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By Scott Grildrig

10-Dec-1999Disclaimer: This is the kind of story your mother warned you about…………..okay,

that's a lie, if your mother even dreamed stories like this existed she'd have

taken those Dick and Jane primers and used them as kindling to toast up your

entire Dr. Seuss collection. Which brings me to the essential point: if this is

something that your mom is still legally allowed to do, then you need to put

this story down now and go grab a nice Harry Potter book. Unless you live in

Mississippi, Alabama or Georgia or anyplace where Harry Potter has been banned.

In those states you'll have to settle for reading a copy of the Anarchist's

Cookbook, or Volkswagen Repair and Maintenance For Idiots.

Apology: We'd like to apologize to anyone offended by the previous disclaimer.

We'd really like to, but we figure they've already stopped reading before

getting to this sentence, so T.S.

Apology for the Apology: We'd like to apologize to the Elliot family for that

completely unwarranted use of the letters T and S. But we're not going to….so

put that in your Hollow Men and smoke it…

Donna lay on the beach and ticked over her list of 'things to avoid in future.'

Number one was: never have birthdays, they were nothing but trouble, and this

one was no exception. Number two had something to do with tequila, but her head

was still muzzy enough that she wasn't sure if she should have more or less of

it. Number three…number three…oh yeah, don't charter birthday cruises on boats

the size of the SS Minnow, that was going to be a real easy one to remember,

given her current situation. Which brought her to number five, no wait, number

four, the hot sun was beginning to get to her; number four: never fall asleep on

strange beaches. She was going to be lenient on herself for that one, what with

the storm and the boat floundering on the rocks and all. She opened her eyes and

glanced to the side. Okay, that decided it…item number two…she was going to have

to cut tequila off her social drinking list. The tiny man stood on his tiny

tower and looked down imperiously at her. Donna closed her eyes and spent a

moment trying to find the nearest exit to this dream…

:: :: :: :: ::

"Sire, you called?"


"Sire, the giantess is secure. The ropes and stakes are holding well, but we

have assigned triple guards to each post and knot until your will is known."

"Very good. What of reinforcements."

"Thumdoonle is sending two companies, they will arrive at dawn. Hagglebon has

called in their reserves, but they will not arrive until tomorrow eve."

"And what of my special orders."

"The messenger will have arrived by now. We expect it to be here shortly after


"It is our best insurance, see to it that torches are ready."

"At once, sire."

"What of the attempts at speech."

"No success, sire. We have brought several of the local wise men and a pair of

traveling merchants. None can understand her words, and she either cannot or

chooses not to understand our interrogations."

"That will change tonight, or heads will roll."

"Yes, sire. Thy will be done."

:: :: :: :: ::

"Uh-huh…yeah…yeah…right…uh-huh. I have no idea what you are talking about, you

annoying little man. You know any good cures for sunstroke?"

Donna smirked as the tiny merchant threw up his hands and stomped to the ladder

leading down from the twelve inch tall tower. It had been a whole parade of

indignant little men this morning, each of them yammering and gibbering for a

hour, each of them losing their temper and retreating from her presence. If she

had been able to move or even stretch, it might have been more amusing, but the

ropes tying her down were expertly fastened. She felt lucky to be able to blink.

The gentle lapping of the ocean waves swished and swirled a few dozen feet away.

The warm tropical air danced and cavorted around her, giving her a little relief

from the unwinking eye of the sun. Her clothes were stiff with salt and chaffed

against her shoulders and thighs. And yet it was all so ridiculous, these little

people had her strapped in place like she was a character from a children's

tale. Her eyes flicked to the tower beside her. Some of the tiny officials were

frowning down at her. She knew they were some kind of high ranking guys, from

the heavy robes they wore, and the insufferable expressions of superiority. They

harangued her from their platform, gave long winded orders to any soldiers

unfortunate enough to have to attend them, and generally did nothing more than

give her something to watch as the day crawled from morning to afternoon.

:: :: :: :: ::

"Sire, forgive the intrusion."


"Sire, the signalers say that it will arrive within the hour."

"Excellent. What say you to that, Lord Fezzlewum?"

"I believe as you, Sire. The giantess has been sent to destroy us. We were lucky

the storm thwarted the plans of those who arranged for this."

"But who did send her, Fezzlewum? We must know."

"Yes, we must. And I still believe she feigns incomprehension of us."

"Of course she's pretending, any idiot can see that."

"Still, sire, would it not be more proper to let the torturers work with her?"

"Nay, the weaker sex faint too easily. We must apply our persuasion to her

dignity and femininity, and not her sense of pain. Propriety and decorum will be

our ally in this matter. She will yield to us to escape humiliation. Only then

will we obtain what we must know."

"You are wise, sire."

"Never doubt it. Tell the men to prepare her, they will have an easier time of

it now than in the waning light of day."

"Thy will be done."

:: :: :: :: ::

Donna felt them upon her. First one man, then two, then a few, then a host of

them. She felt their tiny feet strutting insolently up and down the length of

her body, and after mulling it over for a moment she decided she didn't like

being anybody's foot pad. Tensing her body she wrenched at her bonds, trying to

throw them off, but the ropes were stout and held, and the tiny soldiers, after

a brief apprehension smiled and went about their work.

She heard the ring of tiny swords, sounding like the unsheathing of pins. It was

unnerving, and she sweltered in the tropical sun, wondering where she would

first feel the bite of steel. But though she felt the countless tiny feet moving

and shifting up and down the length of her body, she discerned no other

sensation other than the movement of her jeans and shirt. It wasn't until she

noticed a draught of sea air dance across her thigh that she realized they were

using their puny weapons to slice through her clothing. Her first impulse was

one of outrage; how dare they, the little insects. But then on the heels of that

thought followed the realization of her complete and abject helplessness. She

tentatively tensed her body again, tested the strength of the cords binding her

to the sands, to no avail, and she dared not strain any more vigorously, lest

the miniature soldiers wield their sharp little weapons against her unprotected

flesh. So she gritted her teeth and endured the touch of them, feeling the

swatches of material being sliced and lifted away. She was vast and huge next to

them, but the tiny soldiers were swift and methodical, and within the hour had

her stripped naked.

In one way it was utterly humiliating, she was at their mercy, and she didn't

like that at all. But she had taken no harm so far, and in another and somewhat

unexpected way it was arousing and exciting. The tiny feet pattering up and down

her belly and thighs sent tingles through her warm flesh. The caress of the

ocean air caused her nipples to slowly rise and harden, increasing their

sensitivity, and catching the attention of some of the soldiers, who strolled

upon her generous breasts, wobbling a little on their soft, yielding flesh,

circling and examining this proof of her involuntary pleasure. One of the tiny

men barked something in his obscure little tongue, waved his sword as though

emphasizing some point to his comrades, ending with a ringing smack with the

flat of his blade against her right nipple. Donna gasped and then pursed her

lips, caught off guard by the way her body responded to that rather brutish bit

of attention. Still, the little smarmy bastard didn't have the right to do that

sort of thing, and she growled ominously at him.

The soldier paled, and his sword paused in the midst of rising for a second

whack. There had been something in that sound that carried that strength and

power of a lioness on the hunt. But he glanced around, seeing how well this

giantess was tied down, and with renewed confidence he lifted his sword high.

A stentorian command from the tower caused him to snap to attention. Donna

rolled her eyes to the platform to see what was going on…

:: :: :: :: ::

"Captain, explain."

"Milord, the giantess has been prepared."

"We can see that, soldier. And the reason for your sport?"

"Ah, I was pointing out to my men the way she has reacted to being stripped."

"Of course, showing them her wanton primitive reactions, as compared to the how

our own more civilized women would react. Are we correct?"

"Oh, yes Milord."

"And if this giantess was truly cultured she would have screamed and swooned, as

is befitting a woman in such dire straits."

"Yes, Milord."

"But instead she openly displays a sign of lust, clear proof of her


"Without a doubt, Milord."

"Yes, without a doubt. Tell us, captain, so you think the giantess fears you?"

"She should, Milord."

"Yes, that would be the civilized response. What do you think she would do to

you if she was able to burst from her bond? There is no need to answer, we see

it in your face. You know it as well as us. She would break you like a dry twig

and go on her way. Captain, there is no way to be sure until she deigns to

converse with us, but we submit to you that her response is as likely to be due

to anticipation of vengeance as any lurid fantasies that you assign to her. Do

not be amused by it, be afraid of it. And if you cannot find it in yourself to

be afraid of her, then be afraid of us, for we are greatly concerned regarding

this giantess, and we will not tolerate any soldier who fears her less than us."

"Sire, it approaches from the south."

"Yes, Fezzlewum, I see. Have the men double-check the giantess' bindings. Now

will not be the time for her to effect any escape."

"I have already ordered it, Sire."

"Very good. I will greet the rider. Watch the giantess closely, Fezzlewum. I

must know every detail of how she reacts to this, we must break her quickly and

learn what enemy dares to assail us."

:: :: :: :: ::

Donna strained with her eyes to see what was going on. The exchange between the

soldier and the tiny man on the tower was somewhat entertaining, since the

soldier was obviously being reamed for his presumptuous use of his sword. What

followed now, though, was just out of sight. She was only dimly aware of the

tiny soldiers marching up and down her thighs, over her belly and between her

breasts. She listened intently for any clue about her fate, her body straining

without volition at the ropes.

The answer to her question was both unexpected and somewhat unenlightening. A

lean, compact body leapt over her, kicking warm sand onto her naked flesh. She

heard yells from the soldiers around her, stern commands from the tower shouted

into the twilight. An impertinent bark answered the voices and Donna flinched as

a narrow muzzle appeared beside her and a smooth, slippery tongue bathed the

side of her face. Her quick glimpse was scarcely enough in the growing darkness

to identify the dog, though it appeared to have the lines of a german shepherd.

That imperious voice spoke from the tower, and Donna heard a tiny voice from

atop the animal respond with a short command. The dog trotted around her and

laid down next to the tower.

It was all very confusing…

:: :: :: :: ::

"Greetings, Tamer Udlevug."

"Greetings, sire."

"How fares the beast?"

"Well, sire, it enjoyed the run."

"How good is your command of it?"

"Very good, sire. Despite its size it responds as might any lesser canine." Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

"We will test that. What think you of this giantess?"

"She's a fitting companion for my dog, sire. It boggles the mind to think there

might be a world where all things are of such prodigious size."

"We would use more dire words, Tamer, but you understand our point."

"I believe so, sire. We must know if she has arrived here by accident or by


"We do not countenance the thought of accidents. We believe she must have been

sent to assail us, but we know not which of our enemies is responsible."

"And how my I and my dog be of service, sire?"

"This giantess' tongue is locked. We require it to be loosed. We do not believe

that the conventional art of the torturers will serve us, so we deign to gain

her cooperation by other means. Listen closely, Tamer…"

:: :: :: :: ::

Donna listened to the conversation for a while, but the unintelligible words

were terribly unsatisfying, and her attention drifted further and further away,

until she bordered on the verges of sleep. It had, after all, been a very long

day after a very trying night. So, when she felt the dog moving around her, the

unexpected shock shook her from her reverie. She followed the dark shape as it

slipped down to her feet. She saw metal glinting in the moonlight, and realized

that a tiny man rode atop the mutt, a slender harness holding him atop the

shoulders of his strange mount.

A shout from the tower drew her eyes to her side. One of the leaders of this

bevy of toy soldiers was staring down at her, his eyes wide, his voice strident,

his finger jabbing down at her as he yammered on and on. Torches lit up around

her, illuminating the smirk on her face. The tiny man snarled and gestured

regally to something down by her feet. She felt something brush her barefoot,

then her leg, moving up to her thigh. She strained at her bonds, trying to look

down, trying to see what was going on. Voices called out in the fire flickering

night, commands being shouted from her thighs and belly, adding a surreal edge

to the tableau. She felt the tiny feet retreating up her belly. And then she


:: :: :: :: ::

"Who sent you? Retwassle? Turdamkug? Potilnod? Answer me, giantess. My patience

is at an end. I'll have your secrets, or I'll have your honor. Answer me! Answer

me! Tamer, bring your beast forward, I've had enough of her silence!"

:: :: :: :: ::

…the cold nose of the dog snuffling and sniffing between her thighs, its breath

stirring her pussy hairs and wafting hot and moist across her sensitive flesh.

Donna yelled and twisted her body, or tried to, it was no use, she could not

escape as the german shepherd responded to the commands of its owner, examining

her with its exquisite sense of smell. Donna snarled and tugged at her

restraints, told the tiny men to let her go, but her demands went unanswered,

and the dog continued its exploration of her nethers, its head moving and

bobbing between her legs as it continued to drink in the scent of her body.

The first lick of its hot tongue sent a jolt of electricity coursing through the

length of her body. Her inner thighs glistened wetly as it lapped at her, the

tiny man atop it turning and twisting atop his saddle, directing the dog in its

ministrations on the giantess. Donna reacted in many ways at once, part of her

was appalled at her plight, and wanted to crawl off and hide. Another part of

her was furious with the impudence of these miniature perverts and their mutt,

if she could only get free of their damnable trap she'd teach them all a thing

or two. But in the midst of all of this was a third part, that ached to feel

that questing tongue sweeping closer to the seat of her passion. She was drawn

to the unexpected sensuousness of her predicament, tied down and naked on

tropical beach, the prisoner of men so tiny she could hold a dozen in the palm

of her hand, the play toy of their sleek, powerful dog. Her nipples, which had

relaxed after feeling the slap of that soldier's sword, now rose again, swelling

with excitement, an excitement that was reflected in other ways as well. The

tiny leader was haranguing her again, pointing down at the dog and shaking his

little fist. She bared her teeth at him and swore. His tiny eyes narrowed and he

shouted at the tiny man atop the dog. A long wet lick swept up the cleft of her

sex, and Donna groaned and shuddered, curling her toes, her fingers straining at

the ropes wrapped around them…

:: :: :: :: ::

"She seems in considerable distress, sire."

"I'm glad you think so, I was beginning to have doubts."

"No, sire, I am sure of it, she how she's closing her eyes, the grimace on her

face. And it is clear that she is pitting her strength against the ropes."

"Will they hold her, Fezzlewum?"

"I will stake my life open it, sire."

"Let us hope it does not come to that. Ho! Tamer, do not let the beast pause!

Resume the interrogation, Fezzlewum, I cannot believe she will last much


"They will be done, sire…"

:: :: :: :: ::

Donna was going crazy. The dog's head was nestled between her thighs, its tongue

lapping incessantly at her pussy, cleaning her juices from her nether lips, but

she was so wet it was having trouble keeping up. Her clit ached with passion,

and her body jerked each time the german shepherd's long tongue lolled up

against it. Her breath was quickening, her mountainous tits wobbling against the

tight embrace of the ropes. She twisted and yanked her body with enough force to

topple some of the tiny soldiers standing on her. One of them lay sprawled upon

her chest and marveled at the continuous thunder of her mighty heart before

rising to witness the fevered attentions of the dog. The Tamer clung to the fur

of his mount, shouting commands and kicking with his tiny heels, but the dog was

becoming more and more unruly, growling as it explored Donna's pussy with its

long snout.

It was too much, Donna began screaming, her voice deafening the tiny men as she

tried to arch her back, her pussy throbbing with pleasure, the dog's tongue

carrying her over the precipice of a little orgasm. Her mind blanked for a

moment at the power of it, her thighs straining fiercely at the ropes, her arms

trying to lift, her fingers straining to clench, yearning to hold that

incredible tongue against her pussy as she came. And as her body was wracked

with delight all she could think was that she wanted more.

She scarcely heard the tiny shouts around her, strident commands howled at the

Tamer, the soldiers moving in to drive the dog back. But the german shepherd was

aglow with lust, itself, its muzzle dripping with Donna's juices. The Tamer

tried in vain to control his mount, reaching out to crack his whip against the

dog's nose. The soldiers used pikes to stab at the animal, working to force it

back, to no avail. The dog barked once, shook itself, nearly dislodging the tiny

man atop it, then it mounted Donna…

:: :: :: :: ::

"Captain! Get that animal back, or I'll have your head!"

"Sire, the beast is insane, but we will do all we can!"

"If we can regain control, sire, the giantess might cooperate now."

"I know that Fezzlewum! Curse the luck. Ho! You men, drive the beast off now!"

:: :: :: :: ::

Donna felt the paws upon her belly, but could not see the ensuing mayhem, though

she felt some of its effects. Several of the tiny soldiers were swept back by

the dog as it rose up, their tiny bodies bouncing between her thighs, dropping

against her wet pussy, clinging to her nether lips or tangled in her dark, curly

hairs. The dog's tail wagged back and forth, slapping between her legs, its warm

body lay atop her, trapping several of the tiny soldiers under its weight. Its

paws moved and scrabbled against her tits, brushing against her hard nipples. It

licked at her once, and Donna only had time for a scream of mingled protest and

pleasure as the dog thrust into her with its long, thin cock.

Tiny men screamed as that hard fleshy ram slammed into them, there was a brief

whirling of limbs, fluttering arms and legs struggling between Donna's pussy

lips, then the dog thrust again, and they vanished within her soft depths. The

german shepherd panted, its long tongue lolling out the side of its mouth as its

rump bucked and humped, driving its hardness in and out with untamable

intensity. Tiny men screamed and struggled under the weight of its belly and

chest. Donna's screams drowned them all out as she felt the little men writhing

in panic within her, their frantic desperation increasing as the dog fucked her,

slamming the helpless little soldiers with its long cock.

Two of the soldiers managed to crawl down from her belly to her pussy hairs,

dragging themselves forward, hoping to drop to the ground between her thighs and

escape. One of them made it, tumbling past the pistoning hardness of the dog,

slamming into the wet sand, juices dripping onto him as he rose up and ran. He

never made it. The dog's rear feet danced upon the sand as it plunged and thrust

into Donna. The tiny soldier was caught beneath one and driven into the sand,

his puny body pulping and bursting, the gore seeping into the packed grains as

the dog's foot slammed against that spot again and again. The crushed soldier's

comrade fared no better. Donna's curly pussy hairs tangled about his tiny body,

and he bucked and kicked against her clit, striving to escape, while the giant

dog's vast cock speared the pussy of the giantess a scant body's length away.

It was too much. Donna strained wildly at her bonds, her body pulling and

tugging at the stakes, the ropes stretched taut across her naked body. There was

an explosive crack, and the bindings snapped, the posts driven into the sand

shattered. Donna laughed as her arms and legs closed around the german shepherd,

inadvertently squishing the tiny Tamer. The men between her breasts had time for

a chorused shriek before her tits slammed together, smothering them. She didn't

care, she lifted her hips against the driving pleasure of the dog's cock,

meeting each delicious thrust, forcing it deeper into herself. Her bare feet dug

into the sand and she groaned in ecstasy. The tiny soldier caught against her

clit howled in terror as the base of the dog's gigantic cock ground against him.

Donna felt him crunch against her hot clit, his tiny bones breaking upon her

hard nub, and the sensation spun her over the edge. She felt the dog jerk and

cum within her, its cock still ramming into her tightening cunt, the puny

soldiers within her bursting and popping messily, mingling with her juices and

the dog's. She cried out again, her face pressed against its fur, her body

singing with lust as her orgasm overwhelmed her…

:: :: :: :: ::

"Sire! Sire! You live!"

"Yes, but I'm not happy about it. Gather the men, we must retreat for the


"At once, Sire."

:: :: :: :: ::

Donna awoke in the dark of night, the moon standing on the western horizon, the

german shepherd curled up next to her. The ropes no longer held her and she

stretched luxuriously, savoring the delicious feeling of freedom. Her fingers

glided over her body, and she felt the tiny crushed bodies on her tits and

belly, and the gelatinous goo between her thighs. With a moue of distaste she

rose up and strode down into the ocean waves, cleansing her body. The dog awoke

and watched her, then wagged its tail and joined her in the surf, romping and

playing with the waves. It continued to race around her as she stood drying in

the warm tropical air, combing her fingers through her dark, curly hair.

She examined the area where she had been staked out, kicking the tiny tower into

kindling with her barefoot. Her clothing was in shreds, there was nothing big

enough to knot together into so much as a kerchief. She pursed her lips, the

little bastards had gotten what they deserved, nasty though it had been, and she

tingled again at the thought, reaching out to ruffled the hair of the dog as it

brushed up against her. Standing up again she looked in the distance and saw a

warm glowing of many lights.

"Come on, boy," she said to the dog. "Let's follow our friends to their home."

And the german shepherd barked and raced playfully around her as she strode

casually across the soft sands…


Giantess Stories: CAVE CANEM By Scott Grildrig 10

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