Giantess Stories: Careless Wish  By Number 10

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Careless Wish

By Number 10

Jon and Beth came back from their afternoon outing tired but happy. They had

spent the afternoon hiking in the sunshine through dense forests and past

shimmering lakes. It was their weekend ritual.

Later in the evening, their was another part of the ritual. Jon always looked

forward to it, although he never let Beth know it. He waited for her to ask the

usual question.

Beth seemed embararrsed. She had just come fron the shower and sat on the bed

near Jon. "Um, honey? Would you mind -- uh -- checking? Please?"

Jon paused and looked very smug as he made her wait for his answer. He knew

exactly what she wanted.

Beth was deathly afraid of ticks, those tiny things you pick up in the woods.

They latch on to you and suck your blood. They were discusting, but to Jon, her

fear was completell irrational. He was blasé about them and most insects, but he

also knew that just the ideaf one of those critters crawling on her, well, made

her skin crawl.

Finally Jon smiled and nodded, like he always did. He knew that Beth had

already checked evety part of her body, except the one area she couldn't see

well. That's where Jon came in.

Beth removed her robe, lay down and spread her legs. She handed Jon the

flashlight that sat on the nightstand. Jon assumed his normal postion, on his

elbows, head down, close to her crotch. He cliked on the flashlight and started

the search.

"Just a minute, Hon," said Beth. Jon smiled. He knew this was coming too.

Beth reached down and scratched her mound with her long fingernails, until the

imaginary itch would go away.

Beth removed her hand and Jon got back to work. He painstakingly parted her

"short curlies," as she called them, and peered down to her skin. He has never

seen one of these little fellows down there yet, and tonight, as usual, he saw

nothing. But he knew that Beth expected a long, thorough search.

Jon's back and neck began to ache. "You know," he complained to Beth, "This

would be a lot easier if I were down there. Then I could stand up straight."

Beth closed her eyes and tried to imagine a tiny, tick-hunting Jon. The idea

made her grin.

Jon wasn't sure if Beth heard him. "I said, this would be...yaaaaaah!" Jon

wasn't sure what had happened, but he was now lying down on Beth's bare skin.

Amazingly, he had held onto the flashlight, and used it to look around. The

"short curlies" he had been sifting through were no longer short. In fact, the

hairs towered way over his head, creating for him a forest not unlike they one

they had hiked in earlier.

Slowly, he stood up and started to walk. Was there a way out? And in which

direction? He had to wonder if Beth would ever find him. After five minutes of

walking with no signs of a clearing, Jon stopped dead in his tracks. He reasoned

that if Beth would scratch an imaginary itch, she would certainly feel the

sensation from his small feet, and then...

Giant shadows came over him as he heard a far away yet booming voice: "Hold

on again, Hon." He quickly made himself flat again her skin as the huge

fingernails headed straight for him. He braced himself for the impact.

Beth lay back, eyes still closed, scratching herself luxuriously. She sighed

with pleasure and murmured, "All right, Sweetheart, keep going."

Jon was now on his back, looking up. The giant fingernails had pushed and

pulled him ruthlessly, but he seemed to have withstood it. Something in this

whole process seemed to have made him tougher, almost like those tiny things

that...wait, he thought. Jon looked as his hands and feet. "Yup, I'm still me."


Jon thought for a moment. Yes, he made it this time. But how much longer

could he go on this way? He closed his eyes, and made a new wish. In a flash, he

was normal sized, heart thumping, lying next to Beth. He looked at her and

wondered if she knew how close she had come to...but Beth was now half-asleep.

Jon decided to cover her up and go to bed too. He might tell her in the

morning, and he might not. After a final peek at the site of his adventure, he

turned out the lights and lay down himself. Jon wisely determined that from now

on, he would be more careful with his wishes.


Sunday morning arrived, and with it, a puzzled Jon. He awoke with sore

muscles and a slight hangover effect from his tremendous experience the night

before. Opening his eyes, he could see that Beth was already up out of bed,

possibly taking a shower or having her breakfast.

Did last night really happen? Jon still wasn't sure whether to bring it up.

Beth might laugh, or just think he was crazy. In any case, he needed to talk to


He sleepily trailed out to the kitchen to find her fully bathed and dressed.

She was just now sitting down to a cup of tea and the Sunday paper. Seeing him,

Beth looked up and smiled.

Jon managed a tight smile in return and slumped down at the table next to

her. He stared down at the table, wondering where to begin.

"What's the matter, Hon?" asked Beth. Her smile was still there, although, to

Jon, there was something behind it. Her eyes had a slight gleam that he couldn't


"Um. Do you remember last night? When I was checking you over? Something

strange happened. Really, really strange."

"Oh? Tell me." Beth leaned forward, waiting to hear more.

"Well, I was down 'there', checking you out as usual, when I sort of thought

out loud about, well, going down to your skin and standing up straight. Did you

hear that?"

"Oh, yes. What about it." Beth's smile increased slightly, and her eyes


Jon's words came in a rush. "That's when it happened. I was really down

there, and you almost killed me with your fingernails. It's a wonder I wasn't

crushed and mangled. Just as I was wondering how to save my skin, I was back to

normal, and you were asleep."

Beth paused, then spoke very softly. "And did you like it? Would you like to

do it again?"

Jon was speechless for a few seconds. "You mean that wasn't my wish -- you

did that?"

"Uh huh. And we can do it again, anytime you want. Even now."

Jon had now gotten over his shock and now felt irritation. No way could this

be true, he thought. He gave Beth a skeptical look as he searched for a scathing


Now Beth was irritated. She now felt as if she had something to prove. "OK

Hon, you want proof? Here we go. Don't say I didn't warn you." Beth set down her

teacup and held her palm out flat, as if waiting for payment of some kind.

Jon was about to scoff at this nonsense, when, he was suddenly lying in

Beth's upturned hand, looking at her huge face. He was the same size as last

night, the size of a tiny insect. He was stunned to find himself in this strange

world, totally under Beth's control. Nervously, he waited.

Beth looked down at the tiny man, barely making out his features. She saw him

trying to stand up. Isn't that cute? she thought. Now that she had proved her

point, she could have some fun. Her mind raced with possibilities. But she would

go easy on him. For now.

First, she tilted her palm one way, and then the other, watching Jon tumble

as if sliding down the sheer face of a mountain. She would level off just as it

appeared Jon might fall off the edge. It was fun, and besides, it was beginning

to get her excited.

Down below, Jon felt as if his world was sliding out from under him, and was

out of breath from struggling to hold on to something nothing in the chaos. Now

and then he would see Beth grinning at him with impossibly huge teeth and lips.

He imagined he was getting closer to her face as the play continued.

He was right. As Jon was raised to the woman's face, the sliding slowed down

and eventually stopped. As Jon caught his breath, Beth gazed down and him and

spoke in a firm tone..

"Do you believe me now?"

Jon tried to answer, but was too small to be heard.

"I can't hear you, Sweetheart. Do you believe me?"

"YES! YES!" he screamed at the top of his voice.

"Sorry, can't hear a thing. You'll have to speak up."

All the time Jon was being lifted to her face, closer and closer to the huge

eyes, her mouth, and her nose. It seemed she was centering him so that the tip

of her nose would make contact with his body. In normal circumstances, it was a Muestras gratis marcilla

very attractive nose, but now that it was seemingly the size of a house, he was

afraid. She was also smiling again, and looked as if she wanted to nuzzle.

Jon lay back and closed his eyes. Beth's face came closer still. He could

feel her warm, tea-scented breath as his light was slowly being blocked out. He

opened his eyes to see a shadowy wall of flesh just within arms reach. It was

all over now, he thought. The tremendous weight would surely --

And then Jon was lying on the kitchen floor, panting, heart hammering just as

it did the night before.

He got up, and sat down next to Beth as before. She had picked up her tea and

was again scanning the Sunday papers. She looked at Jon casually over her


"Would you like the Business section?"


It was late Sunday afternoon. Jon had spent much of the day apart from Beth,

taking walks, working on things, just thinking. He wasn't sure how to talk to


The reasons for this were his two recent experiences. She could suddenly make

him very small, very fast -- but that wasn't all. Once the change took place,

she seemed to change too, becoming reckless with him and taking risks in ways

she normally wouldn't. So what should have been fun for him was actually very


This morning, she had shrunk him, played with him in her giant hands, and

almost squashed him with her massive face. And she thought nothing of it! After

he was made full size again and had recovered from his shock, she had asked him

to think of something similar they could do later on -- his choice. She also

promised to be more careful this time.

There was only one condition: He must be the same size as before. Roughly the

size of a gnat or small ant. This bothered Jon; he would like to be bigger, more

in control of his situation. But being in control was the part Beth seemed to

like best.

He walked back to the house and looked for her. "Beth," he called. "I want to

talk to you."

She walked out from an inner room and smiled. "Well, have you thought of

something yet? I can't wait to hear it."

Jon looked at the floor and mumbled, "I don't think I want to. Let's just

have a quiet night, all right?"

A look of dismay came across Beth's face. "You don't? But this was your wish!

I heard you say it last night. This morning was my idea, but I thought you liked

it. Now that you know what I can do, I want us to do it together. Just one idea

- please?"

Jon's muscles still ached from the last two times. He also recalled the sheer

terror he felt. Could his heart take any more? He wasn't sure.

Beth was annoyed by his reluctance. Her expression darkened as she took a

step towards Jon. Her voice was quiet. "If you don't tell me what you want, then

it's my choice. This is going to happen, no matter what. Last chance, Jon."

"Really, Beth, can't we just --"

"OK, then, go into the bedroom and strip. I'll be there in a few minutes. And

you better have those clothes off."

Jon watched her walk to the kitchen. He really didn't want to, but something

in her voice told him it would be wise to obey. He made his way to the bedroom

and did as she said.

In the kitchen, Beth opened a drawer filled with string, paper, tools and

other junk, the kind of collection you find in most kitchens. Poking through the

clutter, she eventually found what she was looking for: a small tube labeled

Super Bond. She sat at the table and squeezed a small drop onto her right index

finger, just below the tip. Then she carefully spread the drop around with the

plastic spout. When she was satisfied, she got up and walked to the bedroom.

"Hi Jon. You did as I said. Good. Now get ready."

"Beth, don't you think -- whooooa!" Jon, who had been sitting the bed, was

now a tiny speck on Beth's finger, the back of his arms, legs and body firmly

glued to her.

Beth raised her finger to within inches of her eyes. Jon, faced her,

immobile. He's not going anywhere, she thought. "Hi Honey. This will be fun --

you'll see. I'm going to give you a Grand Tour."

Jon could only guess what that meant.

His world became a blur as Beth took her own clothes off. Then she lay in

bed, holding her finger with Jon attached just above her breast. She did some

deep breathing for a moment and didn't move, to give Jon some time. I really

will be more careful, she thought. Excitement could cause her to get careless --

she would have to watch that. For now, all was calm.

Jon hung from her finger, looking at a nipple many times the size of his

body. He could feel her breath from the pillow, and just make out her face.

Slowly, the finger moved.

First, a slight circular motion. He saw the nipple come closer, his face

barely brushing it. The dark skin caressed his body as her finger moved him.

Then the circles became wider and his entire body was swished around her full,

sensuous breasts. Jon's field of vision now took in most of Beth's upper body;

she would lightly brush his body against her silky, warm skin, always coming

back to the nipples.

Jon was starting to enjoy himself.

Now the motion included her tummy. More soft skin and delicious sensations

for Jon. He was really having fun now. Jon felt his body traveling lower and

lower on Beth. Finally, he felt the touch of her soft pubic hairs.

Last night, he had been at skin level, below the treetops. Now he was high

above, and the view was spectacular. Another pleasure for Jon was Beth's smell.

Jon loved her scent, and its effect was magnified as Beth became excited. Jon

felt himself go over the cliff and down towards her pleasure center.

Beth touched Jon to her inner thighs, down to her buttocks, and very close to

her anus. She slowly brought him back towards the huge labia that seemed ready

to swallow him. Beth held him tantalizingly close to her chasm, and then brought

him rushing back to her face.

Beth spoke gently to her tiny captive. "Are you all right? Should I keep

going?" Jon's smile told her all she needed to know. She touched him to her lips

and then, just as quickly, sailed Jon back to her legs. Beth's thighs were

incredibly huge -- he could imagine falling into that yawning canyon and never

coming out.

After some movement, Jon saw Beth's other hand come down to spread her

vaginal lips, revealing her clitoris. Beth could no longer see Jon, but guessed

his location on her finger and pressed him lightly into it. It was soft but dry.

Jon could see her other fingers going inside for lubrication, and spreading it

over her clit. Jon was again pressed into her now slippery clit. Then down, down

to the immense vagina. He both felt and tasted her as all became dark.

I'll just hold him in for a short while, Beth thought, excited that Jon was

inside her. She moved her fingers back and forth, sliding Jon along her moist

tunnel. Although short of breath and a little worried, Jon felt that Beth would

keep her promise.

Beth took him out and rubbed him rather firmly against her clit once more.

The pressure on Jon was increasing. Was she getting carried away? He hoped not.

Back in the vagina. Then to the clit. Back inside. Clit. Once, Beth lowered

Jon to lightly stroke him against her anus. Then rising back to the swollen


A moment later, Jon saw Beth's other hand come down to bring herself off. He

was now an observer of the action as events approached climax. His close

proximity to the sights, sounds and scent of Beth made him lose control, just as

she came.

Jon got a bird's eye view of her entire body as he was brought back to her

face. Beth's huge tongue gently cleaned his body, followed by several warm

kisses. She held him against her smooth cheek to dry off.

Minutes later, a normal sized Jon lay face down on the bed. Beth was giving

him a back rub and removing the last remaining traces of glue. Although

exhausted, he was in good shape and showed no signs of the earlier shock. He

could learn to live this way.

Beth lay on her side and continued stroking Jon. She looked at him lovingly,

and said, "Next time, you'll really have to think of something good."

Jon laughed. "OK. But I could never top this afternoon. You really are


Giantess Stories: Careless Wish  By Number 10

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