Giantess Stories: Cell 7

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Cell 7


Jason Reed

It was a hot day in the hood. Not hot enough for Mason though. Mason Daniels is

a hard headed man that just doesn't know when to quit. He had a crush on this

girl named Tamika Reynolds. She was light skinned, about 5'9” and had a nice 150

pound frame. She was a manager of a grocery store. Truly a knock out. The only

thing was that no one would really flirt with her and if they did it was unheard

of. To Mason this was his big chance….perhaps not. He often spoke to his cousin

Reggie about her. Reggie always tried to change the subject. He acted as if he

was scared of her. Today, Mason shared his plans to Reggie as they sat on

Mason's front porch. “You what???”, Reggie asked. “Listen Mason, there are

people missing from the hood and I aint gonna let you play yourself like that.

Tamika is not just some woman across the street. Men have tried what your doing;

going in her house while she wasn't home numerous times since she leaves the

front door open. You never see any of them come out do you?”, Reggie asked. “No

but-”, Mason said. “But…there is no butts man cant you get that through your

head. Don't be stupid man.”, Reggie said. “Look all I want to do is just put my

phone number on her table and we can be out just like that!”, Mason said. “We!”,

Reggie said in curiosity. “Yes, you and I. I have to try man. I have heard the

same rumors but I don't believe it. I don't think she got come crazy shit going

on or anything like that. Now, just in case, I even got radio's. My Uncle Joe is

in the living room with one of them. You will have one and I will have one just

in case.”, Mason said.

Reggie felt a little bad about the whole idea. He decided what the hell. They

were all young and in their twenties including Tamika, why not take a little

risk! Reggie and Mason took their radio's and proceeded across the street. Mason

began to test communications with his uncle. “Okay uncle were across the street

how do you read me?”, Mason asked. “Oh loud and clear…you crazy kids!”, Joe said

while reading the newspaper. Reggie and Mason arrived to Tamika's door and yes,

it was open. They knew no one was there they walked inside the house. Now Tamika

was not the cleanest woman in the world. The two men saw no trash but saw shoes

and clothes all over the floor. Not just that but Tamika had some sort of

contraption hooked up. “Hey Mason!”, Reggie called as he bent down and picked

something up off of the floor. “This is cool. She got G.I. JOE size Nikes up in

here! Homegirl must play with dolls.”, Reggie said. “Come on man you're the one

that didn't want to come…now your being nosy.”, Mason said. “Hey wait a minute.

That contraption is a flash light connected to some sort of security like red

beam that's real thin. The beam is going across the dinning room entrance. What

kind of security alarm is this? Damn….the red light must be about ankle high.

Wow…she's got a wanna-be security system.”, Reggie said. Mason paid it no mind

and started towards the dinning room table to place his phone number down.

Reggie just happen to be walking along side with him in unison. They both made a

big mistake. They crossed the red light which caused the flash light to flash

light on both of them. “WHAT??”, Reggie yelled. Dumb asses! Both of them

stopped. Then, faster than you could say ouch, they both shrunk to mere inches.

“What the hell??”, Reggie screamed. Both of them was sitting on the floor but

under the red security beam. Everything they had on shrunk even their radios.

Mason began to gag and then looked quickly to his left to see the biggest toe

section of a stocking he had ever seen. Then, he remembered that he and Reggie

stepped over a pair of sandals. Mason turned around to find the sandals to be a

little more than the length of a commercial trailer and the width of two school

buses side by side. “Ohhh shit!”, Mason said. “Well don't just sit there we have

to hide until we can figure out how to get out of here!”, Reggie said. “Ohhh

shit!”, Mason said again.

Reggie and Mason got up and took off running. They ran for minutes. The suddenly

came across someone else lying on the dinning room floor. It was a man and at

that someone they knew. He looked as if he was covered up with a dirty gym sock.

“Help me!!”, the man said. “Hey Reggie! It's Brad Houston! Help me get this sock

off of him!”, Mason said. They did and was shocked by the sight of the rest of

him which was covered by the sock. The man had been half way stomped

intentionally by Tamika. “Forget about him he's going to die anyway!”, Reggie

said. They both ran on and came across someone else. “What the hell…you two get

out of here the bitch is crazy man. No wait get me out of this stinking stocking

man come on!!!”, the man said to Reggie and Mason. It was Mason's old English

teacher Henry Stone. Reggie and Mason did not even bother to help him and just

kept on running. Again they cross a pair of dirty panties. It was lying on the

floor crotch side up. There, a man was appeared to be sewn into the crotch area

of the panties spread eagle style. “You boys get out of here….save yourself!”,

the man said. It did not matter where they ran. There was a man being used or so

far at least one man crushed nearly to death as amusement to Tamika. The two men

just kept on running and once again the ran into someone else. This man that

they ran into could not even talk. He appeared to be strapped to a baby stroller

that would come with a Barbie collection or something with Barbie holding the

stroller. The man was even stripped of his clothing and dressed in diapers. This

was too much for Reggie and Mason. They began running again but this time there

was nothing in sight. For some reason as Mason was running, he began to think

about the past when he and Tamika was in gym class together. He had a close Patente di guida | Partito Nazionale Italiani Spagna

friend at that time whom was missing and at that still missing. Around this time

he had a crush on Tamika but she was dating his friend Johnny Newburg. He

remember getting into it with Johnny once because by accident he stepped on

Tamika's new Nikes she bought for gym class. Just so happens the next day,

Johnny never showed up and Tamika did not seem to care that much about the news

going around about his disappearance. He then hoped that if she found him like

this she would not be as careless. So far in life she refuses to even

acknowledge that they are neighbors and former classmates. In any rate, the two

men continued to run for their lives until the reached the edge of a step. They

both lost their balance, fell off the step but quickly grabbed the edge of the

step. Now they were both hanging on for dear life. “Nice work Mason! I told you

we shouldn't have come here. You got us into this shit Captain Horses Ass and

now bastard you get us the fuck out of it!”, Reggie said. “Shut up shit head! Im

losing my grip. Hey, don't look down.”, Mason said. They did not stand a chance

and both of them indeed lost their grips. The began falling and finally hit the

ground hard.

Reggie and Mason at this point was out cold. It was 5PM, one hour before Tamika

was due home. Joe got on the radio thinking that he must pass on a message to

the two tiny men. “Hey you two I just left the crapper. I guess that damn girl

came home cause her front door is shut. I saw that you boys left the door open.

You know I am noted for my great security work. I never miss anything. Oh yeah

its true. Flash light cops honor!! I swear. Obviously you boys got out of there

otherwise I would have seen police cars coming to get you for breaking and

entering. Boy…flashlights are a wonderful thing to have. I hope that the girl

you seek Mason understands the value of a flashlight. Well, don't stay out too

late. What am I saying, your both grown. Well, I'm going to bed…..bye!”, Joe

said. That was not the case. Obviously, Uncle Joe if you can tell is a high

ranking moron. Tamika had not even arrived yet.

Two hours had passed. Reggie and Mason still down for the count. Tamika was home

and was aware that her alarm system had went off. Tamika even discovered Reggie

and Mason. She smiled down at them. Her alarm system worked precisely the way

she wanted it to but this time, the intruders were left exactly where she wanted

them. Tamika did not bother washing up. She put on a pair of booty shorts with a

very short hemmed shirt. She took off the socks she had on and slipped into a

pair of black Nikes. Kind of funny but it was the same Nike's that Mason thought

about earlier. They were indeed old, raunchy and smelly. She kind of wondered if

Mason remembered them. It didn't matter….for he soon will. Not just that, he

also will soon want to forget them as well she thought. Tamika went to the mall

to do a little shopping. When she arrived she went into a shoe store. When she

got in there she immediately picked out a pair of mules. She was then approached

by a salesman. “Hi mam, how can I assist you today?”, the salesman asked. “Yes I

wanted to know if you had these in a size 7 please!”, Tamika said. The salesman

left in search of them and Tamka then sat down awaiting his return. While she

waited, she took her sneakers off. Mason had just awoke. “Reggie! Reggie come

in! Where the hell are we?”, Mason asked using his radio. Mason did not get an

answer at all. He figured maybe Reggie was knocked out also. He began looking

around. He realized that he did not land on the floor at all. He knew he landed

in something but did not know what. “You rang?”, Reggie asked over the radio

sounding faint. Mason did not answer back so quickly as he was still in

curiosity. He then found something very strange on the side of the wall he stood

by inside the container. It was a message of sorts written in some ones blood

that read:

To My replacement in hell,

Hello, welcome to prison or what I call hell

Hope you enjoy this bitches stench. Save

Yourselves …..if you can.


The dying Johnny Newburg

Mason couldn't believe this. “Mason! Can you please explain to me what's with

all of the bright lights and why would this damn woman have her interior

decorator put the number 7 on the floor with a circle around it. Please tell me

too…why is the floor damp and what on earth is that horrible stench.”, Reggie

asked over the radio. “Oh no! I see the same thing and it stinks in here too!

No….these aren't containers Reggie. This is the bitches shoes.”, Mason said.

“Now to you she's a bitch!”, Reggie said being sarcastic. “OHH SHIT!”, Reggie

and Mason said at the same time. Reggie then looked up and the ever so sarcastic

and tough Reggie shook in fear as he saw five light skinned toes coming into the

shoe like a runaway freight train. Then, Mason saw the same thing in his shoe

like cell. It did not take long for Tamika to have her sneakers back on all the

way….and she did. “Ha ha ha….such squirming!”, Tamika said. “Ahhh excuse me mam

is everything alright your laughing as if though there is something wrong with

and you seem to be stretching your legs as if you have a cramp in your foot or

something.”, the salesman said. “Oh it's nothing…just think about my toys!”,

Tamika said as she calmed all the excitement down the two men were causing to

her smelly bare toes. Tamika bought the mules and headed out of the store.

Reggie and Masons days were numbered as far as Tamika was concerned. However,

like so many of the others, she decided that she would torture them a little

while…maybe a couple of years. Just like she did her ex boyfriend Johnny

Newburg. Surely enough, the two tiny men were in for hell…..trapped in Tamika's


The End?

Giantess Stories: Cell 7

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