Giantess Stories: Box by Oddmund Gratz      A flash of light crossed the dark sky

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by Oddmund Gratz

A flash of light crossed the dark sky, almost blinding me. I tried to move my

hand across my face to shield my eyes from the painful light, but my arms felt

heavy by my side. I squinted to try and make out the shapes above my head.

The ground moved. I tried to move my body, roll over or sit up, but I still felt

heavy, forced by the shear weight of my body to lie on my back. I wondered what

drug I must have been given. My eyes were slowly adjusting to the light, and I

could make out the vague outline a face above my head. It was not an unpleasant

looking face of a young woman and she seemed to be smiling, but I felt there was

something odd about this face. Out of proportion. She was speaking.

"Oh, I don't know'' she murmured, "they all look so nice'.'

Something large caught my eye just below my feet. It was moving from my far

left, across to my far right. Then it retraced its movement, back straight

towards me. It was coming closer and closer. It was bright red. I stared at it

intensely out of the corner of my eye as I was unable to move my head. I wanted

to move but my limbs were not responding. It hovered above me. It was almost as

big as I was, but I still couldn't make out what it was. Its 'head' was

completely red and just above my head, but it had a pinkish body that extended

way into the distance, below me.

A thought passed my mind as to what it could be. It started to descend. It was

coming straight towards my face. Fear. I felt my heart pounding in my chest. It

was going to crush me. No matter how much I strained, my body would still not

move. But then it rested gently on my body.

"Orange, mm?" the woman above my head was contemplating slowly.

With the fear temporally subsiding with respect to the large red object, I

refocused on the women.

"Orange centered,..."

The red thing lifted vertically upwards away from me, and then, once again,

rested gently on my body. It touch was warm and not unpleasant.

"...or cherry?" She was still contemplating. "Cherry." she announced now with

certainty in her voice.

The red thing moved incredibly swiftly away from me and came down about three

meters to my left. I followed it with my eyes. It turned vertically down and

disappeared out of my view.

"AAAGGGGHHHHHHAAAAA" There was a blood curdling scream, and a second later it

reappeared, joint with another, and between them there was a naked man. He was

kicking and screaming. "Help me!" But all his efforts were having no effect on

the two things which held him. They brought him straight towards the face. But

now there was something definitely wrong, because the face of the young women

was larger than the man, and the two red thing which held him. I closed my eyes

tight, hoping when I reopened them, the image in front of me would make sense.

The man was being towards the mouth of the young woman. I swallowed hard as I

realized the he was no larger than her lips. She was grinning from ear to ear

with a guilty look. It was now obvious what the red things were, they were

simply the polished fingernails of the young woman, on the end of her slender

fingers. So that was all. What a relief, I felt my body relaxing. Just harmless

fingernails on that pretty young woman. I smiled as I saw the young women

smiling at me, showing a full set of pearly white teeth. But my smile turned to Como hacer Flan de huevo rápido en el microondas

horror as I saw her teeth open her placing the head of the little man between

them. She was still smiling as I saw her biting off the head of the little man,

he was still struggling as she took another bite, and finally she swallowed,

licking her lips.

I was in complete shock. My god, I thought, I've got to get out of here and

inform the police, I've just seen a murder. But my body still refused to move.

"Go on," I heard another women voice saying, "have another".

"Oh I shouldn't, they'll go straight to my hips."

"You know you want too. And it is you birthday."

"Oh, you've convinced me. Now which one. Yes orange." She stared straight at me

and grinned, and I realised I was orange.

This time the fingernail mirandered slowly, almost tortuously towards me, and

when it reached, me it slowly caressed my body, giving me time to study them

closely. I could see that it was the index finger of her right hand about the

same with as my body though not including the width of my arms by my side, The

nail was meticulously manicured, red, as I had mentioned, and with the growth

beyond the fingertip reaching from my lower stomach to halfway up my chest. I

realised she could have easily divided me in two simply by pressing the tip of

her nail on and then through my body. Her nail lingered on my body for ages.

Then without warning, the thumb appeared on my left, and together with her index

finder on my right, they picked me up. There I was high in the air, held only

between the fingernails of the thumb and index finger, which were pressing my

arms into my side. Like being released from a spell, I finally felt I could move

my legs and body, though not my arms of course. I felt a scream emanating from

my throat, though even I was aware of its futility. Looking up I saw the face of

the young women in front of me, coming closer. Then it stopped, leaving me in

mid air. I watched as the young woman drank a class of white wine.

With great effort I managed to crane my neck to glimpse the world around me.

There were several equally pretty and smartly dressed woman around a table. All

drinking wine and giggling. Below me, on the table, was a box full of naked men,

all with terrified faces. There were just two gaps. Another of the woman reached

over to pick up the box.

Then I felt hot breath over my body. It smelt of wine with a hint of garlic. I

looked down and saw I was being placed feet first into the enormous cave of her

mouth. Her teeth came down over my lower stomach, pausing momentarily to savor

the moment, and then Crush, she brought her teeth together severing my legs and

pelvis from the rest of my body.

A moment later she reopened her mouth and tilted her head back, keeping me

suspended just above her mouth. I saw a light orange cream oozing out of the

hole, where my lower body had been. Where had my insides gone? I reflected, And

why was this not painful. In fact what is this feeling. Sensual, sexual? all of


When the last drop of orange cream had fallen from my body, I saw her tongue

come out. She placed it inside me. I could feel it cleaning me out from the

inside. Up my neck, inside my arms. Wow what a tongue. I was tingling all over

what was left of my body. And then Bang, I was inside her mouth, dissolving over

her tongue, I felt her smile her guilty smile ...


Giantess Stories: Box by Oddmund Gratz      A flash of light crossed the dark sky

A flash of light crossed the dark sky, almost blinding me. I tried to move my by Oddmund Gratz by Oddmund Gratz Box Box



Giantess Stories: Box by Oddmund Gratz      A flash of light crossed the dark sky

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Giantess Stories: Box by Oddmund Gratz      A flash of light crossed the dark sky

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