

She was wearing black pumps and a black miniskirt with a white blouse. She had

brown-reddish strait hair that flowed half-way down her back. After she

exchanged a few giggles with the receptionist he noticed the black girl behind

the reception desk motion to him and the pretty girl started walking toward him,

he only now noticed she was holding a clip-board. ‘No way!' he thought to

himself, ‘This is too good to be true, I'm going to be working for that!'

As she got closer he finally saw her face, she had green-blue eyes and a very

nice skin tone which matched her hair, that indicated that that beautiful hair

was actually her natural color. “Hi, I'm Donna.” Dan quickly stood up and she

sized him up. She was taller than he was as were a lot of girls, with her heels

she was probably 5'9”. He shook her hand enthusiastically, “Hello, I'm Dan

Anderson – pleased to meet you.” She led the way to a conference room and began

telling him about the job. She was the Exec for the Vons Grocery chain account.

She told him she was about to fire her current assistant Julie because she was

‘unreliable'. “She doesn't know about it yet so if you call be careful.” With

the interview winding down Dan took a chance with a personal question, “May I

ask how old you are?”

“Sure, I'm 28”

“Wow, I must say I'm impressed, you must be quite talented to have achieved such

a position at such a young age.” Dan was thinking she must have fucked her way

to get this job but he could respect that.

“I hope I get this job because your someone I can really look up to, since we're

both in out 20's”

A flattered smile came across Donna's lips, “Well thank you, I have a few more

people to see and I'll let you know as soon as I can...”

Dan called his friend Bill as soon as he got home, “Man, this chicks HOT, If I

get this job I don't know how I'm gonna be able to stand it, and the best thing

is she's firing her current bitch which should make things easier for me, she'll

look bad if she fires me too – like she can't get along with anyone; I know I

can really bullshit my way through this job.”

Donna called, he got the job.

He decided he would at least try to do a good job, even though the pay for this

job was minimal and he still had his inherited small fortune; It was good

experience. The first day on the job went ok except for a run-in he had with an

woman in her early 30's. Donna had told him to go to Stephanie's cubical and do

an accounting thing as Stephanie handled the accounting. Stephanie had brown

hair and brown eyes. Dan thought she had a pretty decent face (but she couldn't

hold a candle to Donna's perfect face and hair) but she definitely had a great

body with perky tits. After about 5 minutes she blew-up at him, told him he

didn't know what the fuck he was doing and she didn't have time, “Well you'd

better get Donna over here and un-fuck this because I need to turn this into

Steve by 2!” Dan went away red-faced and told Donna what happened. It was his

first day and Dan was doing everything he possibly could not to be arrogant, he

knew that would come later, first he had to be humble, just like dating – he

thought. After about 20 minutes Donna came back and informed Dan she had tore

into Steph for being such a bitch to him on his first day and Steph had

apologized and whined about having personal problems. It turned out that Steph

was known as the office bitch and eventually she had a spat with everyone. She

had a good relationship with the CFO, Steve; but Donna and Steve didn't get

along so well, but Donna and Steph were best friends even though Donna would

concede Steph was a bitch for some reason the girls clicked – they were both

still single and liked to go drink at bars together. Dan was finding out how the

office politico worked. At

4:30 Donna said she was going home

early and left Dan to finish up some work; she told him he had had a good first

day and left. Stephanie came by looking for Donna when she appeared behind him

Dan instinctively whipped his head back as if she had startled him. “OH…I didn't

mean to scare you-so sorry ok,” she said sarcastically holding her palms open

in-front of her. Dan replied embarrassed with a grimace on his face, “Look no

problem; Donna already left” Stephanie rolled her eyes and walked away leaving

Dan to bury his face in his hands humiliated. ‘Why did I get startled like

that?' he thought to himself, he knew it was her a split second before she

appeared because she had called out “Donna?” yet he had reacted so pathetically

anyway. ‘What am I afraid of women now – just because of what had happened with


Lynda – that had been another reason he was in such a hurry to get out of SDSU

so he wouldn't run into her. He had started going out with this girl on an

athletic scholarship, one of his friends had dared him to make an advance on her

as a goof, because she was near 6' tall and worked out, “ Cmon Danny Boy – you

can get her, you've never fucked a girl that big and strong, your man enough for

her aren't you?” Dan couldn't back down from a dare like that, his masculinity

was on the line, “Whatever dude, I'll fuck by this weekend, $20 I'll be able to

tame her by this weekend.”

Dan had won the bet by Saturday night. Having sex with a woman that outsized him

by that much was a new experience, he couldn't be on the bottom like he

preferred because she was too heavy and the weight of her pressed the air out of

his lungs, so they traded places and he bobbed up and down over her. Looking at

her face as she reached climax and he ejaculated into the condom as she let out

a sigh and relaxed her head back against the pillow. He looked at her face as

she lay back with her eyes shut, she was no major beauty – her face was too long

and she kind of had an overbite, almost buck-toothed; although he knew a lot of

guys on campus that wouldn't mind being with her, he could do better. He got off

her and sat upright on the bed and reached for his pants, it was time to end

this relationship. Suddenly Lynda grabbed him by the waist giggling and pulled

him back down on the bed and jumped on top pinning him down, her breasts were

dangling over him and she smiled down at him but he was not amused. Still

smirking she said, “Your too small for me, but it's so cute.”

“Who isn't too small for you,” he said unkindly. Her smile turned to a hurt

frown, “What's wrong, aren't you having a good time?”

“Would you get off of me…” he said looking intently into her eyes, “…let me go.”

She moved over and sat up sulking as he went back to his putting his pants on

not looking at her.

“What so you don't like me, we're breaking up? What did I do wrong?”

‘Oh god', he thought, ‘she actually thinks we're a couple just because we fucked

once' He looked over to see her concerned face and decided to put off the

inevitable, “Look Lynda it's just I don't want to go so fast, we just met this

week.” Her look turned to one of relief and again smiled, “Your right… I'm

putting to much pressure on you and guys don't like that…Look my Sorority is

having a party Friday night and guys are invited, why don't you come by.”

“Sounds cool, I'll see you then, I gotta go now, you know Bill's waiting for me,

we're playing pool tonight.”

Friday night he showed up with a date, he could have just stood her up and she

probably would have got the message, but this way was faster she would never

speak to him again and he knew that the party was going to be big and loud and

she wouldn't be able to make a scene. When Lynda saw him she ran out of the

house covering her mouth with her hand but he was already too stoned to even


The next day he was in the weight room alone pumping a dumb-bell when she

appeared behind him. “Lynda,” he said smugly, “missed you at the party last


She had a look of extreme pain and anger but he wasn't afraid, after all she was

a girl, even though she outsized him, he had testosterone and a girly would

never try to brute a man as his sexist logic went. Girls had slapped him before

but that was it; he felt that a woman was incapable of doing much damage – no


“Why?... Why did you have to do that to me? I told everyone you were coming, I'm

so humiliated now I can hardly show my face there anymore.”

“It's not my fault you told everyone we're a couple you dumb bitch.” “You

bastard!” She pushed him to the floor with one arm and grabbed the dumb-bell out

of his hand with the other, she stood looking down at him seething.

Looking at the dumb-bell he pleaded, “No Lynda please don't!” She made a mean

grin, “What? You think I need a weapon to kick your ass, she let the weight drop

to the floor, when he started getting up she slapped him hard across the face

sending him strait down again. Putting a hand to his smarting face he crawled

away and tried to get up again only to be kicked down again by her foot as she

continued to pursue him.

“What can't you even get up you little shit, can't you even put up a fight?” She

sent him down one more time and he gave up, sitting there speechless on his butt

his eyes began to swell and he was fighting back the tears. She said in a quiet

satisfied tone, “Look at you, you pathetic little asshole ... I never one see

you in here again, this place is for athletes not immature underdeveloped priks

like you.” She looked down at him for another second but he couldn't face her,

he just looked away, she walked out the other door and only now did he notice

the laughter of some guys at the other double-door, worse than that he knew

them, this time the humiliation had been his.

He recalled the painful episode and deduced that it was the reason for his

sudden coyness around an aggressive woman. He would need to change his attitude,

he would not allow the Lynda to win; in the future he would have to make an

effort to re- masculinize himself, most likely at some woman's expense – like

maybe Donna.

So the first week he got to know more about Donna, he would get there before she

arrived everyday and get her a coffee when she got in, when she saw that he

could see a look of satisfaction on her face. He found out more about the office

and it's people by playing the loyal servant so Donna would spill the secrets.

She told him that she had once accused Steve of sexual harassment and he got

written up for it. It turned out that Julie had actually been Donna's second

assistant in 2½ years. Before her there was a guy named Rick, when Donna had

achieved the position the company at first gave her a temp from a temp agency,

when the temp contract expired after 3 months Donna had just let him go rather

than ‘taking the option to buy.' Donna was a dominant personality and she was

scattered, her desk was always a mess and she would screw up her schedule, she

expected a lot from the help. Dan knew they would eventually clash because of

his real personality but for now Donna was describing him as the best assistant

she ever had because she bought his subservience act, in reality he was just

getting her to open up so he could later use her confidence to his advantage.

Stephanie's looks had started to grow on him for some reason and he felt that he

was developing a crush on this older woman, he had started to like her face more

and had tried to make it up with her but he could tell she was still cold toward

him. Julie still called Donna often even though Donna had just fired her she had

left on good terms with Donna. Donna said she cried when she broke the news to

her but Julie still wanted to be friends, Julie kind of had worshipped Donna

because Donna was so beautiful and successful and Julie loved to spill her

life's problems to her and get her advice, and tell her about every little thing

whatever boy she was seeing said to her. On Friday of his third week he got to

avenge Stephanie's earlier harshness toward him. Stephanie had sent a document

to the color printer which was jammed, the color printer was on the other side

of the office near the traffic department and when she got there she realized

she would have to fix it and walk all the way back and send the copy again.

Since she was in a bad mood again she bitched at the traffic staff, “You guys

have to make sure this printer isn't jammed, I don't have time for this shit!”

Dan was at a copy machine nearby and was awestruck by her audacity, telling

these people what to do even though she wasn't their boss and didn't even work

in the same department. He stepped forward and mocked her, “Yea, you guys have

to make sure this printer is always working perfectly, that's your mission in

life, Claire your in charge of paper, Tom make sure those toner cartridges are

up to snuff!” Dan was pointing his finger authoritatively as the entire

department broke out in laughter. Stephanie stormed back to her desk after

squinting her eyes at him in pure disgust. Dan felt totally vindicated, why

should he be nice to her even though she hates him just because she was Donna's

and Steve's friend. It was time for the old Dan to come out and assert himself.

By the fourth week Dan's patience had worn off and he felt comfortable enough in

the job. Donna came in one morning cooing, “Hello little Dan Man…sweetie could

you get me a coffee?”

‘This is getting ridiculous,' he thought to himself, even though he had

volunteered it so many times before. “Get it yourself,” he snapped, “chicks are

always bitching that they don't have to get there male bosses coffee, why do I

have to do it?”

“Oh...” Donna started with her smile fading away, “Sorry I didn't mean to take

advantage of you, would you like one since I'm getting one for myself?”

“ no.”

Donna walked to the break room seething, he had never spoken to her that way

before and the fact that he had rebuffed her conciliatory gesture with a ‘no'

angered her more so. She came back to her cube laid the cup down and tossed some

of the mess around her desk unusually hard so he knew she was pissed. She called

over him over, “Dan would you come in here for a second ...”

Dan appeared at the entrance. “In the future, if you happen to be in a bad mood,

maybe you can just avoid talking to me until your feeling better ... ok?”

“I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just trying to do my job.”

Donna exhaled in annoyance, “Oh whatever...”

“Yea, I mean if a guy talks to a chick like that she'll probably pull some

‘harassment' trip on him like you did with Steve.”

Donna tensed up and spoke quietly and firmly, “Would you shut up, I told you

that was a secret, don't talk so loud!”

“No ones gonna hear me ...”

Donna was blinking her eyes in rage, “Look Dan just get out of my face I can't

deal with you like this ...”

Dan walked away and stayed in the Print Production area for the rest of the

morning, when he returned he made a feeble attempt at an apology which didn't

overly impress Donna, but she accepted it. Dan knew their relationship had

changed permanently but he was determined to make it to his advantage. His work

was still good so Donna wasn't complaining that much the next week. Donna had

told Stephanie that she no longer trusted Dan and that she wished she never had

hired him. “I knew he was an asshole,” said Steph. What made it worse was Donna

was up for her annual review next month and she didn't want a problem with Dan,

she didn't need any problems with the account. That week ended without any other

altercations and Dan had completed his tasks quickly and without error.

On Monday it was problems again, Monday's just weren't Dan Day and he and Donna

tangled again. Dan was working on the strategic marketing maps and demographic

reports. He didn't do what she had instructed him and he insisted his way was

better and that's a waste of time bla bla bla. She had an important client

meeting on Thursday and she was stressed, she knew her boss would be unhappy if

she wasn't able to get the client to buy more advertising. Tuesday she didn't

see Dan to much as she prepared for her pitch, Dan did the accounting that day.

Wednesday came and Dan finished the reports for the meeting she would need.

Donna made a fool of herself on Thursday because Dan had matched the Demo's with

the maps in a way that was sure to trip her up and it did. Donna fumbled through

the presentation slides as she apologized to the client and asked him to please

wait, he would look at his watch with impatience. Donna came out of the meeting

livid, she politely sent the people from Vons on their way but they had already

told her they were holding advertising spending for now; so much for a good

review. It was nearly 5 and she stormed back to her office ready to scream at

Dan but he had already left, he had left early because he knew she was going to

be pissed. Donna went over to see Stephanie and they decided to go to the Westin

Bonaventure Hotel and have a few drinks up in the rotating sky bar. It was quiet

and elegant there and they could have a quiet conversation.

They both sat down and ordered. “He making my life miserable and I can't get rid

of him.” They both decided that Dan had to go but that Donna couldn't fire him,

because she had just fired Julie and it would do way too much damage to her

credibility and she couldn't afford that right now.

“I'm gonna do it.”

“Are you sure, no one will suspect anything?” asked Stephanie.

“I've thought of a way to lure him into my house without anyone seeing us, I

gotta get rid of him this way, my careers on the line and he's ploting against

me at the office.”

Stephanie grinned, “Well in that case I can't wait to meet the new little

Danny.” They clinked wine glasses.

The next day Donna had made sure to be extra polite to Dan in the morning, she

didn't even mention the meeting. Dan figured she was just in a good mood because

it was Friday and he figured she must have not been too confused by the maps.

That afternoon she called Dan into a side conference room for a moment.

Dan walked in the room and sat down attentively. As Donna sunk in the chair

right next to him she backed up a bit to face him and crossed her legs, he could

see that she had a conciliatory look on her face.

“Look Dan I know we've had some problems lately but I want things to be like

they were before, I want us to be friends...”

She continued, “I know I can be overly demanding and unreasonable... Guess

that's the real reason I lost to assistants before you, but you've really helped

me since you've been here and I don't think I've told you that enough.”

Dan was glancing at Donna's crossed legs and she noticed his eyes shifting up

and down. She let one of her pumps dangle from her toes as she continued wooing

him. He was thinking how sexy she looked today.

“We can be friends,” he said.

She reached out and touched his hand, “Great, I was thinking what if we got

together tonight at my place and talk about other things besides work, I'll cook

and we'll get to know each other better.”

Dan's eyes lit up, “That would be cool... Wow.”

Donna face turned to one of relieved satisfaction, so far he had been so easy,

guys were always so easy. She whispered to him as she left the room, “I'm

looking forward to it but lets keep this our little secret ok sweetie...”


4:30 Dan was talking to someone in

the hall when he saw Donna motioning him over to her office with her finger. He

excused himself and walk over. She wanted to know how he was going to make it to

her place that night, she knew he had taken the train into work from his new

studio apartment in

Santa Monica .

“I'll tell you what why don't you just ride back with me in my car and I'll take

you back home from there when we finish, whenever we finished,” he smiled. She

gave him her car keys and told him to go to the parking garage and wait in the

car, by then he was too excited to argue so he snatched up the keys, she said

shed be down in 5 minutes, he left the office alone. Once in the car he started

thinking what a great idea it had been to assert himself with Donna, he was in

the driver's seat now at work and he was even going to get laid by one of the

most desirable woman he has ever known. He figured this was the only way a chick

could make it to the top, by fucking whenever the going got a little rough.

Women were weaker and they would always seek the less confrontational path and

succumb to a strong willed man like himself.

Donna showed up and got behind the wheel, she gave him a provocative smile as

she got in, “Did anyone see you get in my car?”

“ Ahh ... no, why?”

“I just don't want anyone from work getting the wrong idea, you know with us

leaving together ... I know it's silly but can you duck as we leave the


Dan laughed, “For your good reputation, sure.”

They got on the Hollywood freeway and started heading north to go to Donna's

house. She told him she owned a condo overlooking the valley, he was impressed.

“How did you afford it?”

“Me and my husband bought it together...”

yle="COLOR: lime">“I thought your not married.”

“I'm not, my husband is no longer around, maybe lets not talk about that right

now, I'd like to know more about Mr. Dan Anderson... If you'd like to relax a

little there's something in the glove compartment that I know you college boys

just love. ” Dan opened the latch and there was a fat joint sitting aside a bag

of cannibus in plain view.

“Donna, you pot head,” he said inspecting the contraband.

“I actually don't smoke that much, one of my girlfriends gave it to me. She says

it's real expensive powerful stuff from the

Czech Republic ”N>


Dan inspected the texture of the herb that was in the plastic bag, “ oo it's

kind of red, I've never seen red shit before.” Dan flicked the lighter and

inhaled a deep hit, then he exhaled hard blowing smoke all over, “Shit! That is

strong, it hits you so fast.” Donna rolled down her window to release the smoke.

Dan took one more hit and then smothered the joint in the ash tray knowing he

couldn't handle much more of such a potent strain.

“It must be I almost feel light-headed just from the fumes.”

“Oh I'm sorry did you want a hit, I could relight it.”

“Are you crazy! While I'm driving, we'd get killed.”

Dan started speaking in a silly giggling tone, “Oh your right, WOOWHEE! This

shit's excellent, you gotta give me your friends number!” Donna laughed along

with Dan's high. “Music!” announced Dan has he turned up the pop music and

started shaking his body in the chair as if to dance sitting down. This amused

Donna further and she cracked up; that made Dan happy that he was making her

happy. Still giggling silly, he looked over at her as she smiled strait forward,

they had reached a backup on the freeway and that freed her to look strait at

him. He suddenly stiffened and stared right back into her eyes. For a few

seconds he was totally mesmerized like a deer caught in headlights, her eyes

seemed to pierce him, then he shook his head and quickly blinked his eyes

assuming it had all been a hallucination. “Oh my god, I'm actually freaken out!

WHOHOO!” Donna snickered with delight.

The car exited the freeway and they drove uphill to Donna's condo. As they

approached the entrance gate to the condo complex Dan suddenly felt Donna's hand

push him forward and down to the floor and out of sight, he was surprised at the

strength of her push, “Hey!”

Donna giggled, “You know reputation.”

“We're not even at work anymore?”

They drove by the row of condominiums, the place was designed so that each condo

had a single car garage at the bottom, the 2 bedroom apartments sat atop each

garage and the whole structure was connected in a row of 10 separate houses.

Looking up from the floor Dan admired the new complex, “These are nice, I can't

wait to see the view from the other side.”

Donna hit the button and the garage door was already opening as she got closer,

she didn't have to stop the vehicle and the car slid inside, the door shut

behind them and they were inside with the dim garage door opener light switched


“Yea and the cool thing is that I don't really have any neighbors here, the

developer had priced these things pretty high and hasn't had a lot of interested

buyers yet and so I'm the only one in this row, we can make as much noise as we


“So I guess it's ok for me to get off the floor, or do you have a cat that might

take this the wrong way?” Dan reached over to let himself out but that side of

the garage was too cluttered. Donna grabbed him by the waste and pulled him

across the divide between the bucket seats and he burst in a hysteric

high-pitched laugh, “You'll have to get out with me,” she joked. Donna stood up

and Dan collapsed on the floor giggling, again her strength had surprised him

and she was towering over him with a commanding smile. “You're a strong girl…god

I'm so stoned I can hardly standup.” Donna reached down and helped him up then

she had him against the shut car door and leaned in and gave him a kiss as he

continued to play. He noticed that she seemed taller and she held him firmly but

he had kicked of his loafers in the car and she had her heels on. She was

smooching as he tried to push her back but couldn't, then his mouth came open so

that he could breathe and she pulled back chuckling. He was panting, “Donna I

need some air, I can't believe how wasted I am from that joint...” Donna made a

comforting smile, “Lets get you slipped into something more comfortable and put

you in front of the TV to relax so I can start cooking.”

She walked with Dan practically supporting him and Dan started to laugh again,

he noticed that his slacks and shirt seemed lose but didn't think much of it or

anything else because he was high. She pushed him down on the bed and pulled his

slacks off and he was having a ball, “And off with the shirt too, I got some

stuff that will fit a big boy like yourself.” He put on some warm-ups and a

cotton t-shirt and he was in the living room staring at the glowing tube as

Donna prepared pasta. The living room had a large sliding window that led out to

a deck which overlooked the valley, the cars and flickering lights could be seen

for miles. The glowing figures danced around and Dan didn't even know what he

was watching, he just zoned in a complete Euphoria, he was having a great time

just being in such a beautiful and successful woman's house and knowing he was

all hers tonight and that she liked him enough to seduce him and who knows what

would come later. Donna kept glancing over at him with a mischievous grin. She

finished preparing the Spaghetti Carbona and let Dan know it was ready. Dan

stumbled over and plopped in the seat and started to snicker again, “Yummy,

macaroni and cheese, my fave!”

“Oh-my-god, you are so cute!” Donna adored his simplicity, he probably didn't

even know he had made a joke, that he thought Spaghetti Carbona was

macaroni and cheese. Dan started eating, “I'm starved.” He rolled the pasta onto

his fork and started downing the noodles. He was stuffed before he finished half

the plate.

“What's a matter, that all you can eat?” Donna said with a condescending smile.

“It's filling, I can usually eat way more but I don't know, it must that that

shit, I'm so high I feel like... little.”

“You are little Dan.”

Dan gave her a pouty look back, “But that won't stop me from being all over you

tonight.” Donna finished her plate, she had eaten twice as much as Dan. They

both went over to the coach, Donna said she just wanted to relax a bit and not

to talk so much, Dan agreed. He wanted to be held by Donna so he could relax

until the drug wore off. He sat there leaning on Donna as she caressed him,

grabbing his pubic area, breathing on his neck and face, stretching her had

along his stomach, Dan just moaned in total ecstasy. Every once in a while she

would turn his head and passionately kiss him on the lips, it almost seemed like

she was trying to inhale him, which turned him on. By

10 pm they were still sitting there

and Dan especially was starting to doze, but he was still getting hard with

Donna constantly feeling him. Dan was still pretty stoned and he was amazed that

the joint could last that long. Donna whispered that she wanted to take him to

the bedroom and fuck him now and he conceded. They slowly stood up again and he

had this strange ‘little' sensation again and the warm-ups (which had a

shoestring waste tie) fell down to the floor even though he had tightened them

earlier; he giggled again as his head suddenly jerked upward to a Donna with a

slightly evil grin looking down at him.

“Something wrong baby?” she said as she pulled him closer and kissed him again.

Dan's lips released and his eyes opened again only to see Donna still staring

down at him.

He pulled away and again immediately dismissed the thought. It was normal to get

paranoid after smoking weed. “No.” he said quickly, “I'm just a little wobbly...

just need to make it to the bed...” But he couldn't get passed at how weird this

intoxicating sensation was; at work she wore heels and he wore flats – but now

she seemed even taller and they were both not wearing shoes.

He took two slow steps toward the bedroom and suddenly he felt Donna reach from

behind him and scoop him up like he was a just married bride. “Whoa... aaaw.,

this time he wasn't laughing. He let out the little yelps and they sounded a

weaker to him then in the past. There would be no more laughing for Dan, it was

time to come down from the mind-blowing herb he had smoked – but not down into

depression, down into FEAR. Donna let out a commanding laugh at how easy it had

been to grab him as she swept him away to the bedroom. She plopped him on the

bed so hard he kind of bounced up before he could stabilize himself.

“Little Dan man,” she sang. Dan let out a weak “he he, easy Donna, lets just go

easy... ok?” He was determined to convince her he wasn't panicking inside, about

to scream, he already felt he was holding back tears, ‘it's just the shit – it's

making me so paranoid, get a hold of yourself Dan.' He sled back against the

pillow and headboard as she took of the large T-shirt that was over her panties.

He stared at he magnificent body, her breast were so gorgeous and her flat

stomach and he loved her soft skin with that golden skin tone. Donna saw his

erection protrude the sweats. “Take you clothes off,” she commanded and not in a

very polite tone. She was smiling at him with that same aggressive smirk and he

complied while exposed her breasts fully and became totally nude. He was sitting

up against the vertical pillow with his penis strait up as she crawled right up

to him his legs extended between her knees, she sat up and looked at him

squinting her eyes just a bit with a slightly sarcastic looking smile and

grabbed his erect penis like a joystick. Dan shuddered. “Take it easy!” she

howled, “What, is this your first time? What about all those girls you told me

about at collage?”

Dan tried to act casual, “Of course not, I mean... I just ...”

“I don't think I've ever been with a guy as small as you, what did you say you

were? 5 7 / 130?

“ Ahh yea...thats it...”

“I'm even more than that but you seem lighter, you probably lost some weight


“Yea... you know with the move and the new job and all I really need to hit the

gym,...” he was rambling. Donna knew this subject was stressing him out, she

knew he had gotten smaller and that he was scared but in denial. She knew that

she was making him smaller. She knew he knew none of this. She was enjoying her

revenge more than ever before. The feeling of growing power and domination over

her prey got her so sexually charged she leaned in and started smothering him

with aggressive kissing and licking as her vagina covered his penis and she

began to gyrate up and down over his erect penis. Dan let out an few “ ahhg”s as

she whaled, her hands were pressing her weight hard on his shoulders and he

could hardly stand the pounding of her mid-section. She wasn't nearly as big a

girl as Lynda had been but her weight seemed so much more.

“ Ahh ...Ahh” he pleaded uncomfortably motioning her to halt.

“WHAT-is your problem Dan, Why did you come in here if you didn't want ...”

She started lightly batting at his face with her open palms, despite that he

still had trouble defecting her swats, she was looking down at him with an angry

sarcastic look as he pathetically tried to shoo away her advances with his arms.

“No No easy Donna,” he pleaded motioning his hands downward trying to appease

her growing annoyance with him, “...just... can I be on top I like being on


This was so humiliating, but he had to at least show her he wasn't lame, he just

wanted to ejaculate and get the hell out of there; she wasn't being sweet at all

like most girls and this had been a mistake – he would call a cab and split in

10 minutes.

“Oh ok,” Donna moved into his place and helped him on top of her. She grabbed

his buttocks and guided his penis in and out. His hands fumbled around her soft

breasts until he came and slowly the movement came to a halt. Dan collapsed on

top of her as she sat up a bit, he rolled off her and passed out closing his

eyes, he was exhausted. “Sweet dreams kitten,” she whispered in his ear. This

woke him up again and he remembered his fear; his need to escape Donna's house

and this night.

“Donna... really I gotta go...” he said weakly, he could hardly keep his eyes

open he was so tired but he inched his way forward as if to get out of the bed

and pulled him right down again.

“What? Your not going anywhere just go to sleep,” she ordered, she didn't

appreciate that he was trying to flee.

Dan started to whine and tried to escape one last time “Donna come on, I really


Donna's arm came down on his chest pressing him against the mattress and holding

him in place. “Dan knock it off, just go to sleep, your starting to get on my

nerves!” she roared.

“ok ok ok k,” he softly panted as her eyes penetrated him with an angry stern

look. Tears gushed out his eyes in humiliation.

“Oh-my-god, are you can sit there and cry like a baby now?” she scolded with a

sadistic sarcasm. It was all to much for Dan, he passed out and fell into a deep

sleep, his eyes dried with a few tears rolling back into his temples and he

snoozed. Donna released her arm, she knew he would sleep hard tonight and into

the morning because of the shrinking. She stared down at his now obviously

smaller form with satisfaction. She turned out the lights and cuddled close to

him, she felt a small shiver come from him as she also fell asleep.

Dan was swimming in a giant bowl of tomato soup, treading the thick red liquid

and then he saw Donna massive face looking down at him with that same evil grin

she had given him the night before. He frantically tried to reach up to her only

to see a giant spoon that was clichéd by her massive hand. The spoon came down

and scooped him up and moved him close to her big lips. She made a mocking

puckering. From the mouth came warm moist air and the overwhelming smell of her

breath. “Lunch time!” the lips spoke slowly and he was thrust inside, the spoon

receded from under him and he struggled on her tongue as struggled and screamed

for her to help. The teeth in front of him closed out the last of the light and

he felt an unstoppable force downward and he was being swallowed.

Dan's head jerked off the pillow as he suddenly awoke from the dream. It took

him a few moments to remember where he was, then he noticed he could hear

Donna's voice speaking from the living room. He immediately had the sense of his

smallness and the terrible fear was back, he rubbed his eyes one more time to

make it go away. His eyes were clear now and he was way past the cannabis, he

was undeniably little. He started frantically examining his arms and hands and

everything. He figured he was about 3½ feet tall. He froze as he heard Donna end

the conversation from the other room. The big Donna walked up to the open door

and stopped. She just stood there and looked at him for a few seconds, she had a

look calm indifference and she nodded her head slightly in agreement with her

work. Dan stared back at her with a look of innocence and fear, he wanted her to

show some sympathy and to help him. Donna moved away and went into the bathroom.

Dan bowed his head in defeat, he would have to confront her now, she obviously

knew what the hell was going on and he would need to grovel and beg her to make

it stop. He slid out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She was leaning over the

sink with her legs unbent which made her splendid ass stick out. There was a

hamper behind her butt and he sat on it with his feet dangling, when he had

entered the room he had gotten a perspective on just how small he had become. He

was barely as tall as her navel, and her shapely legs were bigger that all of


“ Aww, it's my new little toy, come to play, you want me to play with you little


Dan immediately started sobbing quietly, “ Donna...please, I don't understand...

I need...”

Donna spun around and looked down at him, “What don't you understand?” With that

both her hands came down and landed on Dan's little shoulders open palmed, he

yelped with terror and pain as she leaned in as her large face moved directly in

front of his, “I'm shrinking you!” Her hands were withdrawn and she stood

upright again. The force of her hands being lifted off collapsed the hamper lid

and he fell into her dirty clothes, they all smelled of Donna pretty scent, and

there were some panties that smelled like her vagina. The looked down at him

chuckling as he struggled, her arms came rushing down again and he was lifted

out and up, “WEE, little Danny can fly!” She carried him to the sofa and put him

down in front of her at her feet. “Kiss my feet,” she spoke quietly; Dan looked

back in disbelief. “Now!” she roared and Dan face went right down and started

kissing her gorgeous painted toes. She chuckled and then eventually lifted him

up so he sat in her lap. He was crying and she mused, “ Aww...”

“Donna, please help me, I'm so scared, I...”

Donna interrupted and mocked him in a high-pitched tone, “Help me, help me,

please Donna please, help me help me...”

Dan just buried his face in her chest, he wanted so much for her to comfort him,

but she was just being mean; the more cruel she became the more he was starting

to love and worship her. Donna finally decided to show him some mercy with his

face buried into her chest he refused to stop sobbing and shivering. “ ok...ok”

she pulled his head out and started wiping his little face clear.

“Please Donna just change me back, I won't even ask how you did this, I won't

tell anyone ...”

“Dan it's time you accept your new reality, you will never grow again, that's

impossible, instead you will keep getting smaller, you will never leave this

house again, except in my pocket, you will be my tiny slave and do whatever I

tell you, and if you don't you won't be allowed to exist, oh and by the way...

Your Fired!”

“But... why, how could you possibly...” “Because you betrayed me! You took

advantage of my trust and made my life hell at my work – and so I'm making your

hell here in my home. I couldn't fire you there so instead on Monday I'm just

gonna act surprised when you don't show up for work, no one saw you come home

with me and no one will ever figure out what happened to you. By Wednesday I'll

tell personnel that you probably got a better deal somewhere and didn't even

bother to quit – just the way the help is these days, the kids just jump from

one job to the next.”

Dan was in shock and held his head down in defeat, he still couldn't believe

what she was saying even though it was becoming impossible to deny, “But how can

this happen?”

“That's a long story, It's something a few of the women in my family, have had;

we're goddesses and superior to everyone else; my mother didn't have it but one

of her sisters did, my mother told me when I was little that when she was

growing up her older sister Lindy discovered that she could shrink people. Lindy

had always been the most beautiful of the sisters and she was a strait A student

to boot, I thought it was all a fairy tale until I was 16 and had a fight with

my boyfriend. The way it works is that it comes from deep inside my brain, from

my pituitary gland; it's sexually activated so I have to lust over the person

I'm going to shrink; that's why it was so easy with you because you're a little


“How many people have you done this to?”

“Your only the 3rd person ever, to be honest with you I would do it

more often but the problem is that the police eventually show up asking

questions, so if I did it all the time it would arouse too much suspicion.”

“But... Donna you're a Goddess, you have powers, you can help me ...”

“No No, try to understand; I can't grow things, I can't turn people into frogs,

I can't make time stop, no spells or potions, no magic wand... I can just shrink

people, like I said this has been recurring in women in my family for centuries,

and it's always been just shrink power ... Look I'm going out so it's time you

got acquainted with your cage.”

Donna carried Dan back into the bedroom. She got naked and started ravaging Dan

with kisses and sodomized him as he squirmed, that went on for about 5 minutes

then she opened the closet door and inside was a steel cage, like the kind a dog

is kept in

“What are you gonna do to me, please don't hurt me ...”

“I'm not going to hurt you as long as you obey and only speak when given

permission.” She went into the bathroom and came back with a tablet and some

water, “Eat it!” She grabbed Dan's jaw forcing his mouth open and inserted the

pill, he was squirming but she poured in the water and he spit up. Donna slapped

him to the floor and he lay at her feet, she began to berate him from above,

“What did I just say! You will do whatever I tell you and you won't resist! If

you ever do that again I'll crush you with my bare hands, now get the in your

fucking cage!” Donna kicked him lightly several times directing him to the cage,

then she gave him one final push with her foot and through the cage door, it was

slammed shut and she pad-locked it. She kneeled in front of the cage looking at

him with a sinister grin as he held himself in pain, “Donna ... may I speak?”

Donna was impressed, “Well well, now your getting the hang of it, yes you may my

little one.”

“What did you give me, am I going to die?”

“It's just a sleeping pill, you will sleep more today and in the evening I'll

take you out for play.” Dan thought about asking why she was drugging him again

but he realized that would be questioning her which was not allowed, he really

was getting the hang of it.

“I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for everything.” For once Donna looked at him with

genuine sympathy, she knew he was paying a very high price for his arrogance.

“If you learn your place in my life, love and worship me, have complete loyalty

to me, never lie to me again, you'll be alright; if you resist me or if you ever

try to escape, you won't last. Right now your still being punished for the shit

you pulled at work, but I don't always have to be a monster, it's all up to


Dan crawled to the cage door grabbing the bars, “I'll do anything you say, I


“Good boy, and one other thing, Your going to stop crying all the time, just

because you're tiny doesn't mean you have to stop being a man, control your


“Yes maam.”

Donna stood up and shut the closet door, leaving Dan in the dark, he heard the

front door shut. She also left two slices of bread and some water. That's all

her little prisoner would get to eat and he would have to eat in the dark. He

began thinking of the precariousness of his situation, because he had been such

a loner, no one would even know he was missing. He had left SDSU so fast because

of Lynda, he called his friend Bill a few days after he moved to LA but when

Bill told him everyone knew about what happened with Lynda Dan didn't want to

know anyone from over there anymore; he didn't even give Bill his new number. No

one would call the police and report him missing, the people who rented him that

studio apartment would just assume he was a flake and had split, leaving only a

few boxes of junk and an old mattress, which they would eventually throw out.

Donna controlled what happened at work, she would just say he told her he was

leaving for a better job or something. Donna was everything and everyone now, he

belong to her and he was now deeply devoted to her, he felt no resentment toward

her because she was a Goddess, he wanted to worship her and make her happy, to

always be close to her. The sleeping pill was already taking effect, now that he

was so small it was really going to knock him out, it felt so big when Donna had

crammed it down his throat. He fell asleep, knowing he would probably have

another Donna nightmare.

He awoke seven hours later when he heard the front door open and shut, then he

heard the bedroom door open and some movement outside the closet. The closet

door opened and he saw Donna's shoes, “Hello tiny kitten, playtime, out you go.”

Dan was released from the cage, he looked up at her in shock, although he was

groggy, he could tell he had become even smaller. He now only reached her

thighs, she looked down at him chuckling. “Look I got you a new suit.” She

pulled out a pair of little pink shorts with fuzzy on it and a string to tie

them. She dropped them on the floor. “Put them on.” He slid them on his naked

body and she bellowed with laughter. He slid past her legs and made his way into

the living room so that he could get himself together before Donna raped him

again. “ Ahh poor little thing, he's blushing!” Donna stayed in the bedroom

changing some clothes and Dan went near the breakfast table and started to

inspect his new dimension. The little hair's on his arms and legs had

disappeared but his head seemed normal, he wondered if the shrinking would kill

him, although he felt healthy, his penis could still erect and he could still go

to the bathroom, just he was small. Suddenly he heard the handle of the front

door opening, the door opened, it was Stephanie from work, she closed the door,

and took three steps toward him and discovered him cowering behind one of the

breakfast table chairs. Dan looked back at the bedroom to see if Donna was

aware, he instinctively assumed Steph had arrived uninvited and muttered, “Run.”

Stephanie just gave him an evil smirk and took one step closer so that she

towered right over him, “Run? Did you say run?” Donna came out of the bedroom

and with an angry look on her face. Dan knew he had just made a huge mistake,

Steph was in on this and by trying to warn her he had just betrayed Goddess

Donna again – something he just promised her he would never do again. “Donna I'm

so sorry, I...” but Donna walked right up to him and smacked himdown harder than

ever before, he struggled to his knees and clasped his hands together to beg but

she kicked him in the stomach and he tumbled over with the wind knocked out of

him and screeching in pain. “You little back-stabbing shit your gonna die for

that, you just told me this morning you would be my loyal slave!” Stephanie

touched Donna before she could kick Dan again. Dan could see Stephanie was

enjoying his punishment even though she stepped in to protect him, “Easy Donna,

if we hurt him too much now we won't be able to have fun with him tonight.”

“Your right, lets get a movie on while the little runt services us, Dan on the

floor near the couch ... remember this?” Donna showed Dan the half smoked joint,

she had gotten it out of the car, he cringed at the site of it as it symbolized

the beginning of his never-ending nightmare. Dan hurried over and kneeled as the

girls sat down. “Lick my feet and don't stop until I say you can.” Dan started

his chore, Stephanie couldn't stop giggling watching him gloss over Donna's toes

and work his way to the top of her feet and then her heels. His mouth was

getting dry but he struggled to keep it up, his licks became weaker to the point

that they were almost little pecks, like he was kissing. “Lick boy Lick!” Donna

roared, Stephanie let out another burst of laughter as he struggled to pick up

the pace, his mouth was dry so he just opened as wide as he could and kept

scraping his tongue. After a few more minutes he couldn't take it anymore and

decided to beg for mercy, he pecked the bottom of her shins a little and then

held his head up a bit and looked up at her searching for pity he was still

holding on to her legs, his eyes were welling up and Donna's eyes pierced him,

her anger that he had again disobeyed was evident and she raised her hand, Dan's

eyes shut and he braced for the blow, the tears rolled down his face, and his

jaw was trembling. His sorry disposition won her over and she lowered her hand,

“ Aww, ok sweetie you can take a break.” Dan clung to her legs in gratitude, he

was now only as tall as her knees, somehow he had shrunk even more since the

Girls returned and he didn't even notice until now, he felt bumps on his back

and he shivered – his world was changing so much now it terrified him. Stephanie

was looking at him smiling in amazement, “It's incredible, you can almost see

him shrinking.”

“The more we play with him sexually the smaller he'll become.”

“In that case lets party, I want to feel him inside me.”

Donna pulled him back and poured some bottled water into his mouth, he tried so

hard not to gag remembering the punishment he had received last time he spit up.

“Now lick Steph's feet!” Stephanie laughed as Dan dutifully hopped over and

began his chore. After a few minutes she became bored and lifted him up by

grabbing him by both hands around his torso and rested him on her lap, still

clutching him. He was reluctant to look at her face and his eyes were level with

her breasts. She raised his face by the chin and forced him to look into her

face, he was awed by how big it was now. She talked to him sternly and quietly,

“Did you like my feet boy? Is that your new mission in life?” Stephanie's breath

filled the air around him and it was intoxicating. He bowed his head and then

leaned over and tried to get close to her ear, she saw what he wanted and

brought him closer so he could whisper in her ear, “ Steph I'm so sorry please

forgive me, please stop hating me I'll do anything...” She pulled him forward

and looked at him with some satisfaction and then leaned back and put her head

in Donna's lap, holding Dan up and close to Donna over her face, Donna yanked

the little pink shorts off exposing his erect penis. He was lowered, his legs

spread over her cheeks and her ravenous mouth and tongue worked his whole

bottom, he could feel the moist heat and was consumed by her breath. Donna

helped guide him in and out until he came, Donna could see the look on his

little face when he peeked and giggled. She clenched both his hands in one fist

and lifted him up in the, then she stood up and let him dangle in front of him,

she moved her fist side to side and both girls watched him dangle in amusement.

She opened her fist and let him fall to the floor and they both exploded in

laughter. Dan yelped when he hit the ground and immediately lunged at Donna's

feet and latched on to her ankles whimpering for mercy, he knew the giant foot

could easily lift up and come down and crush him. He buried his face and Donna

could feel his tiny form shivering with fear. Donna looked down condescending,

“ok ok sweet thing

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