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Brand New Dad




Asuka's Note: I was inspired to write this story by much of

Her Tiny Pal's, Dreamwatch and Littletoy's work. So I would like to thank those

two for there wonderful stories which without them I would never have wrote this


Story Type: Slow, Shrink, Family, Humiliation (No incest or

anything is in this story)


            Hi, I am Martin Matson. I have been a

lawyer for much of my life. I am one of the better lawyers in the state of

California. I work for the top firm in the country Kelso and Kelso.  I am still

young at being only 29.  I have a step daughters ages who is seventeen and a

younger sister who I take care of who is 13.  You probably think wow at such a

young age well I married my wife right after high school. We have been married

for 2 years now which is pretty remarkable. 

            Monday Day One – Power Struggles

            I rolled over to see my wife still lying

asleep. My wife, Katie is a lot older then me. She is 36 years old but I love

her just the same. She has long brown hair, green cat like eyes. She has rather

smallish breasts which kind of bothers me cause I really like my women with big

breasts but I do know you can't have it all so I have learned to deal with her

lower to mid B cupped breasts. She was about 5'8” maybe 5'9”.

            I got out of bed knowing that I had to get

work. I always thought marrying the owner's daughter would have some perks but I

still had to be at work on time and in fact I had to work that much harder

because I did marry the boss's daughter. I also have to put up with all the remarks

and talk behind my back that I just married her for my career and well I can't

exactly argue with them but my wife Katie and Mr. Kelso are none the wiser so

everything is going pretty much as planned. Mr. Kelso is a very old man. I give

him about two years at the most and when he dies who do you think he is leaving

his company too? Well it would be most certainly his favorite son in law which

is me of course.

            I threw on my suit and ran out the door just as

the clock chimed 6am. I got in my Porsche which was given to me by the firm and

headed into the office. As I flicked on the radio I nearly crashed the car as I

heard the DJ report that Richard Kelso had died in a plane accident early this

morning. A smirk crossed face which I quickly hid as I pulled into my spot. I

pulled my cell phone out of my pocket as I headed towards the building.

“You do quick work. I thought you said that it would take a

lot longer than this. I will transfer the money to your off shore account

tonight and remember. We never met, we never talked, and our contract, I will

give you partial payment tonight and then I want you to shred the contract and

send it to me. When I receive the contract shredded I will transfer the rest.”

            I shoved the phone back into my pocket and

walked into the main doors of the office. As I walked in Jared, the security

guard patted me on the back and told me that he was sorry. I flashed him a fake

smile and walked into the elevator. I took a deep breath and pressed the button

for floor 129.  The ride up the elevator was quick and as I walked out into the

main hall all the board members were telling me how sorry they were about my

loss. I motioned them towards the board room. As we entered we all took our

assigned seats and I looked at the head chair. I stood there staring at it. I

spun it around and as I did so I few tears ran down my face.

“I'm sorry Dad. It was suppose to be me on the trip. I will

take good care of your daughter and your business.”

I took my seat which was just to

the right of his and addressed the board. I asked them the usual questions like

what is the state of the firm and who is going to take the top spot.  I knew

what the answers were going to be but I knew I had to ask.

“Well Martin, The company is

still quite well off and our stock is high. There are only two people who Mr.

Kelso left the company too. You of course and Gina Watson.

“What! Gina? Why?”

“Everyone out!” As everyone filed

out of the room I grabbed my phone.

“Hi, it's me. No there wasn't a

problem with the transfer but there is a problem. I am not the only one who will

be at the head. Gina Waton also has 50 percent leadership like me. Yeah,

Kelso did a 50/50 for the CEO chair. Well think of something.”

            I was just about to get up when I saw Gina walk

in. She was young like me. She and I were the company's future prospects so to

speak. We were expected to be the future top dogs of Kelso and Kelso. Mr. Kelso

liked her a great deal but I never realized enough for her to be a threat to me.

            Gina was a Latina girl. We were in the same

graduating class. I beat her out for top honors and we both landed here at Kelso

and Kelso. Gina was probably my biggest rival here. We were always competing in

just about everything we did. She was a young Latina woman with a lot of

attitude. She had long black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, a wonderful ass, ghetto

booty I guess you could call it. She dressed more to be sexy then professional.

            As she walked in her long black hair was

falling out of her ponytail. She sat down next to me handed me a cup of tea.

“It's an old family recipe. It will make you feel better.”

“How is a stupid glass of tea going to help me?”

“It will make the problems about your father in law seem a

lot less important.”

”How it going to do that?”

“It has many small effects”. Now, I have to go. My client

will be here soon.”

            As she walked out of the room I shook my head

thinking about how stupid this is. Some old family tea recipe is going to make

things be all better. I grabbed the glass of tea and drank it all in one big

gulp. It tasted like weeds and barley mixed together with a hint of grass. I

felt all warm inside as I walked out of the board room.

“Margie, I'm going home. Transfer 12,000 from my personal

account to the Devon offshore account please”

“Of course right away sir. I hope you feel better.”

“Me too”

            I walked in the door to my house and was

greeted by my sobbing wife. I walked her over to the family room and let her

unwind a little. As she cried I could only think about what was going to happen

to the company. I needed sole power and authority. It was rightfully mine and

mine it shall be.

“Honey, why don't you go to the summer home for a while and

think things through and just be by yourself? I am sure it will help.”

”You're probably right dear. Will you be okay with Kirsten?”

“Oh of course, take as much time as you need. I will pick

Amanda up next week at the airport and everything will be fine.”

Tuesday Day 2: Unplanned Circumstances

             I got up earlier then usual today. I

walked over to my closet and put on my favorite suit. I called it my power suit

because I always felt like I had bit of chip on my shoulder when I had it on.

            Once it was fully on I looked in the mirror and

noticed that the suit was a little too big. As I looked over at Katie and I was

quite irate but held back my anger knowing that she was feeling bad enough. I

looked at the clock and figured that it would just be a few minutes that I would

be at the office anyway.

“Honey I have to get going but enjoy your flight dear?”


“So early? Thanks I will call you when I get there.”

            I started walking down the hallway when I saw

Kirsten walking out of her room wearing sweat pants that say Prep across the ass

and a white gap t-shirt. Her hair was messy and looked un kept. Her steel grey

eyes looked down the hall at me. She waved hello as she headed into the


            Kristen was my eldest stepdaughter.  She was

your typical teen. Spending too much time at the mall and not enough on her

school work, She spent many evenings on the phone or out with her friends. I was

always surprised about how responsible she was for her age. She was a well

organized and a neat person. She babysat for many of my co-workers. We had

reasonably good relationship even though she sees me more as a friend then her

father a lot of time. She was very self conscious. Kirsten, is a very pretty

girl but she is a little on the shorter side being only 5'4”

 â€œOh Martin, I am going out with Alex tonight so don't wait

up K?”

            It didn't register at first, I was nearly down

the stairs when I stopped turned around and went back up the stairs. I pounded

on the bathroom door for several minutes before it swung open. Kirsten's dark

brown hair was dripping wet and she had a towel around her pert breasts.

“Yeah Martin?”

“Would you please call me dad.”

“Sorry, I keep forgetting. Its just you look so young.”

“Thanks, but anyway what is this about you and Alex?”

“Oh, its nothing epidemic so don't worry. We are just going


“Is he that skater boy?”

“Yes, he is so cute.”

”I thought your mother and I told you that we didn't want you seeing him.”

“I didn't think you were serious.”

“Well look, I don't have time to discuss this in committee

but you aren't seeing him and that's final.”

            I could hear Kirsten pleading with me as I

walked back down the stairs but I would have none of that. I left and hurried

off to work to try to finish a few things up before anyone else got there.

            As I walked in I immediately sighed in

disbelief as I remembered that today was the day for the mandatory company

physicals. This being the last thing I wanted take part in today I tried to

hurriedly walk by but I was caught by one of the nurses who showed me into one

of the cubicles.

“Sorry Mr. Matson but you know its company policy for

everyone to get a physical once a year.”

“Yeah, yeah let's just get it over with.”

            I walked over and stood on this rubber floor

mat looking thing with a digital clock embedded into it. As I stood up straight

the nurse measured me.

“You're pretty tall for a nurse. I haven't seen many

nurse's who are 6'1”

“Oh don't be ridiculous, I am only 5'8”.

“No you must be 6'1” You're the same height as me.”

“Yes, I am and your 5'8”

“Look I am in no mood to be joked with I'm 6'1” 243lbs.”

“Mr. Matson you are probably just stressed with the recent

events and I wouldn't blame you for being confused. You're 5'8” 200lbs”

            I left the office upset and thinking how this

day keeps getting worse and worse. First Katie ruins my favorite suit, Kirsten

is upset about not being able to see Skater boy, and I have this damn nurse

telling me I'm not 6'1”. That's just crazy. I think I know my own height.


I stormed out of the cubicle and towards the elevator. I couldn't believe that

they let incompetent people like that damn nurse work for a hospital. I grabbed

my cell phone.

    "Yeah, move to phase 2, send someone

reliable to take care of phase 2, I want you taking care of Gina. got it? good"

          I spent the rest of the day making arrangements

and clearing my schedule for a few weeks.

Wednesday Day Three – Unwelcome Fate 5'2"

             I once again woke up early but I knew I didn't

have too as I had the next month and half off from work so I can cope with my

loss. I kept thinking about how happy Gina probably was about this but I didn't

want to draw any attention to me so I took this little sabbatical.

I went down to the kitchen and

started making breakfast. I struggled to reach most of the cabinets that were

above the counter top. I was confused by what was happening.  I kept telling

myself that this must be some stupid joke Kirsten is playing on me.

“Hey dad, would you [pause] grab [long pause] me [longer


“Well spit it out Kirsten”

            I spun around to see what she wanted

me  to get and

I realized why she was stammering so much. Kirsten was almost a head taller then


“Dad you're so short. I mean look at you? You're probably

about 5'2”. What's happening to you?”

“I don't know lets just think about this calmly and

rationally here and most important let's not tell your mom when she calls okay?”

            Before I could even finish my sentence Kirsten

grabbed the cell phone off the table and started dialing.  I already knew who

she was calling so I went to grab the phone but she lifted it up.

“HAHA can't reach shorty!”

“Kirsten give me the phone young lady! I am still your


            She grudgingly passes over the phone and gets

ready for school. The second she is up stairs Martin quickly begins to dial.

“Hey it's me, you know what must be done and I want you to

do it no matter what okay? I do not want her around is that clear? Accidents

happen right? What? Oh yeah I'm fine just a sore throat. Bye”

            With a smile and a spring in his step Martin

went upstairs to relax.

Thursday Day 4 – Major Changes! (4'0”)

             I woke up today thinking about how it

was Thursday and Amanda would be here Monday. It was bad enough with just

Kirsten around I really didn't want Amanda here but realizing I had not much of

a choice in the matter I started to stretch. I extended my legs out as far as

they could go. I expected them to  shoot over the bed but as I looked around

at the bed I realized I had further shrunk in stature.

            My door started to swing open and I tried to

hide my body beneath all the covers.  I felt Kirsten's hands grab onto the

blankets so I grabbed as much of them as I could. I knew that she couldn't see

me like this. I curled the blankets around my body to add better leverage for

myself but as she pulled I felt the covers start to pull away from me. In a last

ditch effort I tucked the blankets under me so my weight would bear down on the

sheets to stop her. As I did so they continually slid out from under me. In a

panic I began to grab at any piece of the blankets I could but Kirsten's

strength had grown immensely just over a day or two. I found myself unable to

compete with her as she finally managed to yank the blankets off the bed

revealing my new tiny size for her eyes to see. She had an amazed look on her

face. Her eyes just ran across my body. As she looked at me she stood up a

little straighter and carried herself with a bit more confidence.  I knew right

away I had to break her spunk and disrupt her swagger and above all else I

couldn't let her know how much weaker I now am.

            As Kirsten looked at me I started looking at

her more closely then I ever had. The more I looked at her I found myself seeing

things for the first time. Her long blonde hair was pulled back tightly using a

black scrunchy. From on the bed I could smell the peach scent coming off of her

hair. Her face had a soft silky look to it that made me want to touch it. I

started to raise my hand towards it but I quickly withdrew it as I saw that I

wasn't going to be able to reach it and I didn't want her to see. I continued to

stare at her face and finally my eyes retreated down towards her tie dyed

volleyball t-shirt loosely hangs off of her frame hiding her bust. She had on a

pair of boxer shorts that she wore just like regular shorts which in turn really

shows off her long lusciously smooth legs. Those very legs that just may some

day become a lot taller then me.

 I shuddered when I started to

think of a day when I maybe no taller then her legs. Me a grown man clutching to

Kirsten's legs for safety from the ever growing world that I become less and

less a part of to the point that I am no longer apart of it at all. Even now I

can hardly believe how tall and strong Kirsten looks what if I wake up tomorrow

I wake up and she looks bigger then today? Stronger then today? How will I

continue to hide the fact I am growing weaker along with my stature. As I stand

up now I look straight into her stomach. I immediately hide my fears and

trepidations from her. I want to put my arms around her and cry into her stomach

and have her gently hug me back and say it will be all right little Marty. Yes,

little Marty that is what I will probably become some day to her. Not dad, not

step dad but little Marty who needs big strong Kirsten's protection for his

survival. I begin crane my neck up and see her beaming down at me so I start

looking else where but I can feel her eyes still on me.  

“Hi MARTIN! Err Dad. Sorry!”

            The moment she said martin I was furious. Just

because I am short it doesn't mean she can call me anything but what I am. That

is her father. I was ready to lay into her. I told her the day I walked into

this house I was in charge and I expect obedience at home and in the workplace.

I am charge around here. I knew that if I didn't want things to change I had to

strike fear into her now before it was too late. I need to run the show, not the

show run me.

“I told you not to call me Martin! You're my daughter and I

expect to be treated with respect. In fact I don't ever want to hear the name

martin come out of your mouth again.”

“It was just a mistake! Why don't you just lay off dad


“Listen here! I am all you got and your has been father

isn't coming back anytime soon. I have tried my hardest to be a good parent to

you and”

“And nothing! Don't you dare bring my father into this. I

came in here cuase I wanted to check on you and all you have done is yell at me.

Bye DAD”

”Kirsten, no wait!”

            As she stormed out of my room I went after her

but her strides were now much greater then mine. I heard her door slam shut with

a force I knew I could never create. I grabbed the handle went to shove the door

in like I usually do when she locks it since the frame is all wood the mechanism

that keeps the door shut is also wood and if you put your weight into it the

door will open right up. I have done it a thousand times. I shoved the door in

only I found it not moving. It didn't even budge. I threw my body against the

door but It still didn't open.


            I tried my best to sound demanding but my voice

was much higher pitched then it use to be and came off more like your annoying

little brother trying to sound grown up then it did authoritive. I knew now the

only way in was if Kirsten let me in. For the first time I had to give in to


“Kirsten please open up. This is just hard on me. I am

sorry. Lets be adult and talk about this.”

            I heard the door unlock but she didn't open it

up. I could hardly believe that I was nervous as I put my hand on the door knob.

I wanted to just run away but I knew what I had to do. I started to open up the

door and I saw her reading a magazine laying on her bed.  I sat down on my

sister Amanda's bed. Kirsten hardly paid me a glance.  It was odd as I sat on

Amanda's bed my feet dangled over the side. I tried to adjust myself so my feet

would touch the floor but nothing really worked.

“Kirsten, can't we be civil about this.”

“Sure, when you are ready to say I'm sorry Kirsten you know

where to find me”

“Listen here! I am in charge around here. I pay the bills

and I expect respect from you and that's not what I am getting.”

“Boy your real good at this and what happens when you don't

pay the bills anymore? Have you thought of that? What if you don't stop

shrinking and you fit in my hand one of these days?”

“I, I, okay lets be calm.  This whole thing has caught

me off guard. It's not easy for me"

"Like it is easy for me? This has never been easy for me.

When you married mom everyone talked, and"

"And, I know, this has never been easy for you and I

understand that, I mean I am not that much older then you, I can still remember

what it was like to be your age, You also have to understand I love your mom,

and I love you too. I just want us to be a family and now with this happening, I

feel like I am losing you too. I shouldn't have said that about your father."

“I'm still mad at you so don't you think we are cool cause

we aren't but, i do think we should go shopping. I mean you need something

proper to wear."

“I am not going anywhere with you.”

“Well you are not walking around this house naked! So you

can come with me peacefully or I will carry you out.”

“You can't lift me up.”

“If you keep shrinking I just might be able too.” [giggles]

“Not funny”

“My teeny tiny father! LITTLE DADDY!!! I am going to tell

my mom everything if you don't come shopping with me and my friends.”

“You wouldn't”



“Why you little deceiving brat.”

“I learned from the best.”

            I knew Kirsten was right even though I didn't

want to admit it. I had to have clothes. I can't walk around in sweat pants that

are too big and a t-shirt that I could drown in.  I agreed with great


“Great, Dad it's settled!”

“I don't want your friends knowing I'm shrinking though.”

“Hello Einstein! There gonna notice that you have lost over

2 feet unless.”

             Kirsten had a sly look on her face. She

started to suppress a giggle as she looked at me. She then got up and went into

her walk in closet. I heard her rummaging around in there for quite sometime. I

continued to dangle my feet off the bed letting them swing. As Kirsten walked

she threw some clothes at me.

“Put these on and if you follow my plan everything will


“Little what? Oh no, no, no, no I am not going to be your

little brother.”


“Well then what's your idea?”

“ummm…I guess we do it your way.”

“Here is the story. You're going to be my little brother

who is living with my dad but you are here for awhile living with mom so you can

get to know your favorite sister better.”

“NO, hell no I changed my mind. This is not happening. I am

not going out in public. It's just not right. I have a image to maintain and

strutting around at four feet tall isn't that image.”

I grabbed the clothes from her hands and ran to the

bathroom. I didn't want any of this to be true. I prayed that this would all be

a lie and when I looked in the mirror that I would be my old self again. As I

ran in I closed the door and leaned up against it breathing hard. I never

thought about how many extra steps it takes get places when you are short like


            The bathroom was sparkling clean. It had white

tile with pink trim and bottom cabinets were all wooden while the ones above the

sink were clear with mirror doors. I looked up at the mirrors in realization of

what my life was becoming. I slid the jeans on and I grabbed the shirt. I had

expected some flowers or a girlie image of some sort on it but she was true to

her word and it was a gap t-shit. It wouldn't be first choice of shirts but I

was glad it wasn't a Barbie t-shirt or something. I took a deep breath and

shoved the door open.

“Well let's talk about this then. I don't want to see your

friends. I refuse to go.”

"That's not talking dad, that's just you refusing to go."

"Well I have that right"

"Come on dad, You need clothes"

"Fine, but if they find out who I am."

"They wont."

             We reached the bottom of the stairs she gave me a push and I was shoved

out into the main family room. Her two best friends were sitting on the sofa

chatting. There conversation quickly stopped as they saw me standing there.

“He is a cutie Kirsten. What's your name?”

“I'm Marty” I spilled out quite grudgingly.

“Well I am Becca.”

As she stood up I felt even

smaller then I had before. Becca was three inches taller then Kirsten was which

made her 5'7”.  Becca was a very leggy girl and what legs did she have. I

remember countless times thinking about those legs as she walked by. The only

thing that kept me off of them was Katie's money and the fact I didn't have the

top spot in the company but now she looks astounding. Her long toned legs, which

came out of a pair of shorts that were way too short for her but I know I would

never complain. Her baby blue top ended a bit above her navel so her rock hard

stomach could be out for the world to see. Her navel was pierced which really

turned me on. I always had a thing for girls with pierced navels. Her dark brown

hair ended just above her shoulder. As she looked down at me with her deep blue

eyes I felt like I was under the microscope.

Before I could speak I saw the

girl who I hadn't seen before stand up. She was about an inch taller then Becca.

I felt small before but these teen towers made me feel so pathetic. Her reddish

brown hair fell over her shoulders. She had on a baby blue and brown striped

sweater along with a dark pair of blue jeans.  Her dark eyes burrowed at me

which kind of gave me the creeps. She bent down so she could look me in the eyes

which in turn made me feel even smaller then I had before.

“Hey, I'm Colleen. My friends call me Coley.”

            I was utterly speechless in front of these

girls. I felt like everyone at that very first 7th grade dance and

all guys are one side the girls on the other the guys are talking with there

friends and the girls with there's.

“Well shall we go Kirsten?”


            The trio of girls started heading towards the

door. I could see Kirsten smirking as she turned her face hoping that I didn't

notice but I did. Colleen put her hand on the small of my pack guided me out of

the house. I reached for my pocket to lock the door when I realized I didn't

have any keys. Before I could say anything Kirsten locked the door. She put her

finger over my mouth and we walked out towards Colleen's BMW. It wasn't really a

sporty looking BMW but a nice car nonetheless. I slid in the back seat next to


            The girls proceeded to talk about usual teen

stuff boys, music, etc. I learned that Becca also played volleyball with Kirsten

while Colleen played soccer. As we neared the mall I decided to break my


“Shouldn't you be in school Kirsten?”

“Yeah, how did you get your dad to let you skip? He is

pretty strict about that kind of stuff.”

“Oh, let's just say I don't have to worry about dad

anymore. I have him exactly where I want him.”

            I had to bite my tongue from keeping from

grounding her into the next year. As Colleen parked the car and we got out I felt

awkward having to be carted around by the girls like this and I couldn't really

get Amanda out of my mind. I knew that she was utterly clueless about the whole

thing. I have done everything in my power to be a good brother to her. I even

let her in the door about the “family business” so to speak. I knew that I would

probably be even shorter then I am now when I see her on Monday.

“Hey Marty get your butt over here or we are leaving you in

the lot.”

            I ran towards the girls and we walked into the

mall. The very second we walked inside everything looked completely different.

Adults now looked down at me like I was merely child. Even high schoolers looked

down at me like I was just a little kid.  It never even once entered Becca's

mind that I was really Kirsten's stepfather.

“Oh, hey I bet we could find some great clothes for Marty

at old navy.”

"I think Gap kids would be more appropriate"

“Great Idea Coley”

            As we walked into the teen dominated store Kirsten started assaulting me with outfits to try on. My arms started

to burn as they continued to pile on clothes. As I walked into the changing room

I sat down on the bench and put my head in my lap. I felt like I wanted to cry.

It had been a long time since I had last cried. That was the first and only time

I had cried in my life since that very fateful day. However, today rivals even

that. I can feel my life slipping away from me. I grow smaller everyday at

incredible rates.

“What are you doing in there? I don't think you can jack

off yet so what the deal!”

”Kirsten! That's mean. You're embarrassing the little guy for sure.”

“Well what's a big sisters are for.”

            I wanted to just storm out of this door and

ground her into next year for embarrassing me like this, especially in front of

her friends. As I continued to put on the outfits I only grew more and more

upset with Kirsten. I could only think about how I wanted to punish her. I

wanted to teach her a lesson of who is in charge but I am quite clueless on how

to do it with my new found size. Having finished changing I walked out of the

dressing room and paraded around the girls wearing my new clothes.

“Hot stuff! Marty” Says Becca

            The next few hours went by in a blur. As we

went in out of store finding clothes for me and the other girls. It seemed like

we had been shopping forever. My feet burned and my stomach grumbled. I looked

up at the girls who seemed to have no hint of slowing down. I broke down and

asked if we could eat.

“That's a good idea, I am kind of hungry now that you

mention it.”

“Me too Coley” replies Becca

“You can always eat Coley!” smarts Kirsten

            As we walked into Mc. Donald's my stomach

burned with hunger my mouth watered with anticipation. As we walked up to the

counter I could just barely see over it. The girl behind the counter asked what

I wanted. It only took me a moment to respond that I wanted a big mac value meal

super sized.

“Don't be silly Marty! You can never eat all that food. He

will have a happy meal.”


“Cheeseburger or hamburger?”


I reached into my back pocket for my wallet when I found that I didn't have any

money with me or even my wallet for that matter. I looked up at Kirsten who I

could tell already knew this. I now knew why she had been trying to hold back

her smirks all day. She had been anticipating this moment. Kirsten looked down

at me enjoying the new found height difference she then flashed me the look. It

had never worked on me before but now I couldn't help but feel a little

intimidated. I couldn't believe I felt intimidated like this. It's not natural.

"Hamburger or Cheeseburger Marty?"


and Becca had already ordered and I finally told the lady I would have a

hamburger one. Kirsten walked up to the counter and ruffled up my hair as she

ordered. We all sat down and Coley asked me what toy I got. I reached in and

pulled an action figure. Becca and Colleen tried to sound impressed and jealous

over the toy but I was completely mortified and to make matters worse Kirsten

was right as I didn't even have the room to finish a happy meal

“See your big sister does know best. Why don't you go to

play area with the other kids while the big girls talk okay?”

            They all looked at

me in a way which I knew I had

no real choice. I walked over to the play area with the other kids and tried to

look impressed with everything but i knew my life had sunk even further down the shitter and every glimpse I caught of Kirsten had her enjoying every moment of


            The rest of the day was fairly uneventful and

that night I went to bed early and slept like a log.

Friday Day 5 - Start of the Weekend

              I got up and was relieved when I had not

shrunk any further.  I knew that I had to stop by the office today so I could

grab some files off my computer.  Kirsten gave me a lift to the offices. I asked

her to wait in the car so I could do this alone.  I headed towards the door and

was immediately stopped by security.

“Excuse, I don't think you should be in here little man.”

“Betty, very funny I am going to my office.”

            My voice sounded kind of high pitched and she

looked at me quizzically and asked how I knew her name. I then realized a major

problem. I no longer looked like Martin Matson CEO. I had to get to my office so

I continued to yell back at her. Several minutes had passed when Gina walked up

asking Betty if there is a problem. I was already upset and Gina hadn't even

looked down at me once as her and Betty discussed the situation. I butted in as

I would not be talked too by my staff like this.

“Listen here! I”

Gina cut me off right away.

“Little boy, I don't know who you are but you need to be

taught some manners. You should not interrupt a adult conversation.  Now just

who do you think you know around here?”

“He says Gina that he needs to see Mr. Matson.”

“Well he isn't even here so.”

             Just then I heard Kirsten's voice yell Gina's

name. As Kirsten walked up she put her hand on my shoulder.

“Gina, I'm sorry this is my little brother Marty. I

probably should have given him a note. We just need to pick up a couple things

for dad.”

“Oh alright, you know where his office is don't a Kirsten?”


            Betty handed Kirsten a security card so she

could get into my office and we headed towards the elevator with Kirsten pulling

my arm. I looked back at Gina who had a very superior smile on her face.

As we entered the office I asked

Kirsten to wait outside but she would have none of it. She sat down in my chair

and told me to hurry up.  I grabbed some files from the computer and then

grabbed the phone.

“Hi, it's me. I got ears in the

room so I have to be careful. [I glanced over at Kirsten who had darted her eyes

towards me now when I said that I had ears in the room.] Yeah, have you any

idea's on how? Well look, She is getting to be a pain and I want her I mean it

done this weekend. Monday morning the problem should be solved and taken care of

is that clear? I don't care how. My voice? I told you before its just a sore


"what was that about?"

"Oh just a partner in another

firm dealing with one of my clients."

"oh, okay"

   I wasn't sure if she

believed that or not but Kirsten didn't push the issue any further so I figured

she was at least satisfied.

Saturday day 6 - Still No Change

 As I got up I immediately bolted

up to see if I had shrunk but I hadn't. I ran into Kirsten's room to tell her

the good news. I was greeted by a shoe to the face and a slam of her door. The

rest of the weekend I spent getting things ready and Kirsten spent much of the

weekend on the phone actually being rather nice to me. As I went to bed that

Sunday night I felt like my life may be getting back to normal and I was

relieved. I was thinking about just telling everyone the truth Monday and just

live with the changes. I knew that it was the only thing I could do. I slept

better then I had in a long time that night.


Sunday Day 7 - The phone call

"Hi, I know you don't like me

calling you but it's done. I am not sure when someone is gonna see her but I am

sure we will know when they do. All we have left is one loose matter"

"Good, Just remember everything

rides on this. Now more then ever, Amanda needs this, I need this. Promise me on

thing, no matter what happens, Amanda needs to be watched"

"Alright, no worries"

Monday Day 8 – Forgotten


 I woke up late today. I glanced

over at my clock and saw that it was 9:30am. Sitting on top of my clock was a

note from Kirsten.

 Dear Dad,

I went to school today so be

good while I am away. I left some lunch that you can microwave in the fridge. 

BTW, Please feed spunky. I have been hiding her in my room for the past few

weeks Sorry but I love her too much to get rid of her but because of your recent

events I think that she can be let out. I hope think its okay if not that's too

bad. Well see you later



 I headed downstairs a little

upset but I have decided not to let the little things bother me today. As I went

down stairs and into the kitchen I almost fell into a state of shock. I couldn't

even see over the counter tops.  I ran back up the stairs trying to run two at a

time but this only caused me stumble onto my face. I looked in the full length

mirror in Kirsten's room and saw that I now was the height of a little boy. I

looked like I was only 6 years old. I put mark on Kirsten's door and measured

myself to be 3'2” I started to sulk has I headed downstairs when I remembered

Amanda's flight arrived at a little after noon. I ran back up stairs and pulled

some clothes. I was happy that Kirsten insisted on buying clothes a little

smaller then I could fit in too when we went shopping. I ran back down stairs and

then outside. I knew I had to get to school.

I ran the entire hour it took me

to get to Kirsten's high school. Once I arrived I found the metal doors almost

too heavy for me to pull open. I had to struggle a bit to finally get them open.

Once I was inside I knew that I had come at a bad time as everyone was changing

classes. The teens looked now like giants to me. I walked about the halls in awe

looking for Kirsten. I soon bumped into a leg and fell backwards. I saw a rather

big looking white guy. I picked myself up and before I could apologize I was

shoved back down to the floor.

“What gives shorty?  You think you can just go bumping into

people without apologizing? I may let you off with only a light beating if you

give me your money.”

“I will not be threatened by the likes of you. I know my

rights. You lay one hand on me and I will sue.”

”Shut up, you sound mighty intelligent for a runt. You must be a super runt. I

hate you smarties”

I never saw any of it happen I

only felt his fist land on the side of my head. As my head hit the hard tile

floor I wanted to fight back but all I could feel was him kick my stomach. I

tried to hold in the tears but I could no longer stand it. I started balling on

the floor.

“Awe, is the little boy gonna cry to mommy.”

On either side of me I saw a pair

of white Nike's with blue trim land. I looked up to see Colleen standing beside


“Mike you're such a jerk. You should learn to pick on

someone your own age. He couldn't even defend himself! He's just a little kid!

You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Colleen grabbed and easily lifted

me up. I sobbed into her white tank top. As I clung to her waist I started to

feel a little better. I had no clue where we were going but I didn't care. I had

never felt so utterly hopeless in my life. As she dug a Kleenex out of her purse

and handed it to me I started to thank her when I noticed that we were in the

girl's bathroom on a sofa with me on her lap. I couldn't stop crying not only

about the beating but everything that had gone on over the last few days.

I am not sure how long I was

crying but when I stopped I did feel better. She then tended to my bruises and

held my hand as we started walking out. I saw couple of girls who I didn't even

know smile down at me. One of them knelt down and gave me a sucker.

“Mike was so mean too you. Don't worry my boyfriend taught

him a good lesson squirt.”

“Colleen then looked down at me. What do you say Marty?”

            I was completely clueless at first and then It

dawned on me what I needed to say. I had never been good with these and I wasn't

use to being so helpless. Even as a kid I was never in such a position.

“Thank you!”

”Awe, you're so cute. I wish my little brother was like you.”

            Colleen and I then walked down a series of

twists and turns and finally I saw Kirsten at her locker. I was a little nervous

about how she was going to react to seeing me here but as we got closer I heard

Kirsten yell out hey Coley.

“Marty? What are you doing here?”

“Amanda comes home today and someone has to pick her up.”

            She quickly grabbed my arm and told Coley

something and then we were off.

“Look Kirsten, what are we going to do? Look at me. I am in

a little kids body.”

“Who knows maybe you will stop and you can grow up all over

again. I wouldn't mind having a little brother.”

            The rest of the car ride was rather quiet

because I started thinking about seeing my sister. It was the first time in 2

months I would see her and how am I suppose to tell her hey guess what grandpa's

dead and I'm shrinking.

            I felt the car jolt as we stopped. I slowly

walked towards the gate. Kirsten had to keep slowing down as to not leave me

behind. I saw her stop but I didn't really pay much attention to it. I was just

about past her when I felt her arm latch onto me.

“Hey what gives”

            I left the ground and I started kicking wildly

trying to get her to put me down. The more I struggled, the more effort Kirsten

put forth and I could quite easily figure out that it was useless to fight her

so I gave in knowing that she was the superior one now. I saw Amanda waiting for

us one of the chairs she walked quickly towards Kirsten as Kirsten set me down

the two hugged and talked about how the trip was. I looked up at Kirsten who had

seemed to almost forget about me for a moment but she grabbed my hand while her

Amanda continued to chat. I felt a little out of place and a little hurt. Amanda

hadn't even acknowledged me. Each of them grabbed a suit case that I could only

dream of lifting now. The two continued talk and I sulked quietly in the




Monday Day 9 – A New Secret


Early the next morning I saw

Kirsten sit down next to me in my bed. I looked up at her and merely rolled over

putting my back to her


“I probably deserve that. I didn't mean to ignore you like

that its just Amanda and I started talking and then I couldn't put everything

into words. What was I suppose to say? Honey, some things have changed since you

left. Grandpa's dead and your brother is shrinking.”


“So look I think we should not tell her anything.”


“Hello? Anyone home?  Maybe you haven't noticed yet.”


            I leapt out of bed and stood straight. Kirsten

stood up and I now stood directly between her knee and waist. I had to strain my

neck just to see her face like this. I was in total disbelief of the situation.

A lot of things had changed the past week and half but it was at this moment I

realized where my life was heading. I knew that in a matter of days I would be

too small to do anything for myself. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream but all

I did was put on a pair of sweat pants that were to big for me and a t-shirt

that hung way too far down I left. Kirsten ran after me and asked me where I was

going but I just told her out.


“Look Kirsten, I am a adult I don't need your permission to

leave. Just move!”


            I was surprised when she moved to side but as I

walked to edge of the stair and looked down I saw Amanda staring up at me. I

looked back at Kirsten with a look of help in my eyes.


“You're an adult why don't you take care of this.”


            With a slam of her bedroom door I could tell

Kirsten was mad.


“Is this true? Martin? Is that really you? My big brother?”


            What could I say? My thirteen year old little

sister , 5'1” little Amanda is now huge. I grudgingly shook my head in agreement

and she bent down starting hugging me in tears. I knew that this wall too much

for her to handle. My face was buried into pink sweater. I fought like the

dickens just to turn my head so I could get air.


“Amanda let me go! You're too strong!”


            Amanda didn't listen however she continued to

hold me and sob. A few hours had gone by and I woke up in the arms of Amanda. I

looked around the room in a daze and saw Kirsten staring at me. I looked up at

Amanda whose eyes were red from crying. I turned over so my back was up against

Amanda' stomach and I could look about easier. I tried to think of something to

say but I was a total loss for words. I was clueless as to why I was shrinking.

I had lost all the power and authority I once had. My little sister can now hold

me in her arms and I would only continue to dwindle to maybe even nothingness. I

knew my days were probably limited.


“Mandy, I know this probably isn't the time to tell you but

I don't know how much time I have left. I may wake up one day and just be gone.”


            As I spoke these words Kirsten's head darted

towards almost in realization of the words that I just spoke. I don't think she

ever realized until now that I may wake up one day and she will come into my

room and I just wont be there.


“Maybe I should go.”


“No, your family Kirsten, you can stay. Mandy(Amanda) Mom

and dad well its time you know the truth about the Matson family. Mom and dad

died in a shoot out over in China when you were young. You were only but a child

and I don't think you remember. We were riding in dad's limo with mom and one of

the neighboring factions smashed into us and shot the limo up killing everyone

but us. I don't  know why or how we survived but we did and our parents died not

in a fatal plane crash. They died wanted in several countries for various

crimes. It looks that string will end with me. I guess its only right that after

all the people our family has harmed the people who have caused the most harm

die and I will probably die the worst way out of everyone.”


“What crimes have you committed? Tell me?”


“It's not important now'


“I think it is.” Bellows Amanda


“Fine, Kirsten I'm sorry but I am not really married to

your mother. I faked the papers I never signed anything.”


            The air in the room was icy cold as I spoke

those words. We all just kind of sat there looking at nothing in particular just

thinking about everything that has gone on. We all went to bed early but I don't

think any of us slept well that whole night. This was the first night I watched

my body shrink before my eyes.




Tuesday Day 10 – 9” tall


            As I rolled over I found that today was the

start of a new world, and a new life. My bed stretched on and on in every

direction. I crawled out from beneath my sheets and slid down the floor using

the edge of the comforter as a guide. As soon as my feet hit the floor I was

flowing with curiosity. Everything loomed over me.


            I ran out into the hallway. I thought that it

would be the perfect time to spy on my sister and Kirsten. I ran down the

hallway which took a lot longer then it use too but as I reached the door I was

shaking with anticipation. I peeked my head through the door and saw both my

sisters still sleeping. I knew this was too good to be true. I ran off of the

carpet and onto the hardwood floor of the girl's room. I looked over at my

sisters bed and saw her stirring. I ran behind the backpack lying on the floor

and looked over at Amanda. I waited for a few minutes and she didn't move

anymore so I moved towards Kirsten. I ran over to the nightstand next to her

bed. I crawled up the phone cord next to her bed and luckily I saw the drawer

open. I clambered into the drawer. I fell a short distance to the floor of the

drawer. Inside drawer was total chaos. Pens and pencil laid strewn about. A

journal was lying on its side in there. I could see a dildo laying a ways back.

From the smell of it, it was used not too long ago. A few scrunchies, some make

up and other girlie products. I peeked my head over the edge of the drawer and

looked at Kirsten as she lay slumbering on the bed. Her face looked so soft. As

I was lying here I wanted to touch her face. Her skin looked so smooth.


            I ducked down as she rolled over. I knew that

being found by them like this would not be a good idea. I could still hear her

stirring. I peeked my head back up over the edge and saw Kirsten untying her

hair. A white flower patterned scrunchy was pulled from her hair. I could tell

she was still dazed and not fully aware of everything. As she stood up I saw her

wearing grey sweat pants that said GAP over the ass and Stanford t-shirt. Her

hand moved right over me. I thought for sure she had seen me. My heart was

pounding, because I didn't want to be found like this. Her fingers began to

uncurl and the white scrunchy slammed down around me and then I saw her hand

retreat. My nervousness began to subside as her hand left and then a loud slam

coursed all around me. I was surrounded in darkness as Kirsten closed the



I put all my weight against the drawer trying to open it up

but it wouldn't budge. I was helplessly sitting in Kirsten's drawer. The longer

I am in here the more the perfume smell starts to get to me. I began to pound on

the drawer hoping someone can hear me but at the same time I can hear one of

them turn some music on. I assume it's my sister as I hear all the small things

by blink182. I kept thinking how ironic that was.


“Hey Mandy, where's your brother?”


“In bed I guess.”


“No, he's not.”






            I could here Amanda quickly rush out of the

room. There voices became more distant until I couldn't hear them at all. A few

minutes later I could hear both of them come back into my range of hearing.


“Do you think he shrunk to nothing?”


“Oh my god! You mean he's like dead! NO!”


“I'M HERE!! I'm in here!”


“Well look, we have to get to class. He is probably just

out getting some fresh air. I mean it's not exactly easy on him and after

yesterday I don't know if I care.”


“Yeah, I know what you mean.”


“I will give you a ride to class lets go.”


“Thanks Kirsten”


            As they left I felt left out and hurt. My own

sister was agreeing with not caring. I just wanted leave and never comeback



            I am not sure how long passed by but I heard a

loud crash. I put my ear up against the drawer trying hear who it was. I began

tell hoping Kirsten or Amanda would hear me.


“Marty! Are you here?”


            I yelled for my life as I really didn't want to

starve to death in Kirsten's drawer. The footsteps got louder and louder then

quieter then as she walked by again I could tell she entered the room. My voice

was beginning to get Horace from yelling but as I felt the drawer open up I felt

happy. As the drawer opened up I wondered if it was going to be Amanda or



            I almost shit my pants when I looked up to see

Colleen. She was beaming down at me like I was baby chicken she could cuddle up

with. I wanted to run, or fight back but as she grabbed me I could do nothing

about it. She lifted me up and out of the drawer with a ease that frightened me.

Her one hand could easily support my weight without any effort.


“Awe, your so cute Marty! Do you want to come home with

Coley? I know you do.”


“Put me down!”


“Don't worry Coley is going to take great care of her new

little man!”


“No! You can't! I have rights”


“You have the right to be Coley's little man and be a good

boy for her.”


“Now shush'


            I was lowered into her bag against my will. I

wanted to just push her down but how do you hurt a girl who looks like a

skyscraper. I dropped to the bottom of her tote bag like purse and was again

left in darkness as she zipped it up. I pounded against the walls trying to get

noticed or help of some kind but I got none. The moment Coley set her purse down

and I heard the engine roar to life I knew that my old life was dead and I may

never see any part of it again. As Colleen pulled out of the driveway I told

Kirsten and Amanda goodbye and to take care. Even though they couldn't hear me

or even had the possibility to hear me I needed to say it. I felt hurt that my

old life was gone and wondered what my new life would be like.  I was now a

slave to Colleen.



Wednesday Day 11 – the start of everything


            I spent the night in Colleen's bag. She

completely just disregarded me and left me here and I am much too small to get

myself out which begins to scare me as I turn more and more into a helpless pet

as each minute passes. As morning came I knew it was early even though I

couldn't see anything. I heard the teeth of the zipper start to pull apart. I

looked up to see Colleen's face smiling down at me. Her hair brown hair dangled

down towards me. I wanted to grab a hold of it but it still looked hundreds of

feet up in the air. Her warm breath passed over me as she continued to look down

at me. As much as I hated her I was glad to see her. I felt so alone. I having

lost my family, friends, and life and it feel's good to just see a person. I

miss contact.


“Awe, don't worry baby Coley is here for you. All those

other people who let you down are gone now. Coley well take great care of you

forever. Who got you out of that nasty drawer?”




“Who is gonna take you out of this bag?”




“So who loves you?”


“I don't know”


            Colleen reached her down and grabbed me. I

cuddled up into the palm of her hand.  It felt good to be touched by someone.

The warmness of her hand comforted me as she pushed me against her breasts I

could feel the warmness radiating off of them and smell the laundry soap on her

t-shirt. I felt her fall back and then release me. I looked up to see her lying

on her bed. I stood up and rested against Colleen's breasts. It felt so warm and

comforting to be near her. As she gently stroked me I started to forget about



            Colleen's hand wrapped around my body and she

held me against her breast. As she began to fall asleep I was pressed deeper

into her breasts. As Colleen rolls over o

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