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Dedicated to Paul & Nancy

By The Mole with a lot of help from your friends…

I just hope they'll forgive me for what I'm about to do to them… I believe I've

managed to insult almost everyone in POV, but if I've missed anyone out, I do


Part 01 (The Night Before)

"Ready girls?" Brigid looked around at the 500 foot giantesses assembled about

her. "Now to show those little guys what a night on the town really means!"

The dozen or so giantesses walked down the beach toward the nearby coastal town

of Povport grinning and giggling amongst themselves, laughing at the fate they

would give any tiny guys they encountered.

"But remember girls…" Brigid sighed for a moment. "No crushing, no crunching and

definitely no smooshing - I promised Rehite. Until midnight tomorrow night I've

gotta be a good girl." She sighed again, looking at Kylia and Lady Lisa for


"I never promised anything," Daysi grinned to herself quietly as she

'accidentally' stepped on a passing Chevy with some satisfaction, causing GTS

Brandi and Kathy Castro to suppress giggles.

Behind Daysi and Brandi were Danu and Lita, laughing as they compared notes on

their tiny husbands.

And at the rear were Cashia, Moonpiria and Faylinn, carefully selecting every

footstep so as not to step on anyone or cause any more damage than was

absolutely necessary.

"Why do they bother?" Brandi asked Daysi, indicating the four lagging giantesses

as she too flattened a tiny vehicle - completely innocently of course.

"Beats me," Daysi shrugged. "The little perverts deserve it. They look up your

skirts, you know?"

"I know," Kathy sympathized. "But I'm working on something that'll really put

the wind up them. You take a little guy and sit him on top of a telegraph pole.

Then you…"

"And how are you little girls doing?" Brigid turned her attention toward her

smallest friends and tried in vain to look across at the wishing-well shaped

earring that hung from her left ear.

"Kewls," Imp grinned out of the earring at her giant friend.

"But we may have to make an extra cookie stop," Raziel looked sharply at Imp for

a moment. "Someone's already polished off half the cookie basket."

Imp gave Raziel an expression of pure innocence that was marred only by the

telltale cookie crumbs around her mouth and in her lap as she sat curled up on

her couch. Raziel couldn't help but fold up in laughter at the sight.

"Well, we may as well enjoy them while we can," Lildolly reached toward the

basket in order to distribute the remaining cookies. Moments later she pulled

her hand back sharply at the sound of a low growl coming from the couch.

"Is tummy rumbing," Imp grinned mischievously. "Honest…" and Lildolly decided

she didn't like cookies that much after all.

"No problem, girls," Brigid grinned. She couldn't see what was happening, but

she could guess. "Cookie stop coming up…"

"Imp's bark is worse than her bite," Pup suppressed a giggle as she watched

Lildolly's nervous glances toward the tiny cookie-rustler and her ill-gotten

gains, and she swished her magic tail behind her excitedly.

"Yeah, right!" Lildolly laughed. "Like I'm falling for that one…"

"Rats!" Pup feigned disappointment and all the girls laughed together. Then she

went back to pinning up her small picture of Lord Spectrum on the wall beside


Brigid had seen a Kwik-e-Mart along the seafront below. Seconds later she bent

down and used her right hand to tear off the roof of the little building so he

could talk to the owner, a tiny Asian guy.

"I need ten packets of your best cookies," she smiled down at the tiny figure,

who just stood there, totally phased for probably the first time in his life.

"Wait… better make that twenty." Knowing Imp's voraciousness for cookies, it was

best not to skimp or the others might not get any.

"Well?" Brigid tapped her foot impatiently beside the tiny building, causing

cracks to appear in the walls. "Do I get my cookies or do I use your tiny little

shop for arch support?"

Finally the little guy was galvanised into action and he quickly assembled a

large pile of cookies on the shop counter. Brigid used her long fingernails to

very carefully rip the counter from the floor and lift it up to her ear where

the little women could reach the cookies upon it and pull them into their


"Thankyou," Brigid smiled down at the little shopkeeper. "Just put them on my

tab." Then with a small laugh, she walked on toward the main part of town. She

loved being a giantess!

Just the hint of a tiny Indian-accented voice sounded behind her. "Oh dear," it

said. "And I thought nowhere could be so bad as Springf…" and then it faded away

in the distance.

"Not long to go now, Kylia?" Brigid indicated her friend's heavily pregnant

figure as they neared the town. "What are you hoping for? Boy or girl?"

"Oh goodness!" Kylia exclaimed. "Girl definitely!"

"Really?" Brigid was surprised by Kylia's determination that she wanted a girl.

"Absolutely!" Kylia indicated her belly as she explained further. "There's

either one girl or about a half a million boys in there. Which would you rather

look after?"

"Point taken," Brigid laughed and they both chuckled amongst themselves as they

finally reached the outskirts of the town.

"Last one in the water's a rotten egg!" Danu suddenly cried and moments later

giantesses were leaping into the water all along the seafront, churning up the

worst tidal waves seen in the area in living memory.

"Oooh!" Kylia cried, picking up a nearby yacht and shaking it, so as to cause

the crew aboard to fall over comically. "These bath toys are fun!"

Pretty soon all the giantesses wanted one and they began scouring the coastline

for shipping. Then they began comparing toys. Who had the prettiest? Who had the

largest? The sea around them was littered with tiny sailors who'd either jumped

ship or been shaken free.

"Ewwww!" Brigid suddenly pulled a face, wrinkling her nose up prettily as she

looked down at the sea around her.

"What is it, Briggy?" Danu asked, concerned.

"The water!" Brigid tried her best to keep a straight face. "It's full of

seamen! Ewww! Yuck!" Then she burst out laughing, unable to stop herself, and

the others were soon falling about in fits too.

The assembled giantesses spent the next few hours chasing one another through

the surf, playing catch with passing shipping and generally enjoying each

other's company.

The assorted shrunken women and Fae had the time of their lives too. Being

carried around inside Brigid's earring through all her adventures was like being

on the wildest fairground ride ever!

There were regular shouts of "Yayyyyy!!!" and "Woooo!!!" and even the occasional

"Kewls!" from within, causing Brigid to break into an occasional mysterious

smile. There was even a frantic "Mind out! The cookies are getting wet!" from

someone at one point.

But finally, some five hours after they arrived, the ladies decided it was time

to walk back home. That was the one problem with being a giantess - no


"We'd better call it a night," Brigid sighed, surveying the wreckage around

them. "But Rehite will be proud of me," she continued, seeing no tiny bodies

anywhere. "I don't think we killed anyone…"

And just for a moment, Brigid thought she heard some giggling coming from Brandi

and Daysi as they heaped up some sand with their feet.

Meanwhile, some one hundred or so miles away, a group of guys were assembled in

a motel in Povvo.

"Go on!" Zomby urged Rehite. "It's your last chance. Your last night of freedom.

I've fixed you up with a cute little… well forget the little… 450' redhead, and

man… you should see what she can do with a sixteen wheeler…!"

"No way, chief…" Rehite backed away from the grinning Zomby. "It's my wedding

day tomorrow! I couldn't do that to Briggy…"

"So do it to the redhead…" Zomby grinned, refusing to give up.

"No way, man," Rehite held up his hands as if to fend Zomby off physically. "I

love my sweet, loveable Briggy…"

"Sweet?" Several minds thought together in confusion. "Loveable?" This was the

same Brigid, wasn't it? The one who ruled Povland with a grip of iron… well, a

stiletto of steel at least… But no one said anything. Povland had a number of

daft citizens, but very few of them were suicidal.

"Come on you drongos!" Octavian came to Rehite's rescue. "I've found this bonza

boozer where we can hit the turps and down a drop of the amber nectar. It'll be

a real rip-snorter of an Evo!"

As one, the group of guys looked blankly at Octavian before turning toward The


"Er…" Moley translated. " 'Come on gentlemen, I've found a nice bar where we can

have a drink. It'll be a wonderful evening.' "

There was a general murmur of agreement around the room, and the twenty or so

guys headed down the road toward The Bunyip And The Billabong, the only

Australian theme pub in Povland.

"Groovy!" Rehite called out in excitement as they neared the somewhat run down

looking public house. "What a groovy bar!"

"You like it?" Growly and Pintsize called out together in shock as they watched

Rehite go in.

"She's a beaut, isn't she?" Octavian looked lovingly at the ruin. "Now follow my

old cobber & get the stubbies in…"

Igrowl and Pint turned to Moley again for a moment to await the translation.

"He likes the place," Moley sighed. "And wants you to follow Rehite and buy some


"Quaint, isn't it?" Robin Goodfellow remarked, seemingly unconvinced as he took

his seat while Growly paid for the first round of drinks. Just what is that

smell, he wondered… "Just whose idea was it to let Octavian choose the venue for


"Octavian's I think," someone piped up anonymously. But there was definitely a

moley quality to the voice.

"Now, you bunch of Galahs," the big, rough-looking barman called out at the

assembled group. "You want a few middies of amber or are you just yanking my

dunny chain? Oh, g'day Troll…"

The entire group spun and looked open-mouthed at Troll in astonishment.

"You know Troll?" Moley asked the barman in surprise.

"No dunny budgies on him, is there?" Octavian laughed, indicating The Mole.

"Flies…" Mole translated without waiting to be asked, still somewhat in shock.

"There ain't no one in this country that don't know Trolly?" the barman actually

reverted to something approaching English to everyone's relief. "Stubbies all

round is it?" Oh, well… It was nice while it lasted.

"So what do you think the giantesses are up to?" Trainboy asked out of


"Well I heard that 450' Kelly Brook is re-making Village Of The Giants."

Nihilist replied in a low confidential tone.

"Yes! Thankyou Ni," Hypersolid silenced his over-imaginative drinking partner.

"But we were talking about real giantesses like Lisa and the Fifty Foot Woman.

"Yes! Real giantesses!" Number 10 agreed. "By the way, has anyone seen DL since

we came in?"

"He was looking at the bar menu when I last saw him," Thundercracker turned

round. "He looked a horrible colour…"

"Hold on," Mogts got up from his seat. "I'll go see if I can find him. But for

goodness sake, someone keep Rehite busy. He keeps looking as if he wants to talk

to one of the locals…" He risked a very short glance across the bar at a

tough-looking group of guys who were competing in various part games. These

included Punch Your Mate In The Stomach Like You Really Mean It and Biting The

Tops Off Of Bottles Without Bleeding.

Several minutes later Mo came back alone, with a worried look on his face.

"Found him," he declared as he took a gulp of beer. "Wow! This is good stuff.

What is it?"

"Dunno," Growler explained. "Whatever it is, I think its illegal. It just says


"Ya," agreed MaXx. "Ist gut bier, mein kamarade."

"So? Where is he then?" Zomby asked.

"Who?" Mo answered innocently.

"DL!" Zomby rolled his eyes. Then he picked them up off the table and popped

them back into place.

"I wish you wouldn't do that," Rragdoll sighed. "It's disgusting…"

"Oh, he's in the kitchens doing some cooking with Chef," Mo explained. "Said

something about not eating dog eyes & googies or something…"

"So what are they making?" Pint asked.

"Meat pie with eggs."

"Phew!" Heretic whistled. "Thank goodness for that."

"What on Earth!" Mo cried out as quietly as he could after he saw Rehite for the

first time since his return. "What's Re doing?"

"He and Mole just asked those two big gorillas to play darts…" Tinytiger placed

his head in his hands as Mo looked at the two enormous skinheaded bruisers

standing with the two little guys at the dartboard. He wouldn't have been

surprised if they had 'Love' and 'Hate' tattooed on their fingers - spelt

wrongly probably…

Fearing Brigid's wrath should Rehite get into any trouble, the guys had done

what they could to keep Rehite distracted and out of trouble, but it had proved


"What is it with him?" ISM asked quietly. "Does he have a death wish? Why can't

he be scared and distrusting like the rest of us."

"He's been with Brigid too long," Trickster observed. "He thinks he's immune to

danger. There's no way anyone back in Povington is going to give him any trouble

all the time he's going out with Brigid. But out here…" he shuddered. "They may

not know…"

"So what's Mole's excuse then?" WDD asked. "He's not going out with Bri, and

that giantess girlfriend of his is hardly the violent type…"

"Oh, I can speak for Moley," Number 10 joined in the conversation. "He's just…

well… a bit soft in the head, that's all… Hit his head when he was a baby…"

Number 10 indicated the top of his head, vaguely, by way of explanation.

"He's got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, I'd say," Octavian offered

his own view. "A stubbie short of a sixpack, certainly."

"What do we do?" Mordru asked, panicking, several minutes later. "Those idiots

are winning! What do they think they're doing?"

"Leave it to me," Zomby got up as Rehite prepared to make the throw that would

win them the match. "This calls for tact… and diplomacy…" Then he turned

straight into the nearest bruiser, causing him to spill his beer. "Hey! Watch

where you're going you big oaf, or I'll knock the living crap out of you. What's

the matter with you? Someone stolen your handbag?"

"Oh shit!" the remaining little guys all called out together as the bruiser's

friends all stood up as one and the whole bar descended into anarchy…


Giantess Stories: BRIGID AND REHITE

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