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Stacey – 20 – Former student, now a £300-a-dance stripper. Kitted out the room

with the torture stuff, organised the killings of all the boys in the school

(and killed 12 herself), and the capture of the teachers. Blonde and leader of

the girls. 34F-24-34.

Anna – 20 – Another former cheerleader, with long blonde hair. Now works with

Stacey. Her and Lia captured the men and left them in the school, she took one

of them and ate him as a snack while he was still alive. 34D-24-34.

Callie – 18 – Cheerleader with blonde hair. 2nd in command of the girls. Has

killed 3 ex boyfriends between her thighs for sexual gratification, never been

found out. Likes the taste of human flesh. 32D-22-32.

Lia – 18 – Callie's best friend, works part-time as a waitress, and has dark

hair. Has always had an interest in hurting men for sexual fun, including

choking and beating the chef at work and killing him with Becki. Captured the

guys with Anna. 36DD-24-34.

Chantelle – 18 – Known to be the school slut. Has light brown hair with blonde

streaks and was a cheerleader before the football team was killed. Put a guy in

hospital after she thought she would taste him when she was 15, and bit his

neck. 34D-22-34.

Kristi – 16 – Stacey's younger sister and former cheerleader. Has blonde hair a

little longer than her sister, and punishes guys who ask her on a date by

choking them between her thighs until they pass out. 32C-22-32.

Becki – 16 – Lia's little sister, works with her at the café. Murdered the chef

with Lia but his body has never been found. Has dark hair and has arguably the

best legs of all the girls. 34C-24-34


The men re-grouped after they were thrown from the dark bag, and found

themselves in a deserted school corridor. No one was in sight, not even the girl

they had briefly seen earlier in the bar, before they blacked out. The bag lay

next to them. A few who had got caught in it crawled out, and looked around… and

almost fainted.

The 15 guys were no more than 6 inches tall. The corridor was huge, but they

quickly found cover under a bench and discussed the situation. What happened?

Why were they here? And what time did school start? This was the question that

most of them shook with fear at…

Suddenly the quiet was interrupted by a scream, not of a woman, but of a man.

The looked in the direction of the noise, and froze.

“We should check it out… maybe they can help us?”

“Help us? By the sound of that they'd kill us! We should get out of here!”

The men all voiced their opinions, and in the end only 3 were brave enough – or

curious enough – to go check it out. The other 12 guys split into 4 groups, 3 in

each, and went off to search the school.

The 3 guys passed classrooms down the corridor, towards the noise. They had no

doors – odd – and were all empty. The other groups had gone away from the

screams, which came occasionally, and got louder, until they reached a room with

a door. The door was partly open, and they cautiously looked in…

The scene that greeted them was horrific. Two dead bodies lay in the corner,

grown men. Their bodies had been cut, burned and beaten to a pulp, probably

before they were killed. One had a cut throat, but the other showed no single

sign of a cause of death, only what looked like an animal had mauled him.

3 men were chained up naked to a wall, while another was tied to a chair and

another was strapped up to a torture rack. All but one were gagged, the only one

able to scream was chained up. And around them, smiling and giggling like it was

a game, were 7 schoolgirls, all in uniforms.

Another look revealed they were perhaps not as young as they dressed – the

oldest looked around 20, the youngest 16.

The guy who was screaming was in his 30's. A girl who looked about 18 walked

over, wearing a schoolgirl uniform. She had long blonde hair, and a great body,

about 32D. She slowly licked his chest and moved up, before kissing him hard,

using her tongue and touching his cock, which was hard.

“I told you you shouldn't have given me that detention, Sir,” she said, breaking

off from the kiss and standing infront of him. “7 teachers and 7 girls… and you

couldn't stop us. 5 of us killed Mr. Miles because he said me and Chantelle were

dressed like sluts – we just lured him in, chained him to the same spot you are

in, whipped, cut, and slashed him, and finished him off with bites all over. We

punish all teachers the same here… Death Penalty.”

The men all looked at each other, shocked. Teachers? These girls were either

sick, evil or both. They watched the blonde sucking the man's cock as he

struggled to get free from his student, who wasn't going to stop. When he came

in her mouth, she swallowed and reached up, undoing his arm chains.

She removed the ones from his legs and he tried to overpower her, but was weak

and she slammed him violently to the ground, his head between her legs, face

down. Her miniskirt had ridden up, and she was wearing no panties. His head was

inches away from her…

“Callie! Get off me! What the hell are you doing!?”

So her name was Callie…

“Eat me now!”… She paused for a second… “Sir!” She pushed his face into her

pussy, holding him firmly as he tried to break free, stuffing his face right in.

“Eat or I'll kill you!” He started to half-heartedly lick his sexy student, but

got much faster and harder when she scraped her inch-long nails along his back,

peeling off his skin. His scream of pain was muffled and she made him stay down

until she orgasmed.

“Good, Mr. Gordon, Sir,” she said, letting him go for a second but spinning him

onto his back and wrapping her thighs around his head and neck. She cut his

chest with her fingernails and asked another girl, called Becki, who looked the

youngest, about 16, to come and hurt him.

She had dark hair in bunches and a school uniform. His face stuck out from

between Callie's cheerleader thighs, and Becki could get at him. She kissed him

for ages, while slicing his arms with a knife. Then she smiled and sat on

Callie's legs, ready for her most evil act.

She held his right eye open, and stuck her finger in his eye. Her nail pierced

his eyeball and he screamed in agony, but Becki pushed in deeper, cutting the

nerves, before flicking her finger round and pulling his eye out on her

fingernail. She smiled at him and ate it, before going back down for the other

eye. He screamed louder and shut it tight, crying.

But Callie stopped the younger girl from completing her sickening torture. She

wanted him now. Her strong but silky-smooth thighs started to squeeze his head

and neck. He struggled but was no match for the head cheerleader, who was

focusing in crushing his skull.

She put a little more power into the crushing and *crack* his skull was crushed

between her thighs. She giggled when she saw the faces of the men still chained

up. 4 left…

A girl was approaching one of them, carrying a whip and a spiked club. He looked

around 45. She smiled at him and dropped the club on the ground. She was the

oldest, at least 20, with gorgeous blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She looked

the picture of innocence, her schoolgirl look complete with her hair in two

bunches and her socks up to her knees. She tapped the whip on her palm and

licked her lips.

“I remember you, Mr. Johnson… you could never keep your eyes off me in class.

That was when the school was a … hehe… normal school. Only had us 7 girls and 25

boys, though. Oh, and you 7 teachers. Before the girls took over. Hasn't my

little sister grown? She was 14 when I left.”

A younger girl, in an equally sexy uniform, almost the double of her older

sister, walked up and smiled. She unbuttoned her blouse and showed him her black

bra underneath.

“She killed your son earlier today… he came looking for you. Got him in the

reception area. His body is still there. He was a strong boy, but no match for

Kristi here. How old was he? 23? And killed by a 16 year old's thighs… she did

to him what Callie did to Mr. Gordon. A little more messy, though… we'll have to

clean up the blood and brains later. Kristi had to use a lot of soap on her


The younger girl smiled and lifted her skirt, showing her white silk panties,

stained red with blood. “His head was up here, Sir. Crushed it like a grape. My

legs are soooo strong.” Her hands rubbed the inside of her thighs, before she

closed her legs quickly. The teacher stared in disbelief and disgust, too

horrified to be upset.

“Show him what you did, Kristi… use Mr. Banks.” The man struggled when he heard

his name mentioned, but couldn't scream because of the tape. The younger blonde

untied him, beat him, ungagged him, and dragged him screaming by his hair over

to where Stacey was stood, taunting Mr. Johnson with her breasts.

The guys in the doorway could only watch as Kristi removed the tape from his

mouth and forced her teacher onto his back, and knelt over him, her panties

above his face. The girls were incredibly strong… unnaturally strong. But they

were not muscular… their arms and legs slim and toned, their stomachs flat, but

no six packs or flexing muscles. Strange…

Kristi sat on his face, smothering his pleas for mercy. She wriggled about a

little, getting comfy, pushing down and smiling at Mr Johnson, who was crying,

bitter and full of hatred towards Kristi, knowing she had killed his son in this


She sat up a little, kneeling again, and he tried to get up, raising his head…

Just as she wanted him to. His face was again smothered by her panties, but now

she was kneeling, his head firmly clamped between her thighs and she giggled at


“She did this to him… watch, Sir!” Stacey made him watch as Kristi started to

squeeze his head, closing her eyes and quietly moaning as poor Mr. Banks

struggled to get free, trying to kick out, push her thighs apart… anything. He

even reached up and squeezed her breasts very hard through her blouse, but

instead of feeling pain and letting go, Kristi laughed and held his hands on her

tits, massaging herself with them.

The pressure increased as the young blonde squeezed hard. The guys at the door,

the guys tied up, and all the girls watched and waited as Kristi took her time

over him. She soon got bored and squeezed him so hard his eyes almost popped


The poor man struggled but it was no use. He was Kristi's prisoner, helpless and

she could do whatever she wanted to him. He started screaming and crying,

muffled by her panties. But he heard Kristi groan loudly and…

His skull cracked, and suddenly her thighs were together again, his head

crushed, and blood and brains on her thighs, miniskirt and panties. She dipped

her finger in the blood and licked it, tasting it, before sitting there for a

minute, and getting up. 3 to go.

Stacey smiled as her sister skipped over, smiling. Kristi grabbed Mr. Johnson

and started to kiss him like she would a boyfriend, before pulling back and

slapping him hard. “I kissed your son like that before I killed him.” She

slapped him again, giggled, and stood back, as Stacey approached with the whip

in her hand.

She untied his chains and he ran at Kristi, screaming at the blonde. She smiled

as he ran toward her, and at the last second jumped astonishingly high, coming

down sat on his shoulders, facing him, and knocking him to the

ground. He was angry and terrified… and humiliated when he saw Kristi looking

down at him, grinning, her thighs either side of his head, and Stacey walked


The guys watched as the older girl knelt down next to him and raked her nails

along his chest, leaving 5 scratches that began to bleed. He screamed and Kristi

got up, dragging him with her, and throwing him onto a second torture rack, the

other one already holding a victim.

Anna, a blonde who looked about 20. was waiting, and she clamped his arms down

to the rack before he could move. Stacey clamped his legs, and another girl got

on top of him and sat on his cock, hard despite his terror, her miniskirt

covering the action. He struggled as she slowly moved up and down.

“Chantelle! Get the hell off me!”

The guys wanted to run but were totally drawn in, watching every move the girls

made. They drew back a little, just peeping around the side of the door, but the

girls were too busy to notice them.

“MMM… Sir, I never knew you liked me in this way… do you think I can make you

cum? And what would the Education Department think… tut tut… a 45 year old

teacher having sex with his 18 year old student… mmm… anyway… I'm going to make

you cum inside me.”

Chantelle unbuttoned her blouse and Anna unclipped her bra. She laid down on

him, kissing his lips and sliding her tongue in frequently, all the time

increasing her motion on his cock. He carried on screaming, but they changed

tone as he came inside her. She moaned and carried on for a few seconds, before

getting off. Anna bent over and licked his cum off…

And took his cock into her mouth. She took it all in, and smiled, before biting

down hard, and his eyes almost popped out in agony and he screamed. He forced

himself to looked down through tear-stained eyes to see Anna lift her head away,

and only a small stump, pouring with blood, was left. She spat it out and

suddenly he was surrounded by Stacey, Kristi, Anna, and another girl, who looked

around 18 or 19.

“Hey Lia… come for the kill? Let's get going!”

Lia… they remembered the name from somewhere but couldn't remember where… but

had no time to think…

Lia ducked down and bit a chunk of flesh out of Mr. Johnson's stomach. Stacey

then licked his legs, and bit his thigh. Kristi bend down while Stacey was

tearing off the flesh and her teeth closed on his arm. And Anna started eating

from his chest.

He screamed as the girls ate him alive. Stacey went for his neck, and suddenly

the screaming stopped. The girls stopped eating and untied the body, dumping it

on the floor. Lia and Chantelle went into a door at the back, and the other

girls surrounded the remaining 2 teachers.

The first one died quickly. Becki straddled him across his chair and started to

squeeze him with her thighs. He struggled but was helpless, and the chair, wider

than his body, began to splinter and crack. She untied him and threw him to the

ground. She quickly sat on the floor and wrapped her thighs around his stomach,

while Stacey's wrapped around his chest. At sixteen and twenty, their combined

ages were less than his alone, at 39.

The two girls showed their strength by simply crushing him in seconds. His ribs

cracked loudly between Stacey's thighs, while Becki's were covered in blood

after his stomach burst open. He didn't even have a chance to scream. The girls

laughed and Callie kissed Stacey with her tongue, before leaving the two girls

sat giggling over the crushed teacher.

Anna and Kristi were kissing the guy on the torture rack as Callie walked up.

Kristi was forcing him to drink something, which he eventually forced himself to

swallow after Callie held her long, sharp fingernails to his eyes. His body

began to shrink immediately. Anna picked him up when he stopped, at 6in, and

kissed him.

The guys in the door suddenly realised what had happened. The girl must have put

the stuff in their drinks. @!#$. They had to get away, and turned to run…

To find Lia and Chantelle stood smiling behind them.

Giantess Stories: CAST

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