Giantess Stories: Bugged

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By m0ds

NOTE: I wanted to try something from the girls perspective,

rather than the little guys.


Hanna lifted the lid off her shoe box

and peered in at the little men, she knew they had feelings, she knew they must

be terrified of her. Each one was no bigger than half an inch to her, but she

didn't care. She had loads of them, all in a box, at her disposal. She reached

into the box and scooped up a load in her hand, ones that got in the way and

didn't make the scoop were crushed, leaving smears in the box. She heard lots of

little screams, but still, she didn't care. She held them up to her face and

breathed on them gently. Smiling at them with a touch of evil, she spoke. “Hi

ickle bugs. What shall we do today?” she giggled, an immense surge of power

rippled through her body.


Hanna was 19, she was still at college

but didn't have many friends. She didn't need them, she had her bugs. She wasn't

a very tall girl, around five foot six. If she didn't act so strange around

college, guys would go with her no problem, she had the figure. Delicious

breasts, a firm ass, a gorgeous face with a nice smile, and lovely mid length

brunette hair. The problem was, that she was strange. She kept herself to

herself, she didn't like talking to anyone in college, and she always seemed to

be jotting things down in her little diary. She definitely didn't strike her

class-mates as an ordinary 19 year old student. But Hanna was happy with her

personality. She didn't want the others to know what she got up too. Every so

often, she'd go to a certain shop and get a new shoe-box, which contained the

bugs. Perhaps other people bought them too, or perhaps she was just lucky. It

didn't matter to her.


The bugs in her hand squirmed as she

spoke, some fallen over in her hand, some standing, some looking over the edge

of her hand, planning on plummeting to their deaths, all frightened, all

screaming one thing or another. It turned little Hanna on. She'd always been

short, her height was often the topic of conversation between family members,

but she just smiled when she was told she was fairly short, because she knew to

some people, she was huge. She was a giantess to them, and she had power over



Hanna didn't want to be worshipped, she

just enjoyed the power that she controlled little lives. Maybe the bugs once had

families, maybe they had a future – but not anymore. The only future they had

was with Hanna, and with whatever she chose for them. Her hand could hold at

least twenty of them at a go. She giggled excitedly as she saw one man trip over

another fallen man, and slide off the edge of her hand and down. Down and down

until he silently hit her carpet. He didn't move down there, Hannah could barely

see him. She trod on him, what use was he to her now?


All the men on her hand tripped over as

her body and hand jolted as she trod on the man on the floor. She didn't do it

with any effort, but it made her move. It made her giggle, and it sent another

ripple of power and lust down her body. She didn't care. Lifting her foot she

looked at the underside of her sock, a tiny red mark was all that remained of

the bug.


Looking back at her hand, she licked one

of her fingers on her other hand, and pushed it into one of the bugs. The bug

stuck to her finger, and she pulled it up to her face. Smiling at the squirming

thing on the end of her saliva covered finger, she licked him off. Tilting her

head back, she felt his little hands and feet trying to grip her huge, wet

tongue. She felt him slide off the end of her tongue, momentarily losing his

feel, until she felt him hit the back of her throat and slide down her gigantic,

gorgeous body to his death.


“I like you little toys” she said to the

ones in her hand, as she tilted her head forward again. “You're so good to me!”

she giggled. She sat down on her bed, taking care not to spill any this time.

She watched the remaining men squirm around her hand. A couple jumped from it

and landed on her belly, for Hanna was wearing a tank top. She giggled at their

cold touch, and slapped her free hand down onto them, squashing them within a

millisecond into her skin. She barely felt anything, but groaned lustfully as

she raised her hand to see a couple of red smears on her belly, where two little

bugs once squirmed.


She thought to herself for a moment, and

moved her hand. The bugs screamed again, as her hand tilted. Her other hand was

holding open her top, she watched as her little men slid from her hand and down

her top. Some landed above her cleavage, some fell straight down her cleavage.

She was impressed to see none come out of the bottom of her tank top, it was

tight. She flicked one of the bugs off from above her cleavage, but she didn't

see where it went. One that saw this instantly let go, and fell in panic into

her top. The other one left just above her cleavage looked up at her. “I'm not

wearing a bra little guy, why don't you just let go?” He didn't move. “Fucking

bugs.” She said, grabbing him with her fingers, instantly crushing him. She

flung the corpse over the other side of her bedroom and licked the blood from

her fingers. It was with that movement that she then felt cold hands and feet,

bodies, legs and arms struggling inside her top, against the upper part of her

belly and around her breasts. She squealed with delight. “Oh! The bugs are

squirming” she giggled.


She pushed her breasts together and

giggled like a little girl, feeling warm blood oozing over her soft skin. She

pulled her top off immediately, excited to see the little stains the dead bugs

had left on her soft breasts. Some dead bodies fell onto her stomach again, some

remained stuck to her breasts. A few live bugs slid down her body now her top

had been removed, some were still caught up in her top which she had thrown onto

the bed beside her. Giggling and groaning at the pleasure of seeing crushed Mysterious ancient temple built with the knowledge of advanced technology – Mystery Science

bodies on her gorgeous breasts, Hanna ignored the other men that struggled to

get off her huge belly. She peeled off a couple of the dead figures from her

breasts and rubbed her fingers clean of them, the tiny frail, cracked bodies

dropping to the floor. “Aww, the poor little bugs got crushed between my sexy

breasts” she teased.


Hanna started to caress her breasts. The

sight of little blood smears on them only enraged her lust further. She licked

the end of her finger again, and pushed it against one of the bugs trying to

flee her slim, toned stomach. The tiny man didn't get a chance to scream, as the

huge giantess pushed him against her left nipple. Hanna felt it this time. She

felt his body pop as her hard nipple smothered him and crushed him. Hanna closed

her eyes as she let out a small wail of delight, her other hand ran down her

stomach, over a couple of other little bugs, crushing them against her skin and

dragging the dead, bleeding bodies down her stomach and under her denim shorts

with her hand, as it searched for her relief of all this lust. She didn't feel

the bodies, but she grinned as she noticed a trail of blood leading from her

stomach down inside her denim shorts where her hand lay.


Hanna stood up and shook her top that

lay on her bed, and the last few remaining toys dropped out onto her bed covers.

Hanna grinned, her hand still firmly planted in her denim shorts. The three men

landed all near one another, Hanna giggled sexily, turning round and sitting

down. She couldn't imagine what it was like, but knew, and hoped, they must have

been scared stiff as her sexy, curvy, gigantic ass loomed above them, then

hurtle down and push their tiny frail bodies into her bed covers before crushing

them. She liked being dominant. Hanna liked the thought that men were powerless

beneath her, especially when she was so big.


She was all out of bugs, so, sitting

down on her bed, she reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the shoe box.

She looked in at the swarm of tiny men, at least a hundred of them still in the

box, still yelling. “That's it.” Said Hanna, evilly. “Scream. You're all going

to die. My body will see to that.” She said, with a deep evil look on her face.

More commotion. It turned her on. Hanna slid her denim shorts down, and flung

them off her feet. She dipped into the shoebox and pulled out another handful of

tiny bugs. Opening her panties, she flung them inside and let them slap back

onto her skin. She groaned loudly as she felt their squirms. She looked down

momentarily and could see tiny lumps in her panties, moving, squirming. “They're

just my panties” said Hanna, “they're not tight.” She teased again, knowing her

toys were being pushed down toward her pussy by her underwear.


She ran her hand over panties, her lust

agonising her. Red dots appeared on her underwear and Hanna screamed with lust

yet again knowing she'd just crushed the little men into her womanhood. Peeling

off her panties, she saw a couple of limp, but alive, bugs moving about slowly

in her trimmed pubic hairs. She sat up and watched them. It made her wetter.

They were struggling for their lives, but were caught up in a giant forest. Her

giant forest. She left them there, as she reached for the shoe box. She tipped

more onto her pubes. Using her fingers, Hanna opened her pussylips and let some

of the bugs fall into her wet hole. Then it happened.


For the first time ever, lusty Hanna

felt one of the little men get stuck on her gigantic clit. She'd never felt it

before. One of the little things was stuck in her wetness, squirming with all

its might to free itself. Hanna's body spasmed with a mini-orgasm. She arched

her back as she felt it, and lay down on her bed again with a thump. Her hand

was down at her pussy in an instant. Every man that was down there got crushed

as her hand searched for her clit. The bug that was already caught on it popped

as a huge finger started to stroke it. Then another finger. Hanna didn't feel



As she lay groaning, playing with

herself, she grabbed the box, and tipped more out over her crotch. She rubbed

the bugs into her wetness, her juice and their blood making her tingle with

lust. “Oh yeah!” she wailed. “You insignificant little bugs always make me cum

so good!” she moaned, tipping another batch of men out onto her towering



Hanna was now breathing heavily, her

free hand caressing her breasts. She wanted to watch. She needed to watch.

Trying hard to open her eyes, she crushed the little bugs against her breasts

with her hands. Their dead bodies getting mashed about by her hand. She could

hear the bugs screaming. She pushed some against her nipples. She grasped some

with each mini-orgasm she received, popping them in her hand. She flung a couple

in her mouth. They tasted sweet. She swapped hands, licking the smears off one

as the other took over.


She was about to orgasm. Hanna grabbed

the shoebox, breathing heavily, moaning loudly. There were still a good load of

bugs inside it. She tipped them all over her pussy, pushing as many as she could

inside her. Ones that tried to run were smeared. Hanna took her hand away, and

felt all the little squirms of her toys inside her, some still on the outside of

her sex making the experience just as pleasurable as her hand did. She felt her

muscles move, contract, crush. As she screamed a pool of her juices, red juices

and dead bugs oozed out of her womanhood. She fell back onto her bed lazily as

she regained her breath from the best orgasm she could ever recall.


As she breathed deeply, she looked into

the box. None left. She stood up and made her way over to the mirror. She looked

in it and smiled, and then giggled, just like a satisfied little girl again. Her

body was covered in little red patches. Her breasts had little bodies stuck to

them, as did her pussy. She didn't care. She didn't care one little bit.

Giantess Stories: Bugged

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