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Camp Capers: Schoolhouse Rock


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           The ground around me swelled and shook which

caused me to awake in a panic. I looked around my room seeing my stuff thrown

about to and fro. I climbed out of the bed only to be thrown against one of the

walls. I push my way out of my bedroom as my world seemingly crumbles around me.

The force of the shaking slams me against the hallway wall knocking off a

picture and sending me through a cheaply made n-table. I look forward seeing the

stairs an impossible distance away.

           I make it to the stairs, and stumble my way down

the stairs and make it to the window, I rip the curtains open and see a huge eye

look at me. I stumble backwards in shock as the brown eye looks in at me as I

look out at it. I do a crabwalk up the stairs as  the walls start to moan and

groan, the roof peels away. I am left looking up at Jen's giant face. Her brown

locks of hair streak down towards me rope on a ocean liner, her brown eyes track

my every movement as I look up at her. Her white old navy shirt covers the

entire roof area of my house.


“Mornin' Rich, What up” casually

says Jen as she grabs me by the waist. A sea of flannel is all I can make out as

I am dropped onto her lap.


“JEN! I told you not to do that

ever again.”


“Aww poor baby, you have some

guests here to see you. Come on in girls, he is up”


           I gulp as I look at the doorway seeing Rachel

Stevens and her shadow Denise Stevens (no relation). Rachel has on a short black

mini skirt with a pink top, short blonde hair blue eyes, while Denise has dark

brown eyes, black hair a very prissy girly look to her as she has on blue jeans

and a white sweater.


“Hi Richie, we didn't wake you

did we?”


“Oh of course you didn't Denise!

Richie hardly sleeps at all.”


“This is so cool Jen! I can't

thank you enough for letting us help you take care of him! You better be ready

for your bath little man!”


“OH he still has his pajamas on



“Oh well, I guess we will just

have to strip him again.”


“Here you go girls” I scream aloud as Jen tosses me towards

the girls. I fly end over end in mid air, I slam into Denise's sweater. My

screams are muffled as Rachel and Denise walk out of the room with me clutched

tightly against Denise. I can't believe this manipulative bitch is using this

girls to do all the dirty work.


“You know Rachel, we are so lucky

Jen lets us help her like this”


“I know, not many other people

get to be this close to the little man or even know about him. He looks so

adorable too. I love his tiny bottom and watching his little legs kick when you

hold him”


“My favorite part is his little

squeaking all the time. It's the most precious thing. I wish my boyfriend was

just like little Richie doll here.”


“Me too! Richie, I hope you are

the evolution of man! Every man should be palm sized.”


           I can hear the bathroom door close tightly

behind the duo as Denise pulls me away from her sweater and dangles me above the

sink as Rachel turns the water on. They both  smile at me as I rub the sleep

from my eyes.


“Do you think this water is to

warm Denise?”


“Hmmm it doesn't feel bad, lets

drop him in”


“I am not going bathe in front of

you two! It's demeaning! And most of all I refuse to bathe in the sink.”


           I yelp as Rachel snatches me from Denise roughly

and submerges me in the sink, her grip releases from me allowing me to sputter

water up. Rachel squirts some hand soap into her hand, then her hand lowers back

down towards me as she rubs the soap in her hand causing it to lather up.



HELP” I scream futilely as Rachel's hands wrap around me lifting me out of the

sink. I am pressed against her to warm palms. My body is squeezed upwards

sloshing the soap against me. Rachel rolls me around in the palm of her hand as

Denise looks on. I cough as the strong smell of soap latches onto me. I slip

down the length of Denise's hand and into the hot steamy water of the sink. I

tread water as the soap peels off my body. Denise lowers her hands towards me as

I already know what is coming next.


“Not the smelly stuff!! I hate

the smelly stuff!!” I plead


“Awww everyone thinks it smells

so good though. It's a good scent for you.” Giggles Denise


           I stick up my hands like I can somehow ward off

her grip, Denise grabs me and makes a fist around me pressing the lotion into

me, then she starts to slide me up and down in her hand then I shoot out of her

hand like a bar of soap causing both girls to giggle and laugh before Denise

catches me again. As she catches me I shoot back out of her grip and into the



“Oops, you slipped again Richie!

I am just old butter fingers today”


            I splash into the sink as start trying to pull

myself out of the sink but the walls are much to slick and I slide back down

into the water. The girls laugh at my plight as I splash around helplessly

unable to get out without there help. I know the only way out but It kills me to

do it. I look up at my two giantess caretakers who look down at me like they are

taking care of animal at a zoo.


“Please Denise, Rachel take me

out.” I plead as nicely as possible as I grate my teeth looking up at these

behemoth teens who now dominate my life. They smile happily as I see Denise dig

something out of her pocket.


“My little brother won this out

of one of those vending machines yesterday”


           Above me I see miniature fishing rod. My face

turns beet red as I watch her turn the crank and a little hook on a string

lowers down towards me. Rachel has moved over to the toilet seat and is sitting

on the lid leaning up against the wall almost in tears she is laughing so hard.


“Grab on little Richie doll” says

Denise as she smiles down at me.


           I grab onto the string as she starts to reel me

up and out of the water all the while yelling I think I got a big one!


“Do you need help Denise? He

might break the rod and get away.”


“Your right, but that's a chance

I'm willing to take, just ready the fishnet Rach.”




           Rachel cranes the fishnet below me as Denise

begins to shake the rod. I use my kung fu grip to hold on tightly unfortunately

she drops the toy rod and it tumbles with me into the fishnet. I flail around

like a fish out of water as Rachel slings the pole over her shoulder and walks

out with me naked into the hallway.


“BE right back Jen! We are taking

Richie for some air”


“I am talking to BOBBY SHUT UP

DENISE!! Do whatever you want with him, just put him on my vanity when you are



“Alright, have him back in 20”

yells Rachel


“Girls, outside isn't good, in

fact its very bad, did I mention I tan easily. GIRLS!! GIRLS!!”


           As they walk out side the fresh crisp air

assaults my nose as the two start walking around the block.


“You can't parade me around the

neighborhood like this. I am supposed to be kept a secret!! Not made a public

interest story.”


“Oh hush or we will take the long



“Fucking bitches, your lucky I am

four inches tall” I mumble to myself.


“What was that?”


“Oh nothing, I was just saying

I'm lucky I'm four inches tall or else I would break the net”


           I hadn't been outside in so long it was nice but

they had almost completely forgot about me as I lie here in this net. I finally

see my break as Jen's neighbor, a junior high student walks by. I had seen her

walk by the house a few times over the past 3 days but I definitely don't need

this little brat finding out about me.


As they walk by her I watch her

eyes light up in delight. Screams of joy erupt around me As both Denise and

Rachel stop as they see the girls eyes locked onto me


“What is that! It looks like a

tiny man. Where did you get him? Can he talk? Is he real? He kinda looks like

Justin Timberlake? Did you shrink Justin Timberlake! OMG OMG OMG OMG ITS JUSTIN



“Its just a toy, we are just

foolin around”




           Before the girl can even respond both Denise and

Rachel continue on walking. I breathe a sigh of relief however I can still see

the girl looking at me in the netting, for the first time I am glad Rachel and

Denise are here. The thought of being in her grubby paws makes me sick.


           I breathe a sigh of relief as we make it back

the Jens house. The girls Carelessly drop me on Jens vanity table and leave. I

smile in relief as they leave me alone. I look around the room seeing Jen no

where in sight I happily relax until I hear a meowing in the hall and my head

turns to see Jens door wide open and Sophie, Jens cat entering the room. I

nervously dive behind some of jens perfume and nail polish bottles cowering in

fear. I can't believe me a man is living in fear like this.


           Minutes pass and the cat is still near, I can

almost feel him touching me then out of now here Sophie jumps onto the vanity

peering down at me. I dive off the edge of the vanity in fear. As I hit duck N

roll on the ground I take off running, I look back seeing Sophie in pursuit. I

can smell tuna on her breathe as she closes in on me. Sophie bats me to the

floor and stands over me eyeing her prey.


“Sophie! Bad kitty, bad! Come

here baby, leave the nasty little man alone.”


“Jen, your friends left the door

open and Sophie…”


“I don't want to hear your

excuses Richie! You are in so much trouble. What if I wasn't here? What if I was

downstairs! I told you its to dangerous in this world for you. You are so lucky

you have someone like me around here.”


“Jen! Put me down, I don't like

being held like this”


“I guess I am gonna have to take

you to school with me. I can't trust you stay on your own.”


“I don't want to be in your

locker all day”


“Well you should have thought of

that before you tried to escape.”


           I cringe at the thought of going to school with

Jen as she carries me back to her room to prepare her face.


I scream at Jen to let me alone

as she sets me down on her dresser. I survey the room, the furniture rising from

the ground like the walls of the Grand Canyon. Jen pays me no mind as she puts

her make up. I mill about the dresser top among her personal things as she

attends to herself.


           “Richie I can't find my pink lipstick, oh, is

that it over by you?”


           I knew it was useless to protest. I was hers

now. I stared at the tube in front of me; it looked like it was almost half my

size. I struggled to hoist it up but could only bring it up as far as my chest.


           “Come on squirt I haven't got all morning. I

have to be in English composition class by 8:15”


           “But Jen, it's so heavy I can't lift



           Jen pretended to ignore me as she reached across

the dresser and plucked me in the air. I flew up to her mouth as she twisted the

top of the tube of lipstick off with her free hand. Jen's grip had pinned the

lipstick against my chest, and when she took the lid off the waxy stick was

right next to my face. Then her lips bore down on both me and the lipstick as

she smeared it on her lips. Her lipstick covered lips in turn coated me with the

stuff over my face. When she was done she brought me up to eye level and chided

me for getting lipstick all over myself.


“Now I'm going to pick out which

shoes to wear for the first day of school little man, and I expect you to be

dressed and ready by the time I am finished.”


           Jen then moved across her bedroom swiftly with

me and deposited me back in the dollhouse, not bothering to place the roof back

on. I watched her dainty yet hulking form disappear from the open ceiling. I

could hear her opening her closet door. I realized I didn't have much time so I

grabbed a wet nap I was given earlier and used it to clean Jen's lipstick as

best I could from my face and torso, then donned a pair of doll pants and

matching white shirt. Wearing all white was gay but Jen said it made me look

like a little Tattoo from Fantasy Island and she like me like that.


           No sooner had I pulled on my matching white

loafers than I looked up top see Jen's arm and fingers grabbing for me. I was

snatched aloft without warning. Jen checked me over to her satisfaction.


           “Uh-uh-uh little Richie when are you ever going

to learn that you cant wear black socks with white shoes?”


           “But Jen I don't have any other socks?”


           “Excuses Richie, I will have to punish you later

maybe but I gotta go to school and your coming with me. Don't worry, it's only

the first day and they hardly ever cover any real material so there won't be any

homework for you to do yet.”


           “Homework? But I've already graduated High

School! I should be starting college this week it's not fair.”


           “Well then little Richie doll there will be no

excuses for you not to score well when you take my SAT's for me next year. You

can hide in my purse and whisper all the answers to me.”


           I started to protest but she whiled at a

dizzying pace and sauntered out of the bedroom and down the hall with me

clutched in her fist. Jen looked back at her father sitting at the kitchen table

drinking coffee and reading the Wall Street Journal. She waved on her way out

the door.


           “Bye daddy I'm off to school.”


           “Bye sugar plum, careful you don't lose your



           “Mr. Windham I am not a pet there has been some

sort of mistake!”


           “Of course you are you're my daughter's prized

possession, what else would you be silly. Jen I have an important business

meeting in Minneapolis this week can I trust you to be good while I'm gone.”


           “Of course daddy. I promise I'll have only have

one wild blow out party while you're gone.”       


           “My F.O.P cards are in the top drawer in the

desk in my office just in case the neighbors complain.”


           As Jen left the house I looked out at the

street. Jen's friends Denise and Rachel were both standing by Jen's convertible

looking bored.


           “It took you long enough.” Denise whined.


           “Walk then. Rachel can hold the little man while

I'm driving then.”


           “Ok I'm sorry! I call Shotgun!”


           “I call Little Man!”


           “I call Put me down!”


           “QUIET RICHIE!”


           Jen then tossed my rather casually in the

direction of her friends. Rachel caught me in mid air and smiled at me as I

squirmed in her clenched fist.


           “Look at him struggle Denise! I never get tired

of watching him.'


           “Me too.”


           I was thrust against the blond girl's chest as

she climbed in the back of Jens car. Denise got in the front passenger seat and

in a matter of seconds the car exploded in a pounding beat as Jen switched on

her 1000 watt Blaupunkt. I thought I was gonna go deaf but Rachel thankfully had

buried me in her cleavage, which muffled the sound a little. The song ended at a

red light and I was suddenly snatched from Rachel's embrace and lifted up and

over to the front seat. Denise held me down under her face with both hands so

she could examine and fondle me while Jen drove into the school parking lot. The

girls grabbed their backpacks and I could see the large high school building

looming in the distance. There was a football field and track over by the side.

I could see giant students streaming into the building from all directions and I

realized this was quite a large high school. Jen grabbed me away from Denise as

they walked through the parking lot.


           “Thanks for letting us see your little man Jen.

We have Sociology class.”


           “Oh who with?”


           “Mr. Mardukas.”

           “Ewwwww! He's got green teeth!”


           “Well we will see you at lunch with Miranda and



           “Ok bye Rachel, bye Denise.”


           As Jen entered the building I heard the bell

ring signaling the beginning of first period. Jen quickly strode down the hall,

attracting the stares from quite a few guys and dirty looks from some of the

girls. Jen didn't even try and conceal me as she toted me around like a favorite



           “Well little Richie, I hope you are good at note



           “I can't even lift up a pencil Jen!”


           “Well you will just have to have a photographic

memory then.”


           Jen walked into the classroom and took a seat in

the back. As we walked down the isle I saw two familiar blonde twin faces

getting closer and closer. Jen waved and sat down on one side of them. In a

heartbeat both blond girls were leaning over me, smiling cheerfully as I pushed

against Jen's clutch.


           “Oooooo you brought the little forest creature!

You brought him to class!”


           “SHHHHHHH! Will you shut up Riley! I don't want

to get caught by Mr. Odom. He might confiscate my little Richie doll.”


           “Let me hide him then Jen.”


           “Ok Miranda.”


           Jen finally released her grip on me. I screamed

in terror as I fell off her palm seemingly hundreds of feet to my death, but I

was quickly grabbed by the slender blond twin. Miranda suspended me in front of

her face as she greeted me.


           “Oh I'm so happy to see you again little forest

creature. We are going to have such fun and…”


           “Miss Lunquist is there something you find more

interesting than English composition? Perhaps you'd like to share it with the

rest of the class.”


           “Uh, no Mr. Odom.”


 Miranda quickly lowered me to

her lap in an attempt to conceal me from the teacher. I landed on her soft

thigh, her tight blue jeans stretched across her leg.   


Next thing I knew Miranda had

opened up the top of her desk and placed me in the storage compartment. I looked

up at her smiling face as she cautioned me to be good while the big girls

listened to teacher. I saw the top of the desk come down over me, trapping me in

darkness among the school supplies. I sat down on a rubber eraser and waited for

the end of the lecture. For the next hour I was trapped in the dark stuffy desk.

I could hear Miranda move around over me along with the muffled voice of the

teacher and an occasional student. Finally the hour was over and the desk drawer

opened up. I saw not Miranda but Jen reach in and pluck me out. She quickly

concealed me between her hand and her chest as she walked out with Miranda and

Riley in tow.


“Come on Jen we have Chemistry



“Daddy says I don't have to know

chemistry to inherit his money when he dies.”


“Jen we cant cut class; it's only

the first day.”


“Ok then.”


I spent a boring morning forced

to wait in either Jen's or Riley's purse during class. Finally the lunchtime

bell sounded and the girls filed out toward the cafeteria.


“Ok let's be careful who we sit

with today. My little Richie is not to be shown to just anybody. Only cools.


“Are you hungry little man? They

are having Chicken a la King today.”


“Can't I just have a



“Don't be silly Richie; you

couldn't handle more than a few bites. You can share my lunch with me.”


“What if Bridget wants to sit

with us?”


“No way.”


“But she likes Richie Jen”


“SO? Miranda do you want to be

cool or not?”


“Having a little man does not

make you cool.”


“No? Richie what do you think?

Does owning you make me cool? I think it does.”


“Well Jen I-“


“See? The little Richie doll

agrees with me. Thanks Richie I knew you'd see it my way.”



“What? You think I'm the most

awesome girl in the whole school? Richie, that's sweet, but I don't date

shrimps. Maybe Miranda or Riley here would go out with you though.”


“Oooooo we'd LOVE to go out with

the little man.”


“We'd even stay in with him.”


“Well maybe you can have him this

week if I go out with Jimmy.”




“Richie you stay here with Riley

while Miranda and I get your lunch.”


Jen set me down on a lunch table

while she and Miranda went to get the food.

No sooner had I gotten my bearing when I looked up at the

massive forms approaching the table. I ran behind Riley's purse while the girls

approached the table.


           “Hey Riley, what's that thing?”


           “He's Jen's little pet doll she got him from

camp. Isn't he cute?”


           “Let us see…”




“Jen isn't going to like this,

put me down!”


“How'd Jen Jen get him? What kind

of camp was this?”


“Well he lived in the forest and

Jen Jen rescued him from his poverty stricken life of forging for food and

brought him to our civilized country.”


“RILEY! Stop lying! I wasn't….Hey

I don't like being upside down”


“Wow, he's so light Riley.”


“I know, Jen Jen said I might get

to take him out on a date. He's so cute.”


           The world twisted around and around as this

blonde haired giant twisted me about in her hand. I could smell the feminine

smell of Jasmine and wildflowers radiating off of her hands as she spun me

about. My stomach began lurch as I twisted in the turmoil this teen titan has

put me in. I wanted to scream but I could only manage to break tears in my eyes

as I look to Riley for help but she shows none in her eyes as she smiles down at



“Well hello, Hill, fancy seeing

you at this end of the lunchroom.” Blurts Jen as she rips me from Hilary's grip

sets me down next to her tray.


“Jen, it was horrible she was

ravaging me. Thank god you were here to save me from her.”


“Richie! The big girls are

talking, that means you hush.”





“You can eat some of my food

little Ritchie.”


“See there you go, Hilary will

share, so go on.”


           I nervously walk across the floor. I can hear my

feet slap against the table as I look around at the massive lunchroom. I

nervously eye this blonde haired vixen as she held a small part of meatball in

front of me. The metal fork the meatball was stuck into looked deadly but my

stomach got the better of me. I reached towards the meatball and tried to pull

it off but it was stuck to good. I looked up at Hilary who was smiling down at

my efforts. I brought my face towards the meatball and she yanked her fork away

from me.


“Now, now, now! I want you to



“I refuse to beg for you. I have

my dignity. Jen lets go.”


“Excuse me? Who do you think is

in charge around here? Jen lets go? I don't think so, just for that I think you

can spend the day with Hilary. I will pick him up tonight, besides Jimmy Beach

totally just asked me out and I don't trust you alone yet.”



Jen, I wouldn't try to…Whoa” I felt something strong lurch around my body. I

punched at it furiously as I felt myself loose contact with the table. I was

spun around seeing the beaming face of Hilary and then Miranda pushes her face

into view. I twisted around in her grip but it was futile as I felt myself

massaged against her skin. The familiar Jasmine smell rushes through my nose as

I her milky smooth skin caresses me. I find myself smiling internally as she

feels so different then Jen.


“JEN! You promised Ritchie could come home with us today.”

Shouts Miranda but quickly quiets as Jen flashes her a glare.


“Jen you can't!” I shout as Hilary slides me into her top.

The material of her top smashes around me almost gluing the lower half of my

body against her. I fully extend my hands trying to grab at her hair or anything

that could maybe allow me to pull myself out but I feel nothing as she stands up

extending her arms towards her tray. As she extends her hands her diminutive

breasts press against my body nearly crushing the lower half of my body. The

suction of her breasts pulls my body deeper into her top leaving me with only

the ability to look up at the under side of her chin and neck as she walks out

of the lunchroom.


“See little man, since I am Jen

Jen's best friend you will see a lot of me. I think we should become best

friends. I have the perfect outfit for you at home too.”


“Awww not another outfit, whats

wrong with what I am wearing now?”


“You look like Tattoo from

fantasy island. Who dresses like that?”


           As Hilary walks to her locker I cringe as she

grabs her backpack and heads towards the door. I realize all too soon that she

isn't going to class for the rest of today.


“You're skipping!! You can't”


“I can if I want and I am not

skipping. I am PSEO and my class is canceled so I am done for the day. That just

means more us time.”




           As Hilary walks to the parking lot I glance from

left to right seeing nice car after nice car wondering which one is going to be

Hilary's, we finally stop at 1996 red Pontiac grand am. My eyes nearly bug out

as I see Hilary set me down in the front seat.


“This is you car? Its umm.”


“What's wrong with my car?”


           Hilary deposits me on the passenger seat. I can

feel the car rumble to life as I struggle to see over the dashboard.


“Well buckle up so we can go.”


“I can't reach the seatbelt and

why should I? I am only a few inches tall.”


           Before I can retort any further Hilary presses

me into the middle of the seat and then grabs the seat belt. The grey strap of

the seatbelt presses me tightly into the seat. Hilary mutters something about

Britney Spears and then presses play on the CD player.  The sounds of I'm not a

girl, not yet a woman fill the airwaves around me. I kick and push against the

seatbelt but it doesn't even began to budge as Hilary drives seemingly forever

before I hear he car cut off. Hilary reaches over easily rips me out of the grip

of the seatbelt. I am pressed against her chest as she runs up stairs. I don't

even get a look at her house as I all I can see is black.


“Hey pumpkin, come here for a



“I can't, lots of homework.”


           Before I know it I am thrusted against Hilary's

bed. I can't believe how large it is. Highly polished wood floor glistens and

shines, the walls of her room rise up seemingly infinitely, her blue bedspread

extends away from me in all directions. I gulp as Hilary sets down next to me. I

slide into her thigh as her weight displaces the area around me. She smiles as

she grabs me by the side and dangles me above her face.


“So how come your so small? You

look so human, you cant really be a creature of the forest can you?”


“Please you have to help me

escape from Jen.” From there I tell her the entire story without leaving out a

single detail. I find it hard to read her reaction but as I finish she sets me

on her stomach. It doesn't really feel hard like an athletes or tuned, it feels

more soft and tender. I rise slowly as she inhales pushing the air into her

diaphragm I can feel her gently stroke at my back and head. I cuddle against her

as she starts to pull my pants. I grab at them but Hilary easily wins out. I

shudder as the all too familiarity of this from camp comes back to me.


“Don't worry, its gonna be okay,

I am not gonna hurt you, just trust me” Hilary coos


           I can feel her pull something back over my legs,

I turn my head to look but Hilary easily pushes my head back against her. Suit

jacket and shirt is then tugged off as Hilary's hand comes down on me, her soft

palm presses me against her before I am pulled up. A brown shirt is pulled over

me and black shoe are put on. As I look at myself I see a ups uniform on me.


“You look so cute. UPS uniforms

are sooo hunky”


“I am taking this off, Give me

back my…well this is a improvement over Jen's outfit of choice.”


“Now what should I do with my

little postal carrier, I know”


           I was grabbed easily off of her bed easily as

she set me down on the floor next to her shoes. I looked up at her nervously

hoping she that she didn't intend for me to wash them or something like that,

however without a word Hilary disappeared leaving the door wide open.  I

shrugged not looking a gift horse in the mouth and made my way towards the door.

I was inches from being free, Jen free I thought to myself as I took a step out

of the door a hand wrapped around my body.


“Where do you think you are

going?” says Hilary in a cross tone.


“Umm I was worried about you so I

thought I would make sure you were okay.”


“Uh huh” doubtfully says Hilary

as she walks back into her room setting me back on the floor this time she

stretching out next to me while pulling her top off and setting it next to me.


“Now take your shoes off and

climb up Tiny Tot” I clamber up to my feet and walk over to stretched out

giantess. I can't believe how naturally beautiful she is. I press my hands into

her, they sink into her soft skin. I began to climb up the side of her but with

nothing to hold my progress is next to nothing.


“You are so cute. You can't even climb up onto my stomach.

Here let me help you.”


           I feel her fingers press against my bottom and

then shoot me up and onto her stomach. As soon as I land I find myself sliding

across her stomach and I myself covered in a white substance which smells like

wildflowers. As I start to stand up I fall back onto my face. Hilary erupts in a

fit of laughter causing me to bounce about her stomach. I start grabbing for

anything but her stomach is covered in slippery white stuff so I slid back onto

the floor. I try to stand up but white stuff is on my hands and feet so slip

back onto the floor.


“Aww you poor thing, you are so

helpless let me help you.”


           Her fingers easily grasp me and set me back down

on her stomach. This time I know not to even try to get up Hilary, then

instructs me to start massaging the stuff into her, not having any other choice

began to work what I discover is lotion into her skin.


“You feel so good Ritchie. I

could really use a little boyfriend like you, hey I know what we should do, lets

go out on a date, Jens coming to get you at 11 after her date so if we leave now

we can have plenty of quality time.


“I don't know, I already have a



“Not another peep” says Hilary as

puts her top back on from before and slides her feet into some sandals and then

grabs me.


“I want to see under the Tucson

sun, how does that sound?”


“I want to see that once upon a time in mexico”


“Alright we compromise and go to

under the Tucson sun.”


“How is that a compromise?”


“Because I say it is”


           With Hilary's left hand she grabs me and

deposits me back in the passenger seat of the car. I look over at her as she

snaps her seatbelt on. Just above me is the metal latch of the seatbelt. I jump

for it but my fingers just barely make it to the edge before I fall onto my

butt. I look over at Hilary who is starting the car and I jump up again missing

miserably however this time I hear her giggle as she grabs the seat belt and

pulls it over me.


“You're so cute”


           The ride seems much shorter this time as Hilary

pulls me out of the grasp of the seatbelt and we start heading towards the

Megaplex 25. I now realize why it took so long to get to her house as she lives

in a suburb. Hilary drops me on the ticket counter as I look up at the gigantic

redheaded teen. She reminded me a bit of Alyson Hannigan.


“That will 9.75 please.”




I look up at the giant redhead

and then back at Hilary. Hilary smiles at the redhead who merely stares back at



“Well Ritchie pay the lady”


“ME!!” I squeak


“Yes you, What kind of date are

you? You aren't going to make me pay are you?”


“I don't even want to see the

movie and where do you think I would be getting this money? You think Jen really

gives me money.”


“You are so hopless”


           I watch Hilary pull a 20 out of her handbag and

drop it next to me. The redhead takes the money and hands Hilary her change. A

ticket then shoots out at me slamming into my groin. I double over as Hilary

grabs me and carries me towards the snack counter.


“One small popcorn, a sour patch

kids and a large diet coke” casually says Hilary.


“Hilary, I don't like diet coke,

can't we get something else.”


“Are you gonna pay for this?”


“Well no”


“Then no we can't get something

else, unless you stay with me over night?”


“Jen wont let me!”


“Well if you want something else

you better make her.”


“Fine, I promise, I will spend

the night with you.”


“Alright then, can you make that

a Cherry Coke.”


Hilary then drops me in her

popcorn tub and starts heading into theater as I munch on the popcorn.


We haven't been setting down for

five whole minutes before I hear a voice shout Hilary's name and then the

depression of the seat.


“Oh, hi Matt, what are you doing



“Oh I  took my cousin and her

friends to the movie since its her birthday. How come you are here all alone.”


“Oh, you know”


“How about we watch together?”


“Well, I don't know, I was sort



“Hey, come on Hil, Everyone knows

we should be a couple anyway. You are one of the most popular girls in school

and I am these most popular guy in school.”


“What about Jimmy fallon? I

thought he was the most popular?”


“That's arguable.”


“I suppose we can watch



“That's the spirit, no one says

no Matt Backus.”


“I'm so sure”


“So how come you hang out with

Jen anyway? You are just as popular as Bridget and her.”


“We are friends! Why wouldn't I

hang out with her. You know somethings aren't done just to be popular you know.”


“I know, just like you and me.”


“OH please I mumble to myself as

I look at Hilary. At first I was a bit relieved that this guy was here but now I

feel different as he starts to make the moves on her. Hilary hands reaches into

grabbing a handful of popcorn, I look up at her in the dark light of the movies,

she hasn't even looked at me once sine this behemoth sat down next to her.


“You know Hil, I have my own



“That's what I hear”


           I have had just about enough of this, I take a

deep breath and stand up and blurt out for him to bug off, however I realize to

late that too much popcorn has been eaten and I can no longer see over the rim

of the bucket.


“Who said?”


“Down here! Can't you see we are

on a date here! So buzz off.”


“Ritchie! You are so cute, so you

do want to go out with me huh”


“Well I didn't exactly…errrmmmm”


Hilary's hand reaches around me

and pulls me out of the bucket setting me down on her lap. I gulp as I look up

at the rather strong looking guy. I run behind the arm of Hilary which was

resting on her lap.


“Trying to hide behind my girl

huh” I try to avoid him but it all happened do quick. I felt something hard slam

against me as I fall back first into Hilary's lap I then hear a loud slapping

noise as Hilary stands up carrying me out of the theater gripping me tightly

against her.


I look around see that we are in

the women's bathroom with Hilary looking down at me with a concerned look on her



”Are you okay Tiny?”


“I nod my head and then feel

myself pressed against Hilary's soft skin smelling her sweet scent, before I

know it I am set down in something soft and warm, before I can look up darkness

envelopes me.


           I wake up much later still shrouded in darkness,

I feel around finding myself in a dresser drawer, I then hear Hilary's voice.


“Yeah, he is my boyfriend now, he said so at the theater.”


I cringe as I wonder what Jen is

gonna think upon hearing this. The drawer shakes and is pulled open. I look up

seeing Hilary smiling down happily at me and Jen with her arms crossed looking

down not to happy at me.


“What do you have to say for

yourself Ritchie?”


“I umm,, ahhh”


“Thank Hill for taking care of



“Thank you Hilary”


           I breathe a sigh of relief as Jen carries me out

towards her car and then stops just before we get into her car.


“Well is what Hilary said true?”

angrily says Jen




“Pick your words very carefully

Ritchie, when we get home I expect an answer.”

I am then shoved into the glove compartment of Jens car as

she speeds off.


I banged on the glove compartment

door during the ride back to Jen's house, begging to be let out, but Jen either

was ignoring me or just didn't notice. Finally the car came to a stop, and then

I heard the door open and shut, with the sound of Jen's footsteps fading into

the distance, then only the crickets in the evening silence. I couldn't believe

Jen would just leave me here locked up in her glove compartment like this. It

seemed like at least an hour went by in silence. I was getting more worried by

the minute when the sound of footsteps returned. I heard the car door open, then

my prison was opened up and a hand grabbed me and lifted me out. I was brought

up to Jen's face as she took me from her car and into the house.


“Sorry Richie, I forgot you were

in there.”


“Jen I could have suffocated in



“Oh please there is plenty of air

in there for a midget like you.”


I couldn't protest any further as

Jen closed her fist around me. I was brought against her bosom as she bounded

upstairs. She ran into her room and locked the door behind her and tossed me on

her bed. Jen giggles as I bounce twice before coming to a standstill on her



“Who said you could hit on my

girlfriends Richie? You're my pet and you have to ask permission first



“Aww but Jen, she hit on me! She

kept saying I was cute and stuff like everybody else does. She insisted I was

her boyfriend.”


“Uh huh, I see. Well Hilary will

get bored with you after a while, she goes through boyfriends like Oprah goes

through a box of Krispy Kremes, then you will be back to being her little

plaything just like you'll be for the rest of my friends. And what's with that

stupid delivery man outfit? I gave you the cutest white suit. That is coming out

of your allowance little man.”


“But Jen Hilary took it away.”


           “What allowance? I thought I was your pet, pets

don't get allowances.”


           “Hmmmm good point little man. I guess you can

owe me then. You can work off your debt by entertaining me and my friends.”


           “I am not some amusement for you and your

friends! Listen to me I have rights dammit!”


Jen wasn't really listening to my

explanation. She was walking over to her closet. I watched with fascination as

the gigantic girl pulled off her top and hung it on a hanger. I could see the

expanse of smooth skin on her back. Then she bent over to take off her skirt,

seemingly unconcerned about me seeing her in a state of undress.


“You have the right to go to

sleep like a good pet.”


“I am not paying for that stupid



“Well I guess it doesn't matter

anyway. I have another one in your dollhouse and I expect you to be wearing it

when we go to school tomorrow.”


I gasped as the slender Jen

walked over to the bed wearing only a skimpy white lace bra and panties. I

backed up a step but it was no use as Jen simply grabbed me and hoisted me up to

her face.


“Come on let's get to bed squirt,

its getting late.'


I looked down at awe as Jen

whipped off the covers to her bed. I expected to be lowered but instead I felt a

lurch as Jen strode across the room to the table my dollhouse was on. She easily

lifted off the roof and dropped me inside. The roof was replaced above me, and I

looked out the dollhouse window to see Jen's gigantic eye peering in at me.

Strands of brown hair framed the eye as she scrutinized me.


“But, I thought…”


“Goodnight Richikins.”


(Sighs) “Goodnight Jen.”


I awoke the next day to the sound

of Jen moving around the room. I knew better than to loaf so I quickly took off

the UPS outfit from the night before and put on the extra white suit that was in

the dollhouse closet. I looked out the window to see Jen dressed for school and

her stomach took up more and more of my field of vision as she approached the

dollhouse. Then she bent over and the beige top she was wearing came into view.

The roof was lifted up and I was quickly seized and lifted up.


“Morning Richikins, I see you are

all ready for school. That's a good pet.”


“Jen I am not your pet I'm



Jen quickly dropped me in her

purse as she walked out of the room. I was bounced back and fourth as Jen said

goodbye to her dad and got in her car. Jen dropped the purse on the floor as she

drove off. She drove a few minutes until I heard her stop the car and the doors

open up.


“Jen you are late again.”


“Well of you'd rather walk

Miranda, that can be arranged.”

“Jen where is the little forest

creature? You didn't leave him home did you?”


“No Riley, he is in my purse.”


I felt the purse shake, then top

opened up and Riley peered down at me.


“Hello in there little forest



“We got to get going Riley, it's

almost 9 AM.”


“Ok, see you later little forest



I saw Riley smile at me, then

reach down with her long delicate fingers and zip up the purse, sealing me in

darkness once again. I could hear the girls talking and gossiping as Jen drove

off to school. The girls were paying me absolutely no attention. Jen seemed to

be lecturing the twins about not talking to certain people at school and how

they needed to be more selective about whom they associated with. I cringed when

Jen mentioned how possessing me was gonna give her and her friends a lot of

power in school and make them even more popular they were already. The purse

then was lifted up again as Jen parked the car and the girls got out. The gentle

swing of the purse lulled me to sleep as they walked into the school.


“We will see you at lunch Jen.”


“K. Later.”


“Now Richie you be good in there.

I have English class and Jerry Towns is gonna be in there so keep quiet and be a

good pet.”


“Hey Jen who ya talking to?”


“Nobody Stacie. I am just

reminding myself something.”


“Help I've been kidnapped!”


“Doll napped you mean now hush.”

Whispers Jen.


I didn't bother to answer as I

knew she wouldn't hear me anyway above the din of students now packing the

hallways rushing to and from class. My purse was set down upright on the floor

as Jen sat down at her desk. The lecture about sentence structure was incredibly

boring so naturally I dozed off leaning up against a pack of Kleenex…


I awoke later to the sound of the

purse being unzipped. A set of fingers descended into the purse and clenched me.

My legs kicked wildly as I was lifted up and out. Jen set me down on a white

table. I looked around and saw we were in the lunchroom again, at the same table

as yesterday. Jen was sitting down with a tray of food.


“Here little Richie you can share

my salad.”


“I want a hamburger. A salad

won't fill me up.”


“But Richie it's a big salad. It

will be more than enough for you.”


Jen then broke off a piece of

lettuce and set it down before me. I was desperate so I lifted the lettuce up

and began munching on it. I hardly noticed as the twins Miranda and Riley loomed

up above me as they sat down with their trays.


“Oh that is so cute Jen, look how

he eats just like a little rabbit.”


“Yeah Jen when do we get to take

him home and play with him?”


“We will see I-“


“Hey Jen where's Richie?”


“Oh hi Hilary, he's here.”


“Hi Richie! How are-HEY! Where's

your little UPS outfit??? I told you, you looked so hunky in that! Why did you

put on the white suit?”


I was seized by Hilary off the

table as she quizzed me. She looked me over then turned me upside down in her

hand and shook me until I finally spit out an answer


“Hilary put me down. At least

turn me right side up. Jen didn't like the UPS outfit and she made me-“


“Shut up RICHIE! Hilary he is MY

little man and I will decide what he wears. His little suit is adorable.”


Jen then grabbed me back from

Hilary and set me down on her tray. Hilary reached out and grabbed me up again,

squeezing me against her chest.


“Well he is my little boyfriend

whether you own him or not. He likes me best right Richie?”


“Well other people are waiting

for their turn with him, right Riley?”


“YAY! The little forest creature

is ours!”


Jen grabbed me back from Hilary,

who resisted for a moment but let me go. I was thrust out in the direction of

the twins. Riley wasted no time snatching me from Jen. She smiled down at me as

she hugged me against her slender bosom.

“Now Miranda I am putting you in

charge of the little man. I expect you to bring him back with you to school

tomorrow morning. Now Richie I expect you to be on your best behavior while

visiting Riley and Miranda. I don't want to hear about you being disobedient



“Jen please don't-ooooof!”


I was squeezed tighter as Riley

pressed me to her chest even tighter. She walked out of the lunchroom with

Miranda, both girls cooing at me as they sauntered down the hall toward their

lockers. Miranda opened up her locker and took me from Riley and set me down on

the top shelf.


“Now don't get any trouble little

Richie. We will be back to take you home in a few hours.”


“Aww don't leave me here, girls

please be reasonable.”


Miranda only smiles as she slams

the steel locker door shut. I hunker down and start singing “9999 bottles of

beer on the wall” for lack of anything else to do. I got down to 6595 bottles

when the locker door was finally swung open again. Miranda reaches in and

brought me out. Riley was standing next to her. Both girls were wearing their

backpacks. Miranda dropped me into the side compartment of her back pack and

slung it over her shoulder as the girls walked out of the school. In the pocket

I felt the weight of the backpack's contents shift around me. I couldn't believe

this teen titan was carrying this much weight with seemingly no effort.


“Where's Jen's car?”


“I think she must have cut out

early. There's a shoe sale at Sak's Fifth Avenue.”


“Oooooo I haven't bought a new

pair in days! I guess we're walking.”


“Yeah I'm dying too.”


“I'm dying for Richie!”


“You are always dying for Richie



“Well its cause I am a growing

girl and I need my daily dose for Richie.”


“What am I a human vitamin?”


“That's so cute Richie.”


“Oh Riley that's my phone…hi Mom,

we're walking home…Ok…I'll tell her bye.”

“That was mom, I have to stop at

the dry cleaners to pick up her white evening gown, but she wants you to come

right home to help her with the silverware. Daddy is entertaining a big client

tonight and mom says for you to come home and help.”


“Ok darn it. Give Richie to me



“No Richie is fine here with me,

you will be too busy to worry about him anyway. Well be home soon.”


“K Miranda, bye.”


I heard Riley go the other

direction, her footsteps getting softer and softer. Then I heard Miranda murmur

“sucker” under her breath as her sister made her way home.


It was apparent Miranda was

walking swiftly somewhere on purpose. I tried to call out to her but she just

kept shushing me. After another twenty minutes I heard her knock on a door, then

the sound of the door opening.


“Hi Mrs. Hildebrand, is Brandi



“Hello Miranda, she is in her

room studying. BRANDI! Miranda is here!”


“Hi Miranda, come on in!”


“Where is your sister Miranda?”


“She had swim team practice after



I couldn't believe Miranda had

lied like that after lying to her sister as well. As she carried me in her

backpack I knew I was about to be shown off to yet another giant friend of Jen's

clique, yet had now way to stop them from doing so. I felt the backpack slam

down on something soft as Miranda plopped it on the bed.


“Hey what up?”


“Brandi remember that story I

told you about our camp this summer?”


“About the guy a size of a doll?

So? You were making it up right?”


“I was not. Look.”


With dread I was the zipper at

the top of the pocked part, shining light into my nylon prison. Miranda pulled

the pocket wide open, tipping her backpack in the direction of her friend. I saw

a new giant face appear overhead in the distance, but getting closer with every

second. The new face had long brown hair that was tied up in a bun with a

scrunchy. Richie estimates her to be at least 5 feet eight, maybe 5 nine. She

was wearing a high school jersey that said soccer team on it and the name Brandi

stitched across the right breast. As she moved closer to the backpack her jersey

covered his vision totally.


“Oh my god, you were serious!”


“See I told you Jen had him.

Isn't he cute?”



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