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By B. Tweenercheeks

It was a sweltering yet breezey July afternoon. I had given up on my round of

sales visits for a cold brew, dark scoping shades, and a spot at the Motel pool.

Rockford in July. Yuck. As a machine parts salesman I'd grown used to rustbelt

cities. I hated Rockford, though. Nothing to do and bad food. Sliding on my

shades I cracked open my beer and spread out my towel 10 feet away from

poolside. Close enough to scope, far enough away to stay dry. Sipping the foam

off the top of my beer I stretched out on my stomach and put my head down for a

quick nap.

The nylon flags snapped and whipped in the warm breeze. Two giggling teenaged

girls voices grew louder and louder. The squishing of wet feet approached. "So

he said he wants to wait. He thinks I'm still a virgin." The girls laughed

again. Smiling to myself I waited to look up. I heard the shaking out of a

towel. Perhaps in deference to the sleeping man their voices became quieter.

Looking up I couldn't believe my luck. Two pairs of wrinkly, teenaged girl's

feet laid soles up, pointed towards me, within a few feet from my face. Two

young women laid on their towels between me and the pool. Maybe high school age,

maybe college age, they leaned on their elbows and poolwatched. The girl on the

left was a short blonde. I really didn't pay much more attention to her. The

girl who lay directly in front of me was a tall, bronzed mahogany haired beauty

with green eyes. Completely oblivious to my presence laying on my stomach

directly behind them, the girls talked openly. "I'm so bored with him. If I

don't get some soon I'm gonna die." the tall brunette claimed. HMMM, I thought.

Perhaps I might be of assistance later...

Hiding behind my blacked out shades I stared up between the legs of the mahogany

haired girl. Her name was Natasha. Remaining water from her swim drained forming

little puddles at her knees and toes. As she talked she playfully fidgeted her

foot, twisting it back and forth. Occasionally she bent one knee flexing her

shapely butt. She would roll her toes around teasingly and lay her foot back.

My face was equidistant between Natasha's feet. She held them around 18" apart.

Her slender calves lead to strong, sleek, trim thighs. Her long legs stretched

to meet her petite but globular butt. Her tiny bright yellow, puple polka dotted

bikini bottoms struggled to contain her magnigicient buttcheeks. Remaining

dropletts of water dripped from her pubic mound, darkening the concrete. I

couldn't help but stare...

I was in voyeur's heaven. Looking up from her feet, up her legs, to her crotch,

and to her luscious butt I started to get hard. I was at a public pool. This was

not the place to do this. I put my head down. It would be embarrassing to walk

around with a stiffy.

I sipped my beer again. I began to imagine her butt. As it was right now. I

wondered in my mind "what would it be like? what would it feel like? smell like?

taste like?" Shaken from my daydream, the green lazer of Natasha's over the

shoulder stare stunned me. Embarrassed in my thoughts I looked down. Satisfied,

she turned her attention back to her blonde friend.

Did she know what I was thinking? That wasn't possible. It must have been a

coincidence. Confident in my analysis I tested her. I thought to myself "You

have a great pair of tan legs, I'm starring at them, arn't you gonna look? You

have a hot crotch. Damn, I'd love to give it to you! See, you can't hear me.

Look at that bikini. Yellow with purple polka dots. Gosh that butt is hot.

MMMMMM, that's for me." Suddenly Natasha's head whirled around. Her annoyed gaze

again met my stare.

I had dozed off. The flapping and rustling of the nylon flags in the breeze

again interupted my nap. I was no longer baking in the direct July sun. Some

kind person had moved an umbrella over me. How considerate. There was actually a

decent person in this town. I wondered where that bitchy Natasha was. Oh well.

She seemed like trouble anyway. Rolling over I opened my eyes. There was no

umbrella over me. Instead, a huge tent had been set up all around me. Nobody

even bothered to wake me up. I figured that there must be some reception being

held by the pool.

The wind flapped the loose tent above me. "Must not be done setting it up" I

thought. What an ugly tent it was. Bright yellow with large purple polka

dots...where had I seen that pattern before?

I looked all around in disbelief. The tent extended as far as I could see in all

directions. Nervously reaching for my beer, it was gone. My towel was gone too.

I lay in a valley sparsely covered in blonde, down-like grass. To either side,

great round hills climbed towards the bright yellow, purple polka-dotted tent.

To my North the hills flattened out and seemed to meet the tent at the horizon.

To the South the valley dipped towards some sort of canyon.

As I scrambled to my feet I noticed the ground. It was warm and soft - almost

the texture of a gym matt. "Where the heck am I?" Had I gotten drunk and

wandered off? Did somebody slip me a Mickey? I walked towards the flat area to

the North.

The lighting was surreal. The bright, fuzzy sun transluted through the yellow,

purple polka-dotted tent casting strange round shadows on the ground. My feet

brushed against the calf deep soft blonde grass. I felt disoriented and panicky.

Finally reaching the flat area where the tent met the ground, bright rays of

sunlight peaked from underneath. I tried to lift the tent to climb under. It was

amazingly heavy duty. A huge six foot sign was sewn to the edge. It read

"California Beachwear, size 6. Machine wash delicate. Tumble dry low heat" Who

would wash a tent?

Getting down on all fours I slid under the edge of the tent. Imediately I was

soaked with salty water. Rubbing my burning eyes, I slipped to the ground into a

foot of more warm water. Looking up I sat upon the small of Natasha's back.

Stunned by the reality of my exponetial size change, I stared, frozen. I

couldn't be more than a 1/2 inch tall. Her tanned back glistened in sweat and

poolwater. She lay on her stomach with her head turned to the side, softly

sleeping. Colassal firm breasts bulged out on each side.

Turning around I saw bikini clad butt. Fear was momentarily replaced with a

combination of lust and worship. I'd never seen anything so appealing.

Speechless, I stared.

All of a sudden, Natasha's blonde friend began swatting her hand in front of her

face "damn gnats, are they bothering you?" "I think there's one on my back"

Natasha replied. Strickien by the danger and vulnerability I ran for the

sanctuary of Natasha's waistband.

I squeezed back under the waistband of Natasha's bikini. Looking back I saw

Natasha push up on one arm and flash an annoyed expression. She must have

expected to see a gnat drowning in the sweat of her lower back. Squinting

towards me out of the corner of her eye, she raised her hand and swatted her

lower back, where I had just been. The shockwave threw me like a ragdoll. Her

red nails scratched her lower back in long swipes. Apparently satisfied that I

had only been an itch, she lay back down on her stomach and closed her eyes.

While a tiny part of me loved being in Natasha's bikini, logic told me to get

out, fast! She could leave the pool, take off her bikini and throw it into her

dirty laundry trapping me. Maybe she would pull down her bikini bottom to pee in

the ladies room. I could wind up stranded on the washroom floor or worse yet,

fall off her into the toilet. I was just into the cleft of the top of Natasha's

asscrack. Looking around, the only route that made sense was to head over her

buttcheek and out a leghole.

Climbing up her ass was easy at first. My tiny feet made little divots as they

gripped into her soft, warm cheeks. As I walked up the side of her crack I was

forced to push up her bikini over my head. As I climbed higher and higher up her

buttcheek the bikini stretched tighter and tighter to contain her cheek.

Finally, I couldn't push it up anymore. Her bikini clung so tightly to her cheek Page 2

that I couldn't stretch it away from her skin. It almost trapped me. Struggling,

I squirmed free and retreated back to the cleft of her ass. If I went back under

her waistband to her back she'd think I was a gnat and grind me up with her

fingernails. I couldn't escape out the side, over her ass. I had only one

option. The crack between her cheeks created a sort of tunnel under her bikini.

If I followed that gap I could follow her crack to her crotch and escape out her

leghole there. It was the only logical possibility.

Damn it was hot. Looking up, the bright blur of the sun still felt scalding,

even through her bikini. I wished I had my beer. I realized that the heat would

soon start to get to me. There was no air circulation. I felt like I was in a

terrarium. I started walking down her crack. Hopefully Natasha would sleep on

her belly for some time.

The mountains of her asscheeks soon rose on either side of me. Natasha must have

been hot too. My feet began to slosh it her sweat. As I walked deeper down her

crack, her scent changed from sweaty bleach to sweaty, bleachy ass. Beads of

sweat the size of my head ran down her cheeks, then down her crack, ripening her

odor. My eyes watered from the aroma of her perfect ass. The further I walked,

the steeper my path became. Now deep in the valley between her mountainous

cheeks I was shaded from the sun. While darkness surrounded me, a even darker,

ominous blackness lay ahead. It was still so stale and humid. Cautiously I felt

Natasha's warm, slippery crack with my feet on each step. I began to blindly

flail my hands in front of me, anticipating approaching her asshole. Suddenly I

slipped. I tumbled and slid down her crack until I hit what felt like thick

wirey brush. I couldn't see a thing. My arms and legs tangled in a sticky

birdsnest of hairs. The more I struggled to free myself the further I fell into

the tangled mess. The unmistakably sharp, pungent smell of a woman's asshole

filled my senses. Exhausted, my body dangled limply entwined in the hair

surrounding her asshole. My desperation was interupted.

"Isn't that Chuck?" her blond friend asked.

Natasha replied "God he looks hot in a swimsuit...I'm gonna say hi"

had always wondered where those tiny round, pilly, cottony things that I found

between my girlfriend's ass cheeks came from. I was about to find out...

Worn out from my struggle to excape Natasha's bikini, I lay tangled in the

forest of hair around her anus. "I'll be back in a few" she chirped to her

blonde friend. "Go get him" she laughed. Like a plane in turbulence, everything

around me began to move at once. The mountains on each side of me that were

Natasha's buns flexed and grew taller as she got up onto all fours and then

crouched on her towel.

I stared ahead at the silky fabric of her bikini. Wrinkles in them that had just

been loosely flapping in the breeze above me dissappeared. The fabric stretched

taught between her cheeks. The mesh of the fabric stretched sideways. Even the

purple polka dots became oblong. I jumped when out of nowhere red, tanned

fingers tipped by blood red nails pushed underneath the elastic of the legholes

just under her ass on either side of me. Slowly Natasha skimmed the outline of

her butt as she pulled out what had become a slight wedgie. As Natasha rose to

her feet, I flipped 90 degrees. I now hung upside down facing her bikini meshed

in her anal hair.

A woman's ass always looks so hot when she lays on her stomach. So relaxed, soft

and round, yet defined and seperated. Her crack is so accentuated, almost

exaggerated. Natasha's ass had been a fine example. As I had walked down the

wide "tunnel" of her crack I had been in butt voyuer heaven. Natasha now stood

and stretched from her nap. Her ass changed completely. Her relaxed cheeks that

had settled to the sides and provided me with an escape route now flexed and

pushed together as she stood. Darkness enveloped me. A small gap existed around

me as I was close to her asshole. I strained to stay close as her cheeks clamped

tightly together. As Natasha stretched, I heard the sound of rushing water above

me. The sweat, pool water, and suntan lotion that had been on Natasha's back ran

down the indentaion of her back, and drained down into the crack of her ass.

What felt like gallons of her warm sweat poured upon me. Locked in the dark by

her clenching buttocks for the moment, I could do nothing.

Then she started to walk. Her ass cheeks rubbed together, then broke apart with

each stride. Momentarily, I caught glimpses of light. Dangling by her slime

covered anal hairs, I worked to keep my grip. This was quite a challenge.

Natasha's giant, rubbery ass cheeks rubbed and bounced with each step. I wrapped

and re-wrapped my hands and arms in her slippery hairs. It was no use. I was

slipping. Looking down I watched her globular ass cheeks grinding up against

each other as he mahogany haired beauty strutted around the pool. I just

couldn't hold the grip any more. "There are worse ways to go" I thought. I

released my grip. Expecting to die imediately I was not so lucky. Her mammoth

buns snatched me as Natasha was in mid stride. Imbedded between two warm,

smelly, soft matresses, the first stride dragged across my face and was quickly

replaced by sunlight. "That wasn't bad" I thought. Then the cheeks reversed. As

each cheek moved in opposite direction I was mecilessly rolled hundreds of times

in a split second. Then a split second of sun. Then back hundreds of times in

the opposite direction. I felt like a play-dough snake. Over and over again, I

spun in Natasha's ass. I was human butt lint. Numbing to the experience and

probably in shock, my mind drifted in and out. Then she stopped.

"Hi Chuck, what are you doing here?" she cooed sweetly. "On my way back from

school, just like you, huh?" he replied. While the two made small talk I tried

to regain my bearings. Natasha backed up to a wall and enticed Chuck. Leaning

back she placed her bare feet wide apart and twirled her hair with a finger. Her

cheeks pulled apart. I was a mess. Glued to her cheek in Natasha's sweat and

shit I fought to make my escape. Peeling my arm off her skin I looked down. The

sun shown through her yellow bikini. It was now or never. I flung myself down.

Sliding down her silky bikini, I was stopped by her cotton reinforced crotch.

Rolling over I looked up. Damn, even with what I had been through, it still

looked good. The crotch of her bikini felt like a hammock. I looked up at

Natasha's tan skin. Her meaty pussy lips were surrounded by a thick jungle of

dark pubic hair. That tight round ass, as merciless as it had been, still looked

round and hot. "God, that bitch has one hot ass" I thought.

Suddenly I felt Natasha stiffen and become distracted. I listened to what she

said next. "Uh, Chuck, lets go sit down and talk a while over ice cream, O.K.?"

"SIT DOWN?" I thought. Frantic for an escape I tried to crawl to a leg hole.

"How about over here?" I heard Natasha say.

"Shit, I'm running out of time!" I scrambled towards the edge of the cotton

panel. Slowly, deliberately, Natasha stuck her butt out as she sat on the white

plastic chair, which had been warmed by the sun. Seeing her ass rushing at me I

cringed. Her warm sweaty skin smashed me. I couldn't even inhale the shallowest

of breaths. Yet I felt enveloped by her sensuality. I knew I was dying. That was

O.K. Damn, she smelled so sexy, so familiar. Struggling, I turned my head and

looked one last time out of the corner of my eye.

"Hi baby! I thought I'd surprise you. Am I crushing you?" Three inches from my

face and laying full weight on my back was Gina, my girlfeind. It had all been a


Gina climbed off of me. Natasha wasn't on her towel. Walking with Gina we passed

a consession stand. There sat Natasha. Smiling at the boy she was talking to she

locked eyes with me. Her stare turned evil. Looking down at her bikini she ran

her fingernails underneath the elastic leg hole back and forth. She looked back

at me again, daring me. I hurried away with Gina.

Giantess Stories: BY THE POOL By B

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