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Britney and Michelle's GTS Reunion





           I woke up in a strange daze. The last thing I

remember was Britney yelling at me for getting her the wrong coffee. Now all I

see is this really tacky black thing in front of me. It feels rubbery and has

small indentations all over it that look to be wear and tear from weather. As I

pull myself up using the rubbery black thing for support I find myself getting

covered in dirt from the black rubber wall it has a strange yet familiar feel to

it. On the top of the rubber it is smooth and black. I look for the door only I

don't really see one. I then start to back away and the black rubber wall and it

begins to take shape. It is, it is a shoe.


“This can't be happening. It's just a dream. It's just a



           That was about all I could say until I saw a

million foot tall Britney Spears standing in front of me with an equal sized

Michelle Branch standing beside her. I spun around again and again trying to

figure out what happened.


“BRITNEY!!! You shrunk another one! I told you not to

shrink anymore”


“Well he gave me decaf! How can you get cappuccino mixed up

with decaf and he burned your eggs by the way”


“He what with my eggs! Oh that's the last straw you did the

right thing Britney.”


“You two listen here!! If you change me back I won't tell

the authorities.”


“Tell them if you want here's my cell phone.”


           I scurry out of the way as Michelle Branch drops

her cell phone next to me. The impact of the cell phone sends me tumbling to the

floor. I can hear them giggle as I pick myself back up. The carpet is so high

that it makes it difficult to move around in. My jaw nearly drops when I realize

her cell phone weighs more then I do, the whole thing seems preposterous. It

just isn't natural.


“Well dial”


           I climb onto the black cell phone. In the middle

of the side of her cell phone is a small groove that travels the length of the

phone that allows me to rather easily climb onto it. Her cell phone has light

baby blue speckles all over. I crawl over to the speaker and reach for the grey

buttons with a light blue trim. I push down with all the strength that I can

muster but it all seems futile as the button hardly budges. I can hear the girls

erupt in a fit of laughter as I struggle to do what they can do so casually and

without thought. I however have never been the type of person to give up so I

continue pressing down harder and harder. I can feel the beads of sweat form at

my brow and run down my face. The salty sweat causes my face to itch. I want to

scratch at it but I know if I would stop now I may not get another chance. As I

keep at it I can feel a wave of heat waft off of something. I am almost too

scared to look at what the girls are about to do but I find myself sorry that I

didn't as a firm pressure is affixed on my back. My chest slams into the nine

button which was I was trying to press down. I hear the electronic click of

button pressing down. A moment later I can feel Britney's manicured fingers

scrap across my chest ripping my shirt as her fingers curl so easily around me.

She lifts me well off the phone and into the air. I can feel my chest aching

from where nails dug into me. I dart my head from side to side but I find myself

trapped. Her thumb at my chest and her pointer fingers at my back. I watch my

shirt that she ripped tumble to the distant floor. A bit of blood from chest

drips onto her thumb. I cringe and try not to look at it.


           I find myself looking at Britney's face to keep

from looking at the blood dripping from my chest. Her light brown eyes curiously

locked on me. Her plucked eye brows curved like a rainbow. Her polished lips

that glisten like Calm Ocean water, her wavy dark blonde hair falling all around

me as she continues to look at me, her white T-shirt that towards the upper

middle section has a pinkish flower with princess written across it in pink

lettering, her black leather pants from her concert that fit her entire body so

well hugging every inch of her leg embracing her beauty. As much as I dreamed of

this moment, I wanted my freedom more. I knew I had bargain with her to keep my



“Please put me down! What did I do to you? This just isn't




STRONG” retorts Michelle in a high pitched mocking tone.


“You sounded just like him.”


“I thought I got a phone call? Even prisoners get a phone



“So what do you think of him Michelle?”


“Oh he isn't as whiney as the last.”


“I guess, but he still kind of annoys me though.”


“Would you like a little help? Here let Michelle help you



           Michelle plucks me from Britney's hand. Her hand

feels different then Britney's. Michelle's fingers feel rougher and a bit

stronger. They don't have as much give to them. I guess it must be from playing

the guitar but I am not quite sure why. Her hands do however smell of lotion.

Lotion which makes me stick to her hands like glue.  I can still feel Britney's

grip at my legs. I try to kick or do something but my body is being pulled like

a wishbone. Britney puts up a little résistance and my shoe tumble to the

distant carpet below.


“Got him”


“Don't drop me”


           I find myself dangled by my left arm in front of

Michelle's face. I grab her finger with my right arm to keep from dislocating my

shoulder. Her dark brown shoulder length hair drips across her face as she

continues to look at me. I notice that her face is a bit longer then Britney's

is. Her perfume soon fills my lungs and as she continues to just stare at me not

really making a move or saying much of anything.


“I have never held one of these things before. It's



“Different how?”


“I am not quite sure, just different”


           The carpeted floor looks miles away from here

but I find myself getting lowered towards it. From my current height I can't

really make out what anything on the floor is. They are just distorted shapes

but as I get lower everything comes into view. I watch the droplets of blood

fall out of my vision.


“Britney, he is bleeding. You hurt him, the poor thing”


“Awe, I'm sorry little man.”


“You are not Britney.”


“Well, he is just a toy. It's not like it's a huge deal.”


I  am directly above the phone. I

can see the number nine up on the display screen and Michelle has me dangling

just above the number 1 key. She starts to lower me down so I can touch the

button and then at the last moment pull me up. A sick feeling starts at the pit

of my stomach as this continues on and on. The girls never seem to tire of

watching me struggle to attain a goal they call useless. A good 15 minutes go by

until Michelle breaks out in a fit of laughter.


“Just let me dial. You're so mean sometimes”


“IM SORRY” [giggles]


           She drops me roughly atop of the phone and I

start crawling towards the 1 key. I bend down to press it and I look back at

Britney to make sure she hasn't moved. I then press down on the key but I

realize I don't have the strength to do it. I mean I couldn't do it before so

why could I now.  I look back at the girls who are laughing and egging me on to

try to get help. This time I stand up and walk onto the button and leap up into

the air and land squarely atop the button and luckily it works. The number 1

comes up on the display beside the 9. I jump again and I can hear the phone

start to dial so I run to the bottom of the phone so I can talk.


“Hello, what is your emergency”


“I have been kidnapped by Britney Spears and Michelle

Branch. I am being held against my will in there hotel room.”


“I said what is your emergency not your fantasy.”


“You're not listening! Send help! Trace the number! Get the

FBI over here.”


“UH HUH look little boy, Prank calling is against the law.”

[Britney and Michelle try to stifle there giggles]


“NO you don't understand. This isn't a prank call. HELP ME

PLEASE MY NAME IS Mark Hardowettz!”


“Listen, little boy if you call again I'm going to tell

your parents and no one wants that. Now goodbye”


“Mark what do you think you're doing”


           I feel the phone tilted upwards and a feeling of

vertigo rolls over me as the phone begins to lift up. I start to slide down the

length of phone. I flail my arms out trying to grab a hold of anything that can

stop my descent. Somehow I manage to grab onto one of the ridges on the keypad.

I look down at the floor which appears to be thousands of feet down. I kick my

legs trying to find anything that they can hold onto but nothing seems to catch.


“Please, help, I don't want to fall. I could die. Michelle?

Britney? Please!”


“I thank that's a chance were willing to take.” Says

Britney with a cynical tone


           Before I have a chance to react I find myself

pressed into the cheek of Michelle Branch. I kick at her but my feet slam into

her jaw bone which causes me cry out in pain. I sink into the side of her face.

Her natural scent wafts all around me. Her skin is much smoother then her

fingers but I start to feel the air getting rather thin.


“I am so sorry. My little brother got a hold of my cell

phone. It won't happen again.”


“Alright mam, Have a good day”


“NO WAIT!” I scream feintly


           The line went dead immediately. As she pulled

the phone away from her I saw Britney's face hover over the phone along with



“What are we going to do with him?”


“Well we crushed the last one. That was kind of boring. I

mean oh wow my bare foot on top of a guy and he is squished into a million

pieces oh baby oh baby that turns me on. NOT!”


I know that turns me on about as much as a porno video

starring my parents”


“Gross, that is just sick Michelle even though your dad is

kind of cute.”




“I was just kidding geez”


“So what do you think?”


           I was horrified as they just stood there

discussing my life right in front of me. I felt trivial and insignificant. I

wanted to just reach out and smash there heads in but I was powerless to do

anything to them. I could only look up at there godlike bodies.


“I know, I want to take a shower and I know just where we

can put him while we shower”


“Alright but this time we are using my soap, I don't like

your stuff”


“I know, you can get your body all soapy and then I will

have to rub it off you to get myself clean”


           They both smiled and walked over to the dresser.

They glided past the tv and pulled out the coffee pot. Michelle tilted her phone

up slowly. I tried to run up the phone and grab onto the top but it was no use.

I soon found myself falling into the coffee pot. Britney smirked down at me and

poured some water into it.


“Britney, no that's to mean.”


“Oh come on! Please”


“No, we aren't going to kill him.”


           Much to my relief Michelle flicks the switch

back so it's turned off and grabs her towel and soap. Come on lets go get

cleaned up. I still smell like concert”


“Yeah, me too! I am just gonna grab a drink quick.”


“okay I will be waiting.”






“Oh that's it! You little slime ball.”


           Britney turns on the coffee maker and quickly

spins around. Seeing that Michelle is already in the bathroom she smirks down at



“Have a nice bath”




           I could hear the coffee maker begin to gurgle

and I knew the hot tempered water would not be far behind. I continued to pound

against the side of the glass pot hoping that it would tumble over but the steam

pouring out of the hole above me has now made the glass much to hot. I now long

for the shoes that tumbled off in the earlier shenanigans, With the pot has

almost completely fogged over.


“Britney how could you forget the oil. That's the best



“Sorry! Oh wait I can get it.”


“No I'm already out I may as well get it.”


“No I insist”


“Just stay I will get it.”


           I could hardly hear the footsteps of Michelle

over the gurgling of the pot. I kept staring up at the hole wondering when the

hot water would pour out. I knew Michelle was my last chance. I pounded my fists

against the burning hot glass as the scalding hot water poured out and into the

pot.  I tried to wipe the foggy mist away but it merely draped back over as soon

as I did so. 


“Oh here's that damn oil. Why this pot all…..BRITNEY!!!”


           As the coffee pot was pulled away from the

coffee maker I tumbled into the pool of hot water at the bottom of the pot.


“Oh, you poor little thing! Did that mean old Britney do

this to you.”


           Michelle's hand came into the pot and plucked me

out. Her warm fingers embraced me like a hug as I was lifted up to her face. She

gave me a kiss and set me down onto the bed.


“If I leave you hear do you promise not to run away?”


“I shake my head in agreement and lay down on the bed as I

listen to her yell at Britney. The moment I hear the bathroom door click and the

two of them giggling I dart up and run to the edge of the bed looking for a good

place to crawl down.


           As I walked along the bed my feet would sink

into the bed. This made each step painfully long. It felt like walking on a

trampoline. Any step could send you flying off in a wrong direction and I knew

time wasn't something that was on my side. As I continued to walk part of me

wondered if this was the smart choice. I don't think Michelle would harm. Not

like Britney would. Michelle seems more down to earth and natural but I don't

really want to be the pet of either.


           I had reached the edge of the bed finally. As I

looked down the side of the bed I thought that I was looking down the side of a

ravine rather then a bed. It was flawlessly flat the entire way down. Below

looked to be a bag of some kind, it looked kind of like fishnet that had been

woven into a purse. The holes on the bag weren't nearly as big as fishnet. They

were probably half the size of a dime. I looked back as I felt a rush of air

fill the room and the door open up. I knew I had just one chance jump or stay. I

looked back and the two girls wrapped in towels walking out gabbing about

useless trivia and I leapt off the bed. I felt the air all around me. The moment

I jumped something told me I had done the wrong thing but it was too late for

that. I watched the top of the bed get higher and higher up and the floor get

nearer and nearer. I struck something hard. I felt my entire body lurch forward

and just stop.


           I awoke sometime later and all the lights were

off. I could easily tell I wasn't in the same room as I had been before. Someone

had taken the bag. My heart raced as I realized I had been taken by either

Britney Spears or Michelle Branch. I tried to remember whose room that was but I

couldn't remember for the life of me. It was then I saw a leg swing over the bed

crash down beside me. I could feel the shockwaves from inside here. I stared up

and I was completely shocked at what I saw.




           I looked through the fishnet like purse at the

two legs on either side. I sifted through the make up and loose change scattered

about to see the face of Michelle Branch high above me like a swell of clouds. I

began to pull myself up towards the mouth of the purse using the holes as

footholds. As I placed my foot in the footholds I could feel the rope like

material give and sink down so I was forced to move quickly to each new hold. As

I continued this process I soon made it out of the purse but as I did I looked

up to see that my rustling hadn't gone on unnoticed. Standing tall above me like

a statue Michelle stared down at me.


“There you are.”


           In one blur her hand darted towards me. I could

hear the air swishing and swirling about as her hand displaced air on its path

towards me. I looked to either side hoping to see something, anything that would

gain me freedom but there was none. I dove back into the purse. I flung and

burrowed my way deeper and deeper into the purse. I could hear her laughing and

giggling the entire time. A moment or so later the purse was lifted up. It began

to swing from side to side as she lifted it up. I came across her coin purse and

looked up at her and at the coin purse.  Seeing no other choice I unlatched the

coin purse and climbed in. I was careful not to completely latch it. There was

then a loud crash as she dropped the purse onto her lap. I could feel her warmth

radiate into the purse. A few seconds later I saw her hand pass by me. As she

sifted through the purse looking for me I breathed harder and harder as she got

nearer and nearer.


“You can't hide forever”


I knew she was right but I would

certainly try. As her hand was just about on top of me I saw her pick up a small

tube of lipstick and toss it onto her bed. I knew that this coin purse had to be

next so I panicked. I grabbed onto the top of the coin purse and latched it so

it was completely shut.


“AH HUH, I found you!”


“Shit, stupid, stupid, stupid”


She easily opened up the purse

and her fingers curled around me I noticed her fingernails were short and that

she used much more restraint than Britney. Michelle gently curled her fingers

around me and lifted me up. I tried to bury the pain I was in from my bruised

chest. My wounds from earlier had begun to cauterize. So as I was lifted up to

Michelle's face I tried to smile and not wince. As she sat back down on her bed

I could see thoughts racing through her mind. Her eyes were like windows into

these thoughts. I tried to speak but she was holding me much too tight and with

my bruised chest there just wasn't enough air.  Michelle's other hand came

around and her pointer finger ruffled my hair. She gently stroked my head as I

lay here prisoner in Michelle's hands. She smiled warmly down at me as she laid

back down in bed with her feet kicked up in the air hanging above her pillows.

She dropped me onto the bed and I started to run slowly across the bed. This

mattress felt firmer then the one in Britney's room so I didn't sink down nearly

as far as before.


           Michelle's hand swings towards me. I dove to the

ground and watch it pass over me. I scurry back up to my feet and began running

once again.


“Oooh you think you can escape huh? Not so fast small fry”



           Her finger shoves me to the ground. She rolls me

over using her pinky finger. Her dark brown hairs falls down towards me and her

she hints at a smile as she peers down at me. Her sweet sensuous voice rolls

over me and I manage to get back up to my feet but her finger's grasp the cuffs

of my pants. I grab at the waist and tumble to the ground.


“Off they come!”


“No, leave my clothes alone!”


“Awe, but you are gonna look so cute naked”


           She continues to lightly pull at my pants as I

pull against her. As we continue pulling she slowly exerts more and more force

so my pants gradually get lower and lower.




           She immediately lets go much to my surprise. I

start to get up but I see her head lower towards me. Her tongue slithers out of

her mouth and extends towards me, her massive maw wide open and continuing to

lower down towards me.  Her hot repulsive morning breathe rolling over me, my

nose crinkles up as her tongue slides across my bare chest. I cringe slightly as

her tongue goes across my wounded chest. I grab her tongue and try to push it

off of me but her tongue only rises for a moment and then bashes me back down

towards the mattress, with me still holding onto her tongue I catch a glimpse of

her eyes sparkle and she lifts her tongue up off of the mattress. As her tongue

rises up higher and higher I get nervous as her slick tongue provides no secure

grip. The mattress begins to look farther and farther away.


“Put Me Down!!”


           Her tongue begins to tilt upwards like she is

going to touch her nose. Once her tongue is parallel to her face I take the

liberty to place my feet on her lips. Knowing I have no other choice I simply

let go and began to freefall towards the mattress. I only fall for a couple of

feet until I crash onto her palm. I look around surprised as she sits up Indian

style on her bed staring at me.


“You're so cute! You know that. So helpless in my hand,

look at you struggle so dearly just to break free from me. I love this”


“Please, let me go. You have had your fun. I am a human



“You are a human plaything. I have an idea this is going to

be fun”


“When you say fun do you mean fun for me? Or fun for you?”


“Fun for me, What else is there.”


“Oh I don't know, maybe consideration for my feelings and



“What? Did you say something?”


“Oh nothing”


           I could only watch as her hand began to close

around me. I looked around for anything but there was nothing. I bent down and

then started pushing against her closing fingers. I tried with all my strength

to stop the descent of her fingers but they closed around me sealing me in

darkness. Her fist remained closed as I heard her sift through clothes and get

dressed using just the one hand.


“Now be quiet cause we don't want Britney finding you”


“Wait I don't want to go with either of you”


“Well that's just a little too bad its Britney or me and

you choose me”


“You are going to be great during the concert we can do a



“Now be quiet we are leaving, I wont see Britney for  a

couple of months so she wont get a chance at swiping you till then”


           The next thing I knew we were dashing down the

hallway. I heard Michelle tell the front desk to send her bags ahead to the

airport. She the scurried off to her limo with me clutched in her hand.        





Giantess Stories: Britney and Michelle

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