Giantess Stories: BUNGA BUNGA by willie      Part I   Sammy was dreaming

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by willie

Part I

Sammy was dreaming. He was having no ordinary dream, at least not like the ones

he was accustomed to. In this dream, Sammy was being chased by something big and

scary. Not something, many things. Well, at least three. They were gaining on

him quickly. He could tell by the thumps of their feet growing louder and

closer. Sammy was running, but his pursuers weren't. They didn't have to. Long

steady strides were closing the distance.

Sammy was asleep on the second floor deck of the vacation cottage he and a group

of friends had rented. It was a vacation long in coming for Sammy. At thirty one

years of age, Sammy showed no signs of ever getting married. He dated often

enough, but never seemed to get serious with anyone.

He had left at four in the morning with Muffy and Pete. Muffy was a nickname.

Pete wasn't. The six hour ride, in which Sammy did all the driving, left Sammy

sleepy. Muffy and Pete, who had slept a good deal in the car, went for supplies

while Sammy rested on the deck swing.

Sammy enjoyed the cool early afternoon shade for only minutes before he dosed

off. The cabin overlooked a small quiet lake at the edge of a forest. He and his

buddies had been lucky as hell to get it for the first full week of summer. A

friend of a friend had rented it to one of his friends. Sammy was told that the

owner never rented it out. He was told a bribe had something to do with their

attaining it. A total of six guys were splitting the outrageous cost, but a week

in paradise with your buddies, away from work and family and girlfriends was

worth the cost.

There was one catch. The men were told not to follow a certain path into the

woods. Some lame sounding reason was given. It had to do with an ancient Indian

burial ground or something along those lines. The trail was the first thing the

three amigos investigated upon arrival. Much to Sammy's tired arguments, they

hiked two miles along the path. Actually it was more than a path. It seemed like

it was much wider at one time, but had since grown inward.

The bugs in the woods were biting, the brush grew thicker, and nothing out of

the ordinary presented itself, so the men returned back to the cabin. They ate

what little food they had brought with them and decided they seriously needed

supplies, especially beer. Sammy told Pete to take his car and go into town for

what they needed. He talked Muffy into going with him. After Pete and Muffy

left, Sam headed up to the chair swing on the deck to gather some rest. That's

when he fell asleep and began dreaming.

Sammy was running and running, but his progress was slowing. The monsters

chasing him were getting closer. He definitely made out three separate sets of

thunderous bipedal footsteps. He couldn't run anymore. He fell flat on his face

and waited for the dream to end. He knew he would not be killed in his dream.

Dying in a dream meant dying in real life. Even in sleep, Sammy knew he wasn't

going to die.

Quiet. No more footsteps. Sammy lied on the ground with his face buried in the

moist decaying leaves. His sense of smell was awfully acute for a dream. The

quiet was deafening. Slowly, Sammy tuned himself into another world of sounds.

He heard crickets, and tree frogs, and katydids, and whispering. The whispering

didn't fit. It came from human voices. Deep but female human voices. Giggling

came next. Three different sets of giggling. Roger needed to know what was going

on. He was no longer as afraid. He pulled together his courage and looked over

his shoulder. The Sammy of the dream world gasped.

It took the real Sammy a few seconds to wake up, but when he finally pulled his

eyelids open, he fell over the back of the swing. Staring at him were three sets

of eyes. The eyes were bigger than footballs and were attached to

proportionately sized faces. The faces were female, gorgeously female, and were

looking down on him.

The second question that entered Sammy's mind was, "If I'm on a second story

deck, how are these women looking down at me?" The first had been, "Am I still

dreaming." Sammy regained his footing and tried to look down over the deck rail

to reaffirm that he truly was on the second floor deck. Waking up from an

afternoon nap can leave one slightly disoriented. His vision never made it's way

to the ground. It was stopped by a mammoth set of breasts, just below the deck.

To the left was an equally large set, and to the right was an even larger set.

All three ample sets of cleavage were held together by not-so-ample halter tops

made of what looked like giant leaves. Sammy leaned a little bit further

forward. The fright he had in his dream returned, but so did his curiosity. He

wanted to know what the rest of the three giant goddesses standing in front of

him looked like.

Sammy looked past well defined stomachs and zeroed in on three poor excuses for

loin cloths. Forests of dark pubic hairs, thicker than the jungle that

surrounded the cottage, burst out the sides of the leafy material. Sammy

instinctively looked back up at the giant women's hair to see if the pubic

colors matched. With the two on the right, there was no question. They were

definitely brunette. The one on the left was a dirty blonde. Upon further

inspection, Sammy saw that the her bush was much lighter than her counterparts.

OK, giant women who lived in the woods didn't dye their hair.

"You walked on our ground", boomed the middle one who looked like Jane from

Tarzan and ...

"Huh", was all Sammy could muster.

"We saw you in the sacred land", she continued. "You must be punished."

Sammy felt bad in the stomach. No wonder the owner of this place never rented it

out. He had very territorial neighbors who happened to be fifteen feet tall. The

one who reminded him of Jane quickly stepped forward and raised her arms. Sammy

tried to step back, but the deck was only six feet deep. As Jane reached for

Sammy he saw how beautiful her hands were. He thought jungle women would have

ugly callused hands with short nails. Jane's hands were soft. Her nails,

unpainted, were long and perfectly kept. Sammy marveled at Jane's long wide

fingers as they wrapped around his chest.

"Why were you on the sacred land", Jane said as she raised Sammy off the treated

deck boards.

"We didn't know", Sammy cried.

"That is no excuse", Jane answered. "According to the old laws, you must be


"Wait", Sammy pleaded. "It wasn't my doing. I tried to talk the other two out of

going. That's the only reason I went. I tried to stop them."

Jane stared down at Sammy. At that moment Sammy didn't realize the other two

amazons were still present. His gaze was transposed on Jane's. "Nonetheless. The

three of you must pay."

"Please no", Sammy yelled as he was being pulled toward the railing. He felt the

giant woman's grip tighten. "The others aren't here. If you take me, they'll

know something is wrong. Let me go. I can get you the other offenders." Sammy

stared at a giant stoic expression. "Plus I can give you three more guys who

haven't arrived yet in place of me."

Sammy saw indecision in the calculating eyes before him. "Five of them", came a

deeper voice from Jane's left. Sammy followed the voice. "It's worth the risk"

she finished. Sammy named her Zena, warrior princess. She had the most athletic

build of the three.

"There is no risk". Jane's expression hardened. "They are ours anyway. It is

written in the book." Her eyes burned into Sammy's. "You will deliver or else."

Sammy gulped. Jane put him down and turned. Sammy felt his ribcage expand back

to where it was supposed to be. The three amazons headed towards the forbidden

path. Sammy caught a good look at their rear ends as they entered the woods.

Being punished by such works of art might not be such a bad thing after all, he

thought to himself. Jane turned and glared at him abruptly as if she read his

mind. "I take it back", he said out loud.

"In four hours there better be men on that deck", Jane said as she disappeared

from view. "Don't consider leaving. You won't get far." Her voice gave the final

order moments after the three giantesses were out of view. Sammy shook his head.

Was that part of his dream? He didn't think so. It was too real. He planned on

playing it safe. Muffy and Pete would be back soon. Sammy looked at his watch.

It was 3:00. He needed a plan.

Part II

Tiny, Alan, and Clyde arrived an hour after Sammy's bout with the amazons. Tiny

was called Tiny because he was huge. He carried 230 pounds of muscle on a 6'-4"

frame. Alan was just Alan. He wasn't the brightest, but he was a decent guy - in

an Alan sort of way. Alan followed Clyde. Whatever Clyde did, Alan did too.

Clyde was a conniver. He was the link that got them the cottage for the week.

Sammy tolerated him, but didn't trust him at all.

Tiny and Alan took Clyde's lead and made themselves at home as soon as they got

to the cottage. Sammy was flitting around like a chicken with its head cut off.

"What's up with you?", Clyde asked Sammy. "Did you get stepped on by a midget."

Sammy was only 5-4 and was constantly at the brunt of short jokes. It seemed

like Clyde always led the attack. Tiny and Alan laughed along.

"We'll see who gets stepped on", Sammy mumbled. It was no wonder he was selling

out these three. Sammy was thinking of a rebuttal when his other two buddies

threw open the front door.

"Beer's here", said Pete as he began lifting tabs. "Are we all accounted for."

"I count six", said Muffy. "It looks like we're all here."

"It's party time", added Tiny.

"So what did you guys buy for dinner tonight?", asked Sammy.

"Steaks", Muffy and Pete said simultaneously. The three newcomers cheered.

"We can cook them on the upstairs deck", said Sammy. "That's where the grill


"That's funny", said Pete. "I thought the grill was on the patio."

Sammy changed the subject. He had moved the grill forty minutes ago. "So, What

should we do tonight", he asked.

"Drink", said Tiny as he crushed his first twelve ounce can. "Toss me another,


Sammy, who happened to be closest to the first case, threw Tiny a beer. He threw

four more beers. "They'll need them", he said to himself. "alcohol deadens


The men spent the next couple of hours drinking beer and pissing off the

balcony. Sammy figured that his task should be easy. The guys were getting

drunk. At 6:30, he lit the grill and went downstairs for the steaks and the tub

of potato salad. No one offered a hand. They all figured it was his job to serve

them. Good, they were playing right into his hands - into amazon hands.

At five minutes to seven, the steaks were just getting dark. The orange sun to

their right was beginning its final descent for the day leaving behind a feeling

of calm. The lake in front glistened like smooth glass. Not a ripple could be

seen. The chorus of crickets, tree frogs, and katydids was becoming audible.

This was truly paradise. Soon Sammy would have the place to himself. Would he go

home tonight in fear or would he be brave enough to enjoy his vacation alone

until his buddies returned, if his buddies returned.

Despite being almost as drunk as his friends, Sammy was pulling this thing off

perfectly. He still had to make it look like his escape was just luck and not

planned. As he made the final flip of the last juicy steak, he heard a distant

rumble. He looked at his friends. They were all too busy laughing at each others

stupid jokes to here it.

"I'll be right back", he said. "I have to get plates and silverware."

"You better not let mine burn, shorty", said Clyde nastily. "I'm so hungry I

could eat a woman." The five idiots all laughed.

"I'm so hungry, I could eat a giant woman", added Tiny. This time, Sammy

laughed. He went inside the master bedroom and closed the door. He waited for a

second or two until the distant rumble was heard by the partyers.

"What the hell's that booming", said Muffy.

Sammy locked the door to the deck as Pete answered. "I don't know but it's

coming our way. Sammy ran downstairs to the kitchen that was below the master

bedroom. For the first time in hours, quiet surrounded the cottage.

Sammy looked out the kitchen window toward the enchanted path. The rumbling was

very loud. He waited with dwindling patience. His heart was pounding with a

mixture of fear and anticipation. He had been thinking of Jane and her two

friends constantly since their earlier encounter. The vision of their beautiful

giant eyes looking down on him plagued him unmercifully. He didn't know if

anything in the entire would could be so sexually alluring as perfect fifteen

foot tall women.

Sammy's daydream ended abruptly when the woods parted and six very big women

emerged. He recognized the three he met earlier. They had brought three more

equally attractive and endowed friends. Sammy wondered if the whole tribe was as

magnificent as the ones who approached the cabin. He wondered if he'd find out.

He felt a churning in his stomach as well as a warmth in his groin. His buddies

would sure find out.

Sammy's jaw dropped as the amazon's stood in front of the cabin. From his

vantage point, he had the view of a lifetime. Jane was standing directly in

front of him with women on either side of her. Sammy had a view of the most

perfect set of thighs he had ever seen. Each one had to be three feet wide. They

were soft looking with the perfect mixture of muscle and fat. Sammy was in love.

He wanted to run back upstairs and join the party. Then he heard Jane's deep


"Three of you violated our sacred ground today", Jane said. "You five will come

with us and make retribution." Sammy felt a hard-on emerge.

"Who the hell are you", the ever cocky Clyde said indignantly. "And what sequoia

did you fall out of."

Jane reached for Clyde who stepped back. All five men were standing with their

mouths open. "Tiny", Clyde demanded nervously. "Put this big bitch in her


Like the fool that he is, Tiny stepped forward and took a swing at Jane's left

hand. The muscular one Sammy named Zena earlier reached out and grabbed Tiny

with lightning speed. She lifted him over the rail flipped him upside-down and

deposited his head between her massive thighs. For about five seconds Tiny

struggled. With one contraction of Zena's thigh muscles, Tiny's huge body went

limp. A trail of wetness saturated his shirt as his bladder emptied.

Of course Sammy got to see all this take place from below, first hand. He saw

Tiny, his muscular frame dwarfed by the massive thighs of the amazon, go limp as

the muscles of Zena's thighs tightened. After that he heard screams and pounding

on glass. He pulled his eyes away from Tiny's predicament and ran up the stairs.

Sammy peered into the master bedroom and saw Clyde's face pressed against the

glass door. He watched in horror and excitement as fingers bigger than Tiny's

arm wrapped around Clyde's face and pulled him away. Clyde could do nothing as

he too was placed between massive thighs. His struggles also ended abruptly.

Sammy ran into the master bathroom. From here, he could watch and not be

spotted. Alan was next to go. The amazon with the giant breasts who also had

come earlier grabbed a hold of him. She pulled him over the deck and held his

face up to hers. Alan's whole head wasn't much bigger than her smiling mouth.

Sammy wondered if Alan saw the same resemblance that he saw. The goddess in

front of him reminded Sammy of a young Raquel Welch in the movie "One Million

Years BC". From Alan's struggles, he must not have seen it.

Alan's fate was similar but different than Tiny's and Clyde's. Raquel lowered

his face down to her bosom and forced his head up under her halter top until

Alan, from the neck up, was trapped in her mammoth cleavage. Alan didn't

immediately go limp like his counterparts. He struggled violently until he was

taken into the woods.

Pete didn't even try the door. He tried to high tail it over the balcony. He

never made it to the ground. He was plucked in mid-air. One of the amazons Sammy

hadn't seen earlier had him thoroughly wrapped up in her arms. Sammy tried to

place who this one looked like. Her hair was pitch black and long. She had high

cheek bones with deep dark eyes. She was an awesome work of female engineering.

Sammy felt a little envy for Pete. He quickly shook it off.

Pete and the rest of them were not going to be having much fun. Sammy had heard

the word punishment come out of Jane's lusciously large lips. Why did the

feeling in his groin escalate every time he thought of Jane?

Back to Pete's captress. As she disappeared down the trail with Pete's face

buried in her cleavage and his legs draped over her shoulder, Sammy made the

resemblance. He had seen "From Dusk to Dawn". He pictured a long thick snake

hanging off this vampira's shoulder. At least Pete didn't have to be worried

about a snake. But, then again, what did Sammy know. Maybe they all were being

fed to giant snakes.

Only Muffy was left. Jane and an equally pretty companion zeroed in on him.

Unlike Pete, Muffy just stood his ground. Sammy saw the fear in Muffy's eyes, as

Muffy looked over his own shoulder for a place to hide. Of course there was

none. Muffy looked back into the piercing eyes of the amazon that was about to

take him. He stood motionless and awaited his fate.

Sammy watched Muffy's amazon, not Jane but the other one, raise her left hand

and move it behind Muffy's head and back. Her thumb and forefinger easily held

muffy's head still. The giant blonde then raised her right hand and pointed the

forefinger of that hand at Muffy's face. Actually it was Muffy's mouth she was

pointing at. She slowly moved her fingertip towards Muffy's mouth until the tip

of her nail was touching his lips. She didn't stop there.

Alecia, that's what she looked like to Sammy, parted Muffy's lips with her nail

and began inserting her fingertip into Muffy's mouth. From Sammy's vantage

point, it looked like Alecia's finger was wider than Muffy's mouth could open.

She continued anyway. Muffy screamed as his jaw was stretched to the point of


Alecia had her finger in up the first joint. Muffy continued to scream as the

giant fingertip reached the back of his mouth. His screaming abruptly stopped

and his head went back as the second joint of Alecia's finger disappeared behind

his over-stretched lips. Her finger was heading down his throat.

Sammy watched in horror, with a hard-on the size of Tennessee, as Muffy's jaw

parted like a snake eating a rat, and Alecia buried her finger all the way down

to the webbing into Muffy's body. His knees felt weak as Muffy was dragged over

the railing by his mouth. Sammy saw Muffy's bulging eyes as he swung from front

to back at the end of the blonde amazon's arm as she headed for the overgrown

trail. Sammy had to lean against the window, he was watching from, so he didn't

fall to the floor.

"Come out, little man", commanded Jane. Sammy realized that she saw him leaning

against the glass. His heart jumped as he backed away. "Now", she said loudly.

Sammy's whole body jumped. He ran into the bedroom and out onto the deck where

he froze.

"We made a deal", he half protested and half asked.

"Yes we did", Jane said in a calmer tone. "But let me warn you. Stay away from

us and the trail. Even though we took five when we were owed only three, I will

probably be looked down upon by the queen. Your friends will be returned at the

end of the week. They will not have a good week, but each will be returned with

no long term damage" She grabbed the six medium rare steaks, turned, and headed

for the jungle. "Thanks for the appetizers. I put my ass on the line. Don't make

me come back for you."

"And what an ass you did put on that line", Sammy mumbled to himself as Jane

disappeared. Sammy knees buckled and he sat down. He wondered if Jane meant his

friends or the steaks when she said the word appetizer. "What a day", he said

out loud. In a way he wanted Jane to come back for him, but not to punish him.

He had developed a likeness for her. He wondered if she was thinking the same

about him.

Sammy reached into the cooler and grabbed one of the remaining five beers. The

cooler would be empty when Sammy cashed it in for the night. His drunkenness

would mask the sea of emotions on which he should have been sailing.

Part III

Sammy awoke with a headache. It was a heavy pounding headache that came from

drinking beer, way too much beer. The booming in Sammy's head was accompanied by

a dryness in his mouth that felt like he'd been chewing on cotton all night.

Water. Sammy needed a drink of water.

Sammy forced open his eyes. The first light of dawn was making its way into the

uncovered windows, and Sammy didn't immediately recognize his surroundings. He

sat up quickly, so quickly that the throbbing in his head intensified, sending a

fit of nausea down to his stomach. He sat on the edge of the sofa he'd been

sleeping on. With his feet on the floor and his head in his hands, Sammy forced

his brain to break through the chaos it was floating in and join reality.

After a couple of seconds, the dam burst and the previous day's events came

flooding into Sammy's mind. He remembered waking up to three giant women staring

down at him. He remembered the deal he made with the one in the middle. He

remembered, in growing detail, the horror he experienced as his buddies were

carried off into the woods to be punished. Sammy didn't feel too well. He was

going to throw up.

The bathroom was just off the great room where Sammy had spent the night. He

found it easily and emptied his stomach into the toilet. He stood back up and

slowly walked to the kitchen. Thirty minutes later, after four advils and a

glass of water, Sammy felt better physically. Emotionally, though he was a mess.

He felt bad for setting up his friends, but he didn't only do it to save

himself. Even if the amazons took him, they'd have come back for Pete and Muffy.

Plus, the others would have eventually wondered down the trail and been captured

also. At least one of them was able to help the others.

"What am I thinking", Sammy said out loud as he headed onto the upstairs deck

with a cup of coffee. "I can't save them." He looked toward the trampled brush

that over time had covered most of the path. "I don't even want to try." Sammy

didn't like the way he was talking to himself. "But what else am I supposed to

do with myself until they return in six days? Can I relax and enjoy the quiet

while my friends are being tortured by fifteen foot tall women." It didn't take

Sammy long to answer that one.

Sammy needed to finish his coffee and go back to sleep, in a bed this time. When

he woke up, he'd be able to think straight. It took a while, but Sammy did go

back to sleep. The cool morning air aided him in his journey into dreamdom.

When Sammy woke up the second time, the sun was streaming into the triple window

and glass door that led to the deck. It was a beautiful morning and Sammy felt

much better. He started for the sliding glass door, but stopped before he got

there. He wasn't ready to think about his dilemma just yet. Instead, he went

downstairs to eat something.

After a glass of orange juice and two slices of toast, Sammy walked down to the

lake to get some air. The day was warm and bright. Under other circumstances, he

would be in a glorious mood. Not today though. Sammy felt like he had the world

sitting on his shoulders.

Sammy sat on the edge of the pier and looked past the lake. He wondered just

where the amazon village was. He listened intently for any distant sounds, but

all he heard were bird songs. Then all of a sudden he broke out in goosebumps.

Sammy had the strange feeling that he was being watched. Without moving his

body, he scanned the neighboring woods. He saw nothing, but still knew they were

there watching him. They were planning their attack on him. No way they were

going to let him go. He needed to go back to the cabin and hide, but where could

he hide. He couldn't get in his car and leave, not with them watching. He

nonchalantly headed back to the house.

By the time Sammy reached the back door, he was running. It felt like someone

was right behind him, but when he turned to look, all he saw was the glistening

lake surrounded by dense woods. Sammy shut and locked all the doors, like that

would stop amazons. He then climbed into the bed, where he stayed for hours,

until the rumbling in his stomach made him drag his paranoid self out of bed and

into the kitchen to make himself some dinner.

Sammy ate dinner knowing what he had to do. As he ate steak, for almost the

second day in a row, and a baked potato, he thought how this might be his last

meal. He was nervous and scared, but a full day of worrying had taken the edge

off his fear. He had to wait a few more hours until the menacing veil of

darkness began taking away the light.

The woods were dense, but our alleged hero was once a boy scout. Although he

never made it past the level of tenderfoot, he figured he could parallel the

trail with only the light of the full moon to see by. Another thought awoke the

butterflies in Sammy's stomach. It was a full moon. Bad things happened on a

full moon. If this place had giant mean women, what kind of werewolf type beasts

would be out there tonight. Sammy quickly changed the subject in his mind.

The next three hours lasted at least six, but it was finally time to make

penance. Sammy spent most of that time on the toilet. He knew that at the time

of crises, he surely wouldn't have to go to the bathroom. He had nothing left to


It was 8:30. The last remnants of the sun's direct light were being replaced by

it's reflected light off the giant full moon. Even the man in the moon looked

bigger in this strange part of the world. Sammy stared at it as he snuck out the

front door. Never before had the face in the moon looked female.

Sammy crawled on all fours the thirty yards to the edge of the woods. He made

his way ten feet inside and headed toward the direction of the trail. It wasn't

until he actually stepped into the trampled sticker bushes on the edge of the

trail, that he realized he had once again violated the amazons. He quickly

jumped into the cover of the trees. God only knew what the punishment for a

second time offender was, probably death by BUNGA BUNGA.

Sammy thought of a joke he heard at a party years ago. Three men were captured

by a pack of headhunters. The chief headhunter told the men they had two choices

- death or BUNGA BUNGA. The first man quickly said "BUNGA BUNGA." All of a

sudden five huge headhunters attacked him. They each took their turn fucking the

man up the ass while the others held him down. They finished, leaving the man in

pain and humiliated, but alive.

The chief then looked at the second man. "That BUNGA BUNGA looks nasty", the man

said. "but its better than dying. I choose the same." He was instantly attacked

by five more huge headhunters who awarded the second man the same fate.

"No way do I want to be butt fucked by men", said the third captive. "I choose


"Have it your way", announced the chief. "Death by BUNGA BUNGA."

Sammy didn't know whether to chuckle or cry. Those headhunters might not be too

dissimilar to his amazons. Sammy fought off the wave of fear that flowed through

him and forced himself onward. He had some amigos to rescue.

The next two hours weren't easy ones for Sammy. He continually wondered onto the

trail so he didn't lose his way. Many times he thought he was lost, but each

time he was able to find the treeless avenue that for some unknown reason was so

sacred. He knew he was tempting the wrath of the amazons, but fear of being lost

in the woods kept him close to the path.

Hope of finding the village was almost lost when Sammy began hearing sounds. The

sounds came and went. They were deep roars of laughter. Sammy drastically wanted

to turn and run, but he knew that would be more foolish than rescuing his

friends. He continued onward.

Soon, he heard continued voices, interspersed with the booming sounds of many

big women laughing. Sammy was getting close. He no longer needed the mixed

comfort of the trail to guide him. He followed his ears. What he didn't follow

was that little voice in his head that told him to high tail it the heck out of

these dangerous woods for good.

It took everything he had not to turn around and go back to the cabin and get

drunk, but Sammy followed the noise. He followed it until the woods abruptly

thinned and he was able to see a different kind of light. Sammy had been

thankful to the moon for giving him the light he needed to navigate the forest.

He also thanked the sacred trail, that got him into trouble in the first place,

for giving the moonlight a place to enter the thick forest below the full

treetops. The flickering yellow light he now saw had orange hues that cast

monstrous shadows on the scenery around him.

As Sammy reached the edge of the forest, he saw the source of the light that

overpowered the moonlight. It was a giant camp fire; a camp fire of amazon

proportions. Around the fire were dozens of giant women the same size as the

ones Sammy met yesterday. Sammy watched from behind a tree, a tree that also

seemed hundreds of feet larger than your ordinary tree. Fallen leaves, larger

than his head, littered the ground around him.

Sammy scanned the area looking for his friends, but was not able to locate any

of them. In the flickering light, he half expected to see them hanging from a

skewer and spinning over the fire. All he saw was the campfire surrounded by

amazons, talking and laughing and drinking some sort of liquid.

Sammy watched nervously. The women seemed to be having too good of a time to

notice him. He looked for the ones who took his friends. He saw all five of

them, sitting in the same part of the circle on the side of the fire. They Circuito islas canarias jinamar

seemed to be having their own conversation. It must have been a good

conversation because each of the five women was extremely active in her

respective chair.

Sammy looked from one chair to the other. The chairs of the five women Sammy

recognized were different types of chairs than the ones the others were sitting

on. They seemed to have no cushions. It looked like the magnificent bottoms of

the amazons were floating on air inside the frames of the chairs. From the way

the women were moving, that air must be pretty thick air. Sammy shrugged it off.

The cushions were probably made of tough thin leaves picked from the giant

trees. He continued his search for his buddies knowing they can't possibly be

too far away from the big women who captured them.

Part IV

Sammy's heart raced for close to an hour as he watched the giant Zena and her

friends enjoying their nectar around the campfire. The one he really wanted to

see, his friend Jane, was no where in sight. Instead, he focused his attention

on the chairs the five amazons were enjoying. As Sammy watched, with a

combination of amazement and fear, the sinking feeling slowly increased its

downward pull on Sammy's stomach. Although he was beginning to feel sick to his

stomach, he had a growing excitement stirring in his balls. His brain wanted him

to leave, but the part of his body that did the thinking had to find out what

was holding the five women in their chairs and where his buddies were.

Ten minutes of fierce hard-on later, The amazon that resembled Miss Hayak stood

up and headed in Sammy's direction. His heart rate, that already was doing

overtime, switched gears. Sammy, who was sure his life was about to end, somehow

remained calm. He slowly went back around the giant tree and waited for his fate

to unravel. What happened left him dumbfounded.

The giant goddess walked right past the tree Sammy was behind, trampling any

small growth that was in her way and pulled down her loincloth showing Sammy a

vision of heaven itself. She squatted, not twenty feet from where the shaking

Sammy huddled, and peed. Sammy's jaw was on the ground the entire two minutes in

took the amazon to empty her bladder. He smelled the strong scent of her piss

and felt its moist warmth overtake him.

The amazon grabbed a leaf, wiped herself off, and pulled up her loin cloth. She

turned in Sammy's direction and began thundering her way back toward the fire.

Sammy closed his eyes and prayed that her footsteps didn't stop as they

approached him. With three long strides, Sammy's Salma was upon him. He held his

breath and fought off the urge to empty his own bladder. With three more

strides, she was back in the clearing. Sammy let out his breath. He realized he

must have been holding his breath for an awfully long time. He was panting


As Sammy peered around his cover to watch the amazon's ass move away from him,

he couldn't help but see her chair. He almost fainted. He found Pete. Sammy

blindly walked completely around the six foot diameter tree he was hiding behind

to make sure he was seeing straight. It was Pete alright.

Sammy felt the strength leave his legs. He slithered down to a sitting position

and lowered his head between his knees to let some blood return to his head.

After a couple of seconds, Sammy felt better. He felt well enough to realize he

was on the wrong side of his hiding place. He was about to scamper back around

the tree when he looked up and saw the amazon who had only yesterday captured

Clyde heading in his direction.

"Not again", Sammy heard himself whisper. Again he closed his eyes and froze.

Again a fifteen foot tall woman stomped right by him. Sammy did not scurry

around the tree like the chipmunk he was to see the woman, who for some unknown

reason he named Bunny, pee. Instead he looked toward the chair she was sitting

on and once again fell to his bottom.

Sammy's composure was eluding him as Bunny strode past him and retook her seat.

As she sat, the next amazon arose and thundered her way past Sammy who slowly

crept to the safer side of the tree. One by one, every woman around the campfire

went into the woods and tinkled. Sammy had the opportunity of a lifetime. He was

in the position to see the pussies of two dozen amazons, but he couldn't take

his eyes off the chairs of the five he knew.

Almost on cue, as the last woman emerged from the now foul smelling piece of

jungle and sat back down, distant drums began pounding. All conversation

instantly stopped. One by one the woman stood and headed in single file in the

direction of the rhythm. As the last gorgeous ass swayed out of view, Sammy made

his move.

Sammy felt the unbearable heat of the fire as he flanked its perimeter and

headed towards his buddies. He got to Muffy first. Muffy was in the position of

an X as his arms were tied to one side rail and his legs were tied to the other

side of the chair's frame. Muffy's face had been buried in his amazon's left

cheek. Sammy had wondered why the women were moving around in the chairs so

much. He now realized that they were giving their living cushions a chance to


Sammy had also been wondering how the weight of two ton women didn't pull his

friends arms and legs clean off their bodies. Underneath Muffy was a thin

elastic band that absorbed some of the pressure. There was still no doubt in

Sammy's mind that Muffy had been in pain, stretched to his limit with his face

buried in Alecia's gorgeous ass. Sammy was able to pull him self up the leg of

the chair enough to look at Muffy's red face. Muffy's eyes were closed but he

was breathing. Although stretched to the limit and held breathless for long

minutes at a time, Muffy was still alive. Sam slid back down and got to work.

Sammy, reaching on his tip toes, was able to free Muffy but it took way too

long. The distant drumming continued as Muffy's lifeless body fell to the dirt

with a thud. "Wake up, Muff", Sammy yelled as he went toward Pete. Muffy didn't


Pete was tied the same way as Muffy. Sammy was able to free him, but again he

was taking too much valuable time. Sammy feared the drumming might end any

minute. After Pete hit the dust, Sammy checked Muffy. Muffy hadn't moved but was

still breathing steadily. Pete was doing the same. After freeing Tiny and Alan,

who were bound in the same fashion and had the same red faces, Muffy turned

toward Clyde. That's when the drumming ended.

"Hurry guys", Sammy yelled as he pulled Muffy then Pete to their feet and pushed

them towards the trail. "They're coming back." He then helped Tiny up who in

turn helped Alan. The four headed into the woods. Muffy had a choice to make as

he heard the thunder of many giant goddesses approach. Should he save that piece

of shit Clyde or should he save himself. He decided to screw Clyde and save

himself. That's when Clyde came to and began calling for help.

Sammy, who was halfway to the trail already, heard Clyde's pleas and reluctantly

returned to the chair that Clyde was the seat of. "Please don't leave me", Clyde

cried. "I can't take anymore".

"Fuck", Sammy yelled as the thunder approached. He quickly began to untie Clyde,

but the knot that held his left leg was much tighter than the previous knots

Sammy untied. Bunny obviously weighed more than the other women. Sammy thought

of her ass as she, minutes ago, strode past him. Although equally as magnificent

as the other women's asses, Bunny's was a good deal larger.

By the time Clyde was free, the amazons were in sight. Clyde sprung to his feet,

pushed Sammy to the side and ran for the trail. "That's gratitude", Sammy yelled

at him. By the time the now exhausted Sammy got to his feet, Clyde was entering

the woods and the amazons were in view.

Sammy got to his feet and ran in the direction he had come. He ran around the

campfire looking over his shoulder. None of the amazons had spotted him. He was

going to make it. As he turned his head back to look forward, Sammy ran into

something hard. He came to a quick halt and landed once again on his own ass.

In front of Sammy was a pair of ankles. He looked up and saw knees. Then he saw

succulent thighs, followed by an undersized loin cloth overflowing with thick

brown pubic hair. Further up, hanging over him, Sammy saw equally sparsely

covered mammoth boobs. Sammy recognized this body but couldn't exactly place it.

It wasn't until after the amazon Sammy had run into bent over that he saw her

beautiful face. Finally, Sammy had found Jane.

"Not only did you travel our sacred path twice", Jane lectured down at Sammy.

"You laid eyes upon our sacred flame and freed our captives while we were

worshiping our queen." She reached down and wrapped her massive hands around

Sammy's head and pulled him toward the fire, his knees dragging along the hard

compacted earth. "Ladies", Jane shouted out to the amazons present. "It is time

to make a sacrifice."

Instantly the drums returned. Sammy had hoped, no wished, that Jane had taken a

liking to him. Boy was he disappointed. Not only did she not show him any

affection, she single handedly was going to offer him to their queen. Jane

dragged the struggling Sammy to the place where they all just prayed. She tied

the pleading Sammy to a pole. It was a stick to the amazons but Sammy couldn't

move it.

The amazons all gathered around and started chanting. All of a sudden Sammy saw

hundreds of giant women, one more magnificent than the previous. Many danced.

The drumming continued. Sammy wasn't sure but he thought it sped up and grew

louder. His heart pounded with terror as giant women chanted and danced around

him. He felt like he was in an old black and white Tarzan movie with amazons

instead of Africans dancing around him.

Many amazons were smoking funky smelling pipes and blowing the smoke on Sammy.

The smell was making Sammy light headed. He had gotten high on marijuana in

college. This was similar but more intense. He felt his tensions flow away from

his body. The beating of the drums was permeating his soul. He was entering the

netherlands, feeling each beat after beat in his soul, when the music abruptly

stopped. The women all bowed down before Sammy. His reality returned.

Boom. Sammy heard a boom. It was much louder than any footsteps the heavy footed

amazons had taken. Then Sammy heard another. Two long seconds later, came a

third. Sammy figured that if he survived this night, his heart will have aged

twenty years. It must have done at least ten years of overtime already since he

left the safety of the cottage.

Sammy was facing the hoard of amazons. The booming was coming from behind him.

He was unable to look over his shoulder, so with eyes wide open, he gazed upon

the amazons. He could not find an ugly or underdeveloped one. Sammy thought what

a shame it was. He and his buddies could have met the tribe under different


The woman were assembling chairs to watch the show that Sammy was starring in.

Sammy saw the one he called Bunny put her chair in the front row. Tied to it

once again was Clyde. This time though, Clyde's left arm and leg were tied to

the left side of the frame and his right arm and leg were tied to the right side

of the chair. Clyde was struggling violently until he spotted Sammy tied to the


Raquel and Salma followed suit. Allan and Pete came with them in the same

position as Clyde. Alecia and Zena were next, and as expected, Muffy and tiny

were their seat cushions. All five men had thin flexible tubes extending from

their mouths to the back of their heads. Sammy knew right away that the tubes

were in essence breathing tubes. None of Sammy's buddies had escaped. Sammy

became a two time trespasser in vein, trying to save his friends, and he was

going to pay the price.

One by one the women began to sit down. One by one the men began to struggle.

Their struggling didn't last long. First their faces disappeared between the

cheeks of their assailant. Then their chests vanished under the furry mound of

pubic hair and into the awaiting lips. Sammy noticed that the leafy thongs were

gone. Finally as the women settled in the chairs, their thighs came to rest over

the outstretched legs of the men and Sammy could see his friends no more. He

felt sorry for his friends, but he knew his fate would be much worse.

Another boom. This one was much closer. Something big was approaching from

behind. Sammy, never in his life, experienced anything so horrifyingly exciting.

Every hair on his body stood on end as he waited impatiently for his nightmare

to unfold. He tried to wake himself, but this was one dream that Sammy knew he

was wasn't having. This nightmare was real life.

Sammy experienced emotions that mortal man was not meant to experience. He

suffered with each mega footstep after another as something approached. He

begged the women in front of him, but they only laughed and blew more

mind-settling smoke on him. The booms were getting close.

Sammy closed his eyes and concentrated on the ropes that bound him. It felt like

with each boom, the ropes were becoming looser. He turned his energy toward

freeing his hand. The booms were becoming earth shattering but Sammy was making

progress. A couple more giant steps from Queen Kong and Sammy would have his

left hand free.

All at once the booming stopped. The distant sounds of dancing and chanting also

stopped. The sudden quiet broke Sammy's concentration. His left hand was no more

freer than it was minutes ago. Sammy's heart sank. He looked at the amazons. All

were looking up, way over his head. Sammy's stomach joined his heart.

Part V

There are times in a man's life when he has to face a fear. Usually the man has

this particular fear for a long time before he is able to face it. At this

moment in time, Sammy had a fear. It was a fear of something gigantic standing

over him. Sammy figured he hadn't fought this particular fear long enough to

face it directly. He couldn't make his eyes look upward. Instead he looked to

the side.

What Sammy saw he couldn't believe. He saw a foot. He saw a giant foot, a twelve

foot long giant foot. The foot was attached to an ankle comparable in thickness

to the tree he not forty minutes ago hid behind. Sammy quickly snapped his head

around the other side. En route, he caught a glimpse of Tiny's foot sticking out

from under Zena's muscular thigh. "Oh God help me", he cried out. His fate was

not in the hands of God.

Upon seeing another giant foot and massive ankle on his other side, Sammy slowly

worked his eyes upward. The calves of the beast standing over him were

definitely the calves of a woman. They were not as well defined as that of the

amazons, although they were almost the size of a hot air balloon. Further up,

past the knees, Sammy saw the queen's thighs. In the back of his mind he figured

that the queen of the amazon's, no matter what size she was, would not have an

ounce of fat on her. The back of Sammy's mind was somewhat misinformed.

The queens thighs were muscular. Sammy could see the bulging thigh muscles.

Around that muscle were acres of dimpled fat. By no means was it unattractive.

The fat added a reassuring softness to the unbridled power the queens legs

possessed. Both thighs fattened and became thicker as they closed in on the

thick jungle thirty feet above Sammy's upturned face.

Time seemed to freeze as Sammy stared straight up at his fate. Awe and fear

fought each other for control of Sammy's emotions. Fear won out as Sammy's

peripheral vision saw the ankles to his side retreat. Sammy looked directly to

his left. The sequoia sized calf was moving downward and back. In no time at

all, a giant knee was resting on the hard dirt next to him. Once again, Sammy

was unable to look up until he turned his head the other way. Another knee was

planted on that side.

The soft flabby inner left thigh of the amazon queen quickly caught Sammy's

attention. He put his growing terror on hold long enough to mentally place his

body against its warm soft flesh. His tiny body stuck against it as it tried to

suck his life energy away, along with all his troubles. He could become part of

the soft skin he longed for. Sammy fought off the urge to succumb. His fear,

once again got the upper hand.

Sammy's eyes once again made their way up to where the thighs meet. The queen

was on her knees and Sammy saw a warm pink smile showing through the thick

course forest directly above him. Sammy thought he had seen heaven earlier when

the amazon's peed. There was no comparison. It seemed to Sammy's tired mind that

the awe was overtaking the fear once again, at least temporarily.

Sammy watched in disbelief. Was this actually happening to him, or was it

another one of his vivid dreams? Up until now his life had been boring. Before

two days ago, he didn't even know his life had been boring. He had a good steady

job. He made good money, for a single guy. He had a relationship with a sweat

girl that he knew would not tie him to marriage. He got enough sex to keep him

happy. All the things that were important to Sammy seemed unimportant now. He

was about to do it with the queen.

Sammy watched as the giantess made her final descent on him. The lower the giant

pussy came, the more it opened. He stood transfixed on the queens inner beauty

as her thick but equally soft pubic hairs made contact with his head and face.

He saw the upper thigh wrinkles disappear as his eyesight was swallowed. He felt

the queens gentle aura all around him as his head, then his body slowly was

consumed by the womanhood of the queen. When she came to rest, Sammy was

completely swallowed in a warm, wet, tight, and extremely comfortable new home.

Sammy must have breathed in more of the funky smoke exhaled by the amazons than

he thought. He was feeling euphoric. The smooth pulsating walls around him were

mesmerizing him. They were absorbing his very sole and he didn't care. He wanted

to be a part of his new world. The life he knew was over. Finally after three

decades of being alive, Sammy found inner peace. His new found inner peace

lasted about two minutes.

Two minutes was all the amazon queen could take with a live man inside her

pussy. It wasn't very often that the women of the village treated her. Sure they

kept her well fed and prayed to her , but sex was few and far between. Knowing

that the next chance she had might be well into the future, the giant queen

figured she was going to make this one last.

Slowly, the amazon queen, lifted off her human dildo. She didn't lift all the

way off him. She lifted just enough that he could take a breath, then lowed

herself back down to the ground. She knew that her vagina had the ability to

keep men alive. The queen had such powers. An occasional breath of fragrant air

gave her human dildos an exhilarating sense of survival.

The queen's next move came a minute and a half later. After that, it was a

little more than a minute. Five minutes later, the movement was continuous. The

queen pumped up and down on her human sacrifice. She didn't care much for the

meek and mild race that inherited the world. She resented them. They survived

when her race died out. Although she was the last of her kind, she wasn't going

to bow out yet. She still had her own life to live, a life that thanks to the

amazon's was easy and fulfilled.

The amazons laughed and sang while the queen accepted their sacrifice. This was

truly a monumental event. It had been months since the amazons had seen the

queen, years since they saw her do this. Up and down she slowly went on the

pole, slowly at first then more and more rapidly. A pool of liquid was forming

at Sammy's feet. Severe stress was being applied to the vines that held Sammy,

but the women knew it would hold.

Twenty minutes into the event, the queen began to moan quietly. She continued to

rise up off Sammy's body slowly, never letting his head emerge from her swollen

lips, before she rapidly sat back down hard sending the top of Sammy's head into

her cervix. As she quickened the pace, she moaned louder and louder. After forty

minutes of sex, the queen was thrashing wildly on her human dildo and screaming

out loud roars of ecstasy.

Finally, after three quarters of an hour and with her followers cheering her on,

the queen climaxed. She bellowed out loudly for minutes. She was so loud that,

despite having their heads deeply buried in ass meat, Sammy's buddies each heard

her screams. The queen settled back down to the ground and shuddered

uncontrollably as her orgasm played out. She squeezed her vaginal muscles

tightly and rode wave after wave of pleasure. Finally, one full hour after the

commencement, the queen settled down. Her shuddering stopped and she was still

with Sammy still buried deep inside her.

When the queen first started using Sammy as her dildo, Sammy figured he soon

would be killed. No one could live through such punishment. As the queen's

juices began coating him, and the friction lightened, he figured he might have a

chance. The wetter his surroundings got, the better Sammy's chances got. But as

the affair went on, Sammy realized that the pounding he was taking would indeed

do the trick. Sammy knew his only chance for survival was to let his body go

soft and go with the flow. How long could she go at it anyway?

Thirty minutes after the queen of the amazons started using him, Sammy was loose

and tolerating his encounter the best he could. Sure he was taking a pounding,

but he decided to make the best of it. Once he realized he could breathe, he was

able relax enough to enjoy himself. Besides, how many men can say they were

inside a seventy foot tall woman's vagina. Sammy was really getting into the

feel of the queens pussy on his body, especially the rubbing on his manhood,

when she picked up the pace.

The queen began dropping so hard on Sammy that his head was being driven into

something hard. It wasn't hard enough to knock him out, but hard enough to jar

his neck and make him realize the continued danger of his situation.

As the pace quickened, Sammy was able to feel the vibrations of the queen's

moans. He felt the walls around him tighten and begin to quiver sending tiny

fits throughout his own body. Sammy was bent and twisted in all directions as

the queen approached her climax. Sammy didn't understand how he was still alive.

He couldn't fathom how he was still bound to the pole.

Finally the vibrations intensified as the muscles around Sammy tightened. Sammy

felt like he was about to implode. His ribs wanted to buckle but Sammy in turn

stiffened himself to fight the crushing force. For long minutes Sammy was

squeezed. Breathing was extremely difficult, but Sammy kept fighting. He knew

that if he softened he would become paste inside the vagina of the amazon queen.

Once she finished her orgasm, she would leave Sammy alone and the amazons would

free him. Sammy was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sammy was on the verge of blackness. His body was about to crumble, but he was

on the edge of an orgasm himself. A tidal wave suddenly came over Sammy. He no

longer needed to fight the external contractions. His body did it by itself as

he stiffened and his groin exploded. He had an orgasm of a lifetime. He shot

load after load into his surroundings. The giant pussy squeezed every ounce of

life starting semen from Sammy's balls before it relaxed and let Sammy relax.

Sammy was spent. He was still deep inside his wet prison long after his body

calmed. He had had enough and wanted out. She had used him. Now it was time to

let him go. He wondered if she had made him have his orgasm for procreational

reasons. Perhaps he would be the biological father of the next generation of

amazons. If that were the case, her next move would probably be to eat him like

the female black widow does to her smaller mate after he impregnates her.

Sammy was pondering the chances of becoming a father when the walls around him

began moving upward slowly. He prayed the queen was finished. Slowly his body

emerged from the queens vagina, naked and wet. She rose off him until only his

head remained inside her lips. Sammy waited. Would she rise off him or begin

riding him again. It didn't just seam like an eternity. It was en eternity, but

the queen did indeed lift the rest of the way off Sammy. For the first time in

well over an hour, Sammy could see.

He saw hoards of amazons still gathered around. The group of five still sat on

his friends' faces. He heard their voices. At least fifty loud deep female

voices were chanting "Bunga Bunga" over and over again. Sammy's heart, after

feeling some hope, sank again. He looked up and saw the queens crotch hanging

overhead, her pussy lips glistening with moisture inside her thick mound. A

shiver went down Sammy's spine. He was soaking wet and was beginning to get


"Bunga Bunga", the amazons sang. Looking up, Sammy saw the queens long fingers

wrap around her ample ass cheeks and pull them apart showing Sammy a butthole

the size of his head. "Bunga Bunga", shouted the amazons.

Although Sammy was exhausted, his fear got its second wind. "No", he screamed as

he fought with his bindings hoping they had loosened. Sammy couldn't free

himself. "God please no", he screamed. He wished he had gone to church once in a

while so God would listen to his pleas. The giant anus began its descent.

As the queens butthole hit the top of Sammy's head, he thought it would be

impossible for it to swallow him up along with the pole he was tied to, but the

queens love juices that still coated him made Sammy's head enter her asshole

easily. Sammy's shoulders fit through just as easy. At least, Sammy thought to

himself, he would be warm.

As Sammy felt the queens anus slide its way down his body, he began to smell the

dungeon he was entering and feel its dark damp walls close in on him. How was he

going to survive this? Sammy had liked the smell and feel of the queens vagina

when it wasn't trying to tear him apart. The feel now was harsher and the smell

quickly removed all memories of the former smell. Sammy could breathe but with

each breath he took, his lungs burned. His eyes were clamped shut, but the smell

entered his sinus through his nose and burned his eyes from behind.

Sammy wondered if the queen was going to butt-fuck him or just enjoy the feel of

his body inside her. He wasn't going to find out for another eternity. He stood,

still bound to his pole wondering if his night could possibly get worse. Never

in any mortal man's life had such humiliating torture been suffered.

Sammy wasn't sure, but it seemed like close to another hour before the mammoth

queen, he was part of, moved. He felt the outside cold air of the evening work

its way up his body as she slowly lifted her humoungous bottom. He felt her anus

move up his body this time. Sammy thought that perhaps she had enough. He felt

the tight orifice move up his chest. Soon he could take a deep breath, Sammy

thought. Sammy thought wrong.

In Sammy's mind, he could almost taste the cool night air that his lungs longed

for. The queens anus was all the way up to his neck. A few more seconds and he'd

take a deep breath of real air, cool and crisp. All of a sudden something bad

happened. The upward motion of his living jail cell stopped. It hovered, with

just Sammy's head and face still captive, for moments before it slowly reversed

direction and began to swallow Sammy whole again.

All the way back down to his feet the giant female anus went. All the way back

up the queens ass Sammy's face went. That was just the beginning of round two,

held in a different arena. The queens butthole didn't stay around Sammy's feet

for long. Five seconds later, it was back around his neck. Three seconds later,

he felt it at his feet again. The cycle was just beginning.

Somehow Sammy stayed conscious. He didn't want to be but he was. Again, he was

well lubricated. He tried not to think what he was lubricated with, but he could

taste it. For another long period of time he was used as a living anal dildo.

The amazons got their wish. It was BUNGA-BUNGA indeed and the queen was a

professional at it. Not once in the millennia it took did Sammy's head squeak

through. It didn't have to for Sammy to once again hear the queen's bellows.

Although they were a little more muffled, Sammy heard and felt the queens

screams loud and clear.

Up and down repeatedly the queen went on Sammy bound to the pole. Never in his

life had Sammy seen such strong twine. The queen was moving so hard, Sammy was

sure his arms would be ripped off and he'd be sucked armless into the queens

digestive tract only to be shit out at a later date. But his arms held. The

twine held. The pole we was tied to held. But worse, his consciousness held

while the queen experienced another stream of dynamic orgasms.

Finally, with Sammy's twisted and beaten up body about to come apart, the queen

slowed down and came to rest. She still had Sammy completely consumed. He was

tired and wanted to go to sleep, but he was to remain awake for a little while


Actually, it was a long while. The queen once again rested on her pole while the

amazons danced and sang and drank until dawn. It wasn't until after the orange

ball of the sun poked its halo into the eastern horizon, did the queen rise off

her pole and thunder her way back into the forest.

Sammy felt the pole slide downward as the queen stood up. He was finally free of

his bindings. What irony, he thought. He felt the thuds of the queens footsteps

as she left the amazons world and went into her own with Sammy still stuck up

her ass. Sammy was exhausted and weak. He had no more fight left. Sammy

succumbed to his fate. He wanted to die in his putrid grave. With the booming

vibrations of the queens footsteps, Sammy finally lost consciousness.


The first thing Sammy felt when h

Giantess Stories: BUNGA BUNGA by willie      Part I   Sammy was dreaming

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