Giantess Stories: By Littletoy

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By Littletoy

 Rob groaned softly and tried to pull himself up off the fuzzy, soft surface

on which he was lying.  He tried to remember what was going on, but he couldn't

at the moment.  His eyes were still shut and he struggled to open them.  What

the hell was going on?  Mightily he struggled to remember the events of the last

few hours.  The 6-0 loss he pitched today for the University baseball team. 

Getting chewed out by the coach in front of the whole team after the game. 

Being dropped from the rotation and banished to the bullpen.  The long walk

across campus to his frat house.  The sudden inspiration that erupted from

nowhere, telling him to take the new shrinking pill he had secretly been working

on.  What had he been thinking?

It had started a few months back in the biology lab.  He was playing around with

some organic compounds from the Amazon rain forest, just playing around, mixing

them together and recording their reactions.  He was about to give up altogether

when he notices one of his mixtures had a most unusual reaction;  the augur

medium he was using in the petrie dish began to diminish rapidly before his

eyes.  It was shrinking!  Further tests confirmed his results.  Even better,

with some experimentation he could make the shrinking last as long or as short a

time as desired.  Even the amount of shrinking could be adjusted.  Rob snuck

some of the compound out of the lab.  He had a small lab in his frat house

bedroom.  Being a chem major who was also on the Baseball team he did a lot of

late night work on his room.  It Rob couldn't believe it.  Ever he had been a

kid he had a secret fetish.  He had always dreamed of shrinking down to doll

size and being played with by a woman.  When he got to the University he got

access to the Internet and discovered with glee that he was not alone in the

world.  There were others and they were posting stories and artwork and sharing

their own thoughts on the subject.  There were web pages, newsgroups and even

several IRC chat channels.  Rob was much happier to discover that he wasn't

alone.  But now he could actually indulge his fantasy, unlike his Cyber

brethren.  How would one go about doing that?  He didn't have a steady

girlfriend all year, and besides he wasn't sure he wanted to tell anyone he

knew.  Maybe he could shrink and get caught, just like the stories he had read. 

Yeah!   That's it, he thought.  Shrink himself in a place where he was sure to

be found by a hot babe.  So he brought some of the compound home with him one

night crystallized it into a powder, which he then put into a small digestible

capsule.  He measured it so he be between six to eight inches tall and remain

that way for four to seven days.  He really needed to do more experimentation on

it to really figure out the correct dosage, but he was too impatient for that. 

But then once he held the pill in his hand he was too scared to take it right

then and there, even to test it.  He did have a game on Friday afternoon and he

wanted to be in top form.  He was a pitcher on a losing streak and in danger of

losing his starting spot.  But his Frat was having a party that  same evening

after the game with the Tri Delts , so he thought about luring a few Tri Delts

into his room for a first hand demonstration of his new power.  Naaaah, he

thought to himself, he had known too many of them previously and he didn't want

to become a celebrity freak or something.  He just wanted to get laid by giant

women.  So he hadn't really even thought about it that week as he prepared for

his start against Dacron U.  But then Friday had come and he was shelled for

three dingers and demoted to the bullpen.  As he neared Fraternity and Sorority

row his deep depression was lifted as he looked up and saw several sorority

houses ahead of him.  Did he dare it?   He'd shrink and then play dumb about how

he'd gotten this way, so whoever he chose to find them would not know he was

controlling the whole thing.  He wanted them to think he was a victim so as to

garner some sympathy (and hopefully some nice consoling) He could get arrested

if anyone knew he had shrunk himself intentionally. So Rob reached in his

pocket, pulled out the capsule and downed it.  He ran behind the tree near the

front entrance of Gamma Tau Sigma.  Lots of cuties inside there, he thought to

himself as he felt the first ping in his stomach  which meant the shrinking was

starting.  But something was wrong.  He started to get dizzy and lose his

balance.  His eyes were going dark.  He was blacking out!  This isn't supposed

to happen.  That was all he remembered.  Now he was here, wherever that was.  He

hoped the rest of his plan had worked.  His thoughts were disrupted by a sudden

outburst of loud voices nearby.

 "Hey! He's waking up!"

 "Look at him, will you just look at him?"

 "Amazing.  It's like a science fiction story."

 "Shhhhh.  You'll scare him.  He's so small!"

 Rob was startled by this outburst.  He thought the voices were unmistakably

female, but his vision was still blurry so he could not be sure.  We're they

talking about him?  He felt himself and could tell he still had clothes on, so

what was going on here?  Slowly he struggled to his feet and tried to gauge the

surface he was on but couldn't.  As his vision slowly returned he could see the

surface he was standing on stretched out aways in front and way out to his

right, where it met a huge white wall.  His gaze followed up the wall, where

there seemed to be a huge album billboard plastered haphazardly.  Strange place

for a billboard he thought.  Almost looked like a poster.  His gaze followed

above the billboard and he could see the wall meet a ceiling high above his

head, then his gaze followed the far right wall back down to the surface on

which he stood.  Stacked up against the far wall were three huge white slabs

covered in a huge patterned cloth covering.  They looked surprisingly

comfortable for their size, almost like they were huge pillows---

 "Turn around so we can see you better please."

 "Can I touch him yet?"

 "He's adorable.  Like a living man only little."

 "Don't order him around like that. He might need help or something."

 It was right then that Rob turned around and faced what would be his peculiar

version of reality for the first time.  His vision fully returned at the same

time that the realization that the surface upon which he stood was actually a

bed! A huge bed but a bed nevertheless.  At the thunderous sound of voices again

he turned, and froze.  It was if he was at a movie theatre, in the front row. 

In front of him he could see the beds' surface end about 15 feet away.  Beyond

that loomed four of the biggest heads he had ever seen in his life.  They

belonged to four enormous young females, and he could see that four pairs of

eyes were focused directly on him.  His view of them was blocked below their

shoulders; it was clear that each of them were kneeling on the floor next to the

bed.& girl continued on.  "My name is Hallie, and those two over there", she

said, pointing to a nicely tanned young woman with long brown tresses and

another blond, this one green eyed with blond hair as short as her own, "are

Kelly and Nicole."

 "H-hello.  My name is Rob.  Rob Bowen.  Can any of you tell me how I got like

this", he asked, playing stupid.  He was getting excited.

 "We were wondering the same thing", said Kelly, leaning forward so that her

face hung just above Rob.  He had a good view of her smooth skin of her neck and

could just glimpse the suggestive bulge of breast before she was hid from view

by the bed.  She smiled down at him, her long brown hair splashing down all

around him.  Before he could answer here she gave a playful laugh and shook her

head vigorously, sending her locks spraying all about him, sending him stumbling

backward on the bed a few steps.  Then Kelly stood up to her full height.  Rob

was able to see her full body, and he was entranced.  About '5 "8, she was

wearing a grey undershirt and a pair of women's jockey shorts, cut very low.  

He gazed upward at her nice tan legs and then at the amazing wall of her

middle.  Her breasts were not huge, maybe only a 34C at best, but they stood out

nicely underneath the shirt.  Being a student athlete himself, he liked her

sleek, firm body.  He barely noticed that the other three girls had also gotten

up and now were all towering over him, gesturing at him and whispering amongst


 "Rob Bowen, hmmmmmmm, aren't you on the baseball team", Hallie asked down to


 "Yes.  I was on my way home after the game when it started raining.  I blacked

out. Now I'm here", he said.  Maybe he should have thought of a better story. 

What if she didn't believe him.  He'd better lay it on thick, he decided.

 "I thought I recognized you!  You're a Lambda Theta!  I thought you looked

familiar.  You're at Gamma Tau Sigma sorority.  We did Greek week with you guys

last year remember", Hallie said as she and the other girls nodded in agreement

that their little guest was indeed Rob.  He looked up at them and thought back

to last year.  He was a junior then, and yes, he did seem to recall a couple of

their faces now.  They seemed to be a year or two younger than he was, he

thought.  He hadn't been that involved with that last year because of all the

time his baseball  and lab world consumed, and he still had a part time job at a

local campus bar, checking ID's, not to mention his other classes, still they

might have seen him once there, or maybe at a game...

 "Oh, Yeah, I guess", he said.  "I guess I should thank you for finding and,

ahem, rescuing me. By the way are you gals juniors or seniors".

 Jennifer spoke up, or down, to him, smiling.  She was short, maybe about 5' 4",

and was wearing cutoff jeans with a T- shirt tucked into them.  "You're very

welcome, little man, er Rob.  Hallie and Kelly are juniors and Nicole and I are

seniors.  It looks like you're the "real" junior now!  But we don't know what to

do with you.  Do you want us to take you back to your frat house? Or how about a

doctor?  Maybe someone can help you", she offered.

 "I-I don't know what I should do", he said, looking down from them.  They were

all extremely attractive, and they seemed nice.  Could he have pulled it off?

 "I feel so bad for you, poor little thing", said Nicole.  He was surprised at

the huskiness of her voice.  She was by far the smallest to the four, maybe 5'

2", but he could see she had nice curves through the blue full-length nightshirt

she wore that ended just above her knees.

 "Maybe you should stay here for a while just to see if it wears off.  I mean,

its too late to go to the university med. center they closed at 6:00, and its

7:00 now", said Hallie.  "Besides I know the Lambda Thetas have a party

scheduled with the Tri Delts tonight so I don't think you want to go home just


 He had to admit she was right about the party.  Yet, here he was in the custody

of four very attractive young women who so far had seemed to mean him no harm,

and might be even a little intrigued.  He had shrunk down and now he was maybe

seven or eight inches tall at the very most.  Rob was nervous now.  Although he

had been treated gently up to now he realized he was powerless in the face of

these little sorority girls.  What if things got out of hand?  He didn't want

any of the guys to know about his predicament, so he'd try to swear him to

secrecy.  Nobody had never heard of anyone shrinking before.  It was damn

freaky.  What if he never returned to normal?

 "I think I should just go.  I don't want to go back to my frat house or end up

a specimen in a cage at the university med. center.  Just let me go off into the

woods and hide out till this thing wears off", Rob mumbled.  He hoped his acting

job was sufficient.  He really wanted to shout for them to pick him up and play

with him.  But,  he didn't want to seem eager lest they grow suspicious of his


 "Nooo!" said Nicole, leaning down to him slightly, hands on her hips, "You'll

never survive on your own at you're size.  You'd be safer here with us until

this thing wears off", she insisted.

 "IF it ever wears off", he replied gloomily.  He looked up at them to see they

all had amused expressions.  They were buying it!  He realized that there was no

way he could leave here without their permission, and they seemed keen on the

idea of letting him stay here for a while at least in hopes that he would grow


"You've got to be more positive", said Kelly", besides you never know how

things'll turn out".

 "Please don't tell anyone else about me for god's sake", he pleaded.

 "We won't tell anyone else, will we", said Jennifer to the other girls, who

quickly nodded in agreement.  "And we promise to protect you Rob", she added,

"we wouldn't let a thing happen to a cute little guy like you!" she said to him,

then watched with quiet amusement as his little face turned beet red with


 Well, okay, maybe just for a little while, until I grow back.  Boy if the guys

on the team only knew I was inside a sorority right now", he mused.  He had won

a big gamble but there were still risks.  They had to be reminded how much

stronger they were than he was now.  He'd complain often.  His musings were

interrupted by a squeal of excitement above him.  The young women were clasping

their hands, looking down on him dreamily again.  He wondered for the first time

which one of these nubile young women would play with him first, if at all.  He

could wander for hours on a field of flesh, indulging in his every erotic whim. 

Sleeping in their heat on top of their luscious bodies....

 "Okay Rob, its agreed", said Hallie, kneeling in the floor next to the bed

again.  Rob watched the length of her body pass in front of him as she sat down,

the nice long curves of her legs, slender waist and nice bulge of fabric on her

halter where her bosom was.  He noticed that her breasts were larger than he was

at this size.  Then her smooth pale neck came into his view followed by her

attractive features framed by that short jet-black hair, lightly tousled.  She

seemed the most assertive of the four, followed by Kelly, Jennifer, who had

found him, and finally shy Nicole.

 "Now first thing", continued Hallie, "we'll fix up a place to sleep in my

drawer and also a second place in Kelly and Nicole's room down the hall.  We'll

switch you between rooms so no one get suspicious about just this room".

 "Okay, I guess", he said, " I guess I don't really have any choice", he whined.

 "Next, we're all anxious to touch you", said Hallie, "Would that be alright

now?  We won't hurt you and you'll have to get used to it anyway, being so tiny

and all", she smiled, exposing perfect white teeth big enough to bite him in two

if she so desired.

 "What do you mean?", he took a tentative step backward on the bed.  "All four

of you?  Right now?" , he gulped nervously.  Although he had anticipated this

moment for a long portion of his young life this was not fantasy any longer.  It

was reality.  Time to shit or get off the pot.

 "Why not?", Hallie asked as she got back up on her feet, joining the others. 

"I think you're kind of cool at that size, just like a living doll!".

 "Yeah", piped up Kelly, "You don't realize how amazing you are.  You're


 "I don't want to hurt you, just hold you", cooed Nicole playfully.

 "I was the one who rescued you, I should get to touch you first", asserted


 "But you already touched him", protested Kelly, "when you found him".

 "Yeah but only for a second before I put him in my purse. I want to examine him

in my hand first", she stated flatly.

 "Hey what about me?", shouted Rob, "don't I have any say in this?"  He watched

as Jennifer leaned far over him, her straight blond hair falling to either side

of him as her head lowered to just above his level.  She quickly reached out for

him and he felt her palm spread across his back and rear, then her four fingers

curling around right arm pinning it, then her thumb curled around his left arm,

pressing him gently in his stomach as she seized him carefully yet firmly in her

right hand. She slid her left hand under his legs, free at the knee and gently

pinched them together. In seconds, he was wrapped up as helpless as a kitten. 

He felt a slight tug in his gut as she slowly raised him off the bed in her

grip.  He tried to kick and struggle in the young girls' grip but he could see

that it only added to her amusement of the situation as he found himself

suspended high above the bed, held straight out in front of her.  Standing to

her full height Jennifer marveled at the tiny form in her hands.  He seemed to

weigh like almost nothing.  What a trip having a man literally in the palm if

your hand!  She brought him up to her face, her mouth open in almost mock

astonishment as she examined him from head to toe, turning him over and around

in her hands like a toy figurine.

 "H-Hey!  Help!  Put me down!  I'm afraid of heights", he yelled.  The other

three girls now crowded closer to Jennifer.  They responded to his protests with

teasing laughter.  Jennifer brought him closer in and without and thinking

settled him in against her shirt, between her modest breasts.  Kelly, Hallie,

and Nicole soon were reaching in to gently touch the tiny frightened figure held

against Jennifer's shirt.

 "He feels so nice like this", Jennifer said.

 "What an adorable man.  Isn't he just the most precious thing you've seen?",

chimed Kelly.

 "I want him next", said Hallie, "and I want to give him a bath, too".

 "Oooooh the poor thing is frightened.  He's so helpless.  We have to remember

to be gentle with him", cooed Nicole.

 Rob was both thrilled and terrified at this point.  Incredible as it might

seem, a beautiful young woman was pressing him between her breasts and gently

stroking him like a pet.  He caught a faint whiff of perfume coming through her

shirt, and began to wonder what it looked like underneath it.  What if she

dropped him?  Or just clenched her fists and killed him outright?  So far, none

of them had shown any violent tendencies but they had insisted on handling him,

and there was nothing he could do about it.  He suddenly felt rather

humiliated.  Here he was, a senior, a student athlete, and this young woman was

easily manipulating his entire body. At 6' 4", normally he would have been a

foot taller than her but now, he probably came up to just past her ankles.  Not

that he had been on the floor yet.  She continued to hold him close to her,

cooing to him lightly.  He felt her hands across his back, rubbing across his

tiny body gently.  It felt real nice.  He could also feel the others' touches as

they gingerly reached with outstretched fingers to feel him.

 "Let me have him now, please", said Hallie.

 "Okay, just a sec", said Jennifer.  She lifted little Rob away from her breasts

and up high in the air just above her head, holding him securely in both hands. 

Her full lips were puckered as she mock-kissed him, then playfully gave him a

little shake before pushing him toward Hallie, who was biting her lower lip in

anticipation.  Rob saw Jennifer's chest and head swing up and away from him,

then felt her grip around his body loosen up.  A split second later he felt

strong fingers again close around him and he was jerked out of Jennifer's

hands.  As he saw the floor 50 feet below he panicked and started kicking out

with his legs again.

 "Don't worry Rob, I won't drop you.  I've got you now", said a pleased Hallie.

 "Please be careful with me, you don't know your own strength", pleaded Rob. 

Unlike Jennifer, Hallie was rather nonchalantly holding Rob up in front of her

face with only one hand clamped strongly about his middle.  She seemed to get a

real charge over her easy dominance of him, playfully squeezing him gently as

she dangled Rob in front of her comely face, laughing at his nearly

imperceptible struggles against her clenched fist.  Unwittingly running her

tongue across her pouty lips as she studied the toy man.

 "Please stop squeezing me so hard.  You're hurting me", he pleaded.

 "I'm sorry Rob.  I guess I don't know my own strength.  I was only holding you,

and you don't have to squirm so much".  She brought him in closer a bit and her

free hand came up, gently running her index finger down his face and, opening

her fist a bit to let the fingers through, the rest of his minute body.

 "Lookit how filthy his little clothes are, he does need a bath", said Kelly,

who was peering at him from over Hallie's shoulder.

 "We don't have time now", said a disappointed Hallie after glancing at the

clock.  "Maybe after we get back later".  She was now holding him just in front

of her huge lips, her breath pleasantly washing over him with each word she

spoke.  Suddenly she pushed him forward slightly his middle just came into light

contact with her lips for a fleeting moment, not a real kiss, but a gentle

tease.  Then she unceremoniously held him out at arm length for Kelly.

 "Why don't you and Nicole take him into your room and Nicole can watch him

while the rest of us are out tonight", suggested Hallie as Kelly removed the

little man from Hallie's grasp and into her own cupped hands.  Kelly held him

gently in her cupped hands and lifted him up for a close look.  He really was

adorable at this size.  She wondered how long they would be able to avoid

stripping him.  Hallie had already made noises about giving him a bath and she

had to admit, it was only a matter of time before the aggressive Hallie had her

way and pulled his little cloths off under the pretext of "helping" take care of

him.  Kelly began to wonder about possibly taking the little man in bed with

her.  How would they do it?  He was so tiny!  She'd probably need to use all of

him to satisfy her, she thought.  It was impossible.  She'd end up breaking him

or something and she really did not want to hurt him.  As far as they knew he

was the only tiny man in existence, so as long as he was small they'd have fun

taking care of him.

 As for Rob, he wondered what Kelly was thinking as she stared at him in her

cupped hands, held just below her smiling face, silently.  Everything was going

exactly as he had hoped!  Then she playfully blew on him, washing her hot breath

over his tiny form.  After a few more minutes of silent examination Kelly closed

one hand around him and brought him close against her, high on her chest, just

below her smooth neck and above her décolletage.  Turning slowly to Nicole, she

walked over to the door with little Rob.

 "Nicole, check the hallway to see if the coast is clear.  We'll take him to our

room now and you can watch him there while we're out.  And remember, no guests".

 "Okay", said Nicole, anxiously eyeing Rob".  She opened the door slightly and

peeked out a bit, then motioned Kelly to follow.  "See you guys later tonight",

said Nicole.

 Rob was held against a smooth tan wall of skin that was nicely fragrant and

smooth.  Kelly had settled him in just below the nape of her neck, using one

hand to pin him against her and the other somewhat loosely covering him and

gently stroking him at the same time.  He saw the room whirl about around him as

Kelly bore him outside and quickly down the hall to her and Nicole's room.  The

walls and doors seemed to race by as little Rob was whisked down the hall and

every huge step that Kelly took shook his body.  He heard a squeal of laughter

erupt from Nicole and Kelly as they raced to their door.  Rob looked over his

shoulder and saw Nicole swiftly unlocking a giant door that she and Kelly passed

through.  Once Kelly was in Nicole quickly closed the door behind her and

slipped the deadbolt into place.  He was in a room very similar to the one he

just left; two beds, dressers, lamps, desks, some posters on the walls.  A pile

of laundry was stacked up in one corner of the room and Rob thought he could

spot several articles of female underclothing in it.  He decided put up as

little resistance as possible, so long as they did not physically hurt him.  Rob

thought was really starting to enjoy his predicament.  Sure he was helpless at

this size, but as long as he was tiny, who better to take care of his every need

than these four luscious young women?  Ridiculous as it might seem they seemed

excited and turned on at his tiny size!  They were participating unintentionally

in his fantasy.  Perhaps it had been dormant in their subconscious or

something.  He doubted any of them would have given him a second look at normal

size, even thought he was in his opinion, a studly guy.  The thing that scared

him was his utter inability to have any control of the situation.  Luscious or

not, these were four very powerful women at his current size, and they knew it.

 "Here you are little one", cooed Kelly sweetly, "this is our room"

 "Please set me down now.  I think I'm dizzy from that little trip", asked Rob


 "Dizzy, little man?  I only walked down the hall with you", protested Kelly,

who now lifted Rob from her and held him out at arms length with one hand

clenched around his middle and the other closing around his little legs.  "Now,

this is dizzy", she playfully blurted out as she began to twirl slowly about,

holding little Rob as far out from her as she could.  Rob started getting really

dizzy now as the giantess whirled him about in circles.  Her giggling face and

outstretched arms were all that was visible against the backdrop of the whirling


 "Please don't hurt him Kelly", said Nicole softly, "he's very fragile and I

haven't even gotten to hold him yet".

 Kelly didn't answer her roommate.  She was having fun.  This little doll would

have to be trained properly, she thought to herself.  Funny, she had never

thought about this possibility before but is was certainly intriguing to her

now.  Finally she stopped twirling and fell backwards on the bed, bouncing

twice, still clutching Rob at arm length.  He winced as he felt her hands

constrict slightly around him with each bounce.  Soon he was suspended

horizontally about 15-20 feet above Kelly as the junior lay on her back, still

holding little Rob above her.

 "Please Kelly, my head is spinning.  Please put me down now.  Please"

 "Well okay, little man, only because you asked nicely", she teased.  Kelly

lowered the tiny figure down and set him down on her firm chest.  Rob had to

prop himself up with his hands and arms against the soft pliant surface of

Kelly's breast.  He surveyed the situation and couldn't believe it.  He was

actually sitting on this gorgeous, athletic, brown haired sorority girl's

chest!  Although she was wearing an undershirt, he was able to see and feel her

firm boob.  He liked the way it gave slightly underneath him, kind of like a

soft pillow.  He could see down the length of her firm body at it spread out

away from him; the bulge of her other modest breast as it rose under her shirt,

the smooth, flat plain of stomach, the long, thin legs.  Looking back toward her

face she was staring at him intently, as if she was thinking of something,

 "Okay, time to get ready to go out", Kelly exclaimed, matter-of-factly reaching

down to pluck Rob off her breast and set him down gently on the bed next to

her.  She ran a huge finger quickly across his little shock of hair, messing it

up playfully and then got up so she could get dressed to go out.  Rob just sat

and watched contentedly as Kelly flitted about the room, pulling on her clothes,

applying makeup.  For the first time, he seemed to be unattended.  Nicole was

nowhere to be seen she must have left while he was whirling about in Kelly's

clutches.  He heard sounds behind a second door and figured Nicole was doing

something in an attached bathroom.  Suddenly two enormous tan legs appeared in

front of the bed, disappearing in a short skirt.  Kelly was beaming down at him.

 "Bye Rob, I guess I'll see you when we get back later tonight", she said,

"Nicole's in the bathroom, she'll be out in a moment to take care of you 'till

the rest of us are back.  Bye little man".  Kelly blew a quick kiss down to the

figure on the bed, turned and knocked on the bathroom door".

 "Nicole, I'm leaving.  The little man is sitting on my bed.  I'll see you in a

couple of hours", she said.

 From inside the bathroom he heard Nicole's sultry voice answer.  "Okay, Kelly,

I will be out in a minute, have fun.  Bye"

 "Bye", said Kelly as she exited the room.  He heard her lock the door with her

key from the outside, then the room was silent.

 Rob could hear shuffling noises coming from the bathroom.  He was nervous. 

This was the first time he had been alone with any of the young women since he

had been brought here.  What would she do with him when there was nobody else

around to inhibit her?  Nicole had seemed the shyest and least forward of the

four but she was still entranced with his tiny size.  She was also the shortest

of the four at 5' 2", but that was still towering to him.  She could overpower

him with one finger.  They all seemed to regard him somewhere between a real

person and a pet.

 His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening

slightly.  Nicole poked her head out from behind the door checking to see if Rob

was still on Kelly's bed.  When she saw he was the short giantess with the short

blond hair and sparkling green eyes smiled across the room at him.

 "Hi Rob", she said from partially behind the door, "I hope you don't mind that

I took off my nightshirt.  It's too hot.  If you're embarrassed I can put it

back on for you".  She stepped out from the door and into the open, modestly

covering her exposed skin with her arms.  Rob gasped.  She wasn't naked, but the

skimpy white lace bra and panties left little room for his imagination. 

Although she wasn't as tall as the others Rob could see she had a great body. 

Her breasts were full and firm, just barely contained by her bra.  Her skin was

a smooth, creamy white, with a nice flat tummy and well-toned legs.  She slowly

advanced across the room toward the little figure standing on Kelly's bed, her

cheeks flushed with excitement.  She felt a tingle deep within herself and knew

she was getting hot at the thought of actually touching a seven-inch tall man. 

Best of all she was alone and wouldn't have to share him with anybody for a

while.  Nicole did not quite know what to do with him but she knew she wanted to

touch him all over.  And at his tiny size, there was nothing he could do about


 "Are you afraid of me, little Rob?  I promise I'll be very gentle handling

you", she asked as she moved closer to the bed and knelt down on her knees so

she could look at him better.

 "Well I'm terrified actually", the little man said, only a half-truth.  "You're

hardly wearing any clothes, you're beautiful and I'm just a little nothing now",

he said in a depressed tone, trying for sympathy.

 "You're not a nothing", she protested, "you're absolutely the most precious

thing I've ever seen.  I bet all the girls would kill to have a look at you,

you're such a cutie".  She was leaning close, her beaming face just above him

and the bed, her breasts hidden from view by the bed.  She reached out and

extended her open palm onto the bed before him.

 "Climb aboard, Rob", she commanded.

 Rob stood still in awe.  He was too scared to move.  He watched her expression

change to a mild pout.  Good.  Let her pick him up herself, he thought.

 "Don't be afraid, little one, I just want to touch you.  Kelly, Hallie, and

Jennifer already have and we're alone the next couple of hours so I want you to

get used to me.

 "Okay Nicole, I guess I'll let you but I'm still disoriented from before", Rob

said nervously, "I need to get my bearings first"

 "Why don't we move over to my bed for that" offered Nicole.  She didn't wait

for an answer this time, but lifted her still empty palm off the bed and reached

around the back of Rob, slipping her soft, firm fingers around his tiny body and

lifting him effortlessly off the bed, neatly pinning his arms in the process as

she had seen the other girls do.  She figured the less freedom of movement he

had the less chance there was of dropping him.

 "W-wait", he protested weakly, "I'm having a hard time getting used to this".

 "Well you don't have to worry.  I've got you now and I'm not going to drop

you".  She was sitting cross-legged on the floor next to the bed.  Holding Rob

firmly in her right hand, she brought him away from the bed and into her

personal space.  He really was adorable, she thought to herself.  She was

itching to see what he looked like under his clothes.  Would it be so terrible

if she managed to pull his little clothes off before the others returned?  Maybe

if she were gentle with him he'd agree not to tell the others.  She held him

close to her face, her mouth open in amazement, as she looked him over

completely.  She brought her free hand up to support his tiny head and Rob could

feel the soft tips of her fingers on his neck and head

behind him.  That left his little legs to dangle down uselessly as she fawned

and cooed over him.  After several minutes, during which Nicole said nothing but

continued to fondle and examine him, she swung him down against her in the same

place Kelly had, just below the nape of her neck.  His little feet just brushed

the soft round mass of her breast several feet below him.

 Rob was entranced.  He had given up all pretense of his dignity at this point

and he just succumbed to her strength and power.  She could, after all, crush

him with no effort at all and at least she was making some attempt to be gentle

with him.  His imagined scenario was coming close to happening.  Had he been

normal sized he would already have gotten her breasts out, but action at his

size was impossible.  He was completely under her delicious spell.

 Using her free hand to brace herself Nicole got up off the floor, still

clutching little Rob against her.  Slowly she sauntered over to her own bed.

 "Comfy", she asked sweetly.

 "I guess so", he answered, "again please don't drop me".

 She giggled again and Rob could feel her body ripple with laughter.  "Stop

worrying, doll.  Its OK.  I won't drop you", she reiterated.  She crossed the

room with him and sat on the side of her own bed.  She gently peeled little Rob

away from her and set him down on the center of the bed.

 "That better", she asked.

 "Yes Nicole, thank you", he answered back.

 Nicole wasn't through with him yet though.  She swung her legs up over him on

the bed and lay down on her left side, with little Rob standing in front of the

now vertical wall of flesh that was her flat stomach.

 "Mind if I hang out on the bed with you, little man?"

 "I really can't stop you", he said.  And why would he?, he thought to himself.

 "I know that, but maybe you should loosen up just a bit and try to enjoy

yourself a little.  Its not every day you get to be the prized guest in a

sorority house, you know", she said, reaching out and drawing invisible circles

around his body with her right index finger.

 He knew she was right.  If only she knew the truth!  This a dream situation! 

He was so damn small!  Try as he might he could not get over his feelings of

powerlessness with this gorgeous titaness.

 "Don't be afraid this time Rob I'm going to pick you up again, okay", she asked

more out of courtesy than anything else.  He never got a chance to answer her as

her right index finger stopped circling him and slipped around his body again as

she pinned his tiny arms.  Her thumb rested lightly on his middle as she pulled

him up to her smiling face again.

 "Wow!  This is so cool!  I cannot believe I have got a tiny man in my hand!  I

love this!  You are so cute!  Please let me undress you, okay?  If you let me

strip you I'll take off my bra, deal?", she insisted.

 Rob couldn't believe it.  She wanted to strip him naked!  Like he was a doll! 

Moreover, she was offering to take her bra off!  Everything was going on

schedule.  Now for a little resistance...

 "Absolutely not", he replied firmly clamped in her fist, "I'm a man, not some

doll to be dressed and undressed".  He tried to squirm free of her hand, but he

couldn't even get one arm free.

 "Tee-Hee, I like it when you try to resist", she laughed at him,  "Its funny. 

You're so small you know that you have no chance to break free of me.  Now c'Mon

and be a sport and let me strip you.  If you do, I'll let you play on my body,

how about that?"

 She playfully squeezed him gently about his middle.  "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

 Rob was nervous.  He barely knew her.  His cock was hard, no doubt about that

now.  The question was which head would win the argument.  The one between his

shoulders, that told him the whole thing was ridiculous, that there was no way

he could please this huge ingenue and he would only end up in trouble, or the

one between his legs, which begged to be allowed to dive into her soft flesh,

regardless of how much of her there was.  Told him that it was inevitable that

one or all of the four young women would have their way with him eventually.  He

looked up into the huge expectant face and sighed.

 "Well", he found himself saying, "Promise you'll be gentle with me?".  It was

really no contest in the end.  He was swung through the air again as she turned

over to lay on her back, her head propped up by pillows.  Rob was suspended over

her bra-covered breasts, clutched in her right hand.  From his vantagepoint

above her chest, he could see her entire upper torso, a magnificent sight. 

Nicole's left hand came up to his little legs and she pinched one between her

thumb and forefinger, gently bending it back at the knee, testing its

resistance.  He fought the urge to fight against her, mainly because he was busy

trying to control the raging hard-on he had now.  She loosened the grip of her

right hand until he was suspended with her huge thumb under one armpit and her

index finger under the other.  She took her left pinkie and ran it down the back

of his small calf, cooing with satisfaction all the while until it caught on the

heel of his sneaker.  With little resistance it fell off and dropped to the base

of her cleavage.  She repeated the procedure with the other shoe, then gently

pinched his little foot until the sock came off.  The other soon followed.

 "You're little legs are just darling!  I love to see them churn away in the

air", she said in her dusky voice.

"Yeah, well please don't break one off", Rob said.

 Her answer to that was another chuckle as she slipped her index finger down the

back of Rob's sweatpants and rather easily stripped them off, where they joined

the shoes and socks in her cleavage.  Her finger gently pinched the bottom of

his shirt and jerked it up and over his head.  Rob was down to only his

underwear.  His face was red with embarrassment as she examined him anew.  Her

left hand dipped to her cleavage and gathered his clothes in one grab, then put

them down on the bed next to her.

 "Wow you really are adorable!  I just can't get over how tiny you are!  You're

even cuter without your clothes on", she squealed, still dangling him between

thumb and forefinger.  Rob saw Nicole's left hand come up and glide toward him,

toward his last remaining article of clothing, his underwear.  Instinctively he

started kicking out at her advancing fingers.

 "Awwww...don't you trust me?  Let me show you something".  And she gently

lowered Rob down to her chest laying him along her cleavage so his little legs

were pointing toward her face.  She noticed how he fit in there nicely and

stored the fact for future consideration.  Releasing his body from her grasp she

reached behind her with both hands and deftly undid the rear clasp on her white

lace bra.  Rob felt her breasts push away from him slightly on either side. 

Then she lowered the strap from first her right shoulder, then her left.  Rob

saw the fabric of her bra sail over him as she yanked it off and threw it on the

floor.  Now he was lying between her uncovered breasts.  Her skin was warm,

soft, and smooth.  He reached one hand up and brushed it against the huge orb

next to him.

 "Isn't that better now", she asked, "are you going to just lie there or you

going to explore a bit".

 "I-I-don't know where to start", he exclaimed.

 "Maybe you need some help.  Here...".  And she reached down for him again, only

this time she gently pinched his foot between her thumb and forefinger and

pulled him off her cleavage, dangling him upside down over her.

 "Stop it!  Hey!  Help", he cried, squirming and waving his free leg and little


 "Don't be such a baby, Rob.  Here you go", she laughed, enjoying his helpless

predicament.  She swung his upside down body over slightly and laid him out full

length, stomach down, on her left breast, positioning him so his face and arms

were near the tip of her nipple, which by now was standing erect.  Rob couldn't

believe it.  He felt her breast gently rise and fall with each breath she took,

a pleasant rhythm.  When she giggled slightly at him her whole breast jiggled. 

She was so huge!

 "Can you play with my nipple please Rob?", she asked him.

 Rob did not reply.  Instead he reached out with his tiny arms and grabbed hold

of the tip.  He pulled himself closer and obediently tried to suck Nicole's huge

nipple, but he could get only a portion of it into her mouth at one time, so he

licked and sucked and bit it as best he could.

 "That's it little one", she encouraged, "just like that".  She brought her left

hand up to her breast, pinning it over Rob and sinking him further into the soft

flesh.  Rob for his part could not stop himself from squirming under her hand,

rubbing his crotch against her silky flesh.  He felt a rumble throughout her

body and he realized it was a moan of pleasure, so he quickened his pace, and

felt more rumblings from the short haired giant girl.  Just as he was about to

blow his load, however, her fingers clamped about him again and lifted his body

off her tit.

 "Wow!  That was so cool!  I can't believe how small you are compared to my

boobs!  You make me feel like my breasts are huge or something!  C'mere you

doll, I am going to reward you for that.  Mmmmmmm".  She lifted him up to her

plush full lips and covered his tiny body from his face to his belly, her tongue

darting through to taste him briefly.  Moving him away slightly, she could see a

thin string of her saliva between her lips and his now glistening stomach. 

Nicole laughed out loud and brought him to her mouth again, this time playfully

nibbling on his arms and legs, kissing his back.

 "I need to take your underpants off now Rob, okay?", she whispered softly in

her raspy voice

Before he had a chance to react her free hand came up to him again and with her

index finger traced along his tiny body, stroking it gently.  When she got to

his underpants she slipped her the fingernail of her pinkie down the rear and

gently stripped then off.  She laughed as she stretched the underpants between

her thumb and forefinger until the elastic snapped back and they shot across the

bed like a rubber band.  Then she pinched his legs together with her free hand

again as she held him suspended over her breasts, studying his erect member.

 "Ooooo...that is so cute!  Aren't you precious!  Look at your tiny cock!", she

blurted out " Its so small! What am I to do with this, little one?"  She removed

her hand away from his legs and gently touched the tip of his prick with her

index fingertip.  Nicole marveled at the way his tiny penis popped back into

place when she tried to push it slightly to the side and then up and down.  Soon

she was flicking it quickly back and forth with her index finger, playfully

testing its rigidity.  She accidentally brushed her finger against his scrotum,

causing him to cry out in pain.

 "Ohhhh!", she cried with concern after seeing what she had done, "did I hurt

you?", I am really sorry Rob, I didn't mean it.  I was only playing.  Let me

make it up to you okay?".  Rob felt the pain in his balls recede and he soon was

gliding in her hand over her smooth neck and chin.  Ever so gently, she slowly

lowered his little feet into her open mouth.  Rob looked down and saw the huge

orifice open wide to accept his feet and then legs.  She lowered him down into

her mouth up to his stomach and gently sealed her lips around his lower half,

then let go her hand.  Her tongue began gently messaging first his feet, then

his legs, working its way slowly up to his crotch.  He groaned in pleasure as

her tongue rolled over his tiny dick in waves, gently pushing it this way and

that.  His entire lower half was bathed in her saliva as she slowly sucked him

off.  Each time he was close to climax her tongue would disengage from his

penis, only to return a few moments later to drive him to new heights of

ecstasy.  Finally, he came in her mouth and exhausted, slumped forward, his tiny

hands holding on to her pert nose as he collapsed.

 "Mmmmph!", she reached up again and grasped little Rob's body between her thumb

and forefinger and lifted him from her mouth, looking at him dreamily.  "How was

that Rob?  Did you come yet?".  She couldn't even tell he had shot his load in

her mouth.

 "Oh god, yes, that was incredible.  Thank you Nicole.  Thank you", he gasped

between breaths.  He wondered how far this would go.  He hoped all the way.

She brought him against her lips and kissed him again on his face and chest,

then set him on her breast again, only this time he was stood up against the

front of her breast, his little feet sinking into the soft flesh of her torso. 

With her hand she cupped him against her luscious tit and applied gentle

pressure, forcing him forward against her nipple.  She was delighted to feel his

little mouth and hands working it without her urging.  He seemed to be getting

used to her.  Maybe she could go a little further....  Nicole released the

pressure of her hand against him and her breast, pinching one of his ankles and

dragging him down to her trim belly.  His little hands and arms scrambled to

grab hold of her nipple but she was too strong for that and Rob soon could feel

her soft skin slide against his as she pulled him to her stomach.  Passing along

her ribcage, he lost sight of her face but could still hear her laughter, and of

course, her body quaked as with each laugh, jostling him about somewhat.  She

slid him down until his little dick and balls dropped into her belly button,

then held him flat to her stomach for a while.  She looked at the clock.  Nicole

couldn't believe how late it was.  She needed to finish soon.  She didn't want

the others to find him undressed like this, and they would be coming back from

the bars soon, unless some lucky guy managed to seduce one of them.  No chance

of that tonight when they knew what was waiting for them back here, she

thought.  She removed her hand from him and Rob got up and began walking around

on her tummy.

 "I just love the little depressions your feet make on my skin when you walk on

me", she told him,

"I need to apologize to you Rob.  I didn't mean for things to get this far out

of hand, but I just can't control myself.  Can I take you now?".  Her hands came

up behind him, not grabbing him but making a fleshy wall that kept him from

leaving the vicinity of her stomach.

 "You'll kill me!", he complained, seriously this time, "you might squash me

inside there", he pointed behind him in the direction of her crotch.

 "Then you'll just have to trust me again little doll", she said, matter of

factly snatching his tiny body into her right hand and lowering him, feet first,

into her.  Again, she knew he was struggling even though she could barely feel

him move in her hand.  Gently with her free hand, she opened her pussy lips to

let his feet and legs in.  She was already wet so he slid in easily, all the way

up to his shoulders, with only his little neck and head sticking out of her. 

Nicole was beside herself.  She had a man inside her pussy!  And it felt

incredible.  Gently she tried to move him in and out but he was too pliable for

that to work, too wriggly.  She was afraid to go any rougher with him, lest he

break.  Maybe if she taped him to a stick...but there was no time for that now,

she had to orgasm right away.  Gently she squeezed her muscles around him,

pressing his little body from all sides, shortening his breath.  She grabbed his

little shoulders and pulled him out halfway, then pushed him gently, slowly back

in her again.  The rhythm was too slow to get her properly off but after pushing

him in and out several times he could hear his complaints that he couldn't

breathe so she pulled him out and dropped him between her boobs again, pressing

them together over him with her left hand while she finished off her orgasm with

her right.  Exhausted, her arms dropped to her sides and she lay there on the

bed panting; tiny Rob nestled between her breasts, was panting too.

 "M-my god!", he said between gasps, "that was incredible but you might have

killed me!"

 "That's why I pulled you out, I was afraid I might hurt you inside of me.  Are

you okay?"

 "Yes but now I'm rather sticky", said Rob

 "Well I know what to do about that", she asserted, snatching Rob of her chest

and walking to the  bathroom, holding him up to her face as she walked across

the room.  She entered the bathroom and set him down next to the sink.  She

turned on the faucet and let it run a bit.  Then she scooped Rob up into her

palm and held him under the running water, rinsing him off.  That done, she

grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped him completely in it, lifting him off the

vanity and carrying him back into the bedroom in darkness.  She set him down and

removed the towel.  Rob saw he was back on Kelly's bed.

 "I want to make my bed so nobody knows we made love there".  He noticed that

Nicole's face was flushed.  She walked over to her bed, gathered up Rob's

clothing, and placed the little pile in front of him.

 "I suppose I should learn how to dress you as well but to tell the truth I like

the idea of stripping your clothes off more than I like the idea of putting them

back on", she explained.  As Rob put his things on Nicole found her lace bra and

panties and put them back on.  Then she walked over to him and picked him up

again, nuzzling his chest and stomach with her nose, then giving him a kiss

across his midsection.

 "Thank You", she whispered and put him down.  Nicole walked over to where her

blue nightshirt was and pulled it on.  She had just finished doing so when she

heard the key on the door turn and Kelly stumbled in, very drunk.

 "Hiiiiiiii Nicolllllllllle", she laughed, tumbling over to her bed, clearly

oblivious to the fact that Rob was sitting on it.  Rob saw her great sleek body

loom over him as Kelly's eyes closed and she fell face first on the bed,

trapping the little man between the soft mattress and her taut stomach.

 "KELLY!", shouted a panicked Nicole, "Your on top of Rob!  You're crushing


He might indeed have been crushed but her evenly distributed weight and the soft

mattress saved him as he stared upward into the fabric of Kelly's blouse. 

Still, it was difficult to breathe this way for him.  Every breath he took

brought the intoxicating scent of the pretty junior into his little lungs.

 "Rob?  Rob who?", slurred Kelly, opening her eyes and squinting at her

roommate.  Then she remembered the tiny man from earlier.  "Rob?".  She looked

down the side of her bed, then rolled over onto her side, revealing a tiny seven

inch figure where her stomach had been.

 "Oh.  Hi Rooob!", she smiled, "I'm Kelly"

 "I know.  We already met remember?", he said from below her.  She didn't answer

him, instead reaching down to take him in her fingers, her free hand stroking

his tiny body up and down.

 "Awwww...what a cute little teeny-weeny man", she cooed, raising him to her

left breast and gently but playfully grinding him into her modest breast. 

"How's this?", she said to the little man, and to Nicole:  "Hey I think he likes

this!  Maybe we should- OH SHIT!  I was supposed to take him back to Hallie and

Jennifer's room.  They're back too."

 "I'll do it", said Nicole, "you're too trashed.  Give the little man to me


 "Awwww..I was just starting to have fun.  Okay though", she removed Rob from

her breast and handed him over to Nicole.

 "I hope you had a good time tonight Rob.  Maybe we can do this again.  But I

have to take you back down the hall now, okay?", she explained.

 "But they're all trashed!", he complained, they might hurt me.  They might not

be as gentle as you were with me.  Please let me stay here", he pleaded.

 "I'm sorry Rob, there's nothing I can do.  Now don't make a sound", and with

that she slipped his little body under her nightshirt, holding him flat against

her tummy hidden from view as she left the room.  She quickly raced down the

hall and knocked on Jennifer and Hallie's door.

 "Its open", came Hallie's voice from inside.  Nicole had an idea.  Kneeling

down by the door, she opened it just a crack.  Then she brought Rob out and

reached inside the crack of the door, placing him gently on the floor, then

quickly closing the door behind him.

 "Hope you have a good night Rob", she said smiled silently to herself and went

back to her own room.

Rob found himself back in the first room.  He looked up and around.  To his left

was Jennifer's bed, and on it lay a sleeping Jennifer.  Must have had too much

to drink, he thought to himself.

 "She's out cold, Rob.  She had way too much to drink.  Not me though". 

Assertive Hallie was suddenly striding across the room, toward him.  She had on

a long Dallas Cowboys T-shirt that came to about mid thigh.  Without saying

another word she swooped down on an astonished Rob, her slim fingers closing

around him, snatching him off the floor into her clutching fist.  She brought

him up to her calm beautiful face, squeezing him lightly with her fingers just

to physically dominate him.  "I think she's through for the night", continued

Hallie as she admired the struggling, kicking, squirming, figure clenched in her

hand.  "Not me though.  I had three Kamikazes but I'm still wide-awake.  And I

still think you need a bath".

 "Hey!  Please don't hold me so tight!  It hurts.  Your fingers are squeezing me

too hard", he continued to complain to her as she slowly strode across the room

toward the bathroom.  It didn't hurt as bad he claimed but he felt he had to

make his voice heard, no matter how small.  Besides, he knew they liked it when

he acted scared or tried to put up a resistance so maybe he could gain some

favor by putting on a little show.  He figured that eventually all four would

have their way with him, especially after his experience with the short

blond-haired Nicole.

 "Don't you know I like it when you resist me, little doll?", she said, brushing

his nose playfully with a finger of her free hand.

 "Still, you don't have to be so rough with me.  I know you're powerful compared

to me.  And that there isn't anything I can do about it", he asserted in her


 "You got that right Rob.  You're just a little doll now.  My tiny little toy

for tonight.  You're like a special pet to cuddle and take to bed at night and

that is just what I intend to do with you after I've given you a bath. Ready?"

 "Promise you won't hurt me?  You'll be careful with me?", he pleaded to her.

 "Hmmm, maybe if you're a good little man, you adorable doll you!  Tee-Hee!" 

She broke out into soft teasing laughter as she grabbed his little legs with her

free hand and turned him upside down swinging him slightly in front of her

beaming face as she continued toward the bathroom door

 "Haaaaaaaaaaalllllllppp!  Put me down!  You're scaring me Hallie, stop it

please.  Let me goooo!", he cried out to her, swinging his arms violently

through the air, his eyes staring at the shirt covered shelf of the slim girl's

breasts just below his dangling face.

 "Now be quiet and I'll be real nice to you my little toy man", she warned,

pointing her index finger at his upside down face for emphasis.  She closed the

bathroom door behind her, a screaming struggling wailing upside-down Rob

clutched firmly in her slender hand.  With her free hand she reached up over the

bathroom sink to some cabinets and pulled out a bar of soap, a dry washcloth,

and one of those trial size shampoo bottles.  She laughed to herself, thinking

she should call it "Rob sized" now.  She set the items down on the counter and

brought her free hand up to Rob.  Her fingers closed around his upside-down

form, still struggling, and turned him back right side up.  That done, she set

him down at the edge of the sink.

 "Sorry little man, I guess I might have had a bit too much to drink.  I got a

little carried away", she giggled.

 " Yeah well I'm the one who got carried away- literally", he complained.  He

decided he didn't care much for being held upside down by his feet.

 "Well, you'll have to get used to being picked up and carried", she said,

"you're too teeny to get around on your own".  She reached over him and turned

on the faucet, filling the sink with warm water.

 "I don't want a bath.  I showered after the ball game", he said.  Go ahead and

strip me already, he thought to himself.

 "But I want to give you one", she pouted, "just let me take your clothes of

you".  She knelt down so that her head and shoulders were even with the counter,

placing her hands on the counter edge on either side of him.  "Don't worry Rob,

I'm not really going to hurt you.  You need someone to care for you though.  So

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