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Boss's lunch

By Gator

Don got a call just as he was finished putting together a new terminal for the

main frame. His new boss Joyce was now over the computer systems as well as

shipping and receiving. He didn't much mind the older woman being over him, she

was a competent boss, but she knew ABSOLUTELY ZERO about computer systems.

He aslo didn't mind her because there wasn't any "sexual" friction . She was

almost old enough to be his mother, and didn't take care of herself very well

either. She was a red kneck in most ways. Jeff Foxworthy would have been proud.

The salt and pepper hair still had pleanty of dark in it, but her loud mouth

almost always turned people off quickly, as well as her oversized butt that she

always kept in shorts and short skirts. Plus her face had taken a beating from

all of the sunning she'd done over the years. Over all, Joyce would have been a

nine Corona woman.

The BIGGEST thing Don didn't like though was her bossy attitude. She'd tell him

to fix something. When he asked her a question, the answer was always the same.

"I don't care how you do it, but if ya don't, you'll be sent 'a packin'."


The call was Joyce wanting a monster burger from Hardees.

"Monster burger?" Don asked as if she were a bit daft. Why would HE care what

she wanted for lunch?

"And make sure it has onions on it!" she squaked in her southern drawl. He could

imagine she was wearing cover alls and a straw hat when she talked, but in

reality she dressed like an overripe prostitute.

"I don't know anyone who's going out for lunch..." Don protested.

"YA GO GET IT YERSELF!" she squaked making her voice two octaves higher.

"Oh, well, uh, okay. I wasn't planning on going out though, I brought my lu...."

click She'd hung up on him already. "What a pain" he mused to himself. Why

couldn't she just get something delivered? Now he'd have to drive across town to

make his boss happy.

What the hell. He was paid by the hour, and the company would have to pay milage.

If she weren't his boss, he'd already have told her to shove her brazen

attitude. But, gotta make a living as such. He got his car keys and mused how

interesting his Porche and he were going to be fast food caterers today... to a

snobby, overweight, clerk that ended up being a salary boss somehow!


It had been a long time since Don had been at a fast food window. And he'd NEVER

bought something for someone else, and nothing for himself. He rode all the way

back across town listening to the radio with his only passenger. A fast food bag

and a drink.

After a few cutesy comercials about softdrinks and car sales, a commentary came

on. He half listened as he weaved through traffic, then the president came on.

Her voice was a clear modulated voice that imposed concern on a listener. "We

have had, in the past, reason to give billions of tax payer's dollars for

prisons. Then with technology we solved the problem." (meaning the invention of

the portasizer to shrink criminals) We had a problem with land fills and

chemical dumps plagueing our great land. and technology solved that also!" she

continued about the greatness of the recent sizing technology. How wonderfull it

was and how it cured everything.

"In the past, laws have been in place to protect the rights of every citizen,

and those rights have been revoked when the law is broken. Now, with the help of

the national security team and the House of Representatives, I give you the new

law. The Safety act."

Don was now on pins and needles. He'd heard of the damn Safety act. It was safe

for everyone but him! He couldn't believe they'd actuall PASSED the damn thing.

It was originally created by a group of lesbian women's rights activists, and

now it was a law. The president finished her speach by re- assuring that the use

of sizing units, both fixed and portable, would be STRICTLY monitored. "yea

right." And that the use of said units would not be illegal on persons 'causing

or meaning to cause harm to the device's owner'.

Pretty much in a nut shell, even the president signed a hunting permit to every

last person who could afford a portasizer. The rich get richer... the poor

get... stomped out of existance!


He went into Joyce's office feeling is if he'd already been stepped on my a

million ton president with high heeled pumps. He put the bag on the edge of her

desk as she chatted on the phone. "Can I have the rest of the day off, I don't

feel quite right..." Don asked noting Joyce was TALKING about the new law with

whom ever it was on the other end of the phone line.

She put the phone to her chest as if it would cover what she was about to say. "Naw,

uh uh. You sit in that chair right thar." she aimed a finger at her 'death row'

everyone jokingly called it. Every time lay offs or write ups were coming,

everyone had to sit in her row of office chairs. Otherwise you could just stand

there while she yells at you for what ever.

It was very uncomfortable sitting in the cushy comfortable chair.

"I want the F.L. committe to have a meeting in my office then. Yea. Get 'em in

here right after their lunch then, and Linda? Make sure Anthony comes this time.

Okay? Bye." she put down the phone and went straight to her meal. She began

pulling open ketchup packets and squirting them on the napkin where the fries

were unceremoniously dumped.

"About taking today off..." Don began again.

Suddenly Joyce's attention turned to him again. "You know I ain't wearin' no

bra. Right?" she said making sure that her light gray blouse was tight enought

across her smallish breasts for the orange of her aerola's to leave dark spots.

Her protruding belly came out nearly as far as the lumps of her breasts, and her

nipples were already pointing at the floor.

"Uh, yea. I see that." he said realizing she was about to go into one of her

mind games. Don was no fool however. He decided to play the game right back, and

maybe win.

"Can you tell if I'm wearin' panties?" she stood for a moment and straightened

her skirt around her bulging thighs and hips. For all her short falls, she did

have a tan on her legs that covered some of the age signs, but not all of them.

Her big shins and fat ankles came from under the dress tapering into a pair of

oversized feet even for a lady her size. Her shoes were the severe walking kind

that nurses wore with no socks. No panties, no stockings, no socks. But again,

he knodded his head as he saw no lines at all around her hips or butt.

"No underwear on the boss lady!" she said triumphantly. Her lips smiled into a

thin slit between her laugh lined cheeks. She smashed a few french fries with

her fingernails, plopped them in the blob of ketchup and tossed them in her

mouth. She watched him as she devoured her food. Each time she'd dip her head

way back and let them fall into her mouth. Not at all like normal people eat

french fries. More like how people eat oysters.

The monster burger stayed lonely looking on the desk as Joyce made a meal of her

french fries.

"You know what I heard today?" she finally said between bites.

"What?" he tried to keep everything on a freindly easy going basis, even though

every alarm in his head had gone to defcon 5.

"The president is going to leave it up to the people to defend themselves." she

took a long drink from her soda making slurping noises when she reached the

bottom with her straw. "It's called the Safety act. It's so women and little

girls don't have to worry about walking the streets anymore. Plus it's goin' to

save all us hard workin' taxpayers a bundle on law enforcement!" she preached.

Actually it was just the introduction to what was on her mind.

She finally smiled looking directly at him. Her eye lids were still powdered

blue like they did in the 70's. To Don, she looked like a Madame from the south.

"So, you got your boss trapped in her office." she said innocently as she took

more french fries to her mouth. "Are you gonna attack me?"

"No." he shrugged.

"You ARE? Please don't!" she said in a completely phony panick voice. Her eyes

stayed on him like a snake trancing a mouse.

"I said no." he wondered what in the hell was the matter with her. But it was

becoming obvious. She ripped open her top to reveal both of her half sun tanned

tits. The big buttons of her blouse went scattering across the floor.

"If you come and suck on these, I'll be quiet." she said suddenly.

"That's black mail..."

"Don't make me use this on ye!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs pulling the

stock room portasizer out. He dipped to his knees in a begging position.

"Okay, okay. You don't have to threaten anything. I'll do whatever you want...

Just don't go crazy, okay?" he crawled to her on his knees. Hands still up as if

she were a cop with a gun. She hiked up her skirt with a smirk on her face.

"I know'd you could be reasonable." she said still weilding the industrial duty

portasizer as she licked her lips and kept it aimed at his nose.

He was about to swallow his pride and go muff diving on his boss who had never

turned him on a bit! But before he could make contact, there was a knock at the


Suddenly, Don was in a big huge room. Huge, beyond all reason. Joyce had shrunk

him by accident when the door knock scared her.

"Ooops! Sorry, Don. Well. Since you're small already, here. Hold on." Joyce

reached down to get him as if he were a cigarette butt. His head spun as she

pushed him up her skirt between her legs and pushed his tiny body into the

tangled mass of pussy hair as if it were a jungle jym. Each strand was as big as

a water pipe in his hand as he felt the gravity shift as if he were in an

elevator. Joyce stood up and called for her visitors to come in.


Don was completely astonished at the brazen attitude of his boss, and the

completely unreasonable amount of time it took for the president to have him put

out ot commission! He hung on for dear life seeing her chair was a vast plain of

squares many many feet below as if he were looking down from a high flying air



Joyce pulled her blouse together and 10 people on the company FL committee came

in including Linda who would be taking notes and minutes of the meeting. Joyce

sat behind her desk as the nine members sat and talked among themselves. Finally

Anthony started in on her (for the thousandth time)

"Okay, Joyce. We know you don't know what you're doing. What are you going to

ask us now?" he scoffed. He was the one who felt he was entitled to her present

position or much better.

"Me? I was going to find out where you were on the Seagate deal?" she asked. The

committee had completely lost the deal, and it was not supposed to be public

yet, but Joyce found out about it anyway. Anthony's face reddened.

"That deal was impossible to aquire. I'm not going to talk about it." Anthony

shoved his hands in his pockets like a spoiled little brat. Joyce knew which

buttons to press.

"Impossible, or you just don't know what the hell you're doin'?" she asked in a

mocking southern drawl that could entice Elvis into a fight.

"Look, is this meeting about plant procedure or not, because it's none of your

business what we do in marketing!" Anthony was seconded by Kent Black and Rose


The others on the comittee were there as staff support primarily because of the

CEO putting them on the committee.

"It's about company business. I've got a dossier that tells me that things ain't

quite right 'round here, and I want answers!" she knitted her brow into a scowl

that made everyone in the room's blood pressure rise.

Especially Anthony. He was no piss boy for the new shipping boss no matter what.

To even suggest that his committee look at her trivial matters was like

suggesting an executive to clean a toilet. His ears flashed red as he clenched

his teeth.

"You have no authority here. This committe is NOT composed to be degraded into

some sort of help for overbearing fat ass shipping personel!" Anthony was again

backed by Kent and Rose who all stood to leave with him on that note.

Just then Joyce stood too. "You LOOK like hired help, ya mean ya'all can't

figure out what this is?" she dangled a slip from her fingertips that went to a

simple shipment of tampons for the ladie's room. Anthony temporarilly lost it

and took the slip to shread it to ribbons and toss the little pieces all over

her desk.

"That's your ass if you continue to provoke me!" he said hotly as he gritted his


"Are you threatening me?!" she asked almost astonished.



With a casual wave of her wrist, Joyce shrank all nine of them leaving only

Linda standing before her. Her aid looked at the floor and her jaw dropped a


"Have you got all that?" Joyce asked as she let her buttonless shirt fall open

again. Only this time only the cleavage of her droopy sunlined breasts was

showing. Linda was sighing relief that she wasn't WITH the people on the floor

at her feet.

Linda had been holding the vid cam on record the whole time, even though she had

no idea why the boss wanted to video tape anything as boring as an FA meeting.

"Uh, yea. Here you go ma'am." she said gulping as she handed over the small

descreet vid cam.

Joyce took it and put it in her desk drawer. "Oh, and Linda. Would you mind

gatherin' that bunch up in this here box?" she indicated an empty carton of

tissues on her desk top. Linda shrugged as she took the box and looked at the

tiny scurrying things at her feet. She'd never had such a time since she was a

little girl chasing frogs beside her grandfather's pond.

She hunted them up one by one, and soon they were all accounted for. Joyce gave

her a knod that she could leave. Her mouth drew into the familiar slit as she

happily looked down at her new shrunken co workers. "I got a surprise business

lunch in store for ye." she licked her thin lips and reached for her burger. "I

don't think ya'all will mind if I don't give a speach. Right?"


Don was gasping for breath as her crotch warmed and she sat again. He was

certain he was about to die at any second as his hands clung to the immense

pearly dark strands of pubic hair. The odor coming from her engulfed his head as

he tried to fight and breathe at the same time. She had shrank more people, and

he was simply forgotten as he heard her taunting them in an immense rumbling

voice that made the strands of pipe sized hair around him waiver like bushes in

the wind. The eerie sight made him shake like a scared invalid as the sense was

scared out of him. A finger the size of a city bus was lowering right toward

him! It came in as if in slow motion, and plowed into the building of womanly

flesh right below him. It sank in as easily as a woman's finger should in her

own pussy, yet to him it was like a battering ram crashing into the mall, and

reality simply bending to meet it with no destruction. Just a huge gooshing

sound that reminded him of burping a water bed amplified 1000X

It was dark under Joyce's skirt. Dark and hot. Don sweated bullets as he tried

not to panic. He took a big gulp of putrid air as the sight nausiated him to the

point of almost vomiting. The smell and the sound of her finger digging through

the unruly matt of genital hair toward him was stupifying. He was about to jump

to his doom when the hairs parted to expose a dense thicket consealing her clit,

this was the spot she sought out and the scant curly hair he was clinging to

swayed aside from her immense ooz covered finger and he was temporarily spared

being crushed.


Being alone in her office again, Joyce didn't even notice she'd started stroking

herself untill she habbitually pulled it out and smelled of it. She was very

used to doing so to check whether or not she needed to prop the door open to let

the odor out.

Today she was about average, which to the tiny people before her was horrid. She

saw them holding their noses as she sniffed her finger again and smirked more.

"What's a matter? Ain't smelt' a woman before girls?" she poked Loretta Lindsay

with her goo coated fingertip and the woman stuck to it for a moment and began

screaming unintelligibly. When she finally peeled away she was left alone by the

other business persons.

"Help me! I'm sticky!" she sobbed and the others just turned up their noses up

at their soiled comrade. Loretta was peeling at the thick goo with both hands

trying to get the slime off of her.

"BACK OFF! And you stink..." Rose had the expression on her face of an observer

of a sick dog giving birth. She kept backing away from the offensive accuntant.

Only Anthony had the guts to stay focused on the immense Joyce. "You can't do

this! If Roger finds out about this, you'll get canned. You don't want that!" He

shook violently but tried to stay erect as Joyce moved her face a bit closer so

her hot breath could wash over them.

"And he has authority over the president of the united states?! HA! I don't

think so, you'd better check it again mister." she smiled and Anthony finally

felt his knees give way as her gigantic teeth bared down on him as if he were in

front of an oncoming trian.

Several of the tiny people before her were breaking down into hysterics. Kent

crawled forward completely ignoring the monsterous face above them. "This is all

your fault! I told you she was dangerous!!" He began chewing out Anthony.

Of course Joyce was glad to hear it. "YOU TELL 'EM KENT! I'M DAMN DANGEROUS!"

she seconded the tiny man. He took notice of her peircing crowfeet lined eyes

glaring down at him like twin pools of acid and the highly educated middle aged

man promptly feinted.

Loretta crawled forward despited the goo and began yelling at the gargantuan

overweight boss lady. "YOU DISGUSTING PIG! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS! THIS IS A $200

SUIT!!!" Her squeaks got all of their attention.

"You callin' me a pig?" Joyce's smirk went away and was replaced by something

they had seldom seen. The good 'ol girl gone mad. Joyce brought her finger up to

her lips again, and hovered her index finger over the tiny woman. "I ain't havin'

no insect call me no pig!" she let her thin lips curl downward as she felt her

revenge rise to it's appex.

"Um.. Oh, I'm... AAAHHHH!!" Loretta had time for a quick scream, and Joyce's

finger came down on her legs. With a sickening wet crunch, both of her long trim

gams were crushed off of her body by an immense finernail the size of a car


"Oooh. Poor baby, you ain't gonna go callin nobody names now girlie!" she saw

the goo covered woman was now in total shock as she looked at her ruined

pulverized legs that looked like a side of bacon in a pool of blood before her.

The others stared in shock too. Joyce was for real. She wasn't happy! The ruined

woman tried to pick at her pulped legs with her fingers as if she could put them

back together as her lower lip quivered. She then looked up at Joyce's gigantic

face as if she still didn't believe it.

Just for kicks, Joyce plucked a ruined leg up in her fingernails and some french

fries as well and ate them all. "Hmm. Good as ketchup. I always knowed you was a

sweet girl Loretta!" she gained her smirk again, but it was all evil. She'd just

eaten the severed leg of a woman at her mercy. That was as evil as any of them

had EVER seen. EVER!

Without caring what else happened, Rose dropped to her knees and began to beg

Joyce. "I've got money Joyce! I've got savings and bonds! You can have it all if

you let me go! Anything!" she pleaded.

"Aye? Ah, I'll think about it. 'course, with ya'all gone. I'll get pleanty of

promotions." she picked a piece of Loretta's thigh bone from her teeth, and the

bloody matt of meat and bone fell right at Rose's feet. The woman promptly puked

right there, and her pearl knecklace broke sending expensive little pearls

cascading all over Joyce's immense desk top.

Joyce giggled at her. "Ahh, poor dear. Maybe you'd like to make me some ketchup

too?" she scoffed at the sick tiny lady. She noticed her shirt was sligtly open

again, and remembered she had someone that was supposed to be eating her wet

pussy. She then remembered Don.

"Ah, just a sec, I forgot somethin'..." she pulled up her skirt, and a single

golf ball sized nipple bugged out of her blouse as she examined her unrully cunt

hair. The eight people with legs on her desk were going to run away, but there

was no where to turn, no where to hide. The one without legs was quickly

bleeding to death.


Just as Don had given up hope, and decided to plumet to the chair and make a run

for it, the whole matt of pussy shifted again, and the whole immense skirt

raised up. He gasped as he saw how tiny he was compared to her fingertip. He was

pulled out like a piece of lint, and only his dexterity kept him from being

smashed agains the immense hairs as he was pulled free.

Suddenly he was unceremoniously dumped on a huge wooden plain. Her desk top, and

right beside him, a huge pair of shoes... they were the size of cars to him. He

looked up at a thirty five foot tall Rose Allgood who was white as a sheet.

He then saw what she was looking at. Half of Loretta Lindsay. The usually tall

cynical lady was twitching with no legs not far away. Don looked up to see some

of the other executive staff watching in horror. They all looked down at him and

backed away further.

"Oooh, you dears. We're about to have such fun!" Joyce now peeled open the top

of the nearby monster burger and knitted her eye brows.

"HEY! YOU FORGOT THE ONIONS!" she scowled down at Don, he was blown backward by

her hot stinky breath. It made no difference to her anyway. She had seasoning

enough right under her nose. The eight standing salary people began to run like

roaches as Joyce grabbed them up and stuck them in the mayonaise of her monster


Soon only Don was left holding his ears with a legless corpse nearby. Even the

lint on her desk looked huge to him as he looked up into the sky. She had a

burger with flailing arms and legs going toward her mouth. He fell on his ass in

apathy. She was unstoppable.

To make matters worse, Joyce looked right at him as she began chomping the

"people" filled monster burger. With the first bite, she had half of Dana

Johnson dangling off of her lip. She giggled making her bared breasts bounce her

ugly dried out nipples. The garish sun lines on her skin showed exaclty where

her frumpy bathing suit covered, and she stayed out in the sun alot watching

Nascar and other redkneck games.

Another sickening crunch of her teeth later and another person went into the

Monster Joyce. Don could see Rose's face as her makeup smeared down her cheek in

tears. The last bite had taken off her hand right above the wrist. She was

beating the bun of her burger with her nub as the burger went forward again and

the next bite had the rest of Rose in it.

"This is BETTER than chicken!" Joyce leaned forward so that Don could see what

was going on inside her mouth. Each of the 30 foot people in the mouth was

getting munched to bits. Rose was still screaming as Joyce giggled and gulped

down her mouth full to get another bite. Then the door rattled again. Don looked

dumbly hoping suddenly that someone had come to rescue them. Perhaps the

secretary had notified the real authorities!!!

"Candy! Come look what I got!" Joyce called her daughter over.

Don nearly passed out. The slut of the entire facility also happened to be

Joyce's daughter. The bleach blonde (who also spent way to many hours in the sun

with no sun block on) came over and gazed at the half eaten monster burger with

her eyes getting bigger.

"I want some momma!" she also had a drawl in her voice that made people with an

eduction wince. Joyce pushed her burger to her daughter's pudgy cheeked face and

let her take a bite. Two pairs of feet covered in mayonaise dangled off of her

bottom lip as she began tasting the food in her mouth. "Gawwl! Momma! Them's

strong little critters ain't they?!" she chomped on her bite like a cow and sat

on the corner of Joyce's desk to watch her eat the rest of it.

"Lacey said that Melody's coming over with her tonight. Can we go ahead and use

the pool?"

"I told ye not to even ask untill ya clean it up!" Joyce wasn't even thinking

about the next two accountants she ate. She was busy preaching to her offspring.

"If ya'd cleaned it up last week when I told ye, it wouldn't be all ruint and

ya'll could be swimmin this weekend!" she followed Candice's eyes. She was

looking at her mom's ripped shirt.

"Did they do that?!" she asked suddenly mad.

"Sure did!" Joyce lied. "This is the whole lot of 'em right here... and well..

here too." Joyce pointed at her bulging gut. Candice's brows knitted at one of

the two remaining women in the burger.

"I ought ta rip her little friggin' head off!" she threatened. Joyce just

scoffed. She was almost full now anyway. She picked the tiny Rachael Gibson out

of her burger and handed her over to her daughter. The skinny model type

wouldn't be any good for eating anyway.

"Ya lil' rotten cunt! Leave my momma alone!" Candice tore the tiny blonde's head

off and tossed it in the trash. The little body in her hand squished as she made

a fist and dropped the mutilated body in after the head. Candice then pulled off

her shirt to hand it to her mom. She was wearing a sports bra under it, so she

didn't need the button up. "Here, ya can wear my shirt home."

"Thank ya darlin. And have you seen Mark today?"

"He's in receivin' today ma."

"Make sure you tell 'im to come to my office before he goes home. I GOT somethin'

for 'im." she patted the portasizer. Candice KNEW exactly what she meant. Mark

was the guy that got Candice pregnant last summer and didn't even offer to pay

of the abortion. Joyce was mad about it for months now.


Don was almost sat on by the immense bleach blonde. She wasn't nearly as fat as

her mother, but she was a budding plump-ette with thunder thighs. He had to run

not to get squashed under the mountain of denim. The only one that noticed his

movements was Joyce, she put her hand between him and a stack of papers so that

he couldn't run any further.

Candy didn't even see him!!! He suddenly wondered if she'd help him, but he saw

her also eat two people out of Joyce's burger. It was hopeless. As soon as Joyce

said they were bad guys, killing wasn't good enough for them. He watched Candy

tear the head off of the woman he'd been lusting after for months. His brain was

shattered as he realized he really wasn't going to live through this. People

were dying, and this was no 'accident' like a plane crash or an earth quake.

There was a killer after him that was worse than Freddy Kruger or Jason, or

anybody!!! Joyce could have stepped on twenty serial killers with one foot!

He didn't even hear them talk as his mind went numb and he fell on his back

somewhere between passed out and stupified. Shock.

Candice pulled off her shirt while she talked and handed it to her mom. Joyce

was looming over him like an evil god of fat. The world was a very unpleasant

place to be. Death might be welcome!

Candice left and Joyce's eyes came right down on top of Don. He put his up his

hands in a meek attempt to keep her off of him. She sneered at the gesture. "You

owe me a GOOOooOOOd lickin!" she stood up. He'd never imagined something THAT

big moving that fast. She pulled her phone off the wall to put on her desk so

she could talk while he worked. With a gulp he was put on the floor under the

desk and grown to midget size so that he could do his dirty work.

This time arguing with her didn't even enter his mind. He frantically did every

sexual trick on Joyce's cunt that he'd ever even read about in a magazine. All

the while pushing being a human out of his mind. He might live!!! All he had to

do was keep his nose closed and keep his eyes shut. Each time he let his eyes

creep open, he regretted it. It only made the work worse.

All of his efforts were for nothing.

As soon as Joyce was finished with her cunt licker, she shrank him back down to

his previous size, which was smaller than the people she ate, and picked him off

of the ground in her immense coarse fingers.

This time she was dangling him over her face. She was talking to some other

woman on the phone, he handn't been listening to their conversation thus far,

but the next words hit him like her perpetual morning breath.

"Why don't you swallow yur's the same time I swaller mine?!" she was looking

right at Don when she said it. She was trying to convince some other woman to

eat somebody! And the other woman was hesitant. Now Joyce was coaxing her into

doing it. "C'mon. Are ya ready? One... two... three!" Don's soul fell out of his

skin as he fell into Joyce's mouth. It was a huge cavern that he could die just

from the smell in! The walls were slimey flesh and the yellow dirty teeth around

him looked like sinister buildings.

Her breath was a storm that whiped his head around. She was talking with him in

her mouth! It was a deafening roar to him. He tried to keep close to her tooth

as her tongue bounced around like an ocean wave.

"Did ye eat 'er?" Joyce asked. Evedently the woman on the other end did not.

Joyce got up and began walking. It was like riding an earth quake to Don as he

could see people through Joyce's slightly parted lips. She went right up stairs

to payroll and sat down in a chair facing Patti Farthingwell. The lady that gave

out pay checks! Don was going to scream again for help, but when he watched, he

could see that Joyce was convincing her to eat Mary Leonard! Tiny Mary was

frantic as Joyce put her in Patti's mouth and expected the other woman to


"NOooooo!!!" Don screamed.

"What was that?" Patti asked keeping the tiny Mary from escaping by keeping her

between her cheek and her gum. The tongue beneath him quaked and rocked. He slid

to the middle of the tongue as it bowed in like a bowl, then he was thrust out

into the light. He looked up. Patti's immense twin pools for eyes were looking

at him in shock.

"Don?" she asked. Don was beyond reasoning as he screamed for his life. Patti

blushed a bit. "Okay, here goes Mary!" she opened her mouth positioning the tiny

woman inside. For a long moment I was looking directly at Mary as she looked out

the open mouth right back at me. I was almost going to wave, but we just looked

at each other dumbly and Patti's lips worked first. Her lips squeezed together

as her addam's apple juggled once an then Mary was gone. Patti opened her mouth

to show the other woman was now on her way to her digestive tract.

"Whhooo!" Joyce smiled as she saw Patti do it. "NOW! You call Jennifer Mitchell

and tell her that you just 'et Mary, and I'll see ya'll later!"

"Call Jennifer?"

"YUP! We got a little bet goin' and LUNCH AIN'T OVER YET!" Joyce assured, she

suddenly remembered the tiny morsel in her mouth and rolled him to the back of

her mouth to swallow. He went down alot more easilly than the bigger people

she'd eaten. Plus he was saliva coated like an oyster already. Don didn't have

any air to scream in as he went down her throat. No amount of fighting now would

do any good. He was food.

Joyce walked all the way across the plant to pack out and confronted Jennifer.

She'd won the bet. She'd won the pack out people. All thirty of them! Of course

they could be replaced, that's why they'd made the bet. But Jennifer herself

looked pensive when Joyce came to collect.

"Okay, but not Kennith... we're going out you know..." Jennifer indicated a tall

muscular guy.

"Oh, no. Uh, uh. A bet's a bet!" Joyce wasn't even going to fool with the

formalities on this one. She could make up ANY story she chose later. Jennifer

watched helplessly as her whole crew was shrunk and Joyce gave her the menial

task of gathering them up for her in an empty invoice tag box. Joyce waited

impatiently and as soon as she got the box she counted heads.

"One short!" Joyce tapped her foot impatiently.

"But we're engaged!" Jennifer put her hand to her chest in dismay. Joyce pulled

her hand away and pulled open the skinny blonde's cups. Sure enough, perched on

one little orange nipple was a two inch man. Joyce plucked him out with her

fingers and dangled him over her mouth in front of the shorter supervisor. With

a plop and a smack he was swallowed right there.

"That's so you don't come askin' fer 'im later!" she patted her belly and licked

her lips as she watched Jennifer's reaction. She thought the younger woman was

going to cry for a moment. "Ha! Better luck next time, and don't go datin'

these!" to accentuate her point, Joyce plucked out a tiny skinny girl out of the

box and dropped her on the floor to stomp on. Her big oversized women's 10 came

down on the tiny shrunken girl as if she never existed. All that was left was a

spot on the dirty shop floor.

Jennifer looked at the spot and scowled. "You don't have to be such a PIG about

it!" she was still feeling violated where her shirt was pulled open.

The flash in Joyce's eyes was as fast as the flash of the industial powered

sizer in her hand. "Well... YOU'RE in this department too..." she pointed the

sizer at Jennifer and shrank her two inches as well. Jennifer ran scared but it

did no good. Joyce's massive foot came down out of the sky on her and mashed her

flat. Nothing to stop her. SPLAT!!!

Joyce walked all the way back to her office munching people from shipping like

candy. She was out of them by the time she found Linda. The box was empty, and

Joyce's belly was full.

"You got a visitor in your office." Linda informed. It turned out to be the

bastard that got her daughter pregnant. Slurping down the last teenie tiny red

head Joyce went into her office and closed the door behind her.



Giantess Stories: Boss

Don got a call just as he was finished putting together a new terminal for the By Gator By Gator Boss's lunch Boss's lunch



Giantess Stories: Boss

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Giantess Stories: Boss

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